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Name: Celine Dion

Birthday: March 30 1968 (51 years old)

Place of Birth: Charlemagne, Canada

Height: 168 cm

Weight: 58 kg

Eastern horoscope: A monkey

Career: Foreign musicians 41 place

Photo: Celine Dion

Children and teenagers

Parents, Ademar and Teresa, learning about a new pregnancy, wanted to have an abortion. The family has already grown up 13 children, financial situation bordered on poverty. Theresa's youngest children, the twins Paul and Paulin, just went to first grade, and the woman hoped to take a break from the endless cycle of washing, ironing and cooking, but an unplanned pregnancy confused all the cards. Teresa consulted with a priest, who unequivocally said: "You have no right to take the life of a child."

Later, when Celine was born, the couple opened a modest bar, Le Vieux Baril. A cozy restaurant, full of customers from morning till night, was not only a source of small income for the family, but also an opportunity to feel like real pop singers. Long before this establishment was bought, the friendly Dion family toured Canada as a music group called Dion’s family. And now, in their own bar, each of the family members could fully demonstrate their talent.


Celine Marie Claudette Dion - singer, actress, songwriter.

Celine Dion was born March 30, 1968 in Charlemagne, Quebec, Canada. Parents of the singer are Ademar Dion and Teresa Tangue, Canadians of French descent. Celine is the youngest of 14 children born to a family. According to Dion herself. Their family was very poor, but happy.

Music has always been part of the Dion family. The singer was even named after the song “Celine”, which was performed two years before her birth by French singer South Ofre.

In 1973, on August 13, Celine held her first public appearance. It happened at her brother’s wedding. The girl then performed the song “Du fil des aiguilles et du coton” by Christina Charbonneau.

Subsequently, Celine, along with her brothers and sisters, sang in her parents' small piano bar called Le Vieux Baril. From childhood, Celine cherished the dream of becoming a singer.

In 1980 12-year-old Celine, together with her mother and brother, composed their first song, Ce n’etait qu’un reve. The older brother sent the recording of this song to music manager Rene Angelil. Why him? Because his name was written on the back of the Jeanette Renault album.

Yene Angelil, listening to the recording, was touched by the voice of young Dion. He decided then that he would definitely make a star out of her.

In 1981 Renee is laying his own house, with the intention of financing Celine's first entry, “La voix du bon Dieu,” in the translation of “The Voice of the Lord.” This record in Quebec has made Dion star number 1.

In 1982 Celine Dion takes part in the Yamaha Music Festival in Tokyo. The girl receives the award "Best Artist" and a gold medal for the song "Tellement j’ai d’amour pour toi".

In 1983 Dion becomes the first Canadian performer to receive a gold record in France. The award was for the single “D’amour ou d’amitie”. Dion also receives several Felix awards, among which are the Discovery of the Year and The Best Performer.

In 1987 19-year-old Celine and 45-year-old Rene Angelil have an outbreak of romance. Their business relationship goes personal.

In 1988 in Europe, true success and popularity comes to Dion when she wins the Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin, Ireland. Celine represented Switzerland. But the American success of Dion was only ahead, because she was exclusively a French-speaking singer. After seeing the performance of Michael Jackson, Celine announced to Angelil that she wants to be the same star as Jackson.

In 1989 Rene, being completely confident in Celine's talent, still knew that for the world popularity, the singer needs to slightly adjust her appearance. For a while, Dion disappears from the scene. At this time, she undergoes dental surgery, and then she goes to the Berlitz School in order to improve her English.

In 1989 Dion lost her voice when she was on tour in support of the album "Incognito". She was asked to have an operation on her vocal cords or not to use them for a long time. Celine refused the operation and took a vocal training course in order to correctly use her vocal chords.

In 1990 Celine Dion will debut in the English market with his album "Unison". The record is well received by critics. The album claims the singer as a rising star in the United States, as well as continental Europe and Asia.

In 1991 Celine becomes the lead singer of Voices That Care, in a song that was dedicated to US troops participating in Operation Desert Storm. In the same year, Dion in a duet with Pibo Bryson recorded the title song for the animated film “Beauty and the Beast,” which became a real international breakthrough for the singer. This track becomes both a commercial and a critical hit by Celine, becoming her second single in the American top 10, as well as bringing Dion an Oscar for the best song for the film, as well as Grammy for the best duet performance. Dion and Angelil are officially engaged this year.

In 1992 the second English-language album of the singer is released: “Celine Dion”, which was also very well received by listeners and critics. Two of Dion's albums, as well as constant performances, brought Celine the status of a North American superstar. The singer achieved one of her main goals - to achieve fame and gain a foothold in the English-speaking market.

In 1993 the third English-language album of the singer, “The Color of My Love”, is released, and in dedication to him, Dion announced her feelings for Rene Angelil, calling him “the color of her love.” Fans enthusiastically accepted this pair.

In 1994 Céline and Renee got married in Notre Dame Cathedral, Quebec, having an extravagant wedding ceremony, which was broadcast on Canadian television live.

In 1995 the singer’s album D’eux is released, becoming the best-selling francophone album of all time.

In 1996 Dion, as the “best-selling Canadian singer of the year in the world,” won the World Music Awards for the third time. By the mid-1990s, Dion was established as one of the best-selling singers in the world. In the same year, Dion's fourth English album, Falling into You, was released, in which many musical styles were embraced. The album received many mixed reviews. However, he became one of the best-selling albums of all time, becoming 11 times platinum and received a Grammy as the best album of the year.

After that, the status of Dion on the world musical Olympus became even stronger. She was even invited to sing “The Power of the Dream” in Atlanta at the 1996 Olympics opening ceremony.

In 1997 release the album Let’s Talk About Love, announced as a continuation of the previous album. World stars took part in the recording of the album: Barbra Streisand, Luciano Pavarotti, Brian Adams and others. The album became a diamond in Canada. The most successful composition of the album was the touching ballad “My Heart Will Go On”. It was she who served as the love theme of the painting “Titanic” and topped the world charts, becoming the most recognizable song of Dion. In the nominations as the best song for the film, this composition receives the Oscars and Golden Globes, as well as two Grammys for the "best female vocal pop performance."

Celine Dion completed the 90s with three extremely successful albums:
In 1998 - Christmas album "These Are Special Times".
In 1999 - French-language album "S’il suffisait d’aimer", as well as the collection "All the Way ... A Decade of Song".

In the year 2000On January 5, Dion and Angelil renewed their wedding vows in Las Vegas. Renee was diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus a little earlier. In the same year, Celine at the New York Reproductive Medicine Clinic underwent two small surgeries and used, after several unsuccessful attempts to get pregnant, in vitro fertilization.

In 2001 On January 25, Dion is born the son of Rene-Charles Dion Angelil. After the September 11 attacks, the singer returns to the music scene, speaking on television with the song “God Bless America” - “God Bless America”. This song Dion again performed before the Super Bowl XXXVII in 2003 in San Diego. In December of the same year, the autobiography of the singer "My Story, My Dream", her story of the ascent, was published.

In 2002 the album of the singer “A New Day Has Come” is released, as a symbol of the end of her three-year absence in the music industry. Throughout the year, Dion also performs at many charity concerts. This year, Dion announces that she has signed a 3-year contract to attend 600 shows of five nights a week, which will be held in Las Vegas at the Coliseum at Cesars Palace in the entertaining extravaganza A New Day .... This step was noted by many as one of the very smart business solutions.

In 2003 Dion releases a dance music album, One Heart, which receives moderate success and mixed reviews from critics. The French-language album “1 fille & 4 types” is also released, becoming No. 1 in Canada, Belgium and France.

In 2004 Dion's next English album is released - Miracle. This project was conceived by Celine in conjunction with photographer Anna Geddes, and is dedicated to children and motherhood.

In 2005 In the Billboard’s Money Makers list, Dion ranks 6th with $ 76 million earned on the show. The singer extends the contract until 2007.

In 2007 D’elles, the last French-language album Dion released. Also this year, the singer releases the last English-language album, entitled "Taking Chances".

In 2008 Dion goes on a world tour in support of the latest album, “Taking Chances,” which was a huge success. For the second year in a row, Dion appears in Idol Gives Back and is nominated for six Juno awards, and in 2009 another three.

In 2009 Celine Dion was named the 20th performer, the second performer of the decade in the United States by sales: she sold over 17.57 million albums. In the same year, Forbes reported that Celine Dion earned $ 100 million in 2008. And over the course of a decade, she earned $ 522.2 million. And most of these revenues are income from a five-year stay at Sizars Palace.

In 2010 year Dion released a documentary about her tour in support of the album Taking Chances. It is called "Celine: Peace Through Her Eyes." In the same year, in memory of Michael Jackson, Dion along with other stars on stage sang the song "Earth Song". In January of this year, the singer ranks first in the annual Los Angeles Times list, as she earned $ 747.9 million from 2000 to 2009. Also in the Harris poll, Celine Dion was named the most popular musician in the US, where she beat even Elvis Presley, U2 and The Beatles.

On October 15, 2010, Dion was appointed UN FAO Goodwill Ambassador.

On October 23, 2010, Celine Dion gives birth via Caesarean section to two healthy twins: Eddie and Nelson. In December of the same year, Dion with his newborn sons appears on the cover of the Canadian "Hello".

In 2011 Dion returns for three years to Cizars Palace in Las Vegas to participate in the Celine show, which will feature all the songs from her repertoire, as well as selected music from classic Hollywood films.

Farewell to the beloved

The other day, Celine Dion, the performer of the main song in the movie "Titanic", gave a frank interview to the American YouTube channel Today: “I am not dating anyone. I'm not ready for a relationship yet. I’m very glad that so many wonderful people surround me, they know how to make me laugh. ”

The singer for the first time openly spoke about her relationship with her husband in recent days. “He called me before the concert and whispered,“ I love you, ”Celine recalls. “I returned home very, very late, so I did not go to him to kiss: he would wake up and no longer fall asleep.” And in the morning he left forever. I am glad that we managed to talk and say goodbye. I am calm because I know that he did not suffer. Now I understand that all the stamina that I have has taken over from him. ”

Personal life Celine Dion

For the first time, the singer saw her future husband when she herself was actually a child: at the age of 12, Celine met with music manager Rene Angelil to undergo a personal audition.

He became her manager, later a friend, laid the foundation for his song “La voix du bon Dieu”. The romantic relationship between a 12-year-old girl and a 38-year-old man could not be discussed. But when Celine turned 19, their relationship moved to a new level.

Lovers got married in the Montreal Cathedral of Notre Dame (Quebec) on December 17, 1994. For Renee, the singer became the third wife. Perhaps she would not have dared to take this step if in 1992 her lover had not survived a heart attack.

Subsequently, the couple had to face another test: in 1999, the producer was diagnosed with throat cancer. But they dealt with this together. Celine was nearby during chemotherapy, sitting under the doors of the operating room when Rene was operated twice. A year later, a stable remission began. In honor of this event, in 2000, on January 5, Celine and Renee repeated their wedding vows in Las Vegas.

They were passionate lovers, despite the age difference of 26 years, and close friends. But the joy of family life was overshadowed by the lack of their own children. In 2000, Celine, realizing that her husband was no longer young, decided on IVF, and on January 25, 2001 she gave birth to her first-born Rene-Charles.

After a series of futile attempts to get pregnant again, the singer still with the help of IVF gave birth to twins Eddie and Nelson. This happy event happened on October 23, 2010.

However, the happiness of motherhood was mixed with the bitter feelings caused by the return of the cancer in 2013. Celine canceled the next performances and tours, was around the clock with her husband, and when it became clear that this time the disease would not recede (Renee could no longer eat on his own), fed him from a spoon.

Shortly before his death, Renee asked his wife about two things - be sure to return to the stage as soon as it was all over and let him die in her arms. On January 14, 2016, Angelil passed away.

Two years later, a new tragedy awaited the Dion family. Her 59-year-old brother Daniel passed away, oncology became the cause of death.

Following the singer made a statement that due to hearing problems (middle ear pathology) cancels all performances in the spring of 2018.

At the beginning of 2019, Celine first appeared with a new cavalier, 34-year-old dancer Pepe Munoz. He is a dancer and originally worked in the Dion team.


Celine became the fourteenth and youngest child in the family. When the future singer was small, her parents ran a small restaurant called "The Old Keg". And there, to the accompaniment of her parents, the girl began to speak to the public. Then she was only five years old. And in 1980, Dion recorded a demo tape with the song “Ce n’etait qu’un reve” (“It was just a dream”).

Celine Dion Now

She calmly perceives her age and the changes in appearance that he brings with him. Moderation in food and regular physical exercises are its simple methods to preserve working capacity, health and figure.

Now Celine is seriously interested in ballet art and takes lessons from choreographer Naomi Stickman and his new lover. The singer can often be seen at hockey matches in which her eldest son takes part.

Forward movement

Celine Dion, widowed last year, has an affair with a 33-year-old dancer

In November, Celine Dion released the new Courage album (“Courage”): “It's about the loss of my husband, manager, about how the children were left without a father. And how to start living anew and find the strength to move forward. I really want this. ”

Celine admits that although she is not yet ready to meet, she lacks a partner nearby: “I miss the touch. By the arms. According to "You are beautiful." For everything that a boyfriend or husband would do. My soul and heart are open. The love of fans, children and my family warms me. She supports me and makes me move forward. But love, love, love, love, love - true love, romantic - is not with me yet. But it normal".

The singer admits that it is time for her to spread her wings: “I have to prove to myself, to children, to the team, to the fans, that everything is fine with me. I am strong and feel great. "

Singer career

The song was sent to Montreal, where manager Rene Angelil heard it. He invited Celine to sing alive. The performance so impressed the man that he wanted to make a star out of a girl. However, the record company did not invest in a child. But Renee mortgaged the house and nevertheless recorded the first two records of Celine Dion. This is the “Voice of the Gods” and “Christmas songs”. Their exit became a sensation. Celine was noticed and the girl began to receive her first awards. Among them is the gold medal in Tokyo at the Yamaha World Song Festival. Over the next five years, the singer recorded 9 albums with songs in French.

In 1983, Dion became the first Canadian to have a gold single in France. This is the song "D’amour ou d’amitie."

The legendary singer Celine Dion Girl worked fruitfully, but in 1986 she took leave for 12 months and began working on her image. Celine put brackets on her teeth, changed her hair and changed her wardrobe. The singer began to learn English. In France, the position of the artist consolidated after the release of the album in 1990, where there were songs by Luc Plamondon, which were previously performed by other artists. And in the same year, the first album in English “Unison” appeared. The album went gold in the USA and six times platinum in Canada.

And this was only the first success in America. A year later, Celine, together with Pibo Bryson, recorded a song for the animated film Beauty and the Beast. The track took 9th place in the prestigious Billboard Hot 100. And a little later, the singer was awarded the Oscar and the Grammy for her.

The second English album “Celine Dion” was released in 1992. And it has become nine times platinum in Canada and twice in the United States. A year later, the third “The Color of My Love” followed - it stunned all the inhabitants of Great Britain and the USA. A number of songs were used as soundtracks for films, for example, to the Sleepless in Seattle and Close to My Heart.

Triumph came in 1994. The song on the Think Twice album began to make its way to the top of the prestigious UK Top 40 world chart. For several weeks she held in second place, and at the beginning of 1995 broke into the lead.

Celine Dion with her husband and son. There the composition was delayed as much as seven weeks. And for such a chart this is a real rarity.

In 1995, Dion released the French album “D’eux” and he became the best among the other French records of the singer. In addition, the disc received gold in Britain.

Well, the peak of Celine Dion’s career is the 1996 Falling Into You album. As a result, musical Olympus was busy. In the autumn of that year, the record became the leader of the Billboard 200 and earned two Grammy statuettes. He became the best-selling in 1996. It is worth noting that in the same year, the artist participated in the opening ceremony of the Atlanta Olympics.


In 1997, Celine Dion received a tempting offer from James Cameron. The singer sang the soundtrack to the acclaimed film "Titanic" "My Heart Will Go On". The composition received an Oscar and three Grammys at once. A little later, Celine Dion’s album “Let’s Talk About Love” appeared.

Celine Dion on video
In the new century, Celine began to record songs in a duet. Among her colleagues are Barbara Streisand, Bee Gees, Carol King, Brian Adams, Andrea Bocelli, Luciano Pavarotti, Anastacia, Jean-Jacques Goldman, Richard Marx, Annie Muray, Cher, Ar Calli and many others.

However, a successful career began to develop further. In 2002, Celine presented the audience with the album “A New Day Has Come” and began preparing the grandiose show “A new day” - it started in early 2003 and ended only at the end of 2007. In parallel, the artist did not stop recording albums. For example, a French-language album “1 fille & 4 types” was released.

In mid-2007, another French album was D’elles. A few months later, the record in English was “Taking chances”.

Celine Dion - My Heart Will Go On

In late summer 2009, the public found out about the singer’s pregnancy, however, a few months later Celine suffered a miscarriage. And almost immediately, Dion returned to preparing a new show. It was presented in March 2011.

House in Montreal

For a long time, Celine and her husband Rene Angelil lived in a house in Montreal. He was later put up for sale for $ 29.7 million, which was made by his most expensive mansion in the province of Quebec.

The barbaric luxury estate is located on the private island of Ile Gagnon. The old Franco-Norman-style house has six bedrooms, as well as a swimming pool, gym, games room, elevator and other rooms.

The total area of ​​the mansion is 7,300 square meters. It was built to order, that is, it is not ancient, it is simply stylized antique.

In the mansion we see a luxurious hall, a huge living room, decorated as in the royal palaces, a dining room, decorated with stone and decorated with wrought-iron bars on the windows.

At the same time, the kitchen with the “island” in the middle is very modern and equipped with the latest technology.

Florida Mansion

After moving to America, Celine and her husband built a house on another island. It is called Jupiter and is located in Florida, in the Atlantic Ocean. The mansion was rebuilt with the personal participation of the singer in 2008-2010.

In 2005, the couple acquired the estate for $ 12.5 million. In 2008, they bought a neighboring house, which they demolished and began to build a new one in its place.

The new home of Celine Dion resembles a palace with large columns and palm trees. This is a two-story building with a residential area of ​​930 square meters in the Bahamian style. It has five bedrooms with an original design. There is even a wardrobe with automated racks for clothes.

Due to the wide windows and the prevalence of light colors in the interior of the room, they are filled with light, dark colors are very rare and fit perfectly into the overall picture, which also emphasizes the comfort and sophistication of the house.

The floor is mostly inlaid with marble in warm colors. The bedrooms are made in the style of classicism and are furnished with dark furniture, one of the bedrooms is decorated with a chic carved mirror.

The entire estate occupies 222.6 acres. It is complemented by a four-bedroom guest house, a golf course, an indoor pool and three more separate pools in different parts of the plot.

"I will always love you"

Celine Dion is really not easy to decide on a new relationship, because she met her husband when she was only 12! In 1980, he and his mother brought a demo cassette to 38-year-old producer Rene Angelil, and he realized that he was facing a future superstar.

A year later, he mortgaged his own house to pay for the services of a recording studio. And in 1988, when Celine was 20 years old, they officially started dating. Their engagement took place in 1991, and on December 5, 1994, the young married in Quebec.

Despite the significant difference in age - 26 years, Rene and Celine desperately wanted to have children. They were helped by modern medical technology. After going through the IVF procedure, on January 25, 2001, Celine Dion gave birth to a son, Rene-Charles. October 23, 2010 the couple also had twins Eddie and Nelson.

Since 2013, Rene Angelil fought with throat cancer, but was defeated on January 14, 2016.

Celine Dion was suffering a loss. And although news has been appearing in the media since 2017 that she is dating dancer Pepe Munoz, the singer always replies that they are just friends. The latest interview confirms that she has no one, although she wants to have a new relationship when she is ready.

Early debut and successful career as a singer

Celine debuted in public when she was only 5 years old. After that, she regularly appeared in front of the audience, and at the age of twelve she recorded the first song at the studio, which she herself wrote. The vocals of young talent so impressed the producer Rene Angelil that Dion soon entered into her first professional contract.

From an early age, the girl was fond of the work of the "king of pop music" and dreamed of achieving the same worldwide popularity as Michael Jackson. The twelve-year-old girl even informed her producer about the dream, after which she set about conquering the world stage. The death of the idol Celine experienced very difficult and for a long time could not recover from the loss.

Few people know that the song "My Heart Will Go On" was not the first professional success of the singer. She made her creative breakthrough in 1992 when she recorded the song "Beauty And the Beast", which became the soundtrack to the animated film "Beauty and the Beast." It was then that Dion won widespread popularity and received a number of prestigious awards, including the Oscars and Grammys.

Vocal abilities of Celine Dion are truly unique, because her voice covers as many as five octaves. But, in 1989, a talented singer could lose her gift. The novice artist misused her own vocal cords and caused significant harm to her health.

The girl began to regularly suffer from pain in her throat and Dion was forced to seek medical help. Celine had to make no sound for several weeks, and then learn to control her vocal chords. Only after the efforts made she was able to return to the big stage.

The most famous song from the singer’s repertoire is "My Heart Will Go On". Having appeared in 1997, this song occupied the top lines of all prestigious charts and became a real hit.

The main theme of "Titanic" was not only recognized as the best song of the year, but also received many awards, including Golden Globe and Oscar. The penetrating performance of "My Heart Will Go On" won the hearts of listeners around the world and secured Celine the status of a superstar.

Celebrity Personal Life

With the love of her life, Dion met at the age of twelve. At that time, music producer Rene Angelil was already 38 years old, but this did not stop the lovers from playing the official wedding ceremony after many years. Their marriage was concluded in 1994 and lasted 22 years, until the death of Rene.

The death of her beloved husband very seriously affected the psychological state of the artist, because even now Celine did not recover from the tragedy. During family life the couple gave birth to three joint children - the sons of Rene Charles, Eddie and Nelson.

The touring schedule of the artist is now very busy, because it is not in vain that Celine takes one of the first places in the ranking of the highest paid performers of our time. Celine Dion has already released 26 music albums and continues to work on new compositions.

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