Denis Rozhkov: personal life (wife, children)


Born July 3, 1976 in Moscow.

In 1998 he graduated from the Moscow Art Theater School-Studio (workshop of O.P. Tabakov).
He performed at the Russian Realistic Theater, "Debut Center" at the Central House of Artists.
Actor of the "Old Theater".

In 2010-2011 led the show "Culinary Duel" on the NTV channel.

Russian realistic theater:
A.S. Pushkin "Eugene Onegin" - Lensky,
F.M. Dostoevsky "The Brothers Karamazov" - Alyosha Karamazov.

"Debut Center" at the Central House of Artists:
Luigi Pirandello "Pure Truth" - Tragedian.
William Saroyan “My heart is in the mountains.” - Philip Carmichael, boy, young spouse,
"Hamster Day or Russian happiness" - Kolya.

Old Theater:
Tea Ceremony - Boris,
“In the mountains is my heart.” - Philip Carmichael.

Personal life of Denis Rozhkov

The personal life of Denis Rozhkov, of course, is of interest to his many admirers, who appeared after the multi-part film “Capercaillie” appeared on television screens. It is no secret that Denis is a faithful spouse and a wonderful father.

In the photo: actor Denis Rozhkov

Denis Rozhkov met his wife at the theater, where he got after graduating from a higher educational institution. One fine day, he realized that he fell in love with a girl literally at first sight. Irina then worked in the same theater as a makeup artist. After a short candy-flower period, the couple began to live together. Lovers rented small apartments, and when they experienced material difficulties, they huddled with their parents. The actor could earn his own housing only after 12 years of marriage.

Denis Rozhkov with his wife and son

The most interesting

According to the actor himself, he is very grateful to his wife, since she was the main breadwinner in the family during the first years of marriage. He believes that she acted wisely - suffered the inaction of her lover, did not reproach him in anything and believed in his talent.

“You know how ashamed I was when Ira earned money, fed me, and I did not bring a penny home. Yes, and there was such a time. Now I remember, it’s even scary. I was very worried that my wife would get tired of enduring it and as a result would leave me. Fortunately, Ira is a wise woman. She always supported me, inspired me, etc. I am very grateful to her, ”Rozhkov admits.

Despite the importance of the profession in the fate of the actor, Denis Rozhkov believes that in his life the main place is occupied by the family. From the very first days of marriage, Irina and Denis wanted to have heirs. Denis Rozhkov's child appeared in 1999. Then the wife gave the spouse a beautiful boy, whom the happy parents decided to call Vanya.

According to the artist, he was lucky with the profession of a wife. Irina rotates in a near-actor environment, so she is familiar with working on the set firsthand. My wife does not need to explain the frequent delays at work, as from time to time the rehearsal or shooting ends well after midnight. On the Web very often new photos of the actor appear. Often in photographs he is captured in the company of friends and family. Of course, he spends all his free time with his family, walking in entertainment centers, parks, etc.

Creative path, life and family.

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Name and surname:Denis Rozhkov
Middle name:Igorevich
Name in English:Denis rozhkov
Year of birth:1976
Birthday:3 July
Place of Birth:Moscow city
Occupation:actor, russian actor
Height:184 cm.
Weight:92 kg
Eastern horoscope:The Dragon
Social network:InstagramWikipedia

Biography of Denis Rozhkov

Denis Igorevich Rozhkov - artist of the art theater and cinema, TV presenter. The greatest popularity was brought to him by the role of the police officer Antoshin in the television series "Capercaillie", which was awarded the TEFI Prize in 2010 as the best work in its genre.

The actor is also familiar to the viewer for his work in the capital's Old Theater, where he serves, in the Moscow Independent Theater, in the St. Petersburg Baltic House. He also acted as a host in the Russian Lottery television lottery and in the Culinary Duel show program.

Actor Denis Rozhkov

Despite a long period of setbacks and lack of demand as an actor, Rozhkov believed that he would be lucky - he went to film studios, sent his pictures to acting agencies, knocked on all doors. And his perseverance was rewarded - he was invited to the cinema, and, thanks to the popular series, his life has changed dramatically. Therefore, in an interview with everyone who encounters obstacles on the way to a dream, he advised not to retreat and not to despair, but to believe, like him, in your lucky star.

Childhood and youth Denis Rozhkova

The actor was born on July 3, 1976 in Moscow. The boy’s parents were divorced, but in the family there was a man who became Denis’s father, it was my mother’s grandfather. Denis grew rapidly, was fond of music. Among the favorite artists invariably noted by Viktor Tsoi, Led Zeppelin and Beatles.

Rozhkov Denis Igorevich did not immediately become an actor

At the school, Rozhkov briefly attended many circles, including the judo, football, and marine club sections, but he was only interested in the theater studio. Love for the stage helped Denis successfully graduate from school - satisfactory marks were set for him, thanks to the efforts of the young enthusiast in preparing creative contests and concert programs.

The final choice of a profession for Denis was allowed by a meeting at a competition of young readers with a teacher and director Natalya Petrovna Ganysh, who directed the Zerkalo Theater Studio at the Tushino Center for Children and Youth Creativity, where the event was held. She liked the performance of Denis, and she invited him to her team. Rozhkov gladly accepted the invitation, he already dreamed of becoming an artist. Grandfather, as usual, supported his decision, but my mother convinced me of the advantage of working as a lawyer.

After graduating from school in 1993, the young man tried to enter various theatrical institutes of the capital; creative tours took place at VTU im. Shchepkin Institute. Shchukin, VGIK, GITIS, Moscow Art Theater School. But everywhere he failed. Despite this, Denis’s confidence in his calling remained unshakable, the magic of the scene beckoned him and did not let him go.

Denis Rozhkov on the stage of the theater

As an applicant, he met and made friends with Pasha Maykov, who also cut short on exams. Subsequently, Denis took him to the Mirror, and they performed on his stage together.

To prepare for the next assault on theatrical universities, Rozhkov entered the courses of the acting department of the Moscow Art Theater School, managed to please Oleg Tabakov and later worked in his workshop.

Actor Denis Rozhkov

After studying in 1998, the actor did not receive an invitation from Tabakov to the formed Tabakerki troupe, where he could use him in the repertoire. The young specialist was in the drama theater on Perovskaya. There was a lot of work there, but, due to the low salary, he had to work as a decorator, leading corporate parties, an animator at children's parties, Santa Claus. He undertook everything - he was a laborer in a bakery, a site moderator, a waiter, an insurance agent.

Now films with Denis Rozhkov are very popular

After working for two seasons, Rozhkov left the theater, where he did not feel satisfaction from creativity and felt uncomfortable. He wanted to go to another “Melpomene Temple”, but it was not easy to realize his plan - the actor was not accepted anywhere. Occasionally he performed in creative projects on the stage of the Russian Realistic Theater, the Debut Center. Attempts to break into the screen also failed. The difficult period in the life of the young man was helped by the wife, who showed tact and understanding, being the main breadwinner in the family.

When Denis almost came to terms with his long downtime, which lasted about ten years, he was invited to play the role of tattoo artist in the crime-detective television series "Silent Witness." The actor was finally allowed to return to his beloved profession with a series about the working days of law enforcement officers.

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Denis Rozhkov interviews Maxim Averin

"Culinary duel." March 26, 2016

Denis Rozhkov. About alcohol: three rules of Tabakov

Denis Rozhkov - biography

This actor was unlucky for a very long time, he was unknown and unclaimed in the profession. But Denis Rozhkov believed in his lucky star, so he never gave up, and was firmly convinced that great luck awaited him. He upholstered the thresholds of film studios, sent out his photographs to all acting agencies, knocked on all closed doors. The persistence of the actor was soon rewarded - he received a role that marked the beginning of a great cinematic biography and completely changed his life.

Fame and popular love came to the actor Denis Rozhkov after filming in the series "Capercaillie", in which he tried on the role of police officer Antoshin.


After graduation, the actor tries to realize himself in the profession. He entered the Debut Center, which worked at the Central House of Artists, and went on stage in the production of Pure Truth. In parallel, he serves in the Russian Realistic Theater, where he is involved in the productions of Eugene Onegin and The Brothers Karamazov. But for some reason, the beloved work did not bring creative satisfaction, and the actor’s financial situation was unenviable.

He had few roles, the payment was rather modest, so Denis went in search of additional income. He performed at the matinees as Santa Claus, led corporate events. In addition, the actor found a side job on television, he was taken by a correspondent in one of the programs. At the same time, he was seriously carried away by video editing, and Rozhkov has a desire to retrain. The first half of 2011, Denis collaborated with the NTV channel - became the host of the “Culinary Duel”. Prior to that, he acted as a co-host in the Russian Lotto lottery.

The actor made a living in all known ways, but not his main profession. Rozhkov wanted to star, but for some reason the directors stubbornly remained silent, and did not call him into their projects. The first roles appeared in Denis since 2003, but they were episodic, and did not satisfy the ambitious actor at all.

Denis debut was the series “Blind”, in which he played a digger, then he appeared in the film “Next”, and again in the episode, in the image of the bandit Lemon. In total, the actor’s stagnation lasted almost ten years, and he was already getting used to the idea that he would have to change his profession. If he had not been called to the series “The Capercaillie”, then most likely the acting career of Denis Rozhkov would never have taken place.

Denis constantly starred in minor roles, and perfectly understood that they would not bring him neither fame nor material well-being. There were also few performances, and they paid ridiculous money for it. Rozhkov could not reveal himself as an actor, he simply had nowhere to do it, but soon dramatic changes took place in his life.

And in 2008, his time came. Rozhkov was invited to the series "Capercaillie", where he very organically reincarnated as traffic police inspector Denis Antoshin. Rozhkov belongs to those actors who have long been waiting for their triumph, and when they wait, they do not lose luck. If before this project he was a little-known artist, then after the release of the series real fame and recognition fell upon him.

The directors managed to assemble a very strong cast in this series. All the actors required the highest skill, and they brilliantly demonstrated it on the screen. The task of directors and producers was to find interesting stories that would keep the viewer's attention up to standard. Filming was very dynamic and did not stop for a single day. The popularity of the series gained momentum with each new series.

After filming, Rozhkov discovered the secret of relations with the performer of the role of Nastya Maria Boltneva. They were quite complex, the actors could not get used to each other on the set. But they are professionals, and they perfectly understood that the success of the project depends on their coordinated work, therefore they tried to find a compromise in difficult situations.

Capercaillie became the most significant project in the creative biography of Rozhkov. He practically did not leave the set, every month for more than twenty days he was under the spotlights. It got to the point that he saw his colleagues in the film more often than family. At this time, Rozhkov did not leave the theater either. He did not refuse from entreprise productions and performances in the Old Theater. The artist had to constantly wander from Moscow to St. Petersburg, but he was never late.

Thanks to the series, Denis Rozhkov gained the long-awaited popularity. After the release of The Capercaillie, he became very popular, and before that, for ten years his name was almost unknown to the general public. The series was shot for two years, and the actor admits that it is very difficult to be in this image for such a long time, but he tried very hard. And as time showed, he succeeded. Denis Rozhkov has absolutely no star fever, although he said that sometimes there are still “bouts".

At the Old Theater, Denis Rozhkov takes the stage in productions of “Hamster's Day, or Russian Happiness,” “My Heart is in the Mountains,” and “Tea Ceremony.” The artist considers his creative career to be quite successful.

In the creative work of the actor, there are a lot of roles of police officers, but, according to Rozhkov himself, they did not become of the same type. He has to play different people, and each of them has a completely different understanding of life.

In 2011, Denis Rozhkov played the image of a fighter pilot in the TV series “Aliens Wings”. This role once again proves that he is not a hostage to one role, and completely organically feels in a different way.

In 2012, the actor returned to the role of a policeman in the film "Alien District". He became the captain of the police Andrei Frolov. With each new series, the series was watched by more and more viewers, and therefore it was decided to remove its continuation.

Theater and films

At the end of the Moscow Art Theater School, Denis began to participate in theatrical projects. The young artist played on the stage of the Debut Center at the Central House of the actor in the play “Pure Truth”.

At the same time he participated in performances on the stage of the Russian Realistic Theater. Here Rozhkov was remembered by the audience for the roles of Lensky in "Eugene Onegin" and Alyosha in "The Brothers Karamazov", but did not receive full satisfaction from the work, either creatively or materially.

Denis Rozhkov in the play “Grooms”

There were few roles, because of the modest pay, I had to constantly look for additional earnings. It was typical for the actors "Dedmorozovskie" morning performances and corporate parties. In addition, Rozhkov worked as a correspondent on television, at one time he was seriously interested in video editing - he even wanted to make it his profession. From January to July 2011, Denis hosted the program “Culinary Duel” on the NTV channel, and even earlier was the co-host of the Russian Lotto television show.

All this time, the actor dreamed of serious work in the cinema, but the directors were in no hurry with the proposals. Since 2003, Rozhkov appears in episodic scenes. The background game was not to the liking of an ambitious performer.

Denis Rozhkov in the show "Culinary Duel"

The film debut was the role of the digger in the series "Blind", in 2003 - the same episodic role of the bandit nicknamed Lemon in the series "Next". According to Denis, after 10 years of inactivity, he has already begun to think about quitting his acting career. And if not for the role of Denis Antoshin, perhaps he would have changed jobs.

The man constantly got not bright roles.He felt that these works would not be significant for his career. There were few performances, wages were low. This state of affairs did not allow to fully reveal acting talent, but still the situation is gradually improving.

Denis Rozhkov in the series "Capercaillie"

In 2008, a turning point came in his professional acting career. In the series "Capercaillie" he plays the role of Denis Antoshin, traffic police inspector. Rozhkov is an actor who has been waiting for a high point for many years. There has been no successful breakthrough for the entire career, but the brilliant game in the movie "Capercaillie" opens up new opportunities for Denis.

A bright team has gathered in this project. The filmmakers completed the plan, performing their roles at a high level. The directors and producers constantly wanted to bring to life new scenes that could even more attract the attention of the viewer. The team was always busy with work, because the series was becoming more and more popular among the Russian audience.

Denis Rozhkov and Maria Boltneva

In an interview, Rozhkov admitted that he had a difficult relationship with actress Maria Boltneva, who played Nastya in the television series “Capercaillie”. During the filming, they did not have the necessary level of understanding, but still for the sake of a common goal, the actors managed to find a compromise on specific tasks.

Filming in the movie "Capercaillie" became for Denis Rozhkov the most significant in his professional career. He was constantly in the working process, followed by 22 shooting days per month. As a result, he saw actor Maxim Averin more often than his wife. In addition, in parallel, Denis was able to play in entreprise productions and in the Old Theater. He lived in 2 cities, torn between his native Moscow and St. Petersburg. In the future, it’s the series that will bring Rozhkov popularity.

In one interview, the actor admitted:

“As they say, I woke up famous, because in fact I’ve been idle for 10 years. During this time I tried a lot. He worked on television. And he was a correspondent, and selected people to participate in the reality show "Hunger-2." Engaged in installation, which I really liked. I even thought of making it my profession, but suddenly they offered the role of Antoshin. Professionally, the series taught me a lot. It’s hard for 2 years to “hold” the character. I consider this my achievement. Popularity is nice, but I hope I won’t suffer from a star disease. Although sometimes it already slips. ”

On the stage of the Old Theater, Rozhkov was busy in several performances: “Hamster's Day, or Russian happiness”, “My heart is in the mountains”, “Tea ceremony”. The artist himself believes that his creative career was a success.

Denis repeatedly stated in an interview that he had already played many police roles, but not all of them were the same. According to him, such a profession is represented by different people who live a completely different life.

In 2011, Rozhkov appeared in a new role, played the role of a fighter pilot in the 6-episode military film "Aliens Wings", which tells about the events of 1941.

Denis Rozhkov in the TV series “Alien District”

In 2012, Denis starred in the TV series “Alien District”. In this film, he plays the role of a district police officer, police captain Andrei Frolov. Gradually, the new television series becomes more and more popular, and the directors decide to shoot a sequel. In the same year, part of the filmography of Rozhkov becomes work in the series "Vacation". This is an action movie in which the hero of Denis - police captain Ivan - even on a legal weekend has to participate in solving the crime.

Soon, a popular artist appears in the youth melodrama "Peppers" and the joint Russian-Ukrainian detective story "Under the gun of love."

Denis Rozhkov in the detective "Under the gun of love"

The popularity of the hero Denis Antoshin, who played a decisive role in the formation of the artist’s creative biography, influenced the appearance of new projects with his participation. A traffic police officer loved by millions of viewers appeared in the 2nd and 3rd seasons of the Karpov series and in the 2nd seasons of the Pyatnitsky detective.

Capercaillie and Denis Rozhkov

In 2008, Denis received a tempting offer to play in Glukhara. After reading the script of the picture, he immediately realized that the role of Antoshin was one hundred percent of it.

Denis Rozhkov and Maxim Averin

A great team was selected in the project. And although the actor admitted that during the first season he had a difficult relationship with Maria Boltneva, who played his beloved girl, he liked to feel professional satisfaction. In addition, it was great that there was no need to puzzle over the question of how to feed a family.

For three years he worked without leave, had 22 days of shooting a month, as a result, he saw Maxim Averin more often than his wife. In parallel with the filming of the series, the artist managed to play in entreprise productions and in the Old Theater.

"Capercaillie" was a resounding success, strangers recognized Denis on the street, smiling, asked for an autograph. He was pleased with the unexpected popularity, but he never suffered from a star disease.

Denis Rozhkov now

In 2018, exactly 10 years have passed since the first episodes of the rating series “Capercaillie” were released. The film is still popular with viewers today, so in the anniversary year I got into the broadcast network of Channel Five. In addition to Denis Rozhkov and Maxim Averin, Maria Boltneva, Victoria Tarasova, Vladimir Feklenko, Evgeny Samarin shone in the famous film.

Now in the actor’s film career a creative pause has come. The last project with Rozhkov’s participation - “Freshman” - was completed in 2016. The show of the series, in which the main roles went to Anna Taratorkina and Aristarkh Venes, started on the TVC channel. But the actor’s multifaceted talent did not allow him to stay away from creativity.

Denis Rozhkov in the Ithaca group

In 2017, Denis became a member of the Ithaca music group, where he plays the trumpet. The theatrical premiere of the year with the participation of Denis Rozhkov in the main role was the production of "The Master and Margarita" in the Bulgakov Theater.

In 2018, Denis again turned to the entreprise. Together with the main actors of the comedy production of “Pretense and Love,” Igor Pismenny, Natalya Gromushkina, Konstantin Soloviev, Karina Zvereva and Elena Biryukova, he visited many cities of Russia. The actor informed the subscribers of the official account on Instagram about the end of the tour, where he posted a photo from the play. At the Taganka Actors Theater, the artist plays in the comedy Charming Cuckolds.

Denis Rozhkov in the play "Pretense and Love" in 2018

The artist also played in the new Russian web series “Club of Anonymous Liars” (“K.A.L.”), the first show of which took place on October 17, 2018 on YouTube. The project became the nominee of the First Russian Prize in the field of web industry.

Photo: Denis Rozhkov

Denis Rozhkov today

The actor has become popular and works a lot. In his creative piggy bank, police characters predominate (“Department”, “Alien District”, “Karpov”, “Pyatnitsky”, “Under the Sight of Love”), but he rightly believes that he does not play a profession, but a person’s character and fate.

The filmography of Denis Rozhkov more includes films about police officers

In addition to police roles, he starred as a test pilot in the film "Aliens Wings", military - in "Silent Witness-3", the ex-champion in rally - in "Kiss on the Head" and other paintings.

And he travels around the country a lot with entreprise performances, in particular, “Grooms” based on Gogol’s play “Marriage”, “Accompanist” based on the play of the “new wave” playwright Alexander Galin and others.

The only character that the actor does not want to play is Santa Claus. But Denis does not exclude the possibility of such a reincarnation, especially if it will be necessary to implement it for a little girl who looks like him. After all, he and his wife have recently begun to think about this.


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