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Charlie Cox (2017)
Birth nameCharlie Thomas Cox
Date of BirthDecember 15, 1982 (1982-12-15) (age 37)
Place of Birth
  • London, Great Britain
  • Great Britain
Career2002 - present
Direction Shakespeare's comedy d
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Charlie Thomas Cox (English Charlie Thomas Cox, born December 15, 1982, London) is an English theater and television film actor who is widely known primarily for his roles in the film Stardust (2007) and the television series Underground Empire and Daredevil.


Charlie Thomas Cox is the youngest of five children in the family. He was born in London, but raised in East Sussex. His parents are Patricia (Tricia) Harley and publisher Andrew Frederick Seaworth Cox. He has a brother Toby (born 1974) and half sisters and a brother from his father's first marriage: Emma, ​​Zoe and Oliver.

Cox was raised in the Roman Catholic Church and attended independent schools in East Sussex and Dorset. He later graduated from Old Vic Theater School in Bristol.

Childhood and youth

Charlie Thomas Cox was born December 15, 1982 in the UK, in the county of East Sussex. The boy became the fifth, youngest, child in the family. He has one brother - Toby, and another brother Oliver and sisters Emma and Zoe - father's children from a previous marriage.

Charlie was raised in the Catholic faith, in addition to the British, among his ancestors, the Irish and the Scots. In school, the boy studied first in his native East Sussex, and graduated from high school in Dorset.

Charlie Cox in his youth

School theater performances were not given to him - teachers and students preferred musicals, and Charlie could not sing, so he was forced to stand among the choir. So in childhood, Cox did not think about his acting career, this idea came to the young man's mind shortly before graduation.

However, the intention turned out to be serious, and in 2001 he moved to London, and a year later he entered the Old Vic Theater School in Bristol, an institution from which stars such as Richard Coyle, Ray Stevenson and Olivia Coleman came out. Studying was not without problems: the young man took criticism from teachers hard, taking it too close to heart.


The first role went to Charlie at age 18, even before entering the theater school - he played in the psychological thriller "Points over i" in 2003. In addition to him, the future Venom Tom Hardy starred in the picture. In the summer after the first year of study, the young man auditioned for the role of Lorenzo in the film "The Merchant of Venice" with Ale Pacino.

Charlie Cox and Tom Hardy in the movie Dots Over I

In doing so, he violated the school policy, according to which students are not allowed to audition for performances outside of Old Vic. So he decided not to return to school and continued to work, appearing in small roles on television and in the movies. Among the works of Charlie for this period should be noted the historical drama of 2005 "Casanova" and the science fiction film "For Andromeda", released in 2006.

But in 2007, the young actor was already waiting for the main role: in the fantasy drama "Stardust" Charlie embodied on the screen Tristan Thorne, rashly promising her lover to bring a star fallen from the sky. The film has earned praise from critics and has been well received by audiences around the world.

Charlie Cox in the movie Stardust

In 2008, Cox played in a more serious film, the crime drama Stone of Destiny, about the extravagant Scottish patriot Ian Hamilton. This work was followed by filming in the historical drama "1939", and in 2010, Charlie got the role of the Duke of Courborough in "Downton Abbey", playing a young man eager to "marry money" because of the deplorable financial condition.

Another vivid work in Cox’s creative biography was the image of Owen Sliter, which appeared in the 2nd season of The Underground Empire by Martin Scorsese - where Charlie played an Irishman who has connections with the IRA, the Irish Republican Army. Together with the rest of the cast of the project, Cox received the Screen Actors Guild Award in 2011.

Charlie Cox in the series Downton Abbey

In 2015, the period of “Daredevil” began in the filmography of Charlie - he got the main role in the series about the blind superhero Marvel, who administers justice thanks to superhuman abilities. Attorney Matt Murdoch, hiding under the guise of the Avenger Daredevil, has gained popularity for Cox among Marvel fans around the world. The main female role in the series was played by Deborah Anne Wall, and John Burntal, famous for The Walking Dead, became another shooting partner.

Interestingly, Charlie himself didn’t just read the comics before filming - on the eve of the audition, the actor did not even know that his character was blind. However, now Cox is a big fan of the Daredevil series.

Charlie Cox in the movie Daredevil

Stories about superheroes are often considered frivolous and do not deserve close attention, but the series about Matt Murdoch got out of the usual series due to the features of the protagonist. For his role, Charlie Cox received the Helen Keller Achievement Awards from the American Blind Society.

The series went from 2015 to 2018, and during this period the actor played his character outside of Daredevil - Matt Murdoch appeared in the mini-series Defenders, released in 2017. There, Cox worked with another superhero star, Kristen Ritter, who embodied the image of Jessica Jones on the screen.

Charlie Cox's Torso

Charlie approached the character responsibly: in preparation for the shooting, the man threw all his strength into training and gained 30 pounds of muscle mass (almost 14 kg). So thanks to Daredevil, the actor is in great shape: with a height of 178 cm, Charlie's weight is 79 kg. After completing the project, Cox said that he was ready to play Daredevil in future films.

In 2018, the actor starred in the feature film “The King of Thieves,” based on the real story of 2015 about the theft of jewelry at Hatton Garden. Despite the interesting and relevant plot, the film did not win much success with the public.

Personal life

In 2004, Charlie briefly dated the American actress Lynn Collins. After parting, the actor did not declare official relations for several years, until in 2008 Kate Mara became his girlfriend. However, relations with her did not last long - already in 2009 the couple broke up.

Charlie Cox and Lynn Collins

After that, Cox positioned himself as a loner for another 5 years, but in 2014 he could not resist the charms of his British colleague Janet Montgomery. However, this novel ended quickly - in the same 2014.

Now Charlie's life partner is television producer Samantha Thomas. For a long time, they simply met without formalizing the relationship.

Charlie Cox and his wife Samantha Thomas

In 2016, the couple had a daughter, and in September 2018, Cox’s personal life underwent changes - Samantha nevertheless became the actor’s wife.

The actor does not maintain an official account on Instagram, but he talks to fans and journalists willingly - even a photo of Charlie with her little daughter has been published.

Charlie Cox Now

Cox’s dream of “Daredevil” is the crossover of Matt Murdoch’s universe with the world of Spider-Man, especially since the actor is friends with the current Peter Parker, Andrew Garfield.

Charlie Cox and Andrew Garfield

But these dreams are more and more like unrealizable ones. After Netflix suddenly announced the end of filming "Daredevil", Cox in 2019 joined the army of fans of the series, hoping that he would be able to revive.

Charlie Cox in 2019

Moreover, Charlie put his signature in support of the #SaveDaredevil campaign in a rather funny way. Since the actor wanted to keep his identity a secret, he created a fake email box for his 2-year-old daughter and signed a petition on her behalf.

Could not unleash the potential

Charlie was born in East Sussex, in the family of Patricia Cox, who owned a clothing business, and Andrew Frederick Seafort Cox, the publisher. In addition to the boy, his parents raised brothers Oliver, Toby, sisters Emma and Zoe. I must say that children were brought up in strict Catholic traditions.

The boy from a very early age had a predisposition to play on stage - however, he didn’t do things at school: the teachers gave preference to musicals, but Charlie was completely unable to sing, and therefore showed himself only before graduation.

About what just did not talk.

In a world where Marvel reigns, and the inviolability of personal information is not held in high esteem, a person in the image of Daredevil tells us why it is important to remain masked, albeit temporarily.

Daredevil is a super-heroic legal drama series based on Marvel comics. The series is part of the cinematic universe of Marvel and is the first of a series of series to be combined into a crossover mini-series "Defenders".

Playboy Is it hard to live your personal life while you are starring in the popular Marvel series?

I think I managed to maintain the privacy of my personal life. But not because the concept of “personal” is somehow especially dear to me. Just the desire to have your own personal life is normal and natural.

Also - partially - also because I am not in social networks. I’m not sure that I am able to properly conduct social networks myself. I would also tweet some rash stupidity after a lousy day. You cannot take your words back.

Vulnerability, forgiveness and kindness, this is what makes a superhero a superhero

Playboy And what else do you dislike about social networks?

All this is not for me. Ryan Reynolds posts and tweets periodically show me. So he knows how to keep his private life from prying eyes, but at the same time he is very funny on social networks and writes interestingly.

He knew exactly what was happening, he knew how to manage the process. A few years ago I read one interview, in my opinion, with Matt Damon, who said that he does not like to give interviews and tries to do it as little as possible, because he does not want people to know what kind of person he is: subsequently he can become harder to believe his character.

I remember that I thought then that there is some truth to this.

Playboy Over the years, you managed to work with great actresses, in particular, with Claire Danes, Kate Mara and Kristen Ritter. Have you ever fallen in love with partners?

Not! (Laughs.) Beautiful actresses whom I fell in love with at twenty years old taught me probably one of the most instructive lessons. You can google my name and most likely you will find all these stories.

Playboy Is it difficult to meet those who also play on the court with you?

Of course! Just imagine: you are in an unfamiliar place, with strangers. Act in film. If you have a partner in the film, then most likely the script is in love with you. No wonder people take fiction for reality.

And then after such service romances you return to the real world, and suddenly it turns out that everything is not as it seemed to you. Therefore, it seems to me that actors often meet with actors: it's nice to be with someone who understands your work.

Playboy Your wife, Samantha Thomas, is the producer of Iron Fist and Jessica Jones, but not Daredevil. How did you meet?

Yes, she is a producer. I will not talk about her, because I try not to shine at all with my family. This is one of the reasons why I am not on social networks. I don’t think that people in principle need to know anything about my family.

Playboy We will not ask you about your sex life, because you still will not tell. Is there anything you haven't been asked about yet, but would you like to talk about it?

In my opinion, I have not been asked such a question yet. In truth, it’s embarrassing for a person like me to speak about myself, knowing that what has been said will be shown somewhere or printed.

But I understand that my job responsibilities include interviews and promotions. And I also know that if I talk only about what I was experiencing when I played my character, no one will read my interview. You need a balance, and you yourself must determine what is acceptable for you and what is not.

Playboy Could you sacrifice a career for your family?

One hundred percent. Career is not more important than family. Even so: there is nothing more important than family. Go to any nursing home and find me at least one who is on question “What would you change in your life?” would answer: “I would like to work more.” Of course not! Everyone says: "It is a pity that I did not devote more time to my family."

Playboy What kind of child were you?

I am the youngest of five children. The difference in seniority with his brother is 10 years. So it’s very clear: I got it by mistake. It seems that I was the only child, but at the same time I was not him, if you understand what I mean. My father was a publisher, my mother worked at his publishing house in London. And I was obsessed with football.

I just want to go to the park with my boys, put on my uniform and play

Playboy Which team are you rooting for?

I’m a fan of Arsenal. In one of my favorite films - this is the Argentinean film "Secret in their eyes" - there is a scene where they look for the criminal and say something like this: “When you are on the run, you can change everything in yourself: your appearance, lifestyle, circle of acquaintances - anything. But you can never change what your heart lies for. ”

In the end, they did find the criminal because they were looking for him at the stadium of his favorite football team. It is impossible to choose what to love. Sometimes I think: why am I wasting my time, energy and getting killed because of these losses? This is just a game. But it doesn’t work out differently.

Preparing for my bachelor party, a friend asked me what I would like to do. I answered: “I just want to go to the park with my boys, put on a uniform and play.”

Playboy If you were so keen on sports as a child, then when did your artistry manifest?

If you think so, I always had it. I always liked participating in theatrical productions. When I was seven or eight years old, I played the role of Charlie in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

I don’t know if the record was preserved, but it can be seen on it that I not only speak my own remarks, but also pronounce the words of other children with my lips.

Al Pacino asks me: "Do you have a leather coat?"

Playboy Many say that the role in Stardust was your breakthrough, but we remember you from the movie Casanova with Heath Ledger, which was released before Dust, right?

By the way, yes. But this role can hardly be called a “breakthrough”. (Laughs.) And you probably don’t even remember that even before I had a Shakespeare movie - “The Merchant of Venice” - with Al Pacino and Jeremy Irons.

And now listen: we shot the first part of the film in Luxembourg, and Al Pacino asks me: “Do you have a leather coat?” I say: "Not". And he: “If you are an actor, you must have a leather coat.”

Then my parents ask me: “Son, what should you give for Christmas?” - and I say: "Leather coat". And I still have it. And my friends still envy me.

Playboy Who are you friends with?

I know my dearest friends from school. These are not actors. My best friend, who was the best man at my wedding, is the son of my parents' best friends. They were friends even before our birth. Of course, it happens, make friends with the actors, with Eddie Redmayne for example, but we rarely intersect with them. Each has its own shooting.

Here, Ben Barnes managed to communicate for a long time, because he is currently starring in one of the Netflix TV shows in New York. This is the most beautiful person, I have not met such.

We met on the set of Stardust. He himself is from Los Angeles, so I found him an apartment in our building, and for two years now he has been living under us.

To be proud of who I am and what I do is not to boast

Playboy How did you work with Kristen Ritter in Defenders?

I love Kristen. I can endlessly say good things about her. We somehow particularly agreed. She lives without excuses, and in this sense I learned a lot from her. She does not make excuses for how successful and talented she is.

Playboy Are you making excuses for this?

I think so.Maybe it's because I'm English, but compliments terrify me. Do you know this feeling when they say to you: “You are so cool” or something like that? My first impulse will be to say: "No, not cool." It is very difficult for me.

Probably because I was taught not to brag and not be dressed up. And with people like Kristen, I'm learning to be real. After all, to be proud of who I am and what I do is not to boast.

Playboy But is it difficult to communicate with fans at events like Comic-Con, given that you are not comfortable taking compliments?

That's the beauty of the acting profession that participating in projects gives you the opportunity to attend events and meet with a huge number of fans. And I like it. Fans are very respectful.

So far, I have not had any negative experiences with them. There I can hear what people say about my series - they have no interest in saying that they like it if it’s actually not.

And again - my personal life is still very personal. It seems that I manage to hide my everyday life from strangers.

Playboy The new season of “Daredevil” is becoming darker and darker. There are many rumors about the plot of “Daredevil. Reborn for the next seasons. How do you feel playing this hero when the storyline likens it to Jesus?

Your question indicates that this character basically has faith: he deeply believes in God and is strongly committed to Catholicism. But his superhero role is in direct conflict with these ideas.

Playing this role, I enjoyed the sensation when you are torn in several directions. We are developing the idea that the character refuses the role of Matt Murdoch in his life and begins to succumb to the idea that this is a fiction and that he invented Matt Murdoch himself, and the real one is Daredevil. And this is a dangerous train of thought.

Playboy Have you ever felt that you are losing yourself in a role?

Not. Sam jokes about this when she has to live with Matt Murdoch for six months. I know that the role can affect the mood, but still it is more likely due to fatigue - the body aches around the clock. I have been playing this character for so many hours that for me this is no longer a film, but life.

Playboy Daredevil gives the impression of a vulnerable character. Do you consider yourself vulnerable?

In short, yes. It may sound naive, but I do not believe that cruelty can solve anything.

I am sure that in an ideal world, no levels of cruelty are needed to solve problems. You said that, and we really try to show on the series, and I try to show in Matt that the solution is not cruelty, but vulnerability, the ability to forgive and kindness.

It is these features, in my opinion, that make a superhero a superhero. A superhero is one who can make the right decision at the right moment, who has the ability to resist a violent impulse when there is no absolute need for it.

Playboy What do you think, how did the role of Daredevil change you?

What I really like about Matt Murdoch is that he doesn't care about what people think. He does not live the feelings of people in their place. He is not confused by the need to tell people how things really are, and he allows others to feel what they want to feel about it.

That is why it sometimes seems cold. But really, not trying to influence what people are experiencing in the conversation means living with dignity and respecting others.

I myself try to adopt it, try to tell my truth and let people relate to it as they please.

He dropped out of school, and did not regret a single drop

The guy decided on an ambitious step - to move to London and enroll in Old Wick Bristol School, from where Jeremy Irons, Olivia Coleman, Richard Coyle had previously come. Studying was hard for Charlie: teachers often criticized the young man, and he took the words too close to his heart.

The academic base helped Charlie - after the first year of training, he auditioned for the film "The Merchant of Venice", where Al Pacino played the main role. This Cox violated the school protocol, which forbade students to combine work on productions that are not supervised by Old Vic teachers, so the guy decided to take a break from school and participate in film and TV. The projects went one after another: first, small ones, then those that brought glory.

I did not stay in one image

Charlie did not sit on episodic roles: he managed to star in Casanova in 2005 and For Andromeda in 2006 - thanks to these projects, the creators of Stardust noticed Cox and offered the actor a job in the main cast - Charlie played Tristan, who promised his lover to get the fallen a star from the sky. The film became a cult and literally captivated critics, and Cox got the opportunity to choose roles that are interesting to him, and not participate where they give.

Cox focused on historical dramas: Ian Hamilton from “Stone of Destiny”, participation in “1939”, Duke of Crowborough in “Downton Abbey” - all these projects turned out to be different from each other, if in one film Charlie represented a convinced patriot, then later his screen the image was close to cunning men from high society who hide a lot of mysteries.

He managed to conquer the United States and rethink the world of comics

Charlie did not stop at the cinema: he combined it with work in the theater. He made his debut in the London Ambassadors - which later made it possible to get to the main roles in the capital's Donmar Warehouse. Cox also found time for the series on his favorite subject - this is how he appeared in the second season of Scorese's Underground Empire, playing as a member of the Republican Army of Ireland. For this role, Charlie won the Screen Actors Guild Award.

The success did not go unnoticed - the actor was invited to the "Stephen Hawking Universe", where he played Jonathan Heiler Jones, a friend of the physicist's family. So began the conquest of America: Charlie called the daredevil show runners. Unlike other Marvel works, it is filled with cruelty, and Matt Murdoch - the main character - is, in fact, kind in an evil way: he does not shy away from the dirty methods of fighting for justice. Moreover, later projects about Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and the Immortal Iron Fist - different in nature of presentation - were combined into the “Defenders” crossover. Each of the series needed a special manner, and the actor remembered this.

Protects the family from journalists

Charlie met with colleagues on the project for a long time, but this, as a rule, did not lead to anything serious. But with the current girl, Samantha Thomas, he seems to be happy. The couple did not rush to play a wedding for a long time, but at the same time the actors lived together for a long time and raised a common daughter - she was born in 2016. It's funny that on her behalf, Cox advocated the continuation of Daredevil.

The fact is that Netflix announced the termination of the series, and fans created the action #SaveDaredevil. Charlie became a fan of the franchise during the filming, so he also decided to leave his response. Desiring to remain incognito, he created a fake email supposedly belonging to his daughter, and signed a petition on her behalf.

Charlie is very sensitive to relationships - he tries not to let paparazzi into his personal space, and the couple themselves are kept away from the public. Charlie does not even have a profile on Instagram - it is not surprising, because even at the dawn of his career, Cox often said that he was embarrassed by his fame.

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In 2009, the film “Glorious 39” was released with the participation of Cox, and work is also ongoing on another project - the dramatic film “There Be Dragons”, which is scheduled for rental in 2010.

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