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13 stars who prophesied world fame, and they remained actors of the same role


It so happens that once in a successful image, the actor begins to exploit him constantly. There are different reasons for this, because the image could be so vivid that the other roles just look pale against its background, and maybe vice versa - when a mediocre actor uses a single image, because he played himself and is not capable of more.

Which of our young actors was taken hostage by their image and will they be able to overcome this acting illness?

Image of a frivolous blonde

Anna Khilkevich very willingly exploits his Masha from "Univer" on small mediocre roles in second-rate films. Although her career began long before TNT, she failed to achieve anything meaningful. And, if Anna does not stop with the self-PR, then most likely from the actress she will become just a socialite.

Polina Maksimova is also the one-actress actress Leli from "The Little Defochonok". But, unlike her colleague on TNT series, Anna Khilkevich, she does not flicker so actively in the press and advertises the whole background of her personal life. Polina’s roles, although of the same type, are quite appropriate and even touching.

Ioannina Studilina she is a serious girl, behind her two higher educations, including a theatrical one, but she was unlucky with roles. Behind her, the image of the not-so-distant "girlfriend of the main character" was firmly staked. So much so that, perhaps, even the role in “Stalingrad” by Bondarchuk was not able to positively affect the image. Let's hope that Ioannina’s talent will be able to break through this wall.

The image of an excellent girl

Kristina Asmus many films are shot in different plans. Moreover, she plays on stage in the Yermolova Theater. But here she could not get rid of the image of Varya Chernous from “Interns”. Whoever she plays, Vari’s pretense and angularity does not leave her for even a minute.

Anastasia Denisova , perhaps, generally known for one single image of Katie Schwimmer in the series "Deffchonki". Acting was never her main profession, despite her theater education. Despite the fact that the viewer loved her image, there was still no chance to see her in other images.

Anna Kuzina already 37 years old, and we know her in the image of student activist Yana Semakina from the TV series "Univer". Let's hope that changes are waiting for Anna in the professional field and we will see her in roles of a different quality.

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Jennifer Coolidge

The role in "American Pie", released in 1999, where Jennifer Coolidge played the role of Stifler's mother, made the actress famous and recognizable. However, she began to work in films and on television in the 1980s and continues to act until now - though not in the main roles.

The actress herself believes that she should have stopped at the American Pie, and not played, according to her, "all these fat-skinned ladies." “90% of the offers they send me are the roles of women who have undergone many plastic surgeries and married rich men.”

Jennifer gray

In 1987, the film "Dirty Dancing" was released, where Jennifer Gray, who at that time was 27 years old, played the 17-year-old Francis Houseman, nicknamed Baby. The role brought the actress a nomination for the Golden Globe, but became the only successful one in her career: she was almost never offered to play the main characters either before or after.

In the early 1990s, Gray twice made rhinoplasty, which radically changed her appearance. “I went into the operating room with a celebrity, but I went out with nobody. It’s like I went through a witness protection program or became invisible, ”she admitted. But the actress continues to act today - though, mostly in episodic roles in the series.

Elizabeth Berkeley

The Paul Verhoeven film “The Shogels,” in which Elizabeth Berkeley played her most famous role, was immediately defeated by critics after the release. Among other things, they were attacked by the actress herself, who received the Golden Raspberry Award for this work. However, over time, the film acquired the status of a cult and critics of the 21st century began to celebrate not only its artistic merits, but also a good play of the actors.

However, it was not possible to find real glory for Berkeley. Today she starred mainly in episodes and devotes a lot of time to charity.

Sigourney Weaver

The first film of the Alien trilogy was released back in 1979, and after its premiere, Sigourney Weaver, as they say, woke up famous. The role of Ellen Ripley, which was performed by the actress, brought her many awards and nominations, including an Oscar.

Despite the fact that the audience saw the final film about alien invaders in 1997, and Weaver herself appeared before and after dozens of films, for most she was and remains Lieutenant of Ripley. In addition, the actress is considered a veteran of the roles of action heroines. By the way, in 2021 and 2023, the sequels of the legendary Avatar will be released, in which it will play one of the roles.

Rowan Atkinson

Rowan Atkinson, or rather his character, Mr. Bean, is probably familiar even to people who are not interested in cinema. The first series of the show, which tells about the adventures of an absurd and funny Englishman, was released on British screens in 1990, and the ending - 5 years later. The series was incredibly popular: each episode gathered about 20 million people on the screens.

However, unlike the rest of the heroes of this article, Atkinson very rarely left the image of the silly Mr. Bean, even if he played other characters, such as agent Johnny English.

Toby Maguire

The film career of Toby Maguire began in 1993 with the film "The Life of this guy", in which he played together with Robert De Niro. But the real fame came to the actor after filming in the trilogy about Spider-Man, where he played the role of Peter Parker, the last part of which was released in 2007.

Since then, the actor has not practically starred, but he has not parted with the film industry: today Maguire is engaged in producing films.

Hugh Jackman

Despite the fact that Hugh Jackman has long removed steel claws and shaved sideburns, his name will always be associated with Wolverine. Jackman starred in a considerable number of films, including those commercially successful ("Captives", "Prestige", "Fountain"), but it was the X-Men who made him famous all over the world. After all, Logan is an extremely colorful character, one of the most beloved Marvel comic book fans. In addition, Jackman played Wolverine for many years. He played the role of a mutant in both the original X-Men trilogy and the restart. Moreover, Jackman was the only actor who decided not to replace. The rest of the castes underwent significant changes.

Hugh Laurie

Prior to filming Doctor House, the British actor Hugh Laurie was not very well known outside of Misty Albion, although the list of his works included the excellent series Black Viper and Jeeves and Worcester, where he played with Stephen Fry. In 2004, Laurie accepted the invitation to star in a television series on the misanthrope doctor Gregory House. This work made him famous first in the USA, and then throughout the world, and also brought 2 Golden Globes.

Hugh Laurie is involved in music and literary activities: his novel "The Merchant of Guns", released in 1996, became a bestseller.

Jodie foster

Jodie Foster began acting in films as a child, and received her first Oscar nomination at age 14 for her role in Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver. The actress herself was awarded the prize for the film “The Accused”, which was released in 1988. But the real recognition and the second main film award of the world was brought to her by the picture “Silence of the Lambs”, where Jody played the role of Clarissa Starling.

And despite the fact that after this film, the actress starred quite a lot, this role became the one by which all movie lovers recognize Foster. Currently, the actress is engaged in directing and producing.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Even if you are a big fan of cinema and do not miss a single rental item, anyway, when you mention the name of Benedict Cumberbatch, you will come to mind his most famous image - Sherlock Holmes. Despite the fact that before working in a series based on the works of Arthur Conan Doyle, the actor played many roles, including the main biopic about Stephen Hawking, he was not very famous outside the UK.

It was Sherlock that made the actor recognizable and in demand outside the borders of his native country. Now Cumberbatch is actively filming in Hollywood, for example, in the films of the Marvel company, where he embodies the image of Doctor Strange.

Jim Parsons

Jim Parsons began acting in films quite late: he played his first role in the film in 2003 at the age of 30, but his theatrical career began 10 years before. The real glory he brought the role in the series "The Big Bang Theory", where he embodied the image of the eccentric genius Sheldon Cooper. This role was so brilliant for him that even those who have not watched a single series of TV shows will probably recognize, if not Jim Parsons, then his character.

The final series of TBV was released in 2019, and they say that the series was completed because of Parsons, who was tired of this, though successful, but already bored role.

Kim Cattrall

Samantha Jones, whose role was played by Kim Cattrall, is perhaps the most striking of the characters in the famous series Sex and the City. Despite the difficulties in relations with Sarah Jessica Parker, the actress brilliantly coped with the role of the girlfriend of the main character, and, according to many fans of the show, her character aroused much more interest than Carrie Bradshaw. However, Cattroll refused to star in the 3rd full-length film. “When they called me and offered the role, I said:“ Thank you, but no. I'm over it"".

In addition to “Sex and the City”, Kim Cattrall’s list of works includes more than 90 films and television films. In addition, she is an acting theater actress, engaged in productions in the USA and Great Britain.

Alexander Demyanenko

There is probably no person born in the USSR who does not know the famous Shurik, the hero of such incredibly popular films as “The Caucasian Captive”, “Operation“ Y ”and other Shurik’s adventures”, “Ivan Vasilievich is changing his profession”. However, for Alexander Demyanenko, the role of Shurik was fatal.

The directors did not want to remove the actor in other ways, so the acting career of Alexander Demyanenko did not work out at all. As Alexander himself later admitted, he cursed the moment when he agreed to the role of Shurik!

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, “My Fair Nanny”

Today she is called nothing more than the "main nanny of the country." Vika Prutkovskaya, played by Anastasia, is a very sweet and direct, but absolutely not rational girl. A catchy make-up and a Ukrainian accent betrays a provincial girl in her, however, she easily won the hearts of on-screen wards, their father, as well as millions of Russian TV viewers. By the way, the affair with the head of the family, played by Sergey Zhigunov, grew into a real one and lasted for two years.

The role of the “nanny Wiki” helped Zavorotnyuk cope with uncertainty

In addition to the “nanny Wiki”, for whose role Anastasia Zavorotnyuk received the Golden Ostap Award, she played about fifty other roles in film and theater. She is also recognized as the co-host of popular television shows - "Dancing with the Stars" she led along with Yuri Nikolayev, "Ice and Fire" - with Marat Basharov, "Minute of Glory" - with Yegor Druzhinin and so on.

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk with Yegor Druzhinin on “Minute of Glory”

Anastasia admits that the role of Vicki helped her overcome the insecurity on the screen and believe in herself. For both herself and the viewers, this image became a kind of calling card, and it is unlikely that the word “nanny” will soon have such vivid associations with another actress.

Vasily Stepanov, “Inhabited Island”

Fyodor Bondarchuk himself approved the role of Maxim Kammerer Vasily when he first entered the theater university. Two parts of “Inhabited Island” brought glory to the young actor, whom he, the son of a policeman and a cashier-seller, could not even dream of, and to his partners in the set - Julia Snigir and Petr Fedorov.

Vasily Stepanov in the debut film role

However, very soon fame turned into trouble - in 2009 he developed manic depression, which needed emergency treatment. Vasily Stepanov continued to act in episodic roles in films, took part in the theatrical production of “Veronica decides to die,” but from that crucial moment his career rapidly went down.

Glory turned into a protracted depression

Heavy rehabilitation, the need to pay loans for treatment, a failed personal life - all this finally crippled the star of the “Inhabited Island”. Vasily is still young, handsome and promising, but it is likely that the most significant role in his film biography has already been played.

Alexey Maklakov, “Soldiers”

Alexey Maklakov has played in the series “Soldiers” for almost 10 years - from 2004 to 2013. His hero - the senior ensign Shmatko - simply could not help but be remembered by viewers. Quotations flowed from his lips and became popularly beloved. The most famous of them was the phrase "E-mine!", Which the actor said, accidentally stumbled on the set.

Alexey Maklakov became famous in the role of ensign Shmatko

In 2007, he recorded a music disc of the same name, including several lyrical songs, some of which became soundtracks for the film "Ensign or Yo-Moe." Alexei Maklakov is still acting in films and is well known as a theater actor, but success comparable to the success of the role of ensign Shmatko is in no hurry to come to him again.

Christina Asmus, Interns

Christine Asmus predicted an outstanding sports career, but she chose art, still in her childhood inspired by the heroines of Natalia Oreiro. Thanks to her decision, we know Kristina as Varya Chernous from “Interns” - the actress has become so accustomed to this role that the viewers empathized with her whole soul.

Kristina Asmus as Varya Chernous - bell girls

Varya is an ardent fighter for justice and a man with a big heart, but for some reason her immediate boss Dr. Bykov and former boyfriend Gleb Romanenko (his role was played by Ilya Glinnikov) do not appreciate it, and she herself is often harassed.

Christina Asmus in a rare photo with her husband and daughter

The famous Christina Asmuspros woke up at the age of 22, after which other offers fell upon her in a hail. She starred in several films, voiced the characters of animated films, played in the theater and hosted television shows, but still just Varey remains for millions of Russians.

In 2016, she took part in the TV show "Without Insurance", but due to an injury she left the broadcast. Kristina Asmus is married to Comedy Club resident Garik Kharlamov, a couple raising a daughter.

Ekaterina Volkova, Voronins

Catherine glorified the role in the series "Voronin", which became the Russian adaptation of the famous American sitcom "Everyone Loves Raymond." In 2017, the next, twentieth season of this “family blockbuster”, as its creators called it, started.

Ekaterina Volkova became famous for her role in the series "Voronin"

Prior to this project, Ekaterina Volkova starred in extras, episodic roles and commercials, but it was Voronins who brought her fame, where she played the wife of the protagonist.Having become one of the most famous screen housewives in the country, she automatically received the status of an actress of one role. We don’t know if Ekaterina Volkova is comforted by the fact that she is considered one of the most beautiful actresses in Russian TV shows.

Ekaterina Volkova began to be invited to the roles of mothers and hostesses

The proposals that began to come after this television project did not differ in variety - in all, one way or another, it was necessary to play mother: good, evil, strict. The actress, with all her heart, is striving for change in order to fully reveal her talent. But cardinally new types of roles she has not yet been offered.

Alexey Buldakov, “Features of the national hunt”

Alexey Buldakov for his participation in the “Features of the national hunt” received the “Nika” award for best actor. The colorful General Mikhalych is an inexhaustible source of hunting tales and a storehouse of folk wisdom. A lot of anecdotal situations and a full set of Russian stereotypes (hunting, a bathhouse, vodka, bears, hereinafter everywhere), for the contrast tinted by the character of Ville Haapasalo, made the film one of the most iconic at that time, and at the same time brought a nation-wide love for the lead actor.

One hundred percent recognizable image of General Mikhalych

Work in this project has become a landmark in the career of Aleksey Buldakov, although he still acts in films, works as a voice actor, and even recorded several songs.

Elena Biryukova, “Sasha + Masha”

The television beauty Masha - Elena Biryukova - from the comedy youth series "Sasha + Masha" accidentally became part of this project. The actress hesitated between theater and cinema for a long time and, in the end, preferred the latter. Now she recalls her debut in cinema with a slight sadness.

Promo series "Sasha + Masha"

The bright girl Masha, together with her boyfriend (his role was played by Georgy Dronov), fell into the most amazing situations and was well remembered by viewers thanks to unpredictable behavior and a frequent change of mood.

Elena Biryukova is difficult to break out of the role

But now the "cliché of Masha" pursues the actress everywhere - both in the cinema and in the theater, where she still returned. Elena wants to get out of the role of comedian actress and wants to play Anna Karenina. Perhaps her wish will come true, but for now she is still the same sweet and immediate Masha.

Ivan Okhlobystin, Interns

Ivan Okhlobystin is surprisingly able to combine the career of an Orthodox priest, film actor, writer, playwright and even creative director. But the first association that his image evokes is Dr. Bykov from the comedy series Interns.

The character of Ivan Okhlobystin in "Interns" loved to talk with ficus

Sharp and quick-tempered, on the screen he was not particularly tolerant to either colleagues or patients. Perhaps he felt warm feelings only for a houseplant named Igor. Despite the difficult nature, Bykov was respected in on-screen life and is still loved in real life.

Ivan Okhlobystin became a priest at 34

For some time he had to abandon the services, but after the release of the final series, he announced that he was ready to return to an active church life in the status of a priest. And although he remains a public person who is not alien to anything creative, “Doctor Bykov” is an image that will haunt him on the screen for a long time.

Acting fate is a capricious lady, and even if everything goes well, and the artist is lucky all his life to directors and to a variety of roles, his life can be difficult. The actor sometimes has to live on the stage painful or too keen feelings, and many use doping to relieve stress, forgetting that alcohol is actually a depressant. The consequences are sad.

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8 Daniel Radcliffe

This guy has been acting in various films for several years and plays in the theater. But as soon as he entered the stage naked, the audience immediately gasped, "Harry Potter is naked!" It is not surprising, because the actor devoted almost a decade of his life to this role. Now he will be remembered for a long time as a boy who survived. However, we must pay tribute to the actor; over the past few years, several good films have appeared with his participation: “Woman in Black”, “Notes of a Young Doctor”, “Jungle”.

6 Macaulay Culkin

This boy was known throughout the world for his role in the films of the Home Alone series. Unfortunately, he remained Kevin. The actor could not cope with the surging glory and was barely able to defeat the passion for alcohol and drugs. He no longer starred in films, although he was prophesied of an outstanding career.

5 Mark Hamill

Like all actors in popular sagas, Mark Hamill became a hostage to his movie hero Luke Skywalker. He is known only for this role, however, Mark no longer starred in major projects. He devoted himself to character dubbing and worked on Broadway.

Archil Gomiashvili

Although Archil Gomiashvili really wanted to play the role of Ostap Bender in the film “Twelve Chairs” by Leonid Gaidai, this role, in addition to popularity, brought the actor a collapse of his career. In addition, during the filming, Archil had a big argument between Leonid Gaidai. Perhaps this was the reason that the actor then did not have invitations to the main roles.

4 Rupert Grint

Ron Weasley was also unlucky in his acting career. More precisely, the actor Rupert Grint! After completing the saga, he starred in several films, but did not even achieve such success as Radcliffe. Perhaps the whole "magic trinity" turned out about the same. Emma Watson also could not get rid of the image of Hermione, although she appeared in other roles and decent films!

Igor Starygin

The role of the famous musketeer Aramis brought Igor Starygin the love of the audience and at the same time deprived the actor of other roles. As Igor did not try, he was no longer able to appear before the audience in another notable image. In an ironic twist of fate, the last work in the movie for Igor Starygin was the role of the same Aramis in subsequent films from the series “Three Musketeers”.

As you can see, becoming an actor famous and beloved by millions of spectators does not mean catching luck by the tail. There is nothing worse for an actor than being held hostage to one role!

3 Robert Pattinson

Actor Robert Pattinson also unsuccessfully fights the glory of the pale-faced vampire from the Twilight saga. He tried himself in different roles after the shooting, but could not get rid of the image of Edward Cullen. However, his film colleague and longtime girlfriend, Kristen Stewart, also remained Bella, in love with a vampire.

1 Elijah Wood

In the filmography of this actor there are still a couple of dozen major projects, but who, looking at him, thinks of other films? Of course, in the hearts of fans, he forever remained Frodo Beggins, the guy who saved Middle-earth. The Lord of the Rings trilogy brought him popularity among Tolkien fans!

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