Biography of Konstantin Ivlev


Name: Konstantin Ivlev

Middle name: Vitalievich

Birthday: January 12 1974 (46 years old)

Place of Birth: Moscow

Height: 184 cm

Weight: 104 kg

Eastern horoscope: Tiger

Career: TV presenters 8th place

Childhood and youth

Konstantin was born on January 12, 1974 in Moscow. The boy’s father worked in the KGB, and when Ivlev was 7 years old, the family moved abroad for five years. Upon returning to Moscow, the 12-year-old Kostya had a lot of overseas things that were not easy to find in domestic stores, but his strict father did not allow the teenager to boast of affluence with friends.

At school, Ivlev was far from an excellent student and often upset his parents with poor grades, but he was a good assistant in the kitchen. After graduating from high school, Konstantin entered vocational school No. 19, where he began to study cooking.

Cook's career

In 2008, Ivlev became a member of the French Association of deli Chaine des Rotissers and later headed the Federation of Professional Chefs and Confectioners of Russia. Two years later, Konstantin, together with chef Yuri Rozhkov, opened the Ask the chef culinary school in Moscow.

In 2011, Konstantin, together with Rozhkov, published the book “Kitchen for Real Men,” and two years later, the book “Russia Cooks at Home,” in which chefs shared proven recipes based on Russian products.

The beginning of a professional climb

The career of cook Ivlev began after the army service, to which he fell at the end of vocational schools in 1993. His professional growth, thanks to work in various restaurants in Moscow, was rapid. Two years later, the cook becomes a sought-after specialist, and begins to cook for the best metropolitan establishments.

Despite his successes in the profession and career ups, Konstantin Ivlev strove for development, so he attended many master classes both in Russia and abroad. Teachers were representatives of culinary art from the most famous schools and restaurants in the world.

Recognized talent

The beginning of the 2000s was marked in recognition by Ivlev. So, in the spring of 2000, he participated in the culinary championship in Moscow, where he managed to take bronze.

In early spring 2004, Ivlev’s first literary work was published, in which he presented to the general public his culinary philosophy, the formulation of the concept of a highly professional cuisine, relevant in modern conditions.

The year 2008 brought recognition by French culinary specialists, who also appreciated Ivlev's undeniable talent. After 2 years in the capital, the Ivleva School opens its doors, and already in 2011, together with Rozhkov, the famous chef released a book of recipes that are adapted for products that are considered traditional in Russian open spaces.

A significant event in the biography of Konstantin takes place in 2014 - he becomes not only a chef, but also a co-owner of one of the most luxurious restaurants in the capital. On the restaurant’s menu you can find dishes prepared exclusively according to the author’s recipe. The restaurant is very popular, and queues at the table in it can be expected for weeks.

Participation in TV projects

The year 2014 was also marked for Ivlev with a television debut. This year, he passes tests in the series "Kitchen", which becomes popular among viewers immediately after entering the screen. A little later, in 2016, Konstantin was the host of several copyright shows on television.

Many print media mention the name of Ivlev. The most famous works of him, as the author, are “Russia cooks at home” and “My philosophy of cuisine”, written by him in collaboration with Yuri Rozhkov, a longtime friend and partner.

Another collaboration was successful - together with his 11-year-old son, Ivlev published the book “Cooking for One, Two, Three,” in which they selected recipes together. On the pages of his books, Ivlev reveals recipes for various dishes - from soups to drinks, diluting them with interesting cases from personal experience.

Among the nearest projects of the cook, who are preparing to go out, is a work with promising content “The Bible of the New Russian Cuisine”. Professional notes and photos with relatives can be seen on the pages on the chef's social networks.

Wife of Konstantin Ivlev

Maria Ivleva, wife of the eminent cook, is his faithful companion. Their marriage is already about 20 years old. According to both spouses, their meeting radically changed their personal lives and priorities of both, romantically started relationships quickly led them to the wedding. The family still has an atmosphere of love and respect, in which the children of the couple are brought up.

In addition to the role of a faithful companion of life and a loving mother, Maria Ivleva is an active participant in the professional activities of the cook. Konstantin claims that it is the wife who is the engine of progress in his activities, and she was the author of the idea to use trendy double boiler for cooking restaurant dishes.

Since Ivlev spends a lot of time at work, all life lies on the shoulders of his wife. Maria meekly accepts her role and frees her husband from cooking at home. Together, they are happy to pamper their guests with interesting dishes and surprise them with a unique selection of puppet cooks and a collection of foreign wines of rare brands.

Matvey, the son of the cook, is also going to continue the work of his father. His father not only supported him in this idea, but also allowed him to participate as a partner in the project “On the Knives”. In this show, father and son together prepared dishes from the restaurant menu.

Matvey is happy to absorb all the professional secrets of his father and receives great support from him, which is also evidenced by the fact that Ivlev Sr. introduced his son to the filming of a television cooking show and writing a book.

It is too early to judge plans for the life of Ivlev’s daughter, Masha. She was born in 2014 and became the second child in the family. Despite his busy work schedule, the father finds an opportunity to spend time with the children and prepare healthy goodies for them. Parents try to surround their children with care and attention.

Healthy lifestyle fan

The Ivlevs family every year tries to leave the noisy capital and go to different countries in search of exotics. It is also worth noting that Ivlev has been sober for over 20 years, abandoning alcohol, while still being little known.

Konstantin is a fan of a healthy lifestyle, as evidenced by his refusal to smoke and his passion for running and swimming. He considers fried eggs with rice porridge his favorite breakfast.

Ivlev considers the standard of feminine beauty for ladies with curvaceous and older than themselves. However, his wife Maria is four years younger than her husband, which did not prevent them from living a happy marriage for 20 years.

Konstantin Ivlev today

Starting from the third season of the show with the working title “Friday”, which is an analogue of the American “Hell'sKitchen”, Ivlev has been involved as the main cook and host. A project called “Hell's Kitchen”, which was released in 2017, brought together under one roof 18 culinary experts who entered the struggle for a place in the team of Konstantin in his restaurant and a cash prize. Lena Flying became Ivlev’s partner on the site and a judge in the show.

Artem Korolev supplemented the team of the fourth season of Hell's Kitchen, which began broadcasting in 2018. Chef Ivlev to this day takes part in culinary competitions, receiving awards, while he is an already held member of the French Guild of Deli and is the head of the Federation of Professional Chefs and Confectioners of Russia.

The most important thing

The famous culinary specialist has become a real star of the television screen, his talent is recognized not only by restaurant visitors, but also by viewers who watch programs with his participation. In addition, copyright books about their own vision of cooking and unique recipes are also very popular.

Having become a real guru of culinary art, Konstantin Ivlev proved by his example that school performance is not so important if you develop talent and steadily move towards the goal. For fans of culinary talent, the doors of his restaurant in Moscow are cordially open.

The title of culinary master Ivlev is worthy, his professionalism deserves respect, and his life's path is admiration. For many, Konstantin Ivlev became a real icon in cooking.

Biography of Konstantin Ivlev

Konstantin Ivlev was born on January 12, 1974 in Moscow.

He studied at vocational school № 19, specialty cook. In the restaurant business since 1993.

Since 1997, he worked as a chef in various restaurants.

In the late 1990s, professional internships took place at Vatel School (France), at the Edsbaka Krog Restaurant, awarded 2 stars in the Michelin Guide (Sweden), at the Beef Institute (USA), at the Arzak Restaurant by Juan Maria Arzak, awarded 3 stars in the Michelin Guide (Spain).

He is a member of the French guild of deli chaine des Rotissers and since the end of 2008 has been the head of the Federation of Professional Chefs and Confectioners of Russia.

He was the host of the Taste Wednesday programs on Silver Rain radio, Ask the Cook, Food Week, and New Year Food Week on the Home channel, Taste Can Afford, My-Your Food channel “Kitchen TV” and “Eat it immediately!” On the STS channel.

He wrote books: “My Philosophy of Kitchen” (2004), “The Kitchen of Real Men” (co-authored with Yuri Rozhkov, 2011) and “Russia Cooks at Home” (co-authored with Yuri Rozhkov, 2013).

In the 80th series of the series "Kitchen" he played one of the participants in the show "Chef".

Since 2016 - the host of the show "On the Knives" on the TV channel "Friday".

Since 2017 - the host of the show “Hell's Kitchen” on the TV channel “Friday”.

Catering has died

In an interview, he says that although Russian cuisine occupied him, what he saw in the restaurants was not at all inspiring. As a result, he still went to study as a cook, but whether he would work by profession was a question for him.

After school, the young man joined the army, and two years later he did not recognize restaurant Moscow. The traditional food service has died.

Foreign chefs appeared in the capital, a new restaurant culture ...

In one of the kitchens of the restaurant where he was taken, the guy unexpectedly found for himself that the meat can be of different roasts, and the basis of the sauce is not always flour. A new facet of cookery art was a pleasant surprise for Ivlev. He eagerly rushed to study his profession again.

European class

Having won another cooking contest, instead of a cash prize, he chose to study at one of the Michelin-starred restaurants in Sweden. Ivlev says that he is not deprived of imagination and can come up with his own dish or a new reading of what is known to everyone, so he never tried to copy anything. So he went after another: he wanted to find out how the restaurant industry in Europe works, look at the restaurant management system, the team interaction system.

There were then dozens of such training in his life.

The cook traveled all over Europe, made endless notes, learned new things, and returning to Moscow, from the seen he took out completely new, his own formulas for a happy dinner.

Over time, Ivlev did not just become a chef. He says that once he got the opportunity to lead as many as 11 projects. In addition, the chef headed the Russian Federation of professional chefs and pastry chefs. Also, his skill was recognized by the French - and accepted into the French Association of deli.

The beginning of professional activity

Since 1993, Ivlev graduated from this educational institution and, having completed his military service, Konstantin began to work on his specialty in various restaurants in Moscow. From that moment on, Ivlev’s biography changes dramatically. Thanks to his talent, he quickly began to move up the career ladder and two years later he began to work as a chef in the most popular restaurants and bars of the capital.
Ivlev Konstantin honed his skills at various master classes and not only in the country, but also abroad. This training was carried out in specialized schools, as well as in cafes and restaurants with 2 and 3 stars.

Recognition of talent

In March 2000, Konstantin took an honorable 3rd place, participating in the culinary championship held in the capital. In 2001, he became the country's most famous chef. In 2007, confirms this title according to the magazine "Chef". Even the famous English publication recognized Constantine as the best chef of 2007.

In March 2004, the first book of Ivlev came to the shelves of bookstores. In this book, the chef formulates a personal culinary philosophy and expresses an opinion on what should be the highly professional cuisine of our time.

In September 2008, Constantine's culinary talent was recognized by French culinary specialists. In April 2010, Konstantin opened a culinary school in Moscow under the name - "Ivlev School". In 2011, the famous chef, with the assistance of Rozhkov, publishes a book that is replete with a large number of trusted recipes using exclusively traditional products for Russia.

In September 2014, Konstantin became both the chef and co-owner of a chic restaurant in the center of Moscow. This restaurant serves exclusively dishes made according to Ivlev's recipes. The restaurants where Konstantin works are always very popular, and you need to book tables in them for several weeks.

Our Gordon Ramsay

Konstantin Vitalievich came to fame when he began to appear on TV. His most famous project is the show "On the Knives". There Ivlev came to the most deserted and unprofitable places in the country and helped the owners rebrand so that the institution was transformed beyond recognition.

Another project in which the audience fell in love with the temperamental chef - “Hell's Kitchen”.

The tough and uncompromising Ivlev was immediately compared to the chief of the American version of reality, Gordon Ramsay.

Ivlev himself knows that he is hot in anger. Once he even gave an interview before the start of the next season, “On the Knives,” in which he said that the degree of anger in the program would decrease, giving way to humor. The chef, in addition to culinary talent and explosive temperament, is known for his ability to joke.

Work in television projects

In the same year, Ivlev tried himself on television in the famous series "Kitchen". This debut was quite successful and already in 2016 he takes part as a host at the same time in several television projects of the culinary direction. These projects have become quite popular and the whole country enjoyed watching them for several years. In 2018, Ivlev plans to launch another television talk show related to the culinary theme.

A little bit about love

For these qualities - and even personal charm - Ivleva is loved by women. He was married twice. The chief does not like to talk about the first marriage, and he seemed to be fleeting. But the second wife Konstantin Vitalievich fell in love at first sight, they have been together for more than 20 years.

The spouses have two children - Matvey and Masha. The son, who was born in 1999 and has now become a very adult young man, is trying his hand at cooking. He likes to experiment with Russian and European cuisine. However, on the advice of the pope, he went to study at the marketing department, though with a bias in the restaurant business.

Personal life

Personal life of Konstantin is developing successfully. Together with his wife Maria, he brings up his son Matvey and daughter Marusya. The chief recalled how late he was on his first date, but he came not with a banal bouquet, but with pies. The son is currently studying in Turkey, and his father is considering opening a restaurant specifically for the heir.

Konstantin Ivlev: biography, personal life, wife, children

Today, the famous culinary specialist and restaurateur in Russia, whom millions of viewers of the world know. For many, he became an idol.A chef was born in Moscow, Russian by nationality, but for a while his whole family lived abroad in connection with the labor activity of the father of the family.

In his youth, Kostya was considered a spoiled child, he did not like to study at school, raved about starting a business, dreamed that his restaurants would be known all over the world. He received secondary education and entered the school, after graduating from which the young man was immediately taken as a chef to one of the elite institutions of the capital. Thanks to his talent and desire to improve, he decisively quickly began to move forward on the career ladder.

In 2004, despite such a young age, the future chef published the first cookery book, entitled “My Philosophy of Cuisine”. After a while, the young man went to study in Europe, where he held many master classes with famous specialists of the highest level.

Today, the restaurateur is known as the author of a project popular for Russian celebrities: "Say goodbye to overweight." Konstantin starred in the TV series "Kitchen". Later, together with his teacher Yuri Rozhkov, he published the book “Russia prepares at home,” where he decided to show Russians that delicious dishes can be created from a standard set of products, adding only a little imagination.

In the period from 2014 to 2016, Konstantin worked as a host in several culinary programs at once: “Taste for your pocket”, “Ask the cook”, “Eat it immediately!”, And also “Wednesday of Taste” on the Silver Rain radio. In 2019, he headed the Association of Professional Confectioners and Chefs of Russia. In the future, Ivlev plans to launch a “fast food chain called Chick-pork”, where the entire menu will be based on meat. He is preparing to publish a fourth book, entitled "The Bible of the New Russian Cuisine."

Cook Ivlev Konstantin: height, weight

To the question of whether he adheres to proper nutrition, Konstantin replies that he loves meat very much and everything connected with it. My height is 190 cm and my weight is 104 kg and I do not chase the imposed standards of weight. While I am comfortable, I eat - the cook smiles, when I feel that it is becoming difficult to walk - I cut my diet, but in general I try not to eat sweets at night.

The ex-wife of Konstantin Ivlev - Adeline

In his student years, Konstantin was carried away by a young entrant. She was the first beauty of the university, their romance developed rapidly and soon the young decided to get married. Ivlev does not like to remember that time. "This is the past, I can only say that these were pure, tender feelings that were interrupted, just because I was young and did not compromise, each of us tried to defend our opinion."

At that time, the young man chose freedom and education, and not the role of a caring husband burdened with family life and responsibility. A few years later, fate gives him a second chance, and Kostya meets Maria.

Konstantin Ivlev - family, children

Konstantin does not often talk about his personal life, but it is known that he is married and his wife's name is Maria. In a marriage that has been going on for more than 20 years, two children were born: the boy Matvey and daughter Masha.

Konstantin Ivlev’s son Matvey decided to continue his father’s affairs and become a first-class chef. Together with his father, Matvey participated in the show "On the Knives" where they cooked delicious dishes together.

The daughter of Konstantin Ivlev Masha is still quite a baby because she was born in 2014. Therefore, little is known about her plans for her future life. Konstantin, despite howling heavily busy, finds time to communicate with his children and even prepares tasty and healthy dishes for them. The children of Konstantin Ivlev are always surrounded by the love and care of their parents.

Maria Ivleva - wife of Konstantin

To a journalist’s question about meeting future spouses, Ivlev replied that he liked the young, cheerful and energetic girl at first sight. “During the first meeting, I casually mentioned that I was not married and now my heart is waiting for the chosen one,” the restaurateur smiles. “Looking at Maria, I realized that she is the woman with whom I am ready to live my whole life, I can’t explain where this understanding came from, because I didn’t know the girl at all,” recalls the chef.

The young married in 1997, this was an ordinary painting, which even parents did not know about. The father was offended by his son for a long time because of such a trick. Konstantin did not want a loud party, and Maria supported him. After the registry office there was an ordinary evening with friends who only during the feast learned the secret of the newlyweds. Later they went on their honeymoon and spent an extraordinary time enjoying each new day.

Today, the family of Konstantin Ivlev is almost exemplary, for all the years of marriage, the husband and wife have not had a single serious scandal. Perhaps the whole point is that Mary really is the standard of femininity and beauty for her husband, as well as the guardian of the hearth.

What does the wife of Ivlev look like

Against the background of her husband, Maria looks like a small and fragile woman, she has an ideal figure, and the gray-eyed blonde is always in a positive mood and is ready to share emotions with others. Looking through the photos of the chef’s wife, the followers noticed that Ivleva’s appearance looked changed, and suggested that she had plasticized her face. The woman refrains from commenting, but does not hide that she visits the beauty salon weekly, where she conducts cosmetic procedures.

Maria also says that she starts the day with a forty-minute run, and then she practices yoga. Among the secrets of the youth of the wife of a fashion restaurateur are proper nutrition, a gym, swimming, where Masha goes with her friend, overcoming her own laziness. On the Internet you can find photos before and after plastics, but if you look closely at them, it becomes clear that this is an installation.

Children of Konstantin Ivlev

Maria and Konstantin have two children: the son Matvey was born in 1999, and the daughter Mashenka was born in 2014. The boy followed in the footsteps of his father, after graduation he is preparing to master the cooking business. “The guy’s love for the kitchen is in the diapers, but I believe that he needs to get a management education, because every chef should be a good manager.” Now, roads and opportunities are open for Matthew, the main thing is that the guy choose the right path.


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