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Harry styles
Harry styles

Harry Styles in November 2014
basic information
Birth nameEnglish Harry edward styles
Full nameHarry Edward Styles
Date of BirthFebruary 1, 1994 (1994-02-01) (25 years old)
Place of BirthRedditch, Worcestershire, England
The country
  • Great Britain
Years of activity2010 - present time
Singing voicebaritone
Genressoft rock, pop, rock, brit pop and folk
AliasesHazza, Harold, Harreh, Curly
CollectivesOne direction
LabelsSyco Music and Columbia Records
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Harry Edward Styles (English Harry Edward Styles, born February 1, 1994, Redditch, Worcestershire, England) is a British singer and actor who became famous thanks to the band One Direction and participation in the show The x factor in 2010 year.

Photo: Harry Styles

Early years

Harry Styles was born on February 1, 1994 in the town of Redditch (Worcestershire, UK). He has shown a love of music since childhood. As a preschooler, he learned the song “The Girl of My Best Friend” by Elvis Presley. His Stiles notes as a person who influenced his musical beginnings. In addition, his work was particularly influenced by such performers as Freddie Mercury, The Rolling Stones and The Beatles. When he was seven years old, his parents divorced, and he and his sister Gemma remained on the education of his mother, who moved with her children to a small town Holmes Chapel ru enlocated in the county of Cheshire. Stiles was very upset by the separation of his parents and was very pleased when his future stepfather Robin made an offer to his mother. At school, he was the lead singer of his own band White Eskimo. They performed at school concerts, in local clubs, and even won the Battle of the Bands Competition, which was attended by local amateur teenagers. After graduating from high school, Stiles stopped studying and began working part-time at the bakery, developing his vocal abilities.


In 2010, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik individually came for season 7 of the British project The x factor. They did not succeed in selecting a vocal competition and judge Nicole Scherzinger invited the contestants to join a group. Harry came up with the name One Direction for her and soon, under the guidance of their mentor Simon Cowell, they took 3rd place on the project. After the show ended, the band signed a contract with Syco Music Records. In November 2011, their debut album was released. Up all night. Then the group released 4 more albums: Take me home (2012), M>.

Solo Projects

At the end of March 2017, Stiles announced his debut solo single entitled “Sign of the Times”. The song was released on April 7 and topped the charts in several countries. The full album, consisting of 10 songs, was released on May 12.

In early March 2016, it became known that Stiles will play one of the roles in the film "Dunkirk" directed by Christopher Nolan. The premiere of the film in Russia took place on July 20, 2017.

Creativity in One Direction

In the spring of 2012 in Stockholm, the group began creating its second studio album, Take Me Home, released six months later. The song “Live While We're Young”, representing the album, again hit records of popularity, as did the disc itself, which appeared on the 1st line of charts in 35 countries. In December of the same year, the star group performed in New York and then made the next tour, which included more than a hundred concerts. Their performances enjoyed continued success. In New Zealand and Australia, revenue from ticket sales reached nearly $ 16 million.

The lead single of the 3rd boy band album “M>

In December 2013, another boy band record was recorded - for 3 days of sales in Britain of their film “One Direction: This Is Us” on DVD and BD, the number of copies sold reached 270 thousand, exceeding many times the previous maximum of 10 thousand sales belonging to the tape "Michael Jackson: That's it."

In April 2014, the singer as a member of the group became a member of the world tour “Where We Are Tour”, and in November the fourth musical album “Four” was released, again taking 1st place in the Billboard 200. A tour in his support wore the name "On the Road Again Tour". Since April 2015, the number of group members has dropped to four. Farewell to Zayn Malik, who announced his departure, was warm and touching - Harry could not even restrain his tears, crying on stage.

The personal life of Harry Styles

It was also reported about the romantic affection of the musician and top model Cara Delevingne, but the singer denied these rumors in September 2013.

Since the end of 2013, Harry has often been seen in the company of Kendall Jenner, TV star and younger sister Kim Kardashian. In January 2014 and December 2015, they went on vacation with the singer’s parents and his friend Jeff Azoff. However, due to the busy work schedule, their relationship was unstable. In January 2016, they allegedly broke up, but in September they were again seen on a romantic date in one of the restaurants in Los Angeles.

Interesting Facts

Harry became the hero of the fan fiction Anna Todd "After", which was published on the Wattpad portal and gained more than 1.5 million reads. Later publishing Gallery books released a printed version of the novel with a circulation of 15 million copies, the name of the protagonist was changed to Hardin Scott. In 2019, the Paramount Pictures film company released the eponymous film based on the novel with Hiro Fiennes-Tiffin and Josephine Langford in the lead roles.


Harry Styles is a British vocalist who has become famous as the finalist of the musical project The X-factor and the lead singer of One Direction. The musical group of Great Britain was noted in the Guinness Book of Records due to its success in the USA, and its members became a symbol of the revival of the concept of boy bands. A bright start was the key to Stiles' brilliant solo career. Today, his singles conquer the heights of the charts of different countries.

Childhood and first creativity

The future star performer was born on February 1, 1994 in the city of Redditch, located in the northeast of the ceremonial county of Worcestershire in England, and became the second child in the family of Ann Cox and Desmond Styles.

Children's photos of Harry Styles

In 2001, his parents divorced, and he moved with his mother and older sister Gemma to the village parish of Holmes Chapel, Cheshire. Later, his mother married again, and he had an older half-brother Mike, the son of stepfather Robin Twist.

The room in which Harry Styles spent his childhood

Harry showed an interest in music and singing as a child. By his own admission, his fate as a musician was especially influenced by the works of Freddie Mercury, Elvis Presley, Rolling Stones and Beatles. After school, he worked in a bakery and was developing his vocal talent.

White Eskimo - the first group of Harry Styles

During his school years, he and his three friends created the White Eskimo music ensemble, which became popular enough to win the contest among amateur boy bands with the hit “Summer of 69”.

White Eskimo Concert

This experience helped the teenager understand that he likes to speak to the public and that music is his calling. By the way, he was the frontman of the quartet and its author of the name, and later he came up with the same successful name for his current One Direction team.

Childhood and youth

Harry Styles was born in the English town of Redditch. The birthday of the future star of the scene fell on the zodiac sign Aquarius. The boy became the youngest of two children with Des Styles and Anne Cox. Harry's older sister is Gemma. Parents divorced when his son was 7 years old. He and his sister remained on the education of his mother.

Harry recalls - he was worried that he was growing up without fatherly attention, so he was delighted when his mother decided to remarry. His stepfather Robin managed to win the respect of children, and for Harry became an example of male behavior.

Harry Styles became interested in music as a kid. He loved Elvis Presley’s songs and even memorized The Girl of My Best Friend as a preschooler.

In the Holmes Chapel comprehensive school, the future singer was more interested in the possibility of creating her own ensemble than the compulsory lessons. Harry called the first musical group "White Eskimo" and became a vocalist and frontman in it. Also included were Stiles' classmates and friends - guitarist Hayden Morris, bass player Nick Clough and drummer Will Sweeney.

The group performed at school concerts, in local clubs, and even won the Battle of the Bands Competition, which was attended by amateur teenagers. After graduating from high school, Harry did not continue to study, but focused on rehearsing and developing vocal talent. He also worked half a day in a bakery.

Harry Styles at X-Factor

At age 16, the young man went to the casting of the British talent show "X-Factor", in order to find out the opinions of professionals and secretly dreaming of a fabulous chance for the development of a solo career. At the audition, he performed the song by American singer-songwriter Stevie Wonder, “Isn’t She Lovely” and “Stop Crying Your Heart Out” by British rock band Oasis.

Harry Styles at the X-factor Audition

Before the final, the judges of the show rejected his candidacy, but made an unexpected proposal to create a common team together with four other singers, his rivals, and continue the procession to victory in the new line-up: Harry Styles, Zane Malik, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson.

One Direction was born in 2010 on the X-factor show.

As a result, the jury presented by the jury as One Direction became one of the most popular participants, according to the results of the program they took 3rd place and received a contract with the recording studio Syco Records, a subsidiary of Sony Music.


In 2010, Harry Styles went to the casting of one of the world's most famous vocal television shows, "X-Factor." The singer performed 2 tracks: “Isn’t She Beautiful” by Stevie Wonder and “Stop Crying Your Heart Out” by Oasis. This was the 7th season of the television show, and the requirements for the participants have already become increased.

Harry did not convince the judges that he might be interesting as a solo artist, but Nicole Scherzinger suggested the young man join with four other vocalists - Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik. So the group was organized, which Harry himself called "One Direction". According to the results of The X-factor contest, the team took 3rd place.

The success at the famous show allowed the guys to immediately sign a contract with the record company Syco Records, which is owned by Simon Cowell, their leader on the X-Factor project. This was a serious step in the creative biography of all artists. A year later, the musicians of the band “One Direction” released their debut studio album “Up All Night” and instantly became famous.

The song “What Makes You Beautiful” from this disc topped the majority of the world charts, and the disc itself became the first in the famous Billboard 200 ranking. Another 2 songs - “Gotta Be You” and “One Thing” - were in the top ten of the UK charts. The increased popularity allowed the band to sign an additional contract with the American recording studio Columbia Records.

One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful

The second album, “Take Me Home,” was recorded in Sweden and was released in late 2012. The song "Live While We're Young" hit the top ten on the world charts. The third collaboration of musicians “Midnight Memories” was released in November 2013. The disc debuted again in the most famous Billboard 200 chart right from the first line. Thus, “One Direction” became the first group in the history of music, whose 3 first albums started from the maximum position in the ranking.

An interesting fact of Stiles' creativity is his inability to play musical instruments, whether it be a guitar or a piano. The lack of instrumental talent does not stop Harry from shining on stage. In addition, the artist is considered the most stylish representative of the group. In 2013, a tall man (the height of the singer in different sources - 178-180 cm, weight - 73-75 kg), the handsome man was named the most stylish singer according to the MTV Europe Music Awards and was awarded the British Fashion Awards in the category "For British Style by Vodafone" .

Four compilation was released at the end of 2014 and again took 1st place on the Billboard 200 chart. In support of the album, a world tour was organized entitled “On the Road Again Tour”, which lasted for almost the entire 2015. But if all members of the collective participated in the first concerts of the tour, then starting in April, four guys remained in the group. Zayn Malik could not withstand the constant tension from concert activity and in March left the group.

Harry Styles - Sign of the Times

Soon, Stiles also began to think about leaving. The last work of the group, in the recording of which Harry participated, was the album "Made in the A. M.". Her release took place in November 2015. A week after the start of sales, the disc reached the 1st place in fees in the UK.

In 2016, the lead singer broke the contract with the producer. The reason for this was a personal dislike of Harry to other participants in the project. It was rumored that the musicians had long kept personal communication to a minimum due to disagreements of a private nature, and Stiles ’rider even demanded that he be given a separate plane during the tour. According to rumors, the artists recorded the last songs in the studio separately.

Harry began his solo career immediately after leaving the team. After a while, he presented the debut video for the song “Sign of the Times”. The single was successful and from the first days of the release soared to the first lines of the charts of several European countries. The album "Harry Styles" was released a month later.

Harry Styles (frame from the movie "Dunkirk")

Along the way, with a musical career, the artist tries himself in the cinema. He starred in Christopher Nolan’s military drama Dunkirk, where he plays a soldier named Alex. For the sake of the role, the singer did not spare his hairstyle - he parted in long hair, cutting “to zero”.

The musician handed over his locks to the Little Princess Trust charity foundation, which is engaged in the manufacture of wigs for children receiving treatment for cancer. Harry Styles later said in an interview that he was glad to join the cast of the film, which also included Finn Whitehead, Tom Hardy and Killian Murphy.

Harry styles now

At the beginning of 2016, One Direction participants announced the start of a creative holiday. Harry Styles, captivating the hearts of listeners with outstanding singing talent, long curly hair, a wide smile and mischievous manner of behavior, decided to concentrate on solo projects.

In 2016, Harry Styles embarked on a solo career.

He received several offers from recording studios at once, including Apple, which promised him $ 25 million for one music album. But the young artist signed a contract with Columbia Records label for 3 albums, according to which he should receive $ 80 million.

Harry Styles speaks Russian

In addition to solo work, the young talent is trying his hand at cinema. Previously, he starred in several films with a cameo. And in 2016, the singer got the role of Alex in the film “Dunkirk” by the famous director Christopher Nolan, telling about the real dramatic history of the Second World War.

Harry Styles Cut Hair For Dunkerk Filming

Before filming, to the horror of the fans, the young man said goodbye to his curls. True, the fans were somewhat reconciled with the incident that he unselfishly handed over the cut hair to an organization engaged in the manufacture of wigs for children who lost them due to treatment for cancer. The release of the debut picture of the singer is scheduled for July 2017.

The personal life of the singer and does he have a girlfriend?

The personal life of Harry Styles is covered in secrets and a huge number of gossip. His amorous adventures are closely watched by fans, whose gaze is unlikely to conceal anything. His life is filled with many romantic relationships, try to understand this issue in more detail.

When the guy turned 15 years old, he first fell seriously in love with his peer Felicity Skinner, their relationship lasted no more than one year. Subsequently, she described the young man with a subtle and romantic nature.

In 2011, fans watched the development of the relationship of the talented artist with Caroline Flack, she was a TV presenter.At that time, he participated in the popular X-Factor program. It turned out that there was an impressive age difference between them, our hero was 17 years old, and his beloved was 32 years old.

A huge army of fans was shocked and condemned the new romance of his idol, among them there were enough inadequate personalities who were not ashamed to pour mud on the girl. A year later, the young man reassured the fans and on Twitter admitted that they broke up and remained good friends.

The guy was not alone for long, in the fall of 2012 he began dating the American singer Taylor Swift. But the joint happiness did not last long, between them there were many differences in character. Later, both singers dedicated songs in which they reflected their feelings about the breakup. After that, he began dating model Eleanor Calder.

Soon there were rumors about the star’s close relationship with the famous actress and model Cara Delevingne, but in 2013, Harry himself denied the assumptions in an interview.

The next sweetheart of the guy was the younger sister Kim Kardashian TV presenter Kendall Jenner. Together they flew on vacation in the company of the parents of the performer and his friend. The network went to many joint photos of happy lovers, they were seen together on a date in Las Vegas.

Later there were rumors about a love affair with the model Camille Rowe, the paparazzi often saw them together in restaurants.

Next came blogger Tess Ward.

In his spare time from work and touring, our hero prefers to travel with his friends and relatives. The guy has more than forty tattoos on his body, twenty of which have no special significance, and many are dedicated to relatives. At the end of 2016, the singer was included in the 50 most stylish men on the planet in the ranking of the glossy magazine GQ. A young man loves his cat Dusty, often holds charity events.

Is rumor or truth a relationship with Louis Tomlinson?

Around our hero, rumors began to appear about his unconventional orientation, according to which he began to meet with his teammate Louis Tomlinson. They are often seen together not only on stage, but also in everyday life and on vacation. The latest evidence was their joint photo on which they kiss. Soon after the hype, the young people said in an interview that they were only close friends and there was no love relationship between them.

According to the latest news, Harry did not come out direct with an official statement to the press, but through his song. In the text of the composition, he openly declares his bisexual nature. The track is called "Medicine", the lyrics tell the listener that he loves both girls and boys. He used to try not to utter such words at performances, but something has changed and now the singer openly shares this. It is unclear how to relate to such words, but fans accepted him and supported him.

Filming a movie

Filming in the movie was a real surprise for the fans of the artist. In 2017, Christopher Nolan’s military drama “Dunkirk” is released, where Harry receives one of the main roles. The story tells of the great confrontation between German forces during World War II, and the story is from ordinary soldiers.

Each minute of the picture keeps in suspense and does not allow to relax. To participate in the film, he had to cut his hair short. He gave the cut hair to a charity for the manufacture of wigs.

The personal life of our hero causes a lot of controversy, especially the shocking outing of Harry Styles in one of his songs, where he confessed his mutual love to girls and guys, was especially shocking. But this is his fate and it is not for us to judge him, we can only wait for new high-quality tracks from a world star.


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