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Name: Nikolai Lukinsky (Nikolai Lukinskii)

Middle name: Alexandrovich

Birthday: July 20 1960 (59 years old)

Place of Birth: Novosibirsk city

Height: 185 cm

Weight: 88 kg

Eastern horoscope: Rat

Career: Comedians 115 place

Biography of Nikolai Lukinsky

Nikolai Lukinsky is a well-known Russian comedian, known for his performances in the Full House program and some other comedy projects. Once upon a time, a monologue brought a special fame to the artist - the story of a black student, beginning and ending with the phrase "Happy New Year. Fuck on fig. "

Since then, these very words and this stage image have become the main hallmark of a comedian. But what else do we know about him? We will try today to close all the gaps and tell you all the most interesting things about the life of Nikolai Lukinsky.

The early years, childhood and the family of Nikolai Lukinsky

However, after graduating from high school, Nikolai did not even think of entering a circus school or theater university. At that time, he did not take pop art seriously, and so he chose a technical specialty for himself and soon applied to the Novosibirsk Institute of Water Transport Engineers. In this place, Nikolai Lukinsky studied for several years, and then went to Moscow, where he soon entered the Energy Institute. After that, the future artist worked for some time in Mozdok, where he worked as a senior technician and was engaged in the adjustment and diagnostics of aircraft equipment. A few years later, our today's hero left this profession and began to teach the basics of computer science in one of the schools there.

According to the parodist himself, work in Mozdok and Moscow only contributed to the development of his sense of humor. The love of practical jokes and pantomimes never disappeared in the soul of Nikolai Lukinsky, and therefore at some point he finally decided to try his hand at what he loved. Our today's hero began performing on stage for the first time in the city of Smolensk, or rather, in his youth variety theater. In this place, the future famous artist played exclusively supporting roles, and sometimes did not even appear on stage, working exclusively with sounds and voice. Some time later, without leaving engineering activity, the artist also began performing at student events, as well as various "national" concerts, where he played small comic scenes.

Star Trek comedian Nikolai Lukinsky

Indeed, it was Izmailov who organized the first speeches by Lukinsky on television. In 1995, the novice comedian appeared in his author's program “Show Dossier”, in the framework of which he performed several stage numbers. The performance turned out to be successful, and therefore, soon Nikolai was invited to a more significant project - “Full House” of Regina Dubovitskaya.

In the last of these projects, our today's hero first appeared with a number telling about a negligent opera singer who performed his compositions exclusively under the soundtrack. This stage number turned out to be quite successful, however, despite this, he did not bring much fame to the artist. The guy’s next work is a completely different matter - a number telling about the adventures in Moscow of a black student from Zimbabwe. The main “trick” of this issue was the phrase “Happy New Year. Fuck nafig, which subsequently "went to the people" and became "winged."

Thanks to this monologue, Nikolai Lukinsky gained wide popularity among ordinary viewers. Subsequently, the famous comedian made several "sequels" of the famous story about a Zimbabwean student, and also presented the audience with a series of parodies of famous figures of the Soviet and Russian pop.

Subsequently, already as an established star, Nikolai Lukinsky took part in the project “King of the Ring”, where famous artists competed as boxers. It is noteworthy that as a result of this television project, it was our today's hero who tried on the gold belt of the champion.

Nikolai Lukinsky today

Five years later, without interrupting his performances as a parody, Nikolai Lukinsky also became a member of the Two Stars program, which aired on the Russian Channel One. The competition of the singers was not as successful for the comedian as sports, and therefore the artist achieved a rather modest result according to the results of the program.

Currently, Nikolai Lukinsky continues to act as a comedian. He often tours in Russia, and also regularly replenishes his creative asset with new numbers. Monologues for him are written, as a rule, by other artists. However, Lukinsky himself, at times, is involved in the creation of humorous texts.

Novosibirsk Institute of Water Transport Engineers.

He began studying at the "future pop star" at the Novosibirsk Institute of Water Transport Engineers, and continued at the Electromechanical Faculty of the Smolensk branch of the Moscow Power Engineering Institute (MPEI). After graduation, he served as a senior technician in aviation equipment in Mozdok, and then for three years he taught the basics of computer science and computer engineering at a vocational school and school, which also contributed to the development of a sense of humor and ironic attitude to reality.
"Unfortunately, I did not have and did not have the talent of an engineer."

The program “So far, everyone is at home” is visiting the comedian Nikolai Lukinsky (life story, biography, from Nikolai Lukinsky himself and his family).

To receive guests of Timur Kizyakov - Nikolay is helped by mother Tatyana Ivanovna, wife Irina, daughter Dasha and grandson Alex.
Life stories, biography of Lukinsky Nikolai, in the circle of his closest relatives. Among them there is always an eyewitness who, as they say, “will not let you lie,” and will necessarily add from himself something that you will not hear anywhere else.

Turn in career.

The first roles were played in the Smolensk Youth Variety Theater while studying at the institute. According to Nikolai, he especially succeeded in playing the roles of the noise of a falling body and steps behind the stage. The first skits were made in student skits, however, neither Zhirinovsky nor Vinokur were listed in the banter objects. However, the experience gained was enough to soon become a laureate of the "Laughter in a Bag" competition and to be noticed by Lyon Izmailov himself.


The path to glory was strewn with thorns. To punch the road to the professional stage, I had to shake for a long time from Smolensk to the capital by train. But it was worth it. Lyon Izmailov approved some of the performances of the novice artist, and accepted him into his theater, in which Lukinsky has toured since 1990. In 1995, he made his television debut in Izmailov’s Show Dossier. And later, Lyon Izmayilov made a patronage to the “Full House” program.
Firsthand: “I consider Lyon Izmailov to be my teacher and friend, mentor, it was thanks to him that I started working on the stage at the highest professional level.”

A constant member of the "Full House".

For the "Full House" Nikolai Lukinsky could then offer Regina Dubovitskaya only one number - "Opera Singer", singing to a soundtrack that cannot be turned off. However, everyone liked this scene so much that since then Lukinsky has been an unchanging member of the Full House.
A new stage in his creative biography was the evening call of the satirical writer Anatoly Ras and his categorical demand to tell about the new issue only on condition that his interlocutor put on his head a nylon black stocking and an earflap. So the image of a student who came from Zimbabwe appeared, who became the visiting card of Nikolai Lukinsky.
Firsthand: "I wanted to run for the deputies somehow, they told me it’s impossible, you have black PR."

Instant reincarnation.

Using the technique of instant transformation, Nikolai Lukinsky created a gallery of folk characters and colloquial artists on the stage. He is the author of parodies of Altov, Zadornov, Gorbachev, Zhirinovsky and many other famous people. A parody is a grotesque, a desire to make the audience laugh, and not an attempt to ridicule one or another character, Nikolay believes, and therefore his texts have more aesthetics and good humor, not ridicule.


“Once I performed a parody of Yan Arlazorov. My hero ran for president and gathered a team. I told one viewer:“ Man, you have a curly forelock, will you be Chubais, ”I asked the other:“ Can you kick in? ”And, having received affirmative answer, took him as Kiriyenko, etc. And at this concert I saw that a black guy was sitting in the front row and was laughing heartily, although it was clear that he understood almost nothing. from the audience: “Take this man?” Everyone shouted: “Take!” And I said: “This t man I will be Chernomyrdin! "" Such success, as at that time, I have not had. "

Second education.

Nikolai Lukinsky - graduated from the Russian Academy of Theater Arts (RATI-GITIS), the variety department, specializing in directing, with the Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, professor, candidate of psychological sciences, head. Department of Variety of the Russian Academy of Arts (GITIS) - Mikhail Borisovich Borisov. Nikolai believes that during his studies, a completely different professional world opened up before him, much more voluminous than before.

TV show on the first "King of the Ring".

In July 2008, Nikolai Lukinsky became the "King of the Ring", winning the first show of the first TV channel. On the way to the finals, he did not suffer a single defeat! ”
However, boxing champion was fond of since childhood. My older brother once brought me to the section, but of the two in this sport, only Nikolai lingered, getting to the first junior level. To stay in shape, he now daily pulls a weight, which stands on a balcon. It was thanks to the sport, on the advice of the coach, that he once chose the Institute of Water Transport for admission, where there was a good sports base.
Nikolay believes that boxing is the sport that instills courage in young people, the ability to stand up in the most difficult situations of life, to keep a punch.
At the “King of the Ring”, he surpassed everyone in technology, but did not finish a single knockout match. In the final, he defeated Andrei Chernyshev, who was thirteen years younger.
Firsthand: “The fact is whether a person has any spiritual values, and whether he knows how to control himself. I initially decided that if I win on points, I will not finish off the opponent, and win by knockout in view of clear superiority. My first coach Grishuk Anatoly Vladimirovich was not only a teacher in battle tactics for us - ten-year-olds, but also an example of decency. He said: "In boxing, the main thing is to be able to defend, and not beat an opponent."

A family.

In the future wife - Irina, according to Nikolai, fell in love in the first class, in the very first lesson. And he carried this feeling throughout his life. Even an unexpected test, when after graduating from school Ira and her parents moved to Smolensk and entered the pedagogical institute there, it turned out to be in the best interest of their love. A year later, Nikolai realized that he could not imagine life without Irina, and he had enough recklessness to leave his native Novosibirsk and transfer to Smolensk, to the MPEI branch.
“Irina’s parents constantly told us that we shouldn’t rush into the wedding, wait, sort out our feelings. Then I got the threads, knitting needles and tied my mother-in-law’s sweater and gloves. I gave it with the words:“ Ira and I want to get married. ”And she surrendered: "Okay, bring a statement to the registry office."

The main family holiday is April 5, 1980, the day they got married! Gifts are given to each other since the evening. This is a great happiness, Nikolai believes, to live together for so many years. After all, the most important thing for any person is a family. Now they don’t even imagine how it is possible to rest from each other, because they are always together! Because love never bothers! The more time they spend together, the stronger the love. In this, according to the Lukinsky spouses, the key to happiness. After 18 years of marriage, they got married.
Firsthand: "All the time we learn to forgive. No matter how guilty a spouse is, one needs to start with oneself. Consider whether I am so good and he is to blame? And how would I act in this case? If a quarrel still happened, even if you think that your spouse is wrong, still ask for forgiveness for your misconduct. Everyone should think ahead of time. In the evening, ask each other for forgiveness - did you offend something in a day? Even if you’re sure that you didn’t offend. And lay down in peace in your heart sleep. And everything will be fine. "

Nicholas once dreamed of a son, but now believes that his two daughters are great. They have a different character. Older Olga is serious, purposeful, and the youngest, Dasha, is cheerful, cheerful, even hooligan.
"The main thing in a man is reliability. If you can say about a person:" He is faithful and reliable, "then this is already a sign of quality. That is, the words do not diverge from the deed."

His favorite places in the apartment - a sofa and a TV, after a busy tour schedule, I want to relax. Nikolai doesn’t drink, but his bar has a wonderful collection of wines - mostly gifts from friends. But when guests suddenly come, there is always something to satisfy them.
“Do you want advice on how to save your family? Be faithful - and you won’t have any problems. You just have to watch yourself - yourself !, not your wife. Do not run, do not peek, do not be jealous. We call each other several times a day - only to know that everything is in order with a loved one. "

"Humor is the fruit of wisdom, wit is the intellect."

Childhood and youth

Nikolai Lukinsky was born in Novosibirsk on July 20, 1960 in a family of Soviet workers. He had a brother. The boys were brought up in modesty; a warm and friendly atmosphere reigned in the house. The sense of humor was very appreciated by the Lukinsky, so Nicholas did not leave a positive attitude.

Parents worked hard, and brothers were often left to their own devices. Their upbringing lay on the grandmother's shoulders. An elderly woman taught her grandchildren a lot. Among the special skills that the Lukinsky acquired from her are knitting. This later Nikolai will conquer the future spouse and mother-in-law.

Lukinsky was fond of sports and engaged in the boxing section. Training gave him pleasure, and competition brought excitement. True, the aspiring athlete did not demonstrate global achievements. In high school, he managed to win a champion title in urban competitions among schoolchildren. In the 1st year of the institute, Nikolai was a prize winner. The success of the young boxer was limited to this.

Among the young man's hobbies also included wood carving. Once, with the help of his talent, Lukinsky won a cash reward of 40 rubles, which was ¼ of the average monthly salary of a Soviet citizen.

After graduating from school, Nikolai Lukinsky entered the Novosibirsk Institute of Water Transport, and then studied at the branch of the Moscow Power Engineering Institute in Smolensk. After that, he joined the army. The soldiers served in a city called Mozdok. There, a young man performed the duties of an aircraft equipment adjuster and diagnosed equipment. Upon returning home, Nicholas began to look for work and got a job teaching computer science at a vocational technical school.

For 3 years, Lukinsky worked as a teacher, and at the same time was engaged in amateur art, developing a humorous talent.

Proud beauty

Although more than 50 years have passed since the day Nikolay Lukinsky met his wife Irina, he remembers this moment in great detail.Acquaintance with a girl named Ira took place at the first lessons in primary school.

The students came to the lesson and sat down in their seats. It was a reading lesson. And so the teacher takes turns calling names and asking to read a passage of text. All first graders read in syllables and stammer, but when the teacher asks to read the passage to Ira, she does it cleanly and without hesitation. Nikolai even got up a little from his seat to better see a classmate.

Even then, his childhood imagination was struck by the beauty of the girl. So he fell in love from the first class and carried his love throughout his life.

Interesting notes:

For a very long time, the guy was afraid to confess to Irina his feelings. Until the eighth grade, she did not realize that Nikolai was in love with her. She was friends with many boys and always enjoyed success with them. But Lukinsky only quietly suffered on the sidelines. Already matured, he dared to invite Ira on a date, but she did not come then. This was a blow to the guy in love and for some time he tried to forget the proud beauty.

Humor and television

Nikolai Lukinsky was lucky. He, a participant in the Laughter in the Bag contest, was noticed by satirist Lyon Izmailov in 1995. The artist invited the young man to participate in his show dossier. Here Lukinsky showed his debut stage numbers. After 2 years, Regina Dubovitskaya invited playful monologues from the big stage of Nikolai. Along with Elena Vorobey and Gennady Vetrov, the artist appeared in almost every television release of the program.

Nikolai Lukinsky - "Happy New Year, go to FIG!"

The audience did not appreciate the first steps in the parody genre, but the audience liked the narrative in the image of an African American from Zimbabwe who came to Moscow. The phrase “Happy New Year, go to FIG!” Quickly became winged, like other cues from amusing parodies composed by Lukinsky. The image of a dark-skinned man brought the humorist first popularity and gave a ticket to a big show business.

Having composed the continuation of the story of a student from Zimbabwe, Lukinsky was remembered by the audience and thoroughly set about creating a repertoire. The number called "Cones" was also very popular. The subsequent performances of the comedian contained parodies of pop stars.

Nikolai Lukinsky - Best Monologues

The artist has always considered education one of the main values. Therefore, at 44, he again became a student, enrolling in GITIS on the course of Mikhail Borisov. Lukinsky felt a lack of skills in his specialty and chose the directing department to get the missing knowledge. It is curious that between Lukinsky and young classmates there was no age or professional barrier. Comedian and budding artists have built a warm friendship.

Talent Lukinsky appreciated. In 2014, Nikolai received the title of Honored Artist of the Russian Federation.

In the wake of popularity, the comedian became an invited guest of TV shows. Participating in the project “King of the Ring”, he showed excellent form and remembered the boxing skills that he had in his youth. With a height of 180 cm and a weight of 89 kg, Lukinsky became the winner of the television competition and the owner of the golden belt.

"The fate of man" - Nikolai Lukinsky

Nikolai also participated in the shows “Big Races”, “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”, “Two Stars”, “Cruel Intentions” and others. The artist was invited to collaborate in the framework of the comic projects “Laughter with home delivery” and “Laughing is allowed” . In 2018, Nikolai Lukinsky became a guest of Boris Korchevnikov in the program "The Fate of Man."

The famous comedian admitted that his wife still can not recover from the heavy losses that occurred one after the other last year. In the summer, she lost both parents at once.

Nikolai Lukinsky and his wife have repeatedly admitted that they have long considered themselves to be one and that they are very protective of their love, which they carried through their whole lives. The parodist fell in love with Julia in the first grade of school, so he believes that their relationship has already gone 51 years. The couple became the heroes of the program "When everyone is at home", where they admitted that they are still trying to protect their love.

Not so long ago, the couple suffered a difficult test, which they are still going through. Lukinsky said that last summer has become difficult for the family. In August, one after another, the parents of the wife of Julia, who still cannot recover from the tragedy, passed away.

The comedian himself lost his father seven years ago, but his mother Tatyana Ivanovna was alive, healthy and even managed to fall in love again. Nikolai Lukinsky said that three years ago, on vacation in a sanatorium, she met 93-year-old grandfather Ivan Ivanovich, with whom he still lives.

The artist admits that he has long been inviting his 82-year-old mother to move to him, but she refuses. “Periodically, I return to the conversation:“ Mom, move to us, it’s hard already! ”And she:“ No, I will be with Ivan Ivanovich, I have everything here - communication, habits, ”the humorist recalls.

Nikolai Lukinsky admits that his parents played a huge role in his formation as an artist. So, his father was so fond of listening to humorous radio broadcasts that he could punish his little son for the fact that he would interfere.

Now the main joy in the life of the Lukinsky spouses is their grandchildren. Recall that the youngest daughter of the comedian Daria is growing up her son Alesha, who is seven years old. And the elder Olga moved to Spain and married an African-American, married to her son Christopher three years ago. According to grandparents, the boy was born a mulatto and took the best from both parents.

Personal life

There are legends about the family life of Nikolai Lukinsky and his wife. Their biographies were closely intertwined even at the time of admission to school. Nikolai and his wife Irina have known each other since the 1st grade. Relations between young people began in high school, and in the 3rd year of the institute, lovers decided to build a family and tied the knot. Irina's mother did not want to take this decision seriously, but Nikolai managed to conquer the mother-in-law, personally tying her mittens as a gift for March 8.

"When everyone is at home" - Visiting Nikolai Lukinsky

The Lukinsky family has two children: daughters Daria and Olga. Daria received a managerial education, and Olga graduated from linguistic and medical institutes. The personal life of the girls was successful. They gave Nikolai Lukinsky two grandchildren.

Career, family, life.

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Name and surname:Nikolai Lukinsky
Middle name:Alexandrovich
Name in English:Nikolai Lukinskii
Year of birth:1960
Birthday:July 20
Place of Birth:Novosibirsk city
Occupation:conversational artist, comedian
Height:185 cm.
Weight:88 kg
Eastern horoscope:Rat
Social network: Facebook Wikipedia

Nikolai Lukinsky now

In 2019, the entertainer continues to stage activities related to humor and comedy. The artist performs at national concerts and solo, goes on tour and is open to co-creation. Among the comedians with whom he often works in tandem, comedian Igor Mamenko. They embody anecdotal situations on the stage, breaking the stormy applause of fans.

House of Nikolai Lukinsky

Nikolai has a two-room apartment in the center of the capital, he bought it as soon as the first commercials from the Full House and a house in Malakhovka came out. He acquired this cottage more than eleven years ago. On a plot of ten acres, there was nothing, only grass and foundation.

Professional workers were hired for the work, but the master did a lot with his own hands. Construction lasted a long three years. As a result, the owner was completely satisfied and at first did not even want to travel to the city.

Now on the site stands a two-story brick mansion with an area of ​​more than two hundred square meters. On the ground floor: large living room, dining room, kitchen, two cabinets. On the ground floor there is a gym, and on the second there are three bedrooms. Near the house there is a garage for several cars, in which there is now a hammer. He won it on the show "King of the Ring".

The interior of the house is decorated without any frills. The living room on the ground floor is done in bright colors, and all the furniture in contrast is made of dark oak. After the grandchildren appeared in the family, children's toys, walkers and playpen entered the interior.

In the adjacent fireplace zone there is a soft sofa and a snow-white fireplace. In the dining room everything is just as simple and democratic, the only bright details are red chairs with comfortable backs.

More recently, Lukinsky was seriously interested in drawing and for this hobby he equipped a whole room. Here he paints landscapes and still lifes in a calm atmosphere. More recently, he filled a portrait of Putin with boxing gloves, this picture occupies one of the main places in the comedian’s workshop.

A creative mess reigns in the owner’s office, here he stores awards, medals and significant gifts. Boxing gloves donated by Kostya Ju are also hanging here. Nikolai is actively involved in sports, especially in recent years. To do this, equipped a gym in the basement and installed a treadmill. In summer, prefers to run in the fresh air.

The plot is divided into several parts. One is a place for rest and relaxation with a beautiful lawn, which the owner personally mows every week. A small pond with vegetation was organized nearby and three fir trees were planted with names given in honor of the children of family friends.

On the other hand, Lukinsky built a gazebo and barbecue facilities in order to comfortably relax with friends. As a result, it turned out that this place is the sunniest and had to plant everything around with bushes and grapes. Now it’s very comfortable here, in the summer the family has lunch here, and on weekends Nikolai fries a fish caught with his own hands.

According to CIAN, a house in Malakhovka costs from 2 to 130 million rubles and more, it all depends on the location and scale of construction.

Love for life

The case helped the guy get the location of Irina. In the tenth grade, they simultaneously fell ill. In order not to sit at home and not be bored alone, schoolchildren began to call up. First, they discussed class assignments, and then they began to talk on personal topics. So on the part of the girl sympathy began to arise, which grew into love.

After graduating from school, young people were forced to leave. Nikolai remained to receive higher education in Novosibirsk, and Irina went to study in Smolensk. The guy really missed his lover. He even planned to transfer to study in Smolensk, but this was associated with some difficulties. Mother, watching her son suffer, supported him morally and advised him to fight for love. Together they gathered things of Nicholas, and he went to his only one.

While still students, Irina and Nikolai got married. At first they lived with the girl’s parents. There they found out that they were expecting a baby. Happiness of the spouses knew no bounds when a daughter was born, who was named Olga. With the beginning of a humorous career, the family moved to Moscow. There, the spouses had another daughter.

Now, when about 40 years have passed since the wedding, Nikolai says that his feelings for his wife are still hot, as on the first day of meeting. The comedian does not hide that he is successful in women. Very often, after concerts, they suggested Nikolai to go with them to a restaurant and continue acquaintance. But he always refused, because he has a beloved wife.

He believes that it makes no sense to start a family if you are not going to be faithful to your partner. Nikolay Lukinsky will be faithful to his wife until the last breath, and Irina believes this.