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Nazar Grabar was born in the small village of Kapulovka in the Dnipropetrovsk region. In September 2016, Nazar turned 24 years old.

The boy went to school in his native village, and graduated in Nikopol, where his family moved.

There he began his career. And although he danced in a collective for only nine months, until the end of the eleventh grade, he is grateful to his mentors for the “foundation” laid in him.

After school, Nazar went to study in Kharkov, relations with classmates did not work out. Since childhood, the guy stuttered, so he did not always make friends, so many seemed closed and shy. But the search again himself, after a short break, he again began to engage. After studying in Kharkov for two years, he transferred to study in Kiev. And there again, a break in school for a year.

Graduated from Kiev National Economic University.

It was very difficult. Alien city, no support, but the guy did not abandon the choreography. And in Kiev, not only resumed dancing classes. He began to go to various castings, photo shoots, participated in the filming of advertising. He took part in fashion shows.

Nazar was going to go to Japan to work in the modeling business.

And quite by accident, sitting at a computer, wandered onto the STB website and filled out a questionnaire to participate in "Everybody Dance!". And he was incredibly surprised when two days later they called him and invited him to pre-casting, and two weeks later he took part in the casting in Odessa.

Nazar first hit the hundred, and then the twenty strongest dancers. And he stopped just a step away from the finale. It was incredibly difficult for him, as many believed that he had made his way to the show not because he was talented, but for his "beautiful eyes." I had to fight and prove the opposite.

After the project, the guy’s life changed. He began to be invited to master classes. They offered to teach in Kiev. But he has not yet accepted this proposal; he doubts whether he will be able to educate children.

Now he is actively collaborating with Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda. Rides with her around the country, participates in her concerts and starred in the video.

Nazar has a girlfriend, but who she is, he doesn't really advertise. Apparently the time has not come yet.

Photo: Nazar Grabar


In the fall of 2014, 22-year-old Nazar got to the casting of the seventh season of the Ukrainian show “Everybody Dance!” In Odessa. “I just surfed the Internet, wandered to the STB channel website and filled out a questionnaire,” the dancer admitted.

Among the judges of the show were the choreographers Radu Poklitaru, Konstantin Tomilchenko, Tatyana Denisova and Vlad Yama. They praised the work of Grabar and missed the young dancer in the next round. Among the competitors of Nazar was Dmitry Maslennikov, a participant in the 2nd season of the show "Dancing" and "Battle of the Seasons" on TNT.

In April 2015, the Ukrainian pop group Time and Glass (Nadia Dorofeeva and Alexey Zavgorodniy) released a new video for the song “Name 505”, in which Nazar also appeared. Soon Grabar was invited to dance to the popular Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda. Together with her team, Loboda performed, including on the live broadcast of the 8th season of the show “Everybody Dance!”.

In November 2016, the premiere of Loboda’s video “Your Eyes” took place, in which Svetlana and Nazar herself played the main roles. The director of the video, Natella Krapivina, said that it was based on the dreams she saw on the eve of the filming, which took place in Spanish Andalusia.

Childhood and youth

Nazar Grabar is a native of Ukraine. Born on September 20, 1992 (according to the zodiac sign Virgo) in the village of Kapulovka. There he went to the elementary grades of a local school, and later with his parents and younger brother Ilya moved to Nikopol. Grabar is remembered as a shy guy suffering from a slight stutter. The future celebrity in childhood was withdrawn and had little contact with peers.

Dancer Nazar Grabar

In the city, a rural boy had the opportunity to receive choreography lessons. Brother Nazar also plunged into art, devoting himself to music. Nine months before graduating from the eleventh grade of high school, Nazar became part of the Bronx dance school in Nikopol.

This is not a deadline for a professional dancer, but Grabar gratefully recalls that the Bronx teachers taught the basics of choreography and played a decisive role in the formation of the dancer's personality.

Nazar Grabar with his brother in childhood

Grabar continued his further education in Kharkov, where he left his family. Relations with classmates did not improve, all the time he devoted his studies and dancing. Two years later, the future celebrity moved to Kiev, received a diploma of higher education (Vadim Hetman Kyiv National University of Economics).

The Ukrainian capital opened to the timid Nazar the world of opportunities. The dancer did not stop choreography (except for small breaks) and also began to attend all kinds of auditions. Thanks to natural data and excellent physical condition, Grabar began to be invited to photo shoots, commercials and fashion shows.


Career Nazar Grabar on a professional level started in 2014. The dancer left an application to participate in the show "Everybody Dance." Surprisingly, for Nazar, the call of the program representatives came as a surprise. He passed the preliminary casting, and then went to Odessa to the main one.

Nazar Grabar in the show "Everybody Dance"

Grabar overtook hundreds of project participants and entered the top twenty. From the first broadcasts, the audience supported the talented handsome man. However, in the backstage everything was not so smooth. The dancer told how difficult it is to deal with the opinion that he was late on the project because of his attractive appearance. In addition to model data, Nazar has incredible plasticity and physical fitness, and this is a constant effort on himself.

Four weeks later, Nazar left the show “Everybody Dance”, but the dance career began to gain momentum. Repeatedly received proposals to conduct a master class and even recruit your own dance group. However, at the beginning of his career, Grabar did not assume the responsibility of educating young talents.

Nazar Grabar in the video “Name 505” of the group “Time and Glass”

After participating in the famous Ukrainian show, the stars of show business drew attention to the dancer. In 2015, Nazar Grabar appeared in the video “Name 505” of the Ukrainian pop group Time and Glass. By the way, together with soloists Alexei Zavgorodniy and Nadia Dorofeeva, the dancer returned to the stage of the project “Everybody Dance”. But this time, not as a participant in the show, but with a concert number, like a guest star.

In 2017, Nazar received a proposal for cooperation from Svetlana Loboda. In the same year, the video “Your Eyes” was released, where the storyline is focused on the big-eyed beauty. After the presentation of joint work with the Ukrainian celebrity, the interest of fans in the person of a tall, muscular guy, and his height is 186 cm with a weight of 72 kg, increased sharply.

Nazar Grabar in the video “Your Eyes” by Svetlana Loboda

The name of the participant of the clip Loboda did not try to hide. On the contrary, pictures of the dancer in a non-working environment appeared very soon on the Web. Photos scattered across the Internet from Svetlana's Instagram. After the identity of the dancer revealed.

There were rumors that Svetlana in the video shows a clear sympathy for the young man. However, the version of the fans did not materialize. Loboda did not confirm that Nazar is her lover. Between the singer and the dancer partnerships and working moments. Although it is not limited to business relations: sociable Svetlana maintains a warm, friendly relationship with her colleague.

Nazar Grabar and Svetlana Loboda

On March 13, 2017, Malakhov devoted a separate airtime to this topic in the Let them Talk program. The name - "Everything is crazy about Loboda." And, of course, Andrei did not pass Nazar's side. Grabar briefly answered the questions of the TV presenter and managed to disappoint a good half of the audience: he said that he was in a relationship with another girl. Therefore, the "Instagram" of the dancer is only for viewing, cooperation, but not for personal correspondence.

Nazar Grabar in the program "Let them talk"

Grabar’s activities are not limited to music videos and dancing. Along with filming, Nazar appeared on the pages of magazines, starred in ads for the NAVRO brand, defiled at fashion shows.

Now Nazar Grabar continues to cooperate with Svetlana. Already released videos "Guy" and "Angel" with his participation. In addition, the dancer is touring with a Ukrainian star, so you can see the work of the Loboda-Grabar tandem at any of the concerts, the schedule of which is on the official website of Svetlana.

Personal life

Nazar Grabar is in a romantic relationship. His girlfriend also dances in Svetlana Loboda’s ballet. Katya Kuzmina is from Kiev, a professional dancer, model. The couple is not afraid to show feelings and often uploads sensual photos to the Network, however, details of the personal life of lovers are not in the public domain.

Nazar Grabar and Katya Kuzmenko

It is known that neither a wedding nor a child is planned in the near future. Dancers dream of a brilliant career. Nazar and Catherine often perform on the same stage, staging pair dances.

Nazar Grabar now

In 2018, one of the good news for fans of Loboda’s creativity was the debut of the video for the guy. The song gained popularity even before the release of the video. And after the singer announced that Nazar Grabar will again become the hero of the video, the anticipation of the fans only intensified.

Nazar Grabar in 2018

The beloved handsome man in the video “grew” his hair and appeared in a shocking way. However, Loboda is not far behind.

Some sources believe that this clip will be the most expensive for the entire previous creative path of Loboda. There are helicopters, and scenery, and computer graphics, and panther. The highlight of the video is fragments of a bed scene with Nazar. This only fuels the interest of the fans and adds some intrigue.

From a country guy to a celebrity

Nazar Grabar was born in the Dnipropetrovsk region, in Kapulovka, on September 20, 1992. He has a talented brother, Ilya, who is professionally engaged in music. The family of the future dancer left her native village in Nikopol, where Nazar first began to engage in choreography. As a child, the guy stuttered, was a little closed and shy. Today, there is no trace left of this - he is popular as a model, successfully takes part in various dance battles and shows.
After graduating from school, Grabar continued his studies in Kharkov, and then in Kiev. In the capital, he graduated from the National University of Economics. The art of dancing Nazar never forgot. He visited various castings, thanks to his attractive appearance, he received invitations to participate in commercials and defile at fashion shows. The guy gained great fame after participating in the show "Everybody Dance!". Now he consists in dancing the Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda, travels around the country and takes part in all her concerts.

Nazar Grabar and his girlfriend

Attractive and so desirable for many, Nazar Grabar is not alone. He meets with Loboda ballet dancer Ekaterina Kuzmenko. The girl is a native of Kiev, currently lives with her parents. Photos of young dancers posted by VKontakte and Instagram testify to their stormy romance.

Nazar Grabar and Katya Kuzmenko do not hide their relationship, but they do not put it on public display either. The guys work together on stage and in the modeling business. They have one dream for two - to go live and work in Europe.

Svetlana Loboda and Nazar Grabar

It is curious to know that Svetlana Loboda and Nazar Grabar were suspected of having a love affair. The singer’s sympathy for the young guy did not go unnoticed. In her video with the participation of the attractive dancer “Your Eyes” there is a clear erotic connotation. Ukrainian singer likes to joke, you can find a photo on the web where she hung huge horns for Nazar. Such events have largely served as the basis for rumors.
However, speculation turned out to be unfounded, and their relationship was purely professional. And Catherine would not have tolerated such a thing right before her eyes.
A talented guy has always been very active. From childhood, he skated and parkour. In addition to such entertainments, he is interested in informative films and reading books. He owes good taste and a desire for self-development to his mother, who instilled in him at one time an interest in useful things.
Today, Nazaru receives many flattering offers. He was offered to teach children choreography, but so far the young man is not ready to become a teacher and continues his own education.
The popularity of Grabar is growing every day. His expressive appearance, physical data and talent can be envied by many. The guy is somewhat a workaholic, he enthusiastically masters new dance elements. Nazar admits that dancing was and remains the main passion in his life.

Life, family and work.

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Name and surname:Nazar Grabar
Middle name:Nikolaevich
Name in English:Nazar Grabar
Year of birth:1992
Birthday:September 20
Place of Birth:Dnipropetrovsk region, with. Kapulovka, Ukraine
Occupation:model dancer
Height:186 cm.
Weight:72 kg
Eastern horoscope:A monkey
Social network:Instagram


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