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Nastya Kudri
Anastasia Igorevna Kudryashkina
Date of BirthNovember 27, 1996 (1996-11-27) (aged 23)
Place of BirthMoscow, Russia
The country Russia
ProfessionsHip Hop and Pop Singer
GenresPop music, hip hop
AliasesNastya Kudri

Anastasia Igorevna Kudryashkina (born November 27, 1996, Moscow, Russia), better known under the stage name Nastya Kudri - Russian hip-hop and pop singer.

The daughter of the commercial director of the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company - one of the 200 richest people in Russia according to Forbes.


Anastasia Kudryashkina was born on November 27, 1996 in Moscow. In childhood, she was fond of dancing and singing. In 2019, she graduated from Moscow State University, studying at the Faculty of Journalism.

She began her career at 18 after a music video was shot with rapper Pavel Kravtsov. In 2016, she recorded the song “Don't Joke,” and in 2017, the singer released her debut album, entitled “Without Preludes,” which included 11 tracks.

Reviewing the debut album, Aleksey Mazhaev noted that the theme of her songs was in line with what was expected from a representative of the “golden youth” and that Anastasia “sings a lot about sex,” while assessing the album’s musical material as unforgettable.

The track entitled “It'll be hot for us” was recorded together with the singer Olga Buzova. Also this year, Nastya Kudri, together with Alexei Vorobyov, recorded a song called “I promise”, for which the singers shot a video. In 2018, she recorded her second album, entitled “PRRR,” which included 5 songs. The singer Roman Bestseller, lyricist Ilya Zhikharev and rapper Kravts participated in the work on the album. In the same year 5 singles were released: “I - TЯUE”, “09.18”, “Call 112”, “I - Marshmallow” and “Rendezvous”. In 2019, the singer writes songs such as: “Klin klinom”, “Tamagotchi”, “Da Ya Takaya” and “BU!”.

Personal life, career and family.

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Name and surname:Anastasia Kudryashkina
Middle name:Igorevna
Name in English:Anastasiia kudriashkina
Nickname:Nastya Kudri
Year of birth:1996
Birthday:November 27
Place of Birth:Moscow
Occupation:model singer
Height:177 cm.
Weight:52 kg
Eastern horoscope:Rat
Social network: Instagram

Singer's childhood

On November 27, 1996, a daughter was born in the family of Igor Kudryashkin, now the dollar billionaire, whose name is in the middle of the ranking of the two hundred richest businessmen in Russia. At the family council, the girl chose a bright name - Anastasia. Parenting opportunities provided her with a comfortable childhood in an atmosphere of luxury.

In school, she was seriously interested in choreography. Perhaps Nastya Kudryashkina would have become a famous dancer, but all of her dreams were canceled by an accident: the girl received a serious knee injury, incompatible with her dance career.

At the age of 15, Anastasia had a new hobby - music and vocal lessons. It all started with the fact that during a vacation in Kiev, the girl met with the producer Irakli Pirtskhalava Julia Ivanova. The singer was just shooting the video “Dislike”, and his team needed a young actress for one of the scenes. Nastya agreed to participate, and after a couple of months, Julia contacted her and offered to work on a solo project. Nastya’s father was at first opposed, but later went on about his daughter’s occasion.

After leaving school, Anastasia decided to get a higher education at the Faculty of Journalism of Moscow State University, since she had a love of literature since childhood. Although, as Nastya herself later claimed, she no longer connects her future with journalism and sees herself exclusively on the stage.

Music career

Officially, the music career of Nastya Kudri (pseudonym Anastasia Kudryashkina) began at the age of fifteen. The first test of the pen was the song "Origami."

On her eighteenth birthday, the novice singer asked for a special gift - to finance the shooting of a personal video with a guest star - a rapper known under the pseudonym Kravts.

In addition, her name got on the pages of the tabloids in connection with the astronomical amount that the girl spent on celebrating her 18th birthday - then she left 9 million rubles in the fashionable metropolitan restaurant La Barge. The celebration was attended by 120 guests who were entertained by Yegor Creed, the Beasts group and host Pavel Priluchny.

This was a great start in her career: they talked about the girl in the media space, and she herself was pleased to warm up the discussion of her own person with frank photo shoots, thanks to which Nastya was called “Russian Gigi Hadid”, interviews and chatting with fans on social networks.

Not financially constrained, the singer actively released videos for her songs. In 2016, a video was released for the song “Fantik”, and actor Matvey Zubalevich was invited to shoot. The clip “Bad Boy” was shot in the USA, its director and screenwriter was singer Alexei Vorobyov, and the main role was offered to the actor of “Twilight” Cam Gigandet. Moreover, the star said, they met him absolutely by accident and did not even pay a cent for participation.

After successful work on “Bad Boy”, Alexey Vorobyov helped her friend to shoot a clip for the song “Tell me”. And in the video “Attention” Nastya Kudri appeared with singer Alexander Golovin.

In 2017, another bright duet appeared on the Russian stage. Nastya Kudri sang along with another aspiring singer Olga Buzova and starred in her video “It will be hot!”.

The clip served as a catalyst for the quarrel between Nastya and model Alesya Kafelnikova, who, not embarrassed in expressions, commented on the work of the duet. “Who ever gives her a studio to record this? Just burn in hell, ”Alesya wrote on her Instagram. In response, Nastya called the opponent a loser and said that she would tear anyone for her team.

Personal life of Nastya Kudri

A bright blonde does not complain about the lack of attention from the stronger sex. It is known that for a year and a half she had a romance with Yuri Osipov, another representative of the golden youth. Among her fans, the singer Alexei Vorobyov was also listed. And in November 2016, the singer began to meet with a representative of the business elite Sergei Sarkisov, Jr.

The girl who is open for communication is friends with representatives of Hollywood, regularly visiting the USA. Nastya Kudri travels around the world preferring to drink coffee in Moscow, feast on pastries in France and taste dishes in Italy. The singer does not sit on diets and does not know how.

When shopping, she acquires good clothes, without focusing on prestigious brands, but shoes should only be from the best world brands. In an interview, the girl admitted that the total cost of her wardrobe is $ 1.5 million.

Nastya has more than 10 tattoos on her body. She made the first at the age of 13 to argue with a friend, having lied to her mother that the tattoo is temporary and will soon be erased. Of course, over time, my mother cleared the hype, but reacted calmly, taking from her daughter a promise that she would not be likened to a tattooed Timati from head to toe.

Creativity and music

Nastya began her career as a singer at the age of 15, and from 18 began to act in music videos for her own songs. The singer has already recorded dozens of songs and shot music videos. All music videos of the singer are performed at the highest level using modern trends and techniques.

Clip of Nastya Kudri and Alexander Golovin - “Attention”

A number of clips have a fascinating background or composition of participants. For example, in October 2016, the singer’s video for the song “Fantik” appeared on the Web, in which the actor of the star series “Youth” Matvey Zubalevich starred with her.

Another song and video released by the singer is “Attention”. Here, a popular young Russian actor Alexander Golovin sang a duet with Nastya. And the script for the video for the track “Bad Boy” was presented to Nastya by longtime admirer and friend Alexei Vorobyov. By the way, Vorobyov became the director and ideological inspirer of yet another clip of the singer - “Tell me”.

Clip "Nastya Kudri"

In songs, the girl sings in the style of pop and R’n’B, and also reads rap. According to Nastya herself, she has no idols in the music field, however, she would love to record a hit with top performers Kanye West and Taiga.

Nastia's youth allows her to not yet think about strict diets or exhausting workouts. As the singer herself admits, she does not limit herself in products and does not adhere to exclusively proper nutrition. On the contrary, he loves flour, sweets, Italian cuisine and French pastries.

Nastya Kudri

The girl regularly goes in for sports and dancing, and this is quite enough to maintain a model figure and develop plasticity and grace.

For their bright appearance, high growth (with a height of 177 cm, its weight is 51-52 kg) and similarities with the top model Nastya has long been nicknamed the Russian Gigi Hadid. Often in photo shoots, girls emphasize this similarity with a popular model.

Singer Nastya Kudri

Nastya, like any other girl of her age, loves make-up and shopping, as well as parties and travel. As for clothes, the young star equally loves foreign fashion houses and Russian designers. Nastya does not neglect things from the mass market. But she passionately loves designer shoes.

Among the hobbies of Nastya is the decoration of the body of the tattoo. Images appear on the hands of a girl with enviable constancy. Curls are not afraid of experiments with both small tattoos and volumetric images.

Clip of Nastya Kudri and Alexei Vorobyov “I promise”

In 2016, Alexei Vorobyov invited Nastya to join the company during his trip to the United States, and the singer agreed to stay in the Hollywood Hills. During a joint pastime, Alexey and Nastya regularly attended starry parties.

At one such Hollywood party, the company was made up of actor Cam Gigandet, known in Russia for his role in the popular saga about vampires. As Nastya admits, Cam impressed her, proving himself to be a charismatic and witty guy. Later, the singer released the music video “Bad boy” with Gigandet in the title role, directed by Alexey Vorobyov himself.


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