Barabash, Alexey Igorevich


Barabash Alexey Igorevich

Born June 12, 1977 in Leningrad.
Grandmother, Galina Frantsevna Rusetskaya, was an actress in the Comedy Theater, still under Akimov.

In 1997 he graduated from the Faculty of Arts of the St. Petersburg Humanitarian University of Trade Unions (course of Zinovy ​​Yakovlevich Korogodsky).

Having received a diploma of higher education, he was enrolled in the troupe of the Theater of Young Spectators.

He participated in performances on the experimental stage of the Baltic House Theater under the direction of A. Praudin.

Ivan - P. Ershov "The Little Humpbacked Horse" (dir. A. Praudin),
Jean - "Bonjour, Monsieur Perrault" (dir. Z. Korogodsky).

Theater "Baltic House":
Sailor - "Crocodile",
Theseus - "Sisyphus and Stone",
Fourth - "Lesson One. Sunday."


In 1998 he moved to the Baltic House Theater, where Anatoly Praudin created an experimental scene.

  • Crocodile, dir. A. A. Praudin - Sailor
  • Sisyphus and Stone, dir. A. A. Praudin - Theseus
  • "First lesson. Sunday ", dir. A. A. Praudin - Fourth

In 2000, Alexei Barabash left the repertoire theater and began a career in cinema.


Childhood and youth

Alexey Barabash was born under the zodiac sign Gemini on June 12, 1977 in St. Petersburg. In his family, only grandmother Galina Frantseva Rusetskaya, a Ukrainian by nationality, was related to acting. She served in the Leningrad Comedy Theater when he was directed by Nikolai Akimov. Despite the fact that the future artist was not personally acquainted with her, it still influenced the further choice of her life path.

Alexey Barabash in childhood and youth

The young man attended music school, but quickly lost interest in playing drums and abandoned classes. Like peers, Barabash was fond of sports - he played football and hockey, professionally engaged in martial arts and participated in competitions. One of Lesha’s hobbies in his teens was the modeling of ships.

But drama circles and theatrical productions were alien to Alexei. But the mother of the future actor was sure that with such an appearance and genes from her son a brilliant artist would turn out. When the guy was 16 years old, she gave him to the theater courses, conducted by eminent teacher Zinovy ​​Korogodsky.

Zinovy ​​Korogodsky and Alexey Barabash

The influence of Zinovy ​​Yakovlevich on Barabash turned out to be so strong that after graduating from school as an external student, Alexey submitted documents to the St. Petersburg Humanitarian University of Trade Unions. Entrance exams were easy for him, Barabash wrote poetry himself and easily remembered large volumes of text. The applicant decided not to try to defeat the commission with originality, but simply read the famous fable about ravens and cheese. Alexei was enrolled in the workshop of the same Korogodsky.

The first course was not easy, the guy was not ready for theatrical life. Barabash began to skip classes, periodically falling under the threat of deductions. But his leader was loyal, patiently awaiting adaptation.

Alexey Barabash at the beginning of his career

In the 2nd year, from a lagging student, who often became the object of criticism of Korogodsky, Alexei turned into his favorite. Every day the talents of the young man became more and more obvious. With the help of Zinovy ​​Yakovlevich, the actor found his own path in the profession.


In 1997, Alexei graduated from the university and immediately received several invitations to the famous theaters. But the graduate preferred the Young Spectator Theater, which was led by Anatoly Arkadievich Praudin. The work with the main director turned out to be fruitful: in addition to the many roles of animals that were frequent characters on the track record, Alexey played Ivan the Fool in the production of The Little Humpbacked Horse, and Jean in the performance Bonjour, Monsieur Perrault.

Actor Alexey Barabash

When Praudin left the Youth Theater, the whole theater troupe decided to follow him. Anatoly Arkadievich created an experimental scene on the basis of the Baltic House Theater, where Barabash began playing since 1998.

The debut in the new place was an unusual performance "Crocodile" based on the tale of Korney Chukovsky. In the wake of this success, the actors went on tour in Russia, where they performed at the best theater stages.

Alexey Barabash in the theater

Alexey also participated in the subsequent projects of Praudin. In the play "Sisyphus and Stone" he played the legendary Theseus, and in the production of "Lesson One. Sunday ”appeared in the guise of one of the apostles. On the experimental stage, Barabash worked for 2 years, after which he lost interest in the theater. The artist made a bet on the movie and was not mistaken.


The first movie roles were quite passing for Alexei. In 2000, he took part in the filming of the film "Russian Revolt", where he played the role of an unnamed clerk. In his youth, the actor appeared in a number of episodic roles. So, in the detective Eugene Tatarsky “Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin”, he appeared in the form of a bandit. Later, the artist said in an interview that, voicing the hero from the first take, he received praise from the director. The director noted that this was "only Oleg Dal sounded."

Alexey Barabash in the series "Poor, Poor Pavel"

His first notable role was the character Alexander I from the series “Poor, Poor Paul.” The serial film was successful, and the directors began to notice the talented actor.

Drummer basically does not act in sitcoms, almost every day refusing such projects. Nevertheless, he has his own weaknesses: the actor is delighted with costume films, where the emphasis is on displaying the era and appearance of the characters. Therefore, when Yevgeny Ivanov invited the artist to his historical film “Gentlemen of the Jury,” he could not resist.

Alexey Barabash in the film "Feather and Sword"

In the same period, Alexei’s creative biography was followed by a series of historical characters. This is Prince Mikhail Dolgoruky in the film “Emperor’s Love”, Cornet Obolensky in the comedy “The True Story of Lieutenant Rzhevsky”, Count Stanislav Ponyatovsky in the adventure film “Feather and Sword”.

To many viewers, Barabash was remembered for the role of Bones, an office worker from the romantic tape Peter FM. Curiously, Alexey himself did not like this role. For him, the image of a manager was too boring.

Alexei Barabash in the film "Life and Death of Lenka Panteleev"

The artist played the first significant role in 2006, appearing in an adventure action movie about the time of the NEP “Life and Death of Lenka Panteleev”. Barabash brilliantly coped with the image of an employee of the Cheka, who in combination turned out to be a dashing robber, a kind of "Soviet Robin Hood."

Later Alexey starred in a number of melodramas: Palm Sunday, City of Happiness and others. In 2010, Barabash appeared in the continuation of the famous military drama "We are from the Future", where Igor Petrenko, Vladimir Yaglych, Dmitry Stupka, Ekaterina Klimova became his partners in the frame.

Alexey Barabash and Vladimir Yaglych in the series "We are from the Future 2"

Also, Alexei was lucky to work with Victor Merezhko, starring in his film “Wanted,” and Valeria Gai Germanika in the series “A Short Course in a Happy Life”.

Vivid and memorable for Alexei Barabash was the image of Nikiforov from the movie Fyodor Bondarchuk "Stalingrad." When the eminent director invited the artist to the shooting, he immediately agreed.

Alexei Barabash at the premiere of the film "Stalingrad"

There were some difficulties: according to the scenario, his character is an opera singer, who, by the will of fate, appeared at the front, and therefore should be cut short. And in the shootings of another film, which were conducted in parallel, Alexey played a man with a voluminous hairstyle, because of which he was forced to order a couple of wigs in order not to violate the terms of the contract. For the sake of the role, Barabash lost 15 kg to feel and convey the whole gamut of feelings and emotions that a starving man in a war experiences.

One of the notable works in the filmography of the artist is the series “These Eyes Are Opposite”, dedicated to the biography of the famous Soviet pop artist.

Alexey Barabash and Evgenia Brik in the series "These Eyes Are Opposite"

In the film, Barabash played the singer Valery Obodzinsky. Alexei was remembered by viewers for episodic but colorful roles in the projects Mysterious Passion, Teach Me to Live, Icebreaker, and Third Life of Daria Kirillovna. According to the actor, not so much the popularity of the film is important to him, but something new that he managed to discover for himself, working on the image.

Height, weight, age. How old is Alexei Barabash

After filming in his first films, the artist begins to interest specialists. And the number of fans he has increased significantly from year to year. They know exactly what the actor's height, weight, age is. How old is Alexei Barabash is an interesting question. The man has already stepped over his 40-year milestone. He took place in the profession. But so far I have not met a woman who would understand him one hundred percent.

A man, by his own admission, is finicky in food. He absolutely excluded smoked meats and salty foods from his diet. These foods lead to clogging of the body. Absolutely no artist drinks hard liquor. Only occasionally during the holidays can he drink a glass of expensive good wine. This is what allows a man to stay in good physical shape.

But do not consider the artist an absolute teetotaler. He can be in the company of friends and pretty take on his chest. But this happens very rarely.

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Alexey Barabash, a photo in his youth and now easy to find, actively involved in sports. The actor regularly visits gyms. Even on tour and filming, he makes time for sports exercises. With a height of 180 cm, the artist weighs 80 kg.

Personal life

Alexey was married 4 times, from three marriages his children grow up. His first wife was actress Olga Belinskaya. Colleagues met at the university and got married early. Soon, their son Arseny was born, and Alexei had to combine study, work and parenting.

Olga Belinskaya and Alexey Barabash

A terrible accident put a point in family life, after which Barabash took care of his wife for a long time. But in the end, Olga decided to leave the actor. Alexey continues to maintain relations with his son and, to the best of his ability, helps him in life.

The second wife was actress Natalia Burmistrova. This marriage also did not last long. Soon, an unknown girl named Julia appeared in the artist’s personal life, in alliance with whom his son Matvey was born. But these relations did not stand the test of everyday life and time.

Alexey Barabash with his third wife Julia and son

On the set of the series "The Man in Me," Alex met actress Anna Zdor. At that time, both were not free, and at first Anna did not even respond to the courtship of the actor. Later, a spark slipped between them, and the partners began to think about living together. The actress filed for divorce, and Barabash left his wife and young son.

Anna and Alexei played a wedding; soon they had a daughter, Varvara. In 2014, Zdor filed for divorce due to cheating on her husband. She told reporters that she found Alexei’s love correspondence with his ex-wife, whom he met in St. Petersburg. The artist himself denied everything and categorically did not agree with the motives of the divorce. Nevertheless, the court granted the request of Anna and ordered the actor to pay child support.

Alexey Barabash and his fourth wife Anna Zdor

At one time, Alexei tried to establish relations with the mother of his second son, Matthew, but soon a new muse appeared in his life. According to some media reports, she became actress Anna Vorkueva. The girl accompanied Barabash several times at social events, although her photo can not be found in the artist’s personal account on Instagram.

Alexey Barabash now

In 2018, the actor participated in the filming of two paintings. In the melodrama "The Nanny" he played the role of Nicholas, and in the comedy "What Men Talk About." Continuation ”appeared in the image of a businessman, a friend of the protagonist Sasha (Alexander Demidov).

Alexey Barabash in the 2019 film Rostov

Now Barabash is busy working on 6 projects, the show of which was announced for 2019. This is the drama "Rostov", where Alex plays the main character, the comedy "Diary of a New Russian" with Elena Podkaminskaya in the title role, the series "Good Wife" and others.

Filmography: films starring Alexei Barabash

Film debut took place at the beginning of the 21st century. He first played in several films in small roles. The artist appeared in episodes in "Russian riot", "Old songs about the main thing", "Streets of broken lanterns" and others.

Already in 2003, the man began to star in the lead roles. The first major role was the work in the movie series "Big Walk". From this moment, his filmography began to replenish often. Films with the participation of Alexei Barabash in the lead role invariably become bestsellers. They are watched with interest by movie buffs.

The man played in "Rat Trap", "Irony of Fortune", "Icebreaker" and many others. Actor regularly appears in military films. His work aroused admiration in Stalingrad, The Secret of the Three Oceans, And the Dawns Here Are Quiet, and others.

The last work of the artist was the movie "What Men Talk About." Continuation ”, which the audience could see only in 2018. In it, the man played the role of Sergei Leonidovich.

Barabash recently said in one of his interviews that a new project is being prepared with his participation. But not a hundred to talk about it in detail Aleksey Barabash - a popular Russian film actor who played in a large number of films. He appeared in the projects of the most famous filmmakers. Equally believable, a man can play positive and negative characters.

In his youth, the actor tried himself on the theater stage. Currently, he does not like to play in the theater. It is the cinema that brings him real satisfaction.

Married Alex was four times. He declares that he is grateful to the ex-wives for everything, but has not yet met that woman who would give him her love, having understood him completely.

Family and children of Alexei Barabash

The family and children of Alexei Barabash play an important role in the life of the artist, despite the separation from all his spouses. Each time, he believed that this union until the end of days. But like any creative person, he quickly found another object for worship. He himself says that so far no woman has been able to make him truly happy.

A lot of time a man devotes to his children. He regularly appears with them at premieres of cartoons. With his beloved daughter Varey, the actor appeared recently at the opening of the capital's children's complex.

There is little information about the parents of our hero. It is known that they worked at one of the enterprises in the city on the Neva. Mom and father were avid theatergoers. They often went to shows, introducing Lesha to art.

A great influence on the education of the actor had his grandmother. She worked in one of the theaters of Leningrad. It was thanks to her that the artist began to dream of an actor's career.

Sons of Alexei Barabash - Arseny, Matvey

The sons of Alexei Barabash - Arseny, Matvey were born in the first and third marriage of a man. He often communicates with boys.

Arseny is studying in one of the capital's schools. He dreams of a career athlete.A guy from a young age engaged in martial arts. He often wins at various championships. In 2016, the boy played in one of the children's films. But, according to his father, he did not like it.

Alexey called his second son Matthew. His wife liked this name, so she insisted on it, although the man wanted to name the baby Andrei in honor of Andrei Mironov. Now Matvey is studying in one of the capital's schools. He is fond of music. He mastered playing the guitar. The boy spends time and sports. But she does not want to associate her future with him.

Daughter of Alexei Barabash - Barbarian

A few years ago, the star of the “Icebreaker” became the father of a charming baby daughter. This happened in a marriage with Anna Zdor. It was decided to call the baby Barbara. The girl spends a lot of time with mom and dad, despite their separation.

The daughter of Alexei Barabash - Varvara is currently preparing to go to first grade. She is good at reading, writing and counting. The girl can speak English and French.

He is fond of Varya painting. She attends art school. Also, the girl devotes a lot of time to music. Since the first of September of this year, she began to study piano at the music school.

Wives of Alexei Barabash - Olga Belinskaya, Natalya Burmistrova, Julia, Anna Zdor

In his youth, the actor lost his head from a love for colleague Olga Belinsky. He courted so beautifully that the girl gave up. But Alexey disappeared all the time on the set, where he started an affair. Even the birth of a son Arseny did not save the situation.

Then on the way Barbasha met another actress - Natalia Burmistrova. The marriage with her was short-lived. The couple a year later decided to leave, maintaining friendly relations.

Almost nothing is known about the actor’s third wife. She disappeared from the field of view of the fans of the man shortly after the birth of his son Matthew.

On the set of the movie melodrama “A Man in My Head” Alexey met his fourth wife. They brought feelings from the site to life. Soon after the filming, marriage was registered. For some time, Anna Zdor and Alexei Barabash, whose wedding was actively discussed, lived happily, and then parted.

The wives of Alexei Barabash - Olga Belinskaya, Natalya Burmistrova, Julia, Anna Zdor appeared in the life of our hero only for a while. They filed for divorce after a few years. The reason in all cases was the betrayal of the star, which became known to women.

Instagram and Wikipedia Alexey Barabash

Instagram and Wikipedia by Alexei Barabash are actively viewed by fans of the talent of the star who want to find out the most detailed information about him.

Wikipedia does not inform men about childhood and youth. Information begins in this source only from the student era. But in enough detail about the artistic career of Alexei. You can also find out information about wives and children. The page lists all the projects in which our hero took part.

In social networks there are pages of the name of the artist. He himself actively works only on Instagram. Here, the artist uploads pictures of his and children. Also reports on future plans.

Photo: Alexey Barabash

The early years, childhood and the family of Alexei Barabash

This renowned actress devoted her whole life to the Leningrad Comedy Theater. For many years, she became a real star of the theatrical stage, and therefore little Alexei could always freely attend all the performances. Galina Frantsevna also had good friends in the Theater of the Young Spectator (the city of Leningrad), which was always especially close to little Leshka. He knew by heart almost the entire repertoire there, and therefore theater art from an early age was an important part of his life and destiny.

After leaving school, Alexey Barabash entered the St. Petersburg Humanitarian University of Trade Unions, where he studied acting at the studio of Zinovy ​​Korogodsky. Thanks to his talent, the young actor always stood out among other students, and therefore to find a suitable job after graduation was not difficult for him. Many theaters wanted to see him in his squad, but Barabash himself ultimately gave preference to the Theater of the Young Spectator so beloved before.

To some, such a choice may seem frivolous, but our today's hero has always thought differently. In the theatrical troupe of Anatoly Praudin, Alexei Barabash performed several vivid and noteworthy roles. The most famous among them today are children's productions of The Little Humpbacked Horse and Bonjour, Monsieur Pierrot.

Career of a film actor Alexei Barabash, best films

From that moment on, our today's hero has become a prominent character in the world of Russian cinema. He often starred in various television series, among which historical and detective films again dominated. The most notable acting works of the mid-2000s were the paintings “Emperor’s Love”, “The True Story of Lieutenant Rzhevsky”, “Realtor”, “Feather and Sword” and some others.

During this period, full-length cinema films were rarely seen in the filmography of the actor, however, despite this, some of these works also deserve mention. Among these are the tapes “Peter FM”, “White Night, Tender Night”, as well as the scandalous historical picture “We are from the Future-2”. Alexey worked on the same set with such actors as Vladimir Mashkov, Alexander Bashirov, Andrey Krasko, Evgeny Tsyganov and others.

Speaking about the work of Alexei Barabash, one can not fail to note the curious fact that throughout his career, our today's hero quite often played negative characters. Also noteworthy is the fact that in the filmography of the actor you can find pictures of almost all genres, starting from historical action films and ending with eccentric comedies.


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