Budnitskaya, Alla Zinovievna


Name: Alla Budnickaya

Middle name: Zinovievna

Birthday: July 5 1937 (82 years old)

Place of Birth: Moscow

Height: 167 cm

Weight: 65 kg

Eastern horoscope: Bull

Career: Russian actors 945 place

Photo: Alla Budnitskaya


Alla Budnitskaya was born on July 5, 1937 in Moscow. Father - Zinovy ​​Lazarevich Budnitsky, originally from a Jewish town near Kiev, a civil engineer, was the head of the construction department in Podolsk. The mother, originally from the city of Tetyushi, was the twelfth (youngest) child in the family, worked as an administrator in a hotel, then graduated from cutting and sewing courses and became a dressmaker (sewed dresses for many famous women in Moscow). My mother’s great-grandfather served as governor of Kazan. Alla's parents broke up when she was in the ninth grade of high school.

From an early age, Alla dreamed of becoming an actress, was engaged in a school drama circle.

She began acting in films in 1954, being a tenth grader. The debut was an episodic role in the crowd in the Soviet film "Certificate of Maturity" directed by Tatyana Lukashevich.

After graduating from secondary school in 1954, she made an attempt to enter the Higher Theater School named after B.V. Shchukin and VGIK, but not one of the universities passed qualifying rounds.

From 1954 to 1957 she studied at the Institute of Foreign Languages, without finishing which she entered the VGIK. Fluent in French and German.

From 1964 to the beginning of the 1990s, she was an actress at the Studio Theater of a film actor in Moscow.

In the 1990s, having been unemployed due to her dismissal from the theater, at the request of Mikhail Sadkovich, a classmate at VGIK, Alla spent four years as the general director of the restaurant "Grandma" in Moscow, 42 Bolshaya Ordynka Street, and she cooked some dishes. In companions, she had actress Svetlana Shvaiko.

Since 1997, over the course of five years, she has been broadcasting the women's secrets “From a Woman’s Life” on the TNT television channel, then on Culinary Things, Just Delicious, and Alla Budnitskaya’s Home Hearth programs on REN TV "And" NTV ".

Creative path, family, life.

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Name and surname:Alla Budnitskaya
Middle name:Zinovievna
Name in English:Alla budnickaya
Year of birth:1937
Birthday:5'th of July
Place of Birth:Moscow
Occupation:actress, russian actress
Height:167 cm.
Weight:65 kg
Eastern horoscope:Bull
Social network:Wikipedia

The childhood and family of Alla Budnitskaya

The childhood of Alla Zinovievna Budnitskaya was held in Moscow on the Arbat. Alla's father, a civil engineer, worked as the head of the construction department. Mother worked as an administrator in a hotel. The uncle of the future actress, Eugene Maltsev, lived all his life in France and sang with Chaliapin in Paris.

As a child, Alla was an ugly girl with hemp, and they never paid attention to her. Despite this, Alla dreamed of becoming an actress, and her desire intensified when in the post-war 47th mother was invited to work in Germany. Here Alla spent all her free time in the cinema. When the girl was in grade 9, her father left the family. For Alla, this was a great shock, since she adored him.

Alla Budnitskaya in her youth

The girl was helped to raise by aunts - father's sisters, who taught Alla all the tricks of Jewish cuisine. The girl’s mother in every possible way suppressed her father’s attempts to meet with her daughter, and from this Alla was even more painful. Hard times came in the family, and mother had to do sewing. Soon she managed to become the best dressmaker in Moscow and sheathed all the capital's celebrities, and Alla flaunted among her peers in fashionable outfits.

When the girl was in grade 10, she and her classmates were invited to the extras of the film "Maturity Certificate". Even then, the director noted Allu, removing her close-up. After that, the girl firmly decided to become an actress, and after graduation she went to enter the All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography and the Shchukin School.


Alla Budnitskaya, a Soviet and Russian film actress, became famous for participating in the film masterpieces “Nameless Star”, “Garage”, “The Woman Who Sings”, “Station for Two”.

Alla Zinovievna Budnitskaya was born in the summer of 1937 in Moscow, in a wealthy Jewish family. Pope Zinovy ​​Lazarevich led the construction department, and my mother was the hotel administrator. The family was proud of the famous relative Evgeni Maltsev. This is Uncle Alla Budnitskaya, who lived in Paris and sang with Fedor Chaliapin.

Actress Alla Budnitskaya

Alla Zinovievna is a universally recognized beauty. But in childhood she was an ordinary girl with hemp, not standing out among peers. However, Alla Budnitskaya from an early age dreamed of becoming an actress. The girl loved to spend time in the cinema and knew the new items that appeared on the screen.

When Budnitskaya was in the 9th grade, dad and mom divorced. My father has a new family. Alla experienced this family tragedy heavily, as she adored her dad. Aunts, father's sisters, who began to teach Alla the secrets of Jewish cuisine, took a hot part in the fate of the niece. In the future actress, the ability to cook was useful. Together with her mother, Alla moved to a communal apartment, where a life full of trials began. There wasn’t enough money in the family, so my mother began to earn money by sewing and was so successful that orders began to come from the acting environment.

The cinematic biography of Alla Budnitskaya began when the girl was in graduation class. Together with classmates Budnitskaya starred in the extras of the film "Maturity Certificate". Alla’s face seemed interesting to the director and appeared close-up in the frame. Budnitskaya took this as a clue to fate. Now Alla finally decided to connect life with cinema.

Alla Budnitskaya in her youth

But at the end of school, the girl failed exams in both theatrical universities, in which she submitted documents. Budnitskaya took this blow extremely painfully. Even the entrance to the prestigious institute of foreign languages ​​did not become consolation. For 3 years, Alla Budnitskaya studied at this university, but dreamed of something else.

Perhaps dreams are still material. The incident that happened with Alla is like a fairy tale. Once at a bus stop a well-groomed woman approached the girl, who turned out to be the wife of actor Anatoly Kuznetsov. The woman was glad to meet Alla and said that she had been looking for her for a long time. In VGIK, where Budnitskaya failed to enter, they regretted that they did not accept such a bright girl. The stranger suggested that Alla again try to enter the same university.

It was akin to a miracle: Alla Budnitskaya was invited immediately to the 3rd round of exams. The girl was admitted to VGIK and enrolled in the course of Grigory Kozintsev. Almost immediately, the aspiring actress stepped on stage. The only thing that did not suit the student was that for some reason Alla was offered the roles of only windy and not smart beauties. Meanwhile, the artist dreamed of meaningful roles, of tragedy.

Alla Budnitskaya

Alla Budnitskaya managed to realize herself in such a role in the cinema. Here, the actress was able to replay the entire world classics - from Fedor Dostoevsky to William Shakespeare.

Matter of chance

Accidents have always played an important role in the fate of Alla Budnitskaya. After school, Alla did not enter either the All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography or the Shchukin School. From hopelessness, as the actress herself says, she went to enter the Institute of Foreign Languages ​​and successfully passed the competition. But this event did not please Alla at all. For days, the girl lay with her eyes open, perceiving the failed attempt to become an actress, as a universal tragedy. Three years of study have passed. Inyaz student Alla Budnitskaya, waiting for the bus at the bus stop, unexpectedly met with Alexandra Lyapidevskaya - the wife of actor Anatoly Kuznetsov. The young woman approached the girl, introduced herself and said that at VGIK everyone regrets that they did not accept that good girl and would like to find her.

Lyapidevskaya suggested that Alla again try to enter the VGIK. Alla decided to try her luck, and she was immediately invited to the third round. If this meeting had not happened at the bus stop, perhaps Alla Budnitskaya would not have become an actress.

Creativity of Alla Budnitskaya in the theater and cinema

When Alla Budnitskaya began to study at VGIK, she began a completely different life. The remarkable teachers G. Kozintsev and S. Skvortsov taught her acting. The only thing that upset the young actress was that she was invited exclusively to the roles of socialites, princesses, empty-headed beauties and a lady, although Alla dreamed of a tragedy. Budnitskaya was able to satisfy her acting ambitions only on television, where she replayed all the classics from Shakespeare to Dostoevsky.

Alla Zinovievna starred in the main roles and in the episodes. She loves characteristic roles. So, in the film “Clever Beauty”, the actress does not use makeup at all, playing the “gray mouse”, and in the film by Alexander Muratov she plays a well-groomed old lady who dies in the frame and retains all of her hundred-year-old beauty. Today, the actress starred mainly in the series, the most successful of which is the series "On the Knives". For the main role in this series at the Dombai Film Festival, she was awarded a prize. Thanks to her knowledge of foreign languages, Alla Zinovievna was shot not only at home. She starred in films by French directors "Woman in the Wind" and "Happiness." In “Woman in the Wind”, Budnitskaya played with James Thiers, grandson of Charlie Chaplin. The actress played about fifty roles in films and television films, of which the most famous are: “The Ideal Husband”, “The Crime of Lord Arthur”, “The Woman Who Sings”, “Station for Two”, “Gobsec”.

Alla Zinovievna is not only an actress, she is also a host of popular television programs: “From the Life of a Woman”, “Culinary Things”, “Alla Budnitskaya’s Home”. All these programs are about home comfort, about family, about children, about the secrets of cooking Jewish dishes, about how to remain an interesting and attractive woman for many years.

Most recently, Alla Budnitskaya’s book, Tasty Memories, was published. The book consists of fifteen small stories about cooking, about the friends of the actress and about the life of Alla Zinovievna.

Alla Budnitskaya in the dashing 90s

In the beginning of the 90s, films were no longer shot, and many actors were unemployed. This fate has not passed and Alla Budnitskaya. The actress did not despair, but remembered her mother's sewing lessons, began to sew and knit exclusive things, selling them with the help of friends in New York and in Paris. Together with her classmate Misha Sadkovich, she began to establish a restaurant business. Alla Budnitskaya, the general director of the restaurant "At the Grandmother", at first performed the functions of both a supply and a cook. Unemployed television editors and sound engineers worked as dishwashers and cleaners in a restaurant. The result was not long in coming. The restaurant has become very popular. Many famous personalities have been here: Nastya Masha Vertinsky, Andrei Konchalovsky and Nikita Mikhalkov, Yuri Nikolaev. In the later built upper French restaurant, Philip Kirkorov and Alla Pugacheva celebrated their engagement.

This work made it possible to finish building a country house, about which the actress and her husband, director Alexander Orlov, had long dreamed.

Friendship in the life of Alla Budnitskaya

Friendship in the life of an actress occupies a special place. Having made friends with Lia Akhedzhakova and Svetlana Nemolyaeva on the set of the film “The Garage”, Alla Zinovievna still maintains friendly relations with them. With Leah Akhedzhakova they even built a house for two. Famous to everyone Vasily Lanovoi, Olga Aroseva, Gabriila Popov, Irina Kupchenko - their friends and neighbors. Alla Budnitskaya and Svetlana Nemolyaeva had a lot of coincidences. Both of their husbands - Alexandra Sergeevich, signed couples in one registry office, in one year, one day and one hour. After this discovery, Alla Budnitskaya with her husband Alexander Orlov and Svetlana Nemolyaeva with Alexander Lazarev celebrated their weddings, both silver and gold.

Personal life of Alla Budnitskaya

Alla met her husband as a student at VGIK. Together they studied at the acting department at Kozintsev. After the first course, we went together to the virgin lands. There they organized an agitation brigade.

Now popular recipes from Alla Budnitskaya

Alla metropolitan immediately appreciated a simple Siberian guy and fell in love with him. From the student bench, they are together, despite the fact that they do not have their own children. Alla Budnitskaya often starred in the films of her husband, screenwriter and director Alexander Orlov.

At the end of the 70s, the girlfriend of Alla Zinovievna, the actress Mikella Drozdovskaya, who was well known for the films “Volunteers” and “Seven Nannies”, was tragically killed. The acting couple adopted and raised the daughter of the deceased friend Dasha, who also became an actress. Dasha grew up, got married. Her husband is a famous actor Alexander Aleinikov. Two children grow up in a young family - Sasha and Dasha. Alla Zinovievna and Alexander Sergeyevich don’t dwell on their grandchildren and children.

Their personal virgin land

Alla Budnitskaya from childhood dreamed of becoming an actress. Even when her grandmother told her that her appearance was completely unartistic, the girl did not hang her nose, responding that she would definitely fit the role of the Baba Yaga. By the end of school, the ugly duckling turned into a beautiful swan, and Alla went to enter VGIK. Her failure really upset her, but the girl decided not to waste time in vain, she immediately passed the exams for foreign language.

In her third year, she accidentally met on the street Alya Lyapidevskaya, a student of the director's department of VGIK. She told Budnitskaya that teachers are extremely sorry for her failure in the exams. And Alla again rushed to meet her dream. And this time she became a student at VGIK, having got on the course of Grigory Kozintsev.

A pretty student has always enjoyed success with men, she also liked the boy from the camera house. With a classmate Sasha Orlov, Alla made friends and even entrusted him with her heartfelt secrets.

And then they were sent to the virgin lands as part of the student construction team, to the forefront of the battle for the harvest. During the day, they worked in the field to the point of exhaustion, and in the evening they first drove through the surrounding villages with concerts, and then went to the village club to watch the movie they brought.

Allochka was sitting next to Sasha in an impromptu movie theater, they were wrapped in quilted jackets and presented themselves at the Kansky Film Festival. She is Simone Signoret, and he is Yves Montand. So in the silence of rural romance their love was born. In the third year, Alla Budnitskaya and Alexander Orlov became husband and wife.

Broken hopes

He then only tried himself in directing, but he never appointed Alla for the role just because she is his wife. She could get a role in his picture, if he was sure that she was suitable for the role. Alla knew this and herself did not ask for roles.

They were young and in a hurry to live. They changed three communal apartments before they could buy a cooperative apartment with the help of the actress's dad. But still they rejoiced in their happiness. We dreamed about how children would appear in their house. And then Alla got into a terrible car accident, suffered a clinical death, then several operations. And forever lost the opportunity to have children.

Then it seemed to her that life had already ended. She thought that her beloved Sasha would not be able to live in a family without babies, because he loves them so much. But Orlov did not even think about leaving his wife.

Daughter Dasha

Alla Budnitskaya has a special gift. She knows how to be friends. She does not have many friends, but all of them are faithful, reliable and sincere. One of her friends was Michaela Drozdovskaya. Alla Zinovievna became the godmother of her youngest daughter Daria.The baby called Alla mom and loved her very much.

Shortly before Mikaela’s departure for filming in Ordzhonikidze, a friend suddenly asked not to leave Dasha if something happened to her herself. At that moment, Alla only waved a hand at her friend: where did such thoughts suddenly come from. And a couple of months later, Michaela Drozdovskaya died after the fire that happened in the hotel where she lived.

At first, Nick and Dasha, the daughter of the deceased actress, lived with dad, cardiologist Vadim Smolensky. But when he married a second time, the relationship of the girls with his second wife did not work out. Dasha asked her mother to take her to her. And Alla took Daria with the consent of her father. Nick went to live with another mother’s friend.

So Vera and Sasha had a daughter, and later she gave them grandchildren - Sasha and Dasha. Daria Drozdovskaya loves her adoptive parents very much and says that as a result of the tragedy she pulled out her lucky ticket.

In sorrow and in joy

Colleagues and friends of Alla Budnitskaya and Alexander Orlov characterize their marriage as ideal. Alla Zinovievna herself believes: there are no ideal and cloudless relations. The main thing in any quarrel is not to deepen it, but to find the necessary compromise. She gladly talks about her family, about the books that she and Sasha read, about their life and home.

Alexander Sergeevich does not like to talk about his wife. Once during an interview, he said: “How can you talk about who is a part of yourself. It is not modest". And left.

There was nothing to tell about. In the difficult 90s, when films were not shot at all, many artists lost their work, and with it the meaning in life. Alla did not give up. At first, she knitted women's blouses, which friends sold in Paris for the $ 100 that were inconceivable at the time.

Later, a friend and fellow student of Alla invited her to make a restaurant. And she became the general director of the restaurant "Grandma". She just created it from scratch. She thought over the design, ordered furniture, she taught cooks how to cook and stood by the stove.

The restaurant was unprecedentedly popular among the stars, and getting there without a record was impossible. This work not only helped the whole family survive, but also contributed to the return of Alla to the screens as a TV presenter.

In the restaurant, Alla Zinovievna was noticed and invited to broadcast on television. She gladly returned to the profession.

Alla Budnitskaya believes that the strength of a woman is not in her weakness, but in her strength. And also - in a smile. It is impossible to live with a person who is always dissatisfied. She always looks great and always smiles. Even when it's hard.

When asked about the secret of family happiness, she replies that she was just lucky with her husband and with character.

Alla Budnitskaya’s best friend is Leah Akhedzhakova, with whom they built one house for two. And in this house, Leah Akhedzhakova also found her happiness.

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The filmography of Alla Budnitskaya is episodic and main roles. The actress was never afraid to appear on the screen in "ugly" images, although nature gave Alla a wonderful appearance. For example, in the film “Clever Beauty”, the actress played the “gray mouse”.

Alla Budnitskaya in the movie "Garage"

Most of all roles Alla Budnitskaya played in the series. The actress believes that the best project was "On the Knives." The actress played a star role here, for which she received the prize of the Dombay film festival.

Alla Zinovievna’s luggage also contains works in foreign films, which the artist can rightfully be proud of. Knowledge of foreign languages ​​helped Budnitskaya appear in two French films - “Happiness” and “Woman in the Wind”. In the last film, Alla appeared on the screen in the company of Charlie Chaplin's grandson James Thiers. The actress is proud of the fact that the asset has a film of Eldar Ryazanov's “Garage”. And though Budnitskaya got a small role here, but thanks to this movie masterpiece, Alla met and made a strong friendship with Leah Akhedzhakova and Svetlana Nemolyaeva.

Alla Budnitskaya and Leah Akhedzhakova

The actress has always sympathized with characteristic roles. In 1992, starring in the drama “Challenger Shard” as the house manager, Alla was so organically integrated into the image that the director of the film, Alexander Surin, mistook the artist for an occasional visitor on the set. The actress appeared more than once in comic images: in the children's film "Jerusalem artichokes", the comedy "Balzac Age, or All Men of Their Own. ".

Alla Budnitskaya in the movie “Train Stop - Two Minutes”

On the account of Alla Budnitskaya about fifty roles in the cinema and theater. Critics and viewers praised the acting skills of Budnitskaya in the films “The Ideal Husband”, “Train Stop - Two Minutes” and “Station for Two”.


During the crisis of the 90s, when the Theater of the Film Actor was disbanded, and no new roles were expected in the movie, the actress took up knitting. The talent of the needlewoman went to Alla from her mother. Fashion models created by the artist based on the sketches of foreign magazines, as well as using her own imagination, were popular among Parisians. The actress managed to sell clothes of her own production through her friends living in France.

Many people know Alla Budnitskaya as a wonderful actress and as a host of a number of television programs that were created for the female circle. “From the life of a woman”, “Culinary things”, “Alla Budnitskaya’s home”. The series of programs “Simple and tasty”, which includes delicious but easy to prepare recipes, is available on YouTube video hosting.

Culinary talent came in handy for Alla Zinovievna to publish a book called "Tasty Memories." And also - to establish his own restaurant "Grandma". The actress established this business in the second half of the 90s. It is known that the Budnitskaya restaurant, in which the actress received the post of general director, sheltered many unemployed artists, sound engineers and editors in difficult times. Visitors to this establishment were such stars as Alla Pugacheva, Yuri Nikolaev, Anastasia Vertinskaya and Nikita Mikhalkov.

Alla Budnitskaya now

After a three-year break in work in 2016, the actress appeared in the short blockade. The plot of the social drama excited Alla Zinovievna so much that she could not give up the role. The heroine of Budnitskaya, an elderly Petersburger Nadezhda Vasilievna, who survived the horrors of the blockade as a child, is going to celebrate the birthday of her old friend Lev Ivanovich (Gennady Yukhtin). Having entered the store, Nadezhda Vasilyevna accidentally forgot to pay part of the purchase, as a result of which she spent the long-awaited holiday behind bars.

In 2017, Alla Zinovievna appeared in the episode of the detective “Purely Moscow Murders”, in which Lyudmila Chursina played the main role. The show was held on the TVC channel.

Alla Budnitskaya in the movie "Blockade"

In 2017, Alla Zinovievna celebrated the 80th anniversary. In addition to congratulations from relatives, friends and colleagues, the actress was honored by fans who organized the Internet fan club Budnitskaya, as well as journalists from the capital's publications and leading television channels of the country. Photos of the artist again flaunted on the pages of magazines.

Now the actress is enjoying a country life. In the Moscow region, Alla Budnitskaya and Alexander Orlov built a two-story mansion, from where the actress is not going to return to Moscow.

The childhood of the future actress

Being in the 9th grade, Alla Budnitskaya experienced a family tragedy - after her father’s romance, the marriage of the parents broke up. For a long time, the mother forbade her to communicate with her father and his new family, which Alla was very worried because she treated him adoringly. Together with their mother, they settled in a communal apartment. Experiencing difficult times, my mother learned to sew and thus earned a living. Gradually, her outfits began to be popular with the capital's bohemia. For example, her outfits were worn by Vertinskaya and Alla Pugacheva. The dress in which the Primadonna performed at the Golden Orpheus festival in Sopot with the song “Harlequin” was sewn by Alla Budnitskaya's mother.

Life-long dream

The dream of becoming an artist with young Alla Budnitskaya (a photo in her youth is presented to your attention in the article) originated in early childhood. In her youth, Alla was an ugly duckling, which no one paid attention to. By the end of school, she became prettier and starred in everything in a small episode in the film "Certificate of Maturity." And this allowed Alla to fully establish herself with the choice of her future profession. The first attempt to enter the theater institutes ended in collapse. For a young girl, this was a real tragedy. Out of despair, she decided to enter the Institute of Foreign Languages, without ceasing to dream of an acting career.

Fateful meeting

When I was a third-year student of foreign language, a fateful meeting took place that allowed everyone to recognize actress Alla Budnitskaya. At the bus stop, the wife of the actor Anatoly Kuznetsov, who studied at the VGIK at the directing department, turned to her. She complained that she had been looking for Alla for a long time, because everyone regrets that they did not take a bright and pretty girl back then. Alexandra Lyapidevskaya offered to do it again. Following the advice, Alla immediately went to the 3rd round and was enrolled in the course to Grigory Kozintsev himself.

Filmography of the actress

And almost immediately after graduation, Alla was accepted into the troupe of the Theater Studio of the film actor. But the novice actress was not happy that she got the role of empty beauties. In the movie, these were episodic roles. But the artist did not stop dreaming about full and tragic characters. Alla Zinovievna appeared in the series. For the main role in the historical series “On the Knives”, Budnitskaya received the main prize in Dombay at the film festival. The films famous in Alla Budnitskaya’s career are: “The Woman Who Sings”, “Nameless Star”, “Ideal Husband”, “Gobsec”, “Station for Two”. On television, she was lucky enough to touch the classics.

Many years of friendship

The artist herself appreciates her work with Eldar Ryazanov in the “Garage”, because the shooting served as a long-term friendship with actresses Liya Akhedzhakova and Svetlana Nemolyaeva. As she approached Nemolyaeva, Alla Zinovievna learned that they had a lot in common. The husbands of both are Alexander, both couples signed in one registry office, on the same day, on the same year. And since then this holiday has become common for both families. But the closest and warmest relations developed between Alla Budnitskaya and Leah Akhedzhakova. At first, they rented shared housing outside the city for the summer. And when the opportunity arose, they decided to build one cottage for two families.

Budnitskaya lived for some time in Paris and fell in love with French mansions with high ceilings and real fireplaces. She convinced Akhedzhakova to bring her idea to life. This turned out to be a large cottage in the middle of a pine forest with a spacious veranda, where friends love friends love breakfast together. According to Alla Zinovievna, the secret of their strong friendship with Leah Medzhidovna in differences in character and preferences. If for Akhedzhakova the theater is a home, then for Budnitskaya the main activity is connected with cinema and television. And when one loves to engage in a garden, the second - hosts the house and the kitchen.

The personal life of the actress

As the biography testifies, in the personal life of Alla Budnitskaya there were never secrets and scandals. Young students tried to take care of the young beauty in her student years, but already in the 1st year she met Alexander Orlov. They both studied at the same faculty and, as part of the propaganda team, went to conquer the virgin lands. Sasha was from a simple Siberian family, and Alla was an intelligent Muscovite, but they found a lot in common. In the 3rd year they got married and have not parted since then. Despite all the hardships and vicissitudes of fate, Alla and Alexander have been together for 60 years.

The wife of the actress is also a creative person, screenwriter and director, who shot his beloved wife in his paintings. Alla Zinovievna believes that the secret to the longevity of their marriage is its inability to quarrel and quarrel. And relatives are sure that it’s Alla who will resolve any situation and reconcile everyone. Over the years, their home has become a welcoming place to meet friends. The huge loggia in the apartment was seen by many celebrities who were treated by a hospitable hostess. This place was nicknamed "Vasily", by the home nickname of Alla Zinovievna.

Culinary talent

In addition to the German language, Alla Budnitskaya mastered French during her studies in foreign languages, so she had the opportunity to participate in filming abroad and in foreign films. Shooting the picture "Black Eyes", where Mastroianni played the main role, Mikhalkov asked to arrange a home reception for Italian guests. Budnitskaya set the table with many dishes led by pies. Marcello was impressed and grateful for such a welcome. A month later, meeting with Alla in Paris on the set, he remembered the famous pies, and Budnitskaya had to make her own crown dish using French products. Mastroianni liked the culinary talent of the actress.

Time for a change

Alla Budnitskaya owes her talent to the actress to her natural gift, and achievements in the culinary field began their history in early childhood, when Alla's aunts passed on their experience to a young girl. After the Actor’s Theater closed, after 30 years of service, Alla Zinovievna was left without work. A difficult period has come in the life of the family. Budnitskaya took up knitting, her products in fashionable sketches from magazines were sold by friends in France and America. Handwork was very much appreciated and in demand. At the same time, one of the unemployed colleagues decided to go in for business and suggested that Alla Zinovievna stand at the head of the restaurant. Budnitskaya enthusiastically got down to business - she worked through the menu, came up with the design of the room, and herself went to the market for groceries. Then she went to the kitchen and shared her secrets with the cooks, sometimes she herself connected to the preparation of dishes. She was able to make the restaurant "Grandma" a cozy place to relax for the capital's bohemia.

Activities on television

At the same time, actress Alla Zinovievna Budnitskaya began to appear with programs on female subjects as a TV presenter. On her account such programs as “From the Life of a Woman”, “The Home of Alla Budnitskaya”, “Simple and Tasty”. In the first, she shared her knowledge on how to cope with the roles of a skilled housewife and wife. After all, Alla Zinovievna knows how to not only sew, knit, cook deliciously, but also speak several languages ​​and always looks beautiful and elegant at the same time. Alla Budnitskaya’s program “Simple and delicious”, dedicated to light and at the same time refined recipes, gained popularity among the audience of the CIS, France, and Israel. Contrary to the popular belief that the kitchen only takes time from modern housewives, Alla Zinovievna claims that the woman’s purpose is to preserve the hearth, thanks to family lunches and dinners. In her programs, Alla Budnitskaya spoke about family values, parenting, the secrets of maintaining home comfort and cooking delicious dishes.

Budnitskaya - mom and grandmother

At first glance, it may seem that the personal life of Alla Budnitskaya evolved happily and cloudlessly. But the tragic consequences that followed after the accident that happened with the 25-year-old Alla became a severe blow to the young family. After several operations and clinical death, Alla was sentenced - there will never be children. Only the support of the spouse and baptism in the church helped to survive this misfortune.

According to Alla Zinovievna, this changed and tempered her character. And God heard the prayers of the spouses and sent them an adopted daughter, although also under tragic circumstances. Budnitskaya worked in the same theater with Michaela Drozdovskaya. She was a successful actress of her time, the audience remembers her from the films “Seven Nannies” and “Volunteers”.Alla became the godmother of the daughter of Michaela and they became friends with families. Dasha often visited the godmother, they became close people. At the age of 40, Michaela Dobrovolskaya died in an accident and 7-year-old Daria was left without a mother.

Michaela's husband was very fond of daughters, but after the death of his wife he married a second time. The relationship of the stepmother with her stepdaughters was difficult. The eldest daughter was taken up by the parents of Michaela, and Dasha expressed a desire to live in the Budnitskaya family. She was adamant in her decision and so became the adopted daughter in the Budnitskaya family. Daria graduated from the Schukin School, became an actress, married producer and screenwriter Alexander Oleinikov. She gave Alla Zinovievna two magnificent grandchildren: Daria also followed in the footsteps of her mother and grandmother and became an actress, and Alexander tries himself in the director's and producer's field.

The versatility and longevity of the actress

Alla Zinovievna Budnitskaya’s culinary talent helped her write the book “Tasty Memories”, which was recently published. It consists of 15 short stories about cooking and the life of an actress. After a break in work, Budnitskaya again starred in films. She could be seen in Blockade and Purely Moscow Killings. In 2017, this gorgeous actress celebrated her 80th birthday. Alla Zinovievna Budnitskaya spends all her free time with her family and friends in a country house. This beautiful woman is full of vitality, inspiration and energy!


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