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Full name: David Robert Joseph Beckham

Date of Birth: 05/02/1975 (44 years old)

Place of Birth: London, Great Britain

Zodiac sign: calf

News with a star: 330

David Beckham Biography

David Beckham was born on May 2, 1975 in London. Father - kitchen fitter David Edward Alan "Ted" Beckham. Mother is a hairdresser Sandra Georgina West. Sisters - Joanna and Lynn.

The parents of the future athlete were passionate fans of football and the club, “Manchester United”, regularly attending all home matches. From childhood, David attended Bobby Charlton Football School in Manchester.

In 1989, a 14-year-old man signed a school contract with the Manchester United Football Academy, and in 1992 he made his debut in the main team. Soon he signed a professional contract, becoming a key player of the Red Devils for 10 seasons (except for the 1994 95 season, when he played on a rental basis for the Preston North End club).

David Beckham achieved the greatest success in 1999 when Manchester United became the champion of the English Premier League, won the UEFA Champions League, and then won the match for the Intercontinental Cup.

On July 4, 1999, David Beckham married Spice Girls singer Victoria Adams. In the marriage, the sons of Brooklyn Joseph (03/04/1999), Romeo James (09/01/2002), Cruz David (02/20/2005) and daughter Harper Seven (07/10/2011) were born to the couple.

In 2003, Beckham joined the Spanish team Real Madrid, in which he won the Spanish Super Cup. After spending five seasons at Real Madrid and scoring 20 goals, the British midfielder has become incredibly popular all over the world.

Childhood and youth

David Beckham was born in England, in the small town of Leightstone, May 2, 1975. The zodiac sign of Taurus became the patron symbol of the future athlete.

David Beckham in childhood

David was the third child in the family, he has older sisters Lynn and Joan. After the appearance of the long-awaited son, Ted Beckham paid all attention only to him, dreaming of making David a great athlete. My father started training with David when he was 2 years old.


David began his first steps in sports with the London club Layton, where he played for two years. After that, the budding young athlete entered the famous Tottenham football school, which he successfully completed.

David Beckham in his youth

David was 11 years old when he was noticed by representatives of the famous club Manchester United. A talented teenager was invited to exams, which he successfully passed and was accepted into the club’s youth team. In 1992, the youth team Manchester United won the FA Cup, and all critics noted Beckham's amazing game.

David Beckham at Manchester United

In 1993, the young man signed a professional contract with the most famous British club and became a member of the main team.

However, despite his popularity, David understood that football happiness was short-lived, so he decided that football alone was not enough for him. Beckham was helped in this by his father, who converted his sports talent into money. At age 20, the young man signed contracts with the giants Pepsi and Adidas, becoming the face of these brands.

David Beckham's best tricks and goals

In 1998, David turned into a true national hero thanks to a goal scored against the Colombian national team at the World Cup. But luck on this world championship was volatile for the athlete, and he was accused of “killing football” when he received a red card in a match with Argentina. Many accused Beckham of the fact that Manchester United lost the championship.

David Beckham at the 1998 World Cup

In 2000, the football player was appointed captain of the England team. And in 2002, the midfielder started having troubles with the head coach of Manchester United, who received publicity, and the case almost ended in a fight.

In 2002, Beckham was sold to Real Madrid for a ridiculous amount of € 35 million. The football player’s career steadily went up, as part of the Spanish club, David became the champion of Spain (2006-2007), the owner of the country's Super Cup (2003).

David Beckham in England

The number 23 assigned to the athlete has become a legend. Real Madrid sold a whopping number of club t-shirts with its number.

In 2004, Beckham was considering moving to Chelsea or Arsenal football clubs. The transfer amount in this case was supposed to be € 200 million, and Roman Abramovich, who acquired the club from West London, could afford it.

In the fight for the football player, Chelsea was ready to offer the necessary amount, negotiations with the athlete's managers ended in a positive way. But Real Madrid could not so easily give up the best player, the Spaniards managed to persuade David to continue cooperation.

In 2007, due to a scandal with the leadership of Real Madrid, Beckham went on to play at the little-known American club Los Angeles Galaxy, signing a contract with him for 5 years. The transition of the legendary player provoked an unprecedented surge in interest in football among local residents. It was assumed that the Englishman’s salary would be $ 250 million, but according to rumors, David received $ 27.5 million.

David Beckham at the Los Angeles Galaxy

In 2009, Beckham on loan went to the Italian Milan. The debut in this team was more than successful - 2 goals in 4 matches. Immediately, rumors circulated in the press about the Englishman’s final move to Milan. At Galaxy, David missed most of the season. It is for this reason that California fans have dramatically changed their attitude towards the football player. Offensive posters flickered at stadiums every now and then.

Oil on fire was added by Landon Donovan’s teammate’s book, The Beckham Experiment, in which the athlete did not stint harsh criticism of the illustrious Englishman.

The 2011/2012 season became Beckham’s “Renaissance”. It was then that several clubs joined the fight for the football player at once. December 1, 2012, the footballer played the last match for Galaxy.

On January 31, 2013, Beckham signed a 5-month contract with PSG. As part of the Parisians, David became the champion of France. This victory made the athlete a unique football player, who during his career managed to become the champion of four countries - England, Spain, the USA and France. The fans gathered the best moments of Beckham’s game and his free-kicks from all matches in the video compilation, which are still popular on the Internet today.

David Beckham in the PSG

Beckham also became a member of the players representing the colors of the England national team at international competitions. In the English national team, the footballer was recognized as the champion in the number of matches played among field players.

David set records not only in sports terms: he was recognized as the highest-paid player in the world in 2011.

Last Beckham Match

May 16, 2013 Beckham completed his professional career as a football player.

Business and advertising

In 2005, David Beckham began producing toilet water under the David Beckham brand. The first fragrance was developed by perfumers Alon Astori and Beatrice Piquet. The first perfume was called "David Beckham Instinct" and was intended for men of any age. The first batch of goods was immediately sold out - the star name played a role.

David Beckham in perfume advertising

In 2007, the company began to produce both men's and women's fragrances. Since that time, perfumes of the same name were annually released with the notes “For Him” and “For Her”. In an interview, the footballer admitted that all his own versions of perfume were equal for him. According to Beckham, the brand does not try to overshadow the previous ones, but simply creates something new.

At the end of his sports career, David Beckham starred in an underwear advertisement for the H&M brand. The trailer was directed by Guy Ritchie. Also, the football player continued to act as a model for glossy publications, his parameters (weight 77 kg and height 185 cm) allow you to compete with professionals in this field. The athlete himself demonstrates excellent taste and an impeccable sense of style, so over time, another one was added to his list of titles - the ambassador and honorary president of the British Fashion Council.

David Beckham and Guy Ritchie

In 2015, Beckham starred in an ad for cellular operator Sprint. According to the plot of the advertisement, David goes to the salons of cellular communications all over London to find a suitable tariff. Clients of the salons see the celebrity and go after him. In the final video, the crowd reaches the Sprint salon, where the player selects the tariff and concludes a contract.

In 2014, the documentary “David Beckham: A Journey into the Unknown”, which tells about the life of a football superstar after completing a career, was released. In the center of the plot of the picture is a motorcycle trip, to which David went with three friends.

David Beckham: a journey into the unknown

In 2015, Beckham first appeared in feature films. The former footballer performed a cameo in the comedy thriller "Agents A.N.K.L." by British film director Guy Ritchie, in whom David had already starred in promotional videos.

Cameo by David Beckham in the movie "A.N.K.L. Agents"

Not the last place in the life of a former athlete is charity. Since 2005, the football player has been the Goodwill Ambassador of the UNICEF International Fund, and 10 years later he became the founder of the organization “7”, the purpose of which is to help children with diseases that require expensive treatment. David chose the name in honor of the number with which he played in the team of the Manchester United club.

Personal life

Nothing is known about David’s romantic relationship in his youth. But the player managed to become famous as an ideal family man. The personal life of an athlete for many years is associated with the name of Victoria Beckham. David was already a famous player and an enviable groom when he met Victoria Adams - the star of the Spice Girls band. In 1999, lovers officially registered a marriage. The combination of two popular personalities led to the fact that the couple became one of the most famous British unions. Victoria gave birth to David four children: the sons of Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruise, as well as the long-awaited daughter Harper.

David and Victoria Beckham

David Beckham made tattoos with the names of children. Also on the athlete’s shoulder is a portrait of his wife, and the word “Love” and a swallow are stuffed on his left hand. The whole body of David is decorated with 17 tattoos. Because of this, Beckham often played in long sleeve uniforms during his football career.

In 2010, a scandal erupted around the personal life of a football player. The prostitute Irma Nichi gave a scandalous interview, saying that in 2007 Beckham met with her and other women of the same profession more than once. The athlete sued Irma, accusing him of libel. The woman, in turn, filed a counterclaim, claiming compensation for non-pecuniary damage due to allegations of lies.

David Beckham with his wife and children

In parallel with this, rumors began to appear about the new football player’s novels. In the summer of 2012, the tabloids again accused David of treason. Journalists attributed the football player an affair with opera singer Catherine Jenkins. Victoria calmly reacted to these rumors. The Beckham family did not comment on suspicions.

These rumors were neither the first nor the last. In 2016, one photo was enough for journalists to accuse David of new treason. In this photo, a man leaves a coffee shop and looks thoughtfully at a blonde girl who accidentally finds herself nearby.

David Beckham with his wife

The media is constantly circulating rumors about problems in the star family and that the spouses are allegedly on the verge of a divorce. Journalists cite the fact that today Victoria and David live between London and Los Angeles and do not spend time with each other, and their feelings have cooled. In addition, the couple put up for sale a common villa in Provence, which also sell at a 70% discount.

The couple denies rumors of family disagreement, regularly posting photos from a joint holiday and romantic dates in their own Instagram accounts.

Chelsea became interested in the sons of David Beckham

Few people know that David Beckham suffers from a rare mental illness - an obsessive condition syndrome, the symptoms of which are the pathological desire to arrange things in a symmetrical order. David constantly makes sure that objects are arranged in a straight line and in even numbers. Beckham just hates it when things are out of place. This brings the football player almost physical pain.

He also has another disease - asthma, which did not prevent him from building a brilliant career in sports. Restrictions associated with ailments affected David's character, making him an executive and pedantic person. In addition, a non-brutal hobby appeared in the life of a football player, which has a beneficial effect on the nervous system - floristry.

Victoria and David Beckham at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

The Beckham spouses are members of the royal family; they are frequent guests at the ceremonies of the Windsor Palace. In 2011, the football player received a personal invitation to the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. And in 2018, together with Victoria, he attended the wedding ceremony of the American actress Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

David beckham now

In 2017, Beckham received the first role. Guy Ritchie again invited the player to the new film. David played a cameo role of the Knight Trigger in the adventure fantasy “King Arthur's Sword”.

In the same year, David again starred for H&M. Beckham and Kevin Hart advertised the brand’s clothing in sports and casual styles. The video was built in the form of a backstage of a photo shoot and supposedly showed the daily life of a football player.

David Beckham on the set of King Arthur's Sword

In 2018, David received a special prize from the UEFA President for his contribution to the development of football. Also at the end of summer, the ex-athlete was given the opportunity to personally present the Invictus Games for former military men who received disability in the service. Beckham went to the event in Australia with the founder of the sports tournament - Prince Harry.

Now the next issue of the Vogue edition is being prepared for release, in which the entire Beckham family will appear as a full complement. The article will feature a detailed interview with David's wife, Victoria.

David beckham today

David Beckham is still periodically making commercials, as well as participating in charity events.

The player has an official Instagram account, where he uploads photos and videos. About 60 million people are subscribed to his page.

In this indicator, Beckham is in fourth place among the athletes, second only to Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar.

During the 2016 EU referendum, David Beckham spoke out against Brexit, saying the following: “For our children and their children, we must solve the problems of peace together, not alone. For these reasons, I vote to stay. ”

In 2019, Beckham’s former club “LA Galaxy” unveiled a statue of a star football player set up near the stadium. Such a case was the first in the history of MLS.

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David beckham

A talented athlete, a successful businessman, a handsome man, and at the same time an exemplary father - all this is David Beckham. He is considered one of the most titled and highly paid football players of recent years. Even after completing a career in 2013, Beckham remains a recognized authority in the world of big sports. He successfully participated in promotions and played well in movies. This brought world fame and recognition even to those who do not consider themselves a fan. David is still young and continues to amaze fans with new business ideas and movie roles.

Photo: David Beckham

David Beckham at Manchester United

In May 1992, as part of Manchester United, a young football player became the owner of the English Football Youth Cup. After winning the trophy, the then-strong United team drew attention to the head coach of United, and several players, including David, were transferred to the base - to sit on the bench. Beckham made his debut for Manchester United's main squad only six months later - during the League Cup game, David replaced the match with Brighton, but was soon again transferred to the double. The season 1993/94, the football player spent in reserve, winning with the team the championship of England among the reservists.

So, practically without playing as the basis of Manchester United, on December 7, 1994 Beckham made his debut in European competitions. The debut was the last match of the Champions League group stage, in which David's team defeated the Turkish Galatasaray - 4-0. One of the goals was scored by Beckham. Since the spring of 1995, David has finally made his debut in the English Premier League (later than in the European competition!) And is firmly entrenched in the main team of Manchester United.

A new milestone in Beckham’s career was invitations to the national team. September 1, 1996, he first entered the field to defend the honor of the country in a duel with Moldova. In 1997, David became the footballer of the year in England. Two years later, the footballer reaches absolute heights: together with Manchester United, David becomes the owner of the champion title, FA Cup, Champions League Cup and Intercontinental Cup. In the same year, Beckham's personal life changes dramatically: he marries one of the vocalists of the pop group Spice Girls Victoria Adams.

"Real Madrid"

The next season, Florentino Perez began to assemble a legend team, which for some time will be Real Madrid. Beckham moved from Manchester United to Real for 35 million euros. Some time after moving to the Spanish team, the footballer breaks the contract with his agent Tony Stevens, with whom he worked for many years. Stevens's place is taken by Beckham's wife manager Simon Fuller.

The midfielder made his debut for the new team in the second game of the Spanish Super Cup with Mallorca on August 27, 2003. Goal Beckham set the final score in the match - 3: 0. The football player took very little time to adapt in the new team. In the championship of Spain, Beckham scored a debut goal for Real Madrid in the third minute of the first match. However, having started the season briskly, the “legend team” took only the fourth line in the table, lost in the final of the Spanish Cup and took off in the quarter-finals of the Champions League, passing “Monaco” ahead. The 2004/05 season began with a leapfrog of coaching retirements, and the club went into a deep crisis.

“Galacticos”, it seems, threatened a complete failure: by the first quarter of the season, the team was barely able to rise to the eighth line in the standings. However, by the winter off-season, the crisis was slowly ending, and the Galacticos were the second to leave for the Christmas holidays. In the Spanish Cup and the Champions League, Beckham's team stumbled at the 1/8 finals - in the first case, the Madrid team were beaten by Valladolid, and in the second by Juventus. The series of permutations in the coaching staff ended, and the new coach Juan Ramon Lopez Caro managed to rally the team and discipline the players.

“Real” sought to champion, but in the next, 2005/06 season, the team finished second. In the national cup, the “galacticos” took off at the semifinal stage, issuing an enchanting duel with “Zaragoza” (1: 6 and 4: 0). The Champions League ended for Beckham and the team again in the 1/8 finals - this time the Spaniards were “executed” by Arsenal. At the end of the season, Florentino Perez was fired, and Ramon Calderon became president of the club. The head coach of the team was Fabio Capello, with whom Beckham did not find a common language and went to polish the spare shop.

David began searching for a new club, and soon a contract was signed with the Los Angeles Galaxy. The conflict with Capello led the team to a new crisis: the players put forward an ultimatum to the coach demanding that Beckham be returned to the base. Due to the “strike” of the players, the season, which at first seemed successful, quickly flew into the abyss. As a result, the coach was forced to return the English midfielder to the main team and actually shift the mission to save the season to him. And David dealt with this more than successfully: despite the fact that in the Champions League Galacticos again took off in the 1/8 finals, this time losing to Bayern, the team returned to second place and was equal to Barca in terms of points ". Thanks to the team’s dedicated game in the last match of the championship against Mallorca, the Madrid team managed to beat the Catalans in terms of additional indicators and finally win the long-awaited “gold”. Thus ended Beckham's career in the Spanish club.

Los Angeles Galaxy

The acquisition by the American team of the legendary European midfielder provoked an unprecedented increase in interest in football among fans. In the debut match for the new team, which brought together thousands of fans, David sat up for 78 minutes on the bench, and shortly after entering the field he was injured, because of which he was forced to go to the infirmary for four matches.

By August 9, the player recovered and again entered the field for a new team in the match against DC United. This match gathered a record number of fans in Washington - 46.5 thousand. A week later, Beckham first entered the field not only in the starting lineup of Galaxy, but also in the role of team captain. In the next match, Beckham was injured again and left the team for another six weeks. After returning, the position in the standings could no longer be saved: the team finished the first half of the season in 11th place.

The next season, despite the fact that Beckham was no longer injured, turned out to be even more disastrous for the team: Galaxy miraculously managed to cling to the 13th line in the overall table. In January 2009, the midfielder on loan went to the Italian Milan. An impressive game at AC Milan led the team to repeatedly start negotiations with the Los Angeles Galaxy to buy Beckham, but all these negotiations ended in failure. The maximum concessions that the Italians managed to achieve were the extension of David's lease term until July.

Subsequently, Beckham once again moved to “Milan” on loan after a scandal with fans of “LA”, disappointed that Beckham “did not give all the best” at the games for the American club. After returning to Los Angeles, David played two of his most successful seasons on the American continent, leading the team to the American Champions League and reaching the playoff stage.


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