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Makarevich called scum critics Gorbachev and enraged commentators


“It’s interesting that Gorbachev’s scumbags pouring the shit on the Web that he gave freedom, in particular, doing what they are doing. They would now sit as secretaries of the vocational school’s party cell. And that’s not enough mind,” Andrei Makarevich viciously said. . After his post on the social network, a discussion broke out.

Not everyone agreed with the position of the performer. Opponents surprisingly correctly and with dignity conveyed their position to the singer. “You don’t have to judge by yourself. He betrayed the state and the people. Someone won, like, say, show business figures who got the opportunity to sell their services at higher prices and became much richer. Most lost,” said one from commentators.

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Interesting facts about Andrei Makarevich

1. In childhood, Andrei had a gorgeous collection of butterflies, and several snakes lived as pets in the apartment. After all, at one time he dreamed of becoming a specialist in the study of these reptiles, which terrified others.

2. It’s not enough to say that young Makarevich was a fan of the legendary rock band The Beatles. He listened to the Beatles in the morning before going to school, and then immediately after coming from it until the end of the school. He recalled that his parents, who were exhausted by the Beatles, drove him out onto the balcony. There he turned on the full sound so that the Beatles would be heard around.

3. The expulsion from the 4th year of the architectural institute with the wording “for leaving work at the vegetable warehouse”, according to Makarevich, is due to his passion for rock music, the performance of songs that party functionaries did not like.

4. Makarevich and his group starred in a small episode of G. Danelia’s comedy “Afonya”, featuring musicians earning a living by playing in the city streets. In the final version of the movie, the group only flashed on the screen for several seconds. The musicians spent the received fee of 600 rubles on the purchase of a tape recorder.

5. Andrei Vadimovich calls himself a music artist. He really devotes a lot of time to art, especially loves graphics. Held more than 30 solo exhibitions. One of the most notable in 2003 was the vernissage in the Moscow Manege called “50 Women of Andrei Makarevich”.

6. Makarevich is multifaceted in his hobbies. In addition to diving, underwater shooting and cooking known to many, his addictions include archeology and billiards.

7. By the way, in childhood, Andrei dreamed of a diver profession. In 1976, he first plunged into the Black Sea in the Soviet apparatus "AVM 1M". Then an incident occurred: he was arrested by border guards.

8. According to the musician himself, he collects everything he likes: locks, old bells, pre-revolutionary bottles of medicines, believing that time has frozen in such items. For a rather long period Andrey Vadimovich has been collecting expensive Omega watches, which are a sign of good taste and success.

9. The leader of the “Time Machine” periodically visits the synagogue. He has close friends who study Kabbalah, observe Shabbat, and regularly go to the synagogue. He rejoices for them, sometimes adjoins them, but often this does not work. After all, when the Jews rest, musicians, as a rule, need to work.

10. Makarevich is engaged in literary work. It is known that almost all the songs of “Time Machine” are written in his poems. Among his books there is an autobiographical prose “The Sheep Himself”, the history of the group “Everything is Very Simple”, works dedicated to his hobbies, such as “SMAK. Meetings in the kitchen ”,“ What is diving, or scuba diving for everyone ”and others.

11. The musician found his niche in business as well. He is a co-owner of the dental clinic “Dental Art” together with L. Yakubovich, L. Yarmolnik, A. Inshakov, “Rhythm blues cafe”, which he opened in 1998 with V. Meladze, S. Namin, the store chain “Batiskaf”, selling diving equipment.

Great song. Already for her alone, Andrei Makarevich and the group "Time Machine" deserve to be inscribed in golden letters in World History in general and in the History of Music, in particular.