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Name: Evelina Bledans

Middle name: Visvaldovna

Birthday: April 5 1969 (50 years old)

Place of Birth: Yalta, Crimea, USSR

Height: 174 cm

Weight: 54 kg

Eastern horoscope: Cock

Career: Media person 69 place,
Russian actors 573 place

Photo: Evelina Bledans

Personal life of Evelina Bledans

Later, Evelina became the wife of Alexander Semin, from whom in 2012 she gave birth to the baby Semu. Evelina's eldest son rarely sees his mother, and he met his brother only in 2015.

In 2017, it became known that Semin and Bledans broke up and have not lived together for a year. All this time, Evelina diligently tried to maintain the appearance of harmonious family relations by regularly posting joint photos in the social networks with her husband.

Childhood and youth

Bledans childhood passed on the Black Sea coast in the sunny resort city of Yalta. The mother of the future celebrity divorced the girl’s father when she was still very small. My father worked as a professional photographer, by nationality he was a Latvian. Soon, my mother got married a second time. In this marriage, the sister of Evelina, who was named Maya, was born.

Father and mother Bledans maintained friendly relations. By the way, stepfather also loved Evelyn as his own daughter. In particular, the child grew up in a favorable environment; she did not feel inferior.

At school, the future celebrity was an exemplary student. She sang in the local choir, attended dance classes, as well as a theater studio. After receiving the certificate, Bledans went to Leningrad to enter the acting faculty of LGITMiK. At one of the courses, a talented student met her best friend Anastasia Melnikova.

Career start

After graduating from high school, Bledans wanted to work in Lenkom. She could be arranged there, but the whole environment said that the novice actress could only stand in the third and invisible line to anyone. In other words, great prospects did not await her there.

Then Bledans decided to leave this venture and went with friends to the capital of humor - Odessa. There, a popular project was born, called the "Masks of the show." The actress appeared in different images. One of the famous was the role of a sexual nurse. Then Bledans was called the sex symbol of domestic TV.

In 2005, the actress decided to leave the project in order to develop her own career. However, the celebrity has maintained good relations with her colleagues in the workshop. After The Mask of the Show, Bledans starred in films, played roles in enterprises, was involved in the legendary musical called Metro.

In 2004-2005, Bledans tried herself as a leader. On the DTV channel, her author's show was broadcast, which was called "On the Boulevard with Evelina Bledans."

In 2008, celebrities wanted a new sensation. Then she agreed to take part in the project "The Last Hero". All people lived on a tropical island, and their task was to survive. At the same time, participants were shot around the clock. The project has become very popular.

On account of Bledans above 50 movie roles. She also played in several theaters. Sometimes the actress did not get the main roles, but at the same time they were bright and emotional. Evelina managed to reveal her own talent and versatility.

In 2017, Bledans began to lead the Invisible Man project, where the stars of domestic show business came. She also starred in numerous commercials.

To earn extra income, Bledans opened her own clothing store. Things are very popular because they are of high quality and relatively affordable. Often Bledans works as a model.


Evelina Bledans is a popular Russian actress of Ukrainian and Latvian origin, known as a film and theater artist, TV presenter of copyright programs and performer of pop songs.

Evelina Bledans

But to many fans, Evelina Bledans was primarily remembered for her role as a nurse from the Mask Show.

Career and creativity

The debut of Evelina Bledans on the screen occurred after filming the film "State of emergency of a district scale" in 1998, after which she participated in several episodic roles. When the girl finished her studies, she moved to Odessa and began working in the Sweet Life cabaret theater.

Evelina Bledans in the film "PE of a district scale"

From 1992 to 2005, Evelina Bledans played in the comic group "Masks", then the popular comedy series "Masks show" in the style of silent cinema was released. In this series, the girl played a nurse and other roles that brought bright colors into the creative biography of Bledans. After the triumph in the comic series, Evelina's work to this day causes delight in the viewer.

Evelina Bledans in the series "Masks Show"

Since 2000, the star has played paramount roles in entreprise performances. “Danae”, “Treasure of the Pelican island”, “Do not wake a sleeping dog”, “Decorator of love”, “Decameron” - the most vivid roles of the actress. Evelyn also did not pass over the popularity of the advertising TV star. Photo Bledans often flicker on the covers of famous glossy publications.

Evelina Bledans in the play "Don't Wake the Sleeping Dog"

The actress became famous as a TV presenter in the projects “On the Boulevard with Evelina Bledans”, “Sexual Revolution with Evelina Bledans”, “Everything is Our Way”. Evelina also participated in the reality show of the First Channel “The Last Hero”, “Big Races”, “Cruel Intentions”.

In 2009, she was invited by Stanislav Sadalsky to the main role in the entreprise “Decorator of Love”. Since by this time the creative career of Evelina Bledans was developing not only in terms of acting, but also in singing, the star released a solo album, “The main thing is to love!”. Her songs are featured in the acclaimed TV series Cursed Paradise, Step By Step, and also in the cartoon Zambesia.

Evelina Bledans in the video "Neon"

Evelina participated in the popular show "White Media" "One to One!", Where she got the opportunity to transform, trying on the images of various musicians. Photo Bledans in new images pleased her fans and ordinary viewers.

Since 2013, the actress took the place of the permanent TV presenter of the show “The Invisible Man” of the TV-3 channel. The essence of the project is that six experts - psychologists and psychics - describe the nature, occupation and facts of the biography of the person hidden from them by a screen. The guests of the studio are popular media people, stars of show business and cinema. Over the course of 5 years, 14 seasons were filmed, in the last of which (in 2018) Evelina appeared as a guest. The actress predicted the appearance in the personal life of a new man, the birth of a child, and also gave advice for more rest.

Evelina Bledans - TV presenter of the show "The Invisible Man"

In February 2015, Evelina began working as a host in the new program “Everything will be fine” on NTV, and later that year she starred in the film with the equally optimistic title “Everything will come true!”.

At the end of 2016, Evelina participated in the TV show "The Secret to a Million." This quiz highlighted more of the secrets and experiences of the actress than most of the interviews she has ever given. During the transfer, the artist apologized to her eldest son, told why she was hiding her half-sister from everyone, and explained the relationship and conflicts with her husbands.

Evelina Bledans at the Secret of a Million program

Since the 90s, the actress regularly replenished personal filmography with new works. In the main, Evelyn got the episodic roles of fatal seductresses, but comedic and dramatic images met. Bledance starred in the films “When the Saints March”, “Air Pirates”, “Bachelors”.

Evelina is known not only in Russia and the near abroad, the actress starred in American films, such as "Red Square" and "Barbarian". In the sitcom My Fair Nanny, the artist appeared in the guise of the host of the show. Later, the star’s repertoire was replenished with the projects “Univer”, “Hitler Kaput!”, “Three on top”. Evelina got the main role in the detective "Cursed Paradise", where Maxim Drozd became her partner on the set.

Evelina Bledans Now

Evelina Bledans in September 2017 visited the studio of the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live". The star frankly told that she broke up with her husband Alexander Semin. The news for many was a complete surprise.

According to the artist, more than a year ago, relations in the family went wrong, but she continued to delight fans with joint positive photos. In 2017, Evelina changed her marital status.

Aristarchus Venes and Evelina Bledans

In July 2018, rumors appeared about the novel Bledans with actor Aristarchus Venes. The couple became close during their joint participation in the entreprise performance. Later, the actress herself admitted that with a partner on the stage she often sees herself in an informal setting, Aristarchus also got along fine with her son Semyon. The media talked about the novel stars of the screen. Venes later denied this information, calling the relationship with a colleague friendly.

In late summer, Evelina Bledans admitted that she decided on another pregnancy through IVF. In the clinic, the actress was accompanied by the crew of the TV program Andrei Malakhov, "Live."

Evelina Bledans at the Andrei Malakhov project “Live” in 2018

Soon it became known that the procedure was successful. The screen star has not yet announced the name of the biological father of the unborn child, claiming that this time he wants to give birth for himself. According to the StarHit portal, they became a young actor Sergey Yakovenko, the hero of the clip “Fillyk Kirkorov and Nikolai Baskov” Ibiza.

For the sake of giving birth to a healthy baby, Evelina sat on a special diet and changed her work schedule, leaving herself more time to relax.

Evelina Bledans and Sergey Yakovenko

Later, in the studio of Andrei Malakhov, the artist initiated a fight with the spectator of the show, which suggested that Evelina will again have a “down”. Now the artist feels great and has already managed to visit the sea.

Theater and film actress

Evelina Viswaldovna Bledans (Latvian. Evelīna Bļodāns) - Soviet and Russian theater and film actress. The popularity of Evelyn Bledans came in the 90s thanks to her participation in the comedy project “Masks of the Show”, where she was remembered as a sexy nurse. Evelina Bledans is also known as a singer and TV presenter, and just a bright representative of the Russian show business, about whose life they like to write in the news.

The early years and education of Evelyn Bledans

Evelina Bledans was born on April 5, 1969 in Yalta.

Father - Visvaldis Karlovich Bledans - worked as a photographer.

Mother - Tamila Nikolaevna Bledans.

When asked who by nationality Evelina Bledans answered the TV presenter Alexander Vasiliev. According to him, Bledans’s mother was of German descent, as for Evelina’s nationality, she “flows Russian, Polish, Ukrainian and Jewish blood, but still Latvian prevails,” the Bledans biography says on Wikipedia.

Parents divorced when Evelina was small, and her mother remarried. In the second marriage, the mother of Evelina had a daughter, Maya.

Evelina attended Yalta Secondary School No. 5 (now named after Gymnasium A.P. Chekhov).

Having received a certificate of maturity, she entered the acting faculty of LGITMiK (course of People's Artist of the USSR Igor Vladimirov), who graduated in 1990, also in the biography of Bledans the Theater Center of the Classical American Musical named Eugene O’Neill (USA).

Evelyn Bledans career

In fact, Evelina Bledans' career began when she left for Odessa and there she became an artist of the Sweet Life cabaret theater, which was created by a team of Evelina’s classmates and, of course, with her direct participation.

It was a bright start to the theatrical career of a young actress. In 1992, Evelina got into the cast of the Masks-Show project, and here her triumphant ascent into the world of show business began. Viewers noticed her immediately. The young beautiful Evelina immediately became a real sex symbol in her piquant role as a nurse.

Evelina worked in the group "Masks show" George Deliev from 1991 to 2005.

In parallel, Bledans took part in other projects, in particular, played in the play “Danae” and the musical “Metro” (1999), starred in TV shows and films.

In 2005, the actress went on television and began to conduct the television show "Sexual Revolution with Evelyn Bledans" on the interactive TV channel for women "TDK". Since February 2007 - presenter of the program “Witness. The funny thing is on the REN TV channel.

In 2008, Evelina went to a tropical island as part of the reality show "The Last Hero". The actress got on the project at the invitation of Channel One. Evelina is proud of herself that she stood the test and in admiration, that she was able to survive in difficult conditions.

Since 2009, played a major role in the entreprise Stanislav Sadalsky "Decorator of love." In the same year she released her solo album “The main thing is to love!”.

On March 1, 2011, Bledans began conducting the show “Love at First Sight” (MTV).

In 2012, Evelina was the host of the show "They" on the Kazakhstan republican television channel "NTK", and a year later she began to conduct the show "Invisible Man" on the TV channel "TV-3".

In the fall of 2014, Bledans was a participant in the show “Empire of Illusions” on the STS channel.

In 2015, viewers saw her parody talent. She performed in the show "One to One." March 12, 2016 in the fourth season of “One to One. Battle of the Seasons »Evelina reincarnated in Anna Semenovich with the song "At Sea".

In the summer of 2019, news appeared about Bledans participating in the filming of the new season of the Fort Boyard program.

Filmography of Evelina Bledans

Bledans played many roles in the movie, although these roles were small. But the actress managed to play them brightly and emotionally.

At various times, Evelina Bledans starred in the TV series "Cursed Paradise", the drama "Plato" with Pavel Volley, romantic comedy “Love in the Big City-2”, “State of emergency of a regional scale” and many others.

Plastic surgery Evelyn Bledans

With age, Evelina Bledans does not lose sexuality and actively share candid photos in social networks. Even despite critical reviews.

Often, information about the plastic surgery of the actress gets into the news. Bledans herself said that it was against silicone, but when fans noticed the changes in her breasts in the photo, Evelina admitted: “I did breast plastic surgery!”

“I imagined white T-shirts that I would wear,” the satisfied actress smiles. - And finally, the dream of directors who have been asking for a wet shirt on me for a lifetime has come true. I used to answer them: “The point is in this T-shirt, if I have a bra with pillows?” Now I will dissect in a wet T-shirt. I will seduce all men! ”- quoted“ KP ”Evelyn Bledans.

After plastic surgery, Bledans promised to make candid photos. “Finally, I will accept the offer to star in a men's magazine. Previously, I was photographed only in a swimsuit, my chest never showed. The moment has come! I once said that I’ll be naked after 50! ”, Bledans shared with readers.

The Evelyn Bledans scandals

Like other celebrities, various incidents involving Evelina Bledans often fall into the news. In January 2019, Evelina became a participant in an unpleasant story. The incident occurred on a plane that made a flight from Sochi to Moscow.

“The man in a rather rude form said that I would put the back of the chair exactly, to which I replied that I would do it when it was voiced by someone from the crew of the plane (not all passengers still took their seats). And then he forcefully closed my chair and in addition hit me with a knee in the back. I shamed him, and he calmed down. Maybe it became uncomfortable in front of the two men with whom he was sitting, maybe he recognized me.But he got into the spine injured on the stage, and his back hurts. What is a woman to do in such a situation? ”Bledans quoted in the news.

In addition, Evelina Bledans published a photo of the offender and the flight number to the story of her microblog. Perhaps she wanted the snapper to be found and shamed.

Personal life of Evelina Bledans

The sex symbol “Mask Show” has always had a rich personal life that interests tabloid news.

Evelina first married Yuri Stytskovsky - Soviet and Ukrainian actor, film director, screenwriter and producer, comedian, TV presenter. Yuri Stytskovsky was also a member of the comedy troupe “Mask-show” (1991−1995). After that he was the leader, author, presenter and actor of the comedy television magazine “Pun” (1996−2001). The couple formalized the relationship in 1993, after 7 years of marriage. But the official marriage lasted only 2 months.

The second husband (fall 1993−2010) - Israeli businessman Dmitry. In this marriage, Bledans had a son, Nikolai (1994). Lives in Israel since 2012.

Third husband (2010 - September 2017) - Alexander Alexandrovich Semin - Russian producer and director.

Son - Semyon Alexandrovich Semin (born 2012). Evelina is very devoted to her sick son and is doing everything possible so that he develops normally.

In September 2017, Bledans officially announced that she had broken up with Semin. Between the ex-spouses during the divorce, property disputes appeared, even despite the marriage contract, they wrote in the news. Evelina Bledans said that her marriage with Alexander Semin ended a year ago, but they still share property.

The news was more than unexpected for fans, because the personal page of the actress in the social network was regularly filled with family photos with her husband and child all year long.

As it turned out, the status of “ex” spouses received a year ago, but in order not to disturb themselves with explanations, the actress and director did not expose the problems. It turns out that the man has a new relationship, so hiding something further did not make sense, according to the news of show business.

According to Bledans, Semin was her best husband of her three marriages, but, alas, the relationship cracked. Now the former spouses are engaged in the division of property, despite the presence of a marriage contract, and Semin is extremely persistent.

In the news of show business, they wrote that Evelina Bledans, recovering from a divorce, was published with a new chosen one. Capital businessman, director of the MARS Gallery Sergey Demchev accompanied the actress at the "SUPER Moms-2017" award ceremony. Such a star’s appearance came as a surprise to fans, because Bledans had previously said that divorce from Alexander Semin was not easy for her, and she was not averse to returning her husband.

In 2018, the media again found out the details of the actress's personal life. Journalists learned the name of the chosen one Evelina Bledans. As it turned out, the actress is dating Aristarchus Veneswho is 21 years younger than her. Some time ago, the couple kissed on Red Square in front of everyone. Later, the stars appeared together at the Artek Scarlet Sails festival.

“Evelina and Aristarchus have known each other for a long time, they are together engaged in the play“ Non-flying Weather, or the Mating Season with Penguins ”. Moreover, the plot is played by lovers. On this basis, and closer. The age difference does not bother them at all, and their interests are common. Aristarchus communicates well with Evelina’s son, loves spending time with him, playing, ”the actress’s acquaintance quoted in the news.

At the moment, Alexander Semin is still engaged in a child, and according to Bledans, the former spouses managed to maintain a decent relationship outside the marriage.

A family

First spouse - Yuri Stytskovsky, actor, director, screenwriter and producer
Second spouse - Dmitry, businessman
Third husband - Alexander Semin, producer, director (married in 2010, broke up in September 2017)
Son - Nicholas (1994), from a second marriage
Son - Semyon (07/01/2012), from the third marriage

Evelina Bledans doesn't know why her husband left her

Evelina Bledans shared her revelations about breaking up with Alexander Semin. The actress and TV presenter remembered what could significantly affect her husband, in particular the story of an inadequate fan who slandered Alexander.

Natasha Koroleva's husband jumped on Evelyn Bledans (video)

Evelina Bledans came to Sergey Glushko to get herself in good physical shape, and they shot all this on video. However, the videos turned out to be provocative. After all, you will not immediately understand whether they are having sex, or in sports.

Evelina Bledans dressed in skin and took a whip (video)

Evelina Bledans plays in the play “Love in Italian”, the actress posted the photo in the image of her heroine on Instagram and signed: “A little sadomaso”. In such an erotic costume with a whip in her hands, the actress walks around the stage during the performance.

Why is Evelina Bledans sagging?

Evelina Bledans is now resting with her son in Thailand, where he willingly shares news. In one of the latest publications, fans were attracted by the breast of the actress, which she boldly demonstrated. However, instead of praise, she received a lot of criticism. And she had to make excuses for the sagging bust.

Evelina Bledans husband: “I was very afraid that I would have such a baby”

Evelina Bledans' husband, Alexander Semin, spoke in an interview about his son and how his parents accepted him. According to the producer, it was not easy for him to realize that he would have a special son, and his mother even started talking about problems with such children.

Evelina Bledans in a European way did a facelift

Evelina Bledans looks incredibly good for her forty-six years. The actress does not hide how she maintains her beauty. In addition to physical education and proper nutrition, she visits cosmetologists. And before the holidays, the presenter made a facelift.

The son of Evelina Bledans from six months old became the face, or rather the booty of Pampers

The youngest son of Semyon Evelina Bledans from marriage with director Alexander Semin was born with Down syndrome. Now Seme is already three years old, but he began to contribute to the family budget as early as six months.

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