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Dzhigan was born in the sea city of Odessa. Hip-hop culture of the future artist began to captivate at the age of nine. In his hometown, he was a member of the rap group Shaman Potion. It was with these guys that the musician first worked at a recording studio.

Along with music, Dzhigan paid great attention to his sports training. He attended boxing, kickboxing and tie-boxing classes. At 19, the rapper was awarded the title of champion of Ukraine in hand-to-hand combat. In addition, he has the silver of the European Championship. Often the rapper participated in fights without rules. However, sport was not the main hobby for Odessa.

Performance in clubs and DJs

For the first time, the public heard Dzhigan in the musical composition “My Boys”. She entered the album "Life and Wallet". This was followed by the solo work of a rapper called "Fight". After a while, Dzhigan decided to try himself as a DJ in nightclubs. At first he started in Odessa, but then the organizers of various parties began to invite the artist to tour in other Ukrainian cities. In particular, Dzhigan works in Kiev and Moscow, as well as abroad.

The rapper worked with various colleagues in the shop, creating collaborative mixes and tracks. He became one of those who were not afraid to promote Reggaeton style in Ukraine.

Music career

On stage as rapper Dzhigan returned in 2007. The first successful musical work can be considered a joint track with one of the local Ukrainian bands called "We're Resting". Then his solo career began to actively develop. In a short time, the performer managed to become one of the best in Ukraine.

By the way, Jingan himself at first preferred to work with his Odessa colleagues. However, he performed not only in his homeland, but also in Kiev and Moscow. The artist quickly became one of the most successful in his style. His name was recognizable in the neighboring countries, where he was often invited to tour.

Celebrity Duos

Together with the ex-soloist of the group “VIA Gra” Anna Sedakovy Dzhigan recorded the duet song “Frozen”. The corresponding track has become a hit on downloads and viral on the mobile Internet. It was widely distributed in 2009.

It’s typical for an artist to successfully develop in his direction. He stuck to it when creating the following musical compositions. This was followed by another hit with one of the finalists of the "Star Factory" Julia Savicheva. The song received the lyrical title "Let Go." This work appeared in 2011 and on the premiere day topped the download rating. The presentation of the composition took place at many radio stations, both Ukrainian and Russian. Subsequently, music critics called it "the main hit of the summer."

A colorful video clip helped promote the song. It was broadcast on the most important music channels of the country. In addition, the video collected a record number of views on the popular Internet portal YouТube. This track brought Jigan two rating awards, among them the Golden Gramophone and Song of the Year.

This was followed by a duet with Victoria Krutoy and Disco Crash. The composition of the performers was called the bright name "Carnival". Later, a memorable and interesting clip was shot on her.

Solo project

As a solo project, Djigan began to develop in 2010. The next two years became decisive for him in his career. By the way, she was confidently going up, and the girls were just fans of Dzhigan’s romantic compositions. Timati, German beatmakers, Dj Dlee helped the artist to work on his debut album.

The record was created over three years. Timati, Anna Sedokova, the late Zhanna Friske, Victoria Krutaya, Theon Dolnikova, Disco Crash, Soso Pavliashvili took an active part in it.

For the past three years, Dzhigan has been called the best hip-hop performer according to Muz-TV. He admits that he owes all his success to the family.

Personal life

Dzhigan is a caring husband and father of three daughters. Despite the busy schedule and sports training, the artist tries to devote more time to his family and friends. The rapper is married to model and businesswoman Oksana Samoilova. He met his chosen one at one of the parties.

Lovers registered their marriage after the birth of their first daughter Ariela. The wedding took place in 2012. In 2018, Dzhigan became the father for the third time. On her birthday, Oksana Samoilova gave birth to a daughter, Maya. The middle child is also the daughter of Leah. Family, unlike other artists, the Russian hip-hop artist does not hide. Often in his profiles in social networks appear joint photos with his wife and children.

All the daughters of Samoilova and Dzhigan are beautiful and intelligent children. The eldest appeared in July 2011. Leia was born three years later. In April 2018, Samoilova gave her husband a daughter, Maya. All children are owners of dark hair. Ariel's eldest daughter is a complete copy of the musician. He hopes that his beloved wife will give him a son.

Dzhigan stated that the two eldest daughters received the news of the third pregnancy of mother. Leia was most happy about this, and Ariela, knowing what it was like to be an elder, was upset.

Daughters and wife of Dzhigan

All girls are very beautiful, but each has its own individual character. According to the star couple, the eldest daughters often quarrel over various trifles. Children often work as models, they like to pose for the camera. In particular, they advertise clothes of various brands.

If we talk about Oksana Samoilova, then she became popular after star marriage. The girl was born in an ordinary family, but thanks to sports and proper nutrition, she was able to find a model appearance and advance herself in this direction. Also, a mother of three children has a blog about a healthy lifestyle. I must say that after three birth she looks great.


In 2005, on the label Respect production The Godfather Family’s third studio album, Life or Wallet, was released, where Dzhigan (GeeGun) took part in the song “My Boys”, later he took part in the group’s tour as a DJ.

In 2007 he graduated from the Faculty of Physical Culture of the UNPU Ushinsky. In the same year, together with Timati and Bogdan Titomir, he recorded the track “Dirty Sh * shki." Together with this track, they performed at the MTV RMA Awards Ceremony - this was Dzhigan’s first appearance on the big stage.

In 2007, Dzhigan became the official artist of the label Black Star Inc. and released the first track and music video "Classmate" - a collaboration with Timati. In March 2011, the composition “Let go” appeared with Julia Savicheva. The song rose to the 8th place on the Tophit radio chart and took first place on the chart. Weekly Audience Choice Top Hit (compiled from data on airs of songs for the week in programs at the request of radio listeners). The number of views of the clip on YouTube exceeded 17 million. On September 28, 2011, another collaboration was released - “You Are Near”, recorded together with Zhanna Friske.

In November 2011, he starred in the episodic role of the movie Shadow Boxing 3: The Last Round.

In 2012, he recorded the track “Carnival” with “Disco Crash” and singer Vika Krutoy. A video clip of the same name has been released.

April 5, 2012 in honor of the release of the album "Frozen" Dzhigan presented a video for the song "We are no more." In addition to Yulia Savicheva, Zhanna Friske and Anna Sedokova, Soso Pavliashvili, Timati, Theon Dolnikov, Disco Crash and Vika Krutaya participated in the recording of this album, DJ M.E.G. worked on remixes. The album was released on April 10, 2012.

In September of that year, the first single, “Hold My Hand”, was released from the second studio album, entitled “Music. A life". Then followed the song "To the End of the World".

On November 20, 2013, Dzhigan’s second studio album, “Music. A life". It included the singles “Hold my hand” and “To the End of the World”, as well as duets with Dima Bilan and former 5sta Family vocalist Loya.

December 31, 2013 Dzhigan ended the contract with "Black Star Inc.", he became an independent artist.

In February 2014, the dance track "We Need To Pump Up" was released. The clip was attended by champions of Russia and Europe in bodybuilding.

In the spring of 2014, the song and the video “Sky”, recorded with singer Asti, were released. The video was directed by Pavel Khudyakov.

In September 2014, Dzhigan and Julia Savicheva presented the second collaboration and the video “There's nothing more to love.” The duo was on the first line in iTunes and on the air of the popular radio stations Love Radio, Europa Plus, DFM and others. The track won the first place on the Weekly Audience Choice Top Hit chart (compiled from the data on airs of songs for the week in programs at the request of listeners).

In May 2015, the third album “Your Choice” was released. In June, at the Muz-TV Prize, Dzhigan received the award as the best hip-hop artist of the year. At the end of the year, at the end of the year, at the end of the year, he received a diploma for the song “You and I”. At the “Song of the Year” award, an award for the track “There's nothing more to love.”

At the beginning of 2016, a duet track and a video with Stas Mikhailov “Love-anesthesia” were released. A clip was shot on the track. In 2016, the release of the fourth studio album, entitled "Jig". The album consists of 15 tracks.

In 2016, he recorded the track “Until the Last Breath” with Basta, “My World” with Asti, “Ready for Anything” with Basil.

June 30, 2017 released the fifth studio album of 12 tracks, "Days and Nights."

In December 2017, with the single “Days and Nights,” Jigan became the winner of the VK Music Awards.

On July 9, at the Muz-TV Prize, Dzhigan became the winner of the Hip-Hop Artist of the Year nomination. In December 2017, with the single "Days and Nights," Dzhigan became the winner of the award.

In the media, Dzhigan was repeatedly accused of plagiarizing the track "Days and Nights." According to some sources, the music was taken from the track “The Ice Melts” by the group “Mushrooms”, and the images in the clip were from Die Antwoord.

In February 2018, the single “DNA” was released, recorded by Dzhigan together with Artyom Kacher. The video clip has gained over 27 million views on YouTube.

On June 8, 2018, at the MUZ-TV channel award, Dzhigan received a plate as “The Best Hip Hop Project of the Year”.

July 25, “DNA” received the status of “four times platinum” - 400,000 copies sold.

In December 2018, Djigan with his wife Oksana Samoilova, together with the media company Shark Media Groups and major brands, organized a large-scale competition for their fans and donated more than 200,000 prizes, including the main prize of Audi A4.

May 27, 2019 IX Russian Musical Award of the TV Channel RU.TV Dzhigan became the winner in the nomination "Best Hip Hop Project"

On June 7, 2019, at the MUZ-TV channel award, Dzhigan received a plate as “The Best Hip Hop Project”

On December 29, 2019, Djigan along with Bahh Tee releases a video for the song "Oxygen." This is a track dedication to the wife of rapper Oksana Samoilova.

Sports achivments

At the age of 7, he began to engage in sports: boxing, tie-boxing and kickboxing. On May 11, 2014, at a tournament in Moldova, Dzhigan became the absolute champion in bodybuilding according to IFBB in the Men’s Physique category. Master of Sports of Ukraine in kickboxing. To this day, Dzhigan continues to actively engage in sports.

Photo: Gigan

First steps to fame

It was 2007. By this time, Denis graduated from the physical education department of the Konstantin Ushinsky South Ukrainian National Pedagogical Institute, but did not work as a physical teacher at the school, finally deciding for himself that his vocation is music.

Gigan did not abandon the sport, adding bodybuilding to kickboxing classes as well. In the same year, the CEO of the newly created label Black Star Inc. Pavel Kuryanov officially invited Dzhigan to the company, and the performer moved from Odessa to Moscow.

Black Star Care

Upon expiration of the contract with Black Star Inc. at the end of 2013, Dzhigan did not extend the cooperation, deciding to become an independent performer. I always strove for some kind of freedom and independence. Now I understand that the decision was the right one from the 2017 interview.

Apparently, the breakup with Black Star was not so cloudless. In August 2015, although it would seem that 2 years had already passed since leaving the label, Timati posted on Instagram a photo in which Dzhigan noted. Everything would be fine, but the commentary on the photo was about the “collective image of the average sucker,” who is photographed against the backdrop of other people's cars, creating a visible image of luxurious life. And although after a couple of hours Timati removed the mark, the hint was clear, because Dzhigan more than once laid out photographs from the rest, in which he, together with his family, poses in luxury cars.

Solo career

The fourth studio album "Jig" included fifteen tracks of Jigan, including the collaboration "Bad" (ft. Elvira T), "Until the Last Breath" (ft. Basta), "Earth" (ft. Misha Krupin). Performer Basil to participate in the filming of the video for Dzhigan’s song “Ready for Anything” canceled the celebration of his birthday and went to Bali, where the video was shot.

Dzhigan actively attracts beginning and talented performers. So, Sasha Zhemchugova included in her first album the song “Fly”, sung with the rapper.

An interesting collaboration was the song “Hug” (ft. Ani Lorak), which was included in Dzhigan’s fifth studio album “Days and Nights”. The clip of the same name with the album was shot by Danila Volkov, using an unusual form of presentation.

Jigan now

The artist now demonstrates his limitless potential, creating an atmosphere of calm self-confidence around him. He became the founder of the non-profit project “Martial Arts Sports School” so that young people can develop physical education. The rapper himself is in great shape and adheres to proper nutrition.

As for creativity, it also does not stand still. Together with Grigory Leps, Dzhigan sang a duet with his new composition, “The Morning”. Also, the year 2019 brought the artist the sixth studio album “Edge of Paradise”, which contains both previously performed hits and new items. The tracks "Cosmos", "Sail" are noteworthy. The songs “Smoothly” and “Bare Palms” created clips. Dzhigan was once again recognized as the winner of the nomination "Best Hip Hop Artist" according to Muz-TV.

Childhood and school years Denis Ustimenko

The future hip-hop artist was born in August 1985 in Odessa, the city, which is also called the "pearl of the sea." Jigan's dad was a long-distance sailor, when he went abroad, he often brought musical collections to his son as a gift. From the age of seven, the boy began to be interested in music, and the reason for this was his father's gifts - a tape recorder and new collections of music from his favorite artists brought from the United States.

Later, at the age of nine, Denis Ustimenko tried himself in hip-hop culture, having recorded several tracks with the ShiZo band. From the age of eleven, the boy begins to carefully engage in sports, attending classes in kickboxing, boxing and tie-boxing. His efforts led him to the championship of Ukraine and the European kickboxing prize.

Denis Aleksandrovich Ustimenko-Weinstein in childhood and now

The beginning of a sports career did not stop Dzhigan from writing his first song and performing it in the school assembly hall already in the ninth grade. Denis did not stop there and began to organize rap parties, at which he was a DJ.

IN Ustimenko Denis received the title of Master of Sports of Ukraine for his 19 years, also twice in his entire sports career he became the champion of Ukraine, including in hand-to-hand combat. Participated in competitions for fights without rules. The singer also opened the “Martial Arts Sports School”. It is not a commercial project, he just wanted to contribute to the development of sports in the country. Despite all his sporting successes and merits, sport is not the rapper's only hobby.

Denis Alexandrovich Ustimenko-Weinstein (Dzhigan) and Vladi in his youth

The beginning of a career and the first performances of Dzhigan

The idea to try himself as a DJ came to him not by chance. In his music collection there were five hundred audio tapes, three hundred vinyl records and more than two thousand discs. Soon, all the parties organized by Denis became very popular and the famous MCs showed great interest in him. It was after this that Denis needed a pseudonym. Gigan or GeeGun he chose for a reason. The first part of the stage name was taken from the album of the rapper Ice-T, and the second reflects his love of weapons.

Denis Alexandrovich Ustimenko-Weinstein in his youth

In 2007, Djigan moves from Odessa to Moscow at the invitation of the Black Star CEO and becomes a label artist. The first work in this composition was the song "Classmate", which he performed in a duet with himself Timati. Also, when the Godfather Family’s third album was released, namely, Life or Wallet, Dzhigan took part in the performance of the song “My Boys”, but later on as a DJ took part in the band’s tour.

He constantly toured, worked with such famous DJs as “Dj Shked”, “Dj Max Chorny”, “Dj Dlee”, “Dj Phil”, “Dj York”, “Dj Hobot”. During this, Dzhigan worked even at Odessa radio stations and managed to release several studio mixes. He managed to become the first to introduce and promote such a direction as Reggaeton in Ukraine.

Dzhigan and Timati

Star duets of the artist

Returning from his tour in 2007, the rapper was again on stage as a performer, artist in groups. He began to monitor the popularity of artists and even recorded general tracks. One of Jigan’s first joint duets was Frozen, " recorded in 2009 by Dzhigan and Sedokova. After graduating from the Faculty of Physical Education at Ushinsky University, he, along with Timati and Bogdan Titomir, recorded a new track called "Dirty shl * shki". After which the guys performed with her at the MTV RMA Awards Ceremony - this was Dzhigan’s first appearance on the big stage.

Dzhigan and Julia Savicheva at the Golden Gramophone Award

In March 2011, a joint work of Dzhigan and Julia Savicheva called "Let go." The number of video views on the YouTube video hosting site exceeded seventeen million. Then, in September, another work entitled “You Are Near” was released, recorded together with the deceased Zhanna Friske.

The second joint work of Dzhigan and Yulia Savicheva “There is nothing more to love” was called a hit before the premiere of the composition. The song appeared on the air of such famous radio stations as Europa Plus, Love Radio and DFM, and also took the first line in downloading to iTunes. The clip was "played" on the air of television channels in Ukraine, Russia and other CIS countries.

Djigan - DJ

Gigan in the movie

In the autumn of the same 2011, the artist decided to move away from music a bit and starred in the small, episodic role of the film “Shadow Boxing 3: The Last Round”. The following year, 2012, came out a joint work of Dzhigan, group "Diskoteka Avaria" and Vicki Cool - Carnival. Also, with the release of the film “Bouncer,” the singer was entrusted with writing the soundtrack to the film entitled “You Are the Champion”.

The beginning of a solo career

It's no secret that Djigan has been with Black Star Inc for a long time. However, he announced his retirement and soon the fans heard a new song, “We Are No More,” which marked the beginning of his free voyage. All compositions were included in one album, Frozen, on which the rapper worked for several years.

Then, in 2014, a new video clip “We need to pump up” was released, which became a hymn to a healthy lifestyle. Also, the best bodybuilders took part in this video.

Denis Alexandrovich Ustimenko-Weinstein (Dzhigan)

In the spring of next year, Denis Ustimenko presented his third album, released under the title “Your Choice”, which included the already become hits songs “There is nothing more to love” and “Time to lose weight”. Already in 2015, his collaboration with the singer came out Maksim called "Rain."

Dzhigan did not leave his army of fans without pleasant gifts in 2016. Together with Stas Mikhailov he records a duet track and even shoots a video for the song “Love-Anesthesia”: the composition instantly took the lead in many charts.

Achievements and rewards

In addition to his sporting successes, Denis Ustimenko managed to excel in music. In 2014, during the annual music award of the MUZ-TV. Evolution ”Dzhigan recognized“ The best hip-hop project of the year ”, in honor of him he received the treasured plate. And in June, Ustimenko became the laureate of the Fashion People Awards (RnB-Fashion).

Gigan Tattoo

During another Muz-TV Prize in Kazakhstan, which took place at the beginning of summer, Dzhigan was recognized as the best “Hip-Hop Artist of the Year”. Also, At the Golden Gramophone Russian Radio Prize, the rapper was awarded the main prize and a diploma for the hit “I and You”.


In the spring of 2017, there was a scandal, associated with the hit "The ice is melting between us" by the group Mushrooms. The thing is that the rapper presented his new single, entitled "Days and Nights." Netizens found it strikingly similar to the song "Mushrooms." They noted that the song coincides both in melody and rhythm.

However, Denis Ustimenko himself said that his track “Days and Nights” was written before the song of the Ukrainian group. “And the similarity of the“ deep house ”style with the recitative is quite possible. But this is pure coincidence. ”- says Djigan. Moreover, he said that "a lot of his new tracks recorded back in the fall of 2016 are very similar in style."

Gigan Feat. Artik & asti

But the fans did not stop there. Besides the fact that Dzhigan was accused of plagiarizing songs, he was also credited with borrowing the image of the main character of the clip. The model, which appeared in the video, is very similar to the soloist of the band "Die Antwoord" from South Africa, Yolandi Visser. Dzhigan, seeing her on the set, was pleasantly surprised by the similarity and decided that she would fit into his clip organically, which was done.