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20 most famous Russian-speaking actors and actresses in Hollywood


It turned out that our Russian actors not only take part in the filming of domestic cinema, but also shine in films of foreign production. Below are ten legendary personalities who have been able to establish themselves as true professionals who clearly know their own business. Watching actresses and actors, you can understand that they were not in vain invited to Hollywood.

Konstantin Khabensky - 1st place

Konstantin has long been called a national artist and favorite in Russia. Awarded with many awards, the man continues to amaze fans with his achievements. Recently, he released the film "Sobibor", which collected a lot of positive reviews.

That is, a professional actor himself became a director. In addition to these achievements, I want to note that he starred in the foreign film " Extremely dangerous ”And performed great for a huge audience.

Svetlana Khodchenkova - 2nd place

Being a sixteen-year-old young girl, Svetochka began working in a modeling agency. In 2005, she decided to try her hand at world cinema, and literally fell in love with the audience. Having starred in the film Bless the Woman, she gained fame.

Later she left Russia, and for a long time was in Japan. Due to the weight gained, I had to return to my homeland, and continue to conquer the great cinema. Now she has counted many successful films. Among the Hollywood films I would like to single out “Spy, get out!”, “ Wolverine: Immortal ».

Grigory Dobrygin - 3rd place

A 32-year-old man born in Russia is considered a very popular and sought-after actor. On the territory of the Russian Federation, the artist was remembered thanks to the following works: - “Black Lightning” and “How I Spent This Summer”.

Despite his age, and already existing success, Gregory did not stop. He managed to conquer Hollywood, and he managed to star in the following films: - “The Black Sea”, “ Most dangerous person ».

Vladimir Mashkov - 4th place

This man, the audience fell in love a long time ago. He is an avid cinema lover, and so he tried on several important images. In addition to acting, he is engaged in directing, and tries to star in Hollywood films.

If we talk about Russian creativity, then one of the most memorable is the film "Upward Movement", which tells about the basketball team of the USSR. But, and among the Hollywood films " mission Impossible ».

Anton Yelchin - 5th place

Anton, together with his own parents, went to America back in 1989. Emigration helped to get a good profile education, and to give a start to his acting career.

In the early 2000s, the man actively tried to star in TV shows and films. There was a case when he even tried to become the protagonist of the Harry Potter saga. As a result, he received fame, solely because of the series " star way ».

Julia Snigir - 6th place

Having starred in the film "Inhabited Island", this woman quickly gained fame. And, in Hollywood, a woman was remembered thanks to the filming of the film " Die Hard 5 ". It was a tremendous job, because you had to collaborate with Bruce Willis himself, the girl admits.

Yuri Kolokolnikov - 7th place

This person can be called a "workaholic", because already at fourteen, the character began to act in various projects. Having tried his own forces in Hollywood, the young man was disappointed with the failures, and began to return to Russian creativity.

The most famous works of Kolokolnikov are considered: - “Method”, “In the agust of the 44th”. Among the Hollywood works of this guy were the following paintings: - “ Carrier: Heritage ". He was honored to play the role of a cool mafia.

Dina Korzun - 8th place

This significant personality in the Russian film industry. Became famous, thanks to many films. These include "Cook", "Country of the Deaf." " Sharp visors "- a foreign series in which a woman took part.

The girl herself is sure that she is destined for a star role, and she will repeatedly surprise her fans with impeccable creativity.

Ilya Baskin - 9th place

In the last place of my rating is Ilya Baskin. At the age of 26, he took part in the filming of the Soviet film "Big Change". Having emigrated later to America, he became a very successful foreign actor.

On his account a lot of materials that can fascinate the viewer. The best works are considered 2 films: Transformers 3 and Spider-Man 2.

Natalya Vodyanova - 10th place

Natalia is a top model who starred in many biographical films. The girl was able to prove that she was destined for a very incredible mission. Vodyanova herself was more remembered by society by filming in the film " Clash of the Titans ».

This sci-fi movie told about the confrontation between the Gods and people. The girl there played the role of "Jellyfish. The second significant work in the list of Hollywood films was the material “Lovers”, where Natasha subdued everyone with her tenderness and frankness.

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1. Olga Kurylenko

The Ukrainian, a native of Berdyansk, was first remembered by the author of these lines after the short story in the famous movie almanac “Paris, I love you”. There she portrayed a vampire who fell in love with the character of Elijah Wood and bit him, saving him from human death and granting eternal vampire life after he fell from a height and broke his head. Soon she starred in a pair of real hits and, in the end, achieved what two-thirds of actresses dream of: she became a Bond girl in 2008's “Quantum of Solace”. Moreover, the first girl agent 007, absolutely equal to him, with whom he seems to have not even slept. In the future, she turned out to be Tom Cruise's partner in the film Oblivion and became one of the favorites: she was invited to play a large role in the film By Miracle Terrence Malik.

The recently released Acceleration is a dangerous movie for Kurylenko. On the one hand, it seems to be great that she has a major role. On the other hand, the film is non-Hollywood, among the partners there is not a single famous actor, and the film (very cruel, by the way) extremely exploits the sex appeal of Kurylenko, first of all, very persistently, her legs. They are, of course, beautiful, but this is the first sure sign of access to circulation. The producer of the film, by the way, bears amazingly close names for us: Anton Ernst. Actress 35. The age for Hollywood is critical. It seems that she herself is aware of this - and decided, using the experience of working with Malik, to switch to a more serious movie, partially marginalized. On the way is her Italian project with Jeremy Irons. And also one Chinese (with a crazy budget) and one Mexican.

2. Helen Mirren

Mirren is a grand lady of modern cinema, who won an Oscar for her role as Elizabeth II in the movie Queen. It seems strange to mention it on our list. But how not to mention if she is nee Elena Lidia Mironova. Born and raised in London, she recently came to Russia to look for her relatives. And besides the role of the British Queen, she played, for example, Sofya Andreevna Tolstoy in a very good foreign film of 2009, “Last Sunday” about the departure of the greatest Russian elder and thinker from Yasnaya Polyana. I am proud that during the visit of Helen Mirren to Russia, when she was looking for relatives, I managed to talk with her - albeit briefly.

3. Milla Jovovich

An amazing case of talent. The daughter of the Soviet actress Galina Loginova began acting in Hollywood - in large films and series - from 11 years old. In the famous “Return to the Blue Lagoon”, she seems to be 15. But, of course, her superstar was made by Luke Besson, who was in love with her (and married her), in “The Fifth Element” and “Jeanne D’Arc”. It is surprising, however, that after breaking up with Besson, Milla did not turn into a Hollywood errand girl. She played several good roles. I created my own clothing line. And she created with her new husband Paul W. S. Anderson, perhaps the best futuristic horror film of recent times: Resident Evil about the future, where after another experiment of stupid scientists, the last people are forced to fight with zombies. Milla is now clearly losing her position in Hollywood, but the next, sixth “Resident Evil” will be released in 2016.

4. Mila Kunis

Another unpredictable takeoff of the next - after Kurylenko and Jovovich - is a native of Ukraine. Like Jovovich, she starred in Hollywood TV shows from the age of 11. But she really became famous after her bold role in the Oscar-winning Black Swan of 2010. Since then, managed to star in a number of hits. Beat Ashton Kutcher from Demi Moore, marry him and have a baby. Meanwhile, soon 32 and it is also necessary to decide how to exist further.

5. Anton Yelchin

Men, unlike women, have no age-related problems in Hollywood. And here you are, please, our only representative in the Hollywood elite acting workshop. The 26-year-old native of Leningrad, who was transported by his parents to America in his infancy, has played more than sixty roles, has become famous in the tragic way of the naive kidnapped teenager in the mid-2000s film “Alpha Dog” and has only been gaining momentum since then. Becoming both the star of Hollywood and American independent cinema - remember at least his vivid, but also lethal role in the philosophical vampire thriller Jim Jarmusch “Only lovers will survive”.

  • Unfortunately, Anton Yelchin left too early - at the age of 27. On the morning of June 19, 2016, Yelchin was found dead by his friends at his home in Studio City, Los Angeles. The actor’s body was sandwiched between the bumper of his Jeep Grand Cherokee and a brick pillar, which caused his death. The incident occurred at the moment when the actor got out of his car, forgetting to put it on the hand brake, and the car in backward pressed Yelchin to the fence

6. Ingeborga Dapkunaite

One of the best actresses of the late USSR and modern Russia became famous in the English-speaking West, even to the extent that she was somehow a member of the jury of the Berlin Film Festival, which is No. 2 in the world. Our other actresses in the post-Soviet era did not receive such an honor. Dapkunaite has been acting in various countries for many years - from Russia and her native Lithuania to France and America. One of her most famous Hollywood appearances is in the very first episode of the supertriller Mission: Impossible, 1996, where she was a member of the team of the protagonist performed by Tom Cruise. True, she was quickly killed.

7. Svetlana Khodchenkova

It is not enough to be a very good actress. We must also embody for the Americans a truly Russian female face. As a result, Khodchenkova, remaining almost the most sought-after actress in Russia (eight new films are expected with her participation), managed to star in British and Hollywood movie hits. In particular, I love the espionage artistic thriller Spy, Get Out, based on the novel by the best expert on world intelligence John Le Carré and Wolverine: Immortal - another episode of the Xbox One movie entitled X-Men. Soon she will appear in the title role in the American thriller Conspiracy Rising, which our distributors serve as "Empire in the Sky."

8. Natalya Andreichenko

One of the real stars of Russian and non-Russian cinema. In 1984, my boss in a newspaper, an organ of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (but not Pravda), was severely punished for just mentioning the name of Andreichenko in an interview with Pyotr Todorovsky, who talked about his newly released Military Field Romance. My boss was called Arseny Larionov. He taught me journalism. Feeling something was amiss, he wanted to delete the name "Andreichenko" from the interview. But broke in front of me - a youth. He did not want to look like a coward in my eyes. Natalya Andreichenko does not know about this. This did not stop her from making a career as a western movie star. It is a pity that now has not been removed for a long time.

9. Mikhail Baryshnikov

The superstar of Soviet ballet, one of the most famous emigrants from the USSR during the Cold War, was also noted in the movies. This is not about those hundreds of thousands of recordings of Baryshnikov’s dances that are distributed by television networks and the Internet. The thing is that he starred in a number of American films, including two famous ones: in the "White Nights" of 1985, where he plays as if himself (a dancer who had escaped from the USSR), who, however, by the will of circumstances again becomes a KGB prisoner . And in the famous series "Sex and the City." Star, however! Wherever he wants, there he is removed!

10. Natalya Negoda

The most famous Soviet actress from the time of perestroika, the star of the films “Tomorrow was the war” and “Little Vera” (in which she decided on completely innocent scenes that nobody ever decided on in the USSR, nevertheless) ended up in the late 1980s claimed by Hollywood. Especially after - also scandalous in the USSR and also quite innocent - shooting for Playboy magazine, which was then declared pornographic with us. The fate of the Scoundrels, in my opinion, is one of the worst and most unjust acting tragedies of all time. The super-talented actress, under the pressure of hypocritical criticism, gave up the profession. Using her perestroika fame in America, she starred in some series and then the action movie Back to the USSR (basically based on the famous The Beatles song), where Roman Polyansky was among her partners. Since then (apart from one failed pilot of the western series), she played - in 2009 - only one role: in Alexei Mizgirev’s Russian film “Tambourine, Drum”. She played incredibly - and again left the profession. We lost a real actress.

11. Vladimir Mashkov

A successful Soviet and Russian actor once decided to succeed in Hollywood. And in general, he succeeded: he created a number of images, including the role of a representative of our powerful intelligence services, the main Russian opponent Tom Cruise (with whom they eventually find a common language) in the 2011 film “Mission Impossible: The Phantom Protocol”.

12. Konstantin Khabensky

Another of our famous actors has a relationship with foreigners even more smoothly. A few films. The main and the best: “Spy Get Out,” where Khabensky portrays a Soviet diplomat, a betrayal of which some British intelligence officers too much believe.

Danila Kozlovsky, 30 years old

Hollywood Project: Vampire Academy

Recent films: "Duhless 2", "Crew", "Hardcore"

In order to appease the excessively active son, her mother sent 13-year-old Danila to audition for the popular series “Simple Truths”. The shootings so fascinated the young man that he decided to enter the St. Petersburg Theater Academy. The first place of work of the future star was the St. Petersburg Academic Maly Drama Theater, and in parallel with performances on the stage, Kozlovsky mastered the movie.

The real fame came to the actor after the main role in the film "We are from the Future." Kozlovsky became one of the leading artists and easily got into the successful films “Duhless”, “Five Brides”, “Legend 17”. At the peak of his fame, in 2013, Danila went to New York to learn a language and find interesting foreign projects. Go beyond the boundaries of Russian cinema was helped by the fantastic action movie Vampire Academy and the Chanel perfume commercial, which allowed the actor to meet his favorite director Joe Wright and actress Kira Knightley.
“So far I am lucky with the roles, they turn out to be much larger than myself. And it’s happiness to try on the fate and circumstances that you haven’t yet been in, ”says Kozlovsky in an interview with Russian Hello!

Anton Yelchin, 26 years old

Hollywood projects: “Star Trek: Retribution”, “Night of Fear”, “Beaver”, “Terminator: May the Savior Come”, “Star Trek”, “Alpha Dog”,

Last movie: Uncontrollable

Director Andrei Zvyagintsev divorced

Who knows what the fate of Anton Yelchin would have been if parents - professional skaters - had not moved for work from Leningrad to America. Anton was only six months old at that time, so he had no problems learning English and living in a new country. Thanks to his parents, he speaks good Russian.

At first, parents wanted Anton to go in for sports, but the boy was more interested in the children's theater group.

Yelchin began his career with the series: Ambulance, Practice, New York Police, and starred in Dr. Hoff from 2004 to 2006.

True, American directors mostly offered him the roles of Russian boys, behind his back calling him “the cheap version of Elijah Wood” for his curly hair and pretty appearance.

The star Yelchin lit up in 2006, when the actor played in the crime film "Alpha Dog." After this project, the actor starred in the sequel to the famous action movies (Terminator, Star Trek, Star Trek), as well as in independent films like Like Crazy and Elusive.

Yelchin took part in the Russian film "You and Me" dedicated to the Tatu group. True, the actor looks cool at the rest of the proposals of domestic producers. The artist is ready to make the only exception for his beloved director Alexander Sokurov.

“I recognize Russian culture as part of the world - Chekhov, Suprematists, Eisenstein. All these things are very Russian at the same time, and at the same time it is already a universal human background, ”Anton Yelchin tells TimeOut Russian.

Grigory Dobrygin

A native of Kamchatka, Grigory Dobrygin, is familiar to Russian viewers on the New Year blockbuster Black Lightning and the thriller How I Spent This Summer. For his role in the latter, Dobrygin was awarded the Silver Bear of the Berlin Film Festival. The honorary award allowed the actor to try his hand in the West: Dobrygin received a role in Anton Corbeyn's “Most Dangerous Person”. He can also be seen in the Franco-British thriller "The Same Traitor As We Are", where Dobrygin composed Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor.

In addition, the actor continues to star in Russian films and even develops as a director.

13. Mikhail Gorevoy

The good actor Gorevoy should be comforted by the fact that he played a significant role in Bond - a talented Russian scientist working for the enemy in the 2002 film "Die, but Not Now." A good western film career would be waiting for Gorevoy. But the trouble is that soon, starting with Casino Royale, the image of Bond has changed, it has become more realistic. The creator of Bondiana no longer needed the image of the satirical Gorevoy. Moreover, in the previous film he did not survive.

14. Margarita Levieva

Well, we don’t know which of ours. Meanwhile, 35-year-old native of Leningrad Levieva has played in a number of attractive Hollywood films, including the satirical social Noise with Tim Robbins and the equally social thriller Lincoln for the Lawyer with Matthew McConaughey. Her main misfortune for today: she has plunged into the Russian comedy “Fast Moscow-Russia,” where dances-caverists ruled the ball.

Vadim Perelman, 52 years old

Hollywood projects: “A house of sand and fog”, “All life before my eyes”

Last movie: Ashes

Another hero originally from the USSR, who emigrated abroad as a child, was directed by Vadim Perelman. He moved to Canada with his mother when he was 14 years old. He studied mathematics and physics at the University of Alberta, and after graduating from the film school of the University of Ryrson in Toronto, he opened a small company Canned Films, which produces music videos. In 1990, Perelman moved to Los Angeles, where he shot commercials, but 13 years later he re-qualified as a film director. He was inspired by the debut film by Andre Dubus’s novel “A House of Sand and Fog”: the book is devoted to the theme of emigration, which is close to the director. Perelman personally engaged in negotiations with Dubus, who never gave rights to the adaptation of his works. Having heard the director’s life story, the writer lost. Steven Spielberg was no less inspired by the personality of Perelman, so he agreed to finance the project, and was not mistaken: the tape was a resounding success and was nominated for three Oscar nominations.

The following paintings by Perelman were the drama "All Life Before Eyes" and the Russian television series "Ashes".

“I watch Russian films as a work of art, American films as entertainment. This is a big difference. My goal is to make my films perceived as a work of art, ”says the director in an interview with Mignews.

Yuri Kolokolnikov, 34 years old

Hollywood Project: Game of Thrones

Recent films: “Loves not loves”, “About love”

As a child, Yuri Kolokolnikov traveled a lot because of his parents' divorce: his son stayed with his mother, who, working as a translator, ran between the USA and Canada. This experience allowed Yuri to learn English, which later played an important role in his career.

Returning to Moscow, thanks to the initiative of his father, Kolokolnikov was on trial in the film "Iron Curtain", which became the first tape in the career of 14-year-old Yuri. At the age of 15, he passed school exams as an external student and entered the Shchukin Theater School.

The Russian actor tried to break into Hollywood back in 2000, but unsuccessfully: in Los Angeles and New York, he did not find any work except a loader and a waiter. But at home, Yuri got a job at the Sovremennik Theater and starred in the television movie Children of the Arbat, which brought him popularity.

Success in Russia did not discourage the desire to become famous abroad. Kolokolnikov stubbornly continued to participate in auditions, and finally got a cameo role in the cult TV series Game of Thrones. The hero of Yura, the cannibal Stear, appears in the 4th season and after several episodes dies in a fierce battle.

“Our actors began to be perceived differently. It seems to me that a generation will soon grow up who will know English as Russian, ”the star tells the Russian Interview.

Timur Bekmambetov, 54 years old

Hollywood projects: Especially Dangerous, Apollo 18, President Lincoln: The Vampire Hunter, Supernatural on the Net

Last movie: Ben Gur

At the insistence of his energetic father, Timur Bekmambetov entered the MPEI, but did not finish it, carried away by art. In 1982, he began working as an artist at the Ilkhom Theater and at the Uzbekfilm studio in Tashkent. Five years later, Timur finally moved to Moscow and began shooting commercials.

The thought of cinema came to Bekmambetov in 1994, then he removed the Peshawar Waltz military tape. The debut work was a success: the film was shown in the USA, the work won a prize at the Kinotavr and an award for best director at the Karlovy Vary festival.

The name of Timur Bekmambetov became known in 2004 after the release of "Night Watch". The director gained popularity not only in Russia but also in America: he was invited to Hollywood to work on several projects of Fox. From that moment, the master began to work on two fronts: he combined the activities of a director and a producer in America ("Especially Dangerous", "Abraham Lincoln: The Vampire Hunter", "Supernatural on the Net") and in Russia, where he composed family comedies like "Elok" .

Despite the opportunity to become an exclusively American director, Bekmambetov does not agree to leave the Russian film industry.

“America is just a protracted business trip. It’s nice, interesting, there are a lot of people, information, opportunities, attractive projects, ”the star confesses in an interview with the newspaper Trud.

Konstantin Khabensky, 43 years old

Hollywood projects: "Especially Dangerous", "War of the Worlds Z"

Recent films: "Black Sea", "Hardcore"

It was Timur Bekmambetov who brought Khabensky to Hollywood, highlighting the actor's role in the blockbuster “Especially Dangerous” of 2008. Despite the small number of scenes and the imminent death of the hero, the actor managed to work with Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy. At this point, Khabensky was already quite recognizable in Russia: the series “Lethal Force” and his work at the Moscow Art Theater named after him made him popular. Chekhov and the film "Night Watch", which just brought the actor to Bekmambetov. So the actor added to the list of Russians in Hollywood.

Following the tape “Especially Dangerous”, other international projects appeared in Khabensky’s portfolio: the European detective “Spy, Get Out!”, The Franco-Russian drama “Rasputin”, and the British “Black Sea”. Two years ago, the actor starred in the movie “War of the Worlds Z”, which was produced by Brad Pitt. Alas, the shooting of the final episode was not included in the full version of the picture - during the installation the plot was changed, and most of Khabensky's work was cut out.

“Why talk about how I talked to Jolie, Pitt, Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman and other people I wanted to meet? I can only say that I was once again convinced that the screen does not deceive me: they are not only actors, but also people with a capital letter, ”Khabensky comments to the Russian GQ.

Andrey Zvyagintsev, 51 years old

Hollywood project: "New York, I love you"

Last movie: Leviathan

Andrei Zvyagintsev began with three short stories for the television series Black Room, and then shot the feature film The Return, which won prestigious awards around the world: the main prize at the Venice Festival, Golden Eagle and Nika in Russia, French nomination Cesar and Oscar.

But the most discussed project of Zvyagintsev was the Leviathan tape. In the center of the story is the story of a simple car mechanic from the Russian hinterland, struggling with the arbitrariness of officials. The drama divided the Russian audience into two camps. Some admired the director’s courage, his victories at the Cannes Film Festival, Golden Globe and the Oscar nomination. Others were hardened against the master, calling him almost a traitor for the fact that he was biased against Russian reality and presented all this to the American jury.

Despite harsh criticism, Zvyagintsev still claims to be devoted to Russian cinema and is not going to leave his homeland.

“The budget of Leviathan did not and could not have any American money. They also invent that I live somewhere in Los Angeles and Paris. I don’t even know if I need to react to this, but I probably need to. Probably worth telling people not to envy my coconut palms on the shores of Miami. I have nothing of this. I spent my whole life in Russia, ”Zvyagintsev admits in an interview with the RBC website.

Andrei Konchalovsky, 78 years old

Hollywood projects: “Beloved Mary”, “Runaway Train”, “Duet for a Soloist”, “Shy People”, “Tango and Cash”, “Homer and Eddie”, “Lion in Winter”

Last film: “The White Nights of the Postman Alexei Tryapitsyn”

Andrei Konchalovsky studied at the music school at the Moscow Conservatory, but after graduating from school he seriously thought about cinema and entered the directing department at VGIK. His first works were shot by Chekhov and Turgenev and attracted the attention of European critics.

International recognition came with the tape “Romance of Lovers”, which received the Grand Prix of the Karlovy Vary festival. During the Iron Curtain, when many topics in the USSR remained banned, Konchalovsky went to Hollywood, where he directed several films (Tango and Cash, Homer and Eddie). The ten-year American period ended with the return to the homeland in the 90th year: the reality of foreign cinema turned out to be too alien, besides, serious shifts were outlined in Russia. Nevertheless, Konchalovsky continued to film foreign projects, which again brought awards. His mini-series Odyssey received an Emmy, The House of Fools won the Grand Prix at the Venice Film Festival, and Last Sunday won two Oscar nominations.

Konchalovsky is actively trying himself on television, working for leading Russian channels, and staging performances in theaters around the world.

The last film work by Konchalovsky - "White Nights of the Postman Alexei Tryapitsyn" - again aroused interest abroad. The painting received the “Silver Lion” - the main prize of the Venice Festival.

Sergey Bodrov Sr., 67 years old

Hollywood Project: "The Seventh Son"

Last film: Amphibian Man

In 1974, Sergei Bodrov graduated from the VGIK scenario faculty. His first works were Nonprofessionals, Katala, I Wanted to See Angels. One of Bodrov’s most famous films was “The Prisoner of the Caucasus”, awarded in 1999 by “Nicky” as the best film.

In the late 90s, the director moved to America, where he was able to implement a number of international projects. For a long time he nurtured the idea of ​​an adaptation of the story of the great Genghis Khan, and in 2007 the picture, shot by the joint efforts of Russia, Germany and Kazakhstan, saw the light of day. The drama not only received six nominations for the Nika Prize, but also allowed Hollywood companies to take a closer look at the work of Sergei Bodrov. Last year, he was commissioned to shoot the American blockbuster The Seventh Son, whose stars were Julianne Moore and Jeff Bridges.

“I'm not an American director. I am a Russian director who works in Africa, America, Asia. It’s just that America is such a country that if you come up with something cool or make a good movie, they will immediately notice you, ”says the director in an interview with the newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda.

15. Alexander Baluev

Hollywood immediately chose the textured Baluyev in the 1990s as our branded one. The trouble is that Baluyev himself did not particularly bother about what role to play. As a result, in Clash with the Abyss, he is our hero-cosmonaut. And in “Peacemaker” with Clooney and Kidman - a venal general-thief, capable of arranging a nuclear explosion in the middle of Russia in order to conceal the loss of several nuclear warheads that have already been sold to Serbian terrorists who are ready to destroy New York.

The world is dumb. Everything that is shown on the screen, he takes for the truth. We (and, incidentally, the Serbs) were slandered in the mid-90s when we developed democracy. There were no corrupt generals selling warheads. There were no Serbian terrorists. But then no one in Russia was indignant. We have it now, when there are no pensions and the import of products is prohibited, all patriots. But Baluyev was noted in the 1990s.

16. Julia Snigir

The girl who became famous after the Inhabited Island by Bondarchuk later starred in the fifth part of Die Hard with Bruce Willis. And after that she received a number of Hollywood offers. If you really achieve something - sincere good luck.

17. Oleg Shtefanko

His greatest Hollywood success to date is the role of the Russian superagent in Robert De Niro's film on the CIA's Essence of False Temptation. This is a film about how the special services are rubbish, and their leaders are lonely, because tomorrow you will be betrayed by any of your team. Humanly - rarely - you can only communicate with the enemy - from the KGB. Everything is human and fair. Here no one is surrendering to anyone. Here, observing the interests of the motherland, they also honor honor. And mutually. In such a strange movie, Stefanko starred. And at the same time - and in several other Hollywood.

18. Oleg Vidov

Our branded emigrant actor in Soviet times. Vidov is perhaps the first star of Soviet cinema of the 1960s and 70s. Our Alain Delon. Question: But was it worth running away from Brezhnev to lose everything? In Hollywood, Vidov played many roles, but perhaps the main one - the positive cop, which is quickly killed, in the "Red Heat" with Schwarzenegger.


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