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Name: Bastian Schweinsteiger

Birthday: August 1 1984 (35 years old)

Place of Birth: Colbermore, Germany

Height: 183 cm

Weight: 79 kg

Eastern horoscope: Rat

Career: Athletes 18th place

The childhood and family of Bastian Schweinsteiger

Our today's hero was born in a small mountain town located on the southern border of Bavaria. As the football player himself noted in one of his later interviews, this locality is the real quintessence of Germany and all German. Here men go in short shorts, drink a lot of beer and eat branded German sausages. In addition, in the town of Kolbermoor, everyone loves sports. Thus, already in early childhood, the future footballer had only two ways: to regularly rob tourists coming to Bavaria, working in the corresponding service area or devote his life to sports. Bastian chose the second and very soon began to practice ... skiing.

It is noteworthy that already in preschool age the guy managed to achieve good success in this sport and even won several junior skiing competitions. He was praised by coaches and experienced specialists, but at the age of seven, unexpectedly for all, the guy suddenly left his usual occupation and simply retired. Realizing that skiing was “not his”, “Schweini” began to look for another activity. And a few months later, on the advice of his elder brother, Tobias began to engage in football.

The basics of football Bastian Schweinsteiger comprehended in the sports school of the club Rosenheim, which, incidentally, was located at a very decent distance from his house. In this place, the young footballer began to make his first successes. And very soon I came "on the pencil" to the coaches of the Munich Bavaria.

In the academy of the most titled club in Germany, the player was at the age of fourteen. Several times a week, the future footballer made lengthy trips from Kolbermoor to Munich, but did not even think to complain.

Such fortitude and innate talent did not hide from the keen glance of the Bayern mentors, and therefore two years later the club went to meet the young player and allocated him official housing in Munich. During this period, a sixteen-year-old begins to consistently advocate for the duplicate composition of the Bavarian club, as well as gaining points one after the other.

After that, before the debut for the main team, “Bavaria” was already close.

Further football career of Bastian Schweinsteiger

On December 7, 2002, Bastian Schweinsteiger first entered the field in the official Bundesliga match. In that match, the player played only a few minutes against the team from Stuttgart. However, already in the same season, the Bavarian coaches began to smoothly let the player into the games of the main team. At that moment, everyone was talking about Bastian as a future superstar. He was praised by such recognized masters as Otmar Hitzfeld and Franz Beckenbauer. A peculiar indicator of confidence in the young player is the fact that Bastian, unlike other players of the backup team (for example, Lell or Lama) was never rented to other clubs.

And the player fully justified such a high confidence. Already in the 2004 season, the player became a real star of his team. During this period, the Bastian Schweinsteiger attracted the attention of the coaches of the German youth team, and then the leaders of the national team of Germany. In the same 2004, the player first tried on the Bundesmanshaft shirt and scored his first goals (in a friendly match with the Russian team).

It is noteworthy that at the beginning of his career, the football player played the role of an extreme midfielder, but he soon proved himself to be a player in the central axis. During this period, the Schweini talent flashed with a vengeance. One after another, he handed out assists to his partners, and also often scored goals. What is very important, Bastian’s game became especially vivid at those moments when his team needed to go forward. In the most crucial moments of the match, the player proved to be a real leader. In many ways, it was his skill that enabled Munich Bavaria to win the German championship five times over nine years, as well as win the Champions League gold and many other awards.

Bastian Schweinsteiger Now

In addition to many team trophies, Bastian Schweinsteiger also owns a huge number of personal awards, the most significant of which is the title of the best player in Germany in 2013.

At the moment, Bastian is a true legend of the German national team and the Bayern Munich. He is claimed by many famous European clubs, but he still remains faithful to only one team.

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Name and surname:Bastian Schweinsteiger
Name in English:Bastian schweinsteiger
Year of birth:1984
Birthday:August 1
Place of Birth:Germany, Kolbermoor
Height:183 cm.
Weight:79 kg
Zodiac:a lion
Eastern horoscope:Rat
Social network:FacebookTwitterInstagramWikipedia

Bastian Schweinsteiger Biography

Bastian Schweinsteiger seems to have been born in order to become a footballer. He is strong, technical and incredibly talented. He is distinguished by his excellent ability to “see” the field, feel the course of the match and subtly conduct his team’s game. On the football field, Bastian is a true leader. But what kind of person is this imposing blond outside the stadium? Which way did he come to football, and what obstacles remained behind him?

Today we will try to follow how the career of one of the best players in the history of the German national team developed, as well as present to your attention a short story about the life and fate of the great “Schweini”.

Personal life of Bastian Schweinsteiger and other successes

In this area, the eminent football player is no less rosy than in his sports career. For several years now, Schweini has been in a civil marriage with German model Sarah Brandner, who often appears at the Munich Bavaria games. There is no question of marriage, however, as the friends of the football player say, everything can change at any time.

Football player Bastian Schweinsteiger with model girl Sarah Brandner

As for other successes, one of the ardent admirers of the star player’s talent is German leader Angela Merkel. The iron lady of Germany repeatedly declared her respect for this player in her interviews.

Ana Ivanovich

The Serbian beautiful tennis player Ana Ivanovich - the wife of the German footballer Bastian Schweinsteiger - during her professional career has achieved everything that one could wish for.

The athlete won the WTA tournaments 15 times, in 2008 she defeated Dinara Safina in the finale of the famous Roland Garros (Grand Slam singles tournament) and then led the world women's tennis rating.

However, before meeting with her future husband, Anya, who in 2010 was recognized as the sexiest tennis player on the planet, was badly unlucky in her personal life. Numerous novels were attributed to the beauty from Belgrade, and her boyfriends were tennis player Mark Stillitano, golfer Adam Scott and other famous men. But all relations Ivanovich invariably failed.

Ivanovich’s life completely changed in September 2014 after a fateful meeting with football player Bastian Schweinsteiger, who, a month before meeting Ana, became the world soccer champion in the German national team. About a year and a half, the couple met, and on July 12, 2016, world sports stars played a wedding in the famous Palazzo Cavalli-Franchetti in Venice.

It is curious that the wedding of the titled athletes took place two days after the end of the European Championship 2016, in which the German team - the undisputed favorite of the tournament - sensationally lost in the semifinals to the French team.

Immediately after the insulting defeat and departure from the gold contenders, Schweinsteiger announced his retirement in the national team, and a few months later Ivanovich covered the racket forever. The first-born of 33-year-old Bastian and 30-year-old Ana - the son of Luke - was born in March 2018 in Chicago.

Childhood and youth

The future footballer was born on August 1, 1984 in the German town of Colbermore, in southern Bavaria. Bastian was involved in sports since childhood, but the first Schweinsteiger shell was not a soccer ball, but skis. The boy’s parents kept their own ski equipment store and happily encouraged their son’s hobbies. But Schweinsteiger’s younger brother, Tobias, chose football and even achieved notable success on the field, which attracted Bastian’s attention to this sport.

Bastian Schweinsteiger in childhood

Soon Bastian decided to leave the skis and began to attend football training. The talented boy was noticed by representatives of the Munich Bavaria and was invited to train at the club. Schweinsteiger initially had a hard time: every day the young man went to Munich, located 70 km from his hometown. Round trips took a lot of time, so Bastian was soon given temporary housing in Munich. So thanks to talent and determination at the age of 16, Schweinsteiger has already joined the official composition of the double “Bavaria”.


The turning point in the sports biography of Bastian Schweinsteiger was 2002, when the football player first entered the field as part of the Bavarian main team, but so far only as a substitute. After some time, Bastian made his debut in the Champions League matches, and then opened the scoring with a goal scored for his native Bavaria.

Schweinsteiger began the next season as an official player of the Bavarian base. Coaches and commentators noted the flawless midfielder technique, as well as his athletic calm and ability to instantly analyze the situation on the field and make the right decisions on the tactics of the game. Soon Bastian took the position of a central midfielder and was recognized as the best player in the team.

In 2015, football fans around the world were thrilled by the news of Bastian Schweinsteiger joining Manchester United. The network was filled with rumors and speculation about the reasons for the change of team Bastian and the transfer cost of the player. It was rumored that Schweinsteiger preferred a more substantial salary.

Bastian Schweinsteiger at Manchester United Club

It was also often suggested that the Bayern coach thought about replacing Schweinsteiger at the heart of the team with another player, while the athlete himself preferred not to comment on this situation in an interview. Be that as it may, Bastian spent the next season already in a new status for himself as a Manchester player.

Unfortunately, Schweinsteiger was not able to fully reveal himself in the new team. Bastian missed many matches due to injuries and subsequent rehabilitation, the athlete's health condition even began to inspire fear among fans. And after the place of the coach was taken by Jose Mourinho, the football player was completely transferred to the youth team.

Bastian Schweinsteiger at the Chicago Fire Club

This situation did not suit Schweinsteiger, and soon the Network was again flooded with rumors about Bastian's next transfer to a new club. This time, the American Chicago Fire acquired the football player, the contract with which will last until 2018.

In parallel with a career in clubs, Bastian Schweinsteiger also played for the national team. The first match in the national team of Germany for the football player took place in 2004.

Bastian Schweinsteiger's best goals

For 12 years, Bastian entered the field as part of the national team, participated in four European championships and three world championships. For the player the fame of the best player in the team was entrenched, which he regularly strengthened with new and new successes on the field.

Only once did fans doubt their idol - when Bastian was removed from the field during a match with the Croatian team at the Euro 2008 championship, and the German national team lost to the Croats 1: 2.

Bastian Schweinsteiger in the German national team

However, in the next match (it was a game against the Portuguese) Bastian Schweinsteiger gave everything 100%, scoring one goal and giving two assists. In 2016, at the end of the European Championship, Schweinsteiger, the famous lucky seventh number in the national team, announced the end of his career in the German national team.

Bastian schweinsteiger

One of the brightest stars of world football is player Bastian Schweinsteiger. The football player showed himself brightly in his youth, for which he quickly found himself in one of the best teams in the Bundesliga, Bavaria. During his football career, Bastian spent only 4 seasons in the farm club of his main team, where he soon moved to as many as 13 seasons. Hard work and a good tactical game by Schweinsteiger allowed Bavaria and the German national team, for which he played, to receive many trophies. And he himself is the most titled player in Germany in the history of football.

Biography and career of a football player

Schweinsteiger was born in the south of Bavaria in the small town of Kolbelmore, here he went to a football school. Schweinsteiger's parents - Alfred and Monica encouraged his son’s fascination, and at the age of 14 he was noticed by the scouts of Bavaria

So Bastian began to study in Munich, every day covering almost 70 kilometers on the way to training and the same back, and from the age of 16, Schweintiger became a double player of the famous club.



Schweinsteiger remembered for a long time December 7, 2002 - the day he first played at the base of Bayern Munich, replacing the Bundesliga against Stuttgart. Soon Basti made his debut in the Champions League, and then opened the score for his goals for Bayern Munich, making a “double” in the cup match.

The next season, Schweinsteiger became the undisputed player of the club's foundation, speaking on the flank of midfield. The technique, the vision of the field, the ability to give an accurate pass, the delivered strike were perfectly combined with intransigence and the ability to win martial arts.

“Schweinsteiger does not have a single quality, about which you can say,“ He does it better than anyone else in the world. ” At the same time, Bastian knows everything on the field and never falls below a certain level, which makes him one of the best midfielders of our time ”,

this is how Louis van Gaal, who headed the Munich club in 2009, spoke about Schweinsteiger.

It was the Dutch specialist who transferred Schweinsteiger to the center of midfield, and did not lose - Basti for many years has become a reliable stronghold in the center of the club field, holding the game threads in his hands and determining the directions of attacks.

He was an important player in the team that recently dominated Europe, and in 2013 made a “treble”, winning the championship, the German Cup and the Champions League. True, the year before, Schweinsteiger became the anti-hero of Munich - it was he who did not score the decisive penalty in the shoot-out series of the Munich Champions League final against Chelsea.

In total for Bayern Schweinsteiger held 500 official matches and won many titles with her.

Bastian Schweinsteiger: biography

Bastian Schweinsteiger is a German footballer who has been a symbol of the German national team for more than a year. The name of Schweistiger among the fans was associated with success and the jewelry technique of the game, while the coaches noted the reliability and stability of Bastian. Unfortunately, the football player has already completed his career in the German national team, but Schweinsteiger fans still do not lose hope at least once again to see the idol on the field with the ball as part of the national team.

"Manchester United"


Why did Schweinsteiger leave Bavaria? In the summer of 2015, football fans around the world asked this question. I think I know the answer to this question.Hand on heart, it’s worth recognizing that Basti was no longer the same as before and Josep Guardiola did not guarantee him a place at the base. And then a worthy offer came up (both in the transfer cost of a football player and in the salary of Schweinsteiger himself) from Manchester, where Schweinsteiger's good acquaintance van Gaal worked.

But really in Manchester, Schweinsteiger never played. The reason for this was, firstly, the football player’s injuries, and secondly, the mess that arose in the club after the departure of Alex Ferguson.

In addition to Schweinsteiger, Mike Carrick, Morgan Schnederlen, Maruan Fellaini, Ander Herrera, Daily Blind claimed the place in the center of the field in the team - the players are so cool, so diverse. It seems that no one in the club, including Louis van Gaal, really had any idea how the team should play, which was soon confirmed by the resignation of the Dutch specialist.

And Jose Mourinho immediately made it clear that he did not need the services of a world champion and sent Basti to train with the second team. In just two seasons at Manchester United, the German played only 34 games in which he scored two goals. And the club's fans will only remember his goal for Wigan, which Schweinsteiger scored in a fall through himself.

Chicago Fire


After Manchester, Bastian decided to find a quieter place, and went overseas.

Schweinsteiger signed a contract with the MLS club Chicago Fire, for which he was able to score a goal already in his debut match.

Germany national team


Bastian Schweinsteiger played 121 matches for the German national team - the fourth result in its history, took part in its composition in three world championships and four European championships. Moreover, Basti was the main player in all these tournaments, having missed only 4 out of 42 matches played by the German national team.

Performing his main task of organizing attacks by the team, Schweinsteiger did not forget about goals. At Euro 2008, he became the author of the first goals of the German national team in the quarter-finals against Portugal and in the semifinals with Turkey, ending with a German victory with the same score 3: 2, and at the home world championship he secured the team a victory in the consolation final with the same Portuguese.

Then Schweinsteiger made a double, and an own goal at the gates of the Portuguese flew after a free-kick executed by Bastian. Interestingly, that match also ended with a score of 3: 2.

True, the 2016 European Championship was unsuccessful for Schweinsteiger. He went there, not fully recovering from an injury. Having appeared on the field at the end of the first match against the national team of Ukraine, Bastian Schweinsteiger secured the victory of his team, scoring the second goal (2: 0). In the quarterfinal against the Italian national team, he did not realize his attempt in the penalty shoot-out, and in the semifinal with France he became the culprit of the 11-meter goal, from which Griezmann opened the scoring in the match (0: 2).

After the game, Joachim Leo defended his ward, saying that Schweinsteiger simply did not have time to remove his hand. It’s hard to disagree with this - the penalty was from the category “at the discretion of the referee”, and if such an episode happened at the gates of the hosts of the tournament, I think that Nicola Rizzoli would not have whistled.

After the championship, Schweinsteiger announced the completion of a career in the German national team. And the farewell match of Bastian Schweinsteiger in the national team was held on August 31, 2017 - it was a friendly match with Finland, which the Germans beat 2-0.


  1. Eight-time German champion.
  2. Seven-time winner of the German Cup.
  3. Two-time winner of the German League Cup.
  4. Two-time winner of the German Super Cup.
  5. Winner of the FA Cup.
  6. Champions League winner.
  7. Winner of the European Super Cup.
  8. World champion.
  9. World Championship bronze medalist - 2 times.
  10. Vice-champion of Europe.
  11. Bronze medalist of the European Championship.

Family and personal life of Bastian Schweinsteiger

For a long time, Bastian Schweinsteiger met with the German model Sarah Brandner. However, in 2014, the world learned about his romance by Ana Ivanovich, a tennis player from Serbia.

July 12, 2016 in Venice, the wedding of Bastian and Ana took place.

Interesting Facts

  • As a child, Bastian Schweinsteiger was seriously fond of skiing, but then switched to football.
  • Schweinsteiger is also fond of basketball and sometimes, celebrating a goal, portrays a throw.
  • Last name Schweinsteiger in translation means "pork stall." Therefore, the footballer does not like to be called “Schweini”, preferring to hear another nickname - “Basti”.
  • Bastian’s brother, Tobias, also played for Bayern, but didn’t go any further.
  • Bastian Schweinsteiger is officially the most titled German footballer in history.
  • In the history of German football, only three football players won the German championship 8 times - Oliver Kahn, Mehmet Scholl and Bastian Schweinsteiger.
  • In 2015, Schweinsteiger was drawn into a scandal - in China they released a toy - a figure of a Nazi soldier from the Second World War, which was given the name "Bastian", and the soldier looks very much like a football player. Schweinsteiger went to court, to which the manufacturer's representatives objected that the figure has a typical Aryan appearance, and the name "Bastian" is very popular in Germany.

  • Like many football players, Bastian Schweinsteiger had to appear in commercials. The video advertising the computer game “Battle of the Kings” turned out to be especially cool.
  • In addition to advertising, Bastian Schweinsteiger has starred in several documentaries about football.

Looking around Schweinsteiger’s career, you realize that something is missing here. Namely, a beautiful point, a sort of demobilization chord. Well, wait, after all, Basti still plays football.

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