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Jan Marty
Date of BirthMay 3, 1970 (1970-05-03) (49 years old)
Place of BirthArkhangelsk
The country Russia
Professionscomposer, singer

Jan Dmitrievich Marty (real surname Martynov, genus. 05/03/1966, Arkhangelsk) - Russian singer, musician, composer, songwriter. Winner of the Chanson of the Year 2013 awards in the nomination Discovery of the Year (Radio Chanson), Golden Gramophone (Russian Radio).


Jan Marty was born in 1970 in Arkhangelsk. Father Jan Marty is the son of a gypsy musician who moved to Russia, a virtuoso accordionist, leader of the musical group. Mom is a professional vocalist, winner of many music competitions, a gypsy. Yang himself positions himself as an Italian with Russian and gypsy blood.

In 1973, the Yan family moved to the village of Botovo, Cherepovets district, Vologda region. Actively engaged in creative activities, parents often take their child with them on tour. From a very early age, the musical talent of the future artist is manifested. When Jan is 6 years old, his father gives him a guitar, the boy begins to learn the playing technique on his own, surprising the giftedness of professional musicians. Thanks to his passion for music, Jan masters other musical instruments. After some time, he already brilliantly plays the piano, button accordion, accordion, bass, wind and percussion instruments.

Upon graduation, Jan enters the Cherepovets School of Music. As a student in the national department of the button accordion class, he additionally takes vocal lessons. The colorful velvet timbre of his voice immediately attracts the attention of specialists and listeners. In 1989, Jan recorded his first music album and immediately received an invitation to the Metallurg Culture Center, OJSC Severstal as a pop artist. A year later, the Vologda State Philharmonic Society is interested in the talented singer, which concludes a labor agreement with him and organizes his solo tour.

As soon as Jan Marty enters the stage and begins to sing, the audience instantly falls under the charm of this amazing musician. Temperament beating over the edge, genuine passion and unconditional talent cannot leave anyone indifferent. This is the same mysterious charisma that is attributed to many performers today, but which, in fact, is possessed only by selected artists. However, are the words so important in this case? Another thing is important: when Jan Marty sings, it seems that his slightly deaf voice penetrates into the hidden corners of the soul of every spectator, kindling a real fire in his hearts ... Once upon a time, paternal grandfather Jan, a musician by profession and vocation, left his native Italy and went in search of happiness to distant Russia. Here he really found him, married a Russian woman and settled in Cherepovets. He gave his musical gift to his son, who became an outstanding accordionist, and then to his grandson, who from childhood with ease easily mastered first the piano, then the button accordion, guitar and even percussion instruments. And from the mother of the singer, Yang inherited unique vocal abilities. It is not surprising that it was music that became the main thing in Jan's life. The first major victory for Yan was his participation in the Yalta-Moscow-Transit contest. Having become his laureate, he received an offer from RMG Records to record a solo album. The album “Wind of Love” was released, songs from it slowly scattered to various radio stations. But true recognition came when Alla Pugacheva accidentally heard his song “Since then”, known for her phenomenal instinct for everything extraordinary and talented. It was her sincere support that helped Jan to “jump over” several steps on the way to the musical Olympus at once. New songs, fans, concerts, tours - it seemed, here it is, the long-awaited success, which every true artist always strives for.

When releasing a new song, not a single musician can say in advance how her fate will turn out: sometimes songs become songs that no one put on, and sometimes a deliberate hit passes by the audience. But can it be assumed that a single song can ruin the career of a singer? Meanwhile, this is exactly what happened with Jan Marty when his song “Arabs” appeared on the radio. A completely innocent and harmless, very melodic love song. No hint of crime. But a few months after its premiere on the radio in New York, the twin towers were blown up. And vigilant music editors decided to remove the song from the air from sin away. The song is gone. And with it, to the terrible disappointment of his fans, Jan himself disappeared from the air. Today, Jan is extremely reluctant to recall those days when he, completely crushed and devastated, painfully tried to understand what happened. Another thing is important, that in the end he made the only right decision for himself - to start everything from scratch in his native Italy, away from his former friends and colleagues. It was there that, after months of thought, Jan opened a small vocal school for local children. This was a real salvation: the musician with his head went into a new business for himself. Looking ahead, we’ll say that this is all his experience, all the unique techniques created by him in “exile”, Jan used to create a children's vocal school in his native Cherepovets, where he still returned after some time. Is it possible to enter the same water twice? Ancient philosophers thought not. Ian Marty proved that they were wrong. You can not just repeat your success, but multiply it. After his return to Russia and to the stage, Jan managed to give a recital at the largest concert venue in the country, Crocus City Hall, become the Golden Gramophone, Song of the Year and Chanson of the Year awards, and released the album 15 Faces of Love. Over the years of this inexplicable separation, the public has not just forgotten Jan Marty. All these years, she was sorely lacking in his extraordinary voice and the passionate tenderness with which he sings love songs - that love, which has no end.

Winner of the Chanson of the Year 2013 award and the Moscow Region Chanson 2012

Childhood and family

When Martynov was about three years old, his family moved from Arkhangelsk to the village of Botovo in the Vologda Region. By school, Jan managed to visit many parts of our country - his parents toured a lot and took his son with them.

When Ian was 6 years old, his father gave him a guitar and taught him the technique of playing. Soon Martynov also mastered other musical instruments - piano, accordion, bass, percussion. At the end of school, he entered the Cherepovets College of Music at the national department in the accordion class. During training, the young man additionally took vocal lessons.


However, the resounding success was interrupted by an unsuccessful combination of circumstances. One of the album’s compositions, “Arabs,” was recorded shortly before the September 11 tragedy, when twin towers were blown up in New York. One by one, the music editors refused to put on a “visionary” composition on air, although there was nothing politically incorrect in the song, and then Jan himself disappeared from the media space.

Perhaps this was a coincidence, but the artist decided for some time to live with his relatives in Italy. “Restarted” in his second homeland, Marty returned to Russia and in 2005 opened his own music school in Cherepovets, where he personally conducted master classes on vocals. At the same time as a teacher, Ian gave solo concerts.

In 2010, the performer again declared himself: in September, he presented the album "You hurt the beast" with 20 new songs. In December of the following year, Ian pleased the audience with the concert program “Visa to the Country of Love” in the Moscow Crocus City Hall - the concert was an incredible success. Soon, speaking at a family celebration of Russian entrepreneur Elena Baturina in London, Marty received a truly royal gift - a Bentley car.

2012 was no less successful for the artist: Jan became the winner of the Moscow Region Chanson Prize, took part in a large-scale anniversary concert in honor of Mikhail Krug, performed his songs at the festival “Eh, walk around!” In the Moscow Olympiysky sports complex and the St. Petersburg sports and entertainment complex Ice ", and also shot his second clip - for the song" I Love You. "

Jan Marty

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Creative path, life and family.

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Name and surname:Yan Martynov
Name in English:Ian martynov
Nickname:Jan Marty
Year of birth:1970
Birthday:May 3
Place of Birth:Arkhangelsk
Height:178 cm.
Weight:79 kg
Eastern horoscope:Dog
Social network:VkontakteFacebookInstagramWikipedia

Personal life of Jan Marty

In 1997, Jan Marty married Lyubov, the couple had a daughter, Alena. 4 years later, they broke up, but still maintain good friendships. Now Ian is not married.

Alena, daughter of Jan Marty

In July 2015, Jan’s personality attracted attention after the musician and his director Natalya Sazonova fell into the lenses of the StopHam activists who asked to remove the artist’s SUV from the sidewalk. The singer behaved correctly, but his director swore at the activists with obscene language, demanding to turn off the camera.

A little earlier, bailiffs seized Marty for Chevrolet Cruze - the car was on the wanted list for a long time for non-payment of about 130 thousand rubles of various payments.

In the photo: Jan Marty and Natalia Sazonova

Ian is fond of martial arts, loves to travel and reads a lot.

Marty's favorite musician is Spanish guitarist Paco de Lucia.


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