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Businessman Alexander Chukhlebov from St. Petersburg: what is known about him?

Personal life - family, children

Pages on social networks - Instagram, VKontakte, Facebook, etc.

Photo by Alexander Chukhlebov

Alexander Yuryevich Chukhlebov is a major timber merchant, entrepreneur and leader of the Renaissance social movement. His immediate plans include participating in the presidential election in 2018. Alexander Chukhlebov is, like Putin, a self-nominated candidate.

However, his registration was suspended by the CEC due to the fact that the nominee from St. Petersburg, Alexander Chukhlebov, has a residence permit in Finland, and this, as you know, is contrary to the law. Although the presidential candidate himself claims that this information is erroneous and at the time of registration the residence permit was already canceled. The controversial issue will be resolved in the near future in court.

As for the biography of the businessman and public figure Chukhlebov, the following is known:

Date of birth - 03/14/1978 (a few days before the election, he will turn 40 years old).

Born in the Leningrad region in the Vyborg district, the city of Svetogorsk. He graduated from the Faculty of Automation, SPbGTURP (University of Plant Polymers, now it is the Higher School of Technology and Energy). After receiving a diploma, he got a job as an engineer at a paper mill in Svetogorsk. And then his career went uphill. Here is a quote from this source:

You can read more about the biography of Alexander Yuryevich Chukhlebov here.

About the personal life of the leader of the Renaissance, practically nothing is known. Lives in St. Petersburg, loves fishing and sports. That is all the information.

Of course, Alexander Chukhlebov is active in social networks. Here are his pages: VKontakte, Facebook, Twitter.

Who is Chukhlebov?

If someone does not know who Chukhlebov is, then, for a note, we offer a short description of the candidate. He works in the paper industry of the woodworking industry, and also leads the Renaissance social movement. Dreams that St. Petersburg becomes the capital of Russia. He also plans to transfer capital powers to large cities, in which case, according to Chukhlebov, financial status can be improved. And he has his own views on innovations in housing. Why in Moscow they began to demolish strong houses (Khrushchev’s can still stand for more than a dozen years), but for some reason Moscow ignores really dilapidated housing (barracks and the like). "There are people who really need good housing, and it is from these houses that it would be worth starting, and not cleaning up places in the city for the construction of new business-class houses, they can hardly afford anyone," Chukhlebov said.

Many State Duma deputies do not like all these innovations, but this is understandable. Perhaps because they do not want to change something once again, or they are afraid to lose their places and money. But few people want to risk and change life in Russia and improve the well-being of citizens. Maybe you should pay attention to Alexander Chukhlebov?

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45-year-old Anna Mikhalkova was at the center of the scandal surrounding her 20-year-old son Andrei Bakov and 21-year-old model Ksenia Puntus. The apartment of the Honored Artist of Russia was sealed.

The son of Anna and businessman Albert Bakov lives in an apartment on the third floor of a multi-storey building in Trekhprudny Lane of Moscow. One of the residents told the police that on the night of Saturday, January 11, Ksenia Puntus went into this apartment with Andrei. Then the neighbors heard a noise, they knocked on the wall.

Police believe the model fell out of Nikita Mikhalkov’s grandson’s apartment. The apartment recorded on Anna Mikhalkova is considered the scene of the incident, it is sealed.

The star of the movie “Let's divorce!” Has not yet commented on the incident. However, she was faced with insults and threats. Passion was fueled by a black-and-white photo of her and her son Andrei found by users on her Mikhalkova Instagram page.

Ksenia Puntus who woke up after falling from a window told the details of the incident

“This is how depressed gopniks grow out of these small, gentle, milk-smelling hamsters? I love it! ”Wrote Anna in 2018. She left the tag # I’m educating monsters. Now this ironic statement turned against the actress and her eldest son. In an attempt to stop the bullying, the movie star blocked all comments on her page.

Meanwhile, the casting director of Xenia, with whom she has been working for the past two years, said that the model was supposed to fly to Paris on January 14 to shoot. Puntus has already bought tickets.

“I know that Ksenia was responsible in her work, she never let people down. She is a competent person, she was never even late for meetings. Therefore, on the eve of an important event, she could not have foolishly gone about like that ... And she also had a young man, Nazar. They met for a long time. In any case, a few months ago I saw them together. But about the grandson of Mikhalkov, I first heard after the incident, "Dmitry quotes MK.

The janitor, who found Xenia Puntus lying under the windows of the apartment building, said that he was passing this place at 3:50 on Saturday. According to the man, he heard wheezing and crying. The janitor came up and saw a half-naked girl lying on the ground. He doubts that the model fell out of the window.

“She couldn’t speak articulate, although she didn’t smell of alcohol. It seemed to me that she was thrown out of the car, ”the janitor says.

Ksenia received serious injuries - her legs and ribs are broken. The girl is in intensive care at the Botkin Hospital. She is conscious, but cannot talk about what happened. Her friend, model Ales Kafelnikov, claims that Puntus was brutally beaten and hidden in the bushes.

Recently, fashion designer Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle fell victim to a man with an ax. A model from Vietnam was punished for being too outspoken.

Early years

Alexander Chukhlebov is a native of the Leningrad Region. Here, in the town of Svetogorsk, Vyborg district, he was born in 1978. The boy’s parents, like many residents of Svetogorsk, worked at a local paper mill, one of the oldest in Russia.

In 1985, Alexander went to the first grade of Svetogorsk school number 1. He studied well, gave preference to his native language and exact sciences. In 1995, he entered the Faculty of Automation, SPbGTURP (University of Plant Polymers, now the Higher School of Technology and Energy).


Central to Chukhlebov’s program is industrial development. This should, according to the candidate, lead to the development of regions. Including in terms of logistics, sea, rail and air routes. In general, he plans to focus on the regions of the country, and not on the center. At the same time, he promises to transfer the capital back to St. Petersburg.

Also in his program is the development of science. According to Chukhlebov, it is necessary to adjust science to new technologies and rejuvenate personnel.


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