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Great Friday edition! Today, our guest is stand-up comedian Dmitry Romanov.

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Great Friday edition! Today, our guest is stand-up comedian Dmitry Romanov.


The stand up genre has become incredibly popular. Perhaps, the TNT channel played a significant role in this, namely a series of comedy projects and shows that were aired. The programs “Slaughter League”, “Stand Up” allowed the young artists to express themselves and be realized on stage by the authors of sparkling topical jokes. Among the best comedians is the name of Dmitry Romanov.

Childhood and youth

Dmitry Romanov was born in Odessa on January 8, 1985. According to the young man, the biological father left the family when Dima's mother was pregnant with her son. However, the woman did not stop communicating with the parents of her husband who left. Some time later, the boy had a stepfather and brother. It so happened that little Romanov was lucky to have three grandmothers and three grandfathers.

Comedian Dmitry Romanov

Even in childhood, the boy was distinguished by a sense of humor. True Odessa residents, relatives of the future artist constantly joked in everyday life. According to Romanov, his grandmother lived to venerable years thanks to an easy approach to problems and the ability to turn them into a joke.

Dmitry does not hide his belonging to Jewish nationality. The young man with his usual humor notes that this is immediately evident in his appearance and it would be foolish to deny this fact. However, Dmitry’s family is not among the believers and does not attend the synagogue, does not adhere to the canons of Judaism.

Dmitry Romanov in childhood and now

The comedian recalls that childhood in Odessa was happy, despite the difficult life and lack of money. In his hometown, the young man lived up to 25 years.

The schoolboy received secondary education, receiving a silver medal. But the graduate realized that he had absolutely no idea what to do in adulthood. The applicant submitted documents to the Academy of Food Technologies simply because the university was located closest to the house.

Dmitry Romanov

Having begun his studies as a mechanical engineer in the storage and processing of grain, the student quickly realized that the chosen profession was uninteresting. It is not surprising that the diploma received was not useful to the future comedian.

But thanks to the student body Dmitry got into the KVN Academy team. A young man with an original catchy appearance and a great sense of humor successfully performed on stage. By the way, according to Dmitry, he began his studies at the acting school. True, the young man soon realized that he was not intended to play on the stage. The comedian’s talent turned out to be much brighter and more promising than the possibility of an actor’s career.

Creativity and Humor

The career of a comedian, which started in the student KVN, was developed in the participation in the Premier League of the Club of cheerful and resourceful people. Dmitry Romanov became part of the Republic of Skid team.

Dmitry Romanov in the KVN team “Republic of Skid”

After performing on the stage of the Premier League, the artist ends up in the Odessa branch of the Comedy Club. Having gained experience of performing on stage, together with comrade Yevgeny Voronetsky Dmitry participated in the show on the TNT channel "Laughter without rules." The duet of young stand-up comedians bore the name "Made by hands."

After winning the show, the guys got into the residents of the Slaughter League on the same TNT. All this time Dmitry lived at home, coming to the capital of Russia to shoot. In 2010, the artist moved to Moscow.

Dmitry Romanov "On the tricks"

In 2013, thanks to the idea of ​​Ruslan Bely, a new comedy show “Stand Up” starts. Dmitry Romanov receives an invitation to become a member and receives the opportunity to solo performances with copyrighted jokes.

In an interview, Romanov said that the first appearance on the stage was carefully rehearsed before friends, so the comedian did not worry on the project and instantly won the audience’s success.

Dmitry Romanov in the show "Stand Up"

Now the first listeners of the comedian are the audience. Jokes are practiced and rehearsed directly at small venues in clubs and bars of the capital. The stand-up genre, which started on the TNT channel, has recently become incredibly popular, so the successful artist does not experience shortages in work.

A tall, thin young man (Dmitry's weight, according to some sources, 69 kg with a height of 191 cm) jokes about his appearance, about relations with girls and about everyday problems that are close to everyone.

Dmitry Romanov "On Jews, Sport and the Army"

Dmitry is not shy with laughter to talk about Jews, about the cunning and resourcefulness inherent in people of his nationality. Such monologues include a text about Jews in sport and the army. In addition, topical topics about football or observations from life, for example, about people on a train, become a reason for jokes.

Romanov prefers to avoid jokes about religion, death, because he believes that society in Russia is quite conservative and negatively perceives such humor. The artist refuses to write monologues on political topics, simply because he does not like such stories.

Personal life

In monologues, Dmitry often touches on the topic of relations with girls. In fact, with the artist’s love, things are going well. In the summer of 2015, the young man married Kristina Talyzina, who is three years younger than her husband.

Dmitry Romanov and his wife Kristina

Kristina is from Krasnoyarsk. Having received a diploma in finance from the Siberian Aerospace University, the girl moved to Moscow in 2010, where she met Romanov. The artist’s wife, like her husband, played in KVN as part of the Raspberry team. Therefore, according to Dmitry’s stories, the girl perfectly understands her husband’s creativity and humor.

On the page on Instagram, Christina promotes her own blog in Storeys. In addition, the girl positions herself as a copywriter and organizer of training online marathons in astrology.

Kristina Talyzina and Dmitry Romanov

A young couple travels a lot around the world. Photos with picturesque landscapes and happy lovers against their background in different countries fill accounts on VKontakte and Instagram.

Having been in America, Romanov attended concerts by local stand up comedians and adopted the experience of foreign colleagues. True, Dmitry noticed that he understood little from the monologues of humorists, since the level of English was openly lame. But the young man got the opportunity to watch how the artists stay on stage and communicate with the audience.

Life path, work, family.

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Name and surname:Dmitry Romanov
Name in English:Dmitriy Romanov
Year of birth:1985
Birthday:January 8
Place of Birth:Odessa, Ukraine
Occupation:actor, comedian
Height:184 cm.
Weight:77 kg.
Eastern horoscope:Bull
Social network: Vkontakte

The beginning of the creative career of Dmitry Romanov

The beginning of Dmitry’s work is considered to be participation in Comedy Odessa and Comedy Kiev. Then he was invited to become a professional author in a new project on TNT channel.

Romanov worked in a new direction, Stand Up. This direction only gained popularity in Russia, the artist was supposed to perform a solo number in front of an audience. And of great importance for a successful performance was artistry and the ability to improvise. It was in this direction that Dmitry became famous.

The artist often says about how he came to this genre: “I came to stand-up, because I wanted to perform in a solo humorous genre, it turned out he had a name”, “A true stand-up is when a comedian says that when you can like something to relate to. When this is life, not fictitious situations about two friends at a disco or about a meeting between Mayakovsky and Stalin. ”

This was followed by participation in such projects as: “Laughter without rules”, “Slaughter League”, “Comedy Battle”, “Bunker News”, “Fine Ukraine”.

In 2011-2012, Dmitry Romanov acted in such projects as: “Stand-up evening”, “Central park”, “Stand-up project”. He performed together with Ruslan Bely, Vyacheslav Komissarenko in "solo albums for two." Dmitry participated in the festival "Big Difference", and also worked on the sitcom - It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Speeches by Dmitry Romanov

Romanov’s performances are always very warmly received by the public. His humor is simple, without vulgarity and rudeness. Here is what Dmitry Romanov says about forbidden topics for jokes: “Forbidden topics for jokes: I allow myself to joke on any topic, but in the company of friends. There are many topics on the stage that I’m not joking about yet. ”

He talks in his rooms mainly about himself, friends and his girlfriend. Dmitry is not afraid to laugh at himself and his shortcomings, does not hesitate to say something personal, it is this openness that the viewer likes. Romanov openly says that he is a Jew.

His most popular performances are: “On Jews, Russians and his girlfriend”, “About his Birthday”, “On a freebie and her lovers”, “On gifts, relaxing with a girl and nicknames in a relationship”, “Awkward situations”, “ About the first date, lies in relationships and girls ”and many others.

His jokes are popular and published on many blogs and forums. For example: “Coming to the hospital, you need to wear shoe covers, and these shoe covers are paid. One pair of shoe covers costs 5 rubles. On average, 800 people come to the hospital per day. It’s not that I like to count other people's money, but by chance I counted everything. It turns out, purely on shoe covers, one and a half million rubles a year. Agree, it turns out not frail boot covers? "

Dmitry Romanov was very warmly received by the public. His performances are attended by many spectators. It is popular on YouTube, TNT, RenTV, NTV and Ukrainian channels. His work is discussed in blogs and forums. Not everyone understands creativity and not everyone likes it, but despite this, everyone admits his talent.

Before popularity

From early childhood, Dmitry hit people close to him with his wit and excellent sense of humor. At the secondary school, Romanov studied well, but according to the stories of teachers, his behavior was desired. After graduating from secondary school, the future celebrity enters the Academy of Food Technology as a mechanical engineer. While studying at the academy, Dmitry becomes a member of the student KVN, where when playing, he realized that he had chosen the wrong specialty. In this case, I would like to note that Romanov graduated from the academy, but did not work for a single day in his specialty.


After graduating from the Odessa Academy of Food Technology, Dmitry Romanov continues to play in KVN, where he was noticed by people influential in show business. Thanks to new acquaintances and his artistry, Dmitry begins working at Comedy Club in Odessa, as well as conducting various radio and television programs . All this taken together brought the young talent quite widespread fame. It should be clarified that at that time Dmitry was not chasing big money, but for an audience who loved his work.

Having earned considerable authority as an artist and a comedian, Dmitry goes to Comedy Kiev, after which he is invited to a new television project on the TNT channel. It is here that Romanov unleashes his full potential, and becomes already a truly professional author. In this case, it should be noted that the young guy worked in the direction of stand-up, which is gaining popularity, for which he was appreciated by the higher management.

After successful performances, Dmitry begins to be invited to such famous television projects as The Slaughter League, Bunker News, Laughter Without Rules, and Comedy Battle. In addition, the young comedian leads his own y-tube channel, to which more than one and a half million people are subscribed.

Currently, Dmitry Romanov lives in a rented apartment in Moscow, writes monologues, participates in many Russian and Ukrainian television projects, and also performs with his humorous concerts in Russian cities and neighboring countries. It’s also not a secret that Romanova is often invited to the hosts at various events and parties.


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