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Marta Igareda was born on August 24, 1983.

She participated in writing scripts for films: Imagine Laura (2010), 3 Idiots (2017), Marry if you can (2014).

She took part in the filming and dubbing of films: Coach (2015), Kings of the Streets (2008), Trump Aces 2: Death Ball (2010), etc., TV series: Carlos (2010), Hawaii 5-0 (2010-2017), Dear Doctor (2009-2016) and others.

Acted as a film producer: Imagine Laura (2010), Tierras Rojas (2014), Do not spot Frida (2016), etc.

Marta Igared

Martha Elba Higareda Cervantes

Mexican actress, screenwriter, producer.

Born on August 24, 1983 in Villahermos (Tabasco, Mexico) in the family of artist Jose Luis Igared and actress Marta Cervantes.

Since childhood, she was fond of dancing and performed in the drama club, and at the age of 14 she moved to Mexico City, where she became an actress of the theater. At the age of 15, she entered the Faculty of Mass Communications of the Institute of Technology and Higher Courses Monterrey. She studied acting at the Center for Arts and Comedy Gonzalo Correa (CAC), which she graduated in 2000.

The debut in the movie was the role of Renata in the melodrama "The Pain of Love" (2002). In 2006, she was included in the list of nominees for the Ariel Award for her role in the film Away from the Sky (2006).

A breakthrough in her career was the role of Adela Leon in the comedy “The Shrew Girl” (2007), which brought the actress the love of Mexican viewers.

In 2007, she starred as Valeria in the American horror film “Beyond Fear”. The first script was written for the melodrama “Imagine Laura” (2010), where she also played the main role.

The world viewer is best known as the performer of the role of detective Louise Ortega in the series “Modified Carbon” (2018).


In 2003, Igareda appeared in the Mexican melodramatic series “Fall in Love!” And the full-length film by John Sales “Foster Mothers”, in which the famous Hollywood actresses Daryl Hannah and Maggie Gyllenhaal starred.

Three years later, Martha got the main role in Carlos Carrera’s drama “Sex, Love and Other Perversions” - this work brought the girl the Mexican movie award “Silver Goddess”. In the same year, Igareda was nominated for the Mexican Academy Awards in the category "Best Supporting Actress" for her role in the thriller "Get Out of Heaven."

Childhood and youth

The birthplace of the actress is Villahermosa, the administrative center of one of the states of Mexico. At birth, the girl received a beautiful double name, which was joined by both surnames of her parents, Marta Elba Igareda Cervantes. Father and mother belonged to creative bohemia. Jose Luis Igareda gained fame as a talented artist, and actress Marta Cervantes adorned television screens and theater stages.

? Actress Martha Igareda

In such a creative family it was impossible to remain anonymous. Martha, along with her younger sister, was awaiting an acting career in the future. In childhood, the girl was fond of dancing - she lit jazz, flamenco as part of children's groups, performed folk dances. At the same time I tried to play on stage.

At age 14, a young Mexican moved to Mexico City. The country's capital opened up great opportunities for the development of talent, and soon Marta Igareda shone in the local theater.

The girl was distinguished by her abilities in school sciences, so at the age of 15 she joined the ranks of students at the Monterrey Institute of Technology, choosing the faculty of communications. The days of the beginning actress were scheduled by the minute: from the early morning Martha was gnawing at the granite of science, and after lunch she gained experience of acting at a theater school, and the weekend passed on the stages of theaters.

In her youth, Martha starred in commercials, in 1999, the debut of a burning brunette on television took place - the girl was invited as the host of the program on the Disney Channel.


A biography as an actress could begin at Igareda in 2000. Then the young beauty was called for the main role in the erotic film "And Your Mom, too," which Alfonso Cuaron was planning to shoot. The girl successfully passed the samples and received official approval to play the companion of the hero of the picture. But suddenly the authors of the project found out - Marta had not yet come of age. The fact that the 17-year-old girl would have to undress on camera was out of the question. The filmmakers replaced the budding actress with an older performer.

The experienced and perspicacious Cuaron still did not let Igareda go for good reason - he advised him to enter the Faculty of Performing Arts, while noting a great acting gift.

Martha made her film debut in 2002. The girl was incredibly lucky: at the start of her career, she immediately got the main role. And not just anywhere, but in the Shakespearean interpretation of Romeo and Juliet, directed by Fernando Sarignana. In the film entitled “It Hurts to Love,” the aspiring actress shone with the director’s heiress Jimena Sarignana, and the lover of the heroine Martha, a girl from high society, was Luis Fernando Peña, whose character was born in a poor working-class family.

After the premiere, a wave of spectator love fell on the girl, especially from the representatives of the stronger sex - it was men who awarded Marta with the nickname "Mexican cutie", which had to be worn for a long time.

The following year, Martha was snapped up by the directors. The schedule was densely filled with filming in four tapes at once - “Fall in love!”, “Sleeping woman”, “Elias dream” and “Foster mothers”. The latter was fortunate enough to meet Hollywood actresses Daryl Hannah and Maggie Gyllenhaal.

The rewards for the work did not keep themselves waiting long. In 2005, Igareda received the “Silver Goddess”, established by Mexican cinema, for the lead role in the film “Sex, Love and Other Perversions”. And the film “Away from Heaven” brought a nomination for the prestigious Mexican Academy Awards.

In 2007, Martha Igareda became an idol among teenagers, having reincarnated in the production of Fernando Sarignana “The obstinate girl” into a daring, uncontrollable and stubborn punk teenager.

The same segment of life was marked for the Mexican actress with an exit to the Hollywood movie arena. The girl first played in an American-made film, "Beyond Fear." At the premiere of the thriller from the director Zev Berman, she met a future agent who persuaded to leave Mexico and move to Los Angeles. What Igareda did.

Hollywood welcomed the actress warmly. Immediately, Martha got a role in the crime thriller “Kings of the Streets”, where screen stars Keanu Reeves, Chris Evans, Forest Whitaker came together. The picture was a success, collecting three times more money than they spent on shooting.

After the Hollywood debut, I had to return to my homeland, where Marta managed to strengthen her popularity by working on the melodrama "Imagine Laura." The girl acted in the title role and as a screenwriter of the film, which became a hit in Mexico for three months.

In 2012, Igareda replenished the Mayahuel Award piggy bank. So noted the brilliant work of the actress in the comedy of Tom Gustafson "Mariachi".

The actress did not abandon the profession of screenwriter, subsequently creating a story for the film "Marry If You Can" (2014). This picture is notable for the fact that for the first time, along with Martha, her sister starred in the film.

The audience of Latin America praised the production - it has become one of the leaders in hire. And the best praise was the invitation from the Americans to participate in the serial film about doctors “Dear Doctor”, in which Martha Igareda played in eight episodes.

In 2015, the director Nicky Caro decided to turn to the recent past and shoot the real story of the victory of the school team of athletes that happened in the late 80s. In the picture “Coach” Marta is also involved.

Of the recent bright works of the actress, the comedy “Do Not Spot Frida” (2016), which she also produced, and “Three Idiots” (2017) became. The first film exceeded all expectations for box office, managed to recapture the spent budget nine times. And the second tape is noteworthy in that it is a parody of a Bollywood production of the same name.

Personal life

In 2007, rumors circulated in the press that Martha Igareda was having an affair with handsome Keanu Reeves, with whom she shared the set of the film “Kings of the Streets”. But a few months later, to the disappointment of the fans, the fact of a romantic relationship was not confirmed.

Today, a charming brunette is married. Mexican chosen was a colleague in the workshop Corey Brasso. Young people met in Los Angeles in 2011. The newlyweds decided to hide the wedding ceremony from prying eyes, secretly marrying in late spring 2016 in Hawaii. Fans, as well as representatives of show business, learned about such an important event only when the couple took to the red carpet after the premiere of "Do Not Spot Frida."


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