Lyudmila Krylova


Lyudmila Krylova
Birth nameLyudmila Ivanovna Krylova
Date of BirthOctober 2, 1938 (1938-10-02) (81 years old)
Place of Birth
  • Moscow, USSR
  • USSR
  • Russia
Years of activity1957 - n. in.
TheaterMoscow Drama Theater "Sovremennik"


Lyudmila Krylova was born on October 2, 1938 in Moscow, in a low-income family.

Mother died in 1947, when Lyudmila was not yet nine years old.

While studying in high school, she studied in a drama circle at the Moscow Pravda Palace of Culture on Pravda Street.

In 1956, after graduating from high school, she decided to enter the Shchepkinsky school. Then Veniamin Ivanovich Tsygankov, gaining an acting course, staged Boris Gorbatov's play “One Night” at the Maly Theater and he needed a boy who looked like the main character. Lyudmila was like her, so the teacher and director literally took her to the entrance exams until admission.

In 1960 she graduated from the Higher Theater School named after M.S.Schepkin in Moscow (course of Veniamin Ivanovich Tsygankov), classmates Andrei Weizler and Alexander Misharin, who were later known as playwrights, were classmates.

Lyudmila Ivanovna also works on television and radio.

Childhood and youth

The actress recalls the early years with bitterness. In 1947, the mother died. The eight-year-old girl was hard to reconcile with this loss. She waited a long time for her mother to return, refusing to believe that she would no longer see her.

Lyudmila Krylova in her youth

Ludmila gradually began to think about the structure of the world, about the meaning of life, about the impossibility of existence without a loved one. The future actress was looking for answers to her questions in books. Father earned a little. I didn’t buy books. The girl, addicted to reading, began to attend the city library.

Lyudmila and her friend attended a drama club. But I didn’t dream about a career in cinema. In addition, she did not have a bright cinematic appearance. In the fate of the young Muscovite a decisive role was played by an insignificant event. Already being a high school student, on the wall of the house of culture, she once saw the poster of the contemporary performance of the contemporary.

Lyudmila Krylova in her youth

It is not known how Krylova’s life would have been if it had not been for the staging of the play Eternally Alive. Lyudmila graduated from high school, but she has not yet decided on the choice of her future profession. After visiting the Sovremennik, she decided to enter a theater university. Shepkinskoye school attracted her by no means an opportunity to learn the wisdom of stage art. She was conquered by a young blonde actor who played the role of Misha in a play based on a play by Victor Rozov. It was Oleg Tabakov.

The dream of meeting a young man has become a guiding light in the life of the future actress. Lyudmila easily entered the Shchepkinsky school. Veniamin Tsygankov, gaining a course, was looking for a travesty actress. The miniature applicant was suitable for the role in the play "One Night". Lyudmila entered the school and already in the first year received a role in the production.


Krylova was not even twenty, when she first appeared on the set. The actress performed her debut role in the film, based on the biography of Lenin. A year later, the actress was invited to star in the film "Volunteers." Hearing that Tabakov plays one of the heroes, she immediately accepted the offer. Later it turned out that the artist, by then popular with both spectators and theatergoers, had refused the role. Still had to be removed.

Lyudmila Krylova in the movie "Volunteers"

The second film in the filmography of Krylova is a romantic narrative about the events of the 30s. Young, hopeful Komsomol members in the film, released in 1958, were played by Mikhail Ulyanov, Leonid Bykov and other stars of Soviet cinema. Krylova performed the role of a parachutist.

Lyudmila Krylova in the movie "Katya-Katyusha"

Meet with Tabakov young actress happened only in the early 60's. A friend of the director called Lyudmila and asked to come for audition. They shot the film "Young-green." Starring Tobaccos. The actor showed choosiness in choosing a partner. He was not satisfied with any of the proposed candidates. Until the director showed a photo of young Krylova. In this film, the actress played a minor role. But she agreed to shoot in the film "Young Green", of course, because of Tabakov.

Lyudmila Krylova in the film "Young-Green"

The most striking role of Krylova is the role in the melodrama "Peers." The image of the frivolous, emotional Sveta glorified the actress. The heroine Krylova graduates from school, fails the entrance exams to the university. But neither friends nor relatives admit it. Every day, the girl goes supposedly to study. In reality, he spends time in the company of such loafers. This continues until a tragedy occurs in Sveta’s life: the father, having learned about the immoral appearance of his daughter, dies of a heart attack.

Lyudmila Krylova in the film "Peers"

Two years after the premiere of "Peers," the actress played in the movie "Battle on the Road." Ulyanov again became a partner on the set. One of the heroines was played by Natalia Fateeva. The picture, like many other films of those years, tells of the labor feat of simple but noble citizens.

In "Living and the Dead," Krylova did not want to act in films. The role of Tatyana Ovsyannikova seemed uninteresting to her. But it was thanks to this picture that Krylova first visited abroad. Continuation of the Living and the Dead - the film "Retribution", released in 1967.

Lyudmila Krylova in the film “Ah vaudeville, vaudeville ...”

On this, the famous roles of Lyudmila Krylova end. Since the late 60s, she has acted in films regularly, but receives less and less interesting offers from directors. In total, the actress has 27 film works. The last film starring the 60s star was released in 2008.

Personal life

The affair with Tabakov began rapidly even on the set of the picture "Young-green." Krylova had a young man, but she was associated exclusively with platonic relations with him. A few days after meeting with Tabakov, the girl stopped communicating with an unlucky boyfriend. Father announced the upcoming marriage. In the graduation performance, Krylova played while pregnant.

Lyudmila Krylova and Oleg Tabakov

At first, the newlyweds lived in a communal apartment. Every day Lyudmila played in the theater, nevertheless she managed to equip her life. Son Anton was born in Saratov, in the small homeland of Tabakov. Later, the daughter Sasha was born.

Children often had to take with them on tour. Parents were sure that both Anton and Alexandra would become actors. The son began acting in childhood, but later preferred the cinema business to cinema. Alexandra played in only four films. Despite the fact that the girl was prophesied a bright future, she refused a career in cinema. According to popular belief, this was a kind of reaction to the divorce of parents.

Lyudmila Krylova with family

In 1981, Tabakov enrolled 16-year-old Marina Zudina on his course. The girl, like other students, was in love with the famous teacher. But then it was rather an admiration for an extraordinary acting talent.

In the mid-80s, colleagues, students, and journalists began talking about Tabakov’s personal life. Rumors spread rapidly about the affair of a venerable teacher with a novice actress. Rumors turned out to be true. However, Tabakov for a long time hesitated to leave the family, fearing to injure children. He filed for divorce only in 1994.

Lyudmila Krylova now

The actress leads a secluded lifestyle. Now she does not give interviews, she does not cover relations with her ex-husband. However, Krylova, unlike her colleagues, was previously reluctant to talk to reporters.

Lyudmila Krylova now

Due to the advanced age, the actress is no longer in the movie. In November 2018, she turns 80 years old.

Photo: Lyudmila Krylova

I saw for the first time

Lyudmila Krylova was born in Moscow in 1938. Her family was poor. When the girl was not yet nine years old, in 1947, her mother died. In high school, Luda went to a drama club. When her father allocated her a certain amount, she hurried to the theatrical performance.

One fine day at the Sovremennik Theater, she watched the talented play of the young artist Oleg Tabakov, which fascinated her. It was the play "Eternally Alive", staged on the play of Victor Rozov. In it, Oleg played the role of Misha. Krylova’s desire to become an actress was further strengthened.

Marriage and birth of children

In 1960, Lyudmila graduated from the Shchepkinsky school, but while still studying in it, she began to take her first steps in theater and cinema. In 1959, at Mosfilm, she accidentally met with Tabakov. Both of them starred, albeit in different films. This meeting was crucial. The novel broke out instantly.

After that, they no longer parted. Krylova moved to Tabakov in his communal apartment. In the same year, the couple got married. By the end of her studies, Lyudmila was already in a position. Their first-born Anton was born in 1960. The family lived very poorly, their only room was divided in half by a closet, behind which the nanny slept. She looked after their son, since her parents spent a lot of time in the theater.

Six years later, daughter Sasha was born, the family moved to a separate apartment. As for Oleg Pavlovich, he was a gentle, caring, attentive husband and father. All the more difficult was the change in their relationship.


Lyudmila Ivanovna Krylova was born on October 2, 1938 in Moscow. When Luce was 8 years old, her mother died. A girl who survived the war in early childhood suffered a loss. Lucy was very bored and for a long time could not come to terms with the fact that she would never see her own person again.

The girl lived with her father in a large communal apartment. The family was not rich, like most families in the difficult post-war period. Dad worked hard and could not give his daughter enough attention. Books saved Lusia from loneliness: almost every day she went to the library reading room.

The choice of the acting profession was influenced by an insignificant episode: an unremarkable graduate of the school where Lyudmila studied, entered the Shchepkinsky school. Lucy, who was very short and didn’t have a spectacular appearance, decided that she also had a chance and began to visit the drama club of the Pravda Palace of Culture.

Once in this recreation center, the Sovremennik Theater gave a performance. Lucy got to the play and fell in love with a young actor Oleg Tabakov. This feeling, according to the actress, led her through life and helped to overcome all difficulties.

Female lover

In 1981, Marina Zudina appeared in Tabakov’s life. Then, at the age of sixteen, she entered his course at the Theater Institute. After their romance began, they met for ten whole years. Tabakov did not want to leave the family.

But Krylova could not stand the lies in the relationship, causing her husband to be frank. In one of the interviews, she noted that she could not stand betrayal. By it she means not even treason, it is much deeper. Lyudmila parted with the traitors immediately, be it husbands, friends or anyone else.

The separation of the spouses turned into a drama. They not only failed to maintain good relations, they turned into enemies. Moreover, the children were offended by the mother. Both Anton and Alexandra stopped communicating with their father. However, after many years, the son nevertheless went to the world with Oleg Pavlovich. While Alexandra remained principled in this matter. She considered that, having left the family, Tabakov also betrayed the children. For all the time that has passed since the parents divorced, the daughter did not say a word to him.

Anton Tabakov said that at first he fully supported the position of mother and sister, without communicating with his father. But then he decided to look at the situation from the side and realized that he didn’t do better for anyone with his behavior. Moreover, it refers to those people who quickly forget their grievances.

Doesn't communicate with daughter

In March 2018, Oleg Pavlovich died. Neither his daughter nor his ex-wife were seen at his funeral. On this occasion, Lyudmila Krylova noted that they became practically strangers, since for many years they did not say one word to each other.

However, as it was found out, today the actress has completely no communication with her daughter. She does not even know how things are going with Alexandra, what she does. Each woman today has her own life.

Krylova herself continues to work in the Sovremennik Theater, where she served her whole life. She is an Honored Artist of the RSFSR. She starred in a movie for the last time in 2008. It was the role of Ani-small in the movie "Steep Route".

Actor career

In 1959, Lyudmila Krylova starred in her most striking role in the film "Peers." The older generation perfectly remembers this picture. The actress brilliantly played the role of the windy and frivolous girl of Sveta, whose unworthy moral appearance becomes the cause of her father's death. At the same time, Mosfilm hosted the filming of the drama People on the Bridge, where Tabakov was involved in one of the key roles. Within the walls of the studio they met.

Krylova played her graduation performance, being already at the last term of pregnancy. Son Anton was born in the homeland of his father - in Saratov. But Oleg Tabakov’s mother, a doctor by profession, devoted much time to her grandson in the first six months of his life.


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