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Date of Birth: 05/13/1989, Taurus
Career: singer
Genre: Jazz funk
Hits: KISS
Location: Moscow, Russia
Manager contacts:
Telephone: +7 (495) 142-60-10
(Kazakhstan) +7 (717) 269-61-62
Email: [email protected]

Official site of agent Kirill Astapov

Born to sing, can't fake

Actually, the artistic biography of Kirill Astapov is just starting to gain momentum. He was born in the distant Yoshkar-Ola in 1989, in a musical family. His mother is a pianist, accompanist, and his father is a saxophonist. Both teach at the same college of culture and the arts.

To the music by the hand

You ask, what else could a child do in this artistic family? However, according to the official website of agent Kirill Astapov, at first the boy was not very attracted to music. He liked outdoor games more. As he got older, he took up basketball seriously. But the grandmother intervened. She took her son's hand and took her to a music school.

At organized events with Kirill Astapov, the young singer says that studying was never a burden to him. He easily mastered the piano, participated in school productions, continued to play sports. In general, a lucky guy in every sense.

What did Tolkunova say?

After school, Cyril almost by accident became a participant in the competition "First Step". Invite Kirill Astapov to an event, a holiday, and you will learn something. For example, as Valentina Tolkunova herself, who was a member of the jury of that competition, noticed and appreciated Astapova. The famous Soviet singer told him a few secret words, after which he went to college, where his parents worked.

Theory with practice

Having studied for only a year, the guy went to the capital, where he entered the faculty of pop-jazz vocals of the Institute of Arts. As a student, he combines “theory with practice”, speaking in karaoke bars. They order Kirill Astapov for corporate parties, for weddings. In 2011, Cyril became a member of the show "Factor A". The jury, headed by Alla Pugacheva herself, was delighted with the guy. And he decided to create his own musical group. But this collective, the Sixth Sense, did not last long.

The second stage of life. Voice 2

After 2 years, on the advice of her mother, Cyril goes to the casting of the show "Voice". He passed the selection and, in blind auditions to Astapov, who performed T. Jones' KISS, turned around two professionals: Pelageya and Leonid Agutin. From that moment, Cyril began a completely different life, full of impressions from rehearsals, filming, live broadcasts and of course, music. Currently, Cyril himself writes poetry and music, arranges. He performs a lot. At the end of the show "Voice", popularity came to him. His fans can finally order a performance by Kirill Astapov. They become not just spectators, but also direct participants in his lively, interesting and energetic concerts.

The thorny path to the glory of Kirill Astapov, the TV show "Factor A"

In the capital, a young man enters the Institute of Contemporary Art in the class of pop-jazz vocals. In parallel, she works as a vocalist in karaoke bars in the city. At one of the auditions, the guy gets acquainted with Irina Dubtsova and gets to work in her karaoke club. Although this acquaintance did not affect the singer’s career in any way, the artists remain in good, friendly relations. Kirill Astapov & Valeria Sushina live soundIn 2011, the high-profile talent show “Factor A” starts. The head of the jury is the Primadonna herself, her assistants Lolita Milyavskaya, Boris Krasnov and Roman Emelyanov. Leading Philip Kirkorov and Vladimir Zelensky. Among such big names, the guy from Yoshkar-Ola is at a time to get confused, to get down. Cyril acts differently - he is inspired and sings with all his might, passionately, passionately.

The jury was delighted, and the guy goes through many stages of the casting. Then, from two guys, including Astapov, and four girls, they create the Sixth Sense group. But as often happens with such artificial teams, it quickly breaks up. Fleeting glory quickly passed. Voice Second season Kirill Astapov - Kiss

A year passes, the singer is already receiving his second higher education at GITIS, at the acting department. It works, but does not leave the dream of a big stage. Kirill Astapov goes to Ukraine for the casting of the show “X Factor”. A world-famous project takes a brilliant artist into its ranks with joy. Among the jury members was Irina Dubtsova. A personal acquaintance with a judge does no good to a guy. Rumors begin to circulate about the romance of the stars, the help from Irina. Perhaps because of this, Cyril does not go on the air. Left Kiev, the performer with another disappointment.

Personal life of Kirill Astapov

Unlike many aspiring artists, Kirill Astapov's personal life is clear. Finishing his studies at the Institute of Modern Arts, the young man drew attention to a beautiful blonde. Met and fell in love. This fatal girl was Valery Sushin. She is also a singer and participant in the show "Voice 2".Kirill Astapov had an affair with Valery Sushina. Moreover, Kirill filled out a questionnaire for participation in the project for Valery. The girl fell into the team of Dima Bilan. The couple did not hide warm feelings initially. They were not afraid of stereotypes of show business. Young people live together, record duet songs, and tour. Together they are very happy and the whole country sees it.

Kirill Astapov maintains friendly relations with fellow project talents. Attending the premiere of their music videos and songs. He communicates closely with Leonid Agutin. Admires the talent of the musician. The simplicity of this artist in life and work.

In one of the broadcasts, “Voice 2”, the presenter Dmitry Nagiyev, compared Cyril with Barack Obama. US President. Astapov laughed and said that this joke could be an impetus to the conquest of America. After all, no matter where you were born and raised, the main thing is who you are and what your goals are.

Winding Path to Calling

Creative biography was a foregone conclusion from the moment of birth. However, at first there was no stage interest in the boy. He loved to play pranks with friends. Kirill really liked to play basketball. As part of the school team, Medapovo Astapov became the second in the republican competitions.

Grandmother turned the biography of her grandson. She brought the boy to a music school. Learning to play the piano Cyril was able to without effort. He continued to play sports, participated in school productions, and sang. The future singer had time to study well and be naughty.

Before receiving a specialized education, Cyril decided to participate in the "First Stage" competition. The jury was headed by the famous singer Valentina Tolkunova. She saw the talent of a guy and appreciated it. The singer learned about good prospects even before entering college. After the first year, the future vocalist went to the capital.

He calls moving to Moscow the most memorable event of his life. The guy studied at the department of pop-jazz vocals of the Institute of Contemporary Art, completed the third year of GITIS. Astapov wrote music for himself, plays the piano.

He worked at corporate parties, in karaoke. At one of the auditions he attended, Astapov met with Irina Dubtsova. The singer and composer invited the guy to work in his karaoke club.

Life path, career and family.

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Name and surname:Kirill Astapov
Name in English:Kirill Astapov
Year of birth:1989
Birthday:may 13
Place of Birth:Yoshkar-Ola
Height:185 cm.
Weight:86 kg
Eastern horoscope:Snake
Social network:Vkontakteinstagram

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Kirill Astapov Biography (Kirill Astapov Biography) Russian singer, fiance Valeria Sushina, participant in the Voice2 project

A handsome guy Kirill Astapov was born in 1989 in the city of Yoshkar-Ola, the Republic of Mari El.

He lives in Moscow, considers moving to the capital the most striking event of his life.

Graduated from the Institute of Contemporary Art (pop-jazz vocals), GITIS 3rd year (theater and film actor). He plays the piano, writes music for himself. Works on corporate parties and karaoke.

In the project “Voice 2” Kirill Astapov went to the next stage of the show by performing the song “Kiss”, falling into the team of Leonid Agutin.

Fateful contests

The young talent initially fell in 2011 to the Factor A project, patronized by Alla Pugacheva. Among the big names, the provincial was not at a loss. On the contrary, the vocalist from Mari-El, inspired by brilliant listeners, sang all the songs so passionately that he made an unforgettable impression.

The singer was successful in castings. As a result, Cyril was among the six who formed the Sixth Sense troupe. The young team broke up pretty quickly, and the instant lava disappeared just as instantly. The vocalist managed to get an education in GITIS, graduating from the acting department.

He set to work, not forgetting the dreams of the big stage. Then Cyril was on the "X factor". In the jury, he was amazed to see Dubtsova, already familiar. Personal acquaintance did not help in anything: Irina accepted the participant, like everyone else. But in the press, gossip about the narrowing began.

As a result, the contestant left the show. Finally, fans saw an idol on the Voice. The star trek of the musician is only just beginning. However, he had already managed to create a lot of hype around him. In 2013, Astapov decided to use a new chance. Mom invited her son to participate in the Voice.

Having performed the composition “Kiss”, the young singer was faced with a choice. Both Pelagia and Agutin turned to him. The singer, who dreamed of working in the direction of soul and jazz, made his choice. Started training to build a star ski jump. Rehearsals, filming, live broadcasts started. A dream became a reality. Astapov turned into a sought-after musician. He himself was engaged in arrangements, wrote poetry and music.

Heart affairs

Even before participating in a vocal talent show, Cyril's personal life was determined. In his final year of studies at the Institute of Modern Arts, the young man met in a spectacular blonde Valeria Sushina.

The romance began. The girl also engaged in vocals. They quickly became a couple. Together, musicians record songs and tour. They are not afraid of show business stereotypes. Kirill filled out the questionnaire both for himself and for his girlfriend. In the project "Voice" they both accepted, only got into different teams.

Initially, they were not going to hide feelings. After the completion of the project, in August 2018, young people officially became husband and wife. One did not have to compete in love with each other. Fate ordered that they left the project almost at the same time. Together, the couple created the “Perfect Summer” duet.

They released the musical composition “To the Dance” for the Yalta festival “Five Stars”. According to the terms of the competition, it required the presentation of a famous song in a new arrangement. The creation of Victor Reznikov, “I can’t dance,” was given a new life. The song started in the regions. Musicians plan to conquer it and the capital.

The wedding took place in Yalta. The duo works with VSM Production, a well-known producer of commercials and TV shows. Even after leaving the project, the singer continued to maintain friendly relations with teammates. He attends the premieres of their songs, video releases.

The communication with Agutin, who sincerely congratulated the ward on receiving a new status, became confidential. Cyril admires the talent of a professional musician, his simplicity in life and work. During one of the broadcasts, the host of the show Dmitry Nagiyev jokingly compared Astapov with President of America Barack Obama. Assessing the assumption, the singer gladly agreed that this could well become a serious bid for the conquest of the overseas audience.

While Cyril is engaged in creative activities. The replenishment of the young family with a child has not yet been planned.