UmaTurman Group


basic information
Genrespop rock, reggae, funk rock, ska, alternative rock, bossa nova
Years2003 - present
The country Russia
Where fromNizhny Novgorod
LabelVelvet music
CompositionVladimir Kristovsky
Sergey Kristovsky
Sergey Solodkin
Alexey Kaplun
Yuri Terletsky
Alexander Abramov
Sergey Serov
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Uma2rman (formerly Umaturman, Uma2rman) is a Russian rock band from Nizhny Novgorod. Initially, it consisted of the Kristovsky brothers - Sergey and Vladimir, who named the group in honor of their beloved actress Uma Thurman. In the future, additional musicians were hired for concerts: Sergey Solodkin - drums, Yuri Terletsky - solo guitar, Alexey Kaplun - keyboards, Alexander Abramov - saxophone, Sergey Serov - trombone.

She gained fame after the radio hits “Praskovya”, “Uma Thurman”, “Goodbye”, as well as the song that sounded in the final credits of the film “Night Watch”.

The group has won the Muz-TV Award three times and “Best Debut 2004” according to the MTV RMA Award, the winner of the Golden Gramophone 2016 Award.


The Umaturman group was formed in July 2003, when the Kristovsky brothers recorded a demo album consisting of 15 songs in the Nizhny Novgorod studio. He was sent to Moscow by record companies.

The first public performance of the group in Moscow took place on December 19, 2003 (on the birthday of V. Kristovsky) in the club “16 tons” at a concert of Zemfira. Friends, having invited them there as a birthday present, they already informed the brothers there that they would be able to go on stage and together with the singer perform their song “Praskovya” (the recording of which they had previously transferred to Zemfira herself and she really liked it) .

The band’s first clip was shot on March 23-24, 2004 in the cities of Yalta and Gurzuf for the same composition, which had become a real hit by then.

In June, “Umaturman” performs at the opening of the Moscow International Film Festival, where Quentin Tarantino was an honored guest.

The director of the film “Night Watch” Timur Bekmambetov was also interested in the group’s creativity and invited them to record a soundtrack for the film. The film was a resounding success at the box office, and the main song for a long time remained at the top of many charts. After that, two more clips were shot: “To say goodbye” and “Uma Thurman”.

On September 23 of the same year, the debut album of the group “In the City N” was released, and on October 16 the group became the winner at the MTV Russia Music Awards ceremony in the nomination “Best Debut”.

In 2005, the group signed a contract for performances in France with Warner Music. Agents Uma Thurman did not agree to use the name of the actress, because of which the group had to change the name to that proposed by the French partners - “Uma2rman”, or sometimes “Uma2rman”.

The group has repeatedly performed at the rock festival "Invasion".

In 2007, the group wrote the text and voiced the splash screen of the series “Daddy's Daughters”.

In 2009, they wrote the soundtrack for the film “Oh, lucky!”.

In 2010, they took part in the work on the cartoon “Squirrel and Arrow. Star dogs. " In the same year, they gave two lodgers - March 12 (DC named after Zuev) and November 25 (Club "Mao").

Fourth album released in 2011 “Everyone in this city is crazy.”, become nominees for the Muz-TV Prize in the nomination "Best Rock Band", but inferior to the Mumiy Troll group.

In 2014, September 17, the group performs at the grand opening of the new Moscow club Brooklyn.

In 2015, the Kristovsky brothers wrote the title track for the STS television series Prince of Siberia, and the series soundtrack included 4 more songs from the group.


Uma Thurman (currently Uma2rmah) - Russian pop-rock band from Nizhny Novgorod.

In July 2003, the group was formed by the Kristovsky brothers together with Vyacheslav Butusov. At the same time, the first test album, consisting of 15 tracks, was recorded. The name "Umaturman" was chosen in honor of the beloved actress of the brothers - Uma Thurman. The debut album was sent to several different studios in the capital and on December 19 of that year the first concert of the band took place in Moscow.

The debut video clip was shot in March 2004 for the song Praskovya. By this time, this song has already gained wide popularity repeatedly sounded on all radio stations. In 2004, the disc “In the City of N”, which became the first public release of Umaturman, was also released.

At this time, the famous director Timur Bekmambetov worked on the filming of the movie "Night Watch". He invited the Kristovsky brothers to remove the soundtrack for the future blockbuster. The film and the song "Night Watch" were a resounding success and for a long time remained at the peak of popularity. Soon two more video clips of the group came out - “To say goodbye” and “Uma Thurman”.

Another title for the movie was the title track for the popular daddy daughters series. In 2010, the team participated in the creation of the cartoon "Squirrel and Arrow. Star Dogs."

Composition of the Uma2rmaH group

  • Vladimir Kristovsky - vocals, guitar
  • Sergey Kristovsky - bass, backing vocals, vocals
  • Sergey Solodkin - drums
  • Yuri Terletsky - solo guitar
  • Alexey Kaplun - keyboards


After the first performance, Praskovya became a hit in a matter of days. In the spring of the same year, Vladimir and Sergey shot a clip for this composition. The video turned out spectacular: the shooting took place in the resort of Yalta and Gurzuf, 18 beautiful models participated in them. Soon, the rest of the compositions of the Kristovsky brothers gained popularity among music lovers. And in 2004, the group released its first studio album, called "In the City of N".

Song "Praskovya" of the group "Umaturman"

Besides the already loved by many “Praskovya” and “Minds Thurman”, the audience also remembered the soundtrack to the sensational film “Night Watch”, based on the work of Sergei Lukyanenko. The picture itself brought together a truly stellar cast: the main roles went to Konstantin Khabensky, Zhanna Friske, Alexei Chadov and other eminent actors. And the composition about Anton Gorodetsky (the main character of The Night Watch), performed by the Kristovsky brothers, was played on many radio stations for a long time.

The popularity of the record, as the musicians later admitted in an interview, exceeded even the wildest expectations. The album soon received platinum status (according to some radio stations and the media), and also brought the Kristovsky brothers an honorary statuette of the MTV Russian Music Awards in the Opening of the Year nomination.

The song "Night Watch" of the group "Umaturman"

Dreams of fame were achieved, but the musicians still had one cherished desire: to perform the song “Uma Thurman” in front of the actress and Quentin Tarantino, whose name is also mentioned in this composition. Unfortunately, Sergei and Vladimir did not succeed in speaking to the star. But I managed to sing for the director, who arrived in Moscow at the opening of the film festival. He treated the composition with humor and accepted the Umaturman CD as a present.

In 2005, the discography of the team replenished with the second disc. The album was called “Or maybe it's a dream. ". The members of the group, following the established tradition, dedicated one of the songs to their favorite actress. True, this composition - “Letter to Uma” - could not repeat the success of the first dedication to the Hollywood beauty. The musicians were criticized and even accused of being "scribbled" and began to repeat themselves. But the rest of the album’s tracks appealed to the listeners.

The song "Say Goodbye" to the group "Umaturman"

After the release of the record, the musicians went on tour: first, the Umaturman group traveled to Russian cities, and then even gave several concerts abroad. Returning from the tour, the Kristovsky brothers began work on a new album. The release of the next disc was preceded by a song recorded for the popular series “Daddy's Daughters”. The hero of Andrei Leonov, Sergey Vasnetsov, a large father, was close and understandable to musicians: both brothers have five children.

Work on the third disc was completed in 2008. This album was different from previous ones by mixing genres and bold experiments with sound. His highlight was the songs performed together with the French diva Patricia Kaas - "Paris" and "Do not call." Following the release of the album, a traditional tour followed, after which the musicians again signed a contract with the television project. This time, Sergey and Vladimir took up the soundtracks for the cartoon "Squirrel and Strelka. Star dogs. " In total, three songs were recorded.

The song "Bestia" of the group "Umaturman"

In 2011, Sergey and Vladimir Kristovskiy were awarded the nomination for the Muz-TV channel award for their next album, Everyone Is Crazy in This City. True, the cherished award at that time went to Ilya Lagutenko and his team “Mumiy Troll”, but the recognition of the fans was completely on the account of “Umaturman”. The most popular were the tracks “Rain in the City” and “You Will Return”, as well as covers for compositions by Alla Pugacheva and the collective “Time Machine”.

No sooner had the fans to rejoice at the new disc, as rumors about the band's breakup appeared on the Web. Indeed, Sergey Kristovsky enthusiastically embarked on a solo project, only to provoke a wave of gossip. However, after some time, the musicians reassured the fans, saying that the Umaturman collective continued to record songs and was preparing to release the next album.

The song “On the Other Bank of Winter” by Umaturman and Varvara Visbor

The promised disc was released in 2016. This album, called "Sing, Spring", for some time even beat sales records and led all kinds of charts and chart lists. Another hit of 2016 was the song “On the Other Side of the Winter” performed by the Kristovsky brothers together with the performer Barbara Visbor.

Umaturman now

In 2018, photos of musicians reappeared on the pages of news publications. The occasion was the premiere of the next record, which replenished the musical biography of the collective. The new album “Not of Our World” was recorded in collaboration with sound engineer Pavlo Shevchuk. Also, fans of the Umaturman group’s creativity have already seen the new Kristovsky brothers video for the song “Do not part with your loved ones.”

The song “Everything for Football. Everything for the Match ”of the“ Umaturman ”group

In 2018, Umaturman entered the history of the main sporting event of the year - the World Cup. The musicians recorded the song “Everything for football. Everything for the Match ”, which became the unofficial anthem of this event. Also, artists Nike Borzov, Dmitry Dyuzhev, Alexei Kortnev and other Russian pop stars took part in the song.

Kristov Brothers in 2018

Now the musicians continue to give concerts and are already rumored to be preparing for work on the next album. The composition of the group has noticeably expanded since its founding: along with the Kristovsky brothers, solo guitarist Yuri Terletsky, saxophonist Alexander Abramov, keyboard player Alexei Kaplun, drummer Sergey Solodkin and Sergey Serov playing the trombone are now on the stage.

Umaturman group now

You can follow the news about the creativity and personal life of Umaturman musicians on Instagram and other social networks, where fans share photos of idols and impressions about the concerts of their favorite group.

Photo: Umaturman

The main stages of creativity

Collaboration with filmmakers continued in the cartoon Squirrel and Arrow. Star dogs "(2010). Three compositions of “Umaturman” entered the soundtrack of the animated adventure of four-legged astronauts, whose voices were given by Anna Bolshova and Elena Yakovleva.

The album “Everyone is crazy in this city” (2011) brought “Uma2rman” a nomination for the “Muz-TV” award in the category “Best Rock Band”, however, the victory went to the collective of Ilya Lagutenko “Mumiy Troll”. The musicians delighted the fans with 18 new songs, including Alla Pugacheva’s covers and “Candle” of “Time Machine” with covers for “You Know, Still Will”.

After that, Sergey took up a solo album, rumors spread about the breakup of the group, but they turned out to be erroneous. In 2015, the group recorded 5 songs for the series “Prince of Siberia” with Ivan Zhidkov, including an opening theme.

In 2016, the long-awaited new album “Sing, Spring!” Was released, which at the start of sales showed excellent results and took off on the first line of the iTunes chart.


Since the group is named after a real person - Hollywood actress Uma Thurman, as soon as real popularity came, the musicians made adjustments to the spelling of the name and became known as “Uma2rman”. This had to be done in order to avoid brand copyright issues.

In 2012, gossip was caused by the text of the song "Horoscope", which lists the failures of other signs of the zodiac, except for the scales.


Watch the video: Uma Turman "Проститься" (April 2020).