Sergey Semenov: “I met a unique girl and am very happy with her”


Name: Sergey Semenov

Middle name: Alexandrovich

Birthday: January 22 1989 (30 years old)

Place of Birth: St. Petersburg

Height: 179 cm

Weight: 69 kg

Eastern horoscope: Snake

Career: Athletes 241 place

The first sports achievements of Semenov

Sergei Semenov, from childhood, he began skiing biathlon there in one of the sports schools where his father brought him.

The first applications for sports success Sergey Semenov began to file as a teenager. Even then, he began to take an active part in various competitions in ski disciplines, and later - in Nordic combined.

The first major competition where Sergey was a participant was the world championship among juniors in 2009. That year was the first when he seriously enough declared his sporting opportunities.

It was at that time that Sergey as a member of the team took 14th place in the competitions held in Slovakia in Strbsk Plesko. In the same place, he turned out to be in 44th place and in the individual competition.

Takeoff of Sergey Semenov’s sports career

After such a successful start, Sergey Semenov was noticed by leading sports coaches and became one of the participants in the Russian Nordic Combined Team, which at that time also included Sergey Maslennikov and other sports figures.

In the continental cups in 2010-2012, Sergey took part in a total of 11 starts. The best results among them were 17th team place in the sprint in Park City in 2011 and 19th place in the Gunderson race, held in 2012 in Klingenthal.

Sergey Semyonov was also able to show himself at the 12th stage and the final of the Cup of Russia in March 2011 in Ufa. There, in the overall standings, he was able to conquer the second peak of the podium, losing only to Damir Khinsertdinov by 26 points. Then Sergey Dyachuk (Nizhny Tagil) pulled out the third place, gaining 184 points, which was 35 points less than the result of Semenov.

Sergey Semenov also took part in the Universiade, which was held in 2011 in Turkey in the city of Erzurum. Then he managed to take only 17th place in the overall standings.

2012 also brought a number of fairly high positions. In addition to the already mentioned 17th place on the Continental Cup in the Gunderson race, where he was able to beat Maslennikov as well, Semenov in the World Cup in Liberec was able to reach 38th position, showing one of the highest results for the Russians. also that season Sergey became the bronze medalist of the Russian championship in team competitions.

Preparation for the Olympic games of Sergei Semenov

Now Sergey is intensely preparing for the upcoming Olympic Games. On May 12-27, he became a member of his first training camp of such a scale, held in Sochi on the territory of the Yug-Sport base. The second preparatory training camp was in Logoisk in Belarus. It lasted from June 6 to 23 and was sent to general physical and special training.

The main gathering was from July 1 to July 15 in Sochi and in Tchaikovsky. From there, the athlete also went for pre-Olympic test runs in the framework of the summer Grand Prix on July 21-22. Further training was mainly in the nature of special training with elements of the general physical. Place them

The events were mainly Sochi and the base in Tchaikovsky. And already according to the results shown at the preparatory stages, one can conceal the hope of getting a good standings and at the upcoming Olympic Games.

Personal life of Sergei Semenov

Almost nothing is known about the personal life of Sergei Semenov. Perhaps until this time has come. At the moment, his priority is a sports career that is increasingly gaining momentum. And at the moment, this could to some extent even prove to be an obstacle.

Today Sergey Semenov is an active participant in many championships. His asset is far from one point, and there are also conquered sports pedestals. But the bulk is in youth competitions. But this speaks more about his unspent reserve of strength for conquering sports peaks in the future, and we can expect a large number of bright victories in his future as an athlete.

The coach of the athlete all these years has been George Zakharov. And his main team at various championships of Russia is the ShVSM team (city of St. Petersburg).

Sergei Semenov talked about what restrictions he has to face after his release from prison. Now the young man lives in Samara and tries not to attract excessive public attention.

In January 2017, the whole country recognized the name of Sergei Semenov. A 21-year-old student was accused of raping by Diane Shurygin, and after that the public literally went crazy. Everyone tried to figure out what actually happened on the night of April 1, 2016, protecting representatives on one side or the victim on the other.

As a result, Sergei still had to go to prison for a year and two months. Now released Semenov is trying to distance himself from the scandalous situation. The young man does not hide the fact that the story with Diana Shurygina forever changed his life, forcing to conduct a reassessment of values.

Several years ago, a high-profile rape case against Diana Shurygina was discussed throughout the country, and this topic still pops up. The accused Sergei Semenov revealed the details of how he survived this time.

In December 2016, Sergei was sentenced to eight years in a maximum security colony. However, the court reconsidered its decision and the guy got out of prison in January 2018. Since then, Semenov was practically under house arrest. According to the ex-prisoner, everything ended only this summer and he finally felt free, writes Starhit.

Now I feel like a truly free person. No need to celebrate anywhere else, wear a tracking bracelet and sit in four walls

But the problems did not end there. Because of a criminal record, Sergei could not get a job for a long time, although he badly needed money. Good luck smiled after a few months. The guy was finally hired as a taxi driver. However, Semenov devotes his free time to human rights activities, together with his lawyer helping other people who find themselves in a similar situation.

During this time, Diana Shurygina managed to get married, divorce and have a relationship again. Sergei now also dreams of a family, earlier he said that he met a girl, for whom, among other things, he moved from Ulyanovsk to Samara, and was happy with her. About the "hell" through which Semyonov had to go, he wants to finally forget.

Most of all I want all the bad left behind. You know, I went through a real hell, almost three years of my life took this path. Now I want to catch up with everything that I missed. I want to learn, live, love. And I will do it


Sergei Semenov is a native of the village of Novocheremshansk, in the Ulyanovsk Region. Born in 1995. The father of the hero of the scandalous story, Ivan Semenov, is a disabled person, mother Olga Viktorovna is a school teacher who teaches in elementary grades.

Sergey has an older sister, Katya, with whom he has developed a warm and trusting relationship.

Sergey Semenov and his sister Ekaterina

At school, Semenov was no different from his peers: he was fond of sports, participated in amateur performances, and gathered with children after classes.

Sergei graduated from secondary school in 2014 and entered the Academy of Agriculture in Ulyanovsk.


The scandalous story, which received a loud resonance throughout the country, happened at the end of March 2016, when Sergey Semenov studied in the 2nd year of high school. What happened at the celebration of the birthday of a friend radically changed the biography of the young man.

At the birthday party, where alcohol was abundantly consumed, 21-year-old Sergey Semenov met 16-year-old Diana Shurygina. Both sides describe the incident in different ways. The girl claims that the guy followed her into the room on the second floor, where she went to look for friends.

Sergey Semenov and Diana Shurygina

Diana denies that she was in strong drinking: according to her, she drank several plastic cups in which vodka splashed “on the bottom”. Due to stomach problems, she felt unwell.

According to Shurygina, the guy got stuck behind her, closed the door of the room, beat and raped her. Diana resisted and did not want sex with a stranger guy who is 5 years older, but he hit her in the face. No one heard cries for help - music sounded loudly in the house.

According to the party participants, the girl pretty much drank and wished for intimacy. Sergey Semyonov got attached to herself, provoking him to intimacy. After an alleged rape, the girl behaved strangely: she did not leave the cottage, but continued to drink with the company. Those attending the party did not notice the signs of beating, as well as the depressed mood of Diana.

Sergey Semenov

Semenov’s lawyer at a trial in Ulyanovsk insisted that Shurygina came up with rape out of fear of her parents. When they came to the cottage for their daughter and saw that she was drunk, the father hit Diana and pushed him into the car. So characteristic abrasions and bruises appeared on the body.

The conflict between the girl and her father was confirmed by Alexander Rukhlin, who was trying to get in touch with Diana when Sergey Semenov left the room. The victim’s lawyer provided a biological examination report, from which it followed that the injuries on the victim’s body were characteristic of rape.

Sergey Semenov in prison

At the end of 2016, the court found the accused guilty and sent him to a maximum security colony for 8 years. The side of the accused appealed the verdict, and at the beginning of 2017 the term was reduced to 3 years and 3 months in a general regime colony.

The scandalous story has resonated. In January 2017, the talk show “Let them talk” was released. The program on Channel One was watched by millions of television viewers from Russia and the countries of the former Soviet Union.

According to relatives of Sergei Semenov, the girl’s father demanded 1 million rubles to hush up the case. But Shurygin explained that in this way he wanted to protect himself from the obsessive offers of Semenov’s mother, who suggested taking money and closing the case. He knew that Semenovs didn’t have a million, so he deliberately called an unbearable amount.

Andrei Malakhov’s talk show release received a viral effect: 9 million people watched the YouTube program over the week. Opinions of the society were divided, in the social network "VKontakte" formed support groups of Sergei Semenov and the victim. Relatives of the guy posted an appeal in his defense on the Internet, under which tens of thousands of signatures appeared.

The resonance from the scandal prompted the producers of the talk show to release 4 more programs about Shurygin and Semenov. The TV presenter drew the attention of fans of the talk show to the brutal reaction of thousands of people who criticized and insulted the young girl and her parents, who were forced to leave the city and hide. Meanwhile, the rapist Sergei Semenov, many idealized and forgiven.

Circumstances of the incident

On March 31, 2016, sixteen-year-old Diana Shurygina was in a private house, where the birthday of a friend of her friend was celebrated. In her own words, she drank alcohol. At the party, the girl met with Sergei Semenov, twenty-one years old, later, according to her testimony, the young man raped her using physical force. “He came after me, closed the door with a hook and pushed me onto the bed. He held me with his hands, I began to resist, to have some kind of action. And he hit me in the face with a palm, ”Shurygin later told on the air of the television program Let They Talk. Forensic examinations found that Shurygina had a wound on the upper lip in the projection of the front teeth, bruising near the left shoulder blade on the back and left knee, four bruises on the left cheek and a bruising on the neck with small puncture hemorrhages.

Main figures

Diana Alekseevna Shurygin (born June 12, 1999 in Ulyanovsk). She studied at the Ulyanovsk vocational-pedagogical college in the second year as a controller of machine and metalwork. As a child, Diana was engaged in dancing and athletics. Father - Alexei Viktorovich Shurygin (born July 3, 1979), worked as a truck driver. Mother - Natalya Vladimirovna Shurygina (born July 13, 1983). At the age of 15 she gave birth to Diana, worked as a seller in a hypermarket, where they sell goods for creativity. Diana has a younger sister.

According to investigators, in early May 2015, fifteen-year-old Diana Shurygina left home, her mother Natalya Shurygina went to the police, and police officers for minors (PDN) found Diana in the apartment of eighteen-year-old Vlad Troshin. According to Diana, for four months they were in an intimate relationship by mutual agreement. Troshin was convicted of sexual intercourse with a minor for one year of restraint of liberty. He did not appeal the verdict, but later told reporters that the Shurygin family had slandered him.

In 2017, Shurygina signed a contract with Channel One, and at his expense she settled in a hotel in Moscow with her family. On October 1, 2017, a new issue of the TV show “New Russian Sensations” was released on the NTV channel with Shurygina.

On October 5, 2017, Diana Shurygina married Channel One cameraman Andrei Shlyanin (born 11/11/1987), whom she met on the set of television shows dedicated to her case. In April 2018, Shurygina began working as the editor of the talk show “Let They Speak,” but she quit three days after the start of her duties.

Sergey Ivanovich Semenov (born November 29, 1995 in the village of Novocheromshansk, Novomalyklinsky district, Ulyanovsk region). In 2014 he graduated from high school. At the time of the event, he was a student at the Ulyanovsk Agricultural Academy. Mother - Olga Viktorovna Semenova, a school teacher. Father is disabled. Sergei has an older sister, Catherine.

On the night of March 31 to April 1, 2016, a company of eight young people celebrated the twentieth anniversary of their friend, they rented an unfinished cottage with a sauna in the center of Ulyanovsk, bought beer, vodka, and also invited the girls. During the search, narcotic smoking mixtures were found, but whether one of those who celebrated brought them on their own initiative or was this a joint decision of all of them, and whether Semyonov knew about them, is not known for certain. Subsequently, one of the participants was convicted of drug possession.

On January 10, 2018, Sergei Semenov, convicted of rape by Shurygin, was released from prison under Article 80 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation - replacing the unserved part of the sentence with a milder type of punishment.

Sergey Semenov now

At the beginning of 2018, the culprit of the scandal left the prison walls and was released: Sergei Semenov spent less than 2 years in prison.

The news of the imminent release of Sergei from prison shocked the Shurygin family. The lawyers explained that the injured party did not write a request for notification of the hearing, which examined the conditional release of Sergei Semenov. The court on December 25, 2017 passed without the participation of the victim and issued a verdict of release.

Sergey Semenov is free

At home, Semenov was met by parents, relatives and friends. The guy has thousands of fans and female fans who are willing to subscribe to Sergey's accounts on social networks.

In Moscow, where Sergei Semenov arrived on Live, they recognized the guy on the street, asked for an autograph and took pictures. According to unconfirmed information, the "rapist" earns on popularity and requires 40 thousand rubles in 10 minutes of interviews. He collects money to compensate Shurygina (required to pay 200 thousand rubles.).

Sergei Semenov and Andrei Malakhov in the show "Live"

After the announcement of the program “Live” with Sergey Semenov, the girl he raped was offended by the TV presenter and the audience who met the rapist as a hero. According to Diana, Malakhov greeted Semenov as a person who completed the feat.

After Sergey Semyonov was released from prison, the scandal broke out with renewed vigor. On "Live" the guy told the new details of that fateful night. According to Semenov, his friend Rukhlin was also in an intimate relationship with Shurygin in the cottage. But he does not know about the bribe with which he paid off from prison.

He refused to meet with Diana Semenov, accusing the girl of perjury. Sergei does not feel guilty for the perfect and advises the guys to learn from a bitter example so that self-serving girls do not break their lives.

The Shurygin family refused from a confrontation with Sergey Semenov on Live, but Diana and her husband went on the air of the talk show Actually, which took place on January 17, 2018.

Ekaterina and Sergey Semenovs in 2018

The girl congratulated Semenov on his release, but at the same time insulted Sergey, calling him and assuming that now the rapist will become a priest. Diana called the family of the offender “scary people,” and she wished Sergei Semenov to realize what he had done.

To defend Semenov and tell his truth to the transfer of Dmitry Shepelev came Alexander Rukhlin, who was involved in the case as a witness. He admitted that he kissed Diana that evening (a lie detector confirmed the words of Rukhlin) and that the girl did not refuse intimacy. For these words, Diana’s husband attacked Rukhlin, demanding an apology.

Investigation and trial

On April 1, 2016, Diana Shurygina appealed to the internal affairs bodies and claimed rape. The suspects in the case were Sergey Semenov, as well as another young man who was present at the party - Alexander Rukhlin, who tried to have sexual intercourse with the girl after Semenov left the room, later the latter was transferred to the category of witnesses due to lack of corpus delicti.

The defense of the accused insisted that sexual intercourse between Semenov and Shurygina took place by mutual agreement, and beatings appeared on her body after the incident, namely as a result of a conflict with her father, Alexander Rukhlin confirmed these words. According to Shurygin’s lawyer Natalya Glukhova, during the preliminary investigation, biological and genetic examinations were carried out, according to the lawyer, Alexey Shurygin didn’t beat his daughter, of course.

The case was examined in the Leninsky District Court of Ulyanovsk. The court concluded that Semyonov knew that Shurygina had not reached the age of majority, and realized that she did not want to have sex with him. On December 5, 2016, Semenov was convicted of crimes under paragraph “a” of part 3 of article 131 (“rape”) and “a” of part 3 of article 132 (“sexual violence”) of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation and sentenced to 8 years and three months of imprisonment in a penal colony with a strict regime. The verdict was later appealed; on January 25, 2017, the appellate court reduced the term to three years and three months in a general regime colony. In January 2018, Semyonov was released under the article on replacing the sentence with a milder type of punishment, having served a little more than one year from the appointed term.

Public response

Attracting public attention to the situation began immediately after the conviction was announced: support groups for the injured and the convicted person appeared on the social network VKontakte. Also close to Semyonov in his support was a petition on the Democrat website, which at the beginning of February 2018 received 467 thousand signatures.

In the future, the case of rape by Shurygina gained great popularity after she received coverage in the talk show "Let them talk" on Channel One. On January 31, 2017, the first episode dedicated to this story, entitled “At the High Party”, was aired. The girl spoke about the details of the evening when the crime was committed, in particular, at first she admitted that she had drunk several disposable glasses of vodka, but then she explained - not full glasses, but “on the bottom”. “The guests of the studio, and after them the users of social networks, did not believe in the truth of the testimony of a minor girl and considered that the court’s verdict was unfair,” wrote Svetlana Povoraznyuk, a journalist for Lenta.ru Sergei Semenov’s sister Ekaterina claimed that Shurygina’s relatives demanded 1 million rubles from the suspect’s family to hush up the case.

The release received a viral effect on the Internet and gained 9 million views in less than a week, and by February 27, 2017 - 12 million views on YouTube. Diana’s behavior on television gave rise to a number of Internet memes - “Shurygin, her manners, tongue-tied phrases and smirks, began to ridicule and parody, there were sketches, photo collages, memes, songs and hundreds of thousands of offensive and obscene comments,” the RIA observer noted. News Anastasia Melnikova. On February 14, Burger King launched an advertising campaign using a depersonalized image of Diana making a characteristic hand gesture, however, these advertising images were later removed. More than a million people subscribed to the girl’s Instagram account, and later she created a YouTube channel that several tens of thousands of people subscribed to.

Against the backdrop of public outcry, in February-March 2017, four more episodes of the “Let them talk” show were dedicated to Shurygin, which touched on the topic of the informational hype that began after the first issue of the show around Diana and her family. According to the host of the TV program Andrei Malakhov, the girl was not ready for the wave of hatred that spilled over her on the network, and social networks "raped her almost the second time." After publicity why? Diana and her family members began to receive threats on the network. According to the Shurygin, her mother was attacked on the street, and her father's car was punctured by tires.

In a number of Russian media, the phrase “Diana Shurygina’s syndrome ” - the concept is used to describe cases when publicly accusing sexual harassment is a way to gain fame, fame, and material wealth.

A number of media outlets supported Russian law enforcement agencies and linked the public outcry around Diana Shurygina with the ideology of blaming the victim in the form of blaming the rape victim for her “wrong, provocative” behavior. In particular, Shurygina violated several “rules of the ideal victim”: she went to a party, drank and met a rapist. As a result, people who observe history began to distance themselves in every way and taunt the victim, discussing her behavior and appearance, while justifying and idealizing the rapist.

On August 31 and September 4, 2017, on the “First Channel” there were two issues of the TV show “Actually” with the participation of Diana Shurygina: according to experts of the program, the polygraph confirmed Diana’s confidence that she was raped by Sergei Semenov. On January 21 and 22, 2019, 2 episodes of the “Actually” program were released with the participation of Diana Shurygina and Sergey Semenov: once again the fact of rape was confirmed, and Sergey admitted that Diana repelled him and said “no” during intercourse. According to some observers, interest in the scandal around Shuryginoy is artificially fueled by producers of television channels, since TV shows with the participation of those involved in this scandal consistently demonstrate a rather high rating.

Work, life and family.

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Name and surname:Sergey Semenov
Middle name:Alexandrovich
Name in English:Sergey Semenov
Year of birth:1989
Birthday:January 22
Place of Birth:St. Petersburg
Height:179 cm.
Weight:69 kg
Eastern horoscope:Snake

Sergey Semenov in 2013 - the pinnacle of a sports career

At the competitions held in June 2013 in the city of Vuokatti in Finland, Sergei Semenov managed to get around including the Russian who won the Olympic Games - Nikita Kryukov. There he received silver, losing a little only to the Finnish owner Ivo Niskanen. So Sergey was able to make a rather serious bid for the future Olympic Games, which will be held in Russian Sochi.

Sergei Semenov - a promising Russian athlete in ski biathlon

Sergey is also already included in the reserve team of the permanent team for the upcoming season of 2013-2014, along with such personalities as Vyacheslav Barkov, Sergey Dyachuk, Ernest Yakhin, Timofey Borisov and several others.


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