Alla Demidova


Husband - Vladimir Valutsky.
Parents - Demidov Sergey Alekseevich, Demidova Alexandra Dmitrievna.

Demidova Alla Sergeevna (b. 1936) - Russian actress and teacher. The greatest popularity was brought to her by the roles played in the Taganka Theater. Cinema-goers remember her brilliant heroines in the films “Mirror”, “Shield and Sword”, “You and Me”, “Demons”. The author of several books, speaks with unusual literary and poetic programs.

Birth and family

Alla was born in Moscow on September 29, 1936.

Her father, Demidov Sergey Alekseevich, belonged to the dynasty of gold miners. In 1932 he came under repression, but then under an amnesty he was released into the wild. In the early days of World War II, he volunteered for the front, reached Warsaw, during whose liberation he died in 1944.

Alla had almost no memories of dad, she retained only a few moments in her memory. When she was still tiny and walked through a large room, and my father, arms wide open, ran to her and grabbed. The little girl then felt happy. Her last recollection of dad when he arrived from the front for a visit and brought her a soft toy fox.

Mother, Demidova Alexandra Dmitrievna (maiden name Kharchenko), worked at the Faculty of Economics at Moscow State University as a researcher.


The actress does not like to remember her childhood, they in her biography were the most difficult, passed in poverty and hunger. The girl was not even five years old when the war began. She was sent to her grandmother on the outskirts of Vladimir in the village of Nizhny Seltso. Grandmother was a believer, belonged to the Old Believer community. Alla remembered from this life period tea made from beet peels, icons, prayers and various wanderers, who, despite poverty, were always greeted in the house.

After the war, my mother took her daughter to Moscow, but she worked constantly, then she got married a second time, and the girl had to be at school for five days and spend the whole summer in pioneer camps. In children's life, Demidova had no holidays, only solid gray everyday life, well-worn old clothes, even her birthday was not celebrated. When Alla was ill, no one really cared about her. The girl felt herself useless and abandoned. The only joy for her was the books.

The dream to be an actress, and a great one, appeared at Demidova at the age of five, that is how she answered the question of adults - what does she want to become when she grows up? At school, Alla immediately enrolled in a theater circle, but she rarely got female roles, more often she had to play any animals or Bakul-bobyl. Nevertheless, she stubbornly intended to enter the theater school and prepared an excerpt from L. Tolstoy’s novel “Anna Karenina” and Katerina’s monologue from “The Storm” by A. Ostrovsky.


The first attempt to become a student of the Schukin school ended in failure. Alla was not accepted due to poor diction. Demidova was very upset, but in order not to lose a year, she submitted documents to Moscow State University and entered the Faculty of Economics. She studied very diligently and every time she tried to drown out any thought about the theater that occurs in my head.

But in her third year, she nevertheless began to take part in student theater performances. The first artistic director entrusted Alla with the role of a handmaid in the production of "Cunning and Love." In 1958, a new artistic director Rolan Bykov came to the team. He staged the play “Such Love” based on P. Kohout’s play, Demidova played Lida Petrusova in it and this was her first serious stage work. The entire capital went to the student production.

Nevertheless, in 1959, Alla received a degree in economics and decided to start teaching. Demidova prepared seminars on political economy for students at the Faculty of Philosophy. But the childhood dream was haunting, and Alla made a second attempt to enter the VTU named after Shchukin. Despite the fact that her diction still left much to be desired, Demidova was enrolled in the course to the teacher Anna Orochko.


In 1964, after graduating with honors from a theater school, Demidova showed up at the Vakhtangov Theater. But they didn’t take her there, and Alla again felt very disappointed, like she did ten years ago when she did not enter Pike.

I had to go where they took it - to the troupe of the theater on Taganka. But it was he who became the main milestone in the creative biography of Alla Demidova, here she played her best roles. Although it all started not so rosy. The first work in the production of “A Hero of Our Time” turned out to be a failure, after which the director Yuri Lyubimov involved the actress only in extras. But her eyes, plasticity and sophisticated manners, the audience noticed in minor roles.

For several years, Alla was the most obedient and loyal student of the director Lyubimov, “the Stradivarius violin in his hands”, she worked hard. By the end of the 1960s, Demidova received not only the main roles in the productions, but also theater awards.

By the mid-1970s, she became the leading actress of the Taganka Theater. Her best partner is Vladimir Vysotsky, despite the fact that sometimes it was very difficult to work with him. In their stage tandem, ice and fire flashed each time.

All theatrical Moscow and the best people of the country went to look at Demidov in productions:

  • "Hamlet",
  • "Three sisters",
  • "The Cherry Orchard",
  • "Crime and Punishment",
  • "Boris Godunov",
  • "Feast in Time of Plague",
  • "Wooden horses",
  • Electra.

After a split in the Taganka Theater, Alla Sergeyevna collaborated with Roman Viktyuk. In 1993, she organized her own Theater A, specializing in antique drama.

For achievements in the field of theatrical art, Demidov has many awards - prizes by K. Stanislavsky, Figaro, Crystal Turandot, Idol, Golden Mask.

In the movie, Alla made her debut in 1957, playing a student at a lecture in the film "Leningrad Symphony". But this and the next few roles, when her name was not even mentioned in the credits, the actress herself calls "intelligence."

They started talking about the movie actress Demidova in 1966, after she played Olga Berrholtz in the film "Daytime Stars". The directors often began to invite Alla to the main roles, and they were absolutely diverse - tragic, detective, classic:

  • commissioner in the military drama "Two Comrades Served",
  • Angelika Bucher in the film “Shield and Sword”,
  • Arkadina Irina Nikolaevna in The Seagull,
  • Elizaveta Pavlovna in Tarkovsky’s autobiographical painting “The Mirror”,
  • a prostitute in the fiction “Mr. McKinley's Escape”,
  • the sorceress in the "Scarlet Flower",
  • the Duchess of Marlborough in the Glass of Water,
  • Lara Lyons in the adventure film Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson: The Hound of the Baskervilles,
  • Lebyadkina Marya Timofeevna in “Demons”,
  • Anna Sergeyevna in “The Adjuster”.

She is called the "aristocrat of our cinema", blood is visible in it, the genes of gold miners have not gone away. Hence its dignity, manner of holding, dislike for posters, nobleness and hidden strength.

For unsurpassed acting skills Demidova was awarded the Orders of Friendship and "For Services to the Fatherland" IV and III degrees, Prizes "Nick" and the President of the Russian Federation, the titles of Honored and People's Artist of the RSFSR.


In addition to the acting field, Demidova has clearly shown herself in literature. Several of her books have been published, most often these are memoirs about theatrical life. She became a writer by accident. At first, Pravda published her article on the acting profession. And when her friend and partner Vladimir Vysotsky died, Alla, furious that there was not a single worthy obituary, wrote a large article about a brilliant actor based on her personal memories and diaries.

In 1980, her debut book, The Second Reality, was released. Among other works, readers enjoy popularity:

  • Letters to Tom
  • "Vladimir Vysotsky",
  • "Running line of memory",
  • "Shadows of the looking glass"
  • "And tell me, Innokenty Mikhailovich ...",
  • "Akhmatovsky mirrors."

Demidova has a unique style of reading prose and poetry, in Soviet times she often appeared on television with her own programs, and from the beginning of the 2000s she toured Russia a lot.

Personal life of Alla Demidova

In 1961, while studying at the theater school, Alla met the future husband of Vladimir Valutsky, expelled from VGIK for a parody of films about Lenin. He was later reinstated at the institute, received a diploma and became a screenwriter of such famous films and TV shows as “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson”, “Bless the Woman”, “Mary Poppins, Goodbye”, “Saboteur”, “Admiral”, “ Yesenin "," Spy. "

Alla and Volodya were complete opposites of each other. She is tough and strong-willed, he is modest and soft. Unlike Demidova, he had a completely different childhood, full of care and love. On the wedding day, many were ready to bet that the newly-married couple would not live together for a year. But they, as it should be opposites, unrestrainedly attracted like a magnet. The marriage of Demidova and Valutsky lasted more than half a century, they did not have children.

They began family life in an apartment with Volodya's parents. The mother-in-law did not like the daughter-in-law immediately, she believed that a good wife could not turn out from an actress. But Valutsky very skillfully maneuvered between mom and wife, smoothing out the ongoing conflicts.

In her personal life, for Alla, the spiritual component was in the first place, so she considered physical betrayal a trifle, not worthy of attention. The fact that her husband has a daughter, Demidova learned five years after her birth. In addition to this relationship, his secret affair with actress Nadezhda Repina lasted almost fourteen years, just like in the film "Winter Cherry", the script for which was written by Valutsky.

Alla did not roll up any scandals, she endured everything steadily. No lovers, gossip and intrigue could take away from her the main thing - spiritual unity with her husband. They were always interested in the two of them. Both most appreciated the silence and the opportunity to engage in your favorite work. Every minute they had something to talk about, and something to keep quiet about.

When Volodya was diagnosed with oncology, Alla took care of her beloved spouse for five years, struggling for every day of his life. She believed that together they would triumph over a terrible disease. But it didn’t work out ...

In April 2015, Demidova buried her husband, after which she completely forgot how to cry. In his room, everything remained as in life. And Alla is now friends with his daughter Alexandra, who became a journalist.


Alla Demidova is a Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, who gained wide popularity thanks to her performances at the Taganka Theater and went down in the history of Russian art as one of the most stylish actresses. Even today, when Alla Sergeevna is already under 80, the actress maintains a reputation as a symbol of intelligence and to some extent remains an icon of style.

Alla was born in Moscow. The father of the actress Sergey Alekseevich was from a family of gold miners. Sergey Alekseevich died at the front during the liberation of Warsaw and his daughter practically did not preserve the memories of the pope. One mother raised the girl - Alexandra Dmitrievna. The woman worked at Moscow State University, where she was engaged in economic programming.

Actress Alla Demidova

Demidova at the age of 5 was sure that she would become an actress. To realize this dream, the girl performed in the school drama circle, where she played mainly boyish roles. After receiving the certificate, Alla submitted documents to the Boris Schukin Theater School, but Alla was not taken because of poor diction - the girl was slightly lisping.

In frustrated feelings, the girl entered the Faculty of Economics of Moscow State University and did her best to forget about her childhood dream. After graduating, Demidova even taught for some time: she led seminars on political economy. But then Alla decided on a second attempt and became a student of the Shchukin school. Although this time, the diction of the actress was far from flawless, despite long studies with a speech therapist.

Photo: Alla Demidova


The film debut of Alla Demidova took place in 1957. She starred in the drama "Leningrad Symphony". But the actress calls this work, like the next few, “just intelligence”, since Alla was suspicious of the cinema then. A full-fledged debut Demidova considers shooting in the biographical melodrama "Daytime Stars" about the Leningrad writer Olga Berggolz.

Alla Demidova in the film "Shield and Sword"

After this film, the actress has already been removed a lot and fruitfully. On her account are the life tragedies of You and Me, and the detective stories The Hound of the Baskervilles, and the classic screen versions of The Seagull and The Shield and Sword. Apart from the filmography of Alla Demidova, there is a fantastic film “Escape of Mr. McKinley”, where she was able to play again with her beloved partner Vladimir Vysotsky.

Alla Demidova in the movie “Mr. McKinley's Flight”

In the 90s, Alla was among the artists who did not shoot very much during the crisis of Russian cinema. She was offered roles, but she was completely not interested in playing the mothers of the new Russians. But in the 21st century, paintings with the participation of Demidova began to appear on the screens again. First of all, you need to pay attention to her role as a wealthy widow from the melodrama "Adjuster", the tragicomedy "Russian Money", which is an adaptation of the play by Alexander Ostrovsky, and the comedy Kira Muratova "Eternal Return". In this film, the legendary Oleg Tabakov became the partner of the actress.

First steps to a dream

Demidova entered the Faculty of Economics of Moscow State University, graduating with honors in 1959. After becoming a degree applicant, Alla began teaching at the university - she read seminars on political economy for philosopher students.

Love for the theater did not fade - in the third year Demidova got into the Moscow State University Theater. Her first notable role was played there - Lida Petrusova in the production of “Such Love” by Rolan Bykov (based on the work of Czech P. Kohout). Soon Bykov temporarily left for Leningrad, and L. Kalinovsky assumed the leadership of the theater. Having received the role in his play “Hello, Katya!”, Demidova went on her first “tour” - the production was taken to the virgin lands, putting double trucks on the stage.

Soon, Alla Demidova entered the studio at the Lenkom Theater, from where she was soon expelled due to "unsuitability". Demidova returns to the Student Theater and makes another attempt to enter the "Pike."

The second attempt turned out to be more successful - Demidov enters the Shchukin school, albeit "conditionally" - the diction, despite numerous classes with a speech therapist, remained "unsuitable."

Actor career

The first course of "Pike" was remembered by the Demidov performance "Death of the Gods" theater named after Vakhtangov. Together with two fellow students, Demidova portrayed a "show girl" dancing in a swimsuit. Ruben Simonov, who staged the play, began every rehearsal with this dance, and every time he said: “Alla, Paris cries for you!”. Everyone laughed.

Then all this seemed perfectly normal - both dancing in bathing suits in Simonov’s office, and invitations to his home, to the theater, and Ruben Nikolaevich’s stories about his wife.

In the same year, Demidov was noticed by Jean Vilar, who was then in Moscow on tour.

Her teachers A.V. strongly influenced the formation of the manners and plastics of Demidova. Briskindova and V.G. Schlesinger.

Soon, the debut of Demidova in the cinema took place. It was the “Leningrad Symphony” by Z. Agranenko, which was released in 1957.

After which there were several more roles in extras or subtle episodes of the second plan - “Nine Days of One Year”, “What is the Theory of Relativity”, “Komesk”.

After graduating with honors from the Shchukin School in 1964, Demidova successfully defended her thesis - the role of Ms. Young in “Good Man from Cezuan”. This production of Yuri Lyubimov laid the foundation for the Taganka Theater.

The role was simple - Demidova went on stage and made a hand gesture, but everyone remembered this gesture. Playing far from the main role, Demidova managed to make the audience remember Mrs. Young from the whole production.

After graduating from the Theater School, Demidova made an attempt to go to the Vakhtangov Theater, confidently coming to the test without preparation. The attempt failed, Demidova returned to the Taganka again, but she did not like it there. Intuition forced me to look for something else, my own ... Attempts to search continued - Alla participated in the productions of the Mayakovsky Theater, spent a month there, and, disappointed, returned to Lyubimov in Taganka again.

At the Taganka Theater, Demidova made her debut as Vera in Lermontov's “Hero of Our Time”. The debut turned into a catastrophic failure and for a long time after that, Alla played "for wear" in extras and small episodes. Later Lyubimov began to give her the main roles, Demidova was the most devoted student of the talented director.

In 1966, unexpectedly, Demidova was offered the main role in The Day Stars by I. Talankin. This film adaptation of Olga Berggolts autobiography brought glory to Demidova. After this poetic and terrible picture at the same time, Demidova’s game was appreciated. Roles in the movie fell on the actress, film criticism was favorable to her. According to the results of the readers of the magazine "Soviet Screen" Alla became the most promising actress of 1968.

Then the first roles began to go to Demidova and Lyubimov on Taganka. Since the mid-seventies, despite the fact that Demidova has become one of the leading actresses of Taganka, she remains unsatisfied with her acting fate. Together with Vysotsky, they set out to find a production of "for two." Active rehearsals of The Scream by Williams and Fedra by Jean Racine are not continued - Vysotsky is dying. The death of his friend and stage partner Demidov is very difficult.

Demidova continues to remain largely a “cult” film actress (“The Sixth of June”, “I am coming to you”, “The Seagull”, “Children of the Sun”). The role of Maria Spiridonova in "The Sixth of June" brought Demidov closer to the tragedy, the transfer of a fantastic obsession with the idea, an indisputable certainty of the right. All these features were masterfully conveyed by Demidova.

However, to reveal his talent truly Demidova can neither in the theater nor in the cinema. Demidova remains “one of the most non-embodied in the screen space” (“The Recent History of Russian Cinema”).

The crisis years began at Taganka - a frequent change of leadership, the death of Vysotsky, Anatoly Efros. Demidova collaborates with Roman Viktyuk, the result of which is the production of "Fedra" by M. Tsvetaeva. Negotiations are underway with the French director Antoine Vitez and about "Fedra" Racine, but this is the second time the project ends in death - this time Vitez dies.

Tours in the West by Demidova with “Fedra” Viktyuk make Alla a model of the modern Russian actress and theater star in European and American criticism. In Russia, they continue to consider Demidov “cold,” “intellectual,” accused of formalism.

Demidova returns to Taganka and remains in it until the split of the theater.

Alla Demidova now

In 2016, Alla Demidova became the winner of the “Theater Star” award in the honorary nomination “Stage Legend”.

In June 2017, Alla Demidova appeared in the role of Baba Yaga in the drama Sack Without a Bottom, which premiered at the Moscow International Film Festival. The film is based on Ryunosuke Akutagawa’s short story “In the Thicket”.

Alla Demidova in the movie "Bag without a bottom"

The film was shot according to the structure of the picture in the picture. The action of the first layer takes place when the country is ruled by the Russian Emperor Alexander II. The maid of honor of the princely court tells a fairy tale, in the fantasy world of which the main plot takes place about the mystical murder of Tsarevich in the forest. The events from the maid of honor maidens allegedly take place in the 13th century and focus on the testimonies of eyewitnesses to the crime, whose words are different from what happened.

On November 16, 2017, the actress became a guest of the TV show "The Fate of a Man" with Boris Korchevnikov, where she shared with TV viewers the details of her own life.

On November 24, Alla Demidova received the Grand Prix of the “Snob” magazine's “Made in Russia-2017” prize for Kirill Serebrennikov.

The artistic director of the Gogol Center, Kirill Serebrennikov, was at that time under house arrest. Kirill Serebrennikov is accused of organizing the theft of 68 million rubles allocated from the budget for the creation of the Platform project, founded by the art director of the Seventh Studio. Alla Demidova made a speech on this subject, in which she called what was happening a tragic mistake.

On November 28 and 29, the play “Anna Akhmatova. A Poem Without a Hero ”directed by the famous actress Alla Demidova and director Kirill Serebrennikov, in which the actors of the Gogol Center played. The production is timed to the festival "Golden Mask".

The performance was created based on poems by Akhmatova, excerpts from Requiem and Poems Without a Hero, as well as from Allah Demidova’s book Akhmatovsky Mirrors, published in 2004.

Alla Demidova

The visual component of the new production is taken from the ideas expressed in the book of Alla Sergeevna: echo, appearance of a double in the mirrors, pieces of paper, shadows and images of those who became part of Akhmatova’s “Poem”.

It is also worth mentioning that the book dedicated to the work of Akhmatova is not the only literary work by the actress. For thirty years, Alla Sergeyevna pays attention to literary work. From the pen of the actress came 14 books in which Alla Sergeevna recalls the past and reflects on theatrical life and acting. In 2016, Alla Demidova published the book “Nostalgia is Memory” and wrote a preface and compiled a collection of poems by Anna Akhmatova “Wild Honey”. The last books of Alla Demidova for today are “Italian Travels” and “My Vysotsky”.

Attraction of love

Alla Demidova does not like to remember her childhood. She always felt unnecessary, abandoned, superfluous. Even when the girl was sick, no one especially cared for her.
Vladimir Valutsky, on the contrary, bathed in the love of his family and friends from birth. And when he was ill, cranberry juice was specially prepared for him, wrapped his feet in a warm blanket and brought books in bright covers so that the boy would not be bored alone.

When they met, Alla Demidova was a student of the Shchukin school, and Vladimir Valutsky was expelled from VGIK for a parody of Lenin during a student skit.

Two opposites attracted to each other, like two magnetic poles. And then, throughout their lives, no matter what surprises and trials fate presented them, they always felt this attraction. Sometimes painful and painful, sometimes - saving.

Marriage contrary

Alla Demidova early began an independent life, and Vladimir Valutsky was always very attached to his family, he considered the opinions of his relatives. And it was rather difficult for him when his mother opposed his marriage with Alla. It seemed to her that the actress would never make a good wife. Nevertheless, Vladimir Ivanovich did not begin to change his decision. And he brought a young wife into the house against the will of her mother. The father of the future scriptwriter did not intervene in the family relationships of his son, leaving him the right to build his own life.

Many years later, Alla Sergeevna admits: she repeatedly gave her mother-in-law a reason for discontent and irritation. For example, arriving late at home, she could ignorantly destroy the broth or eat potatoes with sprats, which were, as it turned out later, prepared for the cat.

But Vladimir Ivanovich, being a very gentle man, always skillfully maneuvered between his beloved women. These included not only the wife and mother, but also a childhood friend, film expert and editor-in-chief of the Session magazine, Lyubov Arkus.

Unity without the struggle of opposites

Their family was not built on love. More precisely, not only on it. Alla Demidova and Vladimir Valuisky played all their lives. Not on stage or on set. The game was a constant companion of their lives. They could suddenly speak in voices imitating animals, and all day strictly adhere to the invented role. Or suddenly they began to imitate some kind of radio show, carefully reproducing interference on the air or the creaking of an old microphone. The game helped them overcome periodic tensions or solve problems.

Friendship based on spiritual unity became the main component of their marriage. They were infinitely loyal to each other and no external forces could destroy this mutual devotion. They had a peculiar view of fidelity, and physical betrayal could not become a reason for divorce. Spiritual unity was the most important.

According to the actress, her husband never gave her cause for jealousy. He invariably escorted her to shooting or touring and met her with enviable constancy, being in any condition. Vladimir Ivanovich always treated his wife with trepidation and tenderness. He took upon himself all household chores, as his wife was not an ideal mistress. But they always, even in their student days, had an au pair.

The fact that her husband had a daughter, Alla Sergeyevna guessed five years after the birth. The closeness and intelligence of Alla Sergeevna did not have to share stories about someone else's life with her. The actress considered this a baseness and never dropped even before listening to such stories. She was told about her husband's problems by his silence and frozen pain in her eyes. Alla Demidova made her husband talk about what happened to him. And I was glad that his dream came true - a daughter was born.

Ordinary miracle

According to the actress herself, the townsfolk have every right to not believe her. However, Alla Sergeevna suggests reading the memoirs of famous writers and trying to look at life without an admixture of sensuality, but from the point of view of spiritual unity.

Demidova is quite frank in her memoirs: she admits that the carnal component of marriage has always interested her least. And she has a somewhat atrophied sense of jealousy, and the actress recognizes the right of men to polygamy for men. Physical adultery is a trifle not worth attention. Much more serious is spiritual betrayal when thoughts and aspirations are filled with thoughts of another person.

They were different. He is soft, she is stiff. He is a man of a wide soul, she is unusually closed. But they both appreciated silence and loneliness, the opportunity to be creative and live for their own pleasure. They were always insanely interested in each other. They always had something to talk about and what to keep silence about together. He was a conservative, she is a radical innovator. He was comfortable in the familiar art, she had to go one step ahead of all new trends. But they understood each other so well that in the last 30 years of their life they didn’t even quarrel.

When Vladimir Valutsky fell ill, Alla Demidova fought for every minute of his life. She believed that she could defeat oncology. I could not. He left in April 2015.

After Vladimir Ivanovich died, she completely forgot how to cry. Everything remained in his room just as it was during his lifetime. And she made friends with her husband's daughter Alexandra, who became a journalist.

Alla Demidova believes: no matter how much her life is measured, she must live with dignity, not spraying herself on a discussion of someone else's life, and paying attention only to her own actions, deeds, thoughts.

Critics call Alla Demidova one of the most significant and stylish actresses of our time, and colleagues consider her to be very closed, tough and closed. They respect her, they fear her, imitate her, admire her. And she prefers to remain silent about both laudatory and critical reviews. The actress was silent even when she found out that the script for the "Winter Cherry" her husband wrote about another woman ...

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Demidova Alla Sergeevna

Born September 29, 1936 in Moscow.

Honored Artist of the RSFSR (12.28.1973).
People's Artist of the RSFSR (11/19/1984).

From early childhood, she wanted to become an actress, participated in amateur performances, and played in school plays.
After school, without going through a competition at the Theater School. B.V. Schukina, due to poor diction, entered the Faculty of Economics of Moscow State University, which she graduated in 1959. Upon graduation, she became an applicant for a degree and began to conduct seminars on political economy for students of the Faculty of Philosophy. While still in my third year, I came to the Student Theater of Moscow State University.
In 1959 she entered the Shchukin school on the course of the teacher Anna Orochko. Having played in 1963 in the diploma performance “The Good Man from Cezuan” (Ms. Young) directed by Yuri Lyubimov, in 1964 she joined the troupe of the Taganka Theater.

The debut in the movie took place in 1957 in an episode in the film "Zhenar Agranenko" Leningrad Symphony. The first main film role was the role of Olga Berggolz in Igor Talankin's film "Day Stars" in 1966. In 1968, Alla Demidova was named the most promising actress based on a survey of the Soviet Screen magazine.
Since 1968, she began to play leading roles in the productions of Yuri Lyubimov.
Together with Vladimir Vysotsky, she worked on the productions of the performances “Scream” by Tennessee Williams and “Fedra” by Jean Racine. The embodiment of both plans ended in July 1980 with the death of Vysotsky.

In the 70-80s, Alla Demidova remained one of the most popular film actresses.
In 1988, Alla Demidova first collaborated with Roman Viktyuk, playing the role of Fedra in the play of the same name based on the play by Marina Tsvetaeva. At the same time, negotiations were held on the "Fedra" Racine with the French director Antoine Vitez. Rehearsals ended with the death of the director in 1990.

Still considered an actress of the Taganka Theater, Alla Demidova in 1993 created her own theater "A" and began to collaborate with the Greek director Theodoros Terzopoulos.

Acts as the author and performer of poetry programs on television (“Remembering the Silver Age”, Project “Russian Lessons” I. Bunin “Dark Alleys” 2000, “Christmas Star” 2002) and literary and musical compositions based on the poems of Anna Akhmatova “Requiem” (together with the chamber orchestra “Moscow Virtuosos” by V. Spivakov) and “Poem without a hero”.
He is a permanent member of the independent jury of the Triumph Prize in Literature and Art.

Alla Demidova is the author of books: “The Second Reality” (1980), “Tell me, Innokenty Mikhailovich ...” (1988), “Vladimir Vysotsky” (1989), “Shadows of the Looking Glass” (1993), “Running Memory Line” (2000), Akhmatovsky Mirrors (2004), Filling a Pause (2007).


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