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Isakova Victoria Evgenievna

Born October 12, 1976 in the city of Khasavyurt.

In 1999 she graduated from the Moscow Art Theater School-Studio (course of O. Efremov).
In 1999-2001 - Actress of the Moscow Art Theater. A.P. Chekhov.
In 2001 she was accepted into the troupe of the Moscow Drama Theater. A.S. Pushkin.

Moscow Art Theater A. Chekhov:
The Seagull (Nina Zarechnaya),
"Forest Song" (Mavka).

Theater named after Pushkin:
“Call Pechorin” (Faith),
Lady of the Day (Louise)
"Frank Polaroid Images" (Nadia),
"Dowry" (Larisa),
"Viy" (Pannochka),
"Sleep on a crazy night" (Titania),
“Congratulations on a weekday” (Annette),
Locust (Hope).

In the "Center for Drama and Director" p / p Alexei Kazantsev and Mikhail Roshchin:
"Jackdaw Motalko" (Sveta Kometa).

In 2003, the duet of Victoria Isakova and Pavel Derevyanko in the play "Viy" received the prize "The Seagull" in the nomination "Double Strike".

Prize "For the Best Actress in the Name of Natalia Gundareva" of the Moscow Premiere Festival for the performance of the role of Marina Tsvetaeva in the film "Mirrors" (2013).

XXI international festival of film actors "Constellation", Orel, August 2-7, 2014 - best main female role - Victoria Isakova (film "Mirrors")

Golden Eagle Award (2014):
Best Actress on TV (Thaw)

Photo: Victoria Isakova

Filmography of Victoria Isakova

2006 was a turning point in Victoria's career: then she played the first memorable role of a villain named Sinilgi in the film “Piranha Hunt”. Isakova’s partners on the set were mastodons of Russian cinema - Evgeny Mironov and Vladimir Mashkov).

In the same 2006, another picture was released with her participation - the drama “Nanny is Required”, which was directed by Larisa Sadilova. It was these two films that made famous producers pay attention to the budding actress. Increasingly, her beloved husband, Yuri Moroz, began to take her off.

In 2013, Channel One hosted the screening of the acclaimed “Thaw” series, which talked about life in the Soviet Union in the 60s of the 20th century. The series was directed by Valery Todorovsky. Victoria got the role of Inga Khrustaleva - the former wife of the protagonist, a fading beauty actress, who believes that she is too old for a good role in the movie.


Father, Yevgeny Gertselievich Isakov, by nationality - Mountain Jew - poet, former administrator of FC Anji and former general director of FC Vidnoe. At 13, she moved with her family to Moscow.

After graduation, she entered the Russian Academy of Theater Arts, and after a year of study she was transferred to the Moscow Art Theater School for the course of Oleg Efremov. She graduated from the Moscow Art Theater School in 1999.

From 1999 to 2001, she served in the Moscow Art Theater named after A.P. Chekhov, where she played the roles of Nina Zarechnaya in the play "The Seagull" based on the play by A.P. Chekhov and Mavka in the play "Forest Song" based on the play by Lesya Ukrainka.

In 2001 she was accepted into the troupe of the Moscow Drama Theater named after A.S. Pushkin. For the role of Pannochka in the play “Viy” she was awarded the theater prize “The Seagull” in 2003.

The on-screen debut took place in 1998, when she appeared in a cameo role in the television series "Chekhov and Co." Another episodic role was played in 2000 in the series “Empire under attack,” and since 2002 has acted in films regularly.

In 2005, Isakova played her first leading film role in the joint Russian-Ukrainian project “Always Kissing the Wrong”. The fame came to her the following year, after roles in the action movie "Piranha Hunt" and the drama "Nanny Wanted."

In 2006, for the role of Kira, nicknamed "Zebra" in Yuri Moroz's film "Point", she received a prize in the nomination "Best Actress of the Year" at the Chicago International Film Festival.

How Varya grows and what is fond of

For some frames, we can conclude about the hobbies and pastime of the child. So on the eve of New 2019, a happy mom posted a picture on her blog in which the baby skates. It turns out that the girl is engaged in figure skating at the school of the famous skater Ilya Averbukh.

In the spring of 2019, Victoria finally decided to show what her baby was like in her first year of life, and posted a touching photo in which her mother carefully presses her long-awaited child to her chest. A cross on the neck of the child indicates that the newborn was baptized according to Orthodox custom.

Sometimes the actress shares with the fans touching or funny stories from life, unexpected expressions of the baby. Apparently, the baby grows very thoughtful and judicious. Not so long ago, a girl said she did not want to grow up, because it is scary. And in October 2019, the young creature puzzled the parents with the following considerations:

“Mom, do you know that I do not pronounce the letter p correctly? It would be necessary to lead me to a special doctor a speech therapist, otherwise I’m worried about something. " It seems like many children, the daughter of Isakova and Moroz burrs.

Only in September 2019 was it possible to find out the name of the child. The secret was revealed by the girl’s half-sister - Daria Moroz. The actress congratulated her stepmother on her birthday on Instagram and put the hashtag # varvarramoroz. So everyone found out that the baby was named an old Russian name with a strong energy.

Later it turned out that Varia celebrates her birthday on November 4. Judging by the photographs from the last celebration, some boys came to congratulate the birthday girl.

From those pictures that are published on the network, we can conclude that Victoria's daughter is growing beautiful. The baby, like her mother, has curly copper-chestnut curls, large expressive eyes and regular features. She is active, mischievous and direct.

Joint fun and pranks alternate with educational moments. Victoria, like any mother, has a crucial task - to raise her child as a good person, to teach goodness and humanity. Recently, little Varia and her mother took part in a charity event, the purpose of which is to help children with cancer.

How old is Varia

Until the parents revealed the only secret - the exact age of the child. Despite the fact that Victoria Isakova starred a lot and constantly attends social events, no one saw the actress pregnant. Therefore, the exact year of birth of Barbara is unknown. Judging by the appearance, the child was 4 or 5 years old, which means she was born in 2014 or 2015.

Victoria Isakova once said that "only motherhood can give a woman a feeling of total happiness." Bathing in this happiness, the actress every day shares it with her little daughter - a ray of sunshine. If you were interested in reading, please like and repost on social networks. Thanks!

Childhood and youth

The star of the hit films “Mirror” and “Thaw” Victoria Evgenievna Isakova was born in October 1976 in the Dagestan city of Khasavyurt. My father is a poet and a football administrator, my mother was a housewife and was engaged in raising children. There were three of them in the Isakov family: two daughters and a son, Vika, the youngest. When the girl turned 12 years old, the family moved to Moscow. The reason for the move was the enrollment of his brother in the school of the Olympic reserve.

This event became decisive in the fate of the future actress. She later admitted that relocation to the capital predetermined her future. If the Isakovs had not left Khasavyurt, Victoria would have followed the example of most of her peers: she would have married and acquired a bunch of kids. In Dagestan, this is a typical model of women's behavior. On the implementation in the profession, besides such an “immodest" as the acting, it is not customary to dream there.

In Moscow, Victoria Isakova went to a specialized school with in-depth study of the English language. Even then, the girl realized that she was irresistibly attracted to the scene. Parents wanted the youngest daughter to receive a serious specialty that would guarantee a comfortable life. They dreamed of a prestigious university, in the capital there were plenty of such.

However, Victoria made her own way - she entered the RATI-GITIS acting faculty. A year later, she transferred to the Moscow Art Theater School, on a course to the incomparable and beloved Oleg Efremov. According to Isakova, she, spellbound, could listen for hours to the lecture of Oleg Nikolaevich.

After graduation in 1999, a novice actress got a job at the A.P. Chekhov, where she served until 2001. The creative biography of Victoria Isakova began on the stage of this famous theater. She played several vivid roles in the productions of Alla Pokrovskaya, Roman Kozak, Oleg Efremov and Marina Brusnikina.

The first prestigious theater award - the prize "The Seagull" - went to the young artist in 2003. In the theater named after A. S. Pushkin, together with Pavel Derevyanko, she played in the play "Wii".


In the movie, Victoria Isakova made her debut in 1998, in her student years. The first episodic role - pensioners in the series "Chekhov and Co" - was a good start in the filmography of Isakova. In 2000, she was offered a more serious role in the historical drama "Empire under attack."

Victoria Isakova (frame from the movie "Piranha Hunt")

The turning point for the artist was 2006. The girl reincarnated as the villain Sinilga in the adventure action-movie “Piranha Hunt”. Her partners on the set were the stars of Russian cinema Evgeny Mironov and Vladimir Mashkov.

In the same year, Victoria Isakova got a role in Larisa Sadilova's film “Nanny is Required”. These two films became for the actress a ticket to the big movie. Famous producers began to notice young talent, and viewers increasingly enjoy the pictures with her participation.

Often Victoria is invited to her projects by her husband, director Yuri Moroz. His drama "Point", the heroines of which were his wife, daughter Daria Moroz and actress Anna Ukolova, impressed the audience. The artists played priestesses of love with broken destinies, who every day stand on the street waiting for customers. For this work, all three were awarded the Silver Hugo Award.

Victoria Isakova (frame from the movie "Point")

In 2008, Yuri Moroz presented to the TV audience a film adaptation of Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s novel The Brothers Karamazov. In this multi-part project, Victoria Isakova played Katerina Ivanovna. She perfectly felt the character and received flattering reviews from film critics. The premiere of the tape took place on Channel One.

Loud fame fell on Victoria after the release of the sensational series on the cultural life of the Soviet Union from the time of the 60s. The project was called the Thaw. The role of Inga Khrustaleva, a fading beauty actress, who sadly realizes that she is aging and becoming superfluous, is performed by Isakova brilliantly.

The color of contemporary Russian cinema is collected in this movie hit by Valery Todorovsky: Mikhail Efremov, Evgeny Tsyganov, Paulina Andreeva, Anna Chipovskaya and many others. The series was received with enthusiasm by the audience and film critics.

Victoria Isakova (frame from the series "Thaw")

In the same 2013, Victoria Isakova appeared in another historical film - the series “Mirrors”, where she played Marina Tsvetaeva. This is a key role in the film. The drama of Marina Migunova also received flattering reviews. The actress managed to literally bewitch the audience: she read the poetry of the ingenious poetess so penetratingly that some impressionable spectators spoke about reincarnation. As it turned out, Migunova singled out Isakova from six applicants and was pleased with her choice.

In 2014, Victoria Isakova first tried her hand as a TV presenter. She participated in the program "Real", which was broadcast on the channel "Friday". The project is positioned as a "program for real intellectuals." Its essence is a demonstration of outstanding short films shot by world-famous directors. And also 2014 is memorable for Victoria Isakova and her fans with the release of the Inquisitor, in which the actress played private detective Natalya Pavlovna Serebryanskaya.

Victoria Isakova (frame from the film "Homeland")

In March 2015, the Russia-1 channel presented the audience with a large-scale project - the psychological thriller Rodina, in which Victoria Isakova and Vladimir Mashkov appeared in the lead roles. The actress played the analyst of the counterterrorism center of the FSB Anna Zimin. This picture is a remake of the super-successful Israeli Prisoners of War project.

Nobody even disputes the star status of Victoria Isakova in Russian cinema. The actress confirms her talent every year, delighting fans with new projects. In 2016, 3 pictures were released immediately, about which they talked and argued a lot. This is a dramatic film by Cyril Serebrennikov “The Apprentice”, the 12-episode film “Mata Hari” and the tragicomic mini-series “The Drunken Firm”, in which Isakova again met with Mikhail Efremov.

Victoria Isakova (frame from the movie "Pupil")

In The Disciple, Victoria Isakova turned into a biology teacher, who enters into a heated philosophical discussion with a fanatical religious teenager. He was played by a young talented actor Peter Skvortsov. The premiere took place as part of the Cannes Film Festival. The film was awarded the Prize of the independent French press named after Francois Chalet, after which a number of European countries bought the rights to display.

Filming of the international project about the famous courtesan spy Mate Hari took place in Portugal, Russia and Ukraine. The Russian star again found herself in a key role.

Victoria Isakova (frame from the series "Mata Hari")

At the very beginning of 2017, viewers saw the new comedy series "You all infuriate me!", Where Victoria Isakova appeared.

In 2017 and 2018, the actress appeared on the screens in multi-genre films, including Optimists and Demon of the Revolution, where she got the role of Inessa Armand. Isakova also participated in the filming of Renata Litvinova’s film “About Love. For Adults Only”.

Victoria Isakova (frame from the series "Particle of the Universe")

In the touching short film by Anna Melikyan, "Tenderness", shot on a mobile phone, Victoria plays a woman who is arguing looking for a sexual partner. Evgeny Tsyganov reappeared in the frame with the actress, Konstantin Khabensky reads the voiceover. Money went to his fund from a charity evening, at which the film was presented to the audience.

The name of the series "Particle of the Universe" speaks for itself. The picture is about space and love. At the center of the story is the relationship between members of the same crew, whose important mission is to eliminate the accident on the ISS. The drama is that the heroine of Isakova, the wife of one astronaut, wants to go to another. Men before and during the flight need to abstract from personal experiences, and a woman to suffer silently.

Victoria Isakova (frame from the series "Anna Karenina")

In the drama "Anna Karenina" directed by Karen Shakhnazarov, Victoria played Dolly Oblonskaya, in the musical tape "Burn!" - an opera singer sitting in prison, in the detective "Operation" Satan "- an employee of the design bureau, from whom secret documents disappear.

Gregory of Constantinople, who shot Isakova in “The Drunken Firm”, invited the actress to the comedy “Russian Demon”. This is the name of the restaurant, which the protagonist wants to open for his beloved woman, performed by Ivan Makarevich. The film won the Kinotavr prize for directing and was selected for a special show for people with hearing and vision problems.

Personal life

The first serious love came to Victoria Isakova in her student years. Unfortunately, she was dramatic. Vicki broke out an affair with a talented classmate Alexander Chizhevsky. This was told by a former fellow student of Isakova and Chizhevsky, Sergei Novikov. Alexander did not live to graduation 2 weeks. An unidentified car hit him in the early morning. The girl was worried about the loss of her beloved, but managed not to break and focus on her career.


▪ The Seagull Award in the Double Strike nomination for the performance Viy (together with Pavel Derevyanko, 2003)
▪ Silver Hugo Prize of the International Film Festival in Chicago in the nomination "Best Actress" for the film "Point" (together with Daria Moroz and Anna Ukolova, 2006)
▪ Triumph Award (2008)
▪ Prize named after Natalia Gundareva festival “Moscow Premiere” in the nomination “Best Actress” for the film “Mirrors” (2013)
▪ “Nika” award in the nomination “Best Actress” for the film “Mirrors” (2014)
▪ Prize of the Association of Film and Television Producers in the nomination “Best Actress of a Television Film / TV Series” for the series “Thaw” (2014)
▪ Golden Eagle Award in the nomination for Best Actress in Television for the Thaw series (2015)

Victoria Isakova and Yuri Moroz - husband and wife

For several years after the tragedy, the actress did not even think about her personal life. She went headlong to work, but life takes its toll. Victoria met and fell in love with her future husband. It turned out to be the famous director, father of a friend, Yuri Moroz. Now the relationship of this couple is filled with harmony. Victoria treats her husband with affection and boundless respect. In her Instagram account, the actress often posts family photos together.

This beautiful couple has been together for over fifteen years. The artist admits that the head of the family, of course, is a man, all decisions in the family are made by Yuri. Director Frost made many films with his wife and she is grateful to him for the roles that played in his films.

At the beginning of a life together, the family experienced a terrible loss. Died daughter Mashenka, who was barely four months old. For many years, Victoria did not touch on the "children's" topic.

Are there any children?

Since last year, the actress began to publish photos of the baby, but her face is not visible on any of them. Then there was a photo of Yuri Moroz, which depicts a children's palm in his hand. In 2018, Victoria stopped hiding her daughter. Most likely, due to superstitions associated with the previous tragedy, the family decided to hide the birth of a child. Presumably Victoria gave birth to a girl in 2016.

Relations with Daria Moroz

Daria Moroz introduced the parent to her friend Victoria Isakova. She did not even think that the same age could become the wife of her beloved dad. Two years passed, when he and his father were orphaned, the mother of the family, Marina Levtova, died. In an interview, Daria admitted that she felt completely lonely. She regarded the relationship of her father and Victoria as a betrayal. But time heals, and people grow up.

Soon, communication resumed. And when Daria Moroz had a daughter, Anechka, Yuri and Victoria enjoyed spending time with the baby, while her mother was busy working in the theater or leaving for filming.

Victoria and Daria together starred in several films by Yuri Moroz. Dasha admitted that she receives a lot of pleasure from working together with her father and "stepmother."

Victoria Isakova wants her husband-director to shoot her more often

Victoria Isakova assures that the husband - the director will not necessarily begin to shoot his wife in his own films. She checked this from her own experience, because the actress’s husband, director Yuri Moroz, rarely takes it off in her paintings.

How Victoria Isakova tortured a student

The new work of Victoria Isakova was the film "(M) student" directed by Kirill Serebrennikov. Victoria Isakova plays a teacher who, together with her student, performed by Peter Skvortsov and at the same time a martyr, seriously thinks about the values ​​of the world order.

Victoria Isakova became the director’s wife not only in life, but also on the screen

Victoria Isakova in real life is the wife of the director Yuri Moroz, now the actress embodied the image of the director’s wife on the screen.
Victoria Isakova and Andrei Merzlikin played in Oleg Asadulin’s film "The Green Carriage", which was shot in a picturesque corner near Moscow under the name Semin Pond.

Victoria Isakova became the most stylish 2015

The other day, the Most Stylish 2015 Award was presented. And the main prize went to Victoria Isakova.
After the award ceremony, the actress admitted that the most pleasant thing for her in this ceremony and award is that she looks good, but does not spend much time on this.

Victoria Isakova cheated on herself.

Victoria Isakova played an expert analyst at the counterterrorism center in the TV series "Homeland" by Pavel Lungin. Before that was the American film "Homeland". Victoria looked at the American counterpart long before she herself received an offer to play in Homeland.


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