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Anna Rudneva
Birth nameAnna Olegovna Rudneva
Full nameAnna Olegovna Belina
Date of BirthJanuary 11, 1990 (1990-01-11) (aged 30)
Place of BirthMoscow, USSR
The country Russia
Years of activity2005 - n. in.
Instrumentsrhythm guitar
GenresPop rock pop
Collectives"Ranetki" (2005—2011)
Youngs (since 2014)

Anna Olegovna Rudneva (in the second marriage Belina) - Russian singer, songwriter, actress and designer. Soloist and rhythm guitarist of the Russian pop-rock band Ranetki.


From August 10, 2005 to November 21, 2011 Anna is a vocalist, rhythm guitarist, author of some songs and music of the Ranetki group. The girl got into the group at the age of 15 years. The band became famous in 2006 after their songs were sounded in the popular series “Cadetism”. As part of the group, Anna and the other members achieved success, they tried themselves as actresses of the series "Ranetki", while simultaneously giving great concerts. Together with Anna, the group recorded four albums: “Ranetki” (2006), “Our time has come” (2009), “I Will Never Forget” (2010) and “Return Rock and Roll. "(2011), where she most often performed the actual composed compositions. On November 21, 2011, due to a scandal with the producer, Anna left the Ranetki group.

After some time, Anna began a solo career. At the end of December 2012 she presented her debut single “Magnet”, on April 28, 2013 her first solo concert was held in the Moscow club “Face”.

In 2014, the singer presented her new project “Anya Rudneva & Youngs”. After the presentation of the project, Anna releases new songs “Tykilometers” and “Mama”. October 14, the premiere of the song "Nonsense". Also on this day two songs were presented - “Boiling Point” and “It's Cold Without You” with her friend Dmitry Ushakov.

In 2014, Anna became a jewelry designer, creating her own brand. Ann rudneva. Since the fall of the same year, Anna is a resident of the Moscow production media center “180 Studios” and the founder of the label “Ann Rudneva Production”.

Photo: Anna Rudneva


When Ana was fifteen, her friend Zhenya Ogurtsova proposed creating a rock band. As a result, on August 10, 2005, the Ranetki team was born. At first it included Anna Rudneva, Evgenia Ogurtsova, Valery Kozlova and Natalya Shchelkova. A little later, another member joined the group - Elena Tretyakova.

In "Ranetki" Anna Rudneva got a rhythm guitar. By the way, the girl knows the instrument perfectly, she graduated from a musical school in the class of classical guitar. In childhood, before Anya tried a lot of musical instruments, in particular the violin. But the final choice fell on the guitar.

Anya is the author of the lyrics of the group. One song, namely "Angels", the girl dedicated to her lover by the name of Kostya. Love, by the way, did wonders with the creative abilities of Rudneva:

“Our Anna, as she fell in love, then her head got so torn that she began to write breathtaking songs. Once he runs to the rehearsal base and says: "Girls, I have a new song for us." “So, what a refrain there is,” says Valeria, “Yeah, I see!”, And I’m already behind the synthesizer, Lenka with bass, and Natasha begins to sing music. And so our day begins ... ”, says Zhenya Ogurtsova.

The series "Ranetki"

After the success of the series "Kadetstvo", the creators decided to shoot a new series. And for its basis it was decided to take the real story of the creation of the Ranetki collective. The series itself was called as a group. And the main roles went to its participants, and they starred under their real names. Fictitious were only surnames. Actors who were involved in "Kadetstvo" were also invited to the series. These are Arthur Sopelnik, Linda Tabageri, Vadim Andreev and Valery Barinov.

However, the plot of the television movie is much broader than just about creating a new girl group. The picture tells about the life of five girls, about their loves, disappointments and dramas. For example, the heroine of Ani Rudneva - a girl named Anya Prokopieva - is a lonely schoolgirl, whom the boys do not pay attention to at all. She, moreover, doesn’t really get along with her classmates. Things are bad at home. Parents constantly make scandals.

On the set, girls who were not used to filming were not easy. Anya admitted that it was “difficult to get used to the pace of the life of the film crew. Work began at 9 in the morning. At first there were makeup and costumes, and then young actresses fell into the frame. The texts had to be taught in the evening. The director immediately warned that on the set he would be demanding and strict towards them. However, this is correct. By the way, many acquaintances and friends, when they found out about my shootings, supported. Mom was especially worried, because in the film I had to be natural. ”

However, despite the complete lack of experience, the girls of "Ranetki" turned out to be quite natural in the frame. This has helped them gain popularity and become successful. The series appeared on the screens in March 2008 and immediately fell in love with millions of viewers.

The Ranetki group has become quite popular. Viewers and listeners admired and respected schoolgirls. This made the girls more responsible for their own creativity, and they took their further creativity seriously. The Ranetki albums were recorded in parallel with the filming of the series. Songs gradually began to grow up.

In 2008, the team was invited to Holland to the popular Eurosonic festival. In the entire history of its existence, only a second time a group from Russia was invited to the stage. Prior to Ranetok, only musicians from the Leningrad group played at the festival. In the country of tulips, the girls were greeted very warmly, and after the concert, dozens of journalists bombarded them with questions at a press conference.

The series "Ranetki" ended in 2010. During the broadcast of the picture, the group managed to record two albums. The album "Ranetki" appeared before filming, in 2009 the album "Our time has come" was recorded, and a year later the listeners heard "I will never forget." After the series, another album was released, titled Bring Back Rock and Roll.

Leaving Ranetok

November 21, 2011 Anna Rudneva left the Ranetki group. The girl said that her ways with the team diverged. She switched to a family and started raising her daughter.

Now Anya, together with her colleagues in the musical group, is studying at the faculty “Social and Cultural Activities” of the Moscow State Institute of Culture and Arts. There, the singer comprehended the specialty "Producing and staging show programs."

Work, family, life path.

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Name and surname:Anna Rudneva
Middle name:Olegovna
Name in English:Anna Rudneva
Year of birth:1990
Birthday:January 11th
Place of Birth:Moscow city
Height:152 cm.
Weight:42 kg
Eastern horoscope:Horse
Social network:VkontakteFacebookTwitterInstagramWikipedia

Personal life of Anna Rudneva

Ani Rudneva had a romantic relationship with Stas Shmelev.

In 2008, the girl met with Pasha Serdyuk, who is known to the public for the role of Denis Shatalin in the series "My Fair Nanny." The actor appeared in the television series "Ranetki" at a time when the film was on the air for six months and was rated.

“I watch TV very rarely, and when I was invited to a casting, I did not even remember the name of the project. I arrived at the studio, depicted what they asked, they took me. The very next day I arrived at the shooting. I was put in the frame at the same desk with Anya, it shocked me ... The Ranetki group turned out to be already popular, but I did not hear their songs, and besides, I didn’t know anyone in person. Anya remembered. Once I switched channels and accidentally saw a series. Anya then I really liked, but purely outwardly. I understood that we were unlikely to meet and threw the girl out of my head. But it happens that we were partners with her on the set. And we had to play love. This is cool, ”says Pasha Serdyuk

A little later, the actors began a romance. In April 2011, during one of their concerts of the Ranetki group, the young man appeared on the stage and in front of everyone invited Anya to marry him. The singer agreed, but the ceremony was postponed all the time. On January 21, 2012, the couple officially registered their relationship.

And five months later their daughter Sofia was born, then young parents were 22 years old. By the way, fans of the Ranetki group could follow the development of the relationship between Ani and Pasha. Both participated in the reality show "Anya +". Unfortunately, the marriage was not long, the young parted in 2013, and in February 2015 the couple officially broke up.

In April 2015, Anya married a second time to Dmitry Belin. He is two years younger than her, and they met for a long time: they worked together on recording a record.

August 17, 2015 the couple had a son, Timothy. The couple are engaged in business together: they jointly opened a recording studio and a school in which they teach vocals and playing the guitar.

Musical childhood Rudneva and casting in "Ranetki"

The life of the future singer began on January 11, 1990 in the capital of Russia. Anya grew up in a rather wealthy family, because the girl’s father is a successful entrepreneur. Abilities for music showed up in the future artist very early. The girl began to attend a music school, in which she masterfully learned to play the guitar. It was this musical instrument that attracted Anya, so Rudneva began to assemble her own collection of guitars.

In 2005, Anna Rudneva learned that a casting would be held soon, the purpose of which was to search for participants in a new musical group. The girl did not particularly believe in her success, but still came to the selection and managed to impress the producer of the musical collective. In 2005, the fifteen-year-old Rudneva became a member of the pop rock band Ranetki and began her musical career.

The success of "Ranetok"

A year later, Ranetki's debut studio album was released, after which the collective's popularity began to grow every day. Rudneva combined work in the group with studies at the Metropolitan Institute of Culture, where she chose the specialty “Production and Production of Show Programs”.

Anna Rudneva reached the pinnacle of success thanks to the filming of the television series "Ranetki", in which all members of the musical collective played. This multi-part tape enjoyed great interest among the younger generation, which helped the Ranetki group become incredibly popular. At that time, the working schedule of each member of the group was very busy, because the girls had to combine not only training at the university and filming in the series, but also constant touring.

Exit from the group and solo career

Anya worked as a soloist and rhythm guitarist for Ranetok for 6 years. During this time, the group managed to present 4 music collections and shoot 8 video clips. In 2011, Rudneva had disagreements with the producer of the team, as a result of which Anya decided to leave the group.

Nevertheless, the talented girl did not stop doing creativity, and after a while she began to record solo compositions. The result of her fruitful work was the music album "Magnet", the presentation of which took place in 2012.

A little later, the debut solo concert of the performer took place in one of the capital's clubs. The collection “Magnet” is so far the only one in the singer’s discography, but Rudneva’s fans are eagerly awaiting new musical works from the artist.

In 2014, the singer introduced a new project, which was called "Anya Rudneva & Youngs". Working in a duet with Dmitry Ushakov, Rudneva recorded and released several compositions, including “It's Cold Without You” and “Nonsense”.


Anna Rudneva is a former member of the popular youth group Ranetki. Later, the girl began a solo career, became a jewelry designer and founded her own recording studio. Today, Anna and Natalya Milnichenko, together, resumed the work of the Ranetki team.

Former rhythm guitarist of the previously popular girl group “Ranetki” Anna Rudneva was born in the capital in January 1990. The baby's father is a successful entrepreneur. Anya had the greatest influence on her beloved grandmother. She was the first to see the future singer in her granddaughter and insisted that her parents take her daughter to a music school.

Singer Anna Rudneva

However, Anna Rudneva rejected the selected instruments - the violin and piano. They seemed alien to her. Most of all, the girl liked the guitar. Therefore, Anya was transferred to a class where children were taught to play the classical guitar. Rudnev learned to sing in the choir. But she didn’t really like it there, and choral singing was a thing of the past.

But the relationship with the guitar was excellent. Anna Rudneva was so fond of this instrument that a collection of guitars has accumulated in the house. One of the most beloved exhibits is an exact copy of the instrument played by Keith Richards, guitarist of the legendary band The Rolling Stones.

Movies and songs

The future star heard that girls of Ani's age are recruited into a new group from one teacher of a music school. The girl "fired up" with the desire to try her hand at that quality. She had long dreamed of performing on stage with her favorite guitar.

A 15-year-old guitarist came to the casting, sang several songs of her own composition accompanied by a guitar. Producer Sergei Milnichenko immediately appreciated the talent of the girl and accepted into the team.

Anna Rudneva, Ranetki group

So began the musical biography of Anna Rudneva as part of the Ranetki group. In addition to Ani, the team included Evgenia Ogurtsova, Natalya Shchelkova and Valery Kozlova. Later Lena Tretyakova joined.

The girl began to literally disappear at rehearsals. She gave all her strength to the new job, which was not very welcomed by her parents. But Anya did not accept any objections and claims to this account: creativity came to the fore. Rudneva barely managed to avoid being expelled from school. But the director, having learned that the lagging student is not just skipping classes, but from morning to night working in the sweat of his face, changed his anger to mercy.

The popularity of "Ranetok" was growing rapidly. From the summer of 2005 to the winter of 2011, Rudneva played rhythm guitar in her team, was a soloist, author of many songs and even music for them. The authorship of the girl belongs to the popular compositions “Angels”, “Moon” and “Champions of Love”.

Later Anna Rudneva received higher education, which parents were incredibly happy about. The soloist and guitarist of "Ranetok" became a student at Moscow State University of Culture, where she studied with the rest of the "ranets" at the faculty of "producing and staging show programs."

In 2006, "Ranetki" appeared on the TV project "Kitchen" channel "TVC". This was a great start for the further “promotion” of the group. Girls were invited to various rock festivals, such as Megahouse 2006 and Emmaus 2006.

The following year, they gave a concert as part of the Emmaus festival. In the same breakthrough for the group of 2007, an even greater number of fans found out about Anna Rudneva and her colleagues. Indeed, the compositions “She is One”, “Ranetki” and “Boys-Cadets” were played on the screen in the new popular series “Cadetism”. These songs instantly became hits. In addition, the team already had one released album, which received the status of "platinum". Girls successfully toured the country. At the concerts of the group were sold out.

And when the broadcast of the series “Kadetstvo” was over, the general director of the STS channel, Vyacheslav Murugov, invited the girls to star in a new project where they themselves would be the main characters. Even the names of the members of the collective were preserved. So began the cinematic biography of Anna Rudneva. The vocalist and guitarist turned into the heroine of the series named Anna Prokopieva.In the film, Anya was a lonely teenager who was not understood either at home or at school. Of course, in the life of Rudnev - the exact opposite of his on-screen heroine.

The series "Ranetki" was released from 2008 to 2010 and enjoyed great success. However, season 5 showed that the popularity of the project is falling, and therefore became the last.

Anna Rudneva in the series "Ranetki"

For Anna Rudneva, the appearance on the screen was not limited to the named series. Later, the actress starred in several episodes of the sitcom “Happy Together”, where she played a member of the popular group “Pipettes”. And the audience saw the girl in the role of a schoolgirl in the comedy film "Amazons from the Outback." The series is more familiar under the name Once Upon a Time in Baben-Baben.

At the end of 2008, Lera Kozlova left the popular team. Nyuta Baydavletova came to the place of the singer. Anna Rudneva recorded 4 albums as part of the group. And in the late fall of 2011, the singer and guitarist began a solo career. A year later, in December, she presented the first and today only album "Magnet", which received the name from her main song. Rudnev gave a recital in the spring of 2013. It took place in one of the popular nightclubs in Moscow.

Anna Rudneva

In 2013, the Ranetki group ceased to exist. The girls no longer reached their former glory, their tours almost stopped. As a result, it was decided to dissolve the team.

In 2014, Anna tried her hand at jewelry design. She created her own brand "Ann Rudneva".

Anna Rudneva now

Five years after the breakup of the Ranetki group, all the girls came together and recorded a video for fans in which they answered questions and talked about their lives. Even the artists hinted that they were thinking about reunion. So far, only two former participants have taken the floor.

At the end of 2017, Anna Rudneva and Natalya Milnichenko presented to the audience a novelty called “We have lost time.” It is worth noting that in 2009 Natasha Shchelkova married the producer of the team Sergey Milnichenko and took the name of her husband.

Anna Rudneva and Natalia Milnichenko

The audience was delighted with the joint composition of the girls. Fans filled the singers with positive and approving comments. Later, Rudneva admitted that it was exciting to present a new song after a long break.

Before the release of the song, the two performers recorded a video message in which they announced their triumphant return. The girls also shared that they hope for the accession of other participants. They contacted former colleagues and are now waiting for a decision from them.

On Instagram, Anna and Natalya created a group account where fans can follow events.