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Cameron Diaz
English Cameron Diaz

Diaz in 2014
Birth nameCameron Michelle Diaz
Date of BirthAugust 30, 1972 (1972-08-30) ... (47 years old)
Place of Birth
  • San Diego, California, USA
  • USA

Cameron Michel Diaz (born Cameron Michelle Diaz, born August 30, 1972 (1972-08-30), San Diego, California) is an American actress and model. She became famous in the 1990s after her role in the film The Mask. She was nominated for a Golden Globe for her roles in the films Everything Is Mad About Mary, Vanilla Sky, Gangs of New York and Being John Malkovich.


Born on August 30, 1972 in the city of San Diego, California, she was the youngest child in the family of Billy Diaz (nee Earley), half German, half English with roots from the Cherokee Indians, and Emilio Diaz (1949-2008), a Cuban born in USA. Mother worked as an import and export agent, father worked in UNOCAL, a California oil company, for more than 20 years.

Both Cameron and her older sister, Shimen, listened to heavy music, spent all the time with local guys and could stand up for themselves. Mother perceived her daughter’s musical preferences calmly and went with her to concerts by Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica and Van Halen.

Cameron spent all her childhood in Long Beach and studied in Long Beach Polytechnic High School . Her classmate was rapper Snoop Dogg.

In childhood, Cameron had cats, mice, birds, snakes at home, she dreamed of becoming a zoologist, and at that time she did not think about the career of the actress.


At sixteen, Diaz started working as a model, at the same age she signed a contract with the agency, Elite model management. The next year, Cameron traveled around the world on the set of companies such as Calvin Klein and Levi’s. And at seventeen she first appeared on the cover of the July issue of the magazine Seventeen in 1990. In 1991, Diaz spent three months filming a Coca-Cola commercial in Sydney.

In 1992, at the age of nineteen, Cameron took part in the filming of an advertising S&M topless leather underwear for the Italian magazine MaxThe photographer was John Rutter, and the producer was Clifford Wright. Photos and videos have not been published. In 2003, before the release of Charlie's Angels: Just Ahead, Rutter offered Diaz to buy photos and videos of her topless for $ 3.5 million. He stated that he was offering her the first right of refusal, she regarded it as an attempt at blackmail and filed a lawsuit against him. In July 2004, a thirty-minute video of the same photo session, titled She’s no angel was published on a Russian website. Rutter denied any involvement in this. One way or another, on July 26, 2005, Rutter was convicted of attempted major theft, forgery of documents, and perjury. On September 16, 2005, Rutter was sentenced to more than three years in prison.

At twenty-one, Diaz auditioned for the role of the sultry jazz singer Tina Carlisle in the movie The Mask. An agent of the agency advised Cameron to come to the audition. Elitewhich was addressed by the producers of the film. After Diaz got the role, she began to take acting classes, as she had no experience in this field. The film "Mask" was included in the top ten highest-grossing films of 1994, and Cameron became a universally recognized sex symbol.

After the resounding success in the movie, Diaz began to receive offers from the directors. In 1996, four independent films were released with Cameron starring: "The Last Supper," "Feeling Minnesota," "She's the Only One," and "How to Keep afloat." She was also part of the cast of the movie "Mortal Kombat", but refused to shoot, as she broke her arm during a rehearsal. In 1997, Diaz played the role of rival heroine Julia Roberts, a wealthy bride of a sports journalist and best friend of the heroine Roberts in the movie "Best Friend's Wedding." The film was recognized as the best romantic comedy of all time.

In 1998, Cameron played a major role in the movie "Mary Is All Crazy." Critics enthusiastically accepted Diaz as an actress.


In the film adaptation of Charlie's Angels, Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu played a trio of sleuths in Los Angeles. The film became one of the highest grossing films of 2000, raising $ 264.1 million. In 2001, Cameron played in the independent drama The Invisible Circus the role of a hippie girl who committed suicide in the 1970s, and the next year came the melodrama Vanilla Sky, in which Diaz played the role of the ex-girlfriend of the conceited tycoon, David Ames. The picture was a resounding success and rave reviews from critics. Newspaper Los angeles times called the game Cameron "a convincing embodiment of crazy sensuality." Newspaper The new york times described Diaz’s game as a “fiercely emotional performance,” and the publication San francisco chronicle noted that "Cameron Diaz was the brightest heroine, whose fatal attraction was heartbreaking and terrifying at the same time." For this role, Diaz received nominations for the Golden Globe Award, SAG Awards, Critics' Choice Awards and others.

In 2001, Cameron voiced Princess Fiona in the animated film Shrek. For this, she earned $ 10 million. In 2002, the movie “Cutie” was released, in which Diaz played the role of a lonely woman who learns herself to achieve men before she met her only one.

Later in 2002, Martin Scorsese’s historical drama titled “Gangs of New York” was released; the film takes place in the mid-nineteenth century, in New York. Diaz got the role of a pickpocket and a lover of the character Leonardo DiCaprio. Worldwide, the film raised a total of $ 193 million and was warmly received by critics.

In 2005, the comedy drama “Away from You” was released, based on the novel of the same name by an American writer, Jennifer Weiner, which tells about the relationship between two sisters and their grandmother. The heroine Diaz confronts the heroines of Tony Collette and Shirley MacLane. The film received positive reviews from critics. The next movie work for Cameron was the romantic comedy Nancy Meyers “Holidays on Exchange,” in which Kate Winslet, Jude Law and Jack Black were also involved. In this film, she plays the role of Amanda, an American producer who temporarily exchanges housing with the British. The film received various reviews from critics, but this did not stop him from becoming commercially successful and collecting more than 205 million dollars worldwide.

In 2007, with the participation of Diaz, only the cartoon "Shrek the Third" was released. Despite receiving mixed reviews from critics, the box office has reached $ 798 million worldwide.

In 2008, Cameron was involved in the filming of Once Upon a Time in Vegas, in which the actor Ashton Kutcher became her partner. This is a romantic comedy about how two strangers wake up in the same bed and discover that they got married last night and won the jackpot. The film was a success with the audience, but received negative reviews from critics.

In 2009, Diaz was engaged in two films: in the drama "My Guardian Angel" and the thriller "Parcel."


In 2010, the magazine Forbes called Diaz one of the richest female celebrities, giving her 60th place in the ranking. In the same year, Cameron voiced Princess Fiona in the animated film Shrek Forever After. The cartoon received mixed reviews from critics, but it grossed $ 752 million at the box office and became the fifth highest grossing film of 2010. Also this year, Diaz again met on the set with Tom Cruise while working on the film “Knight of the Day.”

In 2011, a remake of the film “The Green Hornet” was released, in which Diaz plays the role of a journalist named Lenore Case. The film received many negative reviews from critics, who called the remake "bloated, drawn out and not funny." The film screening in all cinemas ended on April 21, 2011 and raised $ 228 million at the box office. In the same year, Cameron took part in the filming of the film "Very Bad Teacher" along with Justin Timberlake. She got the role of a slutty, money-hungry teacher in a Chicago high school who scandals with her students, is addicted to alcohol and smokes marijuana. The comedy received negative reviews from critics who spoke of it like this: "despite the promising plot and the charming play of Diaz, a very bad teacher didn’t turn out so funny." Despite this, the comedy grossed $ 216 million worldwide.

In 2012, Diaz was selected for the cast of What to Expect When You Expect a Child, based on a book of the same name. Cameron plays the role of Julis Bakers, a participant in the show "Dancing with the Stars," who became pregnant from her dance partner. Even before the release, the film received negative reviews from critics, but nonetheless raised 84.4 million dollars at the box office. In the same year, a remake of the 1966 film "Gambit" was released and received mostly negative reviews from critics, while at the box office it raised just $ 10 million.

In 2013, Cameron was busy in just one movie, “Counselor.” Her partners on the set were: Michael Fassbender, Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz and Brad Pitt. In this thriller about greed, death and the basic instincts of people, Diaz played a pathological liar and a sociopath, an immigrant who leads a secular life after her stripper’s dark past. The film was negatively received, but Cameron was recognized as the best game in recent years of her work in the cinema.

In 2014, Diaz released the romantic comedy The Other Woman, which also starred Leslie Mann and Kate Upton. The comedy received negative reviews from critics who considered the comedy to be “cheap,” but it raised $ 24.7 million at the box office over three days, and a total of 83.9 in North America and $ 196.7 million worldwide. In the same year, Cameron released the comedy “Home Video: Adult Only” in which she played with Jason Siegel a married couple who discover that their cassette with the home video has disappeared. Although the comedy received negative reviews and failed at the domestic box office, it raised $ 126 million worldwide and became commercially successful. The final work of Diaz in the movie was the film adaptation of the 1977 Broadway musical of the same name “Annie”, in which she played the role of Miss Colleen Hannigan, a cruel worker in the orphanage in which the main character lives. The film adaptation brought in $ 133 million at the box office, critics' reviews were inappropriate, they noted Diaz’s game, but ultimately decided that she went too far with the vamp woman’s image and was “too harsh and unpleasant.” Famous critic Peter Travers from the magazine Rolling stone Cameron spoke of the game like this: "she replayed before hysteria." After the release of "Annie," Diaz took a break in her acting career. In July 2017, she stated that she was tired of endless filming flights and trips, and in March of the same year she admitted that she was leaving the cinema.

In late 2013, Cameron released a health book called "The Body Book: Feed, Move, Understand and Love Your Amazing Bodywhich she co-authored with Sandra Bark. In March 2014, the book finished second on the best-seller list. The new york times . In June 2016, Diaz’s second book, The Longevity Book: The Science of Aging, the Biology of Strength, and the Privilege of Time .

Personal life

From 1989 to 1994, Cameron met with the video producer, Carlos de la Torre.

From 1995 to 1998, Cameron was in a relationship with actor Matt Dillon.

Since 1999, she has had a relationship with Jared Leto. In 2000, they became engaged, but in 2003 they parted.

Since 2003, Cameron dated Justin Timberlake, but the couple broke up in 2006. In October 2004, an incident occurred between them and the paparazzi. Outside the hotel, in which Diaz and Timberlake were resting, they encountered paparazzi. When he tried to photograph them, they grabbed his camera. Photos of this incident appeared in Us Weekly magazine.

From July 2010 to September 2011 she met with baseball player Alex Rodriguez.

In May 2014, it became known that Diaz was dating musician Benji Madden. On January 5, 2015, they married at their Beverly Hills home. On January 3, 2020, Diaz and Madden announced the birth of a daughter named Radix. She was born right before the New Year in Los Angeles.

On April 15, 2008, Cameron's father, Emilio Diaz, passed away at the age of 58 from pneumonia.

Other facts

  • Diaz is an opponent of plastic surgery. But in an interview with the leading TV channel TV Center Alexandr Glotova, Diaz said that she had surgery on her nose 4 times. “3 times I broke my nose while doing surfing. And the last time at home on a glass door. I didn’t notice, ”Cameron explained with a laugh the reason for her visit to a plastic surgeon.
  • The actress suffers from misophobia.
  • She was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (number 2386).


YearRussian nameoriginal nameRole
1994 f Mask The mask Tina Carlisle
1995 f Last supper The last supper Jude
1996 f Only she is the only one She's the one Heather
1996 f Feeling Minnesota Feeling minnesota Freddy clayton
1996 f How to stay afloat Head above water Natalie
1996 f Keys to Tulsa Keys to Tulsa Trudy
1997 f Best Friend's Wedding My best friend's wedding Kimberly wallace
1997 f Life is worse than usual A life less ordinary Selina Navil
1998 f Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas TV reporter
1998 f Everything is crazy about Mary There's Something About Mary Mary jensen
1998 f Very wild little things Very bad things Laura Garreti
1999 f Invisible Circus The invisible circus Faith
1999 f Male female film Man woman film
1999 f Be John Malkovich Being John Malkovich Lottie schwartz
1999 f Women's secrets Things You Can Tell Just by Looking at Her Carol Faber
1999 f Every Sunday Any given sunday Christina Pagniachi
2000 f Charlie's Angels Charlie's angels Natalie Cook
2001 mf Shrek Shrek Princess Fiona
2001 f Vanilla Sky Vanilla sky Julie Giani
2002 f Cutie The sweetest thing Christina Walters
2002 f My father's house My father's house Patty
2002 f Special opinion Minority Report woman on the subway
2002 f New York gangs Gangs of new york Jenny everdeen
2003 f Charlie's Angels: Just Forward Charlie's angels: full throttle Natalie Cook
2004 mf Shrek 2 Shrek 2 Princess Fiona
2005 f Away from you In her shoes Maggie Feller
2006 f Exchange Holidays The holiday Amanda Woods
2007 mf Shrek the Third Shrek the third Princess Fiona
2008 f Once upon a time in Vegas What Happens in Vegas Joy McNally
2009 f My guardian angel My sister's keeper Sara Fitzgerald
2009 f The package The box Norma Lewis
2010 mf Shrek forever Shrek forever after Princess Fiona
2010 f Knight of the Day Knight and day June Havens
2011 f Green Hornet The green hornet Lenore (Casey) Case
2011 f Very bad teacher Bad teacher Elizabeth Halsey
2012 f What to expect when you are expecting a baby What to Expect When You're ExpectingJules Bexter
2012 f Gambit Gambit PJ Puznovsky
2013 f Advisor The counselor Malkin
2014 f Another woman The other woman Carly Witten
2014 f Home Video: Adult Only Sex tape Annie hargrow
2014 f Annie Annie miss hannigan


Cameron Diaz - American actress, Hollywood star. The light playful character of the performer also predetermined the genre in which her acting talent was most fully revealed.

Having made her debut in the rating comedy The Mask, Diaz continued to star in the comedy projects Charlie's Angels, Vacation Exchange, Once Upon a Time in Vegas. A charming artist with an unforgettable smile has repeatedly become a nominee and laureate of prestigious film awards such as Golden Globe, BAFTA, Saturn, and at the peak of her film career earned up to $ 40 million a year.

Model business

At the age of 16, at a party, she met photographer Jeff Dunass, who offered her a job at the Elite modeling agency. Impulsive by nature, Cameron immediately agreed and signed the contract. And not in vain - the career of young Diaz instantly went uphill.

Soon her face began to adorn fashion publications and often appeared in commercials: in one day of filming, the girl earned up to $ 2 thousand. Now she also collaborated with world-famous brands such as Calvin Klein, Levi's and Coca-Cola . At that time, Cameron traveled a lot, visited Japan, Australia, Algeria, France, Mexico.

She left the modeling business of her own free will: at the age of 18, the girl discovered the world of cinema, where her career began unexpectedly, but soared upwards.

Photo: Cameron Diaz


Diaz's cinematic biography began in mid-1994, when the girl, by sheer chance, stumbled upon the script for the film The Mask, which lay on her manager’s desk. After 12 auditions, the role of the main character Tina Carlisle went to Cameron, the male role was embodied by Jim Carrey.

Cameron Diaz (frame from the movie "The Mask")

The picture immediately became a hit, and they started talking about the girl as a young talent, giving her the title of the most promising actress of the year. Despite the fact that some skeptics assumed that the star Diaz would fade away after one role, she did not stop: she attended acting classes and was completely devoted to this matter.

Soon, she began to trust serious roles, and now the former model appeared in the films “The Last Supper”, “The Best Friend's Wedding”, “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” and many others.

In 1996, Cameron had the opportunity to showcase her talents by playing a dramatic role in the film "Feeling Minnesota." After Gwyneth Paltrow's refusal, Diaz offered the lead role. The performer convinced everyone that her acting abilities were not limited only to comedic images.

Cameron Diaz (frame from the movie "Charlie's Angels")

The film “Charlie's Angels” brought real popularity and fame to the actress, where she played a special agent with Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu. The role not only increased Cameron's fame, but also made her the holder of the status of the sexiest actress in Hollywood. The next important stage in the actress’s film career is the painting “Vanilla Sky”, where Cameron works with Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz. Diaz played the role of the "beloved" of the protagonist.

Among the successful works of the actress, critics also note her participation in the comedy “Vacation on Exchange,” where Kate Winslet, Jude Law and Jack Black acted as partners. The main characters on the eve of Christmas decide to change the situation and move to each other during the holidays. In a new place for themselves, each of the girls finds their own happiness. The work of Diaz and Low was noted a year after the release of the film with a nomination for the MTV channel award in the category “Best Kiss”.

Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise (frame from the film "Vanilla Sky")

In the late 2000s, the success of the actress brings to the screens of the films “Once in Vegas” (2008) and “My Guardian Angel” (2009). She also tried herself in a new field and voiced Princess Fiona in the world famous cartoon Shrek. On June 23, 2009, Star No. 2386 with the name Cameron Diaz appears on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood.

In 2011, the star appeared in the movie "Very Bad Teacher." Despite the negative reviews, the film was a success with the target audience. Later, the filmography of the artist was replenished with the comedy “Another Woman”, in which Diaz starred with Leslie Mann and Kate Upton.

All the heroines are beloved of the entrepreneur Mark (star of the Game of Thrones Nikolai Koster-Waldau). Having learned the truth, the women unite to punish the womanizer. Despite the negative reviews of film critics, including the fact that Cameron was nominated for the Golden Raspberry Award, at the box office the picture paid off its budget 5 times.

Cameron Diaz and Nikolai Coster-Waldau (frame from the movie "Another Woman")

In 2014, with the participation of Cameron Diaz and Jason Siegel, the premiere of the comedy "Home Video: Adult Only" took place. The story of two spouses experiencing a crisis in the relationship also pleased the public. Among the recent works of Diaz on the screen came the role in the musical "Annie". The actress turned into a teacher of the shelter, a mentor to 10-year-old Annie.

Over time, the actress discovered a literary gift. Cameron Diaz introduced to the world 2 editions about female beauty and health. The actress encourages women to love themselves and not be shy of age. On the pages of her creations (“The Body Book” and “The Longevity Book”), the performer shares with readers her own example of a beautiful life after 40 years and considers age-related changes natural and no less attractive. The first book in the 2014 New York Times bestseller ranking took second place.

Start. Mask

The slogan of the picture, which became the best film of the year, "Was nobody - became a hero." To paraphrase it, we can say that Cameron was a model, and became a movie star. But the first audition was unsuccessful, although the blonde's wide smile and squint of the blue eyes fought on the spot, she had no acting experience. Cameron calmly flew to Paris, and upon returning, received an invitation to undergo auditions for the role of Tina again.

She auditioned 12 times! Initially, director Chuck Russell planned to give the role of Tina to the first black Miss America Vanessa Williams, Christy Swanson or Anna Nicole Smith. The director's instinct did not let Russell down, and Cameron was approved for the role 6 days before the filming began. While working in the picture, the girl took emergency acting lessons, learned to move and dance correctly in the style of the 60s.

Career heyday

Until the early 2000s, the actress starred in a duet with Ewan McGregor in the romantic film Life Is Worse Than Usual (the dance of the actors from this picture was nominated for the MTV Award) and played the role of a reporter in the legendary Terry Gilliam film “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” in which Johnny Depp played Raul Duke, and the role of Dr. Gonzo - Benicio del Toro.

The best work is considered the role of Cameron in the comedy of the Farrell brothers “Something About Mary” (in the Russian box office “Everything Is Mad About Mary”). And although critics scolded the filmmakers for speculating on excessive sexuality, jokes about unhealthy people and torturing animals, the picture became a favorite for millions of viewers. Cast unhappy fans of Mary starred Ben Stiller and Hollywood macho Matt Dillon.

In 2010, the actress was named one of the richest women in the world according to Forbes magazine: her fortune was estimated at $ 80 million.

For several years since 2011, Cameron starred in only six films. In 2012, she starred in the comedy Gambit, which also featured Colin Firth, Stanley Tucci and Alan Rickman. The following year, she starred in the political thriller “Counselor”, creating a brilliant ensemble with Michael Fassbender and Brad Pitt.


▪ “Teen Choice Awards” in the nomination “The most disgusting scene” for the film “Everything is crazy about Mary” (1999)
▪ MTV Channel Award in the nomination for Best Actress for the film Mary Is All Crazy (1999)
▪ MTV Channel Award for Best Dance and Best Screen Team for the film Charlie's Angels (2001)
▪ “Kids' Choice Awards” in the nomination for “The Best Female Fighter” for the film “Charlie's Angels: Just Ahead” (2004)
▪ Special Wannabe Award for Kids' Choice Awards (2008)
▪ Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (2009)
▪ Golden Raspberry / Razzie Awards in Worst Actress and Worst Screen Duo nominations for the film Once Upon a Time in Vegas (2009)
▪ “Youth Choice Awards” in the category “Best Comedy Actress” for the film “Very Bad Teacher” (2011)
▪ MTV Channel Award in the nomination “The Craziest Episode” for the film “Mary Is All Crazy” (2014)
▪ Golden Raspberry Award in the category “Worst Actress” for roles in the films Home Video and The Other Woman (2015)

Actor career

At the age of 18, Cameron left the modeling business to begin developing an acting career. In 1994, she got to the casting of the film "Mask". This happened thanks to the efforts of her agent. The girl did not want to go to the audition, but succumbed to persuasion.

The aspiring actress had to come to the casting as many as 12 times. The director had doubts for a long time whether he should take a girl who has absolutely no acting experience, but six days before the start of the shooting, Diaz got the role of Tina Carlisle. She took acting lessons right while working on the film, and also learned to dance and walk in the style of the 60s. Jim Carrey starred with herwhom this film also made a successful star.

"Mask" became a hit immediately after the release of the screens, and Cameron was talked about as one of the most successful actresses. After the premiere, the girl decided not to become an actress of one role and completely gave herself to acting lessons. Diaz began to receive many invitations to shoot. Her next works were:

  1. "Last supper."
  2. "Very Wild Things" with Christian Slater.
  3. "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas".
  4. "Life is worse than usual."
  5. “Best Friend's Wedding” with Julia Roberts.
  6. "Only she is the only one."

In 1996, Cameron was able to prove the strength of her talent by starring in the drama film Feeling Minnesota. She got the main role after Gwyneth Paltrow refused it. Diaz played a former prostitute, in which her husband's brother managed to fall in love.

The best comedy work of a rising star is considered the film "Everything is crazy about Mary." Despite the discontent of critics, he fell in love with many.

Overwhelming success

By the beginning of the 2000s, Diaz had a reputation as a talented and successful actress. She received real fame after the release of the film "Charlie's Angels." The company Cameron was Lucy Lew and Drew Barrymore. She was paid 20 million for the work. The role of the special agent not only brought the actress a big check, but also the status of the sexiest actress in Hollywood.

The next important film for Cameron Diaz was the painting “Vanilla Sky”. Her partners on the set were Penelope Cruz and Tom Cruise. For this role, Diaz received an Oscar nomination, as well as an award for the Screen Actors Guild.

In 2002, the actress starred in the historical drama "Gangs of New York." Cameron got the role of a pickpocket. Together with her in the movie starred Leonardo di Caprio. The film has been nominated for many prestigious awards, including the MTV Award for Best Kiss. In the future, the filmography of the actress replenished with roles in the following films:

  1. "Away from you."
  2. "Exchange Holidays."
  3. "My guardian angel".
  4. "Package".

In 2008, a comedy was released with Cameron and Ashton Kutcher - “Once Upon a Time in Vegas”. The film was about the chance marriage of two young people and their millionth winnings. In 2011, Diaz starred with Justin Timberlake in the comedy "Very Bad Teacher." Despite criticism, the film had a large box office.

In 2009, the actress received her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and a year later Forbes magazine named her one of the richest women in the world. In the following years, the list of her works was supplemented by films:

The last work of the artist began filming in the movie "Annie." After this, the actress announced the completion of her acting career. Despite successful roles, the star was nominated several times for the Golden Raspberry Award.

In 2014, the Hollywood star married musician Benji Madden. In the fall, foreign media reported on the pregnancy of Cameron Diaz. And today, the actress told fans that she gave birth.

Cameron and Benji became the parents of a charming girl who was named with a rare name. The actress shared about adding to the family on a personal blog.

“We are happy to begin the new decade by announcing the birth of our daughter Raddix Madden. She completely took control of our hearts and filled our family. And although we are happy to share this news, we also feel that we must protect the life of our baby. Therefore, we will not publish photos or share more detailed information, except for the fact that she is really very cute! ”- said the 47-year-old Diaz.

It is known that the baby was not easy for the actress - after several years of unsuccessful attempts to get pregnant, she resorted to the IVF procedure. At first, Cameron did not advertise her position. A close friend did it for her.

For the sake of the family, Diaz easily abandoned a successful career in Hollywood. She never hid that material wealth for her is far from the most important thing. However, the star has achieved a lot in the acting field and has surely secured a prosperous future for herself.

“I am definitely not inclined to measure success with material values. In my opinion, the main thing is to be happy with those who are nearby, to love what you are doing. And human relations, experience should always be valued above material wealth. I am now very happy and live the way I want. All the limitations that exist in life, we come up with ourselves. The main thing is to understand this, ”said the favorite of millions.

Despite everything, fans of the blonde still hope that she will nevertheless return to the world of cinema.


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