Shalaeva, Maria Alexandrovna


Name: Maria Shalaeva

Middle name: Alexandrovna

Birthday: March 15 1981 (38 years old)

Place of Birth: Moscow city

Height: 167 cm

Weight: 52 kg

Eastern horoscope: Cock

Career: Russian actors 1010 place

Photo: Maria Shalaeva

The beginning of the acting career of Maria Shalaeva, the first films

Maria began acting in films since 2002. Played in the films “Odyssey 1989”, “Freshman”, “Night seller”, “Cast march”. Appeared in the film by Pyotr Buslov “Boomer” (played a cameo role of a girl from the telegraph). She also starred in the short film "Tomorrow's Birthday."

In 2004, a fabulous story happened with Mary. The actress first flew to Paris. On the plane, she met with director Sergei Tkachev. He was captivated by the beauty of Mary and literally in a week wrote a script specially for her. The film was called "Masha." This is a story about a girl who escapes to Paris. The shooting took place in France, including the Louvre (obtaining permission to shoot in the museum is very difficult). Maria entered VGIK. She studied poorly, constantly truant, distracted, did not do homework. I got a job as a waitress in a club. Maria somehow finished her studies until the end of the second year, and was expelled.

The roles of Maria Shalaeva in films and TV shows

This film has received wide acclaim from critics and the public. The picture has about 10 awards. Maria Shalaeva became the winner of Kinotavr in the nomination for best actress, and she also received Nika. In 2008, the film became a contender from Russia for the Oscar.

After that, Maria decided that she had conquered Russian cinema, and the directors should fill up with her offers. But after The Mermaid, the actress was not invited to serious roles. For several years there was a lull. Maria starred in small roles, worked in TV shows. She starred in The Brothers Karamazov by Yuri Moroz. The actress was very worried about the lack of serious work.

Maria Shalaeva is currently

Only five years after filming in the "Mermaid" Mary received a long-awaited offer. Director Pavel Ruminov invited her to the main role in his drama "I Will Be Near." Maria plays a successful woman, the mother of a 6-year-old son. A woman finds out that she is terminally ill. And now her whole life is dedicated to finding a new family for her son. In 2012, Maria received the award of the film critics White Elephant and Niku for her role in this film.

Now Maria continues to act in films and TV shows. In 2014, the premiere of the series “Demons” based on the novel by Dostoevsky. Maria played there Marya Timofeevna Lebyadkin. Anton Shagin, Sergey Makovetsky, Igor Kostolevsky also starred in the film.

Personal life

I met with the cameraman Daniil Gurevich until his death on the set of the film "The Messenger".

Then she was in a relationship with actor Dmitry Shevchenko. In 2005, their son Nestor was born.

Since 2009, married to composer Ivan Lubennikov. In 2010, the couple had a daughter, Evdokia.


Maria Shalaeva is a Russian film actress who became famous in her youth by playing the main roles in the author's projects Masha and Mermaid. The second picture brought the artist a number of national awards, as well as the drama “I Will Be Near”. Not having received an acting education, Maria, however, was awarded the unspoken title of Queen of the Arthouse Cinema.

Maria Shalaeva

Today, she masters directorial skills, presenting the first short film "Divorce" to the public. Shalaeva plans to create a full-length picture.

Childhood and youth

The future actress Maria Shalaeva was born on March 15, 1981 in Moscow, in a family of designers. Father rarely saw his daughter because of work, moreover, when Masha was little, her parents divorced. The girl’s grandfather, Vladislav Aleksandrovich Dugin, was a military shipbuilder, and his mother was an engineer, but later went into business. As a child, Maria played domra. This musical instrument attracted her attention after a joint trip with her grandmother to a music concert.

Actress Maria Shalaeva

As a child, Masha dreamed about the profession of a ballerina, but after school she was going to enter the Moscow Aviation Institute and even started going to preparatory courses. Maria was not completely consistent in her decisions.

The future star suddenly told her mother that the aviation institute is no longer in her plans, and now she is interested in the profession of an actress. As a result, the girl followed in the footsteps of her cousin, who was an actor of the Moscow Art Theater.


Maria Shalaeva is an odious Russian actress, her path to creativity is unusual. Actually, Maria’s career is developing in a peculiar way, either at the peak of popularity or sometimes for a long time she has not received offers from directors.

Far from acting

Maria Shalaeva is a native Muscovite, her parents, engineers worked on the creation of aircraft. Subsequently, the girl’s mother was re-qualified as an entrepreneur. Maria rarely saw her father, as he spent a lot of time at work. Mostly my grandmother was engaged in upbringing. At one time, the girl was fond of playing domra, she quickly mastered the instrument and played very well, which she was very proud of.

As a child, and then while studying at school, Maria did not aspire to become an actress, did not attend theater classes. The girl wanted to become a ballerina, but her dreams were never realized. Closer to graduation, Shalaeva made a firm decision to follow in the footsteps of her parents. For this, the future actress planned to enter the Aviation Institute. To pass the entrance exams I went to preparatory courses without any problems. But at one point, Maria radically changed her plans and told her family that she would be engaged in the construction of an acting career.

The girl begins to attend castings in search of roles and at the beginning of the zero years luck smiles at her. Shalaeva takes part in episodes of such films as: “The Night Seller”, “Freshman”, “March-Throw”. After some time, Mary was invited to a scanty role in the cult film "Boomer".

The life of a novice actress radically changed in the middle of the zero years. During the flight to Paris, the girl gets acquainted with the director Sergei Tkachev and captivates him with her beauty. A new friend in the shortest possible time writes a script for the film specifically for the girl, the picture was named after the main character.

Maria Shalaeva: biography

The future actress Maria Shalaeva was born on March 15, 1981 in Moscow in a family of designers. Father rarely saw his daughter because of his work. Masha’s grandfather was a military shipbuilder, and her mother was an engineer, but later went into business. In childhood, the girl played domra. This musical instrument caught the attention of Mary after a joint trip with her grandmother to one of the concerts. She was great at playing, she loved to demonstrate her success to other children.

Actress Maria Shalaeva

Like many girls, Masha dreamed about the profession of a ballerina from childhood, and after school she was determined to enter the Moscow Aviation Institute and even started going to preparatory courses. Maria was not completely consistent in her decisions. The future star suddenly told her mother that the aviation institute is no longer in her plans, and now she is interested in the profession of an actress. As a result, the girl followed in the footsteps of her cousin, who was an actor of the Moscow Art Theater.

Actress without education

Shalaeva after filming the movie "Masha" becomes a student at VGIK. But the girl’s studies didn’t work out from the very beginning. She systematically skipped classes. I could not boast of academic performance, and already in the second year I was expelled. Subsequently, the actress was very sorry that she had not become a graduate.

Maria Shalaeva in the movie "Mermaid"

Maria Shalaeva in the movie "About Love"

Another round of acting career provoked the painting "Mermaid". And again, the script was written specifically for Mary. Here she played a dumb girl with superpowers. This work received many awards and was even nominated for an Oscar.

Maria Shalaeva in the movie "Demons"

Maria Shalaeva in the movie "Women on the Edge"

Such success turned the head of the actress, who believed that now the directors will shower her with offers. But everything happened exactly the opposite, they stopped inviting Shalaev to the projects. After several years of interruption in her acting career, the girl began to agree to small roles, starred in TV shows.

Alexander Pal, Milosh Bikovich and Maria Shalaeva in the film "Without Borders"

After a while, luck smiles at Mary again, she is invited by Pavel Ruminov to star in his film “I Will Be Near”. This is a tragic story for which the actress received a prestigious award. After such an expressive role, the actress began to be invited to act in films, she no longer missed the opportunity to participate in the creation of films and series.


The creative biography of actress Maria Shalaeva actually began in 2002. The first films in which she starred were the work "Odyssey 1989", "Freshman", "Night seller" and "Cast march." She also played the role of a telegraph girl in one of the episodes of the film “Boomer”, directed by Pyotr Buslov. Then her filmography was supplemented by the short film "Tomorrow's Birthday."

Maria Shalaeva in the movie "Boomer"

A miracle for the actress was a flight to Paris in 2004, as she managed to get acquainted with Sergei Tkachev, a famous director, on an airplane. The girl immediately liked him, and he decided to devote a script to her. The film was simply called “Masha”.

Then Maria managed to enter VGIK, but she did not shine with excellent studies. In the second year, the student was expelled. The reason for this was absenteeism, systematic failure to complete homework and low academic performance. Later, Shalaeva recognized this as the main mistake of her life.

Maria Shalaeva in the movie "Masha"

The script for the film "Masha" is not the only one written specifically for Shalaeva. Director and screenwriter Anna Melikyan wrote for Maria, who was then still a student, the script for the movie “The Mermaid” based on the tale of Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen. The main difference between the two ideas is that in Melikyan everything is translated into a modern twentieth century.

Maria in this picture miraculously played the role of the girl Alice. In the film, the heroine is dumb, but performs incredible actions with a magic bias, which can not be explained. To be more precise, all Alice’s thoughts and desires are embodied in reality. The ending of the film by Anna Melikyan is no less tragic than the end of the tale of Andersen himself.

This film really received about ten awards, and was also awarded the best rating by viewers and true connoisseurs of cinema. The romantic story even became the Russian Academy Award nominee for 2008. Such success influenced the work of Shalaeva, and soon she receives less and less offers for episodic roles.

Maria Shalaeva in the movie "The Mermaid"

She was called “Russian Amelie” in the press, and the filmmakers categorically did not agree with such a statement, saying that such analogies would obviously be inappropriate, since a Russian film can be compared with the work of Jean-Pierre Genet only by general points, as well as without excessive attention to certain details.

The budget of the film, according to the creators, amounted to about $ 2 million, and the most expensive scene was shooting jumps from the Crimean bridge, they cost the organizers $ 30 thousand. In addition to Maria Shalaeva, such actors as Yevgeny Tsyganov, Maria Sokova, Anastasia Dontsova, Irina Skrinichenko and others played in the film.

Maria Shalaeva in the movie "I'll be there"

At that time, Shalaeva thought that her finest hour had come, but there were no proposals from the directors. Five years have passed since filming in The Mermaid, and then the director Pavel Ruminov invited Maria Shalaeva to play a major role in his drama I Will Be Near. The heroine of Shalaeva is a woman who is not deprived of luck, success and good luck, raising a six-year-old son. The heroine is terminally ill, so her goal is to find good guardians for her child. For the role in this film in 2012, Shalaeva received the prestigious film awards "White Elephant" and "NIKA".

In 2014, the series “Demons” was shot based on the novel by Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky. The heroine of Masha in this film is Maria Timofeevna Lebyadkina.

Maria Shalaeva in the movie "Demons"

In 2015, the film “Concerned, or Love of Evil” brought the fame to the actress. Maria’s partners in this film were Yuri Kolokolnikov, Olga Dibtseva and Evgenia Kalinets.

In the same year, a film was released with the participation of an actress called "Without Borders", the screenwriter of which was the famous Russian film director of Georgian origin Revaz Gigineishvili. In this picture of Maria Shalaeva on the set, the company was made up of famous representatives of Russian cinema: Inna Churikova, Oleg Basilashvili, Alexander Adabashyan, Hrant Tokhatyan, Natalia Vdovina, Anna Chipovskaya, Ivan Yankovsky and others.

Maria Shalaeva today

One of the last films of the actress became the films “About Love” and “Red Bracelets”. In 2017, the actress intends to continue working on new projects.

Maria Shalaeva in the movie "About Love"

In 2016, Maria Shalaeva attended a New Year's party called “Chacha-Elka with Kisa and Rezo”, organized by director Rezo Gigineishvili and producer Alexei Kiselev. A very large company of celebrities gathered in the restaurant of Tbilisi cuisine Didi.

Famous visitors appreciated the Georgian flavor and traditional treats, as evidenced by photos published by many star guests on various social networks.

Maria Shalaeva now

In 2018, Maria began her directorial career, presenting the short film “Divorce” at Kinotavr. This film was dedicated to the hour of life of two lovers who decide to leave. Initially, Shalaeva conceived the tape as a melancholy narrative, but during the filming she changed her view of the plot, making it more ironic.

Director Maria Shalaeva

The film was praised by critics. In an interview, the actress revealed the secret of how she had been preparing for the filming of the first project for 2 years. Weekly for Instagram, she made a mini-film, which she independently edited and voiced.

In addition to a career in cinema, Maria Shalaeva appears on the stage. The artist does not think of herself in the repertoire theater, so she plays in the author's production of “Two Ladies Toward the North” in the center of them. Meyerhold. The actress of the theater “Near the House of Stanislavsky” Olga Beshulya became her stage partner and director of the project.

Maria Shalaeva in 2019

Now Shalaeva is filming in 3 projects - the comedy of Elena Khazanova's “Mistresses”, the drama “Proof” and the 16-episode television movie “Hidden Motives”. The paintings will be shown in 2019.




  • Dr. Richter (2017), TV series
  • Blockbuster (2017)
  • Perverts (2016), TV series
  • Dr. Richter (2016), TV series
  • Spring, come! (2016)
  • Red Bracelets (2015), TV series
  • Eternal Cold (2015)
  • Concerned, or Love of Evil (2015), TV series
  • Homeland (2015), TV series
  • About Love (2015)
  • Without Borders (2015)
  • Fedka (2014)
  • Second Life (2014)
  • Demons (2014)
  • Fast Moscow-Russia (2014)
  • Scorpio in the palm of your hand (2013)
  • Dialogs (2013)
  • Nowhere to rush (2012)
  • Holiday Locked (2012)
  • I will be near (2012)
  • Until the night breaks (2012)
  • Moms (2012)
  • Jeanne (2011), TV series
  • Close Gate (2009)
  • Brothers Karamazov (2009), TV series
  • I (2009)
  • Merry Men (2009)
  • The bride at all costs (2009)
  • Human Rights Stories (2008)
  • Nirvana (2008)
  • Revenge: The Other Side of Love (2007)
  • Other (2007), TV series
  • Mermaid (2007)
  • Private order (2007), TV series
  • You will not leave me (2006)
  • Feline Waltz (2006)
  • ... one case of bird flu (2005)
  • Carousel (2005), TV series
  • Lord of the Air (2004)
  • Taxi Driver (2004), TV series
  • Night seller (2004)
  • Masha (2004)
  • Tea, coffee, dance. (2003), TV series
  • Odyssey 1989 (2003)
  • Fireworks (2003)
  • Boomer (2003)
  • Throw March (2003)
  • Freshman (2002)
  • Tomorrow's birthday (2001)


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