Tabakov, Anton Olegovich


Anton Tabakov is the eldest son of actor Oleg Tabakov and Lyudmila Krylova.

This year, Anton is already 59 years old.
For all these years, Anton managed to be an actor and restaurateur. Rich man, businessman. He has four children: three daughters and a son.

There were also four wives, and officially marriage was registered with only three.

Anton's first wife was Asiya Vorobyova. The marriage was short, Asia abandoned Tabakov and left him to his friend Mikhail Efremov.

With the mother of his son Nikita - Ekaterina Semenova, a famous actress, Anton was not officially married.

Now Nikita Tabakov is 28 years old, he lives in the UK and is engaged in investment activities.
The daughters of Anna, who was born to Anton by his second wife Anastasia Chukhrai, are now 20 years old. The girl received an excellent education in England, where she continues to live. Now she is the face of the French brand Chanel.

Currently, Anton and his family constantly live in France. His wife's name is Angela, she is 24 years younger than her husband. They met purely by accident - flew together in an airplane. The acquaintance ended in a marriage, the spouses have been together for more than seven years. Two wonderful girls grow up in the family - Antonina and Maria.

About ten years ago, Anton bought an apartment in Paris, later in which his wife and younger daughters moved from Russia. A couple of years ago, Tabakov himself, having sold the restaurant business in Moscow, moved to his family.

True, he did not like living in Paris and, having sold his apartment, Anton bought a house on the border of France with Italy, where he currently lives with his family.

In Russia, he had a good country house in the Moscow region, Istra.

In it, Anton Olegovich stops when he arrives in Moscow.

Not so long ago, Anton Tabakov came to his homeland and worked at the Soyuzmultfilm studio, where he voiced the role of the cat Matroskin in the cartoon Prostokvashino.

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Born July 11, 1960 in an acting family: father - Oleg Tabakov, mother - Lyudmila Krylova, sister - Alexandra.

From the age of 7 he began acting in films, in 1976 he played the title role in the film Timur and his team on the story of Arkady Gaidar.

In the late 1980s, moved away from art and went into the restaurant business.

With his financial support in 2002, the first edition of the most important theoretical theatrical work of our time “To the play theater” by M. M. Butkevich was carried out.

In 2018, he closed restaurants in Moscow and went to Paris for permanent residence with his wife and children.

Since 2018, he has been voicing the cat Matroskin in the continuation of the cult animated film “Prostokvashino” (the hero was previously voiced by his father, Oleg Tabakov).

Personal life

  • The first wife is Asiya Vorobyova (Bikmukhametova), then a student-philologist at the philological faculty of Moscow State University, then a philologist, literary editor at the Moscow Sovremennik Theater. Later she became the second wife of Mikhail Efremov.
  • Unofficial marriage with Ekaterina Semenova.
    • Son: Nikita (born March 7, 1990), lives in London.
  • The second official marriage is with Anastasia Chukhrai (born November 29, 1976), a TV presenter and journalist, daughter of film director Pavel Chukhrai. With her, they lived together for 12 years.
    • Daughter: Anna (born 1999), lives in London.
  • Wife from September 20, 2013 - Angelika Tabakova, translator, met on a plane flying from Nice to Moscow, she is 24 years younger than Anton, together with 2003.
    • Two daughters - Antonina and Maria study and live in Paris.
  • Half-brothers Brother Pavel Tabakov and sister Maria.


  1. 1968 - Seasons - Sasha
  2. 1971 - Boys - Zhenya Prokhorov in childhood
  3. 1976 - Timur and his team - Timur
  4. 1979 - Crew - Bones friend
  5. 1980 - You must live - Gene Korzhukhin
  6. 1981 - Be my husband - health resort
  7. 1981 - Last but not least - "merchant"
  8. 1981 - Control in the specialty - Gosh
  9. 1981 - Dangerous Age - Demetrius
  10. 1982 - Who knocks on my door? - Yura
  11. 1984 - Time and the Conway Family - Robin Conway in his youth
  12. 1984 - First Equestrian - Zorin
  13. 1984 - Tales of the Old Wizard - Prince
  14. 1985 - City of Brides - Kostya
  15. 1986 - Your daughter Alexandra - Julius
  16. 1987 - Lucky - Vadim
  17. 1987 - A man from the Capuchin Boulevard - Bobby
  18. 1990 - Exodus - Andrey Barkhatov
  19. 1991 - Show Boy
  20. 1991 - Regicide - insane (not in the credits)
  21. 1992 - ABVGD Ltd
  22. 1995 - Lone Player - Igor
  23. 1996 - White Dunes
  24. 1997 - Thief - gambler in the bath
  25. 2004 - Lord of the air
  26. 2005 - Extra time
  27. 2016 - Mysterious Passion - performer of the role of Alexander Aduev in the play “Ordinary History”

The fate of Anton Tabakov. Son for father

“I didn’t communicate with my father’s new wife, actress Marina Zudina, because she is younger than me and all my friends,” the eldest son of the legendary Oleg Tabakov admitted once. The famous actor and businessman Anton Tabakov still managed to forgive his father for leaving his mother, actress Lyudmila Krylova. Oleg Tabakov never encouraged Anton's desire to become an actor. But, despite this, from the age of six he regularly acted in films.

Anton's parents constantly disappeared at work. "I was a small elective that required some attention. But there was not always a feedback - due to the unthinkable employment of mom and dad," Anton shared. Sometimes the child was passed on to others, left in the dressing rooms, even forgot ... Six-year-old Anton played his first role in the film "Fourth Dad", where his hero is a boy who grows up without a father, but dreams of him very much. Tabakov recalls that it was a serious job. “I got there absolutely by accident: they went to schools, searched, chose, for some reason came across me,” said Anton. And at the age of 15, Anton Tabakov was approved for the main role in the film "Timur and his team."

In childhood, the father was not an idol for his son, the boy firmly believed that their neighbor Andrei Mironov plays much better. Anton, not at all embarrassed, repeatedly spoke about this dad. Only much later did he realize that Oleg Tabakov was an outstanding figure in theatrical art. As Anton himself admits, his father was ready to give him his skin, but flatly refused to help in his acting career. When, after graduation, he came to enroll in the theater on a course with his own dad, he did not take him. Tabakov Sr. was not sure of his son’s talent. However, very soon Anton Tabakov proved his acting ability not only to the audience, but also to his father. In this he was helped by Galina Volchek, who undertook to prepare him for a new admission to the theater. “She very quickly blinded out an applicant from me, who was then taken to GITIS,” Tabakov explained.

The first wife of Anton was the nurse Eugene. At the time of marriage, Anton was not yet 19 years old. During the festive feast, Nikita Mikhalkov offered to drink Anton for a training marriage. And so it happened - Anton and Eugene divorced after two and a half years.

Asya Anton met in the Baltic states. The girl then lived with her mother in a sanatorium for writers, and Anton, with his own money, received for shooting in the film "Timur and his team," rented a house in Jurmala. “We had a youthful affair. Then we ran away. We met again after a few years. Something caught fire in the relationship, and we began to exist together,” Anton told Boris Korchevnikov. After a while, they broke up, then Asya began to meet with Mikhail Efremov.

With actress Ekaterina Semenova, they did not reach the registry office, but she became the mother of the firstborn Tabakov. Anton believes that the birth of his son Nikita made him a truly happy person for some time. Ekaterina Semenova was already in the studio "Destinies of Man", then she named the reasons that led to the breakdown. Anton continued to communicate with Nikita, however, due to his great employment, a little. Indeed, in the 90s, he decided to leave the profession and go into the restaurant business.

Then there was a marriage with the daughter of Pavel Chukhrai, which lasted 12 years. Anastasia gave birth to her husband's daughter Anna, but this union also broke up.

Now Anton Tabakov is the father of four children. True, according to him, far from all he managed to pay due attention to. Partly because of work, partly because families were crumbling. “I physically did not have enough time. The only thing I regret is that I missed the stages of becoming children,” Anton Tabakov admitted.

Now Anton Tabakov is married again. Angelica gave her husband two daughters - Masha and Antonin. They have been together for 16 years. “With age, I learned to be wiser and more patient,” said Anton. “I used to have not enough days, but now I have a relaxed calm mood, since I have been practically retired for nine years. I enjoy the presence of children in my life, I drive them to school, pick up, talk a lot. "

What was Anton's first fee? Why did Galina Volchek decide to help Anton with admission to the theater? What performance with the participation of the son impressed Oleg Tabakov? How does Anton feel about Mikhail Efremov? And did he consult with his father when he decided to leave the acting profession? The answers are in the program “The Fate of a Man with Boris Korchevnikov”.

Anton Tabakov biography, the beginning of life

Anton Tabakov was born on July 11, 1960 in Moscow. His parents were actors O. Tabakov and L. Krylatova. At that moment, they were just starting to build their careers, they worked at the Sovremennik Theater and regularly went on tour. The son was with his parents everywhere - on shows and performances, on the set and on tours. We can say that he grew up behind the scenes, along with D. Evstigneev and M. Efremov, who in the future became his comrades.

Once parents sent Anton by plane to the Moscow region, accompanied by a flight attendant. The man said in an interview that the stewardess was not at all happy with the little client, but Oleg Tabakov took advantage of his charm. He convinced the girl that he would be met. As a result, the son was met and nothing bad happened.

The boy was 6 years old when the daughter of Alexander was born in the family. It's time to go to school, preference was given to a special institution where party employees and artists gave their children away.

Tabakov was aggressive and naughty in those years, often broke the rules, because of this there were many problems with teachers and the school principal. After graduating from 8th grade, Anton was tired of studying at a prestigious institution, and he moved to a simple school number 127. It was in this institution that he met wonderful friends - A. Vasiliev, E. Ulyanova, A. Mukasey and Denis Evstigneev. They rested for a long time together, attended various events.

Want to know more about the beginning of Anton's life? Watch the following video:

A bit about education

Like many children of artists who consider the theater to be their native place, the boy thought only about the acting profession. In 1977, Tabakov Sr. recruited people for his course at the Moscow Art Theater School, but refused to take Anton. The man said that he was not sure about the abilities of his child.

This greatly affected Anton, who had already taken part in some projects during this time. In addition to the "children's" roles, in the seventies the young man appeared in episodic roles in television performances of the Sovremennik Theater.

And in 1976, directors A. Blank and S. Linkov approved Anton for the lead role in the children's film Timur and his team based on the work of Arkady Gaidar. It was after this picture that he became popular, many girls fell in love with him. Galina Volchek, who knew him from an early age, helped Tabakov enter: she prepared the young man for admission, and Anton became a student, and later a graduate of GITIS, the workshop of A. Goncharov.

Choice of profession

Anton is regularly asked by reporters what prompted him to enter the theater university. The young man admits that he never liked the dramatic type of art. He liked to play on stage and act in films, but this hobby was not the most important thing in his life. Perhaps he chose this profession, because most of his comrades connected their fate with theater and cinema.

Theater life

The desire to become an actor appeared in Anton at school. After graduation, he decided that he would study acting type with the help of his own father. Senior Tabakov just began to recruit applicants to his school-studio. But the boy’s desire was not fulfilled immediately - the father doubted his child. Then the young man was helped by Galina Volchek, who not only saw the actor in him, but also helped with the preparation. At the same time, Anton Tabakov entered GITIS, where A. Goncharov became his teacher.

The young man received his diploma of graduation from the university in 1981 and immediately fell into the Sovremennik troupe. Anton’s creative biography began with the same theater where his relatives had begun at one time. For 10 years, he went on the stage of this institution, and was able to prove to everyone that he has real skill in reincarnation. In one of the plays, his father did not even recognize him. The elder Tabakov’s surprise and admiration was so great that he suggested that his son go to his “Snuff-box” theater.

Movie career

In cinema, the young man made his debut early. He was only 6 when the first film with his participation was released. The picture was called "The Fourth Pope", in which Anton starred with A. Yanvarev and G. Yatskina. The audience watched it in 1968, and three years later another work was presented to their court - “Boys”, where he also appeared.

In the seventies, he first appeared on the stage of Sovremennik and participated in the productions of Once Upon a Time in California and Ivan Fedorovich Shponka and his Aunt, where he played minor roles. Tabakov received his first main role in 1976, when he was invited to the set of the movie Timur and his team. After the premiere of the film, almost all children knew the name of Anton Tabakov.

The end of the seventies was marked for the young actor by roles in the films “Crew” and “Last Chance”. Before receiving a theatrical university diploma, the young man appeared in a secondary role in the movie “You Must Live,” directed by V. Chumak. Anton Tabakov was lucky to work on the set with Eugene Steblov, Vladimir Puchkov, Irina Muravyeva, who at that time were already established artists.

In 1981, director Alexander Proshkin directed the actor in the family dramatic film "Dangerous Age", where he was again able to play the main role - Dima Rodimtseva. His parents were played by Alice Freindlich and Juozas Budraitis. Along with this, the young man starred in one of the comedy series "Be My Husband."

In 1984, viewers could watch the new movie “The Time and the Conway Family”. The picture was distinguished by the fact that the roles were played by popular actors and their children - Oleg and Anton Tabakov, Irina Skobtseva with her daughter Alena Bondarchuk and so on.

In the same year, Anton accepted an invitation to shoot the film “Tales of the Old Wizard”, in which he played the main character - the prince. And again he worked surrounded by real stars of Russian cinema, among whom was his mother - Lyudmila Krylova, who played the queen mother.

The second half of the 80s was problematic, Anton got secondary roles or episodes. In the nineties, the situation worsened, Tabakov Jr. managed to work in several projects, among which the ABVGD Ltd was the best.

A similar state of affairs affected his financial situation, and the guy decided to leave the profession. To make money for a living, he decided to open his own business.

You can learn more about Anton’s problems with his father and movie from the video:

How an actor said goodbye to a profession

In the late eighties, Anton began to do business.The son of the elder Tabakov began with the organization of holidays, advertising. Then he began to organize banquets, formed the Pilot art club, where he arranged holidays. Anton says that he parted with creative activity gradually. Lack of money became the main reason that pushed him to this difficult decision.

The guy has already left the Sovremennik Theater, but continued to play in the production of Nord Ost in the Snuffbox. This performance was played by Maria Mironova, who really liked the scene. Anton treated the girl well and didn’t want the production to be closed due to his departure.

Movies & TV Series 90s

In the nineties, Anton Tabakov was very rare on the set, pictures with his participation almost never came out. But the man nevertheless appeared in several works. Roles he got, to put it mildly, small. He played in the films: “Exodus”, “Regicide”, “Show Boy”, “Lone Player”, “White Dunes”, “Thief”.

New Age

After the 90s, artist Anton Tabakov almost did not appear on the set. In 2004, he played a simple role in the film "Lord of the ether."

The film tells about people who bring reassurance to patients suffering from insomnia and a lonely life, help to meet the lost.

Tabakov Jr. also played in the comedy Extra Time. The image of the main character in this movie was embodied by his father Oleg Tabakov. Several comrades make a serious decision to put an end to lack of money. They open their taxi-type service and immediately plunge into adventure. In the series "Mysterious Passion", presented to the audience in 2016, the actor played his father. A television project talks about the life of stars.

Business Details

The idea to devote all his time to the restaurant business arose randomly. She got into her head back in the eighties, when a young man simply advertised a cafe and organized various events. Basically, they were accompanied by a small buffet or covered buffet for customers. Anton Tabakov was eager to organize them. Later he was fascinated by this work, the decision came to form an art club called "Pilot". It was there that he threw parties to which many people came.

The beginning restaurateur realized that you can stand out only with the help of an unusual menu and a unique cooking technique. Soon, the actor’s club became very famous, and there was a need to expand. After some time, Anton became the owner of the restaurants "Mao", "Oblomov", "Antonio", "Kafka". He also had his own network of coffee houses, which were called Ilya Ilyich.

In 2000, they were joined by Stolz and Long Shu. Tabakov could not entrust anyone with tasting brand new dishes, which he was going to enter in the menu of his restaurants. He did this on his own. According to him, the success of the restaurant depends in part on the ability of employees to cook food.

It should be noted that restaurants are not the only important part of Tabakov's life. So, back in 1996, together with restaurateur Andrei Delos, the artist opened the cosmetology center “Beauty Embassy”, and in 2002 he financed the first edition of M.M.’s book. Butkevich "To the game theater."

Tabakov is not trying to hide the fact that his well-known surname helped him a lot in his work, especially in communication with various authorities. Many critics say that a man does not have a professional approach to business, but rather an acting one, but this is what makes him successful.

Anton Tabakov now

The actor lives in France, where he bought real estate many years ago. His wife Angelica and younger daughters moved to Paris in the early 2010s.

Anton cruised between several countries, and in 2017 he decided to sell all the establishments in Russia and finally moved to his beautiful Parisian apartments. In an interview, the man said that he began to work at the age of six, so now he can relax and take care of children. Especially the older children at one time he could not pay much attention.

The son of the actor Nikita has already managed to work in a restaurant, daughter Anna entered elite London college. Anya and Nikita are happy to visit their father. On March 12, 2018, Oleg Tabakov died in hospital No. 1 in the Moscow region. In mid-2018, Soyuzmultfilm studio provided a continuation of the popular Prostokvashino. Kota Matroskin, who was voiced by Oleg Tabakov in the old version, was voiced by Anton.

In March 2018, the actor, unlike Sasha’s mom and sister, arrived at his father’s funeral. The man could not survive the divorce of his parents for a long time, for several years he tried not to communicate with Oleg's new family. At the farewell ceremony, the actor was next to Marina Zudina, brother Pavel and sister Maria, trying to cheer them up, talking with colleagues and students of the Moscow Art Theater and “Snuffbox”.

Tabakov Jr. turned out to be a good dad; he takes care of his children from past marriages. Son Nikita became his business partner, daughter Anya graduated from a college in England, where her father paid for his studies. Anna periodically posts her photos on Instagram, and, according to many users, the girl will be able to reach heights in the fashion industry.

If you do not know who Anton Tabakov is, a biography can help you with this.

After all, the most important facts from life are always fixed somewhere, especially when it comes to the famous actor.

If you want to know some interesting facts about Anton’s life, watch the following video:

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Right to choose

The appearance of Anton Tabakov almost violated the tour schedule of the Sovremennik Theater. The future parents were with the troupe of the theater in Saratov, and after the birth of his son, he was hastily "transferred" by plane to Moscow in the care of his grandmother. Young parents Lyudmila Krylova and Oleg Tabakov truly realized themselves as parents after returning to the capital.

Even in infancy, Anton accompanied his parents during the tour, and after he was already raised by his grandmother and nanny, on whose hands Oleg Tabakov himself grew up. From time to time, the grandfather, the father of Oleg Pavlovich, came to the capital from Saratov, a very interesting person, and every meeting with him was a real event for Anton.

At home there was a kind of cult of the head of the family, in the house everything was subject to the desires and rhythm of life of Oleg Tabakov. If he was gloomy, silence reigned in the house, if he was cheerful, then the whole family rejoiced with him.

Anton got acquainted with the atmosphere of the set at the age of six, playing the role of Sasha in the film “Fourth Papa”. At the same time, they took him into the picture not at all thanks to his father. Assistant directors went to schools and out of hundreds of students chose him. Three years later, he appeared in the film “Catherine Boys” by Ekaterina Stashevskaya-Naroditskaya, and when Anton was 15, he played a major role in the children's film “Timur and His Team”.

But even then, Oleg Pavlovich did not believe that his son had an acting gift. And he refused to take him on his course at the theater institute. Galina Volchek helped Tabakov Jr. to enter GITIS, who undertook to prepare him for the auditions.

After graduation, Anton Tabakov served in Sovremennik and Tabakerka, acted in films, managed to get married and divorced several times, until he met a woman with whom he was warm and comfortable.

In searching of love

At the age of 19, Anton Tabakov first married the young and charming nurse Eugenia. They were very young, did not know how to compromise, and neither deep feelings nor common interests replaced the love. Not even three years have passed since the couple broke up.

Anton Tabakov knew Asya Vorobyova (Bikmukhametova) from the time he was resting in Jurmala after filming in the film “Timur and his team”. Then between the young people some kind of timid relationship arose, but they did not get a continuation. And the meeting a few years later stirred up forgotten feelings. But this marriage did not last long. Asya later became the wife of Mikhail Efremov.

The first child was born to Anton Tabakov by Ekaterina Semenova, but at the same time there was not enough time to legitimize the relationship between the newly-minted parents. Anton loved Nikita very much, but even his son could not inspire his father to go to the registry office, as he could not keep the family from decay.

Ekaterina Semenova honestly admits: she alone is to blame for their separation. Anton was an ideal husband, but she herself, dreaming of a career, could not become the guardian of the hearth. Anton Olegovich, in spite of everything, always talked with his son, however, due to his employment, he did not do this as often as we would like both.

The third official wife of the actor was Anastasia Chukhrai, the daughter of a famous director. The daughter Anna was born in the family, but her parents broke up 12 years after the marriage.

In 2003, Anton aboard a plane met a girl who for 16 years has been his constant companion, assistant and beloved woman. True, lovers legalized their relationship only 10 years after meeting. Today, Anton and Angelica Tabakov have two daughters growing up, occupying all the free time of their famous dad.

Fathers and Sons

Anton Tabakov in his childhood was not always an exemplary son, but he knew that his father was ready to give the latter so that he would feel good. The only exception was the professional sphere, where Oleg Tabakov categorically refused to help his heir. This often served as a reason for Anton’s resentment. However, there was a time when he was offended by his father’s inattention, too busy at work.

When Oleg Tabakov decided to divorce Lyudmila Krylova, Anton decisively sided with his mother and stopped all communication with his father. Fortunately, they both had the wisdom not to delve into their grievances, but to find an opportunity to restore relations.

Anton’s mother Lyudmila Krylova and his sister Alexander did not find the strength and desire to come to terms with the situation. They did not forgive Oleg Tabakov and did not even consider it necessary to attend his funeral. Anton Tabakov himself did not hide: he loved his father very much and was able to forget all his grievances. The only thing is that his relationship with the second wife of the pope, Marina Zudina, did not work out. According to the son of the actor, they simply rotated in different circles, Marina was younger than all Anton’s friends and they had no common interests. At the same time, in an interview, Marina Zudina said that Anton is the unifying force of the family.

Discovering New Horizons

In the late 1980s, Anton Tabakov was less and less invited to act in films, and he decided to try himself in a new field. Attempts to engage in the organization of “turnkey” holidays as a result led to the opening of his own restaurant, a little later he had their whole network.

Anton Tabakov's business flourished, but at the end of 2018 it suddenly became known: the restaurateur sold all his establishments and left for Paris, where his wife and children had long settled. According to Anton Olegovich, with his eldest son and daughter, he missed too much, did not see how they grow, how their character is formed.

In the case of the growing up Antonina and Maria, he really wants to see the formation of his girls, so he takes them to school on his own, communicates a lot with his daughters and gets real pleasure from it. He learned to enjoy life, to be able to highlight the main thing and became much wiser. And in the first place he now has not creativity and business, but family and children.

The younger sister of Anton Tabakova, Alexander, could not come to terms with the departure of her father from the family. Her film debut was bright and promising. The audience remembered the actress as the girlfriend of the main character in the film "Little Faith." However, a good start did not actually continue. The actress starred in only a few films, and on the theater stage did not achieve much success.

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Catering business

In the late 1980s, Tabakov appeared in films less and less, financial difficulties arose. Then, in addition to working in the theater, he began to engage in advertising, as well as the organization of various events. Banquets accompanying them began to be held at the Pilot art club. Currently, Tabakov is the creator and co-owner of several Oblomov, Mao, Kafk, Antonio and Ilya Ilyich coffee houses.

Later he took up the Long Shu and Stolz restaurants. Tabakov personally tasted the dishes (and dreamed of a time when he would not have to try dishes that he does not really like), he introduced new dishes to the menu of his restaurants.

The restaurant needs not only the interior and concept, but also the food itself. Either you enjoy it or not. We can invent talentedly, but not consume. I would really like for something to change in this regard.

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Anton Tabakov: “Shrimp are harmful”

The conflict between Soyuzmulfilm and Ouspensky resolved before the death of the writer - Anton Tabakov

Anton Tabakov about the father of "Movie Wine Domino"

Anton Tabakov - biography

Anton Tabakov was born into a family of two eminent actors, and he also set off on this path at first. However, after some time, he radically changed his fate, and found his calling in a completely different way. He remembers that in his childhood he was not a foodie, and does not know where this passion for good cuisine comes from in him. Now everyone knows that if you want to impress foreign guests, you need to take them to Anton Tabakov’s restaurant. He tries to reanimate old Russian recipes, restores the traditions and customs of Russian hospitality, and this is very different from many of his fellow restaurateurs.

Anton Tabakov: the beginning

Anton Tabakov was born on July 11, 1960 in Moscow. His parents were actors Oleg Tabakov and Lyudmila Krylatova. At that time, they were just starting to build their careers, serving in the Sovremennik Theater and constantly wandering around on tour tours. Anton accompanied his parents everywhere - at rehearsals and performances, on set and touring the cities of a large country. We can say that he grew up behind the scenes, along with Denis Evstigneev and Mikhail Efremov, who remained his best friends in adulthood.

Anton Tabakov in his youth

Anton turned six when the daughter of Alexander was born in the family. When the time came to go to school, preference was given to a special school, where party workers and artists gave their children and grandchildren.

Anton grew up impudent and naughty, often violated discipline and this caused numerous conflicts with teachers and the school principal. After graduating from eight classes, Tabakov expressed his unwillingness to continue to study at a prestigious school, and moved to a less prestigious educational institution - school number 127. It was in this school that he met new friends - Alexander Vasiliev, Elena Ulyanova, Anatoly Mukasey, and an old friend Denis Evstigneev. They spent a lot of time together, attended concerts at the Actor’s House, and went to the Cinema and Theater House.

Anton Tabakov today

Currently, Anton Tabakov’s business is well-established and does not require close monitoring and attention. This allows him to pay more attention to his family, to go abroad, in particular to France, where he recently bought real estate. On this trip he is accompanied by his wife and two younger daughters.

Photo: Anton Tabakov

Anton turned out to be a good father, he takes care of his children from previous marriages. Son Nikita became his business partner, daughter Anna graduated from a prestigious college in England, in which her father paid for tuition. Anna often uploads her photos to Instagram, and according to numerous users, the girl could reach heights in the fashion industry.

Photo: Anton Tabakov

Childhood and youth

Anton was born on July 11, 1960 in Moscow in the family of Oleg Pavlovich Tabakov and Lyudmila Ivanovna Krylova. In those years, the boy’s parents were just starting their career in art - both served in the Sovremennik Theater, traveled around the country on tour.

Actors often took little Anton to rehearsals and performances.Representatives of other famous dynasties Mikhail Efremov and Denis Evstigneev remained behind the scenes with Tabakov Jr., so it is not surprising that all three in their youth became friends.

Anton Tabakov in childhood (frame from the movie "Seasons")

When Anton was 6 years old, his parents gave him a sister, Alexander. In the 1st grade, Tabakov was sent to a special school, in which the grandchildren of party workers, directors, composers and other celebrities studied.

Due to the naughty character, the young man had conflicts with the director, so after 8th grade Anton gladly took the documents and went to the working youth school. In those years, Elena Ulyanova, Alexander Vasiliev, Anatoly Mukasey studied there. After classes, children often went to concerts at the Actor’s House, to theatrical performances, to screenings at the Cinema House.

Selected Filmography

  • 1968 - Seasons
  • 1971 - Boys
  • 1976 - Timur and his team
  • 1981 - Control in the specialty
  • 1982 - Who knocks on my door?
  • 1984 - Tales of the Old Wizard
  • 1987 - Lucky
  • 1995 - Lone Player
  • 1997 - Thief
  • 2016 - Mysterious Passion


Like many children of actors who consider the theater to be their second home, Anton did not imagine any other profession other than acting.

This really offended Anton, who already had several films by that time: in addition to “children's” roles, in the 70s the young actor appeared in episodic roles in television shows of the Sovremennik Theater: “Ivan Fedorovich Shponka and his aunt” and “When in California. " And in 1976, directors Alexander Blank and Sergey Linkov approved Anton for the lead role in the children's adventure film Timur and his team based on the work of Arkady Gaidar. It was with this picture that the beginning actor gained popularity: all the girls of the Soviet Union were in love with him.


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