Ilya Sobolev - an incredible comedian of the new generation


Name: Ilya Sobolev (Ilya Sobolev)

Middle name: Viktorovich

Birthday: February 25 1983 (36 years old)

Place of Birth: Krasnoyarsk

Height: 176 cm

Weight: 60 kg

Eastern horoscope: Boar

Career: Comedians 24th place

Photo: Ilya Sobolev

Childhood and youth

Ilya was born on February 25, 1983 in Krasnoyarsk. As a child, Sobolev was an active and cheerful child who felt quite confident on the stage.

At the age of 13, Ilya got into the city KVN School League. In the final game, the teenager fought with the captain of the rival team, Roman Klyachkin, who later became his best friend and colleague in the world of humor.

Even while participating in the KVN, Sobolev and Klyachkin began to perform in a duet called "Beautiful". Soon the guys became residents of Comedy Club Siberia. In 2007, the duo tried their hand at the first season of the new TNT humorous contest “Laughter without rules”, in which he took 2nd place and received the right to participate in the “Slaughter League” show. In this show until 2010, Ilya performed not only as part of the duet "Beautiful", but also solo.

In August 2010, the entertainment show “Comedy Battle” was launched on TNT, and Ilya became one of the participants. The comedian, together with Dmitry Romanov, Evgeny Otstanov, Konstantin Pushkin and Slava Komissrenko, appeared as a member of the Aristocrats clan in the 1st and 2nd season of the show and more than once became the author of the best jokes.

In 2011, the Beautiful duo won the 9th season of Laughing Without Rules, which was attended by finalists from previous seasons.

In the fall of 2013, Ilya Sobolev, together with Alexei Smirnov and Anton Ivanov, founded the trio Smirnov, Ivanov, Sobolev - in this composition comedians became residents of the Comedy club show.

Ilya's photos

Carier start

The stand-up comedian was born in Krasnoyarsk in 1983. From childhood, Ilyusha knew how and loved to joke. He was always the ringleader and in the center of the company. Back in school, the future actor performed a lot on stage, sometimes in the House of Culture. At the age of 13, Ilya got into the city KVN School League, where in the final he competed with Roman Klyachkin, the captain of the opposing team and a future friend. The performance became a landmark for the artist. And three years later, former rivals created the duet “Beautiful”, which quickly earned the popularity of the audience.


Ilya’s creative career began as part of the “Left Bank” KVN team, which entered the Premier League of the game. As the most talented and brightest club players, cheerful and resourceful, Sobolev was invited to television. “Slaughter League”, “Laughter without rules”, “Comedy Club” - everywhere the artist showed incredible charisma, professionalism and a subtle sense of humor.

Ilya Sobolev was recognized as a popular presenter and showman. He does not recognize the framework and limitations, is not afraid of experiments and his performances are lively and vibrant. He manages to realize himself in projects of various genres. His brilliant stand-up performances attract many fans and spectators to concerts.

Professional activity

It was while studying at a technical university that a young man began to play in a student KVN. From this began the creative career of Ilya. As part of the Krasnoyarsk KVN team, “Left Bank” ended up in the television version of KVN. Among the team members was one of the most prominent players. In 2003, the team became the Premier League champion, and in 2004 entered the Premier League, where they lost in the quarter finals.

Also in 2004, Ilya, as a member of the team, took part in the “Voting Kivin” music festival in Jurmala. The team was awarded the Small Kivin in Gold Award.

After leaving the KVN team, Ilya takes part in various entertainment projects. Created with Roman Klyachin the humorous duet “Beautiful”, thanks to which young people became famous, from 2007 to 2010, participating in the show “Laughter without rules”, as well as “The Slaughter League”. During this period, Ilya begins to work at Comedy Club Siberia, as a guest starred on TNT at Comedy Club.

In 2009, Ilya took up music and recorded several humorous tracks with the musician Andrian, among them the songs "Gansta", "Do not Think", "I'm Dumb", which sound in the hit record "Radio Record". Tries to write songs and tour with them.

In August 2010, Ilya participated at TNT in the Comedy Battle as part of the Aristocrats team (clan)whose participants, in addition to Ilya, were Dmitry Romanov, Vyacheslav Komisarenko, Konstantin Pushkin, Evgeny Otstavnoy. Ilya is successfully implemented in various genres: in parodies, stand-ups, and is also an excellent entertainer. Periodically leads corporate parties in the companies UralEnergoGaz, Mars, Sberbank, Uralsib, Dula-tour and many others. Participated in stand-ups.

Interesting notes:

From 2013 to 2016 he worked in the trio “Ivanov, Smirnov, Sobolev”, which was created from three former KVN workers: Anton Ivanov, Alexey Smirnov and Ilya. Representatives of the trio became the most shocking members of the Comedy Club.

The trio could calmly and easily undress in front of viewers, as well as sit on the head of a show business star. Their humor was built on the acting, vivid emotions, visual images, which always found an enthusiastic response from the audience in the hall. Ilya in the trio was the oldest member and usually played the role of fools.

The host of the program “Money or Shame” is a fictional character, pensioner Uncle Vitya, most viewers believe that comedian Ilya is hiding behind the mask of the rollicking grandfather. The identity of the pensioner is still not disclosed, but Ilya's fans are sure that it is him.

In September 2017, the comedian began to realize himself as a blogger. He began to upload various videos on the YouTube channel, popularizing his channel, where he began to cover various topics. Among them are topics about age, gays and other topical topics, as well as parading stars of show business.

On his channel, Ilya allows himself much more than on television, publishing various sharp monologues. Thanks to the channel, YouTube has become more famous and recognizable among a large number of young people.

In 2017, he also toured China at the Comedy Club festival in Hainan. In October, he toured North America with the Comedy Club. In the same year, Ilya made his film debut, where he took part in the series of the director Emil Nikoghosyan "Phantom of the Opera". The picture tells about the friendship of the legendary fraudster Pashka Veterka and the operative Lesha.

In 2018, Ilya became a member of various shows: “Where is the logic?”, “Evening Urgant” and participated in the YouTube show “vDud”.

In 2018, TNT4 hosted the premiere of the Fire show, hosted by Ilya. The program jokes about pop stars and various famous personalities in their presence. The guests of the program were Ruslan Bely, Olga Buzova, Nikolai Sobolev, AK-47, Yuri Dud and Garik Martirosyan.

Today Ilya continues his active creative activity. He is engaged in business, leads corporate parties, parties and other various events. He works solo with colleagues in the humorous sphere.

Professional growth

In 2013, three former members of the Comedy Club organized their own trio, Ivanov, Smirnov, Sobolev. The format of the show bordered on the absurd and collected a high audience rating. According to the artist, the favorite miniatures in the trio were “Airplane to Bangkok”, “Corporate in the forest” and “Interview in the company”.

Ilya Sobolev is a versatile person. His hobbies for music allowed him to develop further and release two music tracks “Don't Think” and “Gansta”. The songs became popular, and for a long time they were held in the charts of Radio Record radio station.

In the stand-up genre, Sobolev won the love and popularity of viewers thanks to provocative humor on topics prohibited for showing and speaking on TV. Huge excitement for live performances with full halls, personal communication with the audience, expertly prepared monologues, improvisations - this is not an exhaustive list of reasons that attract many people to concerts.

Briefly about personal

Ilya Sobolev is married and has two daughters. His wife Natalya Soboleva is a co-owner and organizer of the Real Estate in Spain agency, Fit Premium EMS studio. The family lives in St. Petersburg. The father of the family tries to spend all his free time with his children and his wife. In their pages on Instagram, the spouses post general and working photos.

Personal life

Ilya is married. The young man met with his wife Natalya (maiden name Pakhomova) in St. Petersburg. Natalia is engaged in law and issues related to the acquisition of real estate abroad. They met for several years, and on August 27, 2011, they officially formalized the relationship and got married. Spouses raise two daughters: Sofia and Eve. Both girls were born in a Moscow clinic. Natalia is two years younger than Ilya.

On Instagram, the girl is an active blogger. She developed her own application for her subscribers - "Diary of nutrition and recovery after childbirth." During the first pregnancy, the girl recovered by more than 30 kg, and after she managed to lose weight over a short period, thanks to proper nutrition and regular physical activity. Now Natalya shares her weight loss experience with her subscribers. Today's weight of Natalia is 53 kg with a height of 169 cm (during the first pregnancy, her weight was 88 kg).

When daughters see their father on TV, they are not even surprised, for them it is already natural. Ilya always spends her free time surrounded by her family. Read more about the personal life of Ilya Sobolev here.

Humor and creativity

Ilya Sobolev, as one of the most striking and talented KVN players, was invited to television. The comedian became a member of popular comedy projects, appeared in The Slaughter League, Laugh Without Rules, and Comedy Club.

Together with Roman Klyachkin, Sobolev participated in the first season of the show “Laughter without rules”, where he took 2nd place. And in the 9th, “golden” season, “Laughter without rules”, in which the majority of the finalists of previous years participated, Ilya Sobolev won the 1st place in the duet “Beautiful”.

Ilya Sobolev in the Comedy Club

Ilya’s name is associated with another participant in “Laughter without rules” and “Slaughter League”, acting under the stage name Uncle Vitya. When the latter appeared on TNT in the 10th season of “Laughter without rules”, attentive viewers began to compare the new character with Sobolev, noting a considerable similarity. Project managers denied this, but the audience remained of their own opinion.

Over time, more and more “evidence” appeared for this. Firstly, the image of Uncle Viti was partially borrowed from Ilya’s favorite film “Man on the Moon”. Secondly, at one of the performances, Uncle Viti's voice broke, and many recognized the timbre and notes of Sobolev's voice.

Ilya Sobolev in the show Stand-Up

In addition, in 2017, a new show “Money or Shame” was launched on TNT4, the leader of which was this scandalous character. Despite the fact that Sobolev continued to deny involvement in Uncle Vita, it was to him that the video message of the angry MBAND soloist Artem Pindyura was sent. The fact is that on the air of the program, Uncle Vitya spoke unpleasantly about the team, calling them "a favorite group of worms."

Once again, comedian Ilya began to disown that he was not the one leading the show. And consequently, he has nothing to apologize for.

Uncle Vitya

In February 2010, Ilya Sobolev left the “Slaughter League”, deciding that we need to move on. The project’s creative producer, TV presenter and 12 participants left with the comedian. The guys worked, and at the end of August of the same year, on TNT, viewers saw a new comedy show called “Comedy Battle”, consisting of two parts - selective and tournament.

Five clans participated in the game - finalists “Comedy Battle. Selection ”(“ Selected ”), residents of“ Comedy Club ”(“ Five Eggplant ”), former members of the“ Slaughter League ”(“ Aristocrats ”,“ Pimps of Happiness ”and“ Jokers ”). Ilya Sobolev, along with comedians Konstantin Pushkin, Vyacheslav Komissarenko, Evgeny Otstanov, Dmitry Romanov joined the team "Aristocrats".

Showman Ilya Sobolev

Ilya Sobolev is a talented artist who has received recognition as a host and showman. Ilya's colleagues say that the comedian is an extremely creative person. He is not afraid to experiment and does not recognize the framework and limitations.

Therefore, Ilya manages to be implemented in multi-genre projects. The comedian makes skits and miniatures. She performs brilliantly in the stand-up genre. And the artist works entertainer. Holds celebrations, holidays and weddings. He was repeatedly invited as the leading corporate party of the company "Dula-Tour", "Sberbank", "UralEnergoGaz", "Uralsib", "Mars".

Dj FrEsH ft Andrian & Ilya Sobolev - "Don't Think Bad"

Ilya Sobolev is also interested in music. Together with the popular St. Petersburg musician Ilya recorded two music tracks - "Gansta" and "Do not Think." The songs became hits and for a long time kept in the charts of the first dance "Radio Record". The Gansta track even took 16th place in the final superchart in 2009.

In 2013, 3 members of “Comedy Club”, former cavemen, decided to create a creative comedy trio “Ivanov, Smirnov, Sobolev”. Anton Ivanov and Alexey Smirnov, members of the Hot Finnish Guys KVN team, worked as a duet called Cattle, which gained popularity among the audience of the projects Laughter Without Rules, Slaughter League, Slaughter Night.

Alexey Smirnov, Anton Ivanov and Ilya Sobolev in "Comedy Club"

The third participant - Ilya - organically complemented the acting ensemble. A short artist (Sobolev's height is 166 cm, weight about 60 kg) proved that he could become the energy center of a humorous scene. Residents of the club decided not to be limited to comic numbers of the usual theme. Anton, Alexey and Ilya created their own format of humor, bordering on the absurd.

The trio "Ivanov, Smirnov, Sobolev" began to appear regularly on the air of the "Comedy Club" program, collecting high audience ratings. Soon the comedians starred with Ruslan Bely in the video “Nuances” of the “3NT” group. Once the acting ensemble received an award in the nomination “The Best Media Team of the City of St. Petersburg”. The figurine was signed by Ivanov, Petrov, Sobolev, which surprised comedians.

Ilya Sobolev now

In mid-April 2017, Ilya Sobolev, as part of a comedy trio, went on a tour to China, to Hainan Island, where the Comedy Club festival was held. The program of the event included daily performances by residents of the club. During the day, participants and spectators were offered joint participation in games, competitions and relay races. For concerts, comedians prepared the best numbers, as well as miniatures that were created specifically for the festival.

Ilya Sobolev

In May 2017, the artist was detained by the staff of the teaching staff to check the documents, during which it became clear that Ilya drives with an invalid driver’s license. The traffic police service deprived Sobolev of his rights back in 2014. But the artist, according to him, did not know about it, since he did not receive a subpoena from the court.

Also in 2017, Sobolev made his film debut. He starred in the series Phantom of the Opera, directed by Emil Nikoghosyan, known for the films Champions and Moms 3. It is noteworthy that the film also starred his colleagues in the "Comedy Club" - Garik Kharlamov and Andrei Skorokhod. This is a story of the friendship of a police operative Lesha and the ghost of the legendary con artist Pasha Veterka. At the moment, the filmography of Ilya is limited only to this picture.

Ilya Sobolev and blogger Nikolai Sobolev are namesakes

In 2018, Ilya decided to conquer the Internet. His YouTube channel was registered in 2012, but only now he began to develop and popularize it.The man admits that on the Web he can afford much more than on TV. Here his monologues are even more acute and topical. Also on the channel, he publishes his impromptu concerts and parodies of the stars of Russian show business.

Ilya Sobolev on the project "Where is the logic?"

In the winter of 2018, on the TNT4 channel, a new show, “Prozharka,” was launched, hosted by Ilya. The format of the program is comedic: young comedians make fun of the invited guest. TV host and singer Olga Buzova, standup Ruslan Bely, blogger Nikolai Sobolev and others have already come to Sobolev in Prozhark. Some fans believe that they are brothers. But this is not so, the guys are just namesakes.

By the way, in August 2018, both Sobolev came to the show “Where is the logic?”, Ilya was in tandem with rapper L’One, and Nikolai was with Marina Kravets.

Russian comedian, stand-up master, musician

Ilya Sobolev - Russian comedian, stand-up master, resident of “Comedy Club”, musician. Ilya Sobolev played in the KVN for the team “Left Bank” (Krasnoyarsk), then participated in the shows “Slaughter League” and “Laughter without rules”, where his career blossomed with new colors. Then Sobolev appeared in humorous projects on the Che, TNT and TNT-4 television channels. In recent years, Ilya has gained great popularity, speaking in the genre of “stand-up” *, as well as in “Comedy Club” as part of the trio “Ivanov, Smirnov, Sobolev”. According to one version, Ilya Sobolev led the program “Money or Shame” on TNT-4 in the image of Uncle Viti. In addition, Sobolev appears in many stand-up and comic projects on Youtube, the video with his performances gaining a lot of views.

Childhood and education of Ilya Sobolev

Ilya Viktorovich Sobolev was born on February 25, 1983 in Krasnoyarsk.

The cheerful character of the boy manifested itself in childhood. Ilya studied at Lyceum No. 102, was an active participant in school productions. At the age of thirteen, Ilya Sobolev became a member of the city KVN School League. He performed both on the school stage and in the House of Culture of Krasnoyarsk.

“Sobolev’s talent was witty and joking when he was still at school, thanks to which Ilya got into the city KVN School League at the age of 13. In the final game, he had to fight with the captain of the rival team Roman Klyachkin, so future friends and associates were able to appreciate each other's strengths for the first time. After 3 years, they created the duet “Beautiful”, which a few years later brought them fame, ”says the biography of Sobolev on his official website.

After graduation, Ilya Sobolev received two degrees: technical higher (graduated from the Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals and Materials Science in Krasnoyarsk) and acting (at the St. Petersburg Theater Academy).

Comedian career

The biography of Sobolev, like many other comedians, could not do without KVN. Even while studying, Ilya continued to play in KVN, was the captain of the Krasnoyarsk “Left Bank” team. In 2003, his team became the Premier League champion.

A year later (2004), the Left Bank team entered the Highest League of KVN. At the festival “Voting KiViN-2004” Ilya Sobolev was a great success, and in 2005 his team went to the semi-finals of the Premier League.

Ilya recalled that in KVN he was called Carlitos, and there were no nicknames in the school.

Together with a school friend Klyachkin Sobolev continued to perform in the duet "Beautiful", starting a career in stand-up. During this period, the guys became residents of Comedy Club Siberia. A successful duet took part in the first season of a new comedy contest on TNT's channel “Laughter without rules” and took 2nd place.

2009 was a successful year for the duet Beautiful. He became the winner of the 9th "golden" season of the show "Laughter without rules."

After the success, “Beautiful” continued their careers, gaining the right to participate in the “Slaughter League” show. In this project, Ilya Sobolev proved himself not only in a duet, but also in solo numbers. In 2010, the entertainment show “Comedy Battle” appeared on TNT and Ilya became one of the participants. He performed as a member of the clan "Aristocrats" along with Dmitry Romanov, Evgeny Otstanov, Konstantin Pushkin and Glory Komissarenko. In the biography of Sobolev on the website “Know Everything” it is said that in this program Ilya was the author of very successful jokes.

The trio "Ivanov, Smirnov, Sobolev" in the "Comedy Club"

Today, the peak of Ilya’s biography can be considered his performances in the “Comedy Club” in the trio “Ivanov, Smirnov, Sobolev. In 2013, Sobolev joined forces with Alexey Smirnov and Anton Ivanov, so a trio was created with the simple name "Ivanov, Smirnov, Sobolev", which gave the opportunity to witty young people to become residents of the Comedy club show.

Non-standard, sometimes on the verge of a foul, but even more on the verge of absurdity, the humor of Ivanov, Smirnov and Sobolev quickly captivated the audience of the Comedy Club and soon the young guys began to be objectively perceived by the main stars of the project along with the masters of this show. Absolutely, the trio contributed to the project Garik Martirosyan fresh stream.

Sobolev, along with the Comedy Club, has toured a lot. In April 2017, the artists went on tour in China (Hainan Island), where they took part in the Comedy club festival. Comedians performed daily and successfully demonstrated to the public their best numbers and miniatures.

Currently, Sobolev continues to work in the Comedy Club, touring cities of Russia and foreign countries with the trio of Ivanov, Smirnov, Sobolev, as well as giving private concerts and working as a host at various events.

In an interview with Tricolortvmag, Sobolev explained by his capacity for work the fact that “Comedy Club” appeared in his biography. “I work a lot: I wake up at 5:40 in the morning and practically all my free time, performances and filming, I write jokes. That’s probably because I’m there. ”

Ilya called “Plane to Bangkok”, “Interview in a company” and “Corporate in the forest” as his favorite miniatures in the trio of “Ivanov, Smirnov, Sobolev”.

In 2012, Ilya registered his YouTube channel, and in 2018 he began to develop and popularize it. Sobolev admitted that on the Web he can afford much more than on TV. Here, his stand-alone monologues are even more acute and topical. But viewers should keep in mind obscene language, which is easy to find in Sobolev’s video on YouTube.

Today, Sobolev is so popular that he is invited even to Channel One. Ivan Urgant on the eve of 2019, he announced the release of the special New Year's program “Blue Urgant”, to which the host invited musicians and comedians popular with a young audience, in particular, on Youtube.

According to the news of show business, the guests of "Blue Urgant" were - Coin, Buckwheat, Ilya Sobolev, Little Big, Feduk, Ivan Dorn, Antokha MS, Danila Cross, Big Russian Boss, Bread, Evgeny Kulik other.

Urgant himself said that he was swinging open the doors of the Blue Flame to accept "into our blue fraternity new members." The host also noted that the guests of the program will pay tribute to the “most romantic and brightest period in the life of our country - the nineties.”

Character Uncle Vitya

Sobolev's popularity grew with his every appearance on TV, but the young artist is constantly looking for new formats. It is not officially confirmed, but many believe that it was Ilya who led the program “Money or Shame” on TNT-4 in the form of a stern character named Uncle Vitya.

Uncle Vitya, like Sobolev, was among the heroes of “Laughter without rules” and “Slaughter League”.

Sobolev’s biography on the “Know Everything” website also says that the image of Uncle Vitya was partly taken from Sobolev’s favorite film “Man on the Moon”, and secondly, in one of his speeches, Uncle Vitya lost his voice and the phrase “He is no longer defender ”was pronounced in a voice very much like Sobolev.

As you know, the American comedian Andy Kaufman there was also a similar make-up character.

Also, many decided that Uncle Vitya was played by Ilya Sobolev, having studied the photos of the TV presenters, in particular, comparing ears and eyes. They note the same growth of Sobolev and Uncle Viti (by the way, Ilya is among the low comedians, his height is about 166 cm).

Funny, albeit rather cynical, Uncle Vitya liked the public, although his solo program on TNT did not go out for long. Uncle Viti's guests were Olga Buzova, many stars of "Comedy Club" and "Comedy Wumen", they had to answer very frank questions, in particular, about personal and intimate life. Every now and then, running into pretty vulgar jokes of Uncle Viti.

Music and cinema

In addition to humorous abilities, nature endowed Sobolev with musicality. Since 2009, Ilya with a singer Andrian He recorded several humorous songs, including “Don't Think”, “Gansta”, “I'm Dumb”. Some of them were kept on the charts of the Radio Record radio station for quite some time.

In 2017, Sobolev made his film debut. He starred in the series "Phantom of the Opera", directed by Emil Nikoghosyan, known for the films "Champions" and "Moms 3". His colleagues in the "Comedy Club" also starred in the picture - Garik Kharlamov and Andrey Skorokhod. This is a story of the friendship of a police operative Lesha and the ghost of the legendary con artist Pasha Veterka. So far this is the only role of Ilya Sobolev in the cinema.

Personal life of Ilya Sobolev

Ilya Sobolev is married. His wife is Natalya Pakhomova. The wife of a comedian works in real estate and jurisprudence. The couple has two daughters, Sofia and Eve. After giving birth, the girl developed her own program on female nutrition and recovery after childbirth, presenting it on her Instagram page, according to Sobolev’s biography on the site “Who is”?

Ilya loves spending time with his family and telling tales to his daughters. As he noted in the interview, fairy tales are always funny, their constant character is the Green Clown.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­* Stand upComedy (eng. Stand-up comedy) is a comedic art in which an artist performs in front of a live audience, usually speaking directly to the audience.

Career path

Ilya Sobolev knew how to joke since childhood, but in order to become a professional, getting an education is not enough. Now the artist has reached heights, but this was preceded by a considerable path.

If we talk about the creative page in the biography of Sobolev, she took the start from the moment the young man began playing in the KVN team “Left Bank”. In 2003, the guys won the title of Premier League champion. They managed to get around 18 teams and with a high score they shared the victory with the Region-13 team (Saransk). This win allowed the “Left Bank” to participate in the Major League, where they successfully reached the quarter-finals.

Biography and career

Nikolai Sobolev was born on June 18, 1993 in St. Petersburg. He graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Management, St. Petersburg Polytechnic University.

He gained his first fame on the Internet by filming practical jokes and social experiments for the Rakamakafo project together with Guram Narmania, his friend from the university. For this project, in June 2015, they became laureates of the Sobaka.ru magazine prize “TOP 50. The most famous people of St. Petersburg” in the “Media” category. Four months later, together with the VKontakte community, YouTube Life, launched the channel of the same name, which in an analytical format covered the activities of Russian video bloggers and current Runet events. In 2016, he renamed the channel to SOBOLEV and focused on discussing resonant social topics. He became widely known after discussing the case of the rape of Diana Shurygina. During the discussion of this topic, his channel became the fastest growing in the world.

On March 9, 2017, together with other popular bloggers, he took part in a meeting with the Minister of Culture of Russia Vladimir Medinsky. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss relevant ways of interacting with the young generation, in particular, to discuss the popularization of education and culture.

He is a co-author of YouTube. Way to success. How to get trucks of likes and tons of money. "

On August 10, 2017, it became known about the launch of the new weekly Sobolev show in a quiz format with famous people. The show will be released under the name “Sobolev Bombs” exclusively for the VKontakte social network. WildJam agency is engaged in the production of the show, and the Yandex.Taxi service is the general sponsor. A total of 12 issues are planned, which will be released once a week. The format of the show resembles the television game "Taxi", which aired from 2005 to 2009 on TNT.

On June 3, 2018, there were reports that unknown persons attacked Sobolev, he allegedly received a closed head injury and concussion. Subsequently, it turned out that this was a throw-in made by Nikolai himself, and then Nikolai made a video about misinformation.


Thanks to sparkling humor, Ilya could not go unnoticed by television, where he was invited after KVN as one of the most talented comedians. The guy takes an active part in several sensational projects. Sobolev starred in the program "Laughter without rules", where he manages to take first the second place, and then - the first, and also shines in the television show "Slaughter League".

In the winter of 2010, the comedian leaves the Slaughter League, explaining the act by saying that it is time to move on. Together with the comedian, the producer, host and several participants leave the project. Together, the guys begin to work on a new project, which goes on TNT channel called "Comedy Battle." According to the idea of ​​the show includes two parts - selective and tournament. It can be safely stated that this project was definitely a success.


Among other things, Sobolev is still interested in music. Together with one popular performer from St. Petersburg, the artist sang a couple of musical compositions: “Don't Think” and “Gansta”. The tracks quickly became popular and for a long time remained at the top of the charts "Radio Record".

In 2013, three participants in the Comedy Club show and part-time former kaene players decide to create a trio with the comedic direction Ivanov, Smirnov, Sobolev. Many know Anton Ivanov and Alexey Smirnov as members of the Hot Finnish Guys team, as well as the Cattle duo. The new trio constantly appears on the TV screen, in particular during the comedy show "Comedy Club", and quickly gaining audience approval. After some time, the guys shoot a video together with Ruslan Bely.

Once the group manages to take the award in the nomination "The Best Media Team" in the form of a figurine with the signature "Ivanov, Petrov, Sobolev."

Other achievements

Ilya Sobolev can rightly be called a talented artist who feels comfortable both in the role of presenter and showman. Those who managed to work side by side with a comedian claim that he is an incredibly creative person. Ilya is really not afraid of bold experiments and does not limit herself to one or another framework. Perhaps that is why the artist so successfully shows himself in projects of various genres.

Sobolev composes and shows skits, miniatures. It performs well in stand-up style. The artist acts as an entertainer, organizes a variety of celebrations and events. Ilya more than once received an invitation to the role of leading parties of such eminent companies as Sberbank, Uralsib, Dula-Tour, etc.

Interesting Facts

Some interesting information from the biography of the artist:

  • the artist has a small height, namely - 166 cm,
  • Ilya is a sociopath. In everyday life, a man may not smile for days. Prefers not to show emotions,
  • in 2014, the comedian was deprived of a driver’s license, but he still continued to drive the vehicle until in 2017 he was detained by PPS officers. According to him, he had no idea that he was deprived of the right to drive a car, since he did not receive the relevant subpoena,
  • humor is not an easy job for an artist, but he cannot live without it. He does not imagine rest from this work, since he believes that in this way you can lose skills,
  • Ilya actively uses social networks. The artist has his own website, as well as a YouTube channel.Instagram has over 500 thousand followers, with whom he is happy to share a piece of his personal life by publishing photos and videos.

Ilya Sobolev today

Since 2018, Ilya Sobolev has been actively involved in social networks, where he publishes his news, photos and videos about how he lives. The comedian opened the YouTube channel back in 2012, but began to deal with it relatively recently. Now the artist admits that with the help of this platform he has much more opportunities to develop and popularize what he wants than on television.

You can see that in his videos on YouTube there is more topicality, the most urgent questions and problems are raised. Also on the channel, everyone can see his improvised performances, parodies of eminent figures from show business.

In the winter of 2018, a new project is launched on TNT4 channel, whose lead becomes Ilya Sobolev. The transmission format is quite original, its essence lies in the fact that young comedians have to make fun of the life and work of various people invited to the studio.

In the summer of 2018, Ilya Sobolev, along with his namesake, notorious on the expanses of YouTube Nikolai, takes part in the television program "Where is the logic?" By the way, according to some people, these two characters are relatives, but in reality this is not so.

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Ilya Sobolev - present and future

The artist continues to participate in numerous performances and projects, to hold corporate parties and parties. Humor is a constant, hard, but beloved job for him. “Rest in this profession is not implied. Since, as soon as you take a break, as soon as you decide to relax a bit, at the same moment your humorous "tentacles" dry up, and you begin to do your work with difficulty. Humor must be constantly pulsating, it must be constantly nourished. ”- says the comedian.

Ilya Sobolev biography

Ilya Sobolev is a popular Russian comedian, a resident of Comedy Club, has his own show "Uncle Vitya", where he acts as a harmful grandfather, recently a blogger.

Ilya Sobolev photo

Ilya Sobolev on television

Thanks to charisma, the young artist receives an invitation to participate in television humorous programs. So, the comedian was remembered by viewers in such projects as “Slaughter league«, «Laugh without rules"And"comedy club". Soon the young man receives the status of permanent resident of a television program Comedy club.

In the first season of the TV show "Laugh without rules“Ilya, together with Roman Klyachkin, was able to surprise the judges, and achieved second place. And in the ninth season, in which the finalists of the past years participated, he reached the gold prize.

Ilya Sobolev laugh without rules

Ilya Sobolev Uncle Vitya

Ilya Sobolev is also associated with the television character "Uncle Vitya"Which appeared for the first time in the ninth season of the telecast"Laugh without rules". Despite the fact that the TNT channel management denied this fact, viewers are sure that the young KVN-schik had fun on television filming in full. Nevertheless, no one saw Uncle Vitya without makeup and who actually plays the host of the program “Money or Shame”.

Ilya Sobolev Uncle Vitya

In the middle of winter 2010, Ilya Sobolev leaves the TV show "Slaughter league"And goes to work on a television show called"Comedy Battle«.

But not only the young artist "eats" humor. In 2009, together with the famous St. Petersburg musician Andrian, he recorded two tracks, called "Gansta" and "Do Not Think." Together with the creative association "Ivanov, Smirnov, Sobolev"And the 3NT group Ilya takes part in the filming of the video clip for the song" Nuances ".

Ilya Sobolev StandUp

Ilya Sobolev and his wife

According to the artist, he is truly happy, as he is married to the best woman in the world, Natalia Pakhomova. The wife of a comedian works in real estate and jurisprudence. The couple has two daughters, Sofia and Eve. After giving birth, the girl developed her own program on female nutrition and recovery after childbirth, presenting it on her page in Instagram.

Ilya Sobolev and his wife

Sobolev Ilya now

At the moment, the artist is the owner of the permanent status of a resident of the project Comedy club. Repeatedly invited as a presenter on the television channel "MuzTV".

In the spring of 2017, together with the creative association "Ivanov, Smirnov, Sobolev"Visited the People's Republic of China, where the annual Comedy Club festival was held.

In early summer of that year, police in Moscow accidentally stopped the artist. When checking the documents, it turned out that Ilya uses a fake driver’s license. Later, the comedian made excuses, stating that he did not know that for 3 years he had been deprived of a driver’s license by court order.

Ilya Sobolev Comedy Club

Ilya Sobolev YouTube

In early autumn 2017, Pavel decides to continue filming vlogs for his own YouTube channel. In short videos, they raise a lot of urgent problems, in particular, he talks about old age, fears, stars of show business, the LGBT community. In mid-autumn, the comedian, along with other participants in the Comedy Club show, goes on tour in the US, Canada and Mexico.

Ilya Sobolev YouTube

At the beginning of 2018, the release of the next comedy show, “Roasting”, took place. As a participant, Ilya Sobolev will make fun of the invited guest. In the first series of harassing jokes, Olga Buzova experienced herself.


Watch the video: @YouTube: комики, зашквары и Кремниевая долина. ХОЛИВАР. ИСТОРИЯ РУНЕТА. 7 (April 2020).