Deschanel, Zoe


Name: Zooey Deschanel

Birthday: January 17 1980 (40 years old)

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, USA

Height: 168 cm

Weight: 56 kg

Eastern horoscope: A monkey

Career: Foreign musicians 163 place,
Foreign actors 962 place

Photo: Zoe Deschanel

Early years

Zoe Deschanel was born in Los Angeles in 1980 in the family of an Oscar-nominated cameraman and director Caleb Deschanel and actress Mary Joe Deschanel (Weir), who starred in the TV series Twin Peaks. Her paternal grandfather was a Frenchman from Uhllen (Ron), she also has Swiss, Dutch, English, Irish and other roots. Zoe was raised as a Catholic. She was named after Zoe Glass, the hero of Jerome Salinger’s novel Franny and Zoe (1961). Her older sister, Emily Deschanel, is also an actress and starred in the series "Bones".

Deschanel lived in Los Angeles, but spent most of her childhood on the road, because her father made films in kind, later she said that she “hated all the trips ... I am very glad now that I have experience, but at that time I "I felt unhappy because of breaking up with friends in Los Angeles and moving to places where there wasn’t my favorite food and the usual things." She attended a private preparatory school in Santa Monica (California), where she met future colleagues Jake Gyllenhaal and Kate Hudson. At school, she was engaged in singing, planning to pursue a career in musical theater. Zoey entered Northwestern University, but left after nine months for a film career.

Actor career

In the musical comedy “Almost Famous,” the girl played the role of Anita, the sister of the protagonist, played by Patrick Fugit. In this picture, she had the chance to demonstrate musical talent, which was noted by both critics and spectators. Despite the warm reviews, the picture did not become a breakthrough in Zoe’s career, and for several more years the girl agreed to secondary roles, continuing to hone her acting skills.

In 2003, Zoey was approved for the role of the virgin Noel in the film about love “All Real Girls”. The role of her lover Paul, exchanging his life for fleeting passions, was played by Paul Schneider. A beautiful and easy love story of such different people became popular and brought Zoe a film award “Independent Spirit”.


Deschanel played a guest role in the series Veronica Salon (1998), after which she made her film debut in 1999 in Lawrence Casdan's comedy Doctor Mumford. Later that year, she starred (without singing) in The Offspring's She’s Got Issues video. In her second film, Cameron Crowe’s semi-autobiographical musical drama “Almost Famous” (2000), Deschanel played Anita Miller, the troubled older sister of the protagonist. The film received praise from critics, but did not have box office success. She also played the role of the girl Jimmy Fallon in his clip “Idiot Boyfriend”.

Deschanel has played a number of supporting roles in films such as Manic (2001) with Don Cheadle and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, The Good Girl (2002) with Jennifer Aniston and Jake Gyllenhaal, Abandoned (2002) with Katie Holmes, Benjamin Brett and Melanie Linsky, “Big Trouble” (2002) with Tim Allen and Rene Russo. At the end of 2002, The New York Times wrote about Deschanel as "one of the most sought after Hollywood young stars," and the Los Angeles Times wrote in early 2003 that Deschanel became recognizable thanks to its "cool, sardonic and eye-catching game." girlfriends of the protagonist.

In 2002, Deschanel also starred in the Fraser sitcom, playing the role of Jen, an uncontrollable cousin of the Roses, in the episode 10 season Kissing Cousin. In the same year, she appeared in the movie “The Tough Guy”, as Nora, the guitarist in the main character group.

After abandoning several minor roles, Deschanel played her first major role in the film "All Real Girls" (2003). Her performance as Noel, a sexually curious 18-year-old virgin who has a life-changing romance with an aimless 22-year-old boy, received praise from critics and was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award for Best Actress. Later in 2003, Deschanel starred in the comedy "Elf", playing the role of an unflappable employee of a department store.

In 2004, Deschanel starred in the movie Crazy Funeral, and in 2005 she played the role of Trillian in the film adaptation of Douglas Adams's science fiction novel, “The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.” Also in 2005, she played the main character Reese Holden in the film Living Winter. In 2006, Deschanel played the role of the neurotic neighbor Sarah Jessica Parker in the film Love and Other Troubles (2006). From 2006 to 2007, she appeared in four episodes of the series "Datura", playing the role of Kat, the bizarre ex-girlfriend of Andy Botvin. In September 2006, it became known that Deschanel would play the 1960s singer Janice Joplin in the film “The Gospel of Janice” by Penelope Sfiris. The filming of the film was scheduled for 2006, but then it was postponed indefinitely, later the release of the film was scheduled for 2012, but in 2011 the project was abandoned. Deschanel expressed disappointment about this, noting that for three years she worked on an imitation of Joplin's singing voice.

In 2007, Deschanel appeared in two children's films: in The Bridge to Terabithia, in which she played the bizarre music teacher Jesse, and in the animated film Catch the Wave! In which she voiced the penguin Lani Alikai. In the same year, she played DG - the main character in the mini-series "The Enchanted Kingdom", the transformation of the fairy tale "The Amazing Wizard of Oz." Deschanel also voiced the children's book Players in Pigtails. In April 2008, she voiced the role of Mary, the daughter of Cletus, in the animated series The Simpsons, and in June starred in the environmental thriller M. Knight Shyamalan's Apparition with Mark Wahlberg. Also in 2008, Deschanel starred in the movie "Giant" and in the comedy "Always Say Yes" with Jim Carrey.

In 2009, Deschanel starred in the romantic comedy melodrama 500 Days of Summer with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. This film about the development and end of the relationship was widely praised and was nominated for the Golden Globe Award as the best film. In the same year, Deschanel performed a guest role in the Christmas episode of the series "Bones." For the first time starring with her sister Emily, Zoe played Margaret Whitesell, a distant relative of Dr. Temperance Brennan (Emily).

In 2011, Deschanel played Belladonna in the fantasy comedy Brave Peppers along with Natalie Portman and James Franco. Since September 2011, she played a major role in the TV series "New Girl" and was nominated for an Emmy and Golden Globe for this role. Deschanel was also the host of Saturday Night Live on February 11, 2012.

From a cinematic family

Zoe (or Zoe) Claire was the second child in the family of Caleb and Mary Deschanel. On her paternal side, she is French (her great-grandfather was the president of France!). The future star of the show "New" was born on January 17, 1980. At that time, the baby’s older sister, Emily (we know her from the detective series Bones) was three years old. The family lived in Los Angeles, but Caleb often traveled on creative business trips, making films, followed by Mary and her children. Zoey does not like to remember that “nomadic” time, to break away from her place of residence, to part with friends for a long time, to change schools - it was very difficult.

In a good company

Even at school, Zoe worked hard on music - her dream was to work in a musical theater. She was lucky with her classmates - in the private school of Santa Monica, other acting children studied with her: Kate Hudson and Jake Gyllenhaal, so the company got a good one. Deschanel did not receive a university education. She dropped out of school in the first year: already then she was offered a job in the cinema.

Biography of Zoe Deschanel as an actress began in the show "Veronica Salon". At the age of 19, she starred in the full-length film (“Doctor Mumford”), and a year later - in the musical film “Almost Famous”. In the early 2000s, the girl often flickered on the screen - in small roles, she was called one of the most popular American starlets.

Finally the main roles!

The year 2003 brought the actress Zoe Deschanel the first major role. The drama "All Real Girls" was almost unnoticed for the audience, but it was a good experience, critics noted the play of the performer. Then everything went like clockwork: the comedy “Elf”, the fantastic film “Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy”, the melodrama “Love and Other Troubles”. There were also disappointments: for example, Zoe claimed the role of the rock idol Janice Joplin (Penelope Sfiris was to shoot the picture). But the project was postponed - at first until 2006, then until 2012, then the actress was informed that the shooting would not take place.

The milestone film in the biography of Zoe Deschanel was the tape “500 Days of Summer”. She played the beloved hero of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, a sweet, a little freaky Summer. The tape was nominated for the Golden Globe.

The movie “Brave Peppers” caused an ambiguous reaction: someone was too greasy to joke, someone decided that this was a mockery of the genre of a heroic knightly film. But the actors really enjoyed themselves, portraying their characters as exaggerated-parody. The untouchable warrior was played by Natalie Portman, the pampered spoiled prince - James Franco, and the virgin princess kidnapped by an evil sorcerer for dirty purposes - Zoe Deschanel.

Both the actress and the musician

The performer does not give up music: Zoe plays the piano and banjo perfectly, in 2008 her debut CD was released, she writes songs for films in which she participates (“Always say“ YES ”,“ Fifty Days of Summer ”, the TV series“ New Girl ”and others). “New” for today is the main project for the actress, in it she plays a central role, for which she has already managed to be nominated for Golden Globe and Emmy.

In the eternal search

Zoe has health problems: she has an intolerance to eggs, milk and wheat products. She felt that it would be better to stick to a vegan diet. But in 2010, the doctor banned her from vegetarianism.

At the end of 2008, a couple formed: composer Ben Gibbard-Zoe Deschanel. The personal life of Zoe Deschanel finally came to the fore for her: now she was engaged. In September 2009, Ben and Zoe got married. They were enough for exactly two years, in November 2011, the actress announced "irreconcilable differences" and soon filed for divorce. In December of that year, the marriage was dissolved. The couple did not have children.

For a long time, Zoe Deschanel did not talk about her personal life with reporters - she was in search, like her character from “New Girl”, a cheerful teacher Jessica. And then it became known: in 2015, she became the wife of producer Jacob Pechenik, and in July of that year she gave birth to Elsie's daughter. In May 2017, the son of the couple, Charlie Wolfe, was born.


Zoe Deschanel is an American film actress who received public acclaim after appearing in the films All Real Girls, Always Say Yes, 500 Days of Summer. But the successful actress Zoe made the main role in the TV series "New Girl".

Zoe Claire Deschanel - this is the full name of the singing movie star Hollywood - was born in January 1989 in a family associated with the world of cinema. Father Caleb Deschanel was nominated for an Oscar. He works as a cameraman and director. And mother Mary Weir is an actress, in whose filmography there is a movie masterpiece - the series "Twin Peaks".

Actress Zoe Deschanel

In Zoe Deschanel - this name is more often pronounced by Russian fans - a lot of blood mixed up. According to the girl, there are French, British, Irish and Swiss in the family. The girl was brought up in Catholic traditions. Zoe is the younger sister of Emily Deschanel, an actress who starred in the starring series Bones.

The starry future for Zoe Deschanel has been "programmed" from his birthday. Even the name of the girl was given not just the first one she liked, but in honor of the hero of the story Jerome Salinger.

Zoe and Emily Deschanel in the series "Bones"

The Deschanel family home was in Los Angeles. But due to the work of his father, there were frequent business trips, in which all relatives went after the head of the family. Zoe hated these transfers, because in her hometown there were friends and favorite places. At the preparatory school for Santa Monica, Deschanel met future actors and filming colleagues Jake Gyllenhaal and Kate Hudson. In school years, the girl was seriously interested in vocals. The girl dreamed of a career in musical theater.

After leaving school, Deschanel went to university, but did not study there for a year. Filming in the movie did not allow Zoe to be distracted by the educational process.


A cinematic biography of Zoe Deschanel began an episode in the series "Salon of Veronica", which was released in 1998. Soon, the aspiring actress was offered a role in the full-length comedy film "Dr. Mumford."

Zoe Deschanel in the movie Elf

In 2000, Zoe got a role in the musical drama "Almost Famous." The girl dreamed of such work - a mix of acting and vocal skills. In this tape, the actress got the image of the sister of the protagonist. Critics praised the very picture and the work of Zoe, although the film did not bring the expected box office.

In the early 2000s, Zoe Deschanel starred in several films, but all the roles were secondary and did not bring much fame. The artist understood that for a real turning point and career jump, a key, star role was needed. And she appeared in 2003. For the sake of this work, Deschanel abandoned several supporting roles. The drama "All Real Girls", in which Zoe got the image of 18-year-old Noel, really brought the artist fame and the first prestigious award - the "Independent Spirit" award.

Zoe Deschanel in the movie "Live Free or Die"

This successful project was immediately followed by the second - the comedy "Elf", which received huge ratings from the audience. It was the first tape that brought Zoe Deschanel fame and commercial success.

After the two named projects, the artist regularly appears in rating films. Since 2004, the actress appeared in the sensational films “Crazy Funeral”, “Living the Winter”, “Love and Other Troubles” and “Live Free or Die”. In all of these films, Zoe Deschanel played the main characters.

Of the film projects of the late 2000s, in which the actress starred, the thriller “Appearance” and the comedy “Always Say Yes” attracted the audience's attention. In the second picture, Zoe Deschanel became a partner Jim Carrey. In Mark Webb’s comedy melodrama 500 Days of Summer, the actress played the frivolous girl Summer, Tom’s lover (Joseph Gordon Levitt). Over the course of the story, each character's ideas about love change: Summer begins to take feelings seriously, and Tom is disappointed in relationships with girls. For work in the last Zoe was nominated for a Golden Globe.

In recent years, the Hollywood star has pleased fans with the comedy “Brave with Peppers” and the youth series “New Girl”. For the main role in the second film, Zoe has repeatedly won nominations and television awards.

Zoe Deschanel and Joseph Gordon Levitt in the movie 500 Days of Summer

Fans of the actress have long noticed the amazing similarities between Zoe Deschanel and American singer Katy Perry. The girls look like twin sisters, and even Zoey’s height (168 cm) and weight (56 kg) are almost similar to Katie’s parameters.

The voice of Zoe Deschanel is often used to voice animated projects and children's films, such as “American Dad!”, “Catch the Wave!”, “The Simpsons”.


All this time that Zoe Deschanel starred in the movie, the girl did not forget about her passion for music. Fans love the actress for their excellent vocal abilities. Songs performed by Zoe Deschanel are heard in the films “Cool guy”, “Bridge to Terabithia”, “Elf”, “Always say“ Yes ”,“ 500 days of summer ”and others. Zoe Deschanel became the author and performer of the soundtrack for the TV series "New Girl", where she played a major role.

Zoe Deschanel in the movie The Bridge to Terabithia

Since 2001, in addition to working in cinema, Zoe Deschanel has been developing a career as a singer. Together with her colleague Samantha Shelton, the girl organized a duet, the jazz cabaret “If All the Stars Were Pretty Babies”. In addition to singing, Zoe mastered playing the keyboard, ukulele and banjo.In 2006, Deschanel founded the She & Him folk duet with performer Matt Ward. The ensemble released the albums “Volume One”, “Volume Two”, “A Very She & Him Christmas” and “Volume 3”.

Personal life

Now the Hollywood actress is in a second marriage. The first husband was Ben Gibbard, vocalist and musician of the American band Death Cab for Cutie. The wedding took place in the fall of 2009. But after 2 years the couple broke up. Zoe explained the breakdown with a rather streamlined wording - “irreconcilable differences”.

Zoe Deschanel and Jacob Liver

Personal life of Zoe Deschanel got settled 3 years after breaking up with the musician. In 2015, the actress married the producer Jacob Pechenik. The couple met since 2014, since working on the movie "Rock in the East", but lovers preferred to hide romantic relations from journalists. In the same 2015, in July, a charming girl was born to Zoe and Jacob, whom the couple named Elsie Otter.

In early 2017, the couple could no longer hide from the public the fact that Zoe was again pregnant. And in May, an heir was born, who was named Charlie Wulf. Contrary to the expectations of reporters, who suggested that Zoe would again hide the newborn from the eyes of the paparazzi, the actress herself appeared with her 4-month-old son in front of the cameras at the Baby2Baby charity event. Zoe Deschanel tries to spend as much time as possible with the children, but sometimes resortes to the help of a nanny.

Zoe Deschanel now

In connection with pregnancy and the birth of a son, the actress has reduced to a minimum the number of television and film projects. In 2016, Deschanel participated in the voice acting of the animated musical “Trolls” from the scriptwriters Kung Fu Panda and Monsters Against Aliens. In addition to Zoe, who voiced the main character, Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake also participated in the dub.

Zoe Deschanel in the TV series "New Girl"

In 2017, the actress managed to work on the final season of the TV series “New Girl”, in which Zoe has been starring in the main character of Jess since 2011. The actress announced the screening of the film, which took place in the second half of January 2018 on Fox, from the page of her Instagram, where she posted a photo of the advertising poster.

Childhood Zoe Deschanel

The future actress and singer Zoe was born in a "cinema" family. Parents of the future star are cameraman Caleb and actress Mary Joe Deschanel. Surname Deschanel father of Zoe inherited from his grandfather, a Frenchman, and my mother had Irish roots. The girl was named after the heroine of Jerome Salinger’s novel “Franny and Zoe,” and the elder sister, Emily, also an actress, apparently the book-lover parents were named in honor of one of Bronte’s sister writers.

As a child, Zoe was not able to get used to the frequent trips associated with the schedule of filming her father, although in adult life she still did not choose a sedentary lifestyle. But thanks to the professions of her parents, Zoe was friends with future stars: her classmates were Jake Gyllenhaal and Kate Hudson.

Star Trek actress and singer

After school, Zoe Deschanel continued her education at Northwestern University in Chicago, but the girl was only enough for one semester. Zoe decided to return to her passion for musical theater and acting.

Zoe made her TV debut in the Veronica Salon series in 1998, but industry critics and industry workers noticed Deschanel after her work in Cameron Crowe's film, “Almost Famous.” In 2002, cameo roles in successful films such as The Good Girl with Jennifer Aniston and childhood friend Jake Gyllenhaal and Big Trouble.

And Zoya got her first main role the next year in the film “All Real Girls”, for which she was nominated for the Independent Spirit award in the category “Best Actress”, and in Russia she was noticed after the Christmas comedy “Elf” with Will Farrell.

The song Baby, It’s Cold Outs>, which is sung by the characters of Zoe and Will, entered the soundtrack of the film, and Zoe herself began to demonstrate her vocal talent in the films where she took part. I especially remember her role in the comedy “Always Say Yes” with Jim Carrey, where Deschanel played the lead singer of the fictional band Munchausen by Proxy.

In fact, for this film, Zoe recorded the songs Uh-Huh and Sweet Ballad with Von Iva. After this successful film, Zoe began to talk more and more and increasingly began to notice her resemblance to singer Katy Perry. But with the development of a film career, Zoe began to have fans, and now “that girl who looks like Katie” has become a real star.

Especially successful was the film "500 Days of Summer", where Deschanel sang a cover of Please Smith, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want by The Smiths in a duet with Matthew Ward. The team of Zoe and Matthew was named She & Him. The team began releasing records since 2008 and has already recorded three albums.

Separate music

In 2001, Deschanel formed the jazz cabaret number “If All the Stars Were Pretty Babies” with actress Samantha Shelton. The couple performed in Los Angeles.

In March 2007, Deschanel took part in recording the songs “Slowly” and “Ask Her to Dance” for the album. Nighttiming Coconut Records by Jason Schwartzman. In May 2007, Matt Ward, who had previously performed with Deschanel on stage, announced that he was already finishing work on her debut album, which would feature songs written by Deschanel and produced by him. Fox said Deschanel and Ward are recording under the pseudonym She & Him. Their first album, entitled Volume onewas released by Merge Records on March 18, 2008.

On March 23, 2010, their second album was released, Volume two . In the spring of 2010, the She & Him duo went on tour in the USA and Europe in support of the album. Deschanel and Ward participated in the recording of the album The place we ran from Side project of Tired Pony Snow Patrol member Gary Lightbody in 2010. Deschanel participated in the recordings of Get On the Road and Point Me at Lost Islands, while Ward recorded Held in the Arms of Your Words and That Silver Necklace.

In 2009, Deschanel recorded the song “The Fabric of My Life” for the Cotton Incorporated campaign. Deschanel also recorded a cover of “It’s So Easy” by Buddy Holly for a tribute album Listen to Me: Buddy Hollyreleased September 6, 2011. Prior to that, She & Him recorded the song “Oh Boy” for the album. Rave On Buddy Hollyreleased in June 2011.

October 25, 2011 Merge Records released 12-song Christmas album She & Him A Very She & Him Christmas .


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