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The main thing for the dog is to be near its owner. Unfortunately, most of us are forced to leave our pets for at least eight hours a day, or even all 12.

Some dogs tolerate loneliness relatively calmly, others begin to howl, bark and smash the apartment. They do this not out of harm or revenge, but out of hopelessness and fear. If an animal every time thinks that you are leaving forever, there is no limit to its despair.

Dog behavior can be adjusted. For this, the pet is accustomed to the fact that the owner will definitely return. Training takes place gradually: at first the owner leaves nearby and for a short while, accustoming the dog not to follow on his heels, then leaves her alone for a longer time. So the dog is gradually getting used to the idea that no matter how much the owner is absent, he will definitely return.

This method helps to get rid of panic attacks during the absence of the owner, but does not eliminate the cause itself. Indeed, if the dog does not howl during your absence and does not spoil the furniture, this does not mean that it is comfortable to be alone. She just believes that you will return, and is waiting.

The dog suffers every day, being alone in an empty room.

She spends five days a week for eight hours without the dearest creature, his love and attention. Even worse, many owners, even when present at home, do not satisfy the dog's need for communication. For example, they constantly drive her into the next room, because she is interfering, whining or trying to play.

Almost all dogs require exercise — one more, the other less. If you want to run with a dog - that's great. The dog will receive a share of communication with you, and the necessary load. If not, you have to think about how you will train her. Some owners do not walk dogs for long: half an hour in the morning, an hour in the evening. The rest of the time the dog spends in a closed room, where he cannot warm up properly and get food for the mind.

If you are enthusiastic about having a dog and plan to spend a lot of time with it, just imagine that this will continue for another 10–13 years. Maybe the first few months you will talk with the pet, walk with it for a long time, give it a good warm-up and play. But then the usual routine will drag you in - the dog will be at the very end of the to-do list. So is it worth torturing an animal?


Parrots are very lively and sociable pets. Left alone, without the attention of the owner and interesting toys, they begin to get bored. A stressful state leads to tantrums, which often result in self-pinching.

A similar reaction occurs in cases where the parrot divides the cage with the wrong partner. So, if you decide to share a neighbor with him, it is not a fact that the pets will converge in character and will live a fun life.

It is often advised to buy interesting toys for a parrot so that in your absence he has something to do with himself. But, if you do not play, do not communicate with your pet or do it for a very short time, no toys will save your bird from boredom.


An unpretentious reptile, which with pleasure itself walks around the apartment without causing inconvenience. The iguana gets used to the master and can show love. But in his own way. The lizard crawls to its knees, gives itself a stroke or simply creeps everywhere behind the owner, expressing its affection. Lives for a very long time, but requires its own large terrarium.


It’s not commonplace, but a cat is an ideal pet. Being especially unpretentious, cats do not require much, they can remain all day alone. If you are allergic to wool, the Sphinx breed without coat will work fine. Such an intelligent animal as a cat will not leave the owner indifferent, and soon life without its pet will not be possible.

Mistake number 1: The main thing is to save the right breed for the pet

For some reason, many believe that if you managed to save up for an elite kitten or puppy, then everything will go on like clockwork. In fact, the spending is just beginning. A new monthly line of expenses will immediately appear in your budget: your pet will want to eat every day, regardless of whether they paid you a salary. Scheduled vaccinations, sterilization or castration, a reserve for emergency expenses - all this should be provided, because now the responsibility for his life is in your hands.

One of my friends was very happy that she was able to get a golden retriever puppy for free. Later it turned out: dog food is not cheap, without special courses the dog does not listen and “vacuums” everything from the ground, there is catastrophically little time for its education, and the item “purchase of new things instead of those eaten” should be added to the budget. The dog, however, is still loved, although it is very expensive for the owners.

Mistake number 2: The seller will not advise bad

Even if you are lucky enough to get to the seller, for whom the welfare of the animal is higher than the sales plan, he may be sincerely mistaken. Usually, consultants in pet stores do not have any special education, and it is physically impossible to have personal experience keeping all animals sold. This is especially true for non-specialized pet stores that sell hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits and chinchillas.

Buying the first rat, the author of the article chose the largest of the proposed cells "for growth" - a three-story one. And later she was surprised to find that an adult male rat in it could only stretch along - and then only if you remove the houses. I had to spend money on moving the entire flock to the ferret apartments that were already selected independently.

Mistake # 3: All breeds and varieties of pets are similar

If you had a hamster in your childhood, this does not mean that you can buy a rat and put it in the same solitary punishment cell 30 × 30 cm in size: despite the fact that both belong to rodents, they require different conditions of detention. Siamese cats mourn without communication, and fashionable huskies without movement destroy the apartment. Exotic pets often need completely unexpected conditions: chinchillas - bathing in the sand, lizards - special UV lamps, and a saltwater aquarium - a reverse osmosis filter to prepare water. It is better to know such details in advance so that you do not have to doom the animal to a life full of hardships.

My friend has a Jack Russell Terrier, who came to him as an adult. When the dog was first brought, it looked like an apathetic leg-sausage. The previous owners did not take into account that this breed belongs to the hunting ones and walks and outdoor games are vitally necessary for it. And only after months of daily long runs the dog again became cheerful, muscular and active.

Mistake No. 4: A child needs to buy an animal if he asks

Even if you buy a pet at the request of a child, you should not believe in his promise to take care of all the cares. Much of what is needed can only be done by an adult, such as safe walks with large and medium-sized dogs or veterinary care. In addition, if you buy a pet for a preschooler, you will have to control their communication: small rodents and birds are too fragile to leave them alone with a small child, and large ones can bite or hit with their beak.

How often have you met a situation where a dog is taken into a family after persuasion such as: “Mom, let's get it? I will walk with him! ”? This seems to be the most common scenario for a dog to appear in a family with children. And how often after this does the child walk with him, train, heal and repair the tattered walls? I do not know of any such cases. And you?


Absolutely tame animal. He loves tunnels, stairs, passages and swings, digging into fillers and stuffing his hamster house with paper. Watching his swarming is a sweet deal. You can train to resort to a call, it is significant to spin the wheel. He loves hands, gladly climbs his body, is not afraid of falls, runs in a hamster's ball. The cell needs to be cleaned often so that there is no smell. Omnivorous, but prefers cereals and vegetables.

Pets will not make anyone bored, they are cute and create comfort in the house. Troubles over them are always pleasant, and in children they will bring up responsibility and love for others.

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Mistake 1. Feed the cat dry food and meat

You must choose immediately what to feed your cat - dry feed or natural food. Since, if you alternate, it will adversely affect the digestive system of the animal. If you choose natural food, it is best to consult your veterinarian about the list of products. Also, do not forget to change the water at least once a day: the cat should receive a sufficient amount of fluid.

If you prefer dry or wet canned food, then, before choosing the brand and the food itself, carefully study the composition. It is better that it does not have preservatives, flavorings, colorings, GMOs, corn. Also pay attention to the percentage of meat and other components in cat food.

If you prefer natural food, choose only those foods that can feed a cat:

  • low-fat (or fat-free) dairy products (kefir, sour cream, cottage cheese, yogurt),
  • raw or boiled meat (beef / veal, chicken, turkey, rabbit),
  • offal (liver, heart, stomachs),
  • sea ​​fish (boiled, rid of bones) - not more than 1-2 times a week,
  • boiled or raw yolks of eggs (chicken - 1 pc., quail - 3 pcs.) - no more than 1 time per week.

Products that can not be fed a cat:

  • Fatty meat (pork, lamb) harms the animal’s liver,
  • Fatty and river fish - the possibility of steatitis and parasite infections,
  • Food from the table (smoked, fried, sour, spicy),
  • Alcohol,
  • Sweets,
  • Salt,
  • Bow.

Mistake 2. Drive to the veterinarian less than 1 time per year

Do not neglect the scheduled examinations at the veterinarian, because this is the only way to avoid certain diseases or to detect and cure them in time. It is advisable to immediately get basic vaccinations against the most common diseases - this way you will protect your pet and yourself. During the first vaccination procedure, your cat’s passport can be issued - this is the most important document in her life, ideally every cat should have a veterinary passport.

Error 3. Leaving the cat in an open window

A lot of cats, giving in to instinct and jumping for a bird, fall out of the window. Only a few land without harming themselves; most break their paws, spine or crash to death. To avoid tragedy, do not leave the cat near an open window without a net on it.

Mistake 4. Avoid castration or sterilization out of pity.

Often the owners feel sorry for their pets and refuse sterilization or castration operations, worrying about their health and well-being. But such an operation takes place under the influence of anesthesia and is absolutely painless, in addition, it does not affect the health of animals - after it they live a long time and lead a familiar lifestyle. True, you need to keep in mind that after surgery, most cats become lazy and gain weight, and therefore, you need to follow a special diet. But the owner is not in danger in the form of loud screams, an unexpected pregnancy of a cat and marking the territory with a cat.

Error 5. Do not comb out the hair and do not brush your teeth.

It’s advisable to check your cat’s mouth at least once a month, especially if you have bad breath from your pet. There are special toothbrushes for cats, which can be purchased at any pet store.

You need to know how to properly care for the coat, depending on the breed: hairless cats need to be washed more often, short-haired cats require a minimum of care, and long-haired cats need to be combed out often and well. Due to oversight, long-haired cats form clumps, and this can cause skin diseases. Also, once every six months cats with hair should be washed with preventive shampoos from various parasites.

Mistake 6. Treat your dog with food from the table

All veterinarians are unanimous in the opinion that it is impossible to feed the dog from the table. The stomach and intestines of dogs and people are differently arranged, the composition of the gastric juice is also different, so the digestive system of dogs will not be able to cope with most of the foods used by humans. It is better to express your love not with tasty handouts, but with a carefully selected diet.

Proper natural nutrition for a dog is for the most part a monotonous, species-specific diet that does not require heat treatment, mainly consisting of sour-milk products of medium fat content, raw meat or raw offal (heart, rumen, kidneys, etc.) and plant foods ( vegetables and some unsweetened fruits) in raw form, as well as in the form of bran cereal crops as an additive to the main diet.

Mistake No. 5: Animal health is carefully monitored in pet stores, bird markets, and nurseries.

In most pet stores, concern for the health of animals is limited to their feeding, and in bird markets, the main thing is that the animal lives up to sale. There are very few veterinarians on exotic animals (which include everything except cats and dogs), their services are expensive: you should not believe in fairy tales about your own full-time specialist. If you already have pets, any newcomer will need quarantine. If he is the first and only, special attention should be paid to his behavior in the first weeks of the house.

The author of the article once had a lizard - the cutest eublefar. After he was taken from the pet store, he lived for about 3 weeks with ongoing treatment. In memory of him there was only an expensive terrarium, which after that could not be used for more than a year. If I still had reptiles, everything could end in an epidemic. The store was specialized, sellers claimed that the lizard is absolutely healthy.

Mistake 7. Start washing from the head and do not brush your teeth.

Bathing is one of the natural procedures for caring for a dog - from a preventive and hygiene point of view. It is not recommended to bathe a dog on a schedule - it is better to do this according to the degree and degree of pollution, for example, if it fell out in something fragrant. Mto whine head need last, since it is at this stage of washing that the dogs begin to tremble.

You should also not forget about the health of your dog’s teeth. To do this, when visiting a veterinarian, ask him to examine the condition of your pet’s teeth well, and also purchase a special brush and paste in the pet store.

Mistake number 6: Veterinarians are extremely rare, only if you're out of luck

The famous slogan is: “You can’t afford a veterinarian - you can’t keep a pet” (If you can’t afford the vet, you can’t afford the pet). Our pets are as sick as we are, and you need to be prepared for this. In the case of breeds prone to certain problems (for example, all flat-faced dogs (bulldogs, pugs, etc.) often suffer from pathologies of the heart and breathing), it is reasonable to keep a constant supply of veterinary expenses.

Instead of words, a few numbers. For the year, the author of this article on one rat, which was not lucky to get a malignant tumor in the face, took about 120 thousand rubles. Now the rat is cheerful, cheerful, relatively healthy and is about to live to a very old age. Next to me, after the next appointment, a man was paying, picking up a dog from a hospital.At the same time, he contributed to the cash register about half of the amount I spent for the year.

Mistake 8. Deprive the dog of petting and communication

Dogs, unlike "self-sufficient" cats, are social creatures. Communication with other dogs, and especially with you, they need. Just like us, they need social adaptation for the correct formation of their personality and character, otherwise the pet may soon become shy, aggressive, stop listening, execute commands. Communication and proper spending time on the street will help your pet develop correctly physically, emotionally and socially.

1. Tortoise

It is easy to look after turtles even for children. To maintain it, you will need a spacious terrarium, in which the temperature and humidity level will be constantly monitored. It is enough to clean the terrarium once a month and change the water in the drinker every week.

- Land turtles periodically molt - their skin on their paws and head changes. At this time, you need to bathe the turtle in warm water with the addition of 1 tablespoon of soda, and after bathing, lubricate the skin with vegetable oil.

- If the feed and litter are too soft, the beak and claws of the turtle will grow back. The overgrown edges of the beak and claws should be carefully bitten with nippers, and the uneven edge should be trimmed with a nail file.

- Do not let the turtle “travel” around the apartment on its own. You can step on it, it can catch a cold from an accidental draft, and besides this, land turtles tend to dig everything that comes under their paw (carpets, slippers, etc.), and their claws are strong.

What to feed? Tough grass, cabbage, carrots, beets - turtles do not need any exotic delicacies.

Mistake number 7: All pets can make friends if you put enough effort into it

Even 2 cats or 2 dogs can hate each other, and you will have to urgently decide what to do about it. What can we say about different species? The worst combinations are predator and prey. The ferret will surely try to eat any rodent, the hunting dog breeds (popular dachshunds or jack Russell terriers also apply to them) are dangerous for all small animals, and the most phlegmatic cat may wake up from the hunting instinct of a parrot brought to the house.

My animal's favorite toys are a teaser with feathers and plastic mice in rabbit fur. It takes two or three minutes to tear this to shreds, the laziest of them all, and what remains after should be shown as a visual aid to anyone who asks if it is possible to keep a mouse, a Dzungarian hamster with rats, or let it out fly a parrot.

Error 9. Do not check the collar before walking

The main rule: the dog should be comfortable. To do this, be sure to take measurements: between the neck of the animal and the collar 2 fingers should fit freely (for small dogs - 1 finger). Do not neglect this, because a too tight collar can harm the dog, and if the collar is loosened, the dog can simply remove it and run away from you. Do not forget to adjust the size of the collar depending on the change in weight of the dog.

Error 10. Leave permanently closed in the apartment

A dog of any age and any breed needs to spend enough time in the fresh air, actively move, communicate with other dogs and explore the world. In the absence of proper physical activity, the dog will protest in its own way: it will be bored and have nowhere to put in excess energy, which is fraught with gnawed things, destroyed furniture and other hooliganism. In addition, prolonged physical activity and proper training are necessary for the health of your pet and your peace of mind: coming from a walk, the dog will simply fall asleep, and will not become a bully.

Mistake number 8: diet features are unimportant

Many thoroughbred dogs and cats have problems with digestion, as a rule, they need a special nutrition plan. Hedgehogs and lizards need insects (cockroaches or crickets) or food based on them. What you will feed your pet and where you will get the right food, it is advisable to think in advance. If you plan to give them "the same that we eat," it's time to re-read the item on veterinary costs.

At one time, I really wanted sugar Posum - the cutest flying squirrel. They just began to be sold in each pet store. But after reading the reviews, I refused this idea: in addition to fruits, it was necessary to include insects in the diet, which the Posums prefer to eat in a barbarously sloppy way. Even for me, hardened by tarantulas, the described eating behavior was unacceptable. And it is good that this was clarified in advance, and not in the process of wiping the wallpaper from the consequences of a particularly successful meal.


Most Common Content Errorsthat the owners of these birds do:

  • The parrot is constantly sitting in a cage. It is necessary to provide him with time and a safe space for daily flights, otherwise the bird will simply wither away - due to lack of proper physical activity and boredom.
  • The diet consists only of grain. In wild conditions, parrots feed not only on grain. By diversifying their diet with fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, tree branches, you will provide the pupils with good health and mood.
  • The parrot does not have sand and chalk in the diet. Not everyone knows that birds do not have enzymes that digest food - for this they need sand. And chalk is needed as a source of calcium.
  • I don’t pay attention to the parrot. Often they play and talk with a bird the first weeks after purchase, and then forget. Parrots are social creatures, they need to take time for communication and games every day for at least half an hour.
  • Anger at a naughty pet. Hooliganism and aggression of a parrot have a reason: it can be an unobvious disease or you pay little attention to your pet (he can also be offended and take revenge).
  • Self-medication of a bird. At the first strange symptoms, immediately go to the veterinarian - he will recognize the cause of the disease and prescribe the necessary treatment. Self-medication or treatment on the Internet is fraught with the death of a bird.
  • Catch the bird in a fist. Birds experience stress when they are caught in a fist. Parrots should be carried on the finger or hand.
  • The cage should not be in a room where there are strong couples (kitchen, bathroom). Also, you do not need to place it in a room where people rarely go, and in a draft.

Mistake No. 9: A fashionable animal will look great in the photo and delight in life

Posing on a Instagram photo with a Doberman or Akita Inu on a leash is very nice, but likes and subscribers' delight are unlikely to help when you have to solve the problems of training a dog that is difficult to train. Buying any animal in order to look cooler in the eyes of others is an obviously disastrous option. With such motivation, you don’t think that 90% of the time with him will be filled not with the admiring glances of others, but with routine.

As a child, I had an extraordinarily beautiful “Siamese” cat (actually Thai, but then they were all called Siamese) cat. I was terribly proud that I have such a pet. However, due to inexperience, we did not take into account that this breed requires a lot of communication. Moreover, it requires very loudly and often, and in the absence of attention the animal begins to dirty. As a result, a year later, the cat found its happiness with our friends in a large private house densely populated by people and animals, and we received an important lesson.

Guinea pigs

What owners of these animals need to pay attention to:

    A very important point when buying a guinea pig is the normal "living space". The most popular types of enclosures are a cage with a deep tray and a guinea pig terrarium.

Hair and claw care. It is necessary to cut the hair during molting or during the formation of tangles. There is also such a thing as spring haircut - is carried out for preventive purposes. With the onset of heat, you can shortly mow the pig, give the skin a little rest. Bathing for short-haired breeds is enough once a week, for long-haired breeds - once every three days. Veterinarians recommend cutting your nails every six months.

No matter how sad it is to state, but domestic guinea pigs often get sick and die due to malnutrition. In this regard, rodents are generally very gentle creatures. The guinea pig diet should be 60% hay, 20% cereal feed, and 20% fresh grass, vegetables and fruits. Guinea pigs are fed 2 times a day - small breeds, 3 times - large. Hay and water with vitamin C dissolved in it must be in the cell constantly. Fixed animals often suffer from gastric diseases.

We wish your pets good health and long life. We hope that this list of errors will help you better understand your favorites and monitor their well-being. And what kind of pet care mistakes have you encountered?

Mistake number 10: Everything will be fine. Once and for all

The dog will have to train for a long and tedious time, the cat will have to be taught to the tray and the claw-tip (and, possibly, say goodbye to your favorite wallpaper and sofa), and the guinea pigs will smell. Even if the puppy immediately begins to obey, the kitten will master the toilet, and from the cage you will feel only a slight aroma of hay - let this be a pleasant surprise. Then inevitably arising difficulties will not confuse you and will not spoil your attitude towards a new member of the family.

When I took the rats, I immediately warned my husband: they are rodents, and this should be remembered. I was lucky: even on the sofa on which they walk, there are still only 2 small patches, but if one of them tries to taste, for example, a T-shirt of a person who has sat on the sofa, no complaints will be accepted. I also always warn those who want to put their finger in the cage that the rats bite, although for all 5 years only I have suffered - and that by mistake. But what if?

Mistake No. 11: Overexposure to vacation can be found by itself

If you prefer to relax on vacation at home or in the country, you can skip this item. However, for those who prefer travel, overexposure will be a sore point. Consider in advance where you will leave your pet. Paid overexposures for dogs and cats have their drawbacks: frequent infections due to the large number of animals in a relatively small area and the fact that it’s not your pet that can be paid much attention.

Before my vacation, all of my friends start a traditional quest: they need to find out who to leave a cat or a dog for. Many have a list of people to contact. In Russia, many carry dogs with them, although this is inconvenient. Exotic is even more complicated: I used to take a spider in a box for a visit - with the consent of the host country. But I can’t imagine what to do in such a situation, for example, with a raven or raccoon. Probably, to look for the same enthusiasts or not to go on vacation.

Mistake No. 12: An Animal is a Great Gift

Many of us can drop inadvertently: "What a cute turtle chinchilla squirrel substitute the necessary." But only a few will be happy if on their next holiday they are truly presented with their “dream” in a box. After all, it is one thing to dream, and quite another to look after, provide the necessary conditions and educate. Moreover, few people give animals at once with the necessary accessories, for example, a cage or a terrarium. As a result, for example, a red-eared turtle will not live long and unhappily in a basin or a small aquarium, or it will end up in a nearby pond when it turns out that it grows huge, eats, smells and bites a lot.

If you are still thinking of unexpectedly making a loved one happy with a new pet, please re-read this article: how much you need to consider. But the gifted person is initially deprived of this opportunity. Is it a nice present?

Do you have any pets? What unexpected problems did you encounter?


You don’t really play with the rat, but it still needs your attention. However, here the problem of loneliness is solved easier: buy two same-sex rodents and a large cage, equip it with toys, tunnels, houses and calmly go to work.

Rats are very social creatures, they need to live in company.

This is confirmed by the experiment with rats and drugs, which was described in a speech at the TED conference by Johan Harry. When the rat lived alone, without toys and socializing, it easily got used to drugs and soon died of an overdose. And in the rat park, where several individuals lived, they could freely interact, play and mate. As a result, not a single rat was addicted to drugs, although there was always a container in the cage with a narcotic substance dissolved in water.

Johan Harry told this story to show that loneliness and boredom lead to drugs and people. But this experiment also shows how rats feel bad without company.

If you firmly decided to get one rodent, he will need a lot of your attention and the ability to be outside the cage. Rats are very mobile and inquisitive, they constantly need to crawl, climb on high ground, rummage through things, find something new.


Raccoons are very mischievous and moving creatures that require constant attention. If you leave the raccoon alone, he will simply destroy the apartment, climb into any locker, scatter, break and tear your things.

If you lock your pet for a long time in a confined space, for example, on a balcony or in a cage, do not play or communicate with him, he becomes completely wild and instead of a curious domestic animal you will get a wild striped creature.

Have you decided to get a raccoon? Remember that you will have to spend most of your free time entertaining the animal and making sure that it does not break anything.


Hedgehogs are the cutest little animals that really need a minimum of attention from you. However, it should be borne in mind - if you rarely contact such a pet, then the hedgehog can become quite aggressivebringing a lot of problems.

Hedgehogs are made for you if you like independent animals. They are single by nature, and usually lead an appropriate lifestyle. It is better to keep a hedgehog in a cage (as for rabbits), but do not forget - they can climb very well, and why close it with a lid so that the hedgehog does not slip away.

Hedgehogs mainly eat food for cats or dogs, but it is necessary to periodically add eggs, insects, vegetables and fruits, cooked meat to the diet. Moreover, hedgehogs should be bathed regularlykeeping them clean.

You should also know that hedgehogs are very susceptible to various diseases (at least in comparison with many other animals), so be careful. Hedgehogs are great pets for older children. If you pay more attention to hedgehogs, they become quite obedient and sociable.

Guinea pigs can hardly be called unusual pets. These cute creatures that are often turned on for their very friendly and sociable, are at the same time one of the largest rodents.

Adult guinea pigs can be up to thirty centimeters long. They are very cute and love to communicate with their owners and other guinea pigs. They live an average of five to ten years. These are the best animals from which you can begin to accustom children of any age to care and responsibility.

Guinea pigs are much less temperamental than, for example, hamsters, and much less likely to bite you. However, they need constant care. The diet of pigs should consist of special granular food, hay, as well as vegetables and fruits.

In pet stores, portable cages for guinea pigs are sold, in which you can add various accessories (houses) so that your pig has where to hide.However, wheel guides are not recommended for guinea pigs, as your pet can easily injure the legs and back.

Hamsters are extremely popular as pets, because of their cute appearance, fluffy fur and relatively low maintenance costs. They usually easily let you pick yourself upalthough some of their small species can be quite hectic, especially females.

Larger species, such as the Syrian hamster, are more peaceful and better suited for your children, who will surely want to go out with them. In addition, large species of hamsters are not so tender, quite obedient and, so to speak, more educated.

On the other hand, hamsters are also completely self-sufficient loners, so they need such adaptations in the cage as tunnels, passages and wheel to maintain health. In addition, they do not necessarily need partners.

However, the disadvantage is the short life of hamsters - from two and a half to three years. It means that need to be mentally prepared to the experiences of his child due to the death of a pet. By the way, hamsters are mostly nocturnal, most of the day staying in hibernation.

2. budgie

A well-equipped cage is the main thing that a parrot needs. A drinking bowl, a feeding trough and a bathtub for bathing are obligatory interior items. The cage should be rectangular, spacious, well, if there are not only poles, but also a swing or ladder. Sand can be poured into the bottom of the cage. It is better to put the cage in a bright place (but not in the sun) and not in a draft - the brighter the room, the better the parrot will feel.

- Parrots also molt. The first molt begins at 4-6 months and continues throughout life. The parrots pull out the dead feathers themselves, and this is almost imperceptible, but if you notice bald patches, then you should be wary. It is likely that the cause is stress, vitamin deficiency, exhaustion, or the common cold.

- So that the tip of the beak does not grow out of the parrot (this prevents it from eating), invite the bird to peck fresh branches (preferably linden or mountain ash) or special mineral stones.

- If you want the parrot to speak, take only one parrot, regardless of gender, and do not install a mirror or bird-like toys in the cage.

What to feed? Specialized food and feeding for a parrot can be bought at any pet store. But water must be given special attention. Tap water and boiled water will not work, as the chlorine contained in it is extremely harmful to birds. It is better to buy drinking still water. During molting, it is useful to add 2–3 drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice to the water.

Our smaller brothers

Perhaps the rat is not the first thing that comes to your mind when your child suddenly expresses a desire to receive a pet as a gift. In vain. The rat is supremely sociable and smart animalthat needs minimal care.

In addition, they are very playful and like to mess around with all kinds of toys, balls, ropes and can even have fun with a roll of toilet paper for their own pleasure. It turns out that rats are ideal small pets?

It turns out that so. In addition to friendliness, intelligence and sociability, they demonstrate great affection for their masters. In other words, be prepared for the fact that your children will also inflame reciprocal reciprocity to them.

Rats have a wonderful memory for such small creatures. They are very unpretentious in food, although for them you can also purchase the most suitable food in the respective stores. However, like hamsters, rats have a very short life cycle - from two to three years.

Gerbils are collective animals that form colonies in the natural environment. That is why it is recommended that they be kept in small groups - from two to four individuals. But don't be scared - they are very inexpensive to contain.

They prefer mixed food, very often making fairly large food reserves (if the opportunity arises). They can be picked up and ironed, but you should do this very carefully, since gerbils are extremely delicate creatures, it is easy to harm them.

There are a very large number of species of gerbils, but at home they often contain the so-called Mongolian gerbil. These animals are large neat and practically do not smell. Unlike hamsters, gerbils are not nocturnal animals.

They are quite independent creatures, so they can entertain themselves for a long period of time. Life span of gerbils is rather small - from three to four years, which is worth preparing mentally in advance.

Ferrets are extremely active, terribly inquisitive and extremely agile animals. Moreover, they are very nice looking and have a fluffy coat, which is very pleasant to the touch. They live longer than many of their small brothers - from eight to ten years.

As soon as the ferret is released from the cage, it will immediately begin to rush around the house, studying every corner and click, so they should not be left outside the cage unattended. If the ferret is outside, someone must look after him, otherwise you will be tortured to look for it later.

They definitely need more attention than rats or hamsters, as they do not feel very comfortable if they are in the cage all day. It turns out to be a rather paradoxical situation - ferrets should not be left unattended outside the cage, but keeping them in a cage all day is undesirableeven if you are not at home.

Ferrets willingly go hand in hand. They will not bite you, unless, of course, accidentally harm them. These animals can play with you or your children all day long. They acquire their lovely special appeal somewhere closer to three years.

Of all the furry pets that are offered on this list, chinchillas are the most furry. Their fur is thick and silky. Due to this, chinchillas probably most pleasant to pick up and stroke.

On the other hand, chinchillas do not really like to be squeezed. Better give her the opportunity to run around your home. An adult chinchilla reaches a length of up to 30 centimeters and even more, moreover, females are larger than males.

Chinchillas practically do not emit an unpleasant odor. And even their discharge does not smell for several days. These cute animals live from 10 to 15 years. The fur colors of these creations range from the lightest tones to blacks like soot.

Chinchillas do not require much attention. They feed on special feeds that can be freely purchased at pet stores. It is better to pair male chinchillas in pairs. But the females of these animals are single, so they can be kept one at a time.

4. Rat

All you need is a cage, bedding and toys. Rats should be kept in metal cages with a fine wire mesh. If you do not have time for walking your pet, it is best to put the rat in a multi-story cage and put more toys, ropes, ladders there so that the animal has something to do. As litter, you can use large sawdust or wood fillers. It is recommended to clean the cage as it becomes dirty and smells.

- Rats can memorize their nicknames and can be trained.

- These are very active animals, and they definitely need walks around the apartment. Be careful: animals try "on the tooth" everything that comes across them, and give particular preference to wires.

- Another minus is that rats mark their territory: females are almost odorless, and males have a slight but unpleasant odor.

What to feed? The easiest way to use ready-made diets. And for grinding teeth you need to give rats special briquettes, which are also sold in pet stores. Some animals prefer to gnaw fruit tree branches, apple and plum are best.

Pet for your baby

Hermit crab is by no means the most common pet from this list of recommended pets. However, they are very educated and very inexpensive to maintain, therefore, perfect for this role.

To keep them, they need an aquarium with 15 centimeters of sand with pebbles on the surface, so that your pet can move around, climbing. Hermit crab is free to pick up, but it is quite capable of doing without calf tenderness.

This is a very peaceful, calm animal, not at all like those pets that you want to pick up and pet. Hermit crab is best seen from afar as he moves slowly in his aquariumburrowing in the sand to hide his sophisticated muzzle there.

These little creatures are quite sociable and quite capable of helping you brighten up the lonely evening in your company. Sometimes you can even hear hermit crab making characteristic sounds.

Hermit crabs are able to live up to thirty years without needing any special attention. However, crayfish love a variety of diets, so they may not really like it when the food is repeated. If you fed them fish, then next time it’s better to give special food or fruits and vegetables.

In addition, they should be given fresh dechlorinated water and salt water in separate containers. Hermit crabs tend to hide in empty shells. They need calcium, which is why it is worthwhile to throw shells of a suitable size from time to time into their aquarium.

In general, hermit crabs are omnivorous scavengers, therefore, along with their usual food, you they should be fed with fish remains. But vegetables and fruits must first be washed well in the same dechlorinated water.

Hermit crabs should be handled extremely carefully. Despite the fact that this animal does not take a lot of time on itself, hermit crabs are sociable animals, so they should be kept in groups of three to four individuals.

Parrots are one of the most popular pets, and there are reasons for this. They are very playful in nature and love to interact, not to mention their attractive appearance.

There are many different types of domestic parrots, a variety of colors - from simple gray to painted in all colors of the rainbow. Parrots have a long life cycle. Some individuals can survive up to 80 years or more!

As you know, these sociable creatures have the ability to copy the various sounds that they hear. You should be careful with the words, or not your children can learn a couple of new words from parrotswhat you will be very surprised!

Parrots need a cage that will be large enough so that they can spread their wings, flying from one perch to another. These birds are very fond of nuts and saltine crackers.

In their cell, it is necessary to regularly maintain cleanliness. Despite their sociability, you can’t avoid being bitten by beaks in your fingers, since they don’t really like to be picked up (especially strangers).

Parrots are very active pets. They can be quite noisy, emitting piercing screams for several minutes until they are paid attention. If you bought yourself such a pet, then you need to be prepared for lifelong care for them.

Rabbits, which are very cute, affectionate and intelligent creatures, are very playful. However, these animals are difficult to recommend to small children, as rabbits don't like being grabbed roughly: The abrupt movements of the kids can scare them.

Rabbits are great as gifts for older children who understand how to handle them. And then they demonstrate a peaceful and calm character. In addition, they respond very well to training (another plus to their furry fur).

In order for rabbits to stay healthy, they need daily physical activity. From food, these animals need to be given special food, as well as a certain amount of vegetables and fruits.

There is a wide variety of rabbits of different types, shapes, sizes and colors. Some species require daily combing, which helps to clean their hair. In fact, these are some of the most domesticated rodents on our planet.

You can easily become attached to them, especially considering the fact that they live from five to ten years. Rabbits need to be released regularly from their cages while playing with them. These animals extremely weak digestive systemTherefore, they require special care and constant monitoring.

5. Chinchilla

Contrary to popular belief, the maintenance of chinchillas is not a very time-consuming task, the main thing is to comply with several mandatory rules. A cage with chinchillas must be very spacious (at least 80 × 70 × 60 cm in size), inside there must be at least two wooden shelves at different levels and a wooden house. It is better to choose a hinged, deep and metal bowl - and fix it above the shelf. Sawdust or wood filler can be placed on the bottom of the cage. Chinchilla is odorless, so there is no need to clean the cage daily.

- You need to prepare for bathing chinchillas. You will need a container with high sides and special sand for chinchillas (sand for birds is not suitable). The sand bath should be put in a cage at night every 3-4 days, and the animal will be happy to carry out hygiene procedures.

- Chinchillas do not tolerate violence against themselves and are completely unsuitable as a children's toy. With rough handling, the chinchilla will become shy and may begin to bite.

What to feed? You can feed chinchilla once a day, preferably in the evening. It is easiest to feed with special feeds; it can be given in one to two days by a pinch of hay or dried leaves. As a treat, dried apples, carrots, hawthorn, wild rose, and Jerusalem artichoke are suitable. Do not give nuts, seeds, raisins, candied fruits, dried apricots.

6. Guinea pig

These pets are unpretentious in their needs and are always happy with life. The animal only needs to determine its place where it can find shelter - it can be a plastic box, a shallow aquarium or a plastic cage with a grill. Hay, sawdust and straw are used for litter. Some use cat litter - it absorbs moisture and odors well.

- Guinea pigs like to sit in the hands of the owner and, unlike hamsters, they can be safely released to walk around the house. If the cage is on the floor, after the walk, the pig herself willingly returns home.

- These are herd animals, so you should not keep them alone. If you don’t have time to give your pet a lot of attention, you can make him a friend. Pigs get along well not only with relatives, but also, for example, with dwarf rabbits.

What to feed? Guinea pigs are animals with a good appetite, so you need to monitor their "figure". They perfectly eat specialized feeds, and do not refuse vegetables, fruits, herbs, seeds, grains, dandelions and hay. It is important to observe the regimen, that is, feed the animal every day at the same time, giving in the evening most of the daily norm. Guinea pigs are recommended to add vitamin C to drinking water.

7. Madagascar cockroach

These are the safest animals from the exotic, but how enjoyable is another question. To create a comfortable environment, cockroaches need to equip an aquarium, the bottom of which will be covered with sawdust mixed with foliage. It is advisable to provide cockroaches with shelters: since they are nocturnal residents, they will avoid light during the day. For shelters, small cardboard boxes or cylinders from toilet paper are suitable. Cover the aquarium tightly with glass or a special lid, otherwise the tenants will get out and crawl around the house, and even the owner is unlikely to like it.Cockroaches are usually cleaned once a month, or even less often, except for cleaning uneaten foods (although this rarely happens).

- It will be nice to put dry branches and driftwood into the aquarium, along which insects will crawl with great pleasure.

- Cockroaches must have access to water, but they can drown in an ordinary drinker, so it’s better to put a piece of foam soaked in water on the saucer.

- The temperature in the aquarium should correspond to 25–32 ° C, and the humidity should be approximately 65%, for this it is necessary to spray the aquarium 3-4 times a week with warm water.

What to feed? Madagascar cockroaches are omnivorous; they will gladly eat bananas, apples, carrots, dry cookies, boiled eggs, vegetables, herbs, plants. To strengthen the shell, it is advisable to include calcium-containing foods in their menu.

8. Corn snake

A horizontal terrarium with a volume of 80 liters is suitable for maintaining a maize snake. The terrarium should be well locked, as the maize snakes are real escape masters. In the terrarium, it is necessary to install a cuvette with water, where the snake could safely swim during the molting period, and equip a shelter house. It is advisable to add snake branches and driftwood to the home. Soil in the terrarium is optional, but gravel or coarse sand can be used. Once a day, the terrarium should be sprayed with warm water.

- Corn tortoise is relatively small, rarely exceeds 1.5 m in length, is not picky about food, feels good in a wide range of temperatures and humidity and has many color variations. Perfectly adapted to life in the apartment.

- These snakes usually have a calm character and quickly get used to their hands. However, after the snake has eaten, it should not be picked up for 2-3 days.

What to feed? Polozov fed laboratory mice, rats, hamsters, chickens. Feeding is done about once every five days. Together with the feed, various mineral supplements must be given, for example, crushed eggshells and preparations containing calcium.

9. Giant snails (Achatina)

Any plastic container or a small aquarium can become a house for Achatina. The only thing is that it must correspond to the size of the snail and "grow" with it. Several holes need to be made in the lid covering the container to allow air access. At the bottom of the container, pour the soil for Achatina - a substrate of peat and chopped coconut fiber. Moisten the soil slightly from the spray gun - and you can not change it within 2-3 months.

- Achatines quite simply breed: these snails are hermaphrodites, so a pair of snails is capable of breeding anyway.

- Snails are much prettier than tarantulas and cockroaches, and unlike fish, land snails can be held in hands.

What to feed? Snails are happy to eat lettuce and dandelion leaves, carrots, hercules, pumpkin, watermelon, cabbage, cucumbers and even dry food for aquarium fish. Mandatory top dressing for Achatina is crushed eggshell.

10. Cat

The main thing is to give the cat a place to eat in the house, feed it regularly and let her choose the place to rest herself. Cats do not need to walk, they can stay out of the apartment all their lives. These are very clean animals: they constantly look after themselves, and also strive to keep their place clean. Bathing a cat is not necessary at all - just comb it out once a week. This is quite enough so that the cat does not eat up its own wool and does not leave it on furniture and carpets.

- Learning a cat to a tray is your first priority. If you take a kitten to the house, and not an adult street animal, this is not so difficult to achieve.

“All cats love to sharpen their claws, and they don't care how much your favorite sofa costs.” In order to preserve property, train your cat to a scratching post. This is not difficult: there are sprays that frighten away the cat, and attract it to a certain place where you need / do not need to sharpen the claws.

- Do not forget about the nets on the windows and small-meshed lattices on the balconies - this is a guarantee that the cat will not jump out the window for the "prey" in the form of a bird and an insect.

What to feed? There is a huge selection of specialized feeds for all ages and breeds. It is better to feed a cat twice a day - in the morning and in the evening, at the same time.

Live toys?

When acquiring an animal, albeit not difficult to care for, you should think about the fact that you will have to make some efforts to educate and maintain it. An animal is not an interior item or a beautiful toy that sooner or later can get bored.

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Ferrets get along well with dogs (not hunting breeds) and cats, as well as other ferrets. This animal sleeps 18–20 hours a day, and neutered animals can last longer. Therefore, the pet will not be bored for most of your working day. And when you return home, you can devote enough time to it.


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