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The most beautiful goals in the history of football


The ball game, invented in England over a century ago, is now the most popular sport. The most valued is the individual skill of football players who are able to make an extraordinary game. Today we recall the top ten most beautiful goals in the history of football and the circumstances in which they were scored. This is not an official rating, but only a subjective selection and each fan will easily remember even a lot of no less cool moments.

10. George Weah

Many will remember George Weah as the 25th president of Liberia, but the fans of AC Milan forever remembered him for the incredible goal he scored for the club in 1996.

He managed to pick up the ball in his own penalty area and run through the entire field to penetrate the opponent's goalkeeper. Along the way, he with unsurpassed ease dodged the three defenders of Verona.

George was recognized as the best African football player of the 20th century, and also became the first and so far the only Africans to receive the Golden Ball.

9. Dennis Bergkamp

Dennis Bergkamp He was known for his skill and control of the ball, but his goal for Arsenal in the game against Newcastle in 2002 left everyone stunned, as no one even expected this from him.

It is difficult to accurately describe what he did, because no one else seems to have done this before. We can say that he threw the ball around the defender, turned and hit exactly at the far corner, but it will be too dry, so it's better to see for yourself.

8. Roberto Carlos

This left-footed undersized Brazilian is called one of the best left-backs in history, and his ability to break free throws is considered a reference. He scored many goals, but the most famous - 22 years ago in a match against the French team.

With the score 0-0, the French fouled on Romario and went up to the ball to fulfill the standard Carlos. It was 35 meters to the goal, which was far for a strike, but Roberto did not stop and he took the run right from the center circle. Signature run, hit, and the ball flies past, but suddenly changes its trajectory and flies near the barbell. Fabien Barthez helplessly watches him.

This goal was subsequently named "naked contrary to the laws of physics ", since when shooting from behind the Brazilian's back, it is clearly visible that initially the ball flew past the gate. In 2010, it was even studied by French scientists, who came to the conclusion that it is almost impossible to repeat this.

7. Manuel Negrete

Last spring, FIFA conducted a survey among fans to determine the best goal in the history of the World Championships and before you is its winner.

In the summer of 1986, Mexico played with the national team of Bulgaria and the main character of that meeting became Manuel Negretewho scored a terrific goal with side scissors. First, he threw the ball to a partner near someone else's penalty area, he returned the ball to touch and the Mexican managed to hit in the fall.

At the Aztec stadium, where the match took place, they even erected a monument in honor of this goal, which does not happen so often.

6. Graphite

10 years ago, Munich Bavaria was not yet the hegemon of the German Bundesliga, and Wolfsburg in 2009 without any difficulty made the capital's grand with a score of 5: 1.

The match was bright, but the goal became a cherry on the cake Graphite, which was clogged with mocking ease. Having beaten two defenders in their penalty area, the player also beat the goalkeeper, after which, while he was back to the goal, he hit with a heel, hitting exactly the corner.

Pele. 1959 year

We will start, of course, with the legendary and unsurpassed King of Football Edson Arantis do Nascimento, or rather, Pele.

In 1959, in the game “Santos” with “Juventus”, 18-year-old Pele, who plays for the Brazilian team, beating three players and the goalkeeper, scored a goal with his head.

Experts admit that out of almost a thousand goals scored by a Brazilian striker, this is Pele's most beautiful goal.

Unfortunately, the record was not preserved, but the moment is reproduced in 3D graphics.

5. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

The odious Swedish striker in his career has scored more than a dozen acrobatic goals, each of which is extraordinary and unique, like himself Zlatan Ibrahimovic, but his shot against the England team is something out of the ordinary, even by his standards.

Joe Hart, the goalkeeper of the “three lions”, came out of the goal, trying to play ahead of the curve and knocked the ball with his head in front of Ibra, and any other in his place would try to take and handle the ball, but the Swede did otherwise. Without hesitation, he hit through himself in the fall, despite the fact that the gate was 25 meters. Of particular piquancy is the fact that it was Zlatan's 4th goal in that meeting (final score 4: 2) and thus he put a bullet in the defeat of England.

It is not surprising that at the end of the year, Ibra received a prize named after Ferenc Puskash, which is awarded to the author of the most beautiful goal.

4. Lionel Messi

An ingenious Argentinean with 5 Golden Goals scored so many beautiful goals that a dozen ratings would not be enough, but the most spectacular goal can be called the Getafe goal scored in 2007. Even then, Leo's talent was not in doubt by anyone, but this solo passage of his all the same hit the entire football world.

Having got round in their half of the field, Lionel Messi easily left four (!) opponents, burst into the penalty area, beat the goalkeeper and scored.

In fact, he repeated the legendary goal of Diego Maradona (we will return to him), only made it even more elegant. No wonder many believe that Messi is much more talented than Diego Armando was in his best years. Although, if it were not for the drug's addiction to the latter, the history of football could go a different way.

The most beautiful goals in football

Let's start, of course, with the top 5 goals. Still, for their sake, fans come to the stadium. In this top 5, you can arrange goals according to your taste and color because they are diverse and each has his own football idol, which someone will put higher than the other footballer.

However, the five opens the goal Ronaldinho in mini-football style against the Chelsea goal in the Champions League match. It was in the 2004/05 season, when Chelsea became the champion in the first year of Jose Mourinho's arrival. Ronaldinho performed a “tyk” with a bang, as he did not have space for a swing and a kick, or even a cheek. The blow came to the very corner and clearly surprised the Chelsea goalkeeper. Moreover, the difficulty of execution was that Ronaldinho did not have space. There were three defenders in front of him, and one Chelsea player was already “eating up” the Brazilian. This is the goal the handsome man scored Ronaldinho has not yet squandered his playing talent exactly 10 years ago.

The second goal in our top is a wonderful goal Roberto Carlos from the free kick into the gates of the French national team in 1997, when Roberto Carlos scored on Barthez with a swirling strike along an unknown trajectory. However, the French, through a goal, will take revenge on the Brazilians to the full in the final of the 1998 World Cup. Roberto Carlos's goal can be considered the best among all goals from free-kicks and one of the best in general in world football.

The third goal belongs to the Leeds United team author. Tony Yeboahwho played a fantastic goal in one of his first games for the “whites” against Liverpool. Then the goal of Tony brought the victory to the “peacocks” 1-0. Tony didn’t score a lot, but he did it very effectively! Yeboan got a similar blow in his years in a match with Wimbledon, but that's another story. In our top, Yeboa is in third place.

Silver was given away Zinedine Zidane. His goal against Bayer in the Champions League final can only be repeated in the game simulator of zero years, where almost all the hits go to the “nines”. The great Frenchman Zizu was able to put the ball in under the Bayer crossbar with the filing of his teammate Roberto Carlos. “Real” then defeated the Germans 3-0, and Zidane proved that he is one of the best football players on the planet and it is not in vain that he is the champion of the World and Europe.

The first goal belongs to the scandalous Argentinean Diego Maradone. Goal against England at the 1986 World Cup in Mexico. The goal is that not by hand, but by a great passage through the floor of the field. In total, Maradona “cheated” six Englishmen, including Peter Shilton, the goalkeeper of the England team. Then Maradona not only scored a goal, but avenged the entire English people for the Falkland War. Argentina will eventually become the World Champion, and the British will return with nothing.

In addition to goals, we promised to talk about the most beautiful football players and the most beautiful wives of football players.

Criteria of the “most beautiful goal”

As popular wisdom says, "There is no companion for the taste and color." Therefore, it is impossible to determine which is better. A magnificent technique that allows you to circle several defenders and, coming face to face with the goalkeeper, to hit the goal, as well as an accurate and strong shot from an uncomfortable situation and / or from a great distance look equally spectacular. Deciding what is best is a matter of individual fan preference.

A separate category is made up of unusual goals. Like, for example, a goal scored by a goalkeeper who shoots from his own goal. By the way, this is not such a rare situation. Or the goalkeeper’s illiterate game at the exit, when he, having beaten off the blow, does not have time to return to the goal, and a player of the opponents calmly throws the ball over his head. And in this video you can see, perhaps, the most unusual (today) penalty shoot-out made at the Morocco championship:

There is a lack of professionalism and excessive self-confidence of the goalkeeper, adversely affecting the team.

The most beautiful football players in the world

The main sex symbol among football players deservedly is David Beckham. Well, someone, and David is good and his 40 years. Elegant, dressed with style. It takes care of itself being and always is brilliant. Already there are no bald hairstyles, crests and Native American earrings. There is only sexual brutality, so Beckham is recognized as the most beautiful footballer of the World.

Second place in sexuality Alessandro Del Piero with typical Italian beauty. Moreover, Alessandro is beautiful by nature, having the appearance of a real man, and not just a pretty face.

We give the third place Cristiano Ronaldo. The beauty of this football player just attracts fans of the younger generation. Cute face and inflated torso. Moreover, Ronaldo in his youth was not so handsome. Many believe that Ronaldo, with his millions earned, corrected himself and became a sex symbol. Be that as it may, Ronaldo today successfully advertises many products, being the face of companies. Many even love Ronaldo not as a football player, watching his victories, but elevate him to cult status, and fan from him, like from Michael Jackson.

Diego Maradona. 1986 year

We will not recall the incident that went down in history under the name “Hand of God”, but let us recall another goal of a football player scored in the same match.

Diego Maradona scored a beautiful goal at the World Cup in Mexico against England. Do not count the feints that the magician made the ball before he reached the goal, circling the half-team. And in conclusion, beautifully, past the goalkeeper sent the ball into the net.

But thanks to a goal with the hand that scored in that confrontation of Maradona, Argentina reached the semifinals of the championship.

Spectacular Goals Gallery

Our “football all” of the eighties Fedor Cherenkov in a match with the French club “Nantes” demonstrates the wonders of dribbling and stroke and finally scores a goal:

Please note: he goes one against three defenders, beats everyone, then a little hitch to disorient the opponent, passing to a friend, and when the French switched to that - again a pass and an accurate shot on goal! This gourmet episode is from football.

Another spectacular goal is scored by Zlatan Ibrahimovic (a Bosnian Muslim born in Sweden, nowadays, however, professing Catholicism). On this video you can see his incredible sense of “field size”, when he, after the goalkeeper of the opponents hits the ball, not even letting the ball touch the ground, strikes through himself in the fall and hits the gate exactly:

Of course, elementary sporting luck could not have done, but the winners are not judged. The goal was surprisingly spectacular.

And here the goalkeeper takes a free-kick from the corner of his court:

It would seem how many times it has been said: you can’t relax in sports, and this especially applies to game types! However, the goalkeeper of the rivals presumptuously felt that his goal was not in danger and before he hit the distance of the aimed hit, he could catch it or take a more convenient position to repel the attack. But everything turned out completely wrong: the ball, hitting the ground, jumps and in a steep arc (there is no way to reach it) flies over the goalkeeper. Alas, gaining experience in this way is too expensive a pleasure!

This collection does not pretend to be complete and absolute. It is clear that every sports fan has his own opinion about what is the most beautiful goal in the history of football. And it is clear that the list of spectacular goals will be longer and longer every year.

Oleg Blokhin. 1986 year

Recall the legend of Soviet football, the talented and goal-oriented player of Kiev Dynamo Oleg Blogikh.

In the final of the Cup of the Cup against Madrid “Atletico” Dynamo carried out a brilliant attack with a “fan”.

The final chord of the attack was an incredible blow to Oleg Blokhin rally. After hitting the ball, the ball flew over the goalkeeper, and the score was 2-0 in favor of the Soviet team.

Marco Van Basten. 1986 year

Blows through himself became the trademark of this talented Dutch footballer. Unfortunately, due to injuries, Marco Van Basten was forced to finish his football career at age 28.

Soviet fans remember Marco’s fantastic goal against Rinat Dasayev in the 1988 Euro final, but imagine another kick from a footballer that ended with a goal.

In the match between “Ajax” and “Den Bosch” as part of the Dutch Championship, Marco Van Basten sent the ball into the net of his opponents with a beautiful shot through himself.

David Beckham. 1996 year

In the career of this talented English football player there are goals for every taste, but the fans scored in the 1996/1997 season for a long time.

In the English Premier League match between Manchester United and Wimbledon, Beckham received the ball in midfield. He looked around and, without thinking twice, sent him into the opponent's frame.

The greatest football player in the history of England took advantage of the oversight of the goalkeeper, who went far into the field from his goal. After 12 years, David, from the stands of the stadium will applaud the same goal of Wayne Rooney.

Nicky Butt. 1996 year

Everything is perfect in this beautiful goal. And a combination with David Beckham and Eric Canton, and a masterful header by Nick Butt.

Having played a gorgeous combination, the players of Manchester literally swirled the opponent and took Butt to the shock position. He seemed to hover in the air and send a round shell exactly at the gates of Newcastle.

Roberto Carlos. 1997 year

A hit and flight of a ball that cast doubt on the laws of physics. In a friendly match between the national teams of France and Brazil, a free kick was awarded to the French.

The defender of the Brazilians Roberto Carlos came up to punch him. After hitting from 35 meters, the ball flew along an incredible trajectory into the lower corner of the goal.

Scientists then explained for a long time how the ball could so fantastically go around the wall and fly into the goal. Carlos goal is recognized as the best among all goals scored in football from the penalty area.

By the way, on you can admire the most beautiful football players in the world.

Mauro Bressan 1999 year

A smart goal against Barcelona was scored in the Champions League tournament by Italian footballer Mauro Bressan.

In the game between Fiorientina and Barcelona at the 14th minute of the match, a shot through himself from 25 yards Mauro sent the ball into the very nine goals of the Spanish team.

The Italian footballer masterfully performed the so-called “scissors” strike. Many sports television channels in the world then called the goal of Mauro Bressan the best in the history of Champions League matches.

Dejan Stankovic. year 2001

An unimaginable goal, almost from the center of the field, was scored in 2001 in a game between the Italian Inter and the German Schalke 04.

Using the mistake of the goalkeeper and the defenders, the Serbian football player “Inter” Dejan Stankovic sent the ball into the empty net.

The Serb's unique goal was the only one in the match and Inter celebrated the victory.

Zinedine Zidane. 2002 year

In the 2002 UEFA Champions League final match between the German Bayer and the Spanish Real Madrid, one of the best goals of the Champions League finals was scored.

At the 45th minute, with a score of 1: 1, the great Zinedine Zidane sent the ball into the Bayer goal from the fly.

This goal decided the outcome of the meeting, “Real” won that fight thanks to the beautiful blow of Zidane.

Gianfranco Zola 2002 year

The most beautiful heel goal was scored in 2002 in the English Championship match.

They played Chelsea and Norwich. After a corner, the Chelsea player Gianfranco Zola, ahead of the defenders, skillfully sent the ball into the goal.

Only in the replay can you consider the feint performed by a talented Italian football player, and now a coach.

Peter Crouch. 2006 year

Something similar to Zinedine Zidane created and English footballer Peter Crouch.

In a duel with Galatasaray in the Champions League, Liverpool player Steve Finnan hung the Turkish team from the flank. Peter Crouch in an incredible somersault sent the ball into the Galatasaray net.

Such a goal is doubly unique. Peter Crouch, with a height of 2 meters, 1 centimeter was able to form and deliver a fantastic blow.

Cristiano Ronaldo. year 2009

On the track record of a talented football player are many titles and beautiful goals. Cristiano loves, and most importantly, can score, and hits the opponent’s goal from anywhere in the field.

One of the goals of Ronaldo, scored in the goal of “Porto”, was recognized as the best goal of 2009 and one of the most beautiful in the history of “Manchester United”.

From outside the penalty area, the Portuguese striker sent a powerful shot into the net without a chance for the goalkeeper.

Lionel Messi. year 2012

On the account of the forward of the national team of Argentina and the Spanish “Barcelona” a lot of chic goals.

One of them scored from the free kick into the goal of “Atletico”. While the goalkeeper set up the wall, Lionel Messi almost without a start, sent the ball into the nine-goal away from him.

After a goal scored, the Russian commentator in emotion shouted “I saw it!”. Indeed, this is one of the most beautiful goals in world football.

Eugene Konoplyanka. year 2012

In this goal, team actions of the team can also be noted, but Eugene put all his skills into the blow.

In the match between England and the Ukrainian national team for the World Cup qualifier, Yevgeny Konoplyanka, with a beautiful bypass kick from outside the penalty area, sent the ball into the nine goals of the English.

After such moments, the Ukrainian footballer was noticed by European scouts, and over time, the undoubtedly talented Evgeny Konoplyanka moved to the Spanish “Seville”. Now he continues to score beautiful goals, but already in Schalke 04.

Hulk. year 2013

A beautiful goal was scored in the Russian Premier League in the 2013/2014 season. But it was not the Russian who scored it, but the Brazilian Zenit legionnaire Hulk.

In the match with the Moscow “CSKA” Hulk, having received the ball, successfully removed it for himself, and struck heavily in the far nine.

A goal against the curtain of the first half, as they say "in the locker room," the Brazilian footballer scored in the 45th minute of the match. Zenit won 2-0.

Cristiano Ronaldo. year 2014

You can not ignore another fantastic goal of the Portuguese striker.

In the framework of the Championship of Spain, Real Madrid and Valencia met. After a flank pass to Cristiano Ronaldo, heel scores a magnificent goal against the opponent.

The match of 2014 La Liga ended in a draw. Real Madrid escaped defeat, including through efforts and a unique sense of goal Cristiano. It is also worth noting that this beautiful goal became the hundredth goal of Cristiano Ronaldo in the Spanish championship.

To complete the picture and the idea of ​​the most talented footballer, most-beauty will present you with a beautiful, but unaccounted goal by Rodaldo against the goal of the Azeibardzhan national team in 2004. We note the beauty of the transfer partner football player.

Riccardo Quaresma. 2015 year

Another Portuguese football player, ball magician Riccardo Quaresma.

In the Turkish Championship match between Besiktas and Transports. Having received the ball, the Portuguese beat the opponent with a beautiful feint and launched the twisted ball into the goalkeeper's goal net with the outside of the foot.

Experts are still wondering whether it was a canopy or a targeted shot on goal.

Arjen Robin. year 2014

In the 2013/2014 Champions League draw, one of the most beautiful goals was scored on the fly. A goal at his own expense was recorded by the Dutch Bavarian legionnaire Arjen Robin.

At the end of the match with Manchester, the corner was presented at the gates of the English team. The ball after the filing flies to the corner of the penalty area. Robin adjusts to the flying projectile and sends a ball into the net of the opponent’s net with a powerful blow to the rally.

Martin Hansen. 2015 year

But this goal is not only beautiful, but also unique. There are few such cases in the history of world football.

In the Dutch Championship match, the Den Hag team received PSV. Up to 90 minutes of the match 3 goals were scored, and PSV won 1: 2.

In the 5th added minute of the match during a free kick into the PSV goal, the Den Haga goalkeeper Martin Hansen left his goal and ran into the opponent's penalty area.

The goal that the goalkeeper scored with his heel not only equalized the score in the match, but was also recognized as the best goal ever scored by a goalkeeper in football.

Wayne Rooney. year 2014

Few players can boast that they scored a goal from the center of the field, but everyone dreams of it.

Such a unique goal was scored by a Manchester United footballer against West Hem.

Rooney picked up the bounced ball, seeing that the goalkeeper went far out of the goal, sent the ball exactly in the center. Hitting the field in front of the goal, the ball went under the crossbar. One of the great qualities of the English football player is his excellent field vision and quick decision-making, which helped him to score this chic goal.

Wayne Rooney, who scored this wonderful goal, applauded the entire stadium.

James Rodriguez. year 2014

At the Brazilian World Cup in 2014, the Colombian midfielder scored a beautiful goal against the Uruguayan national team.

FIFA at the end of the championship recognized this goal as the most beautiful goal of the championship.

It is noteworthy that the game ended 2-0 in favor of Colombia, and the then Monaco player James Rodriguez scored two goals.

Robin Van Persie. year 2014

At the world championship in Brazil, another goal was scored in terms of beauty and performance.

In the match between Spain and the Netherlands, Dutch striker Robin Van Persie literally hovered in flight over a football field and sent the ball into the net with his head.

The goal of the Dutch soccer player and Colombian Rodriguez divided the specialists and fans into two camps in a dispute over the best goal of the 2014 championship.

Zoltan Hera. 2016

In one of the group stage matches at the European Championship, the national teams of Hungary and Portugal met.

In this match, the Hungarian player Zoltan Gera scored the most beautiful goal for Euro 2016. After the championship, experts and fans clearly recognized him as the best goal of the European Championship in 2016.

After filing a corner kick at the gates of the Portuguese, the ball flew off to Zoltan. Having quickly processed it, the Hungarian with a powerful blow sent him to the net of future European champions.

Jerdan Shakiri. 2016 year

But for the sake of justice, one more goal scored at Euro 2016 should be noted.

After the transfer from the flank, the Swiss national team player Jerdan Shakiri managed to perform an incredible somersault, sent a ball with a pair of scissors to the corner of the Poles goal.

Goal Shakiri also claimed to be recognized as his best goal of the championship. Many fans, and not only Swiss, think so.

Giovanni Van Bronkhorst | Uruguay-Netherlands

| Uruguay-Netherlands

World Championship 2010.
17 minutes of play . After a long breakdown of the Dutch team, in Uruguay, the pass reached Giovanni Bronkhorst and he didn’t think long, struck a powerful PUSHKU to the gates of Uruguay. The strike was far from the goal, the goalkeeper of Uruguay is not expected . Eventually beautiful goal clearly in nine . Giovanni left no chance on save game Uruguayan goalkeeper.

Fernando Torres. 2016 year

The Spanish championship is famous in the world for its many beautiful moments with incredible goals.

One of the most unique goals for the mastery of playing at the Celta goal was scored by Atletico player Fernando Torres.

Having received the ball with his back to the goal, the talented Torres threw it in front of him, crouched and sent a round through himself and sent the round into the goal. Just a super goal of the Spanish championship.

Roberto Carlos | France-Brazil

| France-Brazil

June 3, 1997 friendly match was held between the teams France and Brazil.
The scoreboard was already 3:3 . Judge announces free kick at the gates of France. Become a hit Roberto Carlos , he makes a big acceleration to hit, starts to run on the ball, makes a shot and "Boom" . in a second the ball in goal France. The blow was so strong that the goalkeeper of France could not even budge.

Roberto Carlos twisted the ball so hard that he flew to the left of the whole "walls" France and then spun clearlyingoal . This goal was nicknamed as: "goal contrary to the laws of physics."

Zlatan Ibrahimovic | Sweden-England

| Sweden-England

And of course Ibrahimovic , the most famous footballer by virtuoso goals.

90 minute play , score 3-2 in favor of Sweden. Judge adds 4 minutes , there is an attack on the gates of Sweden, well defenders were able to knock the ball right under the goal of England. The goalkeeper of England runs out of his goal to knock out the ball, well, then he runs towards him Ibrahimovic and the goalkeeper kicks the ball head(since he was already behind the goalkeeper zone) , Ibrahimovic runs for the ball, understands what is needed act fast while the goalkeeper is behind his zone. And he decides to hit in flight, through myself . The ball flies perfect candles into the goal of England, the goalkeeper and the defender do not have time to repulse him.

Phenomenal goal, performedIbrahimovic .

Zlatan Ibrahimovic. year 2012

The player of the Swedish national team Zlatan Ibrahimovic during his career boasts many original and beautiful goals.

But in a friendly game with the English national team, Zlatan scored a goal to the opponent’s goal, bewitching by performance and skill, with a blow from 25 meters through himself.

The world community admits that today it is the most beautiful goal in the history of football.

In this match, Zlatan Ibrahimovic signed for England four times, and the match ended 4: 2 in favor of Sweden.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic. 2008 year

Recall another fantastic goal of the Swedish striker.

In the match of the Italian champion between Milan “Inter” and “Bologna” on the 25th minute from the filing of Adriano from the flank Zlatan in flight scored a unique goal with his heel.

Many goals in the history of football were scored by the heel, but here Ibrahimovic scored on the fly, from under the defender, into the near corner from the goalkeeper.

This masterpiece goal against the Bologna goal has rightfully taken its place of honor on a list called the most beautiful goals of Ibrahimovic.

9. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

At the end of 2012, Zlatan Ibrahimovic made two achievements at once during the match “Sweden - England”. Firstly, he scored four goals against the English. And secondly, one of these goals Zlatan committed in a coup, and from a distance of 30 meters. Having described the spectacular arc, the ball flew past the goalkeeper and two defenders before crashing into the net.

The technique, composure, athleticism and accuracy demonstrated by the Swedish striker were phenomenal. The captain of the English national team, Stephen Gerrard, said that Ibrahimovic’s goal was the best he had ever seen.

8. Dennis Bergkamp

The Dutch footballer at the peak of his career was known for his refined craftsmanship and ball control. However, in the Arsenal match against Newcastle in 2002, he delighted and stunned fans. It is difficult to accurately describe what he did, because no one seems to have done this before. We can say that he beat the defender with a beautiful pirouette, and then sent the ball to the far corner of the opponent’s goal with an accurate shot, but you better watch this fantastic goal yourself.

Gareth Bale. 2018 year

The final game of the Champions League 2017–2018 was undoubtedly adorned by the goal of Gareth Bale, made in a jump through himself. The coach of Real Zinedine Zidane certainly liked the goal of his ward, because 16 years before that, he scored his phenomenal year also in the finals of the championship, and also with a score of 1: 1.

7. Eric Cantona

The famous Manchester United striker, nicknamed the fans by King Eric, scored his best goal in 1996, in a match against Sunderland. He beat two players before exchanging a pass with his teammate Manchester United. Then he shot a ball that flew past goalkeeper Lionel Pérez, crashed into a post and hit the top corner of the goal. After that, Cantona turned to face the fans, holding his head high and looking around the field with a proud look that spoke without a word to everyone who is the best here.

6. Lionel Messi

Being one of the best footballers in the world, Lionel Messi almost always shows an excellent game. But a particularly outstanding goal in his performance was demonstrated in 2007 (home match Barcelona - Getafe), and has much in common with the famous kick of Diego Maradona. Having run 55 meters in 12 seconds, the Argentine striker went around 4 players before beating the goalkeeper and instantly sending the ball into the Getafe net.

4. Diego Maradona

In third place in the top 10 best goals in football is the famous hit, called the "Hand of God." Fans saw him at the 1986 quarter-finals of the legendary Argentinean Diego Maradona ..

Maradona overtook the ball, bounced in the direction of the penalty area, his left fist and sent him to the opponents' goal. Despite the indignation of the British, the judge counted the goal, and in the English press this episode was called "the hand of the devil." According to Diego himself, the ball was scored "partly by my head, and partly by the hand of God."

During the same game, Maradona demonstrated the most beautiful goal in the history of football of the XX century - “Goal of the Century”. To score his footballer broke into the penalty area of ​​the English, bypassing 6 players, including the goalkeeper.

3. Roberto Carlos

The retired Brazilian footballer forever inscribed his name in the history of world football, thanks to spectacular free kicks. He performed them with superb precision and power.

Carlos scored the most unforgettable free kick that fans still remember in 1997. Then his team played against France at the Tournois de France. The ball, sent by Carlos from a distance of 35 meters, flew along a parabolic path to the right of the goal, and then bounced off the bar and flew into the net.

2. Ricardo Oliveira

The fastest goal in the history of football, according to the Guinness Book of Records, was struck by the forward of the Rio Negro club in a match against Soriano in 1998. As soon as the starting whistle sounded, Oliveira hit the ball. 2.8 seconds was enough for everything about everything.

Unofficially, this record was broken in 2009 by the player of the Saudi team Nawaf al Abed, who scored a goal 2 seconds after the starting whistle. However, the result of Oliveira has not yet been canceled. Not all players who participated in the Saudi youth clubs match were under 23, which is against the rules.

1. Manuel Negrete

In the history of world championships, the best of the best goals in football was scored by Mexican midfielder Manuel Negrete. These are the results of a fans survey conducted by FIFA from March 31 to April 9, 2018.

In June 1986, during the match “Mexico - Bulgaria” Negrete scored his goal against the Bulgarians in the fall.The ball flew at the level of his chest, but Manuel managed to punch on it, laying the body horizontally. At one of the largest stadiums in the world - Aztec, where the game took place, a monument to an outstanding goal was erected.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo

Another great player of our time with five Golden Balls has also scored many masterpieces during his career (remember at least his goal through himself in the final Champions League against Juventus), so choosing one is not an easy task.

But we still decided to include in our top his goal in the Manchester United T-shirt, when Cristiano Ronaldo was “shot” almost from the center of the field, creating a moment from literally nothing.

Then CriRo was not yet such a significant figure as now, and the biggest victories and achievements were waiting for him to come, but it is thanks to Sir Alex Ferguson and his Manchester United that we are now watching the talent of the Portuguese. If it weren’t for Ferguson, the career of the Seven could have been less successful.

2. Diego Maradona

The greatest individual goal of all time, scored in front of 114,000 fans on the poor uneven surface of the Aztec Stadium during the quarterfinals of the World Cup.

Diego Maradona He owned the ball for 10.8 seconds, took 44 steps and touched the ball 12 times before scoring against England, and he began a solo pass in his half of the field.

Maradona is certainly a player who has a controversial reputation, but his ability to score great goals cannot be denied when it is really important.

If ever a tournament was associated with the grandeur of one player, then it was the 1986 World Cup in Mexico.

It is noteworthy that in the same match, the Argentinean scored a goal with his hand (the very “God’s hand”), but by running through the entire field he managed to rehabilitate himself, at least partially.

1. Zinedine Zidane

Every professional football player is capable of scoring a beautiful goal, but not everyone has been scored so in the final match of the Champions League. Zinedine Zidane - this is not all, so he managed to hit the gate of the Liverkusen Bayer with a spectacular blow from the summer after Roberto Carlos’s submission from the flank.

Real Madrid deservedly won the eared cup that evening, and Zizu's goal was the highlight of the match.

The most beautiful wives of football players

Speaking about the wives of the top 5 football players deservedly takes Shakira - wife of Piquet (defender of Barcelona).

Second place Georgia Palmas - The wife of the former Italian footballer Roma Bombardini.

Victoria Beckham, like her husband, is deservedly included in this top, as one of the most beautiful spouses of football players.

Without Irina Shayk this rating will not be complete, because the Russian beauty still had so much time with the aforementioned Ronaldo.

Czech fashion model Alena Seredova one of the most beautiful wives of football players. The model is the wife of Buffon - Italy goalkeeper.


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