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Dmitry Larin is a popular blogger on YouTube video hosting. Dmitry has acquired a multi-million army of fans for the fact that he is not afraid to express his own opinion. In 2017, his channel has more than two million subscribers, and this number is constantly growing. The future video blogger was born on November 29, 1988 in the Arkhangelsk region, grew up and raised with his brother and sister.

Blogger Dmitry Larin

Dmitry does not like to make his personal life public, therefore, information about childhood and youth of Larina is scarce. For example, the guy did not tell fans who his parents worked for. But according to rumors, his father worked as a prison guard.

Dmitry admitted that he often spent time in a village located near the exclusion zone - a penal colony. Therefore, it is not surprising that a young man who wandered far from home found human bones. According to Larin, there were cases when he played football in the yard, and there were former criminals in the boy’s company.

Dmitry Larin in childhood

How Larin studied at school - one can only guess. Having received a certificate of maturity, the young man continued his education. His choice fell on the Arkhangelsk Institute. In high school, Larin became interested in video games and his father, who knew that games interfere with his studies, came to a dormitory and took the most expensive thing from his offspring - a computer.

Therefore, to dilute boredom, Dmitry read literature. Moreover, not only classic books, but also Hunter Thompson's gonzo-journalism, notes of American stand-up comedian George Carlin and psychological books of Robert Glover fell into the hands of the future blogger.

Dmitry Larin in 2017

It is worth saying that Dmitry did not stay long as a student: the guy was not interested in studying, so he did not receive a diploma of higher education. Rumor has it that Larin dropped out of four educational institutions after the first course. To earn a living, self-taught Larin, like Glorious Friend, worked at the freelance exchange, was engaged in the layout of web pages and programming.


Two years later, Dmitry Larin began to earn good amounts. But, as you know, money is not the most important thing in life: at one time Dmitry had problems with strong drinks, and having quit drinking, Larin got stuck in depression. Therefore, in order to overcome melancholy, Dmitry Larin created his own blog on YouTube video hosting, setting himself tough conditions.

Dmitry Larin

Larin wrote on the sheet that if in a certain period of time he did not gain a million subscribers, he would commit suicide. The first channel called “LarinShow” was created by Dmitry in 2012. However, it did not last long due to the fact that other popular figures of YouTube - Pasha Mikus and Sasha Spilberg - claimed copyright infringement. Since then, Larin does not like winers (vine - a short video from 10 to 20 seconds, these are the videos that Mikus shoots).

Therefore, two years later, Dmitry created a second page - “Relarin”, on which he posted videos and at the same time fought to unlock his first channel. But as soon as LarinShow returned to working condition, it again became the blogger’s main channel.

From the biography of the stand-up, it is known that Dmitry acquired a multi-million army of fans after creating the “Larin against” column, where he criticizes the work of his colleagues in the shop. The popularity of the video blogger began to grow when Andrei Nifedov responded on the Omskoe TV channel.

It is noteworthy that well-known figures of YouTube, for example, Katya Klep, Milena Chizhova, Nikita Lol, Nikolay Sobolev and other Internet stars, fell under the analysis of flights. Therefore, Larina can hardly be called a welcome guest in a blogging party, and the young man himself adheres to the policy of an outsider.

Smiling Dmitry Larin

Someone overlooks Dmitry’s criticism, while others engage in open hostility with Larin, which is being monitored by netizens. For example, the confrontation of Yuri Khovansky and Larin is watched by everyone who is not lazy. The bone of contention between the two bloggers was a video where Larin speaks impartially about stand-up Khovansky.

Yuri, in turn, answered the provocateur with a song and their conflict grew to such an extent that in the end Khovansky and Larin clashed on the Versus Battle. Participants showing their skills at Versus compete in verbal art. Therefore, the duel between the two YouTube has become a kind of know-how, because, as a rule, representatives of the rap community participate in the battle, and, as you know, Khovansky and Larin were far from hip-hop culture.

Dmitry Larin and Yuri Khovansky

The Khovansky and Larina Battle, which took place in June 2016, scored more than 2.5 million views per day, which was a record for the Versus Battle show, while the epic duel of Oksimiron and Joniboy, which went down in the history of world hip-hop, scored 1 million in 24 hours. Dmitry appeared at the battle in black clothes, saying that it was mourning for Khovansky’s career and his media fate. However, Larin lost to his opponent.

“I probably did not have enough luck. Maybe I was stingy with the text and invested in poetry, but not in anger. This is my mistake, I think. Khovansky instilled in himself the evil spirit of egregore and did something unimaginable. I don’t even hate him so much, ”Dmitry admitted at the end of the fight.

Personal life

Larin is a mysterious person, positioning himself as a misanthrope, childfree and introvert, as well as, according to some subscribers, Larin is a sexist. In one of the videos, Dmitry, without a twinge of conscience, slapped a girl who is in the community criticized by the blogger. Larin also has a reputation as a well-read scholar, but those who are not among his fans believe that Dmitry is an ordinary intellectual with basic knowledge of psychology and biology.

Dmitry Larin

Also, according to rumors, Larin is the creative pseudonym of a young man, so a rumor appeared on the Web that in fact his name is Dmitry Utkin. As for the personal life of Larina, she is like a book with seven seals. Dmitry does not like to share the details of what remains behind the scenes, however, according to the guesses of Internet users, the blogger met with Eldar Dzharakhov's ex-girlfriend Julia Resh, but soon the relationship of the lovers failed.

Dmitry Larin and Julia Resh

It is not known whether Larin has a soul mate now, but it is worth noting that Dmitry made ambiguous hints at the show of the Big Russian Boss that his heart was not free. Dmitry admitted that he is independent of social networks, so the blogger is not registered on VKontakte. However, Larin uses Instagram, where he uploads numerous photos.

Dmitry Larin now

Larin continues to develop the channel on YouTube and releases videos. In 2017, the battle of Dmitry Larin and Eldar Dzharakhov took place, which scored 7.7 million views per day, breaking the records of Versus.

Dmitry Larin and Eldar Dzharakhov

Although Eldar is even lower than the head of his rival (Eldar's height is 157 cm, and Larina is 179 cm), he won a grand victory in the match.

Dmitry Alexandrovich Larin (Utkin) on social networks:

The life story of Dmitry Larin is one of the most closed in comparison with the biographies of the other bloggers known on the network. All that is known is that before the glory on the Internet, the young man never did anything serious. Where does this conclusion come from?

Dmitry Larin (real surname - Utkin) was born on November 29, 1987 in a village located near Arkhangelsk and around which correctional colonies were located. There were few entertainments in the village, therefore, as Larin recalls, sometimes he even played soccer with criminals in the zone.

To begin with - he did not finish his studies at the university, leaving him halfway. Then I never had a permanent job, I was on freelance design and programming. By the time the young man decided to create his channel, he was in the deepest depression.

The first channel was registered LarinShow, it happened at the end of 2012. Stand up videos from this resource went unnoticed for a long time, but then Dmitry launched the LARIN AGAIN project, in which he began to make fun of his colleagues.

The first high-profile conflict over this with the blogger Andrei Nefyodov simply blew up the Internet and brought the first glory to the blogger. It is difficult to say what it was - really a quarrel or mutual PR, but the fact remains - a large audience learned about Larin.

True, then, due to subsequent conflicts with Sasha Spielberg and Pasha Mikus, the channel was blocked due to the appeal of the latter about violations of their copyrights.

Larin had to open a new Relarin channel and fight to remove restrictions from the first. At the moment, both resources exist, but the first is active and popular, and the second is gradually fading and is considered abandoned.

In general, over the entire career of a blogger, several of his main projects can be distinguished:

  • Larin against - discussion and criticism of famous bloggers,
  • “Night on Earth” video chat. Its essence is that Larin real-time jokes and talks on topical issues,
  • The digest of my head - scoring news that is interesting to the blogger himself
  • Periscope to hell - Larin enters the Periscope program and just watches a video of people unknown to him. If something catches him, he throws them off to his subscribers. Thanks to this simple move, an ordinary person may suddenly experience a full sell-out on broadcasts.

In his videos, Dmitry is presented to people not from the best side - biliary, cynical, in some ways a woman hater. But many of his subscribers are sure that this is only a stage image, and in life their idol is completely different. Whether this is so is difficult to say.

Some interesting facts about Larin:

  • He is an ardent atheist and childfree,
  • Able and plays ukulele and guitar,
  • He is very lonely.

True, the last fact can be argued. Officially, Dmitry is not married and does not cover his personal life. It is known that he once met with another video blogger - Julia Resh, after which he met with Ksenia Ushakova, at the beginning of 2018 Dmitry broke up with her.

In addition to conducting his channel, Dmitry was seen in conducting public lectures. So in October 2014 at the Kuban State University, Larin held a lecture on the topic “Video blogging. Create an image. Content. "

On it, he frankly told that his channel brings him money and does not see the point in doing anything else.

At the same presentation, Dmitry told how exactly you can make money on YouTube. The blogger called the creation of absolutely unique video content the basis of such earnings. Secondary, processed information is not interesting to anyone, we need really unusual and interesting videos.

In 2016, Larin had a conflict with Yuri Khovansky, which was resolved by means of the Versus battle, where Yura won.

Dima often criticizes other bloggers, his video “Kolya Hater” - against Nikolai Sobolev and “Larin against” - got a huge amount of views on YouTube against everyone.

In 2017, after a conflict in Versus BPM, he fought with Eldar Dzharakhov and played the deceased LSP member Roma Englishman in the video “Body”.

Also in 2017, the popular blogger turned 30 years old, in honor of this, he released a clip, which, thanks to a beautiful visual performance, collected more than 7 million views.

Edit video

One of the issues Night on Earth


Dmitry, by his own admission, started blogging, being in a deep depression.

March 9, 2015 made a full-fledged stand-up show. One of Dmitry’s main projects is “Night on Earth”, in which Larin in an unobtrusive way communicates with his interlocutors in chat roulette. Also on the channel is the program “Digest of My Head”, in which Dmitry Larin shares his thoughts. There is a program “Larin steps” in which a blogger walks the streets of St. Petersburg and also expresses his thoughts. In addition, the channel broadcasts "What is wrong with you, scum?", "Only facts" and others.

It posts its videos on YouTube, until 2016 also posted announcements on VKontakte.

He himself describes the main areas in which he acts - stand-up comedy, analytics, criticism, satire. In form, these are monologues in the style of a stand-up, sketches, dialogs in the video chat, demonstration and analysis of the activities of popular media characters, directions and phenomena.

As he calls himself: “Comedian. Critic. Innovator."

In 2016, Larin had a dispute with Vilsakom. It all started with a video by Larin, in which he criticized youtuber who won the Like-2016 award at the Widfest festival.

In July 2016, his channel reached 1 million subscribers. Having received a reward from YouTube for the achieved million viewers on his channel, the “comedian, critic and innovator” defiantly (on camera) threw it into the river, thereby saying that he was giving it to viewers on the YouTube channel (then, however, her subscribers picked her up).

Edit YouTube Channel larinshow

55x55 - GRAS (feat. Larin)

# LARINPROTIV from 11/21/2016 - the most popular video on the larinshow channel (17 million views)

December 22, 2012 opened the channel on YouTube larinshow, which as of April 2017 has about 2 million subscribers and 322 million views.

LARIN AGAINST - Nikolay Sobolev (insults and hypocrisy)

From the self-description of the channel (as of April 2017):

Dmitry Larin is me. I do not have VK and Twitter - I do not know who you take for me there.
I do various shows like Larin Against, video chat Night on Earth, What to Read, Larin Walks, Skinning, and others. Amazing Stories and more, Live Blogs yet, yes.
The channel is intended for an audience of 21+. If you are younger, I recommend unsubscribing and forgetting (for a while) the channel Dmitry Larina.
If you want to help the project, then you should not throw off shekels to us, you can simply subscribe to the channel.

The profile shows instagram Ig zloilarin (500 thousand subscribers), public VKontakte larining , google + (3 thousand subscribers).

Among the friendly channels ("FRIENDS") in the right column of YouTube’s profile are Sokolovsky !, YES NIL, Dumkin, Martelliada, Yulik, YourBunnyChannel, Comprehending Tlen.

Edit Larin against

The project that brought Larin the greatest popularity was Larin against, in which Dmitry expresses his opinion about other video bloggers using the example of their own video. Very often, Larin severely criticizes the “heroes” of the program. This, in turn, led to a conflict with many YouTube users, which caused Larin to lose his first YouTube channel. On his website larinshow.ru posted banned on YouTube issues of "Larin Against."

Edit Versus Battle

He participated in the rap battle Versus Battle, which led him to rise in popularity, despite the defeat.

First he arranged an “epic show” (rap battle) in which he fought against Yuri Khovansky (MC Khovansky) and lost to the latter.

In April 2017, he participated in the battle against Eldar Dzharakhov, in which he lost according to the results of a spectator vote. Thanks to Larina’s hesitations, such memes appeared as: # fifteenth year, #give water, #moznovody, # 15year important.

Lukomorye describes the incident as follows:

Versus Larina with the verbal giant Dzharakhov is generally a miserable sight. Larin had never before fallen so low and never disgraced so much. It was some kind of beating by a baby. Of course, respect for the participants for incredible efforts, but everything turned out very awful. The music (beat) is very loud, the participants forget the text, do not pronounce the words, go astray ... Many were really sorry for both of them, and especially the poor and mediocre Larin, who was very hard to give his long rounds. Especially the last one, which he barely finished with the help of the warm support of others and the leading Restaurateur.

Interesting facts

  • Larin lived 300 meters from the prison.
  • Kartavit, as well as Vladimir Ulyanov, Ilya Khrabrov and Vestovoy.
  • Dmitry’s appearance is similar to that of the Russian prose writer Varlam Shalamov, author of the collection “Kolyma Tales”.
  • Childfree, supports abortion and in one issue expressed hope for the death of a newborn, shown in the video
  • Larin - Lacto-vegetarian and atheist
  • Larin has a younger fifteen-year-old sister
  • Larin does not understand cars at all, a busy highway scares him
  • Now Dmitry is actively trying to open his own sperm bank.
  • He studied at three universities as a programmer and chemist, but dropped out of each after the first year.
  • His favorite band is Placebo. When asked why, he answered: “Well, because they are very cool, and they helped me a lot in one depressive period of my life. “Everything was very bad for me, and I listened to the songs and realized that everything could be much worse, and it was such a black shoulder that I leaned on and went around the world laughing at depression.”

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YouTube career

The result of the confrontation of opinions was the blocking of his channel (due to the charges put forward by Pavel Mikus and Sasha Spielberg about the violation of their intellectual property rights). In 2014, Dmitry was forced to open a second channel, but over time, he managed to remove restrictions from the first.

Having unwound his channel, Larin moved to St. Petersburg. Over time, he earned enough money to buy his own apartment in a house on Peredovikov Street.

Subsequently, the blogger brought to the audience a series of video projects, experimenting with genre content and forms of presentation of the material. For example, “Night on Earth” - pranks and live chat in anonymous video chat. Or - “The Digest of My Head”, where he thought about life, “What is wrong with you, scum?”, Dedicated to answers to questions of a certain category of viewers, “Larin steps” - a peculiar description of places and what is happening during walks in St. Petersburg.

In October 2014, a lecture by Dmitry was held at the Kuban State University of Krasnodar, in which he shared the secrets of successful promotion of video materials on YouTube.

Stand-Up and Versus

At the end of 2015, he challenged his long-time opponent Yuri Khovansky to the Versus Battle. Their fight took place in March 2016 and ended in the defeat of Larin. By the beginning of 2017, this rap battle had collected more than 24 million views on YouTube and became one of the most popular, losing only to the meetings of Oximiron with Johnnyboy and Purulent.

Despite the frequent accusations of snobbery and pseudo-intelligence, the video blogger has repeatedly demonstrated his outstanding abilities, including in the field of cinema. In early June 2016, he released the short film "Taste of Victory." Funds for a professional short-film camera were raised by his loyal subscribers. His “pen test” had mixed reviews from viewers and critics, but he stated that he intended to continue work in this area.

When Larin opposed the Ready Steady Go auto show about luxury cars, one of the program’s creators, blogger and singer Nikolai Sobolev, called Dima to a rap duel, but was refused. Next came Larina’s clip entitled “Kolya - Hater” (a parody of Vitalik Pika’s hit “Patimaker”). This first YouTube video was watched 15 million times by 2017 (while the original, Pikey’s song, had only interested 4 million viewers at that time).

Presented in November of the same year, the second musical rap video “Larin against”, created by him on the basis of the track “Cops” of the collective “Mushrooms”, also became one of the most popular videos of Dmitry Larin.

Creative activity

Previously, he positioned himself as a cynic and critic of the Russian-language YouTube, now Dmitry is fond of music and blockchain. At first he shot short films, most often ending with a far from happy ending, and not short sketches, as many people think. I worked for some time on the Internet radio station Maddyson.FM by Ilya Maddison. In 2013, the first issue of the show “Larin Against” was released, in which Dmitry criticized the figures of the Russian-speaking YouTube (and other famous personalities, collectives). This brought him first fame.

March 9, 2015 held his first stand-up program in the cities of Russia.

In December 2015, he called video blogger Yuri Khovansky for a rap battle as part of the Versus Battle online show. In March 2016, the competition itself took place, during which Larin was defeated, but this did not prevent Dmitry from gaining a new audience.

On June 24, 2016, the first rap music video was released. The video titled “# colehater” was a remix of Vitaliy Pika’s song “Path Maker”, which was popular at the time of release. Also, this video was a response to "#Dimanesses" - an appeal by Nikolai Sobolev to fight him in the next rap battle. The video was very successful and gained 22.9 million views, while the original work had only 8.5 million views.

On November 21, 2016, he released the video “# larin against” (this time a remix for the song “Cops” of the group “Mushrooms”), in which he criticized his colleagues on YouTube (Bumchik, Volodya Rzhavogo, Ivangaya, Karina Streimersha and many others) , and also called for battle rapper Rickey F, who, according to Dmitry, wrote rounds to Khovansky. On January 5, 2017, the third clip of Larin (now deleted or hidden) was released, which was called “#khovangreben” and was a diss on Yuri Khovansky, who had a little earlier released a video clip “Forgive me, Oksimiron”, in which he devoted Dmitry the second half of the track.

On April 2, 2017, he again took part in the Versus Battle show, where he fought with blogger and musician Eldar Dzharakhov. Despite the fact that this battle was not litigated, and no winners were chosen, many noted that Larin showed himself much worse than Dzharakhov. During the contest Dmitry after the words “fifteenth year"Forgot his text and all the time asked to give him water, which quickly became an Internet meme. A bit later, the video blogger released a video on his channel in which he performed a forgotten verse.

On July 14, 2017, he released his fourth clip entitled “Song lyrics” - as The-Flow website noted, “not a diss or a cover of“ Mushrooms ”, but an author’s material”

On October 2, 2017, a video clip was released for the song “Body” of the LSP group, in which Larin played the role of the recently deceased member of the group, Roman Sasheko (better known as Roma the Englishman).

December 23, 2017 Larin released a video for the song “30 Years”, dedicated to his birthday. And seven days later, on December 30, there is a video clip “New Year”, dedicated to the New Year. Now the clip has been deleted, because not all the audience Larina realized that this was a joke. significance of fact? source not specified 213 days

On August 16, 2018 Larin released a video for the song "# Apocalypse Today." significance of fact? source not specified 213 days

On November 6, 2018, he released a video for the song “LUTOVOLK”, in which vocals were implemented, which is an innovation in the work of Dmitry Larin. The clip was mostly positively received by Internet users. significance of fact? source not specified 213 days

On November 16, 2018, a video clip for the song “Uff ... Money ...” MORGENSTERN was released, in which Larin played drums.

May 7, 2019, for an unknown reason, hid all the videos on his channel. In August of the same year, Larin after the stream opened some videos, the main open videos on the channel - clips, a review of the cartoon "Peppa Pig" and a video with Alexander Nevzorov.

September 9, 2019 on Dmitry’s channel a new video was released “LARIN: THE LONG WAY”.

YouTube buttons

Dmitry is known for his dismissive attitude to YouTube buttons, attributed to the achievement of a certain number of subscribers to video hosting.

In an interview with Life.ru, the blogger explained his position:

I believe that in the pursuit of regalia, bonuses and numbers, most YouTube figures lose their original purpose, if any.

A silver button, a reward for 100,000 subscribers, Larin screwed his toilet bowl to the flushing cistern.

But the golden button, for a million subscribers, Dmitry threw into the Moscow River. At the same time, he launched the “Diver-challenge” (challenge - from the English “challenge”), inviting anyone who wants to dive behind this button and assign it to himself. People who accepted his challenge were indeed found.


Watch the video: почему ты их ещё не смотришь ? (April 2020).