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Nick Vuychich
Nick Wuјichiћ

Vujcic in 2016
Birth nameNicholas James Vuychich
Date of BirthDecember 4, 1982 (1982-12-04) (age 37)
Place of BirthMelbourne, Victoria, Australia
Citizenship Australia
Occupationmotivational speaker
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Nicolas James (Nick) Vujcic (Serb. Nick Vuјichiћ, born Nicholas James Vujicic, born December 4, 1982, Melbourne, Australia) is an Australian motivational speaker, philanthropist, writer and singer, born with tetraamelia syndrome - a rare hereditary disease that leads to the absence of all four limbs.

«My mission is to help people find their way in life."He says. Experiencing disability in childhood, he learned to live with his disability, sharing his experience with others and becoming a world famous motivational speaker. His speeches are mainly addressed to children and youth (including people with disabilities), in the hope of enhancing their search for the meaning of life and the development of their abilities, and consist of discussions about Christianity, God, providence, free will.


Nick Vuychich (more accurate transcription of his last name - Vuichich ) was born in a family of Serbian emigrants Boris and Dushka Vujicici. From birth, he had a rare genetic pathology (tetraamelia): the boy lacked full arms and legs, but there was one partial foot with two fused fingers, which allowed the boy to learn how to walk, swim, ride a skateboard, surfboard, work on a computer and write after surgical separation of the fingers.

Despite physical disabilities, he began attending a school for the disabled, but as soon as the Australian law on disabled people in Australia changed in the early 1990s, his parents insisted that their son attend regular schools.

At ten, Nicholas decided to drown himself. He told his mother that he wanted to swim, and asked to take him to the bath. Here is what he recalls about these minutes: “I tried to turn my face into the water, but it was very difficult to stay in that position. I didn’t succeed. But in this short time, I very clearly presented the picture of my funeral - here are my dad and mother ... And then I realized that I could not hurt them, I could not kill myself. After all, all that I saw from my parents is a huge love for me».

Since 1999, he began performing in churches, prisons, schools and orphanages and soon opened the non-profit organization Life Without Limbs, starting charity work and helping people with disabilities around the world.

In 2005, Nick Vuychich was nominated for the Young Australian of the Year Award.

In 2009, he starred in the movie “Butterfly Circus”, which tells about a man without limbs, Will, and his fate.

In 2011, he wrote and performed the song “Something More”, to which a video clip was later filmed. Right in the middle of the clip, a fragment of an interview with Nick is shown, where he says that at the age of 10 he tried to commit suicide. At the moment, this video clip has gained over 6.8 million views on YouTube.

He traveled to many countries around the world, speaking at schools, universities and other organizations. Participates in television shows and writes books. His first book is Life Without Borders. The path to an amazingly happy life ”(eng. Life Without Limits: Inspiration for a Ridiculously Good Life) was released in 2010, in 2012 it was translated into Russian.

Lives in the USA, in the city of Los Angeles, California. Believing in the power of dreams and the possibility of a miracle, Vuychich holds a pair of boots in his closet - in the hope that he will need them someday.

On March 28 and 29, 2015, Nick Vuychich spoke for the first time in Russia (in Moscow and St. Petersburg) with the motivational lecture “Life Without Borders”. Russia became the 55th country that Vuychich visited as a motivational speaker. In his speech at the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, he called: “It all starts with a dream! Yes, not every dream comes true. But I saw a lot of people who achieved their goals ... Therefore, dream. And dream big» .

On April 11, 2015, he took part in the talk show “Tonight with Andrei Malakhov” on the First Channel of Russian Television, and a year later, in two issues of his “Let They Talk” program. significance of fact?

October 18, 2017 gives a lecture “Motivation for life” at the World Festival of Youth and Students in Sochi.

November 27, 2017 took part in the forum "Synergy Global Forum 2017".

Personal life

Father - Boris Vuychich, Protestant pastor, mother - Dushka Vuychich, works as a nurse. Nick Vujicic is a believing Christian and belongs to the evangelical church.

On February 12, 2012, he married Kanae Miyahara. February 13, 2013 they had a son - Kiyoshi James Vuychich. On August 7, 2015, the couple had a second son, Dejan Levy. Like the first child, he is absolutely healthy. On December 20, 2017, Nick Vuychich became the father of two twin girls - Olivia and Elli Vuychich.

Photo: Nick Vuychich

Nick Vuychich: biography

A guy without arms and legs is not Nick's only nickname. In the homeland of his ancestors - in Serbia, he is also known as Mr. Jastuk (translated from Serbian ‘pillow’). You can read about this in the Wikipedia version in Serbian.

Nick's family hails from the former Yugoslavia. He never mentioned the region from which his relatives left. Vujicic is a surname common in three countries located in the former Yugoslavia: Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

According to Serbian historical sources, in the region of modern Bosnia in the 16th century the Vujici clan lived. Near the town of Banja Luka there are settlements where most people bear the name Vuychich. The first Vujici in the area of ​​Belgrade, the Serbian capital, have been mentioned in sources since 1518. In Croatia, near the town of Makarska, there is a village called Vujici.

Interestingly, the most famous enlightener in the Balkans, Vuk Karadzic, who created the literary Serbian language, is referred to in the written sources of 1867 as Vujicic. Probably, the desire for education is characteristic of many owners of this family name.

In many sources you can find information that Nick's parents are immigrants. Vuychich himself in one of the books wrote that his grandparents emigrated to Australia after the Second World War. They were Protestants and could not live peacefully under the communist regime. Nick has relatives in the US and Canada.

Nick's parents met in a Protestant church in Melbourne. Dushka - Nick's mother - mastered nursing at the Royal Children's Hospital of Victoria, and Boris - father - worked as an accountant. He later decided to become a pastor.

Nick is not the only child of Dushka and Boris. He has brother Aron and sister Michelle. In his books, Vuychich writes that he communicates with parents every day through various social networks and instant messengers. But in December 1982, his birth was a shock to Dushka and Boris and a serious test of their faith in God. Nick himself in one of the books wrote that he was reconciled with God only at the age of 15, and was baptized when he was 19 years old.

After birth, it became clear that Nick had tetraamelia syndrome. This is a rare disease in which people are born without limbs. He was born on December 4, 1982, and 10 years later, the UN General Assembly established International Day of Persons with Disabilities on December 3. Some fans of Vuychich tend to see a certain symbolism in this.

Parents for a long time did not know how to live with a disabled child. They even discussed the issue of giving it to the upbringing of grandparents who agreed to take care of their grandson.

In 1989, parents decided to move to the United States, believing that there are better conditions for caring for the disabled. Not far from Los Angeles lived the brother of Boris Bata Vuychich, who was engaged in the construction business and promised to help the family the first time. He persuaded Boris to get a work visa. In addition, in the area where Bata lived, many Serb Protestants lived, which would facilitate adaptation.

After receiving a work visa, the family moved and settled in the house of Bata, who had six children. But the move was not as rosy as it seemed to Dushka and Boris. High real estate prices in California did not allow to buy their own home, Dushka could not work as a nurse without a license, and the school program was very different from the Australian one, which created problems for children in learning.

As a result, having lived for several months in the USA, the family returned to Brisbane, Australia. Boris got a job teaching computer science at a local technical college, and Dushka devoted herself to raising children.

In his speeches, Nick loves to joke that in his early childhood he could only use his head and so developed his intelligence. But at the same time he admits that his childhood was bleak. He was thinking about suicide.

Australian education laws allowed him to go to regular school. Nick was the first child with special needs to attend an ordinary Australian school. In high school, he was elected chairman of the school board. Despite serious difficulties, he managed to graduate from high school and enroll at the University of Brisbane. He is a specialist in finance.

At 17, he delivered a speech to students and realized that he had found his destiny in life. He began to give motivational speeches and help other disabled people. Vuychich starred in the movie, wrote a song and several books. He refused the artificial prostheses that the doctors offered him, saying that he had learned to accept himself for who he is.

His name has become a household name. So, for example, Ali Turganbekov is called Kazakhstan Vuychich. There is Russian Nick Vuychich - Sergey Burlakov, Belarusian - Alexey Talay.

Each performance of Nick gathers thousands of listeners. Many admit that they were also helped by hugs with the speaker, and not just his speech.

Nick Vuychich, whose books have been translated into many languages ​​of the world, continues to work and amaze him with his cheerfulness and desire to help others.

Nick Vuychich: Sermons

Nick Vuychich, whose biography serves as an example of inspiration for millions of people, often gives lectures in which he talks about how to find peace in the soul.

One of his most famous speeches at the TEDex conference in the Serbian city of Novi Sad took place in 2012. Vuychich talked about how to turn walls into doors. He surprised the audience with a statement that there was a closet with shoes in his house.

Nick lives, believing in a miracle. The idea of ​​hope is present in all his speeches and books. He says that everyone needs hope. Everyone faces difficulties. But he has a choice either to be angry at what he does not have, or to rejoice at what he has.

Nick said that for the first 15 years he asked God to give him arms and legs and was angry with the Creator because a miracle did not happen. Then he realized that if God does not perform a miracle for him, God probably needs his life as evidence of a miracle for others.

Another important thought that Vuychich preaches is that you will always be unhappy with yourself, but your life can be a miracle for others. The idea that he can help others came to Nick after a triumphant performance in front of students at the age of 17.

You need to accept yourself and realize your purpose in life, says Nick. He claims that each person is valuable in his own right, and this value does not depend on income, occupation or appearance.

Vuychich says that he has repeatedly encountered the hostile attitude of others. He was told that he was defective and would never be happy. He likes to repeat that words have tremendous power. Even in the life of a healthy person there are those who psychologically depreciate him, make him doubt his abilities or achievements.

But Nick is sure that hugs are stronger than words, and faith allows you to overcome any difficulties and find peace of mind. It is he who helps turn walls into doors.

Books by Nick Vuychich talk about how to live without limits. He published five works that suggest how to build a happy family, overcome violence, find happiness and inner harmony.

Nick Vuychich, whose quotes from his speeches help to cope with many everyday problems, I am sure that life can become good, you just need to make such a decision for yourself.

Nick Vuychich: the childhood of an unusual child

He was born into a family of Serbian immigrants in Australia. Born with a rare diagnosis - tetraamelia, which means a complete absence of limbs. Nick’s mother did not approach the child for several months, and the despair of healthy parents knew no bounds.

But one fine day, calling the only sprout that Nick had instead of his leg a “leg,” the parents adopted the child, and never let go.

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It was so hard for Nick to study in a regular school that once, at the age of 10, he had the thought of drowning in his own bath. And introducing his funeral, crying parents, he realized that this is not an option. He could not do this to his parents.

«I tried to turn my face into the water, but it was very difficult to stay in that position. I didn’t succeed. But in this short time, I very clearly presented the picture of my funeral - here are my dad and mother ... And then I realized that I could not hurt them, I could not kill myself. After all, all that I saw from my parents is a huge love for me, ”Recalls Nick.

And since then, Nick began to prove to himself, his parents and the whole world that he is a full-fledged part of him, and that he was created for something great.

Nick Vuychich: charity

After graduating from college at the age of 21 and receiving a bachelor's degree in finance, and later in accounting, Nick Vuychich became a successful businessman.

But Nick was really pleased to give lectures in prisons, hospitals, kindergartens with the basic idea: “Laugh more, be grateful to a life that has no boundaries!”

Having embarked on the path of charity back in 1999, the guy realized: this is exactly what will give him a real goal in life. Nick Vuychich began to write books, which were immediately translated into many languages ​​of the world, and became bestsellers.

Namely: “Life without borders”, “Be strong. You can overcome violence ”,“ Love without borders. The path to tremendously strong love. "

Nick also starred in the movie Butterfly Circus (2009), which reveals the story of a man who was born without arms and legs.

Nick Vuychich: the power of love

Nick Vuychich, this unusual, and on the other hand so simple and charming guy, won the heart of Kanae Miyahara, whom he married in 2012, and which gave him two absolutely healthy boys.

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In June 2017, on Father’s Day, Nick announced another amazing piece of news through social networks: his wife is pregnant with twins! The gender of the kids is still unknown, but there is speculation that these are two more boys.

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Today, Nick still continues to write books, travel, go swimming, tennis, hold seminars, and give people his humor, warmth and unprecedented thirst for life.

The life story of this person is unusual, but it is always filled with happiness, joy, fearlessness, willpower and the desire to live as fully as possible. After all, as Nick Vuychich says, all fears and limitations are just a figment of our fantasies.

And one fine day he ceased to limit himself, and simply began to live.


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Name and surname:Nick Vuychich
Name in English:Nick vujicic
Year of birth:1982
Birthday:December 4th
Place of Birth:Australia, Melbourne
Occupation:motivational speaker, writer
Height:99 cm.
Weight:30 kg
Eastern horoscope:Dog
Social network: Facebook Twitter Instagram Wikipedia

Birth and disease

December 4, 1982, Melbourne. The long-awaited first-born appeared in the family of Serbian émigrés of Vujicić - nurse Dushka and pastor Boris. Anticipation of joy from the expected event gave way to shock, stupor. Newly made parents, and all the hospital staff, were confused by what they saw - the baby was born without arms and legs, although during pregnancy the ultrasound did not show any abnormalities.

Pity and fear - a mixture of just such feelings, parents experienced in the first months of their son’s life. A sea of ​​shed tears and endless questions tormented them day and night for several months, until one day they decided to live, just live, not look into the distant future, solve tasks with small steps and rejoice that their family was given fate.

Early years

Nicholas grew up in a pious family. Each morning and evening was marked for him by a prayer to the Almighty. What a little boy could ask in his situation is easy to guess.

When a child regularly asks for something, deep down he hopes to receive it equally or later. But from prayers, hands and feet, alas, will not grow. In place of faith, an oppressive disappointment gradually came, which eventually grew into a severe depression.

At 10 years old, the one who in the future wants to imitate millions of healthy, prosperous people, is determined to commit suicide ... Then love saved her from a terrible step, yes, it is this notorious feeling. Lying in a bathtub filled to the brim, he woke up to see his parents bending over his grave. Love froze in their eyes, mixed with the pain of loss.

Refusal of suicide did not relieve the teenager of suffering, but instilled in him the realization that even with congenital tetraamelia syndrome you can live fully. Nick began to hard train his only limb - a tiny semblance of a foot.

At first, Nick attended a specialized school for the disabled, but when the law on the disabled changed in Australia in the early 90s, he insisted on going to a regular school along with ordinary children. Needless to say, cruel children scoffed, hated their peers so different from them. Nick found solace in weekly Sunday trips to church school.

Later, the Brisbane University of Griffin will gladly accept a guy who has already grown up, has gathered worldly wisdom. During this time, Nick underwent surgical intervention and received a kind of finger on the existing appendix on the site of his left leg. Thanks to the strength of mind, he learned to work with their help on the computer, fish, play football, ride a surfboard and a skateboard, serve himself in a domestic way and even move around.

Further way

Nick Vuychich received two higher educations - he is a bachelor in finance and accounting. However, this high merit did not give him a personal respite: Nick, seemingly fragile and helpless, continued to improve himself.

In the end, Nick Vuychich found his destiny in life. If earlier he was sure that God had deprived him of his grace, then later on, the realization of the significance of his own ailment elevated him above the others. It was thanks to external inferiority that he was able to show the contrasting strength and fortitude of the spirit.

Since 1999, he has been conducting preaching work, which today represents work unprecedented in geographical breadth and the strength of psychological impact.

As Nick himself claims, hundreds of thousands of roads are open before him, and the world is filled with people, and each of them has its own difficulties. He, as a messenger of goodwill, has something to tell them.

Schools, universities, prisons, orphanages, churches - from them Vuychich began his work, which is now defined capaciously - “motivational oratory”.

The fame for the disabled was universal participation in talk shows and programs, the organization of motivational meetings. At one of the first gatherings, people lined up to hug the person who helped them so. Subsequently, it grew into a pleasant tradition.

Butterfly Circus, a 2009 short film starring our hero, earned well-deserved fame and received a prize of $ 100,000 as part of the Dorpost Film Project charity project. In a couple of years, Nick will write and perform the song “Something More”, followed by a video screen, in the middle of which the author will make a personal confession.

In 2010, the first and most famous book by Nick Vuychich was published - Life Without Borders: The Path to a Stunningly Happy Life. On its pages, Nick frankly spoke about his life, hardships and difficulties and the experience of overcoming them. The book became a bestseller and forced hundreds of thousands of readers to reconsider their attitude to life and become happy.

The following works were devoted to the same topic: The Expendables, Be Strong, Love Without Borders, Infinity. Translated into several languages ​​of the world, they are not just a fiction of the psychological genre, they allow you to see solutions even through the prism of deep despair.

Nick Vuychich has a charity foundation that launched a campaign on a global scale. For his significant contribution to the development of mankind, he was noted with many awards - starting from his native Australia ("Young Australian of the Year") and ending with Russia ("Golden Diploma").

Special from birth

Nick was born in the Australian city of Brisbane on December 4, 1982. The doctors and the father of the boy, who was present at the birth, were speechless when they saw the baby - he did not have arms and legs. The mother of the baby could not understand why no one was happy, why her son was not shown to her.

Doctors suggested Vuychich’s parents refuse him, but dad and mother decided that God sent them such a child, which means that the boy will go home with them. Looking ahead, I’ll say that it was thanks to his father and mother that Nick became what he became.

Attempt to leave

At the age of 10, Nick Vuychich decided to voluntarily die. Before that, gathering his thoughts, he wrote a list of those things that are common for all of us that he will never be able to carry out - to get an education, get married, find a job, give birth to children.

"I thought I could not get married. Who needs a husband without arms and legs? And even if I got married, how would I hold my wife's hand? How would I dance with my bride at a wedding?" - Nick later told in an interview.

Fortunately, at that moment when the boy was already ready to commit the irreparable, his mother entered the room. Upon learning of her son’s intentions, the woman did not cry and fight in hysterics, but firmly promised her son that he would have everything he wants. And Nick believed her.

Living for the future

It is impossible to even imagine what kind of imagination Nick's parents had to include in order to provide his son with all his needs - washing, brushing his teeth, the ability to write, and other actions that are usual for us.

But he could. Vuychich graduated from high school, went to university, received an education and became an example for billions of people in the world, proving that you can live a full life without arms and legs.

A dream come true

Now Nick Vuychich is 36 years old. He has achieved a lot in life, but the famous motivational speaker considers his family - his wife and four children - to be his main achievement.

Wife Nika Kanae Miyahare gave birth to a beloved two sons and two daughters. The first-born of the couple was born on February 13, 2013, the second son in 2015, and the daughter-paws - December 20, 2017.

And now, looking at this full and happy family, the head of which provides and loves them without arms and legs, say that you cannot achieve something in life! He could, but is it difficult for you?

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Childhood and youth

Nicholas Vujicic was born in Melbourne in the family of Dushka and Boris Vujicic, emigrants from Serbia. At birth, the father was present in the maternity ward and saw the shoulder of a child without an arm. Out of fear, he ran out into the corridor, and after the end of childbirth he asked the doctor: "My son was born without a hand?" The doctor diagnosed with great regret:

“He has neither arms nor legs. This is tetraamelia. ”

The disease took the baby's hands, and from the lower extremities there was an underdeveloped foot with fused fingers. Surprisingly, with all the enormity of the physical condition, Nick was born completely healthy. His siblings also showed no abnormalities.

For the first 4 months, the mother did not allow the baby to reach her breast. Parents did not know how to deal with him. Gradually, month after month, parents began to get used to the special boy. They fell in love with him for who he is, with all the flaws and features.

Nick Vujicic is an avid surfer

A surgical operation performed immediately after birth allowed the toes to be divided. Thus, Nick got his only limb, the manipulator, with which he was to learn the world. This helped Vuychich learn to write and even ride a skateboard, starting from asphalt feet.

In childhood, physical disabilities depressed Nick. His parents insisted that his son go to a simple school, and the boy suffered from the realization of his own inferiority. In addition, children often poisoned him because he was different from them and could not answer them. When Nick was 6 years old, his cousin died of cancer, it was a great shock for Vuychich.

Nick Vuychich with his parents

At 10, he decided to commit suicide, but thoughts about loved ones kept him from a fatal step. The boy imagined what pain he would inflict on his loving people, and abandoned his terrible intention. Then Nick found himself in Christianity, realizing the power of divine love, which pervades the whole world and does not require him to be perfect.


At the age of 17, Vuychich first delivered a sermon to the parishioners of the church. At 19, he was asked to read a speech in front of the students of Griffith University, where he was studying at that time. The performance was a success and found a lively response among young Australians. Then for the first time Nick Vuychich realized that his calling and mission are to motivate others with the help of the word of God.

Preacher Nick Vuychich

The non-standard appearance, charm and love of life brought popularity to the young preacher, which allowed Vuychich in 1999 to establish a religious charity called Life Without Limbs. Over the years, Nick’s popularity on the continent has grown so much that in 2005 he was awarded the prestigious Young Australian of the Year Award.

Nick is constantly improving his level. He received 2 higher education - in accounting and financial planning. In addition to being the founder of Life Without Limbs, he is the owner of the motivation company Attitude Is Altitude.

Nick Vuychich loves to travel

To convey his worldview to a wide audience, Nick Vuychich gives lectures and sermons. He has visited 45 states and is constantly expanding the geography of his trips. In March 2015, he gave motivational lectures in Moscow and St. Petersburg. In India, 110 thousand people came to only one meeting with the speaker.

Vuychich has an excellent sense of humor. Once Nick had to fly to another lecture. He got on the plane, sat in front of the passengers and introduced himself as the captain of the plane. A moment of silence gave way to enthusiastic laughter and stormy applause.

Speech by Nick Vuychich in the Kremlin in 2016

Preaching the idea of ​​unconditional love, Nick held a hug marathon, where he embraced with 1,500 students. As part of social activities, a man uses the capabilities of the World Wide Web. Nick makes a video, maintains a blog and shares with fans the details of life on Instagram. In addition, Nick Vuychich writes books where he talks about fate and shares with readers thoughts about the place of man in the world.

Books and movies

Nick starred in the short film Joshua Weigel. The picture tells about the circus with unusual performers. Among his artists, an old man flying under the circus dome, a kind and graceful acrobat girl, a flexible person who fits in a suitcase. But the main role in the film is played by Vuychich. His hero is used as a living exhibit, tomatoes are thrown at him, everyone scoffs at him.

Nick Vuychich in the movie Butterfly Circus

The picture tells about a strong man who listened to the heart and, despite the absence of arms and legs, began to live a full life. The film motivates and inspires respect for Vuychich, because the plot is similar to Nick’s fate. This is one of the best motivational films in the opinion of the audience and the jury. He won first place at the Independent Film Festival in Ashland, Heartland, Sedona and Method Fest.

Nick's bibliography contains 4 bestsellers. Books tell about willpower, which can be brought up if you believe in yourself and strive to achieve a great goal. The first work of Vuychich “Life without borders. The path to an amazingly happy life ”was released in 2010. The book revealed to the world the phenomenon of a preacher, whose life is associated with great limitations.

Books by Nick Vuychich

In addition to the story about himself, Nick formulated on the pages of the publication the principles of a happy life. The absence of limbs does not prevent Vuychich from enjoying the joys of life, surfing, swimming, jumping from a springboard into the water. Its computer typing speed reaches 43 words per minute. The preacher told these and other amazing facts of his biography to readers.

After 3 years, Nick released the second work, The Expendables. The incredible power of faith in action. ”

The book of Nick Vuychich “The Expendables. The incredible power of faith in action ”

In the book, the speaker described in detail how he managed to turn faith into action. He paid much attention to the difficulties that every reader has to overcome every day. Soon followed by the publication of “Be strong. You can overcome violence (and everything that prevents you from living) ”, which was no less successful than previous books, it was also sorted into quotes.

Nick Vuychich now

Nick Vujicic continues to continue to carry his mission to the masses with inspiration. His trips and tours are scheduled for years to come. With lectures and speeches, a man is ready to go to the other end of the world to inspire desperate people with his own example. In this Vuychich sees his calling.

Nick Vuychich in Kiev in 2018

In 2018, the speaker visited Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as in major cities of Ukraine - in Lviv, Zhytomyr, Kiev, Odessa.


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