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The most unusual railways in the world


Perhaps the most unusual railway is located in the British town of Southend, about 70 kilometers east of London, at the place where the River Thames flows into the North Sea.

In 1829, it was decided to build the longest pier in the world in this small resort town, along which the train will also run. The project was not originally intended for industrial use, but solely to attract wealthy Londoners who want to relax and ride over the stormy sea to the very end of the pier, where they were waiting for a fashionable restaurant.

In 1830 the pier was built, it had a length of 2.16 kilometers and rails were laid along it and a steam locomotive was launched with several miniature wagons.

In 1939, the pier was closed to visitors due to the outbreak of World War II and the need to take under tight control the entire coast of Great Britain. At the far end of the pier is Her Majesty's radar and observation station.

Only at the end of 1945 the pier was again open for vacationers. Today, the area adjacent to the pier looks like this and in the summer there is literally no hustle from the relaxed Londoners who came for a walk and swim. In winter, of course, not a single living soul, because it's cold and rain -

The pier is considered the longest in the world, although the British people call everything "the best," and in China there are probably more facilities. But one thing is certain - in Europe there is nothing of the kind for sure.

A small train runs every half hour, all year round, even if there are no visitors. Travel costs about 6 pounds in both directions. Or you can just walk along the pier for 1 pound. In case of rain (and this is not uncommon), canopies are provided every 500 meters where you can sit.

Maiklong (Thailand)

Maiklong is a railway located in Thailand. At the top of the Maiklong Railway tracks is a grocery market. A couple of times a day, sellers quickly pack their own stalls and tents in order to make way for passing trains. When the train proceeds, all boxes of products are put back, customers wander around the market again, as if nothing had happened.

Napier Gisborne (New Zealand)

Napier Gisborne is a railway located in New Zealand. This is an incredible railway line. It runs along the main runway of the vast Gisborne Airport. The trains always stop, waiting for permission to continue their journey. The train crossing the runway is an unusual sight.

Tren Las Nubes (Argentina)

Tren las Nubes - road to the clouds (Argentina). This railway runs through the province of Salta, in Argentina. The path runs along the C-14, which connects Argentina with Chile in the Andes, running 4,220 m above sea level. This is the 3rd largest railway on the planet.

At first it was erected for various mercenary reasons, but now, it is a beautiful attraction and cultural heritage. Due to the design decision not to use the gear system for traction, the route was developed in order to avoid slopes. Zigzags enable trains to rise, fall back and forth.

Tunnel of Love (Ukraine)

Tunnel of love in Ukraine. This is another amazing railway. Located in Clevan in Ukraine. 3 km long tracks lead to a fiberboard plant. One train runs 3 times daily, supplying wood supplies.

The composition goes through a green tunnel of trees, attracting many couples and photographers in love. They say that if you come to the tunnel of love with your lover, make a wish, then it will come true for sure.

Trans-Siberian Railway (Russia)

The Trans-Siberian Railway is the longest railway track in Russia. It consists of a whole railway network connecting the country with the Sea of ​​Japan. In 1916, she connected the capital with Vladivostok. The construction began in 1891, it was controlled by Sergei Witte, who at that time was the state minister of finance.

Railways are by far the most affordable and affordable mode of transport. They continue to be built around the world and have already entangled our entire planet with their threads.

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Railway through the airport

In New Zealand, there is an unusual railway that runs through the existing airport. This is one of the few airports in the world through which trains travel. Thanks to the experienced work of the dispatchers who synchronize and regulate the movement of aircraft with trains, there has never been a collision.

Trans-Siberian Railway, Russia

Interval: from Moscow to Vladivostok

With 9,300 km of railways and 120 stops, the Trans-Siberian Railway is the longest and most impressive railway in human history. We wrote about it more than once on A trip from one end of the highway to the other will take 6 days and 5 hours. During the journey, you will cross 8 time zones and see a lot of attractions donated by nature itself to our vast Motherland. Cross the whole of Russia by train, what could be more fun and interesting? The sea of ​​positive emotions is guaranteed to you!

The presented map will help to demonstrate the path that the Trans-Siberian Railway follows, connecting Europe and Asia by rail.

Konkan Railways, India

Blessings are different: some consider the majestic four-level Dudhsagar Falls, located in the Indian state of Goa, others call the blessing the Konkan Railways connecting the southern and western parts of India. One thing is for sure, traveling along this road, you will see both.

The train passengers crossing the bridge near the 600-meter Dudhsagar have a wonderful picture: a waterfall flows down the hills, giving the impression of milk streams among the forest thickets. A cool breeze filled with water droplets creates a mystical aura, making you forget about reality. On other sections of the road, passengers can enjoy the Arabian Sea washing the west coast of India. This trip is definitely not to be missed.

And we advise you to see an article about the highest waterfalls in the world.

South Railway, India

Interval: from the city of Rameswaram on the island of Pamban to mainland India

The Pamban Railway Bridge, which is the second name of the Indira Gandhi Bridge, is one of the five sea bridges of India and the oldest of them. A motorway runs parallel to it, also connecting the island to the mainland through the Palk Strait. The bridge is 2.3 km long, which until 2010 made it the longest Indian railway bridge, until the Bandra-Worley railway line (5.6 km) was opened.

On the Pamban bridge, trains run daily, from whose windows a wonderful view of the strait opens. It is noteworthy that the bridge is equipped with a special mechanism that lifts the supports to ensure the passage of ships. This year the bridge celebrated its 105th anniversary.

Expo Rail, Sri Lanka

Traveling by train in Sri Lanka from Kandy to Ella is considered one of the most exciting in South Asia. Along the way, you will discover a whole kaleidoscope of picturesque places of this wonderful island. The Expo Rail train route is undoubtedly one of the main attractions of Ceylon (the former name of Sri Lanka). The railway track is laid through the "wavy" meadows, tea plantations and stunning waterfalls. Photos cannot convey the sensations that you will experience by breaking the 6-hour route. Along the way, you can get off in the city of Nuwara Eliya, amazing in its beauty. Here are conditions for fans of any type of tourism. A pleasant bonus of Expo Rail will be the relatively low cost of the trip with a sufficient level of comfort.

Rocky Mountaineer, Canada

Rocky Mountaineer is a Canada-based rail travel company spanning four destinations. At each stretch of the path, you will be surrounded by an impressive landscape. The canvas of the railway is laid in rugged mountainous terrain. RockyMountaineer tours include various cities and attractions in Western Canada. Among the directions of the tourist route it is worth noting Seattle (USA), Vancouver, Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper National Park and Calgary. High mountains and steep cliffs, “enveloping” the route, will make the trip unforgettable, filling it with positive emotions. Canada is a favorite destination for adventurers who prefer the pristine nature to urban comfort. If you want to combine business with pleasure - feel free to take a ticket for Rocky Mountaineer!

Grand Canyon Railway, USA

Interval: from Williams in Arizona to the Grand Canyon

If you want to take an express tour of the Grand Canyon without leaving the transport, book a ticket for the Grand Canyon Railway train, which runs from Williams to, in fact, the main attraction of these places. During a fascinating 2.5-hour trip, you will have time to enjoy the southern part of the Grand Canyon National Park. The total length of the route is 105 km, each of which will provide you with a breathtaking view outside the window, making you dream of great achievements. Passing rocky cliffs, you will feel all the greatness of nature, which is able to create miraculous masterpieces. It is simply amazing how a single train ride can leave an indelible mark on a lifetime.

On our site, you can also find out about other interesting places in the USA, which are obligatory for visiting by every tourist.

El Chepe, Mexico

Interval: from Chihuahua to Los Mochis

Passing through the Copper Canyon in northern Mexico, the El Chepe train offers one of the most beautiful train routes in the world. During a 15-hour trip you will be surrounded by nature of incredible beauty. In some sections of the track, it may seem to you that the train is just floating above the ground.

At El Fuerte and Divisadero stations, the train makes long stops so that passengers can get off and enjoy the beauties here. A nice feature of the route of this company is that you can stay at one of the stations for a few days, and then continue on the same ticket.

Gan, Australia

Interval: from Darwin to Adelaide

The Ghan is a passenger train heading from Adelaide to Darwin, which allows it to cross Australia from south to north and vice versa. The train is named after camel drivers (Afghans), which is reminiscent of the camel logo on wagons. The Gan train route is Australia's longest rail. Passengers of The Ghan cover 2979 kilometers in almost 4 days of travel.

Throughout the trip you will be surrounded by picturesque landscapes, there are also several train excursions that make the trip more exciting. These include a tour of Katherine, Coober Pedy and Alice Springs. It is erroneous to believe that Australia is continuous deserts, but such a statement is not true. This will help The Ghan to take passengers beyond imagination. And on our site, we have written more than once about Australia. Those who regularly read us know that on this continent there are a lot of interesting things, from dangerous animals to cozy cities.

TranzAlpine, New Zealand

Interval: East to West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand

Cruising between Christchurch, Arthurs Pass and Greymouth on the New Zealand South Island, the TranzAlpine train offers one of the most exciting rail travels in the world. During the trip, you will see the Canterbury Plains, the Southern Alps, the Vaimakariri Valley, the Arthurs Pass and, of course, the famous Franz Joseph and Fox glaciers. Along the way, the picturesque villages of the New Zealand Alps, tropical forests, tunnels and gorges will flash. The whole trip will take about 4 hours one way. Believe me, this route is definitely worth it to spend one day of your life on it.

Blue Train, South Africa

Interval: Pretoria to Cape Town

Driving through the mountainous areas dotted with the territory of the Republic of South Africa, the Blue Train offers its passengers amazing landscapes. It is considered the pride of the railways of this African country, being a five-star hotel on rails. The whole trip takes 27 hours, during which you have time to overcome 1600 km without getting bored for a second. When traveling on the Blue Train, you can experience the atmosphere of colonial times by getting off at Matiesfontein and checking into the Lord Miller Hotel. In addition to the interior of the hotel and the quality of service, tourists are immediately attracted to the picturesque buildings of the 19th century and vintage lampposts.

Rovos Rail, South Africa

Interval: from Cape Town to Pretoria

The luxurious interiors of the cars are combined with the chic scenery outside the window - just a dream for the traveler. A trip to Rovos Rail opens the best in the Republic of South Africa, forcing the passenger to stay in good shape so as not to miss a single sightseeing prepared by nature. The pearl of the route is rightfully considered Victoria Falls. Also along the way there will be endless valleys, impassable gorges and dense forests that guarantee you a vivid experience throughout the trip. It is worth paying tribute to the organizers of the trip, who took care of the comfort of passengers and now rightly call Rovos Rail the best train in the world.

West Highland Line, Scotland

Interval: From Fort William to Mallaya (From Highlands to Glasgow)

This train is often called the Hogwarts Express, a reminder of Harry Potter movies. The railroad track is laid across the Scottish Highlands, reaching the central part of Scotland. The dense "stream" of smoke, beating from the chimney of the engine, creates the atmosphere of the century before last, and the Glenfinnan viaduct recalls the adventures of young wizards from the school of magic. If you prefer harsh nature over tropical landscapes - a trip along the West Coast of Scotland is exactly what you need! Such a landscape can only be seen on postcards.

The Bergen Railway, Norway

Interval: from Bergen to Honefoss

We can repeat ourselves, calling each railway line represented in the rating, the most beautiful in the world, but it is really difficult to choose the only one. The Norwegian Bergen Railway, which is only 371 km long, cannot leave indifferent any traveler. Overcoming the entire route will take about 7 hours. During this time, you will overcome the magnificent plateau, enjoying the beauty of the virgin nature of the Scandinavian Peninsula. Looking at the view from the window, you will understand why, according to statistics, the happiest people live in Norway.

The Glacier Express, Switzerland

Interval: from St. Moritz to Zermatt in the Swiss Alps

Carrying passengers through the Swiss Alps, the Glacial Express fully lives up to its name, as it shows the beauty of the snowy slopes. Glacier Express is also called the “slowest express train in the world”, because it travels a relatively short distance in 8 hours. However, travelers can only do this, because it takes time to view landscapes from 291 bridges and plunge into 91 tunnels. Those wishing to ride the express train should take into account the time of year - in November the line closes, and in winter there are much fewer flights than in summer.

Tranz-Harz Railway, Germany

Interval: from Wernigerode to Nordhausen

This railway line, stretching from north to south of Germany, stretches for only 60 kilometers, so overcoming the route does not take much time.On the way from Wernigerode to Nordhausen you will observe from the window the picturesque landscapes of the Harz, mountains covered with fabulously white snow. Passing through a narrow gorge will delight any traveler. A locomotive engine, spewing puffs of smoke, will create a fabulous atmosphere that the passenger’s imagination will turn in any direction. It would seem that only 132 km in both directions, and emotions overwhelm you for several years, forcing again and again from memory to restore the details of a magnificent mountain trip.

Railway in India

Do you know that in India, many passenger trains are specially moving at very low speeds? This is due to the fact that in this country there are a large number of crazy passengers who prefer to jump onto a moving train.

Due to the fact that India itself is such a country that has a very large population per square meter, this forces people to jump in crowds on moving trains. They are located on the roofs, steps and even on the walls of cars.

The same picture can be observed in Bangladesh, where many people risk their lives in time to catch a moving train in time. Of course, such a thing is often accompanied by a large number of accidents and amputation of limbs, but this does not stop people. Otherwise, they risk not getting on the train at all in order to get to their destination on time.

In addition, in India is the small island of Rameswaram, which can only be reached by ferry or boat. There is also a third way - a railway bridge.

This bridge was built over a hundred years ago in 1914 to connect land with the island. When a severe storm occurs at sea, tourists who have arrived in India are very afraid, because the bridge begins to stagger significantly from side to side and big waves can get on it. One gets the impression that the train along with the bridge could crash right under the water. All this is complicated by a rather strong storm wind, which strives to overturn the moving train.

The scariest railway

If you are interested in what the worst terrible railroad tower in the world is, then it is located in Ecuador between the two cities of Quito and Guayaquil.

The road runs along a rocky mountain, which locals call the Devil's Nose. In 1895, it was decided to build railways that would help residents move between the two cities. Despite numerous protests, the railroad was still completed and trains were launched along it.

Due to the fact that the railway runs straight along a very narrow and steep cornice of the rock, there is a chance that the train may fall down and crash. When the locomotive goes at low speed past numerous descents, the switchman is forced to jump out of the train and quickly switch the rails so that the train can continue on its next steep cornice. This is very dangerous and risky, because if the switchman hesitates for a minute, then the train, together with all its passengers, will go off the rails and break into sharp rocks.

These were the most dangerous railways in the world, on which some trains even now run. If you are not afraid and looking for thrills, you can go to one of the countries where such dangerous railway routes are located and, as they say, ride with the breeze.

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1. Train passing through the Bloomer section

One of the first Railways in the US state of California. The road is notable for the fact that it runs in the hills, and for its construction in the 1860s it was necessary to build a wooden flyover 30 meters high and 150 meters long. Contemporaries of this design called it the "eighth wonder of the world."

2. Railway passing through a narrow street

Want to see the railway that runs through the narrowest streets in the world? If so, then it is worth visiting Vietnam, namely Hanoi. Such a location of the railway has not seemed dangerous to the locals for a long time. Moreover, almost always there are barriers at the entrance to such areas.

3. The railway passes through a residential building

In Chongqing, China, you can find a very unusual house, the architects of which made the railway pass through it. In fact, there is nothing surprising in such a composition - just this settlement is one of the most densely populated in the Celestial Empire.

4. The world's longest railway tunnel

The Gotthard Base Tunnel is one of the longest railway tunnels in the world. It provides high-speed communications through the Swiss Alps between northern and southern Europe. Its length is 57 kilometers. The official opening of the complex took place in 2016.

5. Train passing through the top of the dam

In Germany, there is the Hindenburgdamm dam, which is notable primarily for the fact that a railway runs along its top. Its length is 11 kilometers. It stretched from the island of Sylt to the mainland. The discovery of this engineering miracle took place in 1927. Every day, more than 100 trains pass through it.

6. Runway train

In New Zealand, at the Gisborne Regional Airport, there is the most unusual railway that runs right along the runway. When the planes begin to land or take off, then all trains that are on this section of the railway track immediately stop.

7. Train passing through a spiral viaduct

In the Swiss commune of Brusio, you can find a nine-arched single-track railway bridge in the form of a loop, which is also a viaduct. Today, a train runs on it. The viaduct is 110 meters long. The angle of longitudinal inclination is 7%.


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