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Does Jay Mara have a wife, children? Big family?

The participant of the popular musical project “SONGS” Jay Mar - Nikita Lukashev devotes successes to his family. He says that the most important thing in life for him is his wife and children, for whom he creates music. The family has four people - his wife Galina and children, Andryusha 4 years old and Mie just 7 months old, they are his main support.

Nikita Lukashev on social networks:

Nikita was brought up in a simple family, not related to music. From childhood, he grew up an active, sociable, inquisitive child. At school, the boy studied well, he had no problems with behavior. Having received a certificate of maturity, Lukashev entered the local university, chose the faculty of service and tourism.

In the late 2000s, Nikita worked as a sound engineer for some time, collaborated with rap artists in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. It was then that he realized that he was developing in the wrong direction. So Nikita Lukashev began to write lyrics, and soon to rap. The young man was one of the founders of several music groups at once: CRTM and Incognito.

In 2010, Nikita began to actively participate in rap battles under the nickname Johnny Marr. At the independent festival "Hip-Hop.ru" the Sakhalin resident took the third place. Soon he met a talented girl named Jane (in reality, Eugene Lavrentiev). Having talked closer, they realized that they needed to join forces and created the JoniJane project.

In the summer of 2017, Nikita and Zhenya applied for participation in the musical project “Songs”. So they got into one of the broadcasts of the show, where the comedian, resident of Comedy Club Semyon Slepakov, was a guest of the program. A bright, ambitious duet presented to the jury an author's composition called "Current". After its execution, not all members of the jury were satisfied.

The first to speak was Timati, who generally liked the performance of Nikita and Eugenia, but in his team he sees only one member of this duet. The rapper noted Nikita's unusual low voice with a hoarse hoarse voice and suggested that he go on a solo voyage.

Maxim Fadeev was not so categorical, emphasized that he sees this "young, slightly green duet" only as a whole. Despite minor flaws, blots in the performance, producer of the label Malfa missed the group “JoniJane” in the next round of the musical experiment “Songs”. An experienced guru of domestic show business advised me to work hard and develop potential.

Semyon Slepakov did not share the joys of his colleagues and smashed the performance of Nikita and Eugenia to the nines. The comedian had no feed, no energy, he said that the statement of the performance did not match the lyrics. As a result, a strict member of the jury swipe left, but this did not affect the further participation of the guys in the project.

Eventually Nikita really began to perform solo, this helped him get into the team to Timati and continue to participate in the popular music television show.

Childhood and youth

In high school, Lukashev began to develop as a musician - the guy wrote texts, read rap, and later worked as a sound engineer. At some point, Nikita realized that music was his true calling, and soon the rap party in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk learned about him as a talented soloist of the CRTM and Incognito bands. After graduation, Nikita, however, entered the faculty of service and tourism at a local university.

In 2010, the rapper, already known on the island under the name “Lukic,” took the bright pseudonym Johnny Marr, which he still uses today.

Show "Songs"

The duet introduced the song "Tok", which immediately became a hit after the broadcast. However, the performance of the musical tandem was received by the jury coolly - in particular, Slepakov voted against the further participation of musicians in the project. Nevertheless, the guys managed to get to the next stage of selection.

As a result of the casting, Nikita, already without his partner, joined the team of Timati and began to fight for the main prize - a 5 millionth contract with his label Black Star. To participate in the show, Lukashev reduced his stage name to “Jay Mar”.

Jay Mar Biography

Not all stars of show business are minions of fate. Some of them do not rely on fortune, choosing the thorny path of self-development and hard work on themselves. This path was also chosen by Jay Mar, a singer from Russia, who achieved and is succeeding only through working on himself. We’ll tell about him.

Biography of Maria Minogarova

Maria Minogarova was born March 15, 1989 in Krasnodar, in the family of an architect and hairdresser.

Since childhood, the girl dreamed of becoming a model, but entered the faculty of management and psychology of Kuban State University.

In the second year, Maria went to work as a correspondent on Krasnodar television. After moving to Moscow, the girl trained on the channels "Yu" and "MuzTV".

Maria is a very versatile person, in addition to working as a model and presenter, she is also interested in music. The girl can often be seen as a DJ at various parties.

Maria’s first major project was the show “Top Model in Russian”. The girl easily passed a casting for a project hosted by Ksenia Sobchak. Many of those who took part in the project said that Minogarova became one of the most positive and energetic on the project.

She was a model agency Point, worked with designers at shows in Paris, Cannes, Nice, Monte Carlo.

In 2015, she was awarded the title of best model at Russian Fashion Week in Moscow.

She starred in the videos of the Christmas Tree and Dima Bilan.

In 2018, she accepted the offer to become a co-host of the Podium show.

Maria is in a relationship with businessman Pavel Alekseev.

Jay Mar: biography

Jay Mar is one of those artists who did not rely on luck, but achieved popularity and fame with their own zeal and dedication. And, as it turned out, it is to such people that luck likes to turn their faces - in 2018, the rapper managed not only to pass the casting to participate in the “Songs” show on TNT TV channel, but also reached the final of the project, demonstrating professionalism and high performance.


Traditionally, the young man began his career in “big rap” with the so-called battles - a kind of rapper competition in which everyone tries to surpass his opponent in the technique of reading texts, as well as in wit and ability to improvise. Often, the musician also won prizes.

Rapper Jay Mar

After some time, Nikita Lukashev decided to move to the Northern capital. The young man rightly reasoned that in a big city he would have more chances to become popular nationwide.

Jay Mara’s calculations were justified: in St. Petersburg, the musician met other talented performers and like-minded people, and also met Yevgeny Lavrentyeva (known under the pseudonym Jane), with whom he joined the JoniJane team. The newly-minted group soon became popular among fans of the genre, but the real fame came to the musicians later.

Jay Mar and Jane

In 2018, Nikita and Eugene went to the casting of the TV show "Songs" of the TNT channel. The essence of this project is a musical competition between participants who get the opportunity to win a sum of money and a contract with a record company.

Such a tempting offer did not leave beginner musicians indifferent, and many talented performers tried to pass the preliminary selection.

Jay Mar in the show "Songs"

The judges of the project were eminent producers Timati, Maxim Fadeev and Semyon Slepakov. They had to decide which of the numerous participants in several casting rounds deserves to compete for participation in the final of the program. The honor of transmitting went to the comedian Pavel Wola.

Nikita and Eugene are well prepared for the first meeting with the judges. The pair presented a song called "Current". Immediately after the broadcast of the program, this song became popular and was distributed to players and playlists of fans of the genre. But the jury did not share such enthusiasm.

Jara Mara's song “You're Still Here”

Moreover, Semyon Slepakov even voted against the musicians, believing that it was time for Jay Mar and Jane to go home. Fortunately, Nikita managed to get into the next round, however, already without Evgenia Lavrentieva.

The mentor and curator of Nikita on the project was rapper Timati. In addition to Lukashev, the team of “Mr. Black Star” included performers Ronny, PLC, Lesha Bankes, Nazima Janibekova, Oleg Ternova and other contestants. For several weeks, participants improved the style of execution, honed professionalism and learned to solve completely different tasks that the judges set before them.

Song of Dana Sokolova, Solomon and Jay Mara “Let me go”

For example, contestants performed covers for compositions by Timati and other popular rappers, as well as united with each other in duets and tried their best to impress the audience and members of the jury.

As Nikita Lukashev later admitted in an interview, he did not expect to go so far. The young man was sure that he would leave the project among the first, but Jay's talent allowed him to reach the finals. The main rivals of Nikita were the performers of Solomon, NaZima, DanyMuse, Terry and PLC. Unfortunately, Lukashev did not manage to take a prize.

Ronnie and Jay Mara's song "Baby in a Million"

The winner of the project was Terry (Oleg Ternova) - the young man got five million rubles and the opportunity to record an album under the label "Black Star". Another lucky person who signed a contract with Timati's record company was DanyMuse (Daniil Burtsev). And Kristina Kosheleva received a contract from Maxim Fadeev and his company MALFA.

Personal life

Jay Mar is used to sharing details of his creative biography with fans, but the musician prefers to keep quiet about his personal life.

Jay Mar with his son

On the Web you can find information that Nikita Lukashev has a wife and two children, and on the singer’s Instagram there is a photo with a little boy. However, no details of the rapper’s family life are yet known to journalists.


When a musician reads rap and wants to get recognition, audience and popularity, he is looking for a place where he can do it as quickly and cool as possible. Rap Battle is the perfect solution. Nikita Lukashev went there.

Rap Battle is a musical competition between two rap artists. At the same time, the rapper should not only read his texts well, but also be witty enough to give a sharp answer to the enemy, be able to improvise and serve himself. Jay Marr was able to do all this, so he won quite often, deserving the recognition of both judges and the local public.

The next step in the career of a young performer was moving to a larger city. Jay Mar moved to St. Petersburg, believing that the city, where all talented people from different regions come together, will allow him to better express himself and achieve the long-awaited success in the musical field.

So it happened: in St. Petersburg, Nikita quickly joined the music party and met with the talented performer Jane (Eugenia Lavrentieva). They liked one style, and soon the guys thought that it would be cool to unite and create music together. Together they formed the JoniJane group. Their songs were liked, but so far only by a narrow audience who loved and listened to this genre. The guys understood: you need to come up with something that will sound about their music throughout Russia.

In 2018, the Joni Jane team came to the casting of the popular television show “Songs” on the TNT channel. The meaning of this project was a musical competition between its participants. The winner wins a cash prize (5 million rubles) and signs a contract with a record company. Such a win would be useful to the guys, and in general they have long wanted to try themselves at some casting. It is time for popularity.

The performers were judged by well-known producers of Russia: Timati, Slepakov, Fadeev. They needed to decide whether the JoniJane casting for the TV show would take place or not. Moreover: it depended on them who the audience would see in the final of the TV show. Conducted a popular TV show Pavel Volya, who diluted the tense atmosphere with good jokes, relaxing the nervous performers.

At the casting, the musical group Joni Jane performed the song “Talk”. After the television broadcast, this song sharply became popular, but the judges, unfortunately the guys and the audience, did not like it. Semyon Slepakov voted against the guys, wishing them a good drive home. Evgenia Lavrentieva really failed to pass the casting, but Jay Mar remained.

On a television project, Timati was the mentor of Nikita. There were other guys in his team, such as Ronny, Lesha Bankes, Nazima Janibekova, Oleg Ternovoi, PLC. For several weeks, the performers worked on themselves, learned songs, dance, presentation and solved other tasks that were needed for a cool performance.

The performances were cool and the audience liked. The participants performed covers of songs by Timati and other popular rappers, performed in duets and gave all the best.

After the project, Nikita Lukashev gave an interview to reporters, in which he said that he did not think to go to the very end. He generally doubted whether the casting would take place. But he succeeded - and the audience saw him in the final of the project along with such participants as NaZima, Solomon, Terry and others.

Alas, it was not possible to become the winner of the TV show and get the main prize of Jay Mar. Terry took the prize place - he received 5 million rubles and recorded an album under the Black Star label. Performers DanyMuse and Kristina Kosheleva also received and signed contracts: Daniil - with Timati, Kristina - with Maxim Fadeev.


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