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16 famous autistic people


The times have passed when the diagnosis of autism was perceived as something akin to schizophrenia.

According to WHO statistics, every 160th child is born with an autism spectrum disorder. However, with proper upbringing, children adapt to society and lead a normal life. And sometimes the whole world learns about them.

Stanley Kubrick

The ingenious filmmaker, who presented the world with a Space Odyssey, Radiance, and the All-Metal Shell, suffered from Asperger Syndrome. This disorder refers to part of the autism spectrum and is expressed, among other things, in the difficulties of interacting with others, poor coordination of movements, abnormal perfectionism and poorly developed ability for empathy.

Stanley Kubrick was incredibly attentive to detail

Most of the actors had a hard time working under the direction of Stanley Kubrick. He was rude to the wards, ignored their problems and set truly brutal demands. For example, filming The Shining, made Shelley Duval (Wendy) repeat one scene 147 times. Due to stress, the actress began to lose hair. But Asperger has focused his attention on the details of which, as you know, skill is made up.

Robin Williams

During the life of actor Robin Williams, no one ever diagnosed him with Asperger Syndrome, but many facts from his life pointed to this. Relatives noted his absolute awkwardness in social interactions. The battle with depression, which he eventually lost, can also serve as a pointer to Asperger, because patients with this syndrome are often forced to fight with “side” diseases like bipolar disorder.

Robin Williams committed suicide on August 11, 2014

Susan Boyle

Scottish woman Susan Boyle became famous all over the world after winning the national British talent show in 2009 with the song “I Dreamed A Dream”. The biography of the singer's previous triumph can shed a tear for impressionable readers. Having been born in a poor large family of Irish who settled in Scotland, Susan (or rather, her parents) at birth heard from doctors a diagnosis of "irreversible brain damage due to hypoxia." With this, the family subsequently explained all its oddities, labeling the girl "mentally retarded."

Susan Boyle spent most of her life labeled “mentally retarded”

She was bullied at school, study was not given, and after studying, having worked for six months as assistants at the cook, Susan received a disability and lived on a modest pension. She had to suppress constant depression and anxiety daily. But at heart she cherished the dream of becoming a singer. After the glory that fell on Boyle, she underwent a medical examination and received the correct diagnosis - Asperger Syndrome.

Courtney Love

The shocking star of the American rock scene had a tragic youth (you can read more about her in the biography of the singer on Her father treated her to LSD, for which he was deprived of parental rights. After the parents divorced, Courtney Love stayed with her mother, who soon found a new love and settled with her new husband in the hippie commune. Courtney had strained relationships with peers and problems with learning (although teachers saw her as gifted), and at 9 years old, the reason became clear - the initial form of autism.

Courtney Love has always felt that does not fit into society

At 14, the girl was sent to a juvenile correctional facility for stealing T-shirts from a store. Freed, she decided to rely only on herself, especially since her mother had long lived in New Zealand, where she found a new love. After a long and controversial search for herself (for example, she worked as a stripper and studied theology) Love tried herself in the cinema, founded the punk band The Hole and married Kurt Cobain. In many lyrics of her songs there is a huge gap between her and society, for example, in “Retard Girl” (“Mentally retarded girl”).

Andy Warhole

In the story, Andy Warhol remained as one of the most prominent representatives of pop art, the author of the diptych with the face of Marilyn Monroe, full of cans of Campbell soup and the saying "In the future, everyone will have 15 minutes of fame." Now the artist’s biographers believe that he had Asperger’s syndrome, manifested in a passion for everything repeated, as well as in his “social clumsiness”.

In the photo: Andy Warhol

Warhol was still a "junkie" and hardly parted with unnecessary things. He was terribly afraid of hospitals

1. Stanley Kubrick

The famous director found it difficult to find a common language with people and was very picky about the details. But it was precisely this meticulousness that helped make his paintings special. Who knows, Stanley would have been famous if he hadn’t had Asperger syndrome.

2. Dan Aykroyd

The Canadian actor admitted, if not for his diagnosis, he was unlikely to be able to play one of his most famous roles - in the film Ghostbusters. As you know, the range of interests of autists is rather narrow, but people with Asperger's syndrome go deep into their hobbies by 100%. At the time of filming, Dan was obsessed with ghosts and law enforcement, making him the perfect candidate for the role.

3. Robin Williams

Its clumsiness combined with hyperactivity made experts think that the celebrity suffers from Asperger syndrome. Unfortunately, Robin had another problem - the comedian regularly had to deal with depression. The latter brought him to the grave.

4. Michelangelo

The famous artist of the Renaissance was famous for the fact that he could not maintain friendly relations with anyone. Experts who studied his case suggested that it was his lack of communication that helped Michelangelo to concentrate more on his own work.

5. Charles Richter

The seismologist was not a public person, did not like secular receptions and crowded places. Charles was not an active interlocutor ... until it came to earthquakes. Richter could talk about them for hours, and this is one of the typical signs of autism.

Famous Autistic Persons

The spectrum of autistic manifestations is very diverse, therefore, it is very difficult to specify the definition of this disease. Therefore, one cannot state with full certainty that any media person suffers from autism. Although it is obvious that the behavioral characteristics of many famous personalities clearly indicate autistic traits. For example, Einstein or Mozart, Bill Gates or Newton, etc.
These individuals have shown themselves to be brilliant specialists in certain fields of activity. Often such people are called autistic savants, i.e., unrecognized geniuses with autism. The disease has been studied very little, and therefore it is quite difficult to diagnose it accurately today. Although many celebrities today display autistic symptoms in their behavior. Who are the most famous autistic people in the world?

Lewis Carroll

The absurd work "Alice in Wonderland" literary critics have always considered an eccentric, but exciting work. Therefore, only an author with a special worldview could write it. From childhood, the writer suffered from severe autistic disorders, which manifested itself in the impossibility of communication, incredible shyness and severe stuttering.
Carroll had several hobbies. He was fond of chess, photography, had a mathematical talent, which allowed him to become the author of many scientific works.

American singer, 53 years old

The widow of Kurt Cobain survived a difficult childhood and youth. When Courtney was five, her parents divorced, and her father was deprived of parental rights for giving his daughter LSD. At nine, Courtney was diagnosed with a mild form of autism. Due to her violent nature, it was not easy for her to find a language with her classmates, Courtney had problems with her studies, she was expelled from school. At age 14, she ended up in a juvenile correctional facility for stealing a T-shirt from a store. She worked as a DJ, danced a striptease, studied theology at Irish Trinity College, started acting in films in the mid-80s, then founded the rock band Hole, married the leader Nirvana and gave birth to a daughter. In 2012, the Courtney artist debuted. Courtney created a collection called “And She's Not Even Sweetheart” using mascara, pastel, watercolors and colored pencils.

It would seem that for a person with autism, Courtney leads a very active public life, but the lyrics of her songs (for example, the single R * tard Girl about a shy and awkward girl) and the choice of movie roles (exhausted by Alcey's drug addiction in Milos Forman's film “People Against Larry Flynt”) ) show what abyss she felt between herself and most other people.

David Byrne

A musician from America, who has a lot of different awards and has a memorable voice. In 2003, the musician discovered Asperger's disease. The artist himself claims that it was music classes that helped him overcome the disorder, although he still could not get rid of him completely. But today, the musician lives an active life, often rides a bicycle and continues his favorite business, taking part in various musical projects.

British writer, 1832−1898

Stars who worked in striptease. Part 1. Video

The absurd novel “Alice in Wonderland” is an eccentric and exciting book, and only a person with a special perception of the world could create it. Lewis Carroll had pronounced signs of an autism spectrum disorder: from childhood it was difficult for him to meet people, he suffered from desperate shyness, which was aggravated by a strong stutter. Like many famous autists, he had strong abilities for mathematics, to which he devoted more than one scientific work. In addition, the writer was fond of photography and chess.

Childhood in the family of a parish priest, studying at a grammar private school and decades of bachelor life and work in Oxford, death from bronchitis at the age of 65 is a brief summary of Carroll’s biography. But, most likely, like many people with ASD, the life of a classic with all the adventures and turbulent experiences took place mostly in his inner world.

British actor, 80 years old

As a child, Hopkins suffered from dyslexia, studying was hard for him, and he decided to devote himself to art, and a meeting with Hollywood star Richard Burton at the age of 15 helped him decide on the choice of profession. The actor was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome quite late - when he was over seventy. Anthony admits that he really has few friends and does not favor parties, but he really likes to study people's behavior, as well as to analyze in detail the motives of the characters' actions.

American actress, 57 years old

In childhood, the actress was diagnosed with autism, replacing it later with Asperger Syndrome. Daryl's parents were offered treatment for the girl with psychotropic drugs in a specialized clinic, but her mother refused. Daryl Hannah grew up as a shy child and suffered from insomnia, because of which she was partially interested in the movie.

Despite the strong self-doubt and pathological fear of the public, often forcing her to refuse to participate in shows and interviews, the actress played in dozens of films and earned eight awards, including two Saturn awards and an MTV film award. For many years, Daryl hid her diagnosis from the public and producers, telling about him only in 2013. She still does not like to be in the spotlight, but, by her own admission, she lives happily.

Alan Gardner

The most famous British landscape designer, having a lot of awards. As a teenager, Gardner began experimenting with plants in the garden of their family home. He is now a successful landscape designer, although he suffers from Asperger's disease. Alan claims that plants help him to be happy. His unusual, spectral and detailed vision helps create unique landscape designs.

Oprah Winfrey

An American TV presenter and actress, public figure, and simply an influential person, one of the richest women with a billion fortune. She has been involved in charity work for many years, including helping children with autism syndrome. From childhood, she showed remarkable learning abilities. At the age of 9, she was raped by one of her relatives. There is no confirmed data regarding the autism of Oprah itself, but experts note some manifestations of the disorder.

Anthony Hopkins

Famous autistic people include this actor, whose diagnosis was identified already in old age when he was over 70. The actor himself admits that he likes to ponder the motives of the characters for a long time, the actions of the people around him, but he eschews all kinds of parties and cannot boast an abundance of friends.

Donna Williams

A writer from Australia who was diagnosed with autism at age 20. She wrote a book about a girl with autism. In childhood, they could not be diagnosed with the disease for a long time, considering her hard of hearing. Now she is a successful writer and creator of a site for people with autism.

Daryl hannah

A Hollywood movie star who, from her youth, could not communicate normally with others, considering all sorts of interpersonal contacts a sheer torture. To calm down, she often used the swing method, like a pendulum. The girl successfully coped with most phobias, which helped her achieve Hollywood fame.

Andy Warhole

An eccentric artist who painted, between which there was some similarity, which can be explained by a manifestation of autism. Andy is evidence that Asperger's disease has a very positive effect on the creative activities of people of art.

2. Robin Williams

The famous actor, he did not have an official diagnosis, but loved ones noted that Robin had social awkwardness, frequent depression , one of which led Robin to bipolar disorder. This indicates Asperger syndrome, because such people very often struggle with side diseases, and bipolar disorder also applies to them. Robin Williams committed suicide.

3. Courtney Love

Star of the American rock scene, the girl had a difficult childhood and youth. She experienced huge problems with her peers because of her inability to communicate. At nine, she was diagnosed with initial form of autism. At the age of 14, due to the theft of a T-shirt, she ended up in a correctional institution. After that, she decided to rely only on herself. Courtney tried to work as a stripper, was interested in theology, tried to act in films. She founded a punk band The hole and married Kurt Cobain.

5. Bill Gates

This is the most famous and richest person with autism. Experts suggest that he Asperger Syndrome. But thanks to the parents who helped, taught and hired the best specialists for Bill, he was very well compensated in his diagnosis. While the neighborhood kids were chasing the ball Bill studied the drawings and manuscripts of Leonardo da Vinci. Already at the age of 12, Bill came to the conclusion that the future lies with the programs. He and Paul Allen created a program Microsoft

Amadeus Mozart

From childhood, the composer could not be near people, which did not prevent him from writing his first work at the age of 5, and already at 15 he was a universally recognized genius in music. The composer had an extraordinary memory, a phenomenal ear for music, exceptionalness in terms of improvisation. Although others noted his impulsiveness and strangeness in behavior, it was difficult to maintain communication with him, or at least a banal conversation.

8. Dan Aykroyd

An actor from Canada never hid that suffers from an autism spectrum disorder, namely Asperger Syndrome. In addition, he claims that it was this disorder that helped him play one of the most important roles of his life in the film. "Ghostbusters" . When the film was made, Dan was obsessed with ghosts and cops. This helped him to cope with the image perfectly.

Abraham Lincoln

The greatest president of the United States, with an incredibly tough character and an inexplicable love for routine activities. He suffered from severe depressive disorders, which complicated his life, but did not prevent him from taking an important post and marking himself in history as one of the most famous autistic people.

Emily Dickinson

A famous poetess, also suffering from Asperger's disease, which is not surprising when you consider how talented such personalities can be. Her poems do not have even the smallest analogues in modern poetry. She wrote in short lines, did not give the poems names, used punctuation unusually.

Albert Einstein

An extraordinary physicist and humanist with mercantile meticulousness to the smallest details. He was too neat, modest and reserved. But he always had incredible determination, even fanaticism, coupled with clarity of thought, which always distinguished him from ordinary people. An unusual phenomenon for the autistic was a thirst for communication, although he openly neglected his appearance, was indifferent to fame and fame.

Isaac Newton

Known to any student from a physics course, thanks to the law of gravity, which he discovered when an apple fell on him. Newton was not particularly in contact even with his immediate environment, was quiet and reserved. But he had the ability to concentrate on his work, which helped him become the author of many discoveries in mathematics and astronomy, physics and mechanics.

Susan Boyle

Remembering the famous autists, one can not help but recall the Scottish singer Susan Boyle, whom doctors had diagnosed with brain damage in infancy. Then the doctors admitted the fallacy of the diagnosis, however, they are sure that Susan's autistic disorder remains. Perhaps that is why the singer does not always cope with excessive emotionality.


Considering what such famous autistic people in the world have achieved, we can safely say that autism can in no way be regarded as an obstacle to achieving the cherished goal. In some ways, Asperger Syndrome even helps people to prove themselves in the field of art or science, social activities. Everything is determined by the strength of the personality itself, which is exactly what all the celebrities described above confirm.
Autistic people are quite common among prominent people. Many great minds have had various autistic disorders, but they have been successful. Therefore, parents raising an autistic child do not need to give up. These personalities have clearly demonstrated that autistic features sometimes contribute to talents, you just need to help the child discover his abilities. Your children are no worse, they are just special. Who knows, maybe a brilliant mathematician or an outstanding artist is growing in your family now.

9. Courtney Love

The legendary rocker and widow Kurt Cobain was diagnosed with autism at the age of 9. Courtney did not dare to talk about her illness for a long time, but in the end admitted that Asperger's syndrome did affect her character, worldview and behavior.

12. Bill Gates

His diagnosis was not officially confirmed, but observers are almost certain that Bill has Asperger Syndrome. Firstly, he often sways back and forth. Secondly, Gates is contemptuous of conflicting opinions. These are classic signs of the disease. Seeing them with a person like Bill Gates, other patients are inspired and begin to believe in themselves.

14. Vladimir Putin

The Pentagon think tank sowed a grain of doubt. Experts are not sure that the president of the Russian Federation has Asperger’s syndrome, but they suggest that certain changes in his neurological development occurred in infancy.

16. Thomas Jefferson

The fact that Thomas Jefferson could have had a form of autism was confirmed simultaneously by several psychologists. A well-known politician was very shy, did not find a common language with people, was distinguished by increased sensitivity to loud sounds. The disorder could be observed from childhood, but unfortunately, most of the documents describing his behavior at an early age burned out, because psychologists can not give an objective assessment.

American musician, 66 years old

The memorable voice, fanciful lyrics and vivid performances brought the frontman of Talking Heads Oscar, Grammy and Golden Globe. One day, critic Pauline Cale wrote that David has a "closed, ethereal, fantastic quality that has something incomprehensible and almost autistic." How close she was to the truth! In 2003, 12 years after the breakup of the group, it became known that David Byrne had Asperger Syndrome. The artist says that music helped him overcome the disease, although, according to experts, it is impossible to completely recover from autism spectrum disorders. Nevertheless, David lives an active life, participates in music projects and enjoys cycling.

Scottish singer, 57 years old

In 2009, an unemployed Scottish woman became the sensation of the Britain’s Got Talent contest. In 2012, the UK put on the musical I Dreamed A Dream, which was based on the history of the singer.

Susan was born the tenth child in a family of Irish immigrants in Scotland. She was mistakenly diagnosed with brain damage. Studying at school was hard, Susan suffered from bullying classmates. Six months as a trainee cook is Susan's only work experience, which no employer wanted. She had to live on a disability pension, and her legal capacity was recognized as incomplete. All these years, Susan dreamed of becoming a singer and even tried to participate in music competitions, but the attempts ended in failure. However, she did not give up - the difficulties that she had encountered since childhood hardened her character.

Speaking in April 2009 at a talent show, Susan touched the hearts of the inhabitants of Britain. Since then, she has released seven albums, played in the movie "Christmas Candle" and has become one of the most popular (and wealthy) singers in the world. In 2013, she was finally diagnosed correctly with Asperger Syndrome. The singer, who had been labeled “mentally retarded” since birth, was relieved. Of course, Susan is still not easy now: she has to deal with anger, depression and anxiety, but the artist admits that it has become easier for her to accept herself.

Artist from Australia, 1963−2017

Donna Williams is an artist, sculptor, singer, composer, writer and poet. She was born into a troubled family: her father suffered from bipolar disorder, and her mother was an alcoholic. At two years old, the girl was diagnosed with “neurosis”, replacing it later with “mental disorder”, and only at 27 years old she was diagnosed with autism.

As a child, Donna often rubbed her eyes violently to lose herself in the “bright fluffy spots,” which were her refuge from the “obsessive muttering” of the people around her. By the age of nine, she developed two subpersonalities: the rebellious, destructive and ill-mannered Willie and the kind and polite Carol.

At 15, the girl left home, changed jobs and boyfriends. She still managed to finish school and get a bachelor's degree in art from La Trobe University in Melbourne. Donna’s book, “Nobody Nowhere: An Amazing Autobiography of an Autistic Girl,” became a bestseller, followed by “Someone Somewhere” and “Like a Color for the Blind,” also based on the writer's life. In addition, she released two collections of poetry and prose, several manuals for teaching children and teenagers with autism, recorded two albums, and also created a number of amazing paintings and sculptures. At 53, Donna died of cancer.

English gardener

The winner of numerous prestigious awards in the field of landscape design and the hero of the program "Gardener’s Syndrome" on the TLC channel is a carrier of Asperger Syndrome. Alan was 15 years old when he fell in love with flowers and began numerous experiments in the family garden. Alan went to work in the Department of Parks at the Birmingham City Council, and in 1986 became a landscape designer. Now Alan is married, he has three children.

Alan admits that he has a special need to care for plants and to be outdoors, the garden makes him happy. In Alan's case, the special attitude that is characteristic of people with Asperger's syndrome was manifested by attention to the smallest details and the ability to see the elusive sequence of elements of wildlife and combine them. In the new season of the “Gardener Syndrome” program on TLC, you can see how the master of landscape design, using his unique “spectral” vision, creates amazing and fantastic canvases from herbs, flowers and other plants, transforms faceless courtyards and land, and also debunks myths about autism.

Watch the Gardener Syndrome program from July 15th through Sundays at 2:00 p.m. on the TLC.


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