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Names and photos of the most beautiful butterflies in the world


There are many animals on planet Earth that are able to surprise with their bright and unusual appearance. Butterflies are perhaps the most beautiful creatures in the world. People always liked to watch these amazing insects.

In many cultures, butterflies are symbols of family well-being, joy, love, and spiritual rebirth.

Currently, there are about 200,000 species of these Lepidoptera. Each butterfly is different in size and unique color.

What are the most beautiful butterflies on the planet?

Blue morpho

This large-sized butterfly lives in South and Central America.

The length of the wings of adults is 15 millimeters. The color of the wings is bright blue.

The lower side is decorated with several pairs of eyes that are brown. Having such a pattern, Blue Morpho can confuse predators. Males are more brightly colored than females. During the flight, the wings of this representative of the nymphalide family shimmer in various colors.

Atlas or Prince of Darkness

This insect can be found in Southeast Asia, mainly in China, Thailand or India.

This representative of the peacock-eye family has 24-centimeter wings. Atlas females are larger than males. The color of the wings is chestnut red.

The edges of the wings are bordered by light brown and black stripes. On the wings of the insect you can see the eyes, which is typical for all peacock eyes. Atlas lives only two weeks.

Sailboat Palinur

This beautiful butterfly lives in the forests of Malaysia, Indonesia and Burma.

The wingspan of an adult can reach up to 10 cm. The main background of the wings is black.

There are also wide stripes of emerald green. Sailboat Palinur uses his long proboscis to drink nectar. These representatives of the sailing family are often bred by many lepidopterologists.


This extremely rare lepidoptera lives in some areas of France, Italy, Spain and other European countries.

Apollo has very beautiful silver iridescent wings. On the upper wings there are large black spots.

On the lower wings, red spots with a black outline can be seen. This member of the Papilionidae family is endangered.


These unusual butterflies can be found in Central and South America.

The wingspan of an adult varies from 4 to 6 cm. On the wings of Kallikora, peculiar black and white rings in the form of stripes. The underside of the wings is red and black.

Thanks to its wings with bizarre geometric patterns, this insect has received the unscientific name “88”. These representatives of the nymphalide family prefer to fly over mountain slopes or rivers.

Peacock eye

This butterfly, well known to many, lives in the subtropical zone of Eurasia and in Europe.

The wingspan of the insect is up to 62 mm. The wings are orange-brown. There are also 4 large peepholes with blue spots.

With the help of such a coloration, these representatives of the nymphalide family are protected from predators.

Charitonium heliconide or zebra butterfly

This lepidopteran mainly lives in South and Central America.

Wings of black color with thin white stripes. An adult has a wingspan of up to ten centimeters.

Charitonium heliconide lives on average 6 months.

1. Atlas (Prince of Darkness)

The leader in the top ten in beauty Atlas. The shape of the wing of this butterfly resembles a snake head, which disguises it from insectivores. Caterpillars of this individual feed on leaves, and when they turn into butterflies, they live off the accumulated substances. Therefore, the beautiful Atlases do not live long - only ten days. Quite a large moth - sizes reach several tens of centimeters. It lives in the tropical and subtropical latitudes of China, on the island of Java, as well as Indonesia, Thailand and Southeast Asia. The prince of darkness got a second name because he prefers to be active at night.

2. Urania Madagascar

One of the most beautiful specimens among all the representatives of butterflies. It rightfully takes the second place in the ranking. Its wingspan is 9 cm. The flakes of uranium wings are individually multi-colored, and all together create an unusual and unique beauty pattern. The edges of the wings are painted white. Unusual ornament and color protects from enemies. He warns that uranium is a poisonous insect. Day butterfly likes to be active in the daytime. Toward night, a flock of beauties gather in a certain shelter for the night.

Sailboat Maak

This insect lives in Europe and Asia. The wingspan reaches 13 centimeters.

Coloring of the front wings of males with a black and green tint. Hind wings with green and dark blue shimmer.

Females are dominated by black and brownish colors. Green tide is absent in females. There are also reddish spots.

3. Birdwing Queen Alexandra

In third place is the Birdwing of Queen Alexandra. Collectors all over the world are hunting for this specimen. This butterfly lives in New Guinea. Males of an amazing insect are much more attractive than females. Their wings are painted in green-blue and black colors and look like narrow leaves of plants on a dark background. The color of females is more modest, but females are larger than males. The wingspan of them can reach 28 centimeters.

Queen Alexandra's Birdwing

This day butterfly can be found in the forests of the island of New Guinea.

The wingspan of an adult is 32 centimeters. The male Birdwing has a brighter coloring than the female. The wings of males are painted in green and blue.

Females are cream, black and yellow in color. This member of the sailing family is threatened with extinction.

Callima or leaf butterfly

This insect lives in Asia and Africa.

The wingspan is 120 mm. The upper side of the wings is painted in blue, orange and black. The lower part is similar in color to a dried leaf of a tree.

These representatives of the Nymphalidae family are able to disguise themselves as foliage.

10. Peacock eye

Opens the top ten most beautiful insects bright butterfly Peacock eye. This is a small day butterfly, its wingspan rarely reaches 6 cm. On a bright background, from red to brown, there are 4 bright spots that resemble the eyes.

On the lower wings, the “eyes” are black and blue, on the upper - rainbow on a black background. The reverse side of the wings, gray-brown with veins, imitates a dry leaf. The color of an adult insect may vary depending on the temperature conditions in which the pupa developed. The body of this butterfly is covered with brown down.

The peacock eye can be found in the middle zone of Eurasia on flowers, tree sap and fermented fruits. Representatives of this species live up to 9 months. They hibernate in the folds of tree bark and crevices of farm buildings. During thaws, they can wake up and fly out of cover. The second time it’s difficult for an adult insect to fall asleep.

5. The glory of butane

The fifth line is the Glory of butane. This is a diurnal butterfly with a wingspan of 13 cm, which is slightly rounded at the top and divided into three small tails at the bottom. The number of individuals of this species is small, so the insect is listed in the Red Book. The main shade of coloring is dark blue. There are black beauties with yellow stripes that vertically cross the entire perimeter of the wings. Inhabits the glory of butane in North India and Thailand. Her natural living environment is also located in Southeast Asia, as well as Bhutan. These insects live up to three weeks.

9. Greta Oto

In ninth place in the ranking of the most beautiful butterflies in the world is the unusual Greta Oto. Like the peacock eye, it barely reaches 6 centimeters, and also prefers daylight hours. This is where the similarity of the ranking neighbors ends.

The trump card of Greta Oto is not magnificent beauty, but fragility and grace. She has a slender body and transparent wings without color scales, for which she received the second name - Glass Butterfly. Black veins and a brown-red border are visible on the wings, a small white stripe on the upper wings. With a successful fall of the rays of light, the transparent sections of the wings shimmer like a soap bubble.

Crystal beauty lives in the humid forests of the Amazon. Caterpillars feed only on the leaves of the poisonous shrub cestrum. The caterpillar accumulates the toxin, which is enough for the whole life of this butterfly.

Peacock Eye (Agalisio)

This is the most famous butterfly, which captivates people with bright colors. On her wings, nature painted four blue-black eyes with blue dots. With their color scheme, they resemble the color of a peacock. The main color of the scales is bright red.

The wingspan of this beauty is small, only 5.5 cm. The life span of an individual is nine months.

In winter, the butterfly hides from the cold in the hollows of trees and in the cracks of the bark. With the advent of spring, the peacock eye leaves its cozy refuge.

This species can be found in Eurasia and Japan. These butterflies are permanent residents of forest and park areas. They also live in the mountains, boldly rising to a height of 2.5 km above sea level.

Prince of Darkness - one of the most beautiful butterflies in the world

The large butterfly Prince of Darkness is considered a wonderful representative of the largest and most dazzling insects. The Emperor belongs to the subspecies of this butterfly, which attracts special attention with its bright colors. Unfortunately, like many types of butterflies, the Prince of Darkness lives only ten days. The wings of a beautiful butterfly resemble a snake's head, and therefore this disguise saves the butterfly from many hunters.

8. Morpho Peleida

The next line in the list of the most beautiful butterflies in the world is Morpho Peleida. Her name translated from Greek means "beauty." The wingspan of this diurnal butterfly is 10-12 cm. The bright blue and blue color of the wings is framed by a black border with white dots. The underside of Morpho Peleida's wings is gray-brown with a thin, light pattern in the form of stripes and circles resembling eyes.

The main habitat of these beauties is Central America and the islands of the Caribbean. There they are bred on special farms. Green teardrop pupae are exported to many countries around the globe.

7. Admiral

Butterfly Admiral was named for its resemblance to admiral ribbons worn over the shoulder and stripes. On a black or brown background of velvety wings with a wingspan of 5-6.5 cm, bright red-orange stripes stretch. A wide fiery border with black dots frames the hind wings. The front wings divide in orange lines in half.

In addition, the top of the front wings has large white spots, and if you look closely, you can find flickering blue spots along the edges of the wings. Admiral's trunk and forelegs are covered with thick hairs.

6. Madagascar comet

On the sixth line of the ranking of the most beautiful butterflies in the world, the Madagascar comet settled, it is Saturnia Madagascar, and it is also the Moon mole. According to its name, this butterfly is found only in the tropical forests of the island of Madagascar and leads a nocturnal lifestyle. This species of Lepidoptera belongs to the family of peacock-eyes, one of the largest butterflies on the planet.

Let the Moon mole is not the largest, but certainly the longest: in the wingspan it reaches 14-18 cm, and the hind wings are equipped with “tails” 16-20 cm long! True, these ponytails are short-lived: after several flights, they fall off.

And the total life expectancy of Saturnia is small, within 3-5 days. For such a short life, there are enough nutrients stored in the caterpillar stage, so nature did not provide for the comet the ability to feed: it has no mouth and digestive system.

5. The glory of Bhutan

Fifth place is occupied by the spectacular day butterfly Butterfly of Bhutan. Unlike the rest of the day Lepidoptera, she prefers cloudy and rainy days. The wingspan of the Glory of Bhutan is 10-12 cm. The background of the wings is dark brown, with light yellow wavy lines visible on it. The front wings are rounded, and the hind wings are equipped with several ponytails and a bright multi-colored spot that warns predators that this insect is poisonous.

The glory of Bhutan can hide bright hind wings under more modest front wings, in this state it is almost impossible to see on a tree trunk. She lives in the highlands of Southeast Asia. Trade in this type of butterfly is prohibited, but collectors seek to get such a butterfly at least illegally. A few days after being captured, the glory of Bhutan exudes a sweet aroma.

2. Urania Madagascar

Another beauty from the African island is Urania Madagascar. This is a medium-sized day butterfly, about 10 cm, in high mountains - about 7 cm. On a black background of the wings are clusters of small scales, under a microscope similar to ribbons.

The scales form rainbow stripes of yellow, green, blue and reddish tones. A light fringe runs along the edge of the curly hind wings. The breast of Urania is covered with orange hairs.

Interesting Butterfly Facts

  1. The smallest butterfly, acetosia, has a wingspan of only about 2 millimeters. The largest, titania agrippina - up to 28 millimeters.
  2. Butterflies, like elephants, feed using the trunk. More precisely, the proboscis.
  3. In total, there are about 165 thousand species of butterflies and moths in the world. Yes, yes, thousands! And most of them prefer to lead a nocturnal lifestyle.
  4. Moths, night moths, are able to howl in a wolf manner. This howling buzz mimics that of the queen bee, which allows the hawk to freely get into the bee hive and enjoy honey, which makes up a fair fraction of its diet.
  5. Butterflies are found on all continents except Antarctica.
  6. Butterfly eyes consist of more than a thousand faceted elements each.
  7. The taste receptors are found on butterflies on their paws.
  8. Some species of butterflies during their very short lives lay more than a thousand eggs, from which caterpillars hatch.
  9. Butterflies readily eat many other species, such as birds and chameleons.
  10. The northernmost of the butterflies live less than a thousand kilometers from the North Pole, on Canada’s Queen Elizabeth Island.
  11. In China, India and some countries of South America, the population does not hesitate to eat butterflies.
  12. Some species of butterflies can develop speeds in excess of 60 km / h during flight, covering a distance equal to twenty to thirty thousand lengths of their own body per minute of flight.
  13. Most butterflies are afraid of water, but, for example, a lilac moth can calmly emerge if it accidentally falls into the water, brush itself off and fly on.
  14. Monarch butterflies understand medicinal plants and are able to use them for medical purposes if their offspring need help.
  15. Butterflies lack such an organ as the heart.
  16. Butterflies distinguish only three colors - red, yellow and green.
  17. There are vampire butterflies that feed in the same way mosquitoes do - caliptra eustrigate. However, only males feed on blood, while females prefer plant foods.
  18. The skeleton of a butterfly, or rather, the exoskeleton, is not inside her body, but outside. All internal organs are inside it.
  19. Cabbage butterfly is very prolific. If all the offspring of even one cabbage survived, so many of its descendants would have been born in a season that they would have weighed three times more than all the people on Earth combined.
  20. In China, butterflies are considered a symbol of love and lovers.

Sailboat of Queen Alexandra

Many collectors would love to purchase a delightful copy - a butterfly with the unusual name Queen Alexandra's Sailboat.Representatives of beautiful insects live in New Guinea. A unique butterfly varies in color depending on gender. For example, males have bright wings with blue and green ornaments, while females have slightly dimmer wings, but their wingspan reaches 28 centimeters. The color of insects allows masking in the foliage of bright exotic vegetation.

The most beautiful butterfly and the rarest: Birdwing butterfly

Butterfly Birdwing is a record holder on the list of the largest and rarest insects. The stunning color of the butterfly is striking, because the mesmerizing contrast of blue, yellow and black looks unsurpassed. You can admire the rare beauty of the Birdwing butterfly indefinitely.

Acherontia atropos: amazing beauty

Acherontia atropos or the Dead Head is a butterfly with a peculiar beauty. This name was given to the insect for a reason. Its upper part has a pronounced outline of a human skull. This pattern discourages hunters.

The most beautiful butterfly in the world: photo of Madagascar Comet

The unusual beauty and large size of the butterfly surprise at first sight. The coloring of the Madagascar Comet is unusually bright, and therefore you can admire such a beauty indefinitely. Tassels on the wings of a butterfly make it not only the most beautiful, but also the longest. Madagascar Comet lives only three days, as nature endowed it with beauty, but deprived it of the digestive system.

Parnassius - a butterfly that delights in beauty

The Himalayan butterfly Parnassius is a beautiful specimen that only a few manage to see. The splendor of color makes one admire the natural beauty of this species. It is unfortunate that Parnassius does not live in places with people.

One of the most beautiful butterflies: Admiral

Dark cherry spots and orange stripes on the wings are a hallmark of the Admiral butterfly, which can cover insanely long distances in order to continue its kind. The unique look of the butterfly rightfully makes it beautiful and incomparable.

Madagascar butterfly Urania - the most beautiful butterfly in the world

Scientists all over the world agreed that the Madagascar butterfly Urania is the most beautiful of its kind. Dark color and bright scales on the wings make the insect individual. Once upon a time, wings of this species were used as jewelry.

Zizula hylax - one of the most beautiful insects in the world

Butterfly Zizula hylax is a beautiful insect that is the smallest in the list of beautiful butterflies on Earth. Unprecedented color overflows make collectors chase after every rare piece.

Titania Agrippina is an unusual name for the most beautiful butterfly.

A striking representative of the Brazilian rainforests is the butterfly Tizania Agrippina. A beautiful fluttering insect has a length of about nine centimeters, but the wingspan can reach thirty centimeters. Although the butterfly leads a nocturnal lifestyle, but still it is often mistaken for a small bird.

Greta morgane - unusual butterfly

The elegant little butterfly Greta morgane easily competes in beauty with other representatives of natural beauty. These beauties are inhabitants of South America. They are often called glass-wings, because the butterfly is endowed with translucent wings.

Pyrameis cardui: simplicity and sophistication

Pyrameis cardui in common people is called Burdock. Elegant, moderately simple appearance makes the butterfly unsurpassed, and therefore delightful. The representative of the beautiful world of insects lives in all corners of the planet.

Amazing nature does not get tired to delight the human eye with its unique representatives of flora and fauna. The splendor of the most beautiful butterflies in the world can be seen for hours. It is not for nothing that there are various moving exhibitions of living butterflies around the world where you can see and appreciate the beauty of unique flying insects. Of course, you rarely see the most beautiful butterflies listed in today's post at such exhibitions, but worthy specimens are definitely found there.

Dead sheet

This unique butterfly is named for its unique mechanism that it uses to camouflage and hide from predators. He has brown wings with irregular patterns resembling a dead leaf. The underside of the wings is usually colorful, in contrast to the dull upper side. This insect is found in forests throughout Asia and is also known as the Indian leaf butterfly. These butterflies cannot fly fast over long distances and prefer to stay in one place if they do not feel threatened.

Their diet consists mainly of nectar from flowers and fruits. One of the most beautiful butterflies in the world. Speaking of appearance, it looks like a dead leaf with frayed brown spots, spots and uneven edges. The upper side of a beautiful butterfly displays bright colors, and it is usually used if they are looking for partners and if they want to hide from predators, they just close their wings.

Emerald swallowtail

The Swallowtail butterfly family has over 550 different species, and the Emerald Swallowtail is one of the largest and most colorful among them. It is found in the forests of Southeast Asia and is quite rare. It is named after the green stripes on its wings, which shimmer in the light. Due to the arrangement of the scales that give the butterfly its colorful wings, the colors sometimes also appear blue and yellow. On the underside, the wings are black and orange with blue spots.

Speaking of appearance, the dorsal side of the wings is covered with a large set of green scales with a background color from dark green to black and a wide range of bright emerald green metal stripes in almost V-shape. The underside of the wings is black with orange, white and blue spots along the edges of the hind wings. The butterfly uses its long proboscis to drink nectar.

Winged butterfly

This butterfly is found in Central and North America and is known for long-distance migration. He usually lives in Mexico and Colombia, but migrates to Florida in search of food. It is called the glass wing because it has mostly transparent wings with brown to black borders. This makes it difficult for predators to find this butterfly, especially at large distances. In Mexico, it is also known as the Great Oto.

It feeds on a common type of flowering plant called Lantana. It is also listed as one of the transparent animals on planet Earth. If we talk about the appearance, then the color of the wings inside and out is very different. The outer colored wings are less attractive than the inner ones. The outer wings are dusty gray with some blue and orange dots towards the bottom of the wing, however the inner one resembles a spotlight. The unique coloring makes it one of the most beautiful butterflies in the world.

Sylphine angel

This beautiful butterfly is found in some countries of South America, such as Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru. Like a butterfly with glass wings, this butterfly has mostly transparent wings with black frames. The tail has red and white stripes. The angel of sylphins lives only in forests that are located at high altitudes and prefer not to fly if there is no bright sunlight. They usually fly alone in search of food, but sometimes they gather in groups of hundreds of people. They also migrate to areas over 30 km in search of food during the spring.

A beautiful butterfly can lay up to 150 pink eggs on two types of plants, namely prionostemma asperum and Maytenus. Caterpillars spread throughout the plant until each one has its own leaf, and later, when they are ready to become adults, they create chrysalison on their leaf. Adult butterflies drink nectar from butterflies. The life span of a butterfly is less than 9 months, but rare ones live more than 9 months.

Owl butterfly

This is one of the beautiful butterflies that belongs to the family of owl butterflies and is native to South and Central America. This is a very large insect and can have a wingspan of up to 16 centimeters. Like other Owl butterflies, this one also has large eye spots on its wings, which look like the eyes of an owl. This tactic is used to scare away predators, as eye spots look into the eyes of large predators from afar. The wings are shades of yellow and brown with striped patterns. These butterflies can fly long distances and have a lifespan of 125 to 150 days.

Eighty eight

This beautiful one is also located in Central and South America and is named after two octagonal patterns on its wings. The scientific name of this butterfly is Diaethria clymena, and on its wings are peculiar black and white rings in the form of stripes. The underside of the wings is red and black. The color and brightness of the pattern on its wings determine the exact location of the butterfly's habitat.

They remain close to human habitation and can sometimes be found in large groups. This is a relatively small insect with a wingspan of about 4 centimeters and feeds mainly on rotten fruits. Speaking of appearance, the upper part of the wings is brown or black with a metallic blue stripe, and the lower part of the two upper wings is bright red with a wide black and thin white stripe, and the lower part of the lower wings is white with black markings. Marking on the wings creates the number 88, and therefore the name.

Peacock eyes

Butterfly Peacock Pansy is found in most parts of South Asia and is known for its beautiful wings. The upper side of the wings is yellowish-brown in color with many drawings on them. The brightest of them are spots on the eye, which look like spots on the peacock's feathers due to the bluish-green color. The underside of the wings of a peacock pansy changes color depending on the season and is more brightly colored in the rainy season, and not in summer. This butterfly is commonly found in gardens and parks and has a wingspan of up to 6 centimeters.

One of the most beautiful butterflies in the world can be easily recognized by its beautiful purple eye spots on the hind wings, and when viewed upside down, the pattern on the wings resembles the face of an owl. The special coloring not only makes them one of the beautiful butterflies, but also helps them protect themselves from predators by confusing or even scaring them away. Both men and women have the same patterns, but they will vary in size.

Long-winged zebra

This is one of the most beautiful butterflies in the world, named after its long thin wings, on the wings of which there are zebra-like patterns. The pattern on the front and hind wings is the same, and on the underside there are similar patterns, but with a lighter color. It is found in Central and South America, as well as in southern parts of North America. It has been named as the state butterfly of Florida in the United States. This is one of the few species of butterflies that love to eat pollen along with leaves and other types of nectar. It has a wingspan of up to 10 centimeters and lives on average 6 months.

Blue morpho

Like most beautiful butterflies on this list, this butterfly is also found in Central and South America and is one of the largest butterflies in the world. It has a wingspan of 5 to 6 inches and is named after the bright blue spots on its wings. Males are more brightly colored than females. The spots on the wings help keep the predator away, as they look like the eyes of large predators. The underside of the wings is dull to help camouflage the butterfly.

The blue morpho spends most of its time in the bushes of rainforests and is usually visible during the mating season. One of the largest butterflies in the world with a wingspan of up to 20 cm wide and tasteful at their feet, smelling ears (antennae) and hearing wings. They have an eye under their wings to protect themselves from predators. These eyes can trick predators, because it can be a much larger animal, not a butterfly.

Kaiser and Hind

Also known as imperialism, Teinopalpus is a rare species of beautiful butterfly sailfish, which can mainly be seen in Nepal and northern India east of North Vietnam. The meaning of the name "Emperor of India." It was found that one of the most beautiful butterflies in the world due to the green rainbow of the wings is associated with the three-dimensional photonic structure of the scales and is the subject of many studies. Speaking of appearance, he has a green dovetail with a bright chrome-green spot on each hind wing.

Spicebush swallowtail

It is called by various names, such as spicebush swallowtail or green-clouded butterfly, most often found in North America. The two main subspecies are Papilio Troilus and Papilio Troilus ilioneus. This belongs to one of the largest butterflies in the world, however, swallow tails are unique because during feeding they will flutter on their wings. But unlike other butterflies, sailboats, gingerbread cookies fly low above the ground, and not at high altitude.

Ceylon rose

Endangered and one of the most beautiful butterflies in the world, it is mainly found in the rain forests of southwestern Sri Lanka. Speaking of appearance, they are a large butterfly with a long tail to the hind wings and a front wing 60–64 mm long. The color is mostly creamy white markings on the disc. A beautiful butterfly needs urgent conservation measures.

Safo longwing

One of the most beautiful butterfly species comes from Central America in Ecuador. They like to feed larvae mainly on plants of the Passiflora family. One of the most interesting facts is that he will imitate Mueller with Heliconius cydno, because both species have evolved to look like each other, to avoid predators that can hunt the opposite butterfly. It belongs to the Nymphalidae family and is described by Dru Drury in 17.

Malabar striped

It is also known as the Papilio Buddha, a beautiful butterfly that can be seen mainly in Australia. The view was first described in 1872 by Westwood. They have a wingspan of 9.0 - 10.0 cm and belong to the small butterfly family known as PAPILIONIDAE. If we talk about appearance, then this is a black butterfly with iridescent greenish-blue patches. The front wings of the butterfly are black, but the underside is two-tone.

Admiral (Vanessa atalanta)

The butterfly received this name due to the similarity of its color with the admiral's uniform. Black or brown wings are decorated with red stripes. On the velvet scales there are small white circles that complement the bright geometric pattern on the wings of the Admiral.

The wingspan of the Admiral is 5-6 cm. Like the Peacock eye, representatives of this species live for about nine months. This type is widespread in Eurasia and on the islands of the Atlantic Ocean.

Admiral butterflies are real travelers. In winter, they do not hide from the frost, but fly away to warm countries. Insects travel vast distances to see the sun and heat. Scientists have found that this type of butterfly leaves from Russia to hot Africa in the fall.

Urania Madagascar (Chrysiridia)

This flying insect has a unique rainbow color, which attracts curious eyes. Many connoisseurs of wildlife dream of looking at Urania in detail in order to understand exactly what its attractiveness lies in.

The scales of this insect shimmer in daylight, creating a rainbow effect. The surface sparkles with green, blue, red and yellow.

The unusual color of Urania has protective functions. He warns fans to feast on insects that this butterfly is poisonous.

Nature outlined the edges of the wings of these creatures with snow-white lines that give the appearance of a butterfly a finished look. Thanks to the white edges, the rainbow overflow does not look too bright. Scientists note that the coloring of Uranias is not always symmetrical.

The span of the magic wings of Urania is 9 cm.At the ends there are long processes that give the butterflies a unique appearance.

This species was discovered in the late 18th century by an English scientist named Drew Drury.

Urania Madagascar is a daytime butterfly that loves to travel long distances during daylight hours along with a flock of its relatives. As night falls, rainbow butterflies take shelter together in a quiet and safe place to rest.


The second name of this butterfly is the Prince of Darkness. She loves the dark. The butterfly is large in size. Atlas wingspan is 30 cm.

While the Prince of Darkness is in the caterpillar state, he is gaining strength. The caterpillar actively stores nutrients to get enough of it when it transforms into a butterfly.

Many animals love to eat butterflies. Therefore, nature has come up with its own means of protection for these harmless flying creatures. If you carefully look at the colors of the Prince of Darkness, you will notice that the pattern on his wings resembles the head of a snake. Seeing a dangerous rival, the animals try to hide, taking the picture on the scales of an insect as a poisonous enemy.

Atlas can not boast a long period of life. After birth, he rejoices in this world for only ten days, and then dies.

Queen Alexandra's Birdwing (Ornithoptera alexandrae)

All collectors unanimously declare that this type of butterfly is very much appreciated in their circles. Every butterfly lover wants to get a copy of the Birdwing. Moreover, it is believed that males are much more beautiful than their companions. What is so amazing about this view?

This insect can be found on the island of New Guinea. Queen Alexandra's bird wing is the record holder among day butterflies all over the world for wingspan. In females, it is 20-30 cm.

In the daytime, Birds of wing are quite active. They fly from plant to plant in packs and one by one. In the evening, butterflies look for a secluded place to relax from daytime worries.

The wings of this butterfly are a work of art. In females, light green stripes of various shades alternate with black patches. Outwardly, this insect looks like a green leaf of a tropical tree with rounded edges.

In males, the wings have a size of up to 20 cm. They are painted in blue-green tones.

This species is named after the wife of the English king Edward VII in 1907. After a hundred years, these butterflies are few. The view is on the verge of extinction. The reason for the extinction was a large volcanic eruption that occurred on the island of New Guinea in the middle of the 20th century. Active deforestation also played a role.

Queen Alexandra's bird wing is the rarest and most beautiful species of butterflies. The government of New Guinea has banned their fishing and sale.

Madagascar Comet (Argema mittrei)

This bright beauty received the status of the longest butterfly in the world. Her wings have a yellow-orange hue. Their feature is that at the ends there are processes 20 cm long. That is why it was called the "comet". The butterfly loses these “tails” after the first 2-3 flights.

The life of the Madagascar comet is very short - only a few days. The butterfly does not have a digestive tract, because she does not need food. The mouth is also missing. While the Comet is in a state of caterpillar, it accumulates for the future a lot of nutrients. Moreover, her life is so fleeting that it would be inappropriate to spend precious hours and days on meals.

Morpho Peleides

Bright blue wings of this beautiful woman immediately attract attention. On the sides they have a black border and white dots. The simplicity and magnificence of this insect makes us peer over and over again at the photograph, which depicts large wings the color of the summer sky.

These butterflies can be found in Central America in Mexico. The wingspan is 12.5 cm.

Greta oto

This insect has a special place in the list of the most beautiful butterflies. If you look closely at the photographs, we will see that she has transparent wings. That is why the second name of this beauty is Glass Butterfly.

“Glass” scaly wings are surrounded by a red rim around the edges.

Greta Oto is a native of Mexico and Argentina. During her short life, she manages to pollinate a large number of plants. The wingspan is small, only 5 cm. Despite its compactness, this insect can travel about 12 km in a day.

Greta Oto is a difficult butterfly. To escape from wild animals, she is forced to absorb a large number of poisonous leaves daily. Insectivores feel that the body of the lepidopteran insect is inedible, and pass by.

Butterflies are a magical creation of nature. They remind us of the beauty of the world and the transience of life.


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