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Description: Serbian actor.
Born January 13, 1988.

He played the main role in the film Dragan Bjelogrlich "Montevideo: Divine Vision" (Montevideo, Bog te video!), Which received the Audience Award at the Moscow International Film Festival in 2011 and was nominated for the Academy Award in the nomination for Best Foreign Film from Serbia. Show full ...

Recent works:
🎬 "Sunstroke" (directed by Nikita Mikhalkov) 2014
🎬 "Duhless 2" (dir. Roman Prygunov) role - Roman Belkin 2015
🎬 "Without Borders" (directed by Karen Hovhannisyan, Rezo Gigineishvili and Roman Prygunov) - premiere on October 22, 2015
🎬 "Hotel Eleon" (directed by A. Fedotov) STS television series - premiere 28/11/16
🎬 "Myths" (directed by Alexander Molochnikov) https://www.kinopoisk.ru/film/934121/ - Ilya Kurkov (Zeus) premiere 11/16/2017
🎬 "Wings of the Empire" television series for channel 1 (dir. I. Kopylov), the main role - Sergey Kirsanov-Dvinsky - premiere on channel 1 15/11/17
🎬 "Ice" (dir. O. Trofim) http://www.kinopoisk.ru/film/900052/ - Leonov, release 02/14/2018
🎬 "Beyond reality" (dir. A. Boguslavsky) http://www.kinopoisk.ru/film/961712/ - Michael, the main role - release 01/03/2018
🎬 "Grand" TV series Super https://www.kinopoisk.ru/film/grand-2018-1171652/ Pavel Arkadevich
🎬 “South Wind” (Juzni vetar) https://www.kinopoisk.ru/film/juzni-vetar-2018-952670/ (Serbia) crime drama. Co-producer, actor. Premiere in Serbia - 10/25/2018
🎬 “The star and death of Count Vronsky. Serbian Gambit »popular science essay - Nikolai Raevsky
🎬 "Balkan Frontier" - 03/21/2019 https://www.kinopoisk.ru/film/balkanskiy-rubezh-2017- .. military drama (Russia, Serbia) co-producer, actor. Role - Wook

Films in production:

Kholop (dir. Klim Shipenko) https://www.kinopoisk.ru/film/kholop-2019-1183582/ comedy, Russia. The main role - Grisha - 01/01/20

"Magomaev" (dir. Roman Prygunov) biopic, TV series 1 channel. The main role - Muslim Magomaev

"Tesla" - co-producer, actor. Role - Nikola Tesla

Life story and photo by Milos Bikovic

The artist was born in Belgrade. His parents divorced when Milos and brother Misha were children. Mother raised them alone, and father moved to Germany. The boys were engaged in martial arts, played in the school basketball team.

The young man made his debut on the stage at the age of 13. He became the host of a children's program on Serbian television. At 15, he played the first role in the movie. After school, the young man entered the University of Dramatic Arts on the course of Dragan Petrovich Pelet. Having received a diploma, he joined the troupe of the National Theater of Belgrade. He played Arman Duvall in “The Lady with the Camellias” and the boxer in the drama “When the Pumpkins Bloomed”. His brother Michael took monastic tonsure.

Cinema Star of Serbia

Bikovich got a role in the movie as a schoolboy. He plays Neboisha Lutic in the 50-episode film "Dollars Go" by Mikhail Vukobratovich. In 2006, continued to collaborate with this director in the film "White Boat". The aspiring artist embodied the image of Philip Pantich on the screen. In addition, he was given a cameo role in the short thriller “Assignment: 10 Minutes”.

Glory came with the painting "Montevideo: Divine Vision." He played the role of the 19-year-old football player Alexander Tiernanich, nicknamed “Tirke”. Events unfolding in the 1930s in Belgrade, the national team of Yugoslavia goes to the first World Cup. The event was held in the capital of Uruguay - Montevideo. The competition ended with the victory of Uruguayans, Argentina took the second place, and the USA and Yugoslavia divided the third. The film tells about the creation of the "dream team", the union of warring players from different clubs, about the birth of the legendary tandem Tiernanich-Maryanovich. Bikovich did not know how to play football, so he had to train a lot before filming began.

The actor was nominated for the Fipresci Award, but did not qualify for the finals. In 2011, he won at the Niš Film Festival. The film received awards: MTV Awards, FICTS in Beijing and the Grand Prix of the Krasnogorsk Sports Film Festival.

In 2014, the continuation of the film "See you in Montevideo!" The tape tells about the final match with Brazil, in which the Serbian team won first place. There are many comic moments in the script that European football players meet with Latin American traditions and temperamental inhabitants.

Another tape “We will be world champions” is a success at home. The film tells about four pioneers who founded a basketball school and develop this sport in Europe. Milos played the athlete Radomir Sapper. In 1970, they organized the World Cup in Ljubljana, where they opposed a team from the United States and won a gold medal.

Debut in Russian cinema

The novice artist came to Russia in 2014. At the Moscow Film Festival, he met Nikita Mikhalkov, who invited him to a central role in the feature film Sunstroke. The actor did not speak Russian well. He moved to Moscow and completed language courses. His desire to develop professionally and hard work impressed the director.

The action of the tape takes place during the October Revolution. Milos plays Lieutenant Nikolai Alexandrovich. The main character, the captain of the Wrangel army, ends up in a filtration camp. Prisoners are put on a barge to be taken to a prison in Ochakovo. On the way, the ship is drowned by order of the General of the Red Army. The plot is based on the stories of Ivan Bunin and the cursed diaries.

In addition to filming, the young man is trying his hand as a producer. His first work is South Wind. He plays the role of a criminal. Playing negative characters, Bikovich realizes that he is responsible to people. “We need to think about the soul of the audience, and not about our success. You cannot justify evil and demonstrate that the killer remains unpunished, ”he says.

In 2020, it launches the Tesla and Hotel Belgrade projects. Bikovich explained to reporters that the actor’s profession is a framework. He waits for him to be offered a role, depends on the opinion of the authors of the tape. As a producer, he himself can create an interesting project for him. The film "Tesla" tells about the national hero of Serbia, who invented electricity.

Top movies

In the musical of Alexander Trofim, the movie star got the role of Vladimir Leonov. He was voiced by Roman Polyansky. The tape tells the story of the skater Nadia, who received a spinal cord injury and left the sport. The fault of the tragic fall on ice was the mistake of Vladimir, a partner of Hope. She is supported by hockey player Sasha. The central characters are played by Aglaya Tarasova and Alexander Petrov. On the set between Aglaya and Milos, an affair began.

Biography of Milos Bikovich

The popular actor Milos Bikovich was born on January 13, 1988, and at the age of 30 he was already able to reach incredible heights. He was born in Serbia, in Belgorod, is not only a Serbian, but also a Russian actor who starred in films and works in the theater. In his homeland, he is a very famous actor. Milos Bikovich conquered the hearts of viewers and the post-Soviet space, it is believed that he even moved Danila Kozlovsky. Parents of Milos Bikovich had nothing to do with theater and cinema, but preferred to work in parallel with work in art, painting and literature.
As a child, Milos already knew that he would be an artist in the future, the family supported his interests. His father was an economist, and his mother a defectologist. Soon, his father left the family and left for Germany, the older brother remained as support for Milos Bikovich, their age difference was 16 years. Much in life was given by the theater class, which at the age of 13 attended Milos. The teenager grew up diversified, was engaged in basketball and taekwondo, at school he emphasized the Russian language, and it turned out not bad, since the teacher was a poetry champion in Serbia.
After graduating from high school, Milos Bikovic entered the Belgorod University of Arts, it was he who was considered prestigious, the famous Serbian actors passed through him. In training, the Russian system is used. In the second year at the university, it was possible to study cinema, and soon the master of the course took Milos to assistants.

Personal life of Milos Bikovich

For a very long time, the personal life of Milos Bikovich was not arranged, and he was in the status of an attractive and enviable groom. The extraordinary beauty of Milos makes him charming and in demand among the female half of humanity. Bright talent and wit add popularity. If you look at the latest news about Milos Bikovic, then journalists describe his well-read and qualities inherent in the intellectual. Most often, they do not discuss personal life in interviews, this topic is considered closed. There are no direct answers, this is a kind of secret of Milos, which is not discussed among strangers.

The actor wants to create a large family and a wife who will give birth to three or more children. The future wife of Milos Bikovich must be beautiful, good-natured, believing and smart. Two years ago, the news appeared in the media that his girlfriend, model Sasha Luss and Milos Bikovich, did not refute the information at that time. The young met for a very short time and soon parted.

The next girl who won his heart was Aglaia Tarasova, a famous cinema star. Aglaia Tarasova and Milos Bikovich met, and on the set of the movie "Ice" during the scene they got close enough with a kiss, as evidenced by photos that began to appear in the media. This is not the first role of the actress, before that she already managed to star in “Interns”, where her role is no less attractive. The meetings between Milos and Aglaya were not advertised, even though they had already met their parents and the young people lived in a rented apartment in the capital, they began to appear at social parties only in October last year. Although Milos meets Aglaia, he does not display joint photographs on instagram, everything in him is devoted exclusively to professional activities, and not to his personal life.

Films with Milos Bikovic

The activity in the field of cinema at Milos Bikovic began from an early age, immediately after finishing the second year of university. The first castings he went for the company with his fellow students. The initial experience of Milos Bikovic was small, these are far from the main roles in the TV series “Storks Will Return” and “Dollars Are Coming”.

The famous director trusts Milos with a very important role in the film "Montevideo: Divine Vision", where the events of football players who dream of going to Uruguay take place. Before that, Milos Bikovic had nothing to do with football, and his growth exceeded the necessary parameters, however, the proposal for the main role was very unexpected. This film became mega-popular, and the star of Serbian cinema Milos Bikovic completely changed his image. At the Moscow Film Festival, the picture was noticed and given a prize of audience sympathy, later the film was nominated for an Oscar in the category of best foreign film. It was a real glory, everyone recognized Milos Bikovich on the street, and fans asked for autographs.

The following films by Milos Bikovich did not take long to wait, they helped the artist to establish his status and become a real sex symbol. The picture about the players found its continuation, but the second project was not so rating. The next films by Milos Bikovich were “Married Bachelors”, “When Love is Late”, the viewers received them with warmth. Milos played a major role in the project “Let's become world champions” about basketball, the picture appeared on the screens in 2015. For a year in advance, he starred in Nikita Mikhalkov’s historical drama titled Sunstroke. High-profile projects of Milos were such films as "Duhless 2" and "Without Borders".

Milos Bikovich today

Popular projects in which Milos Bikovic participated were Russian-made, for example, in 2016, he starred in the TV series "Kitchen" and "Hotel Eleon", where Diana Pozharskaya acted as a victim of a marriage con man. His role was the main one, and Milos played Pavel Arkadevich, the manager of the hotel Eleon, whose hostess was his aunt Eleonora Andreevna. The second season was released the following year, and steadily maintained its ratings.

In 2018, several paintings are planned, in which actor Milos Bikovic will play. So in March, the dramatic action movie Balkan Frontier was released, which tells stories about the hostilities that took place in Kosovo in 1999.

On February 14, the film “Ice” was released, viewers are still tormented by the question of who voiced Milos Bikovich in the film “Ice”. In 2019, the release of a fantastic action movie called “Coma” is planned, where the main role is shown to the architect - the victim of a mysterious accident. A man ends up in a coma, from where the main story unfolds.
Milos Bikovic is a real sex symbol of the 21st century, while he sings beautifully, cooperation with various directors has given him great experience in life, this is interesting, allows you to move on. Earlier, Milos did not even think that he would become a famous actor, but life showed everything in a different way.

Photo: Milos Bikovic

Milos Bikovich starred in films and TV shows, managing to develop his own production company. With such a busy schedule of time for novels, the artist simply does not remain. But in the future, he still plans to start a family and buy a small house in Serbia.

For many fans, the life of 31-year-old Milos Bikovic seems ideal: he takes off a lot, and prefers to travel in his spare time. The actor himself does not hide that he was tired of the nomadic life dictated by the profession. Now he is constantly on business trips and rarely sees his family. Milos decided to forget about the novels for a while, because he simply does not have enough time for this.

“With my schedule, I literally survive. Personal life suffers. Cinema eats time and personal life. I began to realize what trap I was in, about a year ago. He began to realize creative dreams and quickly realized that this could go on forever. You can do work steeper and demand more from yourself. But you need to leave room for a project called “personal life”, because it will not happen by itself, ”the artist shared.

At the same time, there were several high-profile novels in Milos's life. At first he met with the model Sasha Luss, but due to mismatching work schedules, the lovers broke up. Next came the relationship with the screen partner for the film "Ice" Aglaia Tarasova, which also ended in a couple of years. In 2018, Bikovich was seen on dates with the Serbian model Barbara Tatalovich.

The actor is sure that his future wife should not be related to the world of show business, and then it will be easier for them to organize a family life. Milos also dreams of a simple life away from social events and camera flashes.

While career for Milos is in the foreground. The artist is always looking for bright and interesting projects that could fully reveal his creative potential. Now Bikovich predominantly gets the roles of romantic heroes, but he is not afraid that in 10-15 years he will have to change his role. Moreover, he is preparing himself for a possible professional oblivion, which overtakes almost every actor.

“I am sure: if a person works on himself, he is in demand. Passive position - take me to work - not peculiar to me. Need to evolve. Therefore, I founded a production company and began to engage in cinema myself. Work is underway on the films Tesla and Hotel Belgrade, which will be released next spring. I have a lot of ideas. If they stop shooting me, I’ll concentrate on producing, for example, ”Milos emphasized.

The main support for the actor is now his parents and brother. Relatives always believed in Bikovich’s talent, so they literally forced him to write a letter to Nikita Mikhalkov. It was after the film Maestro "Sunstroke" Milos became popular in Russia.Despite the fact that he spends a lot of time in Moscow, the artist always considered Belgrade to be his native city. In an interview for "7 Days", he admitted that he is trying to spend all the holidays at home in order to at least briefly distract from creative problems and constant filming.


The movie star played the role of the rich major Grisha in the comedy of Klim Shipenko. He burns his life, enjoying the money of his father. An experiment is being put on the protagonist: a guy is sent to the past. His home becomes a Russian village of the 19th century, and he turns into a serf. The guy is being watched by psychologists. He is changing the value system, going through difficulties and humiliations. In an interview for the Kinopoisk website, the actor defends his character: “His behavior is a rebellion towards his father. Grisha is a victim of improper upbringing. ”
“Shipenko is a workaholic. He is deeply immersed in the process and understands what he wants to achieve, ”the actor shared about working with one of the most popular Russian directors. The picture was released on December 26. For the New Year holidays, the fees amounted to 2 billion.

Last works

In the series "Magomayev", the actor plays the idol of the Soviet stage Muslim Magomayev. Before filming, Milos did not know the work of his hero. He portrayed him primarily as a man, without a burden of greatness and glory. At the concert, the star gets acquainted with opera singer Tamara Sinyavskaya. Between them flare up feelings that have grown into great love.

Another future project of Bikovich is a fantastic blockbuster “Coma”. His character is a mathematician who fell into a coma. In a dream, he sees other people's memories and corrects them.
The movie star believes that in Russia they can’t make fantastic films. “Fiction is a specific language that you use to tell a story. These are not just beautiful special effects, but primarily metaphors. ” Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, presented Milos with the award in strengthening friendship of peoples and contribution to Russian cinema.

Russian actor Milosh Bikovich - filmography and biography

  1. 2004 - “Dollars Come” - Stizu dolar (Neboisha)
  2. 2010 - Montevideo: Divine Vision - Montev> In 2016, the young man began dating the daughter of the famous actress Ksenia Rappoport - Aglaia Tarasova. Together they worked on the film "Ice", where the girl played the main character Nadia. The audience knows her from the paintings "Major Sokolov's Heterosexuals" and "Interns." At the "The Hollywood Reporter" ceremony, she received a prize as "the brightest young actress in Russia", as well as the Golden Eagle award. Milos does not like to share details of his private life, rarely uploads joint photos with his lover. In early 2018, the couple broke up. A busy schedule and constant trips destroyed their union. They maintained friendly relations.

The man was noticed in the company of the 23-year-old model Barbara Tatalovich in November of that year. She won the Serbian beauty contest “Elite model look” in 2011. They met on the set of the tape "Magomayev", where the girl played in the episode. Barbara starred in Bikovich’s production project Hotel Belgrade, which will be released in 2020.

The couple broke up at the end of 2019. The media published rumors that the actor had a new lover - a colleague in the picture "The Serf" Alexander Bortich. The girl was taken care of by the leading actor Danila Kozlovsky, but their relationship did not develop into a romance.

The young man devotes all his free time to his career. He has no time for a serious relationship. He has been living in Russia for three years, but he travels to his homeland every month. Serbian religious holiday Glory he spends with his family.

Over a million followers follow his Instagram page. There he shares news related to creativity and the filming process. He avoids personal matters. The man considers indecent the desire of the public to look into this "keyhole".

Childhood and adolescence

The childhood of the actor and his peers was overshadowed by geopolitical and ethnic conflicts that swept the region in the early 80s, before the birth of Bikovich. When Milos was 11, Belgrade was bombed during the Kosovo conflict. The actor recalled how his uncle went to war, and he and his mother woke up at night from the sounds of a siren and hid in a bomb shelter. In 2018, he starred in the film Balkan Frontier, dedicated to these events, which is still difficult for the Serbian people.

At age 13, Milos joined the theater studio, played in amateur performances, worked as a host of a children's television program. During his studies, he first starred in a comedy series for local television, where he played the grandson of the protagonist.

Milos Bikovich now

In 2020, Milos’s fellow citizens will see him in the action series Dragan Bjelogrlich “South Wind” (a multi-part version of the same-name full-length film, released in 2018), and the full-length sequel to “South Wind” will be released on large screens.

Another important event in the actor’s career was the participation in Klim Shipenko’s comedy “Kholop”, which was released in Russia on the eve of the new year 2020. By January 4, the box office surpassed the mark of one billion rubles, and by the end of the first month, the picture outstripped the full-length version of The Policeman from Rublevka, which until then was considered the highest-grossing comedy in the recent history of Russian cinema.

Together with Milos, Ivan Okhlobystin, Maria Mironova, Alexandra Bortich, Arthur Vakha and other popular actors played in the film. Field shooting took place in the Pskov region and became a real test for our hero. Bikovich showed a strong allergic reaction to plants and domestic animals, and since the action takes place in the village, the actor had to take special antihistamines on all shooting days.

At the end of January, another premiere is planned with the participation of Bikovich. This is a fantastic blockbuster directed by Nikita Argunov “Coma”, in which our hero will play an autistic astronomer and will meet again with Lyubov Aksenova and Anton Pampushny, partners in past projects. Filming of the picture was started back in 2017, but due to lack of funding, it was suspended and resumed only in the second half of 2019.

Childhood and youth

Milos Bikovic was born in January 1988 in Belgrade. The boy’s relatives, Serbs by nationality, were not connected with the world of theater or cinema. But art, literature, painting and theater in the family of the actor have always been revered.

The desire to become an artist came to Milos at a conscious age: the young man decided on a profession in high school. He went to study at the Belgrade University of the Arts, through which Serbian actors pass annually. Education at this university is conducted according to the Russian system. After graduating, the performer joined the troupe of the Belgrade National Theater.


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