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10 most intelligent dog breeds


Once in the house, the dog becomes a member of the family and a devoted friend to its owner. Pets often surprise with quick wit and do tricks worthy of falling into YouTube trends. Some owners note that their dogs catch mood swings, understand words and, in general, practically “read minds”. In addition to the individual characteristics of the animal, genetics is of great importance. We suggest you familiarize yourself with the rating of the most intelligent dog breeds. The article will be especially useful for those who so far only choose a puppy and want their four-legged friend to be savvy and easily trained.

Top 10 smartest dog breeds in the world

Cynologists from the American Kennel Club took up the study of which dogs are the smartest in the world. Their research was inspired by the work of psychology professor from Vancouver Stanley Coren, “Dog Intelligence,” first published in 1994. The book has been translated into 26 languages ​​and has been reprinted 16 times - and this is not the limit.

Determining canine IQ is not possible without selection criteria. In the rating “the smartest dog breeds”, the following was taken into account:

  • how many times do you need to repeat the command so that the dog mastered it,
  • the percentage of pets that completed the learned team accurately and the first time.

This approach allowed us to identify the most savvy breeds, but with reservations.

  • Some breeds of dogs may have high intelligence, but their type of thinking is different from others. So, dogs of hunting and sledding breeds should have sufficient independence to make decisions independently in a critical situation. Because of this, hard workers are less likely to execute commands than pets. This does not mean that they are dumber, but in the ranking of the most intelligent breeds they occupy lower places due to relatively poor learning ability.
  • "Young" breeds are easier to carry out commands than "ancient" relatives, whose genotype is closer to the wolf. For this reason, in the last places on the list were the Afghan Hound and Basenji - one of the oldest breeds.
  • Medium and small dogs, as a rule, occupy places lower than real ones, their natural obstinacy is to blame.

Thus, the top 10 most intelligent dog breeds in the world is quite arbitrary. Moreover, if you start a conversation about canine intelligence with a loving and caring owner, then most likely the most intelligent dog will be with him!

10. Australian Shepherd (Aussie)

Despite the name of the breed, America became the birthplace of the Australian shepherd dog. Each aussi has an original color, therefore it is considered unique. The breed is distinguished by its phenomenal ability to graze livestock in mountainous areas. Australian Shepherds easily tolerate pressure differences at altitude.

Interestingly, the Aussies graze birds and cattle only with the help of their piercing eyes, never bite and do not use force. The Australian Shepherd stands in front of an animal that has strayed from the herd, lowers its head and looks sternly at it - this is enough for the loner to return to his compatriots.

Aussies are very smart, sensitive and loyal, for them there is no reward better than the praise of the owner. Dogs love to play and walk for hours. Responsible and hardworking, “shepherdesses” can babysit a child or a cat all day.

Among the Australian Shepherd dogs, a dog named Strick distinguished himself. Once, an Aussie breeder on horseback fell to the bottom of the canyon. Strick ran for several hours without stopping to get to the nearest village and bring help. Subsequently, the Aussie hero became one of the main founders of the breed.

9. Rottweiler

Rottweilers were bred in the German city of Rottweil and were originally used for cattle driving, housekeeping assistance and as security guards. Representatives of this breed are distinguished by endurance, strength and energy, which are easy to direct in the right direction, thanks to the high intelligence and the balance of their character. "Butcher's dogs" consider their master only one person to whom they are infinitely devoted.

The Rottweiler quickly learns new teams, literally grasps everything on the fly, but the dog needs regular training and iron discipline. To curb the rottweiler who wants to dominate, you will have to show persistence and self-confidence, it is not in vain that they say: “If you trained a German shepherd, you did nothing, but if you are a Rottweiler, then a lot.”

A Rottweiler nicknamed Eve was driving in a car with her mistress, American Katie, suffering from partial paralysis. There was a breakdown in the car, a fire started. Katie could not get out of the burning salon on her own, she only opened the door for her pet. At the same time, in order to save herself, Eve started pulling out a mistress who was 5 times heavier than her. After a couple of minutes, the vehicle caught fire completely, but Katie was already at a safe distance from the fire, thanks to her brave and loyal favorite.

8. Continental toy spaniel (papillon)

Papillon, despite the puppet appearance and miniature size, was on the list of the most intelligent dogs. The breed, whose name translates as "butterfly", appeared in the XIV century in France. Unusual ears, reminiscent of butterfly wings, and an extraordinary mind quickly made papillons the favorites of kings. These charming kids were kept by Henry IV, Louis XIII, Louis XIV, Marie Antoinette and Madame de Pompadour.

Continental Toy Spaniel is a room-decorative breed designed for communication and stress relief. The dog will be an excellent companion not only for crowned persons, but also for ordinary families with children. Papillons are friendly, cheerful and mobile, they charge others with a positive.

In the French annals fell the papillon Lilin. Kennel Henry III met the killer of the king with aggression and a furious bark, not characteristic of the breed. In order to preserve the decency of the audience, the servants were forced to take the baby out of the hall, where in a few minutes there was a murder, which led to a coup.

7. Labrador Retriever

Getting into the top 10 most intelligent dogs in the world of a Labrador Retriever is difficult to surprise anyone. The breed was bred on the Canadian island of Newfoundland, which is part of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Dogs have high intelligence, excellent memory and a sharp sense of smell. Representatives of this breed successfully work as rescuers, bloodhounds, guards, guide dogs.

Kind and affectionate Labradors love to spend time actively with the owner and are ready to walk all day. They always find a common language with children and pets. The character of these merry fools is completely lacking vindictiveness and aggressiveness.

Labrador easily learns new teams and does it with sincere joy. During training, the dog tries so hard, peers into the eyes of the owner and listens to his words and intonation, that it is simply impossible to give a command with a strict serious look or punish a pet!

There are dozens of feats of labrador retriever in history. One of them belongs to a guide dog named Dorado. Together with the owner Omar, the dog ended up in one of the twin towers on September 11, 2001. When the planes crashed into the north and south towers, the buildings began to collapse rapidly, and the blind Omar could not quickly get out on his own. Dorado was not at a loss, tightly squeezed the owner's trouser leg and pulled to the emergency exit. Friends survived, getting off with bruises and bruises.

6. Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie)

Those who nostalgically recall the series “Lassie” and want to make a collie at home, but are hesitant because of their size, should pay attention to its small copy - sheltie. The birthplace of this breed is the Shetland Islands, where small nimble animals were engaged in grazing and driving the herd and, if necessary, even protecting the fields from sheep.

Shetland Sheepdogs are smart, quick-witted and well trained. Charming shelties are capable of instinctively making the right decisions, playing the roles of a watchman, guard and companion. Dogs are not at all aggressive, they will bark but not bite. Sheltie are mistrustful of strangers, but they are ready for anything for their master and family!

Scottish farmer Robert Sinclair lived alone in the forest. He had an asthma attack and needed emergency care. Already not really hoping for anything, the man wrote a note, put it in a bottle and threw it out of the window. Meanwhile, a Shetland Sheepdog, who lived on a farm nearby, found a bottle and took it to its owner. By this decision, the dog Ben saved a person’s life. The owner of the shepherd read the letter and called 911. The doctors managed to put on an oxygen mask on Robert at the last moment.

5. Doberman

The five most intelligent dogs are discovered by luxurious Dobermans. This breed was bred in the German city of Apolda. Dobermans make a mixed impression: on the one hand, they fascinate with their beauty and elegance, and on the other, they seem dangerous and frightening. Representatives of the breed even received the nickname "dog of the devil." Dobermans can effectively work on the trail, look for prohibited substances, protect people.

These service shorthair dogs are loyal, endurance and reliability. Each Doberman is a real person, revealing his potential with regular training, quality care and a healthy atmosphere in the family. In order for the high intelligence of the dog to work not in the direction of pranks, you need to engage in its training.

Dobermans have many famous representatives. The real legend was Tref - a tracker dog, on whose account more than 1,500 disclosed crimes. Dobermann was born in the nursery "von Thuringen" and in 1908 began to work as a bloodhound in the police of the Russian Empire. Treff's reputation was so impeccable that the rumor about the Doberman’s imminent visit was enough for the criminals to flee the city, if only the dog would take their mark.

4. Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever descended from common ancestors with the Labrador Retriever, but then its genotype was supplemented with the genes of the Yellow Rough Retriever, the Scottish Water Spaniel and Setter. And, judging by the higher place in the ranking of the most intelligent dogs, it is quite successful. The defining character traits of the Golden Retriever are kindness, sensitivity and calm. A dog can be useful as a bloodhound, a guide and just a four-legged friend.

Golden retrievers will have no difficulty in mastering new teams; they are not at all lazy. Representatives of this breed always come to the rescue of people, are ready to play with children and are even used for medicinal purposes, helping to cope with psychological problems.

Retrievers love outdoor activities, including splashing in the water. Despite the dimensions, they can live not only in the house, but also in the apartment.

The Golden Retriever Trepp is the most skilled sniffer in the Guinness Book of Records. The dog, serving in the Florida Police Department, detained more than a hundred criminals and also found drugs worth $ 63,000,000. When the retriever was brought to the police academy to demonstrate his talent, he was tasked with finding 10 drug bags. Trapp found 11.

3. German shepherd

The German Shepherd deservedly took the bronze in the list of the most intelligent dogs in the world. Among all modern breeds, she is the closest relative of the wolf. The first German shepherd named Graf was registered in the city of Hanover. The dog can safely be called a "universal soldier", able to work in any conditions and maintain composure. Most often, shepherds worked as shepherds or carried patrol duty.

Interestingly, when patrolling a dog, he has to change his partner almost daily. Unlike many breeds that obey one owner, the German shepherd will clearly execute the command of each police officer.

In order to raise an obedient and friendly pet, they need to be engaged from childhood. The German Shepherd lends itself well to training, has high intelligence and is very efficient. By its nature, the “German” is non-aggressive, but if the owner is in danger, he will defend without hesitation.

The company sniffing Treppu in the Guinness Book of Records was a customs officer Leo. German shepherd served at the airport customs for 9 years. During this time, Leo detained more than 300 drug dealers.

2. Poodle

The English speak of poodles like this: "Not yet a man, but not a dog." Ludwig van Beethoven, George Sand, Giuseppe Verdi, Winston Churchill, Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, John Steinbeck, Emma Watson and Rihanna were able to personally verify the outstanding intellectual abilities of the poodles. Representatives of this breed rightfully took second place in the ten most intelligent dogs. Poodles are a national breed of France, rooted in the north of Europe.

Poodles are invariably associated with circus, but few know that the breed has many varieties. Hunting poodles help catch birds, and large swimmer poodles save drowning people. Dogs also cope with the duties of a watchman or companion.

Curly handsome men are able to master the most complex teams. Their keen mind is combined with attentiveness, sociability and inexhaustible energy.

While shepherd dogs and retriever collect medals in the service of the law, a white poodle scored on the other side of the barricades. A smuggler named Malin was transporting expensive lace under his skin. The owner cut his dog, wrapped lace on her body, and put on a fur coat from previously cut hair. In this form, Malin crossed the French border and came to the appointed place where the owner took the valuable cargo. When the customs officers - at the denunciation of the envious acquaintances of our couple - went to court, it was decided to catch all the white poodles. Then Malin began to put on not a white coat, but a tinted fur coat. And when customs officers decided to grab all the poodles in a row, he escaped punishment due to his dexterity. Rumor has it that the dog and his master retired, being very wealthy.

1. Border Collie

Border Collie is the smartest dog in the world. The intelligence of these amazing animals is comparable to the level of a 3-year-old child. The breed was first mentioned in 1570, and official recognition came much later, in 1915. It is assumed that the ancestors of the Border Collie were working dogs of the Normans. During the Viking invasions of Scotland, their dogs ran away and crossed with local shepherds.

It is impossible to list all the advantages of a border collie: an extraordinary mind, an understanding look, incredible devotion, activity, kindness, caring. The dog quickly learns and immediately remembers new objects. In addition to mental abilities, border collies also excelled physically - they are excellent athletes and game partners. For representatives of this breed there is no greater joy than running on a frisbee on a sunny day.

The smallest among the smartest is recognized as a border collie named Chaser. Its owner John Pillay always suspected that the dogs are smarter than they seem, so he decided to teach his pet new words. To do this, he bought various toys, showed them to Chaser and named each item many times. At the age of 5 months, the dog knew about 50 words, and by the age of 3 his “vocabulary” had expanded to 1022 words. Now, when John asks to bring him this or that toy, Chayser unmistakably finds it in a heap of others. This dog knows exactly what a raccoon, hippo or vampire looks like.

Another legendary Border Collie dog is Rico. He remembered more than 200 words, distinguishes them by ear and understands the meaning.In addition to outstanding memory, Rico is quick-witted - he can independently make the right decisions. Scientists from Leipzig undertook to study the dog's abilities. During one of the experiments, they put the border collie and his owner in the room, and their favorite toys were taken to the next room. Then the owner took turns calling the items and asking Rico to bring them. The dog coped with the task 38 times out of 40. After that, a new thing unfamiliar to Rico was added to the toys. When the owner asked to bring it, the dog herself guessed that the new word means a new object, and correctly executed the command. The unique dog remembered all the learned words, even a month after the end of the tests. Scientists concluded that the Rico Border Collie studied the language in the same way as children in the first years of life.

2. Poodles

It is generally accepted that these are small funny dogs performing in a circus on their hind legs. But, poodles are very reasonable and smart. They are not as simple as they seem.

Representatives of this genus come in different sizes. Larger ones, for example, can seriously protect owners from ill-wishers. A medium sized poodle can easily save a drowning person. They were used as lifeguards on the water and observers of order.

These cute dogs are great companions, able to cheer or console, depending on the situation. They easily learn new things. They need not only physical activity, but also mental, in the form of mathematical and logical problems.

1. Border Collie

Very smart, hardy and unpretentious breed - an ideal pet and companion. It can live both in a family with children, and with single people. The breed was bred at the end of the 19th century, like a shepherd dog.

Now the Border Collie is almost never used to protect sheep, but has gained wide popularity as a pet. Often these dogs are trained specifically to accompany the blind.

Thanks to the mind, they are able to lead a blind person no worse than another person. In this breed all the best qualities converged: mind, physique, stamina.

What is the intelligence of a dog

Almost all dogs are smart, but the best qualities are manifested only with the competent responsible approach of the owner to education and training.

Important! Scolding a dog, calling it stupid is the most serious mistake of the owner who is trying to blame the animal for its own omissions.

But there are certain breeds in which intelligence is better developed than all others.

Poodles are intellectually gifted dogs

The intelligence of the dog is manifested in the following points:

  • obedience,
  • ability to make decisions when necessary,
  • good learning ability
  • the presence of certain abilities (for hunting, security activities, service).

Note! Dogs such as Husky and Chihuahua are very wayward and disobedient, so they are sometimes unjustly considered stupid.

Intelligence features

Intelligence in dogs is manifested in their learning ability, willingness to perceive and fulfill the command, as well as to realize the functions embedded in the breed. At the same time, some animals are not only beautiful, but also intelligent, smart, capable of performing several different functions.

Some poets, for example, A. Shabunin dedicated his poems to dogs, emphasizing that these animals need care and attention, only in this case their intellectual potential will be fully revealed.

Types of Dog Intelligence

According to the study of S. Koren, the intelligence of dogs can be classified into three varieties:

  • instinctive. Due to it, the animal performs tasks genetically formed in the breed (for example, participating in battles or shepherds),
  • obedience. It is determined by how disciplined the dog is following the owner’s commands,
  • adaptive. This is the ability of a dog to make independent decisions and bear responsibility for them.

Rating of smart dogs all over the world

IQ dogs cannot be measured in the usual way for a person. Therefore, the classification of dog breeds as intelligent, with abilities above the average, intermediate and below average, is based on the dog’s ability to quickly memorize commands and repeat them. About the dog’s mind is the ability to correctly execute the owner’s order in 85% of 100 cases.


Just like the previous breed, Sheltie dogs are happy to look after the children and protect them from troubles. And, of course, such pets do not mind frolicing around with children.

They have a good character. They tend to become attached to their master, but to the rest of the Sheltie family they are loving and respectful. If the family is in danger, the dog of this breed will bravely rush to protect it. They are very well trained and need constant training.

Labrador Retriever

The symbol of a happy family with a pet - Labrador Retriever, takes the seventh position. This is an ideal pet for a family with children who has their own home with a yard. There is not enough room for such a dog in the apartment; it needs open spaces.

The dog is very mobile and active, so he spends most of his time in motion. Also, representatives of the breed are excellent hunters and swimmers. They are happy to train, but at the same time, they always do not mind playing active games with their children. In the event of a threat to someone from the family, the Labrador can be a very serious defender.


Beagles are medium sized hunting dogs. At first glance, they attract with their smart, quick-witted eyes and a pretty appearance.

They are very active and curious, exploring the world is necessary for them. The breed lends itself well to training, but does not like it when they are boring and of the same type.

They use their minds not only to carry out commands and daily tasks, but also to manipulate their masters for their own purposes.

Beagles are nimble hunters and wonderful companions, able to get along with both people and some pets.


It gets along well with children and becomes their best friend - Papillon. Although this dog is small in stature, he is very smart, playful and active. Its distinguishing feature is a loud voiced barking. With such a four-legged friend, no one in the house will be bored.

The only thing - to breed this breed you need to deal with the "diapers", so to speak, otherwise the dog can grow up aggressive and naughty. The breed is friendly and easily trained. They themselves like to learn new things, especially they like to master tricks and then repeat them. The character is kind, but slightly mischievous.

Toy Spaniel or Papillon

This small dog has long been a company of royal monarchs. Kings and viscounts valued the mind and quick wits of the animal with charming butterfly ears. This is a surprisingly honest pet, who are alien to shkodlivost and theft. Even if the forgetful owner left an appetizing piece of sausage in the access area, the papillon will never allow itself to encroach on it.

Australian shepherd

The top ten Shepherd's Australian dog completes the top ten, which has a clear manifestation of leadership qualities. For this reason, such a pet cannot get along with other animals in the same house. This is the only minus of the breed.

As for relations with a person - this beautiful dog is faithful and loving, who wants to always be there and help his person. Representatives of the breed are distinguished by good endurance and are well trained.

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Miniature schnauzer

A miniature schnauzer or a wire-haired pinscher is a hunting and guard dog, possessing amazing observation power and deep intelligence, as well as a high ability to train. These qualities allow pinschers to work in the customs zone and with law enforcement agencies. Despite the seriousness of the breed, they get along well with people and guard their home, even during complete calm.

Miniature schnauzers always act according to plan, do not like monotonous, boring trainings, but they will try something new with pleasure.

Papillon or Continental Toy Spaniel

A small dog with fancy ears, has a mischievous and restless character. An ideal option as a companion - it will not be able to repulse the robber, he will try to protect and warn the owner about the danger.

Along with a high level of intelligence, papillons are surprisingly curious and are always ready for active research. Dogs have excellent intelligence and memory, learn new training material well and successfully apply it in practice.

In addition to a good predisposition to training, the Papillons also understand many of the words of the hosts, which indicates well-developed mental abilities.

Welsh Corgi

Welsh Corgi is a short-legged shepherd dog, famous for its cheerful disposition, high activity and amazing intelligence. Like a shepherd dog, Corgi is universal - it can look after both small and cattle.

Despite the high activity, Corgi is very responsible and focused on her work.

Corgi’s high level of intelligence allows him not only to master new teams perfectly, but also to skillfully manipulate households. These dogs understand a lot of words from the owner’s active vocabulary, are able to catch a bad mood and help raise it.

Cocker Spaniel

There are several varieties of cocker spaniels: American, English, French and Russian. Spaniels are very smart and cunning dogs. I use my mind and natural quick wit, both during the hunt for birds and small game, and next to the owner. Spaniels are well trained, like to learn teams in a playful way.

A trained spaniel can execute commands of varying complexity, for example, searching for lost things. In law enforcement, spaniels often searched for narcotic substances.

Pomeranian Spitz

Pomeranian Spitz is a small dog, but this does not contradict her bold character, intelligence and quick wit.

The breed lends itself perfectly to training, quickly understands what the owner requires of them. Despite the size, the Spitz can serve as a guard dog, it perfectly feels a threat from the outside and boldly overcomes it.

Spitz dogs are extremely smart and cunning. They use their mind for a variety of purposes, for example, submission to the owner or manipulation for their own purposes.

It’s difficult to deceive a Pomeranian, he very well feels the intentions of people and tracks the alleged danger.

Jack Russell Terrier

A breed with a lively and frisky character. Despite his excessive activity and inability to sit still, Jackie is very good at training. With such a dog it is very interesting to learn new teams and teach various everyday activities: bring slippers, a newspaper or a remote control.

Jack Russell Terrier is very smart and knows what to do to please his master. A large guard dog lives in a small body, which carefully assesses the situation at home or on the street.

A flexible mind, quick wit and ability to analyze allow Jack Russell Terrier to be indispensable helpers on the hunt, as well as a faithful and fun companion

Miniature pinscher

Miniature Pinscher is a miniature breed of dog with pronounced musculature. Despite the small size and enthusiasm of the dog, few people know what qualities are in it. Initially, the miniature pinscher was kept to catch rats and protect the premises from thieves and robbers. Small stature, nimbleness and quick wit helped the dog to cope with the assigned tasks with honors.

Representatives of this breed are very smart and smart. Miniature pinschers are well trained in teams and trained, especially at a young age. From a young age, a puppy can be weaned from bad habits. These dogs also understand the owner’s words, especially those that are often used.

Miniature pinschers are very vigilant, well aware of the danger from the outside world. Ready to defend the owner, even if the offender is many times bigger and stronger than the dog.


Newfoundland is a very large but good-natured breed of dog. Newfoundlands are very social and love chatting with people. If the dog sees that the person is in danger, he will rush to help without any hesitation. So, many cases were recorded when Newfoundlands rescued a drowning man or pulled people out of a fire. Thanks to this dedication, the breed serves in police stations and military bases.

Newfoundlands are not very easy to train, but this does not exclude the presence of a high level of intelligence. The breed is very sensitive to facial expressions, emotions and the nature of movements, and to the voice.

By intonation, the dog can determine the mood in which the owner is, and will try to help him. They also easily determine the presence of danger and a hidden threat, they cannot be deceived or outwitted, people for them are like an open book.

Japanese Spitz

Japanese Spitz is small in size and has beautiful white hair. Often Spitz participate in circus performances where they perform simple tricks. It follows from this that Spitz dogs are very intelligent and quick-witted dogs that can be easily trained and trained. They love that training takes place in a playful way. Spitz are very loyal to their owners and well remember the specific behavior of people, they know when to play with the owner, and when to just lie nearby.

Japanese Spitz have a small vocabulary, and understand a lot of human words.

Despite their innocuous appearance, they are very brave and always trace whether there is danger around.

Saint bernard

Everyone who ever watched a Beethoven movie dreamed of such a dog in one way or another. Very massive, with well-developed muscles, ideal in the role of an accompanying and companion.

The dog has deep intellectual abilities, but unfortunately, it is quite difficult to train. If you work hard from an early age, then St. Bernard quickly learns different teams, is able to learn and understand the sequence of actions even just watching the owner.

Cane Corso

Cane Corso is a guard dog and companion with a formidable appearance, which hides sensitivity, kindness and a high level of intelligence.

This is a very smart breed of dog. It is impossible to outwit or bribe this breed; it sees people right through and feels if danger is in front of it. Representatives of this breed feel great liars and will not allow anyone to outwit themselves.

Cannes Corso is great for training - he is obedient and able to learn many commands well and applies them practically.

Golden Retriever (Golden Retriever)

This is not only the embodiment of dog's charm, but also a very obedient and faithful dog, intelligent and inquisitive. We train well, quickly remembers even complex commands, and can be used as a guide. The retriever is an attentive and sensitive dog, guessing the mood of the owner, so he will never pester games with a tired owner.

Golden Retriever is not only magnificent, but also smart


The disadvantage of this scale, by the author’s own admission, is its strong dependence on the ability to obey and execute commands (for example, for working or service dogs), and the weak connection with understanding and creativity (for example, hunting dogs). As a result, some breeds are at lower places on the list because of their stubborn or independent nature, which does not make them weakly intelligent or unsuitable for training.

Koren identified three aspects of dog intelligence in his book:

  • Instinctive intelligence (English instinctive intelligence) - the ability of a dog to perform tasks for which it was bred,
  • Adaptive intelligence (English adaptive intelligence) - the ability of a dog to solve problems on their own,
  • Working intelligence (English working and obedience intelligence) - the dog's ability to learn.

Koren divides all dog breeds into six conditional categories:

  • 1-10: Dogs with Excellent Learning Abilities (Brightest Dogs)
  • 11-26: Dogs with Excellent Learning Abilities (Excellent Working Dogs)
  • 27-39: Dogs with Above Average Working Dogs
  • 40-54: Dogs with Average Learning Ability (English Average Working / Obedience Intelligence)
  • 55-69: Dogs with learning abilities below the average (English Fair Working / Obedience Intelligence)
  • 70-79: Dogs with Poor Learning Ability (Lowest Degree of Working / Obedience Intelligence)

Stanley Koren notes that recently bred dog breeds are usually more intelligent, capable and easier to train than representatives of ancient, long-known species.

In addition to the list itself, the book includes sections on the general development of dogs, hunting and other animal abilities.

Kurzhaar (German Shorthair Pointing Dog)

Also known as German Pointer. This is a terrific dog, energetic, quick-witted, loyal and very kind. The versatility of the breed allows its use in hunting and as a companion. If necessary, you can raise a swimmer, watchman or hunter from a kurtshaar.

Note! Animals are predisposed to dominance, so they are not suitable for beginners. In addition, they love to bark.

Welsh Corgi

This small-sized dog is bred for the needs of shepherds. Now Welsh Corgi are often bred as companion dogs. They are easy to train, obedient, although some waywardness still persists. The best way to teach teams is through a fun game, then both the owner and the pet will enjoy it. Reason is the forte of these babies.

Schipperke (Schipperke, Belgian Shepherd Dog)

Despite the fact that dogs of this breed have earned the nickname “Black Devils” for their overly active temperament, they are very intelligent and trained. The very word “schipperke” is translated as “shepherd”, since the breed was originally used to protect livestock on pastures. Small dogs helped drive the sheep and prevented their shoots.

Note! Parenting from early childhood is an essential component of care. Otherwise, an energetic and undisciplined black doggie will turn the owner's life into hell.

Collie (Scottish Shepherd)

Representatives of the breed can be both service dogs and wanted dogs, they can cope with the functions of guide dogs. Calm, peaceful, well amenable to training. They can become family members, get along with children and other pets. However, they categorically do not accept humiliation, screaming and, all the more, beating.

English cocker spaniel

A charming dog with long ears and silky hair is also very smart. Bred in England, but the exact origin of the breed is not yet clear. The average weight of the breed is 12 kg, height 40 cm at the withers. Doggies are very curious, can not sit in one place, get along well with other pets, communicate with children.

Note! These spaniels were bred for hunting, so the desire to catch game in their blood. A pet hamster or rat may fall prey to their natural instincts.

English Spaniels are loyal friends of children and adults

English springer spaniel

The first representatives of the breed were bred for falconry. But gradually, extraordinary intelligence and developed intuition became the reason for the increased popularity of these spaniels. The word "springer" in translation means a jumper: a pet can jump out of hiding and attack game with the effect of surprise.

American staffordshire terrier

A dog with an undeservedly bad reputation. Many consider Amstaff to be aggressive and malicious, but with proper education, they behave appropriately. Representatives of the breed were bred to participate in battles, so they are keenly reacting to the appearance of other dogs on their territory. Such a dog is not suitable for a novice or an insecure person.

Keeshond (German Wolfspitz)

This is one of the smartest Spitz, able to perform various actions. Keeshond appeared as a guard, but eventually began to swim with the sailors, as he very cleverly destroyed rats in the holds and on decks. Due to their small size, modern breed representatives can be kept at home as companions.

Irish Terrier

This is one of the oldest dog breeds, whose representatives are distinguished by composure and rationality. This pet will not react violently to various sounds - fireworks, baby screams, car alarms. The vote is cast solely on the case. Quickly remembers the regime of the owner’s day and faithfully waits for him at the door.


The Belgian Shepherd is a fully classy dog, trained and capable of almost any dog ​​work. Interesting appearance and outstanding mental abilities have become the reason for the growing popularity of this dog.

Behind the original appearance of a Belgian shepherd is a sharp mind


This medium-sized dog is very smart, but stubborn, which is why it is considered poorly trained. Self-confident, treats the owner as an equal, in rare cases sees him as a leader. The owner of the dog must have a strong character and iron will, only then he will earn authority from his pet.

Note! Bassenji is a strong-willed dog, stubborn, very active and dynamic. For its maintenance, a country house with a fenced area is better suited.

Australian terrier

Unlike Jack Russell Terriers, which are traditionally classified as dogs with average intellectual abilities, this “Australian” quickly remembers all the necessary commands and executes them.

Australian Terrier is above average intelligence

These are the smartest breeds of dogs. Animals will become faithful friends and reliable companions for many years, will delight owners with impeccable obedience and wonderful behavior.


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