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Favorite actors of the series "Helen and the guys" then and now


Few teenagers from the 90s did not know the cult French TV series "Helen and the Guys." We threw everything to watch the continuation of love stories developing in the university dormitory, cafeteria and sports hall.
This is how well-educated Helene, the long-haired Nicolas, the funny Cree-Cree, the inventive Joanna and others have long remained in our hearts.
We offer to see how our favorite characters have changed, and a little nostalgia.

Helen - Helen Rolle

At the end of the series, the performer refused to play the main role in the sequel and took part in only a few episodes. Instead, Helen decided to devote herself entirely to music. Now the actress is not married, in 2012 she adopted 2 children from Ethiopia.

Katie - Katie Andriyou

After filming the series, Katie decided to change her profession, becoming a model. The actress was married to a colleague on the series, David Prue, married to whom she had 2 children. After the divorce, she again married a Parisian lawyer.

Etienne - David Prue

After leaving the series, David graduated from acting school, but did not continue his acting career. He returned to work as a model, and after a divorce from Katie, Andriyu actively took up photography. Exhibitions of his works are held in many galleries in Europe.

How the actors of the series "Helen and the guys" have changed

In the 90s, the actors of the series were at the peak of popularity. Some of them left after a couple of seasons, others were shot before the end of the project. Not everyone remained in the profession, among the participants there are photographers, designers, artists and models. We offer to look at the heroes of the series "Helen and the Guys" then and now, how they changed and what they do.

Helen: Helen Rolle (1966)

Mademoiselle Rollet became the main character of the series by chance, the girl dreamed of a musical career.

The first season was extremely successful, filming dragged on. Helen received well-deserved fame and popularity, but after three seasons she decided to leave, acting in sequels only as a guest star. All time, the actress devoted to music: she recorded several albums, which were quickly sold out by fans of the series. Helen can not be called a megapopular singer, but she is busy with her favorite job and is absolutely happy.

Madame Rollet does not like to advertise her personal life. She did not marry, but in 2012 she adopted two kids from Ethiopia and is successfully engaged in their education.

Nicolas: Patrick Pudeb (1971)

For the young actor, the role became debut. He starred in all seasons and sequels of the series, and later participated in other television projects, acted as director and screenwriter. He was remembered by the audience as the host of his own program, “Morning with Patrick Pudeb.”

The actor is not married, and, in his own words, is always in active search.

Katie: Katie Andriyou (1970)

The popular series marked the beginning of her acting career. Katie starred in the tapes "St. Tropez", "Philosophy of Phil", but did not receive much fame. But she is quite successful in the modeling business and is still involved in advertising filming.

She was married to her serial partner David Prue, but after a few years the couple broke up. Now the actress is married to a successful lawyer, raising a son and daughter from her first marriage.

Etienne: David Prue (1968)

For David, the role of Etienne was the only one. The young man came to the cinema from the modeling business, after leaving the series, he again returned to the podium.

Having finished shooting, David decided to try himself as a photographer. The experiment turned out to be successful: he makes photo projects in different countries, often exhibited at home and abroad.

Sebastien - Sebastien Curivo

Sebastien Curivo was the only professional actor in the series. He was married to Virginia Karen, an actress who played the role of Alina in the series, but has been divorced since 2004. Now the actor starred in several French series, plays the piano and takes photographs.

Joanna: Rochelle Redfield (1962)

A Frenchwoman of American descent was fully consistent with her eccentric heroine. She left the project for fear of becoming forever hostage to one role.

Successfully played in several series, got married, brings up three sons and a daughter. Today Rochelle is engaged in several television projects at once.

Christian: Sebastien Roche (1972)

Favorite audience Cree-Cree left the series after two seasons, planning to seriously engage in music.

Sebastien recorded several quite successful albums, went on tour, participated in concerts. Later he nevertheless returned to the stage: today he plays in one of the Paris theaters and starred in small series roles.

Benedict: Laura Giber (1968)

She graduated from the art school and planned to become an artist. I got into the series by accident and never hid that she dreams of making money and painting.

The project was a success, after the end of filming Laura draws a lot, exhibits in art galleries, teaches. She devotes free time to her husband and two daughters.

Jose: Philippe Wasser (1966)

The spectacular long-haired handsome man, like some other participants, got his role by chance. Philip liked the shooting, he participated in all seasons and sequels. Having finished the project, he received offers from other directors, starred in several series.

Today he changed his career dramatically: he is engaged in interior design and is quite successful.

It is very interesting to find out what the actors of favorite TV shows do in our time, how their fate and career have developed.

10. Lali - Lali Menyang

Lali is a Brazilian by birth. Previously, she was a dancer and fashion model, and her role in the series "Helen and the Guys" allowed her to become an actress. She had several sequels, and Menyang constantly starred. She played in other French series.

Now Lali is the host of the morning TV show: she works with long-time colleague Patrick Pudeb. The actress also engaged in the production of underwear of her own brand.

9. Sebastien - Sebastien Curivo

Sebastien has played in many TV shows that are popular with French viewers. The actor has been playing the piano from a young age, and now he very much regrets that he did not want to move in this direction further. Sebastien is confident that he would have achieved very great success in the musical field. He also loves to take pictures.

Sébastien was married to Virginia Karen, who also played in the series Helen and the Boys. In the early 2000s, the couple had a daughter, Luna, but they soon divorced. After this separation, the actor never found his soul mate.

8. Christian “Cree-Cree” - Sebastien Roche

Roche became popular thanks to the series "Helen and the Guys" - like many other leading actors. In the middle of the series, the actor decided not to act anymore: it turned out that he seriously took up music. However, Sebastien still returned in several series.

His first album was released in 1992, and many French listeners liked this music. Today, Rosh rotates not only in the music field: he is also a TV presenter. Sebastien also works in the Paris theater, plays in French series.

The iconic French television series Helene and the Guys still has fans around the world. At the same time, none of the leading actors has managed to achieve popularity outside Europe.

It's hard to believe, but at the time of the broadcast, the series "Helen and the Guys" had a bad reputation. Critics were convinced that the protagonists of the show created a misconception about student life in France. In addition, the creators were reproached for the simplicity of the dialogs and the primitiveness of shooting.

However, this did not prevent the project from becoming a cultural phenomenon. Teenagers all over the world are crazy about love stories developing at Alfredo Cafe. Of course, after a while it becomes obvious that the series had flaws, but nobody canceled the feeling of nostalgia. How do the stars of the show "Helen and the Guys" live now?

Helen Rolle

Helen from the very beginning was the main star of the series. It was around her that all the events of the show revolved. At the time of filming, the artist was already 25 years old, but she successfully reincarnated as a very young student who is looking for herself.

In total, Rolle appeared in 270 episodes of the cult series. According to the artist, the project "Helen and the Guys" still has not lost its relevance, because the characters on the screen discuss the same problems that concern modern teenagers.

After filming the show and several of its sequels, Rolle suddenly went into the shadows. Then fans assumed that the star simply did not offer worthy roles. Helen herself later admitted that because of the heavy workload, she simply did not have the strength to continue working in this mode.

In the early 2000s, she played in the movie "Exit", and after that she disappeared again for several years. Rolle devoted her free time to her long-standing passion - music. Helen dreamed of singing since childhood, but not one of her compositions has become a real hit.

In 2011, the actress returned to the screens in the next continuation of "Helen and the Guys" under the title "Secrets of Love." The show is still on the screens, although it can not boast of large ratings.

Rolle herself never got married. The actress does not like to talk about her personal life, but it is known that in 2013 she adopted two children from Ethiopia. In between filming, 52-year-old Helen continues to perform with a solo program and is engaged in pottery.

Patrick Pudeba

Patrick got into the series almost by accident: the artist for a long time could not decide on a profession. Having decided to try himself in acting, he impressed the producers at the very first casting in his life. So unexpectedly, Pudeba got the role of Nicolas, whom he still plays.

In the story, the hero of Patrick met with Helen. Later it became clear that artists and in real life had a romantic relationship. “Helen and I lived together for three years. While working on the project, couples constantly formed, and then broke up. So, behind the scenes of the series, as well as on the set, there was love and bed, ”said Pudeba.

Subsequently, the actors became best friends. They worked together on all the sequels of the show "Helen and the Guys", and in 2016 they even flew together to Moscow.

Not much is known about Pudeb's personal life. In the 90s he was married, but this marriage lasted only three years. Later, the actor was credited with novels with French stars, but he did not comment on rumors. In 2016, Patrick admitted that he had long been ready for fatherhood, but at the same time, the sex symbol of the generation still has no heirs.

Philip Wasser

Philip before meeting with the producers of "Helen and the Guys" also did not think about his acting career. He worked as a lighting designer on the set, but the casting director discerned the potential of a handsome young man. As a result, Wasser got the role of Lovelace José, whom he has successfully performed so far.

Acting is far from Philip's only area of ​​interest. So, the idol of the 90s is engaged in interior design and draws paintings that are often exhibited in museums in France.

Now Philip is not married: he has behind him one unsuccessful relationship, which ended in divorce. Wasser also has an adult son, Lancelot. The actor is in good relations with the heir, although he rarely talks about him in an interview.

Laura Giber

But Laura has always dreamed of an acting profession. After graduating from the Academy of Arts in her hometown, she came to Paris to conquer the capital and become a star. True breakthrough had to wait a few years: during this time she managed to work as a set decorator.

Thanks to the series "Helen and the Guys," Giber became famous throughout the country. She got the role of Benedict, a kind and sympathetic girl who constantly endures Joseph's betrayal. It would seem that the dream of an acting career was fulfilled, but the show about the life of students remained the most important achievement of Laura.

Like her colleagues in the series, the artist plays in the sequels "Helen and the Guys." She also starred for advertising campaigns of famous brands and travels a lot. Giber has a husband with whom she has been happy for many years. Now the couple is raising two daughters.

Katie Andrieu

Katie played the role of one of Helen's two girlfriends in the first seasons of the show. It was her many fans of the series called the sexiest actress of the show. However, already in 1993, the artist had to leave the project for the sake of a modeling career. And yet, the shooting did not pass without a trace. Firstly, Andrieu has become incredibly popular in France. Secondly, thanks to “Helen and the Guys,” she met her future husband.

Katie and David Pru were playing lovers on the screen, and soon the feelings became quite real. The artists lived together for 10 years, and during this time they had two children. Gradually, the relationship began to become obsolete, and back in the 2000s, the stars decided to leave.

Andrie is now married to a lawyer. Sometimes she is removed for advertising campaigns, but with age, Katie’s popularity still began to decline. Perhaps that is why she agreed to play in the sequel to "Helen and the Guys." In the series “Secrets of Love”, she appeared in 256 episodes, but a couple of years ago she finally left the show and focused on family affairs.

David Prue

David worked as a model for many years, and it was thanks to the filming for the gloss that he got a role in the series "Helen and the Guys." The producers noticed a charming guy and invited him to a casting. After the first trials, Pru got the role of Etienne.

Filming the project was extremely stressful: the artists spent on the site day and night, and gradually David began to realize that he did not want to devote the rest of his life to working in the frame. After the 70th episode, he left the series, and soon followed by his beloved Katie Andrieux.

After a decade of marriage and divorce, Pru decided to radically change his life: he began to professionally engage in photography. Now his work is exhibited in many galleries in France. But he is not going to return to acting: in contrast to his colleagues, David does not act in the sequels of "Helen and the Guys."

Lali Menyang

Like her colleagues in the TV series "Ellen and the Guys," Lali became a hostage to one role. But it all started so well: Menyang successfully made a career in the modeling business, and then got a role in the show, already breaking all rating records. Her heroine fell in love with the audience, so the artist played in the show until its very end in 1994.

Then followed the endless sequels of "Helen and the Guys", and besides them, Lali was almost not invited anywhere. Sometimes the actress appeared in commercials and episodes of French soap operas.

But shooting in one of the sequels, "Helen and the Guys" helped Menyang to establish personal life. While working on the project "Vacation of Love" the actress began a stormy romance with the director Nicola Filali. Soon she gave birth to his son Milan, but the stars never got married. Now Lali is married to photographer Patrick Kaniger, from whom she has another Liam heir.

Sebastien Curivo

Sebastien was born in a creative family: his father was a singer in the choir, and his mother worked as an artist. That is why Kurivo from childhood knew that he would continue to engage in art. After several years of study at a music school, he realized that he wanted to be an actor.

Unlike colleagues, Sebastien did not begin to try his luck in Paris: he immediately went to the center of cinematic life, namely in the USA. In San Francisco, Curivo graduated from drama, but did not linger in America. Shortly after returning to his homeland, he was offered a role in Helen and the Boys.

The series made Sebastien a star.In addition, on the set, he met the future wife of Virginie Karen. Their relationship was not always perfect, but in 2004 the lovers decided to get married. By that time, their daughter Luna was growing up.

This union lasted only a couple of years: already in 2006, Sebastien and Virginie filed for divorce, continuing to take care of their daughter together. Now the actor plays mainly in the sequels of the series "Helen and the Guys." But in his free time, he makes music: apparently, all the same, his father’s genes make themselves felt.

Sebastien Roche

Sebestyen got one of the most striking roles in the series - a little nonsense and crazy Christian, whom his friends affectionately called Cree-Cree. All fans of soap operas watched the ecstatic quarrels of Cree-Cree with his girlfriend Joanna with rapture.

The actor himself understood early enough that he could be stuck in one role. That is why, back in 1993, he left Helen and the Boys. Sebastien decided to devote himself to a long-standing hobby - music. The artist’s first album was a sensation in France, and the composition Au Bar de Jess hit the most popular local hit parade.

After such success, Roche was able to get some interesting movie roles. In 2000, he starred in the film "At the Limit of the Possible" with his daughter Gerard Depardieu. There were some very frank scenes in the picture, but the main thing is that critics were delighted with Sebastien's acting.

It would seem that after such a creative lift, Sebastien’s career will only go uphill, but he decides to abandon acting again for the sake of music. The second album, released in 2007, was no longer so popular, but Roche traveled to half of Europe with a tour.

In 2011, the actor returned to the role of Christian in the series “Secrets of Love”, which was a kind of surrender. Thus, the artist admitted that, despite all the efforts, he could not completely get rid of the crown role.

Rochelle Redfield

Rochelle also tried to break out of the image of Joanna, who on the screen constantly quarreled with her boyfriend. For the sake of this, she even left the series "Helen and the Guys" at the peak of popularity. The actress starred for advertising campaigns and worked on television, but there was no talk of previous success.

That is why in 1997, Rochelle returned to the role of Joanna in the series "Vacation of Love." Later, she appeared in the project “Secrets of Love”, in which she played for five years.

Of course, the actress was often credited with an affair with screen partner Sebastien Roche, but there was never a relationship between them. Redfield has been married for many years and has three sons and a daughter. Now the star's family lives mainly in France, but the 57-year-old Rochelle often happens in the USA, where she was born.

Obviously, all the stars of the series "Helen and the Guys" became hostages of their roles. Even those actors who realized career problems in time, could not break out of the networks of spectator love. One way or another, it cannot be said that the careers of the artists did not work out: each of them continues to appear on the screens, albeit in long-tired roles.

Photo: Getty Images, Legion-Media, Instagram, frame from the series “Helen and the Guys”, frame from the series “Secrets of Love”

7. Jose - Philippe Wasser

Philip began acting inadvertently: he had no plans to go to the casting in the series. When one of the main characters left, a new character was needed, which could become another “troublemaker”. Wasser did his job very well.

When the series ended, he cut his hair and started painting. Now the former actor is engaged in the repair of houses and interior design.

6. Benedict (Bene) - Laura Giber

Previously, Laura worked on the set of a decorator. The role of Benedict, a beautiful blue-eyed blonde, made Giber not only popular, but also financially independent. However, Laura did not intend at all to devote her life to an acting career: she studied at the Academy of Arts and dreamed of closely drawing.

When the series ended, Laura managed to accumulate the necessary amount: she was needed in order to start painting. The former actress created a popular art gallery, in addition, she is engaged in teaching and raising two children.

5. Joanna - Rochelle Redfield

In the series, Rochelle played the restless American from Texas. The actress also was born and grew in the USA. At first, Redfield was a fashion model, but she gained popularity precisely thanks to the series. Rochelle starred in such series as "St. Tropez", "Hunters for Antiquities", "Highlander". Rochelle left the show “Helen and the Guys” because she was afraid to remain hostage to one role: she was tired of playing the eternal girl.

Currently, Redfield is a TV presenter in France, as well as engaged in family affairs. Rochelle is a happy mother of three sons and one daughter. She is also a talented jazz singer.

4. Etienne - David Prue

Etienne - the only role of David Prue: the young man did not act in film anymore, because he was not very pleased with the suddenly piled up popularity. However, he managed to become quite successful in the modeling field. After some time, Pru refused to work as a model.

After parting with Katya Andriyou, David began to take a close look at photographing: trying to take good and interesting pictures, he traveled the whole world. Today, Pru is a rather famous photo artist: his works are exhibited in many European and French galleries.

3. Katie - Katie Andriyou

The role of Katya was the first for Andriyu, and after her acting career of the girl did not end. The actress played in such popular TV shows as Phil Philosophy and St. Tropez. Katie managed to become a very successful model. She is still occasionally removed for glossy publications and in television commercials.

Andriyo was married to David Prue, a partner in the series. They had a boy, Mattis, and a girl, Alice. Now the actress is happy again: she is married to a lawyer from France.

2. Nicolas - Patrick Pudeba

Prior to the series "Helen and the Guys," Patrick never starred. His first appearance on the screens was very successful: they often began to recognize the young actor. Pudeba was not at all burdened by popularity; he decided to use it for his own benefit. The actor played in all the sequels of the series, in addition, he took part in other French shows: for example, St. Tropez and SOS 18.

Pudeba creates scripts for theater plays, as well as television broadcasts. He began to actively star in popular television shows: for example, Weak Link, Fort Boyard. The actor has his own television show: “Morning with Patrick Pudeb.” Patrick’s heart is free, now he is in search of his soulmate.

1. Helen - Helen Rolle

Previously, the only hobby of the future actress was music, and she did not even think about how to start filming. However, it turned out that Helen gained great popularity around the world precisely thanks to her role in the series. When the sequels began to appear, Rolle made it clear that she would agree to take part in only a few episodes. We can say that her popularity weighed.

The girl decided to focus on the music field and in the mid-90s released several albums. A few years ago another album of the former actress was released. She was not married, but she is raising a boy and girl from Ethiopia.


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