59 facts about Margot Robbie


Name: Margot Robbie

Birthday: July 2 1990 (29 years old)

Place of Birth: Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Height: 168 cm

Weight: 54 kg

Eastern horoscope: Horse

Career: Foreign actors 82 place

Photo: Margot Robbie

Career Margot Robbie

Margot sent Martina her portfolio without much hope and, as in the case of Neighbors, flew to another continent - to Britain, to celebrate the Queen’s “diamond” anniversary. That same evening, the girl received a message - a day later she needed to come to New York for an audition with Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio.

When casting manager Ellen Lewis saw what the actress came in (they were ripped jeans and ballet flats), she immediately sent her to the store for the “sexiest short dress and high-heeled shoes”.

On samples Leo improvised, and Margot had to adjust. When in one of the scenes DiCaprio after another family showdown said: “You should be happy to have a husband like me. Now come here and kiss me, ”Robbie was not taken aback. And although she really wanted to kiss the actor, who had been her idol since childhood, she came up and slapped him with a clear slap in the face, although this was not in the script. After this, Scorsese had no doubt who would play Jordan Belfort's wife.

At the premiere of “The Wolf from Wall Street” in Australia, the actress invited all her relatives except grandparents - Margot was worried that they would not endure the participation of her beloved granddaughter in erotic scenes. On the red carpet, the star went out with her mom.

After collaborating with Martin Scorsese, Margot was talked about, she began to appear on the covers of glossy magazines, in particular Esquire, and reached the top of the ratings for the sexiest Hollywood stars.


The story of Margot Robbie is similar to the modern Cinderella story. True, the path to fame and prosperous life turned out to be thorny, and Margot herself and her fantastic capacity for work became a good fairy.

The future actress was born on July 2, 1990 in Australia. Parents lived in a resort town, popular with foreign tourists, but Margo herself spent her childhood in the province - on her grandmother's farm. My father was also engaged in farming. He left his wife with four children. In addition to Margot, the family has the eldest son Lachlen, the youngest son Cameron and daughter Anya.

Betrayal Robbie never forgave her father, after the departure of Mike Robbie, the girl ceased to maintain a relationship with him. Mother had to work hard to give her children the necessary education. Sari Kessler is a physiotherapist, her work is related to children with disabilities and elderly patients.

Actress Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie grew curious and purposeful, tried to take the maximum out of life - she went to a theater studio, was engaged in dancing, water rowing. Surfing has become a real passion. After the end of the school year, Margot Robbie traditionally went to the farm to her grandmother. At 10, the girl expertly chopped wood and milked cows.

After school, the girl went to college and got a job immediately for three jobs. Margo wanted to make her mother’s life a little easier. The future actress worked as a waitress in a bar, cleaned the hotel rooms, sold souvenirs and drinks in the beach stall. When Margot Robbie saved up some money, she went to acting classes in Melbourne. Combined study with work and attending auditions. To pay for courses, Robbie had to trade sandwiches.


At the start of his acting career, Margot Robbie did not have an agent: the girl went to all the screenings, which she found out from ads or from fellow students. Some selections ended successfully for Margo, but the roles were so small that Robbie's surname was not even in the credits. A fleeting appearance in the frame was enough for director Aron, known in Australia, to pay attention to the girl. The director suggested Margot to star in the main role of the film "I see you." That was in 2007.

Margot Robbie in the TV series "Pan American"

The following year was no less successful in the creative biography of the artist. Margot Robbie came to the casting of the popular Australian series "Neighbors", and after the trials, confident in failure, flew away to rest in Canada. The vacation was interrupted by the message that Robbie was approved for the role of Donna Friedman. For almost three years, Margo starred in the sitcom, spending on the site for 17-18 hours five days a week. For the role in "Neighbors", the aspiring actress received two prizes at once.

In January 2011, filming ended - Robbie decided that she was ready to become a Hollywood star. The girl went to America, where they met Margot inhospitable. The actress from morning till night went to auditions - in vain. Finally, the girl was offered the role of a stewardess in the TV series "Pan American". True, the first season was a failure, so the project was closed. But it is precisely this role that Margot Robbie herself considers the start in Hollywood. The directors noticed a pretty blonde.

Margot Robbie in the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street”

Already in 2012, the actress starred in the film “Boyfriend from the Future,” and soon began acting in the film “The Wolf of Wall Street”. Margot sent the portfolio for review and went to England, where she received an invitation to audition in New York. The actress had to try in the frame with Leonardo DiCaprio, because in the story Margot played his wife. Leonardo improvised a lot, but Robbie was not lost: when a partner invited her to kiss him, the girl rolled a clear slap in the face (this was not in the script). The ingenuity of the girl conquered the director - Martin Scorsese did not doubt that he had found that actress.

After “The Wolf of Wall Street” Margot Robbie woke up famous: the actress's photos began to appear on the covers of fashion magazines, the most notable of which was Esquire, the directors began to offer the actress participation in rating projects. The girl, the owner of a seductive figure (with a height of 164 cm, Margo's weight reaches only 54 kg), did not hesitate to appear naked or half-naked on the screen. Frank scenes with the participation of Margot are in the films “Z - means Zachariah”, “Focus”, “French Suite”, “The Wolf from Wall Street”.

Margot Robbie in the movie "Suicide Squad"

In 2016, the girl appeared in the blockbuster Suicide Squad, which grossed $ 750 million at the box office. Will Smith, Jai Courtney, Cara Delevingne and Jared Leto also played in the movie about DC extended universe superheroes. The film was awarded one Oscar.

At the same time, with the participation of the actress, the adventure film “Tarzan. Legend". The actress played the role of Jane Porter, the wife of the protagonist - Tarzan (Alexander Skarsgard). Lord Greystock, who grew up among monkeys, becomes a bargaining chip in the struggle for power in Africa, but Tarzan does not know it right away. During a trip to the black continent, his wife also becomes the prey of criminals, to save which Tarzan resorted to the help of the entire African fauna. The spectacular film was highly praised by film critics and raised $ 350 million at the box office.

Another project of the year, which replenished the filmography of the actress, is the dramatic comedy Reporter about an American journalist who arrived on an assignment in Afghanistan. On the spot, the girl met reporters from Britain, Scotland, as well as a local translator. The main roles in the film, in addition to Margot Robbie, were played by Tina Fey and Martin Freeman.

Personal life

Margot Robbie has a rich personal life. First, the girl met with Matthew Thompson, whom she had known since school. After parting, the young people remained friends. Then there were short-term novels with a college student and art director Aitken. It was even rumored that Robbie had an affair with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Margot Robbie and Tom Akerly

The current companion is assistant director Tom Akerli, whom the actress met on the set of the French Suite. In December 2016, the lovers got married. The wedding was held in a circle of close friends and relatives. The girl dedicated only one post to her solemn event in her own Instagram. In November 2017, reporters noticed that the actress often appears in public places in loose clothing, which led to the idea of ​​Margot's pregnancy. While the artist herself did not comment on the rumors.

1. Family

The celebrity was born on July 2, 1990 in Delby, an inconspicuous provincial town located in Queensland, Australia, in the family of a farmer and a specialist in physiotherapy.

Her childhood years passed both in the parental house and on the farm, the owners of which were the grandfather and grandmother of the future actress. After the divorce of her parents, she did not see her father and does not maintain any ties with him to date.

She was brought up by a mother who combines childcare with employment in her specialty, and works mainly either with elderly people or with children with disabilities.

In the family, little Margot was affectionately called "Larva", this peculiar nickname remained with her throughout all school years. In addition to her, the family had three more children - Robbie has a sister and two brothers.

2. Childhood

Mother Margo very responsibly approached the upbringing of children, striving so that they received the maximum knowledge and skills, although it could not do without a certain search.

So, as a child, Robbie attended almost all school circles and sections: she did rowing, softball, danced and went to classes at the local theater studio. In high school, Margo was also addicted to surfing, which is an extremely common activity on the Australian continent.

Exactly playing sports, and in particular, her passion for surfing, had a decisive positive impact on her raised sports figure.

3. Relocation to Melbourne

After graduating from school, the girl began to seriously think about her future profession. Her dream to become an actress has been preserved since her childhood, and she decided to turn it into reality. But her mother did not always have the opportunity to pay tuition, because in addition to Margot, the family had three more children.

Wanting to help her mother, Robbie started working early - at the age of sixteen she began to work as a waitress, in addition, an ambitious school graduate tried on the profession of a maid and a salesman in a small beach pavilion.

Part-time jobs allowed her to save a relatively small amount of money, which was enough to pay for acting classes in Melbourne, where the girl arrived in 2007. But she had a hard time in a large metropolis: almost all her time spent studying and going to numerous trials during the day, and in the evening, she worked as a salesperson at Subway, one of the fast food outlets specializing primarily in sandwiches.

The work allowed her to pay for her further studies in acting classes.

Tom Felton and Emma Watson

Started with small film roles in little-known Australian films, her name was not always indicated in the credits. However, after several small episodes, Robbie was invited to a more significant and serious role in the thriller “I See You,” which was filmed in 2007, but it was released only two years later. Therefore, her professional debut is considered to be the role in the episode of the multi-part detective “The Murder Department” in 2008. Her role in the film “Vigilante”, played in the same year, belongs to the artist's debut work in full-length cinema.

After that, she participated in several series of the television series “Princess of the Elephants”, therefore, now the acting experience of the young artist has more than ten years.

Later she periodically appeared in various television "soap operas", the most famous of which were Neighbors and Pan American. And her American debut is the work in the film "About Time", in which she happened to star soon after arriving in the United States.

5. The series "Neighbors"

A certain turning point in Robbie's early career came in the summer of 2008 - the actress joined the crew of the series "Neighbors", having worked in this serial until the beginning of 2011. This is a very famous series in Australia, released since 1985.

Margot did not really hope to get into the number of actors recruited for the filming, and therefore, immediately after the trials, she left with her then boyfriend to Canada, where she was going to snowboard. But the development of the mountain peaks had to be postponed - the creators of the series contacted her and announced that she was credited for the role of Donna Friedman, one of the new heroines of the serial film. Two days later, the girl returned to her homeland, and began filming.

Everything turned out quite successfully, for her role in Neighbors she was twice nominated for the Logie Awards television prize, but in the winter of 2011, the actress left the series, making a firm decision to move to America to begin a new stage in her professional career.

6. In Los Angeles

Margot came to this city from another millionaire - New York, and she arrived not in vain. In California, she was lucky - here the actress was able to get a leading role in the television series Pan American, participating in the creation of his only season, which was released in 2011-20112.

In the future, she was waiting for work on the film “Boyfriend from the Future” and approval for the leading role in the film “The Wolf from Wall Street”, which brought the young artist real popularity and recognition. The release of this film marks a new round in her career - the acting game of Robbie was well received by film critics and the public, and Margot was nominated for a number of film awards.

7. Role in the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street”

Before filming The Wolf of Wall Street, there were many rumors about who would play the main female role, but no one seriously considered in this capacity an actress from Australia, unknown to the American audience, who had appeared relatively recently in the USA, including Margot herself.

Perhaps for this reason she came to the test in rather shabby shoes and old jeans, but the casting director, Ellen Lewis, apparently having examined something attractive in her, sent the applicant to the store, asking him to buy any short outfit and high-heeled shoes there .

It is not known what impressed Robbie Scorsese so much - her frank image, or her dramatic talent, but the role remained with her. Now the actress had to tune in to a long and painstaking work in tandem with Leonardo DiCaprio, her former idol in childhood.

By the way, at the premiere of the tape there were not some relatives of Robbie, namely her grandparents who stayed at home. The actress did not dare to invite them to the premiere of a film containing many frank scenes, fearing to shock her elderly relatives.

However, Margo's mother appeared with her at the premiere, after which Robbie literally woke up famous. Fashion magazines began to actively invite her to photo shoots and the previously unknown actress instantly took off to the top of the lists of the most attractive Hollywood celebrities.

8. Nowadays

Now Margo's acting career is on the rise, a celebrity is in demand and can choose from the proposed roles only suitable and liked by her. Having received many approving characteristics in her address, she did not relax and continued to work hard, having appeared in the list of large-scale films, including The French Suite, Tarzan. Legend ”and“ Suicide Squad ”.

Especially a lot of professional offers came to her after the release of Tarzan rental. Then there were several new commercially and creatively successful paintings, for example, “Tonya against all”, which brought her a whole list of nominations and awards. Soon, new films with her are expected in cinemas, including Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

9. “Tonya against all”

Last winter, the premiere of the tape "Tonya against all."This picture is very remarkable for Margo, because for the role in it she was nominated for several well-known film awards, including the Oscar.

In this tape, Robbie was to play a real athlete, whose biography became the basis for the script - the famous figure skater Tonya Harding. The plot of the picture tells about the difficult sports and life path of a talented provincial woman who paved her way into big sport with great efforts, will and hard work.

In addition, the well-known scandal that occurred with Harding also entered the script: her husband and his friend organized an attack on one of the main rivals of the skater, thereby substituting Tonya and inflicting a powerful blow on her athletic reputation.

Before filming in this picture, the actress had never been engaged in figure skating, however, after moving to America, she joined the ranks of an amateur hockey team, so she still had some experience in ice skating. But it was not enough, and the difference between the skates of hockey players and figure skaters is quite noticeable, but because in the process of working on the tape Margot had to learn a lot, getting up on skates almost from scratch.

Studying was not easy, and no protection was provided, so any mistake ended painfully for the actress and even threatened with serious injury (for example, Robbie came up with a herniated disc on her cervical vertebra). However, for the most part, business has always been limited to only a lot of abrasions and bruises.

To a considerable degree this was facilitated by her coaches, who turned out to be not only good specialists in their field, but also simply patient people to whom the artist expressed her gratitude. But to prevent potential injuries, the film studio further banned Margot from skating, concluding a special agreement with her.

10. Collaboration with renowned filmmakers

Robbie collaborated with directors such as Martin Scorsese, Richard Curtis, Craig Zobel, David Yates, Craig Gillespie, and others. In 2018, filming for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood was completed, where Margot played the role of actress Sharon Tate, so now this list is now You can include Quentin Tarantino.

11. Critics' ratings, nominations and professional awards

Her role in the film “The Wolf of Wall Street” was well received and appreciated by many film critics, especially noting the specific Brooklyn accent perceived by the Australian. In addition, for both tough and comic play, Robbie was compared with Katie Moriarty, who played in the movie Raging Bull.

But the role of Harley Quinn was very ambiguously accepted in the professional community of critics, although she fell in love with a number of comic book fans.

But Tonya Harding in her performance again brought the actress, for the most part, positive reviews about her professional qualities and acting skills. Many liked the graceful, and at the same time slightly insecure, screen image of a real athlete created by her.

Despite her young age, the celebrity has won several prestigious awards, including the Empire Award and the professional Critics ’Choice Movie Awards.

And the embodiment of the image of Tony Harding in the movie brought Margot film awards “AACTA Awards” and “Critics’ Choice Movie Awards ”, she was also nominated for an Oscar, Golden Globe and BAFTA. As a promising movie star, Robbie was nominated for the British Academy Award, but did not receive the award then.

12. Matthew Thompson

The actress never sought to cover her personal life with a gloom of secrecy, but she always manages to maintain good relations with her former lovers. When moving to the USA, the girl had not only to leave all her relatives, but also to part with her then boyfriend. Despite the severity of the separation experienced, Margo nevertheless quickly dealt with this unpleasant consequence of the change of residence.

And that same boyfriend was her fellow countryman Matthew Thompson, who has so far led the construction company in Robbie's small homeland. It is also interesting that Matthew and Margo see each time she comes to her hometown, and Thompson believes that the role of the guy of the famous artist, even if the former, clearly increases his prestige in the eyes of others.

13. Mark

While living in Los Angeles, she briefly met with a local student named Mark, but this relationship ended after active media discussions about Robbie's possible, but non-existent, romance with Leonardo DiCaprio. Apparently, the young man simply could not stand the nerves and the couple broke up.

15. Tom Akerli

In 2013, on the set of the French Suite tape, Robbie met Tom Akerli, and they soon began dating. Tom is just an assistant director, but the actress who was already popular at that time was not at all embarrassed, and by the end of 2016, three years after the start of the relationship, the couple decided to formalize them officially.

They invited only close friends and relatives to the wedding, and therefore very little is known about the ceremony itself. But Margo and Tom together to this day, and for some time now began to plan additions to the family.

16. A slap in the face of DiCaprio

Before the trials for the role of Naomi in the film “The Wolf of Wall Street”, Robbie was very worried, because she was a long-time fan of DiCaprio, in addition, the actress wanted to come up with some original and memorable director's move.

DiCaprio began to improvise, and while working on the scene of a family quarrel, where the character Leonardo invites his wife to kiss him as a gesture of reconciliation, Margot slapped the actor with a ringing slap in the face. This made a huge impression on the director, who finally decided on the performer of the main female role, but confused her herself.

According to Margot, at that moment she was frightened of the possible consequences of a slap in the face - from the bruise on Leonardo’s face and the related proceedings, to the director’s refusal of her candidacy. But Leo had a good sense of humor, and he praised the actress for excellent improvisation and resourcefulness.

17. Shooting of the bed scene in the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street”

When filming the Naomi Belfort seduction scene, Martin Scorsese suggested the following scenario: the heroine Robbie appears in the doorway in a bathrobe. But such a director's vision was strongly rejected by the actress, who stated that Naomi should appear naked in this scene. She argued this decision by the fact that for her heroine, the body is the only available currency, and she cannot go out in a dressing gown - she should immediately put all the trump cards on the table.

19. Rejection of filming in "Playboy"

Robbie refused to star in "Playboy", where she was invited after the release of "The Wolf of Wall Street", despite the substantial fee offered to her.

According to her, the refusal was motivated by the fact that she was ready to be exposed only for artistic purposes, to which she does not include photography for men's magazines. Margo noted that she was not at all shy of her body and she would be interested to look at herself now in her mature years.

20. Doesn't love her character Harley Quinn

Margo never liked her character Harley Quinn. By her own admission, Robbie hostility arose during her first reading of the script and intensified upon further consideration of the features of her heroine.

According to the actress, she has nothing to do with Harley, she is not pleasant to her, and even hated. But all this did not stop Robbie from qualitatively realizing this image on the screen. In addition, she will star in the movie "Birds of Prey," which is scheduled for release in 2020, in the same role.

21. In childhood, did not shy away from hard work

Since the future celebrity grew up on a farm, it is not surprising that the girl is first-hand familiar with village work and can easily milk a cow or chop wood.

Now she recalls this with humor, admitting that already in childhood she dreamed of becoming an actress, but considers farm work, though not easy, but a worthy occupation.

23. Differs in persistent nature

Before becoming recognizable and popular, Margot starred in the list of paintings classified in category "B", and even subjected to harsh criticism. These include the 2008 Vigilante film, which failed miserably at the box office and has an IMDb rating below 3.5.

She participated in trials for the role of Abby Sampson in Charlie's Angels, however, the creators of the television movie saw Rachel Taylor in this image. But this annoying failure was a strong motivational incentive for the young actress and she was noticed - Margot was invited to the Pan American series.

Unfortunately, the project was closed after the first season was released due to modest ratings, but Robbie still did not lose heart and was optimistic about the future - after all, but the professional foundation in the new country was laid.

24. Did not recognize Prince Harry

At one of the parties, the actress met Prince Harry, who, according to some sources, showed interest in her, but did not achieve reciprocity. However, Robbie did not recognize Harry as the grandson of the English queen, later jokingly joking that she did not recognize the prince, because he had come to the party without a crown.

Subsequently, there were many rumors in the media about correspondence between young people on social networks, but all this was not confirmed, remaining the latest rumors.

Margot Robbie Now

Now the girl is working on the next reproduction of the image of the heroine Harley Quinn in the continuation of the film “Suicide Squad”. No less interesting work for Margot was the role of Elizabeth I in the drama "Mary is the Queen of Scotland", which is being prepared for release in 2018. Before each shooting, Robbie imposed a complex makeup that turned a beautiful blonde woman into a woman with high bald patches and sparse red hair, with a face disfigured by smallpox traces. Margo was not at all embarrassed by the changes in appearance. The actress organically looked in an unusual way for herself. In the role of Mary Stuart appeared Sirsha Ronan.

Margot Robbie is not only a popular actress, but also a novice producer. In 2009, the girl first participated in the production of the thriller "I see you." In 2017, the artist released two films - the comedy “Tonya against all”, which received three nominations for the Golden Globe, and the drama “The Ultimate”. In all the films, the girl played the main characters.

In 2017, another significant event in the career of the actress took place. Time magazine placed the name Margot Robbie among the most influential people in the world.

Margot Robbie got married

Margo does not comment on the rumors, making it clear that the speculation of the press has nothing to do with it. In fact, the personal life of Margot Robbie is associated with one person. His name is Tom Akerli. They first met on the set of Suite Francaise in 2013 and have been together since then.

Here is what Margot told Vouge magazine in May 2016:

"Tom is the prettiest guy in London. Before I met him, I was the perfect lonely girl."

In December 2016, Margo and Tom held a secret ceremony in Australia, Byron Bay.

After the wedding, all publications “made noise” that Margo was expecting a baby. But the actress did not confirm these words. It is known that she does not like to advertise her personal life, and she hides plans by no means. Rumors about the children went after the actress expressed feelings towards Tom's nieces.

At the wedding of friends

Here is what Margo told New Corp Australlia:

"I want a ton of children! Although maybe not so many!"

The young couple are often caught by the paparazzi:

Margo and Tom also share personal photos on Instagram:

Margot with her husband and his relatives in England

Personal data

  • Surname: Robbie
  • Name: Margot
  • Date of Birth: 02.07.1990
  • The country: Australia
  • Place of Birth: Gold Coast Queensland
  • Weight: 54 kg
  • Height: 168 cm
  • Occupation: actress
  • Zodiac sign: Crayfish
  • According to the Eastern horoscope: Horse

Margot Robbie is a young but already well-known actress from Australia. Her starring role was Naomi Lapagli in the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street”, where she starred with Leonardo DiCaprio. After this role, Margot began to be called "Hollywood Barbie."

Photo Margot Robbie

Childhood Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie was born in July 1990 in the Gold Coast, a small town on the ocean. The girl’s father is a farmer, her mother is a physiotherapist. The native town at that time was already very famous and attractive for tourists, but the girl spent most of the time not on the sunny coast, but on a farm at her grandmother in Dolby, where she learned to care for animals and plants, and also did a lot of black work, for example, already at 10 years old she knew how to chop wood.

Margot Robbie in childhood

Margot's parents soon separated, and the mother had to raise 4 children, take additional work, deal with older people and with children with disabilities. Margo stopped talking with her father after the divorce. The daughter tried to help her mother and in many ways looked up to her.

In school, the girl was restless, very active. She attended many circles and sections and managed to try everything that educational institutions offered. At this time, she first participated in school productions. Then the dream of an acting career was born. Another fun was surfing. It was a very popular sport on the Golden Coast. As a teenager, Margo spent hours on the beach. However, on vacation, mother also sent everything to her grandmother at the farm.

Margot Robbie loved spending time on the beach in her youth

Youth Margot Robbie

Margo quite successfully graduated from high school and enrolled in Somerset Private College. However, training had to be paid. To help her mother, raising 2 more younger children, the girl got a job 3. She was a maid, waitress and saleswoman. The money earned was enough not only for everyday needs and training, but also for saving up for acting classes. When a sufficient amount accumulated, the girl went to Melbourne, where she enrolled in acting classes. Margo was also having a hard time here: in the morning she studied, in the afternoon she attended auditions and film screenings, and in the evenings she worked as a saleswoman in the Subway network. Otherwise, she would have nothing to pay for the courses.

Youth Margot Robbie

Carier start

Sometimes fortune smiled at the castings, and she was invited to episodic roles in small tapes. Last name Robbie did not even appear in the credits. However, thanks to just such small works, director Aash Aron once noticed her. At that time, he was looking for an actress for a major role in the thriller “I.C.U”, to which he invited the girl. However, in order to take part in the filming, Margot had to dye her hair and become a brunette. The 2007 film brought first glory and so far little fame.

2008 was particularly successful for Robbie. She managed to get to the casting of the series "Neighbors". This tape has been shown since 1985, and it has not lost popularity. At that time, the series needed new characters. And Margot decided at random to try. She did not believe in the success of her venture, therefore, with a calm soul and a loved one, she left for Canada to ride a snowboard, unwind, and relax. However, I had to hurry back from the planned 5-week vacation, because Margot received a message that she had passed the test. She got the role of a fashion student named Donna Friedman.

Work in the series "Neighbors" took almost all the time. The girl spent on the set for 17 hours a day. In total, Margo worked in the project for 3 years. During this time, she was twice nominated for the prestigious Australian Australian Logie Awards. At the beginning of 2011, the last series with her participation was released. The girl decided that it was time to change something in life.


In 2011, the girl went to America. She was about to conquer the Dream Factory. However, she was little known, and no one was waiting for her. Therefore, Margot again goes through many movie screenings and auditions. She tries in various films, but already claims to be more significant roles. For example, she auditioned for the role of one of Charlie's Angels, but to no avail. However, the television company offered her another job.Margot Robbie was supposed to play a stewardess in the TV series Pan American. Despite the fact that the film did not receive much public recognition, and after the first season the project was closed, the girl managed to attract attention. Spectacular blonde was remembered by many. So Margot pulled out her lucky ticket. She was noticed by Hollywood directors.

In the role of a stewardess ("Pan American")

After the series, she took part in the filming of several more films. In 2013, the girl learns that Martin Scorsese is looking for applicants for one of the main roles for his new film “The Wolf of Wall Street”, where DiCaprio was to play the main role. Play with him in the same tape - it was Robbie's long and cherished dream. She sent the portfolio to the director, but without much hope of success. Immediately after that, she flew to the UK, where the queen's anniversary festivities were held.

In the role of Naomi Lapaglia (“The Wolf of Wall Street”)

However, I did not have to rest for a long time. On the same day, the girl received an invitation to audition. The contenders for the role of Belfort’s wife were watched not only by the director, but also by Leo himself. The latter improvised a lot, and the young actress had to adapt. She succeeded so well that Scorsese and DiCaprio did not have doubts and disagreements about who should play the role of Naomi Lapagli.

After working in the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street,” Margo became a very famous actress. Various magazines began to interview her, she began to appear on the covers of the most famous publications and began to be considered one of the sexiest actresses.

In the company of the actors who starred in the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street”


However, the girl did not stop there and continued her active work. So, in 2014, she starred in the film “French Suite”. This, one might say, is an international picture, because people from Great Britain, Belgium and France itself worked on its creation. And in 2015, Margot took part immediately in 3 tapes: “Z - means Zachariah”, “The Short Game” and “Focus”. Thanks to this, she gained experience working with the most famous Hollywood actors: Ryan Gosling and Christian Bale. And the girl made friends with Will Smith.

Margot Robbie and Will Smith (Focus)

In 2016, Margot Robbie starred in several more films. This is Tarzan. Legend ”and“ Suicide Squad ”. In both cases, she played the main roles. In addition, work on the Reporter’s tape is planned for 2016, where Margo will also be far from in the background. In 2018, the girl thinks to please fans with the fact that she will star in the next movie about Batman.

As Harley Quinn (Suicide Squad)


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