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Olga Oleinikova is a singer who is known for her diverse performances. She can be both a reckless hooligan and a refined lady. Having started her career with jazz, she gradually expanded her interests to rock and roll, soul, country, folk rock, and blues. Her natural, emotionally rich voice found many fans.

Childhood Olga Oleinikova

Olga’s hometown is Samara. Her parents are musicians. According to her own recollections, the song “Yesterday”, heard in her childhood, made a special impression.Olga Oleinikova was born in Samara. At the age of thirteen, Oleinikova created her own group. Its structure included admirers of the Beatles group. As a soloist, she first appeared on stage in the 1991th year at a concert arranged in memory of Viktor Tsoi. The performance was successful. After him, the young singer received an invitation to become a drummer in a small group. When the place of the flute player was vacated there, Oleinikova began playing the flute. The flute so captivated her that after graduation, a talented girl entered the music school of her native city, while continuing to actively participate in rock festivals.

New songs by Olga Oleinikovo, jazz and rock

Olga matured, changed her musical preferences. Once, having got on one of the rock evenings, she tried herself as a jazz singer. Soon, Olya Nikova began to sing in a jazz orchestra. Jazz will literally overwhelm the singer. She appeared at jazz festivals, took part in jazz evenings, toured. Olga took part in the Oleg Lundstrem Jazz Festival more than once, becoming his laureate. Together with the rock and jazz team “Jazzprom”, Oleinikova performed twice at the festival in Dusseldorf, whose name is “Jazz Rally”.

With a rock band Oleinikova almost stopped working. Her last performance as a member of this group took place in 1997.

At the turn of 1996 - 1997, the performer was invited to the small composition of the Mirage. In 1998, the first N-Quintet squad grew out of this project. As part of the Mirage, Oleinikova was at the festival in Stavropol and Petrozavodsk, worked in the Canary Islands. Olga left the Mirage in 1999. Then she collaborated with N-Quintet, Nostalgia, Retro Jazz, and the Ensemble Fun.

Together with the N-Quintet, the performer performed at a jazz festival in the city of Tolyatti. According to the regulations, only fifteen minutes were allotted for the performance of each collective. The "N-Quintet" audience did not release the scene for more than an hour. The success was deafening.Olga Oleinikova sang for a long time in the Mirage Oleinikova group and performed as a member of the rhythm and b-dance group “D.Black”, worked in the jazz studio “Movement” as a teacher.

The singer participated in the recording of soundtracks for such films as “Children under 16” and “Aliens”. She held a number of vocal master classes.

Oleinikova led her vocal school-studio SUNNY SIDE SINGERS. Her students today perform both on the big screen and on club stages as backing vocalists and soloists. Olga calls the school-studio a kind of community, striving to talk about the origins of the music that everyone is listening to now - it's folk, folk rock, country, blues, soul, rock and roll and so on.

In 2001, with the aim of performing at the Togliatti festival, Olga created the team “Moment Notice”. She collaborated with renowned jazzman Grigory Fine. They performed in Samara, and then at the concert venues of the capital.

In 2003, the performer graduated from the Samara Academy of Culture and finally moved to Moscow. She performed with both Grigory Fayn and Sergey Manukyan.

Life, family and work.

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Name and surname:Olga Oleinikova
Name in English:Olga Oleinikova
Year of birth:1976
Birthday:October 13th
Place of Birth:Samara
Height:163 cm.
Weight:65 kg
Eastern horoscope:The Dragon
Social network:Vkontakte

Olga Oleinikova on the show "Voice"

In order for the wide circle of listeners to learn about the work of the performer Olga Oleinikova, she took part in the TV show "Voice". At the “blind” auditions, Olga performed the song “I can’t stand the rain”. She interested all the mentors. Despite the fact that Olga considers all performers and musicians worthy of respect, she decided to go to the team of Dima Bilan.Olga Oleinikova became a real star on the Voice show. At the stage of “fights”, she performed the song “Looking for You”. Her rival was Ilya Rimar. Olga got sick just before the performance, so it was not easy for her. Bilan preferred Oleinikova, and she continued the struggle.

“Knockouts” became the next stage of the competition, at which the audience saw Olga. She presented the song “Hold On I`m Coming”. This time the singer did a great job showing her vocal abilities. She was in the top three competitors, where in addition to her, Ksana Sergienko and Sevil Velieva sang. At this stage, Seville left the project.

In the quarterfinal, the vocalist performed a song in Russian, "To Heaven."

Personal life of Olga Oleinikova

Olga is a bright and multifaceted person. So is her work. She teaches, sings and tries herself as a vocal producer. It is known that at present she is in love, the heart of a bright performer is not free.

It seemed strange to many to choose Olga as a mentor - Bilan. She believes that in this way she can once again overcome her self-doubt.

Interview with the star of the show "Voice" Samaritan Olga Oleinikova

November 14, 2014, 12:47 459

In the popular Russian show “The Voice” it does not often happen that at the very first selection Agutin, Bilan, Gradsky and Pelageya get up from their soft swivel chairs and applaud. It happened when a Samaritan woman, and now a Muscovite Olga Oleinikova, sang “I Can’t Stand the Rain”.

There is nothing surprising, however. Olga, in the literal sense of the word, annealed. And in one performance she conquered all the jury members and gained thousands of fans and admirers in our entire large country. She chose Dima Bilan as her mentor. And still goes on the “Voice” under his leadership - the singer also passed the second qualifying round. Of course, we could not help but talk with a possible winner of the show (Olga has every chance, yes, yes) about fears, music, design and changes inside.

- Olya, when did you understand what you want and can sing?

- According to the stories of my mother and the first teacher of solfeggio, I always had a good ear. Captured, perceived music, composed. But she didn’t think of herself as a singer. It used to grimace under Pugachev’s “Hello!”, I loved watching her wave handsets on springy wires (later I saw the same gesture with The Who soloist Roger Daltry, but with the microphone, I was very happy). Everything was changed by the Beatles, heard at the age of 10 - a guitar appeared, gradually its own group and already consciously identifying itself with rock stars.

- How did your career develop in Samara?

- I started as a young drummer, and then a flute player in the Samara rock band Voda (aka Little Elephant Boo), then I got on the jazz track and worked in several jazz groups, big and small, then there was the blues and rock band D. Black - it was a fun time.

Why and when did you leave for Moscow?

- Grigory Fayn invited me to perform with his jazz trio in Moscow clubs many times, and I myself did not notice how I stayed in the capital. It was 2003 ...

- How do you live in Moscow? Is it not hard in a city that many Samaritans do not like so much?

- I don’t know how many Samara residents, but I really love Moscow. From childhood, when my mother took me with her for several days. I love wide avenues, tall buildings, the smell of the subway ... At first I performed only as a jazz singer. There were not many concerts, I had to look for a day job. By education I am a teacher in the flute class - I phoned several schools for vacancies and ended up at the Art School. Mamontova. I worked with children for three years. Then she got to one research institute as a mass entertainer, organized amateur concerts and staged children's performances. But gradually she became herself again - there were many students eager to learn to sing my favorite music - rock, folk, rhythm and blues. So the singing community of Sunny Side Singers was born, which now has about 30 members. We periodically give reporting concerts and participate in charity evenings. So now I am very well in Moscow.

Project Bebop-a-Lola Show. Photo by: Dmitry Kumchenko

- How did you decide on the "Voice"?

- In the first season, my student Juliana Stranglav participated, I was in her support group. Then I could not imagine that in a season I would decide on this myself. But for two years in a row my friends stubbornly hinted that I could not avoid this fate, and I gave up.

- Competitions are scary. How to overcome the excitement?

- In every article that caught my eye, it is necessarily written that I was deceiving about scenophobia. So, I did not dissemble anything. For me, this moment of competition is like a sharp knife. When we were taken “point by point” before blind auditions, explaining our actions step by step, my limbs were taken away. I cursed the moment when I sent the questionnaire, I wanted to turn around and leave. I had to put myself together and carry out explanatory work, why did a person go on stage, and what the hell did I drag myself into here.

- And what the hell?

- The competition has given me and continues to give a lot. The fact is that a lot of beautifully singing people participate and always participated in the show. Rockers, jazzmen, folkers and so on.

It was very important at some point to stop comparing ourselves to them. Not only to reveal your weaknesses to yourself, but also to recognize the strengths

It was important to stop being afraid not to be cool, to remember who I really am. Recall that I always treated myself with humor and was not afraid to appear funny and ugly on stage. It was important to really enjoy my favorite music that guides me. I feel changes in me - they are happening gradually and imperceptibly.

- For example, what changes?

- For example ... Oddly enough, an inner calm appears in me. Probably, in contrast to the sudden fuss around me as a "person from the TV." Sometimes even some kind of smoothness and slow motion, especially when I understand that they recognize me in a cafe or a shopping center.

With Ilya Rimar

“What do you think is on TV?” What thoughts flash when you watch your performances in the show?

“One of my students said:“ When you see your own on the screen, there is a strange feeling that they were cut out of life and put into a TV like that in a small square. ” I completely agree with her.

- Surely a lot of strangers are writing to you on social networks. Do you have time to answer everyone? It seems to me that this is such a very difficult moment, when many write warm words, and, of course, are waiting for an answer, but you don’t have time to burst at all ...

- While I have time to answer everyone, I do not want to offend anyone. But I understand that this takes a lot of strength and energy. It’s not enough for some to simply “thank you,” they begin to bombard me with questions and take offense when I stop answering. I think over time I will develop less energy-consuming tactics ...

- Before participating in the "Voice" you watched the contest? Did you imagine that one day you yourself would be standing in front of the backs of the jury chairs?

- No, I did not watch the show after my student dropped out. Honestly, it was not interesting. I looked sometimes English, Australian, private rooms. The fact is that shortly before I was at the casting, I received an offer to work on another, new television show as a vocal mentor. This experience very much prepared me for being inside the project as a contestant. Since both projects initially went in parallel, I had to run around a bit, to be Figaro. Now I am torn only between the Voice, my students and musical projects.

Project Bebop-a-Lola Show. Photo by: Dmitry Kumchenko

- What rights and obligations does the project dictate? Do they force me to change the style, the image?

- Probably, the main thing is not to talk too much, as the first few stages go into recordings. You already know the result, but you can’t say anything even to close friends before the broadcast. As for the image ... He is corrected by the wonderful girl-stylist Karina, I am very pleased with her vision of the artist Oleinikova. She added courage to me, she saw me as I had never been before.

- How much time do you give the project? Does it remain on itself, its affairs?

- After filming each stage, we have some time to rest. This is necessary in order to exhale and realize - you are still in the game, you have moved to a new level! And you do not have time to get used to a more measured pace, as again - rehearsals, the choice of a repertoire ... I am very surprised and glad to have the warmest atmosphere inside our team. No rivalry, only mutual support, completely sincere, and it only grows stronger.

- What is he, Dima Bilan? Do not regret your choice?

Previously, I did not take him seriously because of all these Night Hooligans and Chocolate Mulattos. Now I see that he is an intelligent, sensitive person, on whom lies a great responsibility. And yes, of course, a bully, and this cannot but please.

With a mentor Dima Bilan and Ilya Rimar

- Did you cry because of some moments on the project?

- Cried once after the fights. I can’t say - from a resentment against myself or a cold, or I just lost my nerves - I’m tired of fighting the disease, I had to alternate between shooting, rehearsing and visiting a doctor for a whole week - droppers, injections, physiotherapy, inhalations, washing, pouring into ligaments ... Now I know that it is necessary, of course, to keep oneself in shape, but all the same everything will be as it should be, in spite of all efforts.

“Besides music, what else is important in your life?” What gives you the strength to breathe and love this life? You seem so positive that you just want to ask which pills you take for joy?

“I don’t know, sometimes it seems to me that I’m connected to the Navel of the Earth.” I just love life - I love music, I like to travel, ride a bike, walk, go to the cinema, I like to read, I like to eat. I love everything!

- About the last fight with Ilya, I read that you are very empty, even ill. There are several more ahead. Do you think you will feel the same way, or will you become stronger?

- When we shot profiles before knockouts, they asked me - well, you didn’t stop being a laughter? I made such an impression, something completely different. I knew very well what negative resonance our blows would cause, that rivers of pity and hatred would flow. I physically reject both of them, so I had to work hard to grow the shell. We need a balance between laid-back carelessness and philosophical calm, but I am the scales according to the horoscope, I believe in these things and hope to find this balance.

- You thought about what will happen next, after the project?

“I thought, of course.” Whatever the outcome, everything will be as I love. Because I will not stop doing what I love.

- What do you want from life?

“From life, I want life.” And all the rest - from myself. And especially - the trust of this very life.

- How often do you come to Samara? Who are you staying here?

- Unfortunately, it turns out not to come often. And with each visit, it turns out that less and less time is devoted to friends, I want to stay with my family more - mom and stepfather. Maybe after the show, offers for concerts will come more often.

- Who supports you in Moscow? Who meets at home after long rehearsals?

- The man in whom I saw myself in all positive and negative qualities. The same lazy, the same stubborn, the same obsessed with what he loves and also loving life.

Photo: Olga Oleinikova


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