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10 scary places on Google Maps


The British tried to find a parking spot and studied maps online, but accidentally found out that "the truth is somewhere out there." The woman got on Google Maps such an eerie person that it was just right to call Scully and Mulder. Now she can only guess: either Shrek has matured, or the Grinch is going through difficult times.

The benefits of Google Maps and Google Earth, of course, make life easier for people, but the 47-year-old Stevie Hall from West Midland was surprised by the possibilities of viewing panoramic city streets online. But the woman was struck not by the scale of the coverage, but by what she saw on her screen, because it’s just the right time to call FBI secret agents from such people.

According to The Sun, a chef from a small English community was looking for a parking spot in the popular German Christmas market in the city and accidentally saw something that could not help but attract her attention: a strange man with a green face and beard looked threatening directly into the woman's eyes.

Stevie admitted that at first she was very scared when she saw an unusual character.

I just froze in fear when I saw him, all my hair stood on end.

In a series of images that a woman shared, a strange green-faced man crawls out of a silver Honda Civic, clutching a purse, then suddenly stops, and then goes to the city university.

My friend and I did not believe our eyes at first, so we decided to check again. According to Google, it was filmed in April, so it's not even Halloween. This is definitely not fake, glare is visible on the car, so I just don’t understand what it is.

Stevie admitted that she did not tend to focus on all kinds of conspiracy theories, but she could not find a reasonable explanation for what she saw.

I'm not really interested in conspiracy theories, but they involuntarily climbed into our heads.

Since the camera follows the person along the road and automatically blurs several images, including his beard, it is difficult to see him, but when he stops and looks directly at the screen, his face is in full focus.

This does not seem to be a mask. I tried to find one on Amazon, eBay, or elsewhere, but nothing of the kind was for sale.

But most of all, Stevie was confused by the fact that passersby react to a man quite normally.

I can’t understand why none of the people around me react to him. This is a busy road, we can assume that people see it, but everyone behaves as if nothing had happened. Maybe only Google cameras see it.

Most likely, on the camera, Stevie still saw a masked man who decided to prank sellers or was heading to a costume party, but to meet one on the streets, especially in a dark alley, would be really scary.

Whoever would not be afraid of a strange green-faced man is the Canadian hunter Gino Mekis, because he has already seen even a bigfoot. He just wanted to catch a black grouse in the forest, but accidentally answered a question that has been worrying all of humanity for hundreds of years.

But in the Paris Zoo also lives a very unusual creature, but, despite the unusual appearance, the body is quite harmless to itself. Yes, he constantly moves without legs and eats without a mouth, but it is impossible to take his eyes off him.

In 2015, hype caught scary places on Google Maps. I decided to quickly and thoroughly go over him.

Broken into pieces airplane and scattered things on the runway in California (USA)
Coordinates - 37.7908, -122.3229

Mirny Village (Russia), where Diamonds are mined
Coordinates - 62.529423,113.99354

UFO in Romania :)
Coordinates - 45.70333,21.301831

Broken into pieces airplane and scattered things on the runway in California (USA)
Coordinates - 37.7908, -122.3229

Mirny Village (Russia), where Diamonds are mined
Coordinates - 62.529423,113.99354

UFO in Romania :)
Coordinates - 45.70333,21.301831

Aircraft among the trees in Germany
Coordinates - 45.408166, -123.008118

Berezniki. Perm region. The collapse of the Uralkali mine

Killed a man in the Netherlands
Coordinates - 52.376552, 5.198308

Pentagram in Kazakhstan
Coordinate - 52.479761,62.18605

Huge hole in china
Coordinates - 38.85878007241521,111.6031789407134

Secret base in the USA
Coordinates - 32.664162, -111.487119

Triangle in Nevada
Coordinates - 37.628036, -116.848060

Inexplicable lines in China near the airfield
Coordinates - 40.458148, 93.393145

Lines in china
Coordinates - 40.452107, 93.742118

Secret island in the Kara Sea
Coordinates - 75.371444,81.968136

“Something incomprehensible in Libya”

To find, just type in the coordinates in the Google Maps search.

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Oasis Liva and its surroundings

Guests of the United Arab Emirates and so rarely leave the space of beautiful and well-groomed tourist cities to go for a walk in the desert. And now, the already small number of such adventurers will still decrease. Why go for a walk on the hot and dangerous sands of live, if you can see them on Google Street View?

Recently, Google decided to create a series of circular panoramas of the desert in the area of ​​the Liva oasis in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. Specialists from Google Street View installed special equipment with panoramic cameras on a camel, which the driver drove along the dunes. Thus, a 100-kilometer stretch was shot.

Gunkanjima - the legendary Japanese ghost island

The small island of Gunkanjima (Hashima) a few kilometers from Nagasaki is a legend for stalkers from around the world. Since 1974, this piece of land, formerly the most densely populated place on the planet, is completely abandoned by people. Moreover, his visit is strictly prohibited by the Japanese authorities.

Until 1974, about five thousand people lived on this island with dimensions of 160 by 480 meters, mainly miners and members of their families. But after the closure of production, they all left Hashima, the mining village was completely empty, and only a few daredevils were able to visit there.

But now anyone can walk along empty streets and industrial enterprises - Google Street View service has uploaded a detailed panoramic map of Gunkadzim.

Fukushima and surroundings - Japanese Exclusion Zone

In 2011, another area appeared in Japan where it is completely impossible for an ordinary person to get there - the Fukushima nuclear power plant and its environs, several villages in which tens of thousands of people used to live. After the accident caused by the tsunami, these people were resettled in a small order, and their settlements turned into ghost towns.

For several years, people did not know what was happening in their small homeland, which they were forced to leave. But in the spring of 2013, on the anniversary of the accident, Google Street View service presented them with the opportunity to return home, even in the virtual world.

Great Barrier Reef

Previously, millions of people annually came to the Great Barrier Reef off the east coast of Australia to enjoy the beauty and variety of underwater life in the area. But now the country's authorities decided to sharply limit the number of visitors - because of the hype surrounding this wonderful object, it began to die and collapse.

But lovers of real natural beauty should not be upset because of these restrictions. At any time, they can swim along the most picturesque sections of the Great Barrier Reef through the Google Street View service.

Amazon River Basin

Since school times, we have heard and read a lot about the Amazon River and the surrounding jungle. We imagined her untouched, wild beauty. But only a few really managed to visit this remote area of ​​the planet.

But now, thanks to Google Street Vie, everyone can go on a trip to the Amazon. Of course, virtual travelers do not have the opportunity to walk through the jungle itself, cutting their way forward with a sharp machete. But we can admire the panoramas of this great river and take a walk along the streets of some coastal villages.


Even more far and inaccessible than Amazonia is Antarctica. On the southern continent, there are mainly participants in polar expeditions and a small number of tourists who sail to the eternally cold shores on comfortable ocean liners.

So before, only a few knew how beautiful the endless spaces of Antarctica can be, where you can see the cold ocean, ice, moss and penguins. But now millions of Google Street View users from all over the world can take a stroll across a virtually lifeless continent. At the same time, they will do this in their warm homes or offices.

Robert Scott's Cabin in Antarctica

Apart from the Antarctic Street View program, we should mention one object that can be explored within its framework through the Google Street View service. This is the hut of the Robert Scott expedition, built on Ross Island in the distant 1911.

It was from here that the campaign of the legendary polar explorer to the South Pole started, from which no one returned alive. For many years, this hut stood untouched, being swept by a perennial layer of snow. In 1956, the American expedition that discovered it cleared the find and was surprised to find many artifacts of the past era inside, even quite edible food, preserved thanks to the eternally cold temperature.

Want to know everything

There are people who have very little opportunity to travel the world. I am one of them. But the 21st century is in the yard!

Google Street View provides an opportunity to stroll even in places that few people can reach offline. You can climb Mount Everest, explore the harshest places in the Arctic, and walk along the streets of Fukushima contaminated by radiation. Chased with me!

1. Antarctica. View these tuxedo birds near

2. Great Barrier Reef, Australia: Sea turtles everywhere

3. Fukushima, Japan: wander the streets of northern Japan after a nuclear disaster without fear of radiation

4. Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA: Traveling in StreetViewmuch less tiring than going down to the bottom of the canyon itself

5. Kilimanjaro Volcano, Tanzania: here you can stand in the midst of clouds without having to endure overloads

6. Tulum, Mexico: Visit the ruins of a Mayan civilization city for a cup of coffee

7. Everest Base Camp: follow the footsteps of legendary climbers ... without endangering your life

8. Elbrus, Russia: climb to the top without closing the page with e-mail in the next tab

9. Azores: free holidays on the islands

10. Aconcagua Base Camp, Argentina, Base Camp: You won’t even need a sweater for this mountain climb.

11. Key West, Florida: You can ride on the highway of the southernmost cities of the continental United States without getting up off the couch

12. Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine, Japan: you can go down to a damp deep mine, and no claustrophobia scares you

13. Pradkho Bay, Alaska: Take a trip to this not the most hospitable region, sitting in the warmth and comfort

14. A remote corner of Australia: it's like being on the edge of the world

15. Northern Norway: the Arctic Circle is not the most popular tourist route

16. Dead Sea, West Bank: Biblical Places

17. Amazon: cruise this river without fear of catching malaria

18. Kauai, Hawaii: it would certainly be nice to visit offline somehow

Source translation for mixstuff - Sveta Gogol

And I’ll remind you of such interesting Internet places: 360-degree panorama from the tallest building in the world in Dubai or see ALL VIRTUAL TOURSwhich I already managed to lay out.

Grand Canyon of the Colorado River

We used to see the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River down. That is how it is shown by the vast majority of tourists who have been there, as well as almost all the feature films that take place in this region. But inside the world's largest hollow there is its own, no less beautiful life. However, only those few who came down there could admire it before.

Now you can walk around the secluded corners of the Grand Canyon while sitting at home. A detailed panoramic map of this natural site has appeared in Google Street View. Moreover, in it there are not only sections traveled on foot, but also pictures of the rafting on the Colorado River in boats.

Moto X smartphone production

There is a wide category of places on planet Earth, which are much more difficult to get into than in the same Antarctic or Amazon. We are talking about factories - the place of production of the most popular products from major brands. Some corporations, of course, have recently begun to make their factories open to tourist groups, but Motorola has decided to take a different path. She invited the Google Street View group to her factory.

Motorola's launch of the Fort Worth factory in Texas was a very important step in capturing the US market. After all, residents of the United States are very patriotic about their own economy, and therefore the fact that Moto X smartphones began to be manufactured in America has a very positive effect on the level of their sales in the States.

Cheops Pyramid and other Great Pyramids of Giza

With the start of revolutionary events in Egypt, less and less tourists visiting this country decide to go to the bustling Cairo to see the Great Pyramids of Giza, including the tomb of Pharaoh Cheops, on its outskirts.

There are people who, perhaps, would very much like to go there, but be afraid. And there are those to whom physical capabilities do not allow to go to Cairo. Fortunately, now through Google Street View you can stroll from the pyramid to the pyramid, look at the Sphinx and not be attacked by dozens of local merchants and camel drivers.

Google Street View promises that soon there will also be pictures from inside the pyramids, from the most remote corners of these giant structures of the ancient era.

Big Family Google Street View

By the way, anyone can become part of the Google Street View team. Most of the places described above appeared in this service due to the efforts of enthusiasts who themselves turned to Google with a proposal to open for the billions of Internet users the most amazing and remote corners of the planet.

Google has even created a program for such enthusiasts. She invites everyone to submit an application with a description of their project. And the authors of the most interesting offers will receive from Google Street View a special backpack with panoramic cameras, as well as partial or even full financing of the undertaking.

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