16 facts about Brian Cranston


Name: Bryan Cranston

Birthday: March 7 1956 (63 years old)

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, USA

Height: 179 cm

Weight: 76 kg

Eastern horoscope: A monkey

Career: Foreign actors 579 place

Brian Cranston Biography

1. Childhood in a family of actors.

The baby was born on March 7, 1956 in the small town of San Fernando, which is located in the sunny state of California. His parents were involved in cinema. Mother (Olry Cell) and father (Joseph Cranston) starred in films. Also in the family were brought up two more babies.

2. Financial problems.

Despite the fact that the Cranstons were part of a fairly profitable movie business, they did not manage to live in abundance. Soon, Brian's parents had a number of problems, they were on the verge of complete bankruptcy. A man and a woman laid down their home and could not devote much time to raising children.

The boy and his brother went to live with their grandparents, who devoted all their free attention to the formation of the guys.

3. Communication with the father.

The emerging financial problems caused Brian's dad to leave the family. At this time, the guy was only eleven years old! It was possible to restore the lost connection only after a lot of time, when the brothers had already graduated from high school. Despite all the past grievances, the future actor talked with his father until his death in 2014.

4. Growing up next to Hollywood.

The guy studied well enough, he successfully graduated from a school called "Canoga Park", and then went to a local college. He never managed to get a higher education, the young man firmly decided to do everything possible to realize his main dream. He strove to become a famous actor!

The financial situation of the teenager was difficult, the young man earned money by various part-time jobs (for example, he was a loader for a long time). The mother was against such son’s acting undertakings, as she was disappointed in this profession from her own experience.

5. On the way to a dream.

The chosen road turned out to be very difficult, the directors and producers were not interested in the services of a promising guy. Despite the first setbacks, Brian worked tirelessly. He had many professional and thematic seminars behind him, he came to auditions weekly and tried to get any job.

Tom Felton and Emma Watson

Cranston understood that it was impossible to stay in one place for a long time. Soon, he decides to radically change his life and go to New York. This event was the starting point of the career of the future world star. He began to receive episodic roles in small films and series. He also has several appearances in commercials.

7. The first success.

Occasional roles did not give the young man a chance to reveal his talent to the full extent. The first truly major opportunity to establish itself was the role of Douglas Donovan in the serial film "Endless Love." The guy became an integral part of this project and continuously participated in the filming for two whole years (from 1983 to 1985). A couple of years later, he starred in episodic roles in the cult films The X-Files and Saving Private Ryan. He received his first major roles a little later.

8. Recognition of the world community.

They started talking about the extraordinary talent of the guy in 2000, when the man began working on the TV series “Malcolm in the Spotlight”. Film critics appreciated the work of Brian, the actor was nominated for three Emmy Awards. The comedy series is about the life of a middle-class family, whose members constantly find themselves in awkward situations. The actor himself played the role of the head of the family.

9. "Breaking Bad."

A real breakthrough for Cranston was the participation in a project called "Breaking Bad." The man very well played the role of the terminally ill chemistry teacher Walter White, who for the sake of his family was ready to step over all moral principles.

A former teacher decides to take a risky step and start brewing a potent narcotic substance with his former student Jesse Pinkman. Brian phenomenally played all the character's emotional experiences. In just a couple of seasons, Walter White has completely evolved and changed his worldview, which has turned from an insecure school teacher into a real monster of the illegal industry.

The phrase "I am not in danger, Skyler. I am the danger! ”And she added to the list of iconic quotes of the entire film industry. It was this role that brought the actor not only worldwide fame, but also a huge number of awards. He won several Emmys and Golden Globes at once.

Dean Norris has also gained widespread popularity thanks to the series Breaking Bad.

10. Subsequent proposals.

An experienced actor was simply bombarded with various offers! Now he did not have to go through various castings, the directors themselves tried to get Cranston. He starred in the film "Operation Argo", "Scam undercover" and in "Trembo" (it was this film that brought the star the first Oscar nomination). A man can easily perform any role. He is invited to become part of both serious dramatic films and light comedies.

Life and career

Born March 7, 1956 in the city of San Fernando, California. Mother - Audrey Peggy Cell, actress, father - Joseph Louis Cranston, actor and producer. In addition to Brian, two more children grew up in the family. Cranston later spoke of his parents as follows: “My parents were both broken people, disabled, and they coped with the role of parents with difficulty. They were incapacitated, and we had to lay the house. Then they simply kicked us out. ” After that, Brian and his brother were mainly raised by their grandparents.

Grew in Los Angeles, where he first graduated from high school Canoga park en and then graduated from college Los angeles valley en . At 23, already dreaming of an acting career, he moonlighted as a loader. Determined to become an actor, Cranston went around a lot of acting workshops and auditions in Los Angeles.

A year later, he moved to New York, where he "starred mainly in commercials, industrial films and soap operas." Among these literally episodic roles stood out the series Endless Love en, where Cranston created the first major image in his career - Douglas Donovan. He constantly reincarnated into it from 1983 to 1985.

In 2000, he began work on the television series "Malcolm in the Spotlight", for the role of Hal in which he was awarded three nominations for the Emmy Award.

Eight years later, he made his debut in the project of the channel AMC "Breaking Bad." Cranston's character is an older chemistry teacher, Walter White, who is diagnosed with lung cancer by doctors. In order to feed the family, White takes on the creation of narcotic drugs (methamphetamine) side by side with his former student Jesse Pinkman. The role of White brought Cranston worldwide popularity and four Emmy Awards for Best Actor in a drama television series.

Between filming in Breaking Bad Cranston played important roles in a number of films, including Drive, Recall All and Operation Argo. ”

In an interview with the magazine Rolling stone he admitted that he does not remember what fee he received for filming a project: “I do not want to pretend that money does not mean anything to me! But this is far from the main criterion when choosing a project on which I want to work. ”

Personal life

A big fan of baseball, since ancient times he has been a fan of the teams “Philadelphia Phillies” and “Los Angeles Dodgers”.

Cranston was married twice: for the first time (from 1977 to 1982) on the screenwriter Mickey Middleton, the second on actress Robin Dearden, whom he met on the set of the television series "Air Wolf". They have a daughter - Taylor Dearden Cranston (born 1993).

The childhood and youth of Brian Lee Cranston: first disappointments

Brian Lee Cranston was born into the family of actors Audrey Peggy Cell and Joseph Louis Cranston, in the city of Canoga Park in the San Fernando Valley in southern California. Brian's father dreamed all his life about the career of a screen star, but failed and took out his disappointment on his wife and children.

When the boy was 12 years old, his parents divorced, and soon after that, the Cranston family house was mortgaged and sold for debts. Adversity forced Brian and his older brother Kyle to move to their grandmother and grandfather for a year. The boys had not seen their father for ten years.

Now actor Brian Lee Cranston has many awards

At school, Brian was a diligent student, but a worthless athlete. A gifted child did not feel self-confidence. Later, the actor admits that school years were not the best time. He was too inconspicuous, quiet and defenseless. Excessive shyness made the boy an outsider, both literally and figuratively.

At the age of 16, Cranston joined the Los Angeles Police Department Reinforcement Program. The young man achieved significant success in the study of criminology and was about to begin his career as a policeman. However, when his mentor stated that Brian should take an optional course, Cranston decided to devote himself to art and quickly came to the conclusion that he was extremely talented and would certainly become an outstanding actor.

By 1976, Cranston finally parted with the dream of serving in the police. After school, Brian and Kyle went on motorcycles on a two-year tour of the country. The brothers traveled to many cities, occasionally stopping for rest, to relax and at the same time earn some money. Then they returned to settled life in California and decided to try their hand as actors.

Creativity of Brian Lee Cranston, filmography

An unplanned career and a disappointing life of his father forever engraved in Cranston's memory. Not wanting to repeat his fate, the aspiring actor took literally every role that he came across. His career began with participation in commercial projects and work on television.

This is how Billy Joe appeared in California Road Patrol (ChiPs), Douglas Donovan in Loving, Robert Hollis in Airwolf, several images in the popular television series She wrote the murder (Murder, She Wrote).

Madagascar 3. Brian Cranston

By the end of the 90s, Cranston became popular. Films and television series with his participation - “Rescuers of Malibu”, “Amazons on the Moon”, “Law of Los Angeles”, “Touch of an angel”, “Power Rangers”, “Deadly memory”, “Cool Walker: justice in Texas”, “Babylon 5”, “Sabrina is a little witch”, “Darling, I have reduced children!” And many others, have received recognition not only in the United States, but throughout the world.

The actor managed to avoid being tied to one genre and to any one image. Cranston brilliantly plays dramatic and comedic roles, without neglecting participation in police action films and in films in the fantasy genre.

In the 2000s, Cranston created the image of Hal, the founder of the sitcom, in the television series Malcolm in the Middle. Work on the project continued until 2006.

The most significant role of the actor was Walter White in the television drama "Breaking Bad" (Breaking Bad). The central character is a chemistry teacher with lung cancer. To ensure a comfortable life for the family after his death, Walter White and his student take up the manufacture of drugs ...

Brian Cranston and Claire Danes received the Guild Award.

Cranston read the script in 2006 and for the role of White in the project rejected the offer to take part in a very promising television show that started in 2008. The brilliantly performed role of the dying teacher put Cranston on a par with leading US actors and was repeatedly awarded the Emmy Award.

Brian Lee Cranston today

Cranton was the director, co-producer, and screenwriter of The Last Chance. He took part in the direction of some episodes in the television series Breaking Bad, Big Day, Malcolm in the Spotlight, Office, and the American Family. He managed to realize his cherished dream - to become an outstanding actor.

Almost every year, Cranston is awarded the prestigious Golden Globe, Emmy, Sputnik, Saturn awards for best male roles in the first and second roles in dramatic and comedy films and television series. Brian worked on the same site with actors such as Aaron Paul, Anna Gunn, Ar Jay Mitt and many others.

Now the actor continues his work in film and television. He has already created hundreds of the most diverse images in 190 films and series, his voice voiced many heroes of animated films, and in particular, the tiger Vitaly in the cult "Madagascar 3".

Other facts about Brian Cranston

12. Sports enthusiast.

Cranston is trying to keep fit. He regularly exercises in the gym and participates in multi-kilometer races. In his student days, he was a member of a baseball team, and now collects various fan items.

Also, the man is interested in big sports battles. For example, he is a recognized fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers and Philadelphia Phillies teams. An interesting incident happened during the Emmy Awards, when an actor told reporters that he loves his family even more than baseball.

13. Income.

Although Brian is considered a fairly high-paid actor, he does not put the financial issue at the forefront. The main criterion for choosing a role - it should be interesting for himself. In one of the interviews, the man even admitted that he did not remember at all how much money he received for certain shootings.

14. Winner of the star on the Walk of Fame.

Cranston is a very popular cast in the United States. The Hollywood community appreciated the man’s work with dignity, in 2013 he was awarded his own star on the Walk of Fame at number 2502. Family members were present at the ceremony. The man was also supported by his acting colleagues Aaron Paul and Jason Kachmarek, who starred with him in the TV series Breaking Bad and Malcolm in the Spotlight.

15. Support for Kevin Spacey.

American actor Kevin Spacey in a short period of time became a real outcast. He was accused of numerous harassment, his name was completely discredited. Brian in an interview expressed his opinion on this matter. He said that a man needs to be given a second chance, but he, in turn, must repent.

16. Short facts.

  • Cranston is 179 centimeters tall and weighs about 76 kilograms,
  • The zodiac sign of Brian is a fish,
  • In honor of the end of filming in the television series Breaking Bad, he and Aaron Paul got small tattoos. On the man’s finger is a small logo of this show,
  • The actor also owns the independent theater "Cinemas Palme d’Or in Palm Desert",
  • At home, he lives a dog named "Sugar",
  • Brian does not forget about charity, he recently donated a lot of money to support the fight against AIDS.


After graduating from high school, Brian Cranston once studied at a college in Los Angeles. At the same time, the young man attended acting seminars and auditions. To earn money for a living, Cranston had to look for a side job. For a while, the young man even worked as a loader.

A year later, Cranston dropped out of college and went to New York. Here luck smiled at him. A smiling guy, judging by the photos in his youth, attracted the attention of the creators of commercials, since Brian first starred in them. Then episodes in soap operas and low-budget melodramas began to trust Cranston.But Brian, remembering the sad experience of his father, in vain waiting for a star role, took on everything that was offered.

Brian Cranston in his youth

As it turned out, the chosen path was correct. After several years of filming in inconspicuous projects, the young actor was offered the main role in the rating melodrama Endless Love. A hero named Douglas Donovan was noticed and praised by viewers and critics. So began the stellar cinematic biography of Brian Cranston.

Cranston gained popularity in the late 1990s. During these years, bestsellers “Rescuers of Malibu”, “Flash”, “Law of Los Angeles”, “Cool Walker: Texas Justice” and “Darling, I Reduced Children!” Appeared on wide screens. The named projects have gained recognition in America and in Europe.

Brian Cranston in the series "How I Met Your Mother"

At the same time, Brian Cranston managed to avoid being tied to one role. The artist managed the images of the heroes of science fiction, comedy and action films. The actor also shone in melodramas and action films.

Cranston brought fame to the role of Hal in the popular TV series "Malcolm in the Spotlight." This project was broadcast from the beginning of 2000 to 2006. In 2005, the comedy series "How I Met Your Mother" began to be televised, which became rated and brought additional performers of the audience’s leading roles, including Brian Cranston.

Brian Cranston in the series "Malcolm in the Spotlight"

The most significant in the filmography of the Hollywood star is considered the drama "Breaking Bad." After reading the script of the film, Brian realized that this is the role that every actor has been waiting for many years. For the sake of working in the drama, Cranston refused to participate in the popular American show. And again he did the right thing. The hero of Brian - a cancer teacher with chemistry, Walter White - brought the actor three awards: Emmy, Golden Globe and the United States Screen Actors Guild.

Colleagues on the set of Cranston were Aaron Paul, Anna Gunn, Dean Norris and others.

Brian Cranston and Aaron Paul in the movie Breaking Bad

After completing the project, Brian got a tattoo with the BrBa logo on his finger to leave a memory of the series that brought him success. The artist shared that the star was not advised to get a tattoo, because no one would notice the inscription, but Cranston said that this was for him: the man himself sees a tattoo that makes him smile.

Aaron Paul also made a memorable inscription on his body: now on the inner side of the forearm of a young star the words “No Half Measures” flaunt, which means “No half measures”. Such words were said by the hero Mike Ermantraout to the hero of Cranston in season 3.

Brian Cranston in the movie Remember All

Among the projects of this time, Brian’s repertoire included the thriller Lincoln for the Lawyer, the drama Replacement Teacher, and the crime film Drive. Rating became the picture with the participation of Brian “Remember Everything” and “Operation Argo”.

In 2015, the master of Hollywood appears among the key characters in the biographical drama "Trumbo" about the life of an American screenwriter, who was accused of sympathizing with the communist regime and imprisoned.

Brian Cranston in the movie "Trambo"

For work in the film, Brian was nominated for an Oscar, Golden Globe, BAFTA, but the man never received a statuette.

In the film industry, Brian Cranston is known both as a successful actor and as a director and producer of a number of successful projects. The director’s repertoire includes the work “Last Chance”, “Office”, “Big Day” and “American Family”. In some, Brian played the main characters.

Brian Cranston in the TV series "American Family"

Cranston’s piggy bank has prestigious Golden Globe, Emmy, Sputnik and Saturn awards, and the filmography has about 200 titles. Brian is also known as a voice actor. The voice of the star of the screen is spoken by the heroes of the cult cartoon "Madagascar-3" and the equally popular animated films "Kung Fu Panda 3", "Batman: Year One", "The Simpsons".

In one interview, Brian admitted that although money is of considerable importance, fees have never been decisive in choosing roles. The main criterion has always been the proposed image and the desire to translate it on the screen.

Brian Cranston in the movie Undercover Scam

Cranston's performance can be envied even by young colleagues. Despite his venerable age, the artist remains in excellent professional shape and still participates in 4-5 film projects a year. Among the last premieres, the audience got the sympathy from the crime drama Scam Undercover, where Brian Cranston reincarnated as a federal agent introduced into the gang of the drug cartel Pablo Escobar.

Another significant work of the year was the main role in the drama "The Raccoon is to Blame." The hero of Brian, a successful lawyer, makes up his mind to live in prison in one day to see what will change in the world with the disappearance of a man.

Trailer for the comedy Why Why?

Cranston was able to try on the role of the warlike dad, who begins the campaign to disqualify his daughter’s boyfriend, in the comedy “Why is he?”. The young generation of heroes in this story was represented by James Franco and Zoe Deutsch. The theme of the film was to Brian's taste, there was something to think about during the elaboration of the image, because the actor himself is the happy father of a young beauty.

Brian Cranston in the movie Power Rangers

A year later, the artist appeared in a secondary role in the action movie The Power Rangers, in an episode of the British science fiction series Electric Dreams of Philip K. Dick, which he produced. In the movie drama "The Creator Woe" brothers James Franco and Dave Franco on the reverse side of the life of Hollywood stars, Cranston played himself.

Brian Cranston now

In September 2017, viewers saw the artist starring in the drama The Untouchables. This film is a remake of the French tape “1 + 1”, in which Omar C and Francois Cluse played key roles. And if the public and critics took the original well, the new version was coldly received.

Cranston played the paralyzed rich man Philip, and the role of a black assistant with a criminal past went to Kevin Hart. And in the background loomed the charming Nicole Kidman, who received the image of Yvonne.

Brian Cranston in the movie The Untouchables

As a result, critics concluded that it was pleasant to look at such a male duet: both actors were in their place. But why is it necessary to retake the already successful picture?

Then Cranston appeared in the main image in the film "The Last Wave of the Flag." The male colleagues on the set were actors Steve Carell and Lawrence Fishborn.

In August 2018, the release of the cartoon "Island of Dogs" is scheduled, where Brian voiced the central character.

In 2018, Brian Cranston will be seen in the film "Ivan, the one and only"

Today, two projects with the participation of Brian Cranston - “Ivan, the one and only” and “Jackpot” are in the production stage at once.

According to rumors, the image of the main characters will be tried on by the famous artist in the fantasy film "London Fog" and the action movie "The Unknown: Luck Drake."


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