Vladimir Shakhrin


Vladimir Shakhrin

Toronto Concert (November 2017)
basic information
Date of BirthJune 22, 1959 (1959-06-22) (60 years old)
Place of BirthSverdlovsk, RSFSR, USSR
The country USSR → Russia
Years of activity1975 - present
Singing voiceBaritone
InstrumentsGuitar, electric guitar, harmonica
Genresclassic rock, russian rock, rock and roll
LabelsFeelee, The Mystery of Sound, Nikitin, Real Records, Kapkan Records
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Vladimir Vladimir Shakhrin (born June 22, 1959, Sverdlovsk) is a Soviet and Russian rock musician, singer, guitarist, songwriter, founder (together with Vladimir Begunov) and the permanent leader of the group "Chayf".


  • Paternal grandfather - Fedor Nikolayevich Shakhrin - a war veteran. He served as a driver, in 1942 he was captured in Belarus, in 1945 he was released by the Americans. When the train went back to the USSR through the territory of Poland, he volunteered to repair German captured equipment. And in 1947 he returned home with normal military documents, and the rest of his companions were in camps in Siberia. After the war, he worked as an ambulance driver in a 1954 Moskvich-401 automobile. Subsequently, the grandfather bought it for himself, later the car went first to his son, and then to his grandson.
    • Father - Vladimir Fyodorovich Shakhrin (1935-2008) - worked as a teacher of computer technology in the architectural and construction college, went camping with his students, went as a counselor to children's camps.
  • Maternal grandfather - Evgeny Vasilievich Sulin, also a war veteran, a native of Orel. He came to the front in 1943, served as an artilleryman. In 1944, the senior technician, Lieutenant Sulin, was awarded the Order of the Red Star for the uninterrupted supply of ammunition during battles. Later liberated Mongolia from the Japanese. From the war he brought a Buddhist figurine, which was given to him by a monk, in gratitude for bread, stew and water. In 1985 he was awarded the Order of the Patriotic War of the 2nd degree.
    • Mother - Maya Evgenievna Shakhrina (in girlhood - Sulina) - a teacher of industrial drawing in the architectural and construction college.
      • Sister - Anna Vladimirovna Shakhrina.


He was born on June 22, 1959 in Sverdlovsk, in a family of teachers of the architectural and construction college. He began to play the guitar and sing in his school years.

Father presented Vladimir with a reel tape recorder Nota-M with recordings of the Rolling Stones and The Who. When the son created a group with his classmates, his father made a “combo” - a box from under the gramophone with a speaker and six batteries.

The date of birth of the team, which was later destined to become the famous Ural rock band "Chayf", Vladimir Shakhrin considers 1976. Then in the 10th grade of the 36th school of the city of Sverdlovsk, where Shakhrin studied, a new student came - Vladimir Begunov. At first, friends played together in a school ensemble, and while studying at the Sverdlovsk Construction College, and in a student, dancing almost every week.

In 1978-1980, along with Begunov, he served in the border troops. Initially, at the border outpost on the island of Bolshoi Ussuriysky, Khabarovsk Territory. After six months of service, he was transferred to Khabarovsk, in song and dance ensemble Far Eastern Border District.

After graduating from college in 1981-1988, he worked as an installer at a local house-building plant.

In 1984, Vladimir Shakhrin (guitar, harmonica, vocals), Vadim Kukushkin (punk pipe), Oleg Reshetnikov (percussion, drums), Vladimir Begunov (bass guitar) gathered at Gorky Palace of Culture. They became the first group. “Then Vadik Kukushkin for the first time uttered the word“ tea-f “, which refers to the drink that we brewed in the Bodrost coffee machine, filling the tea brew with it. It was called to get together for tea-f, ”said Shakhrin.

The first concert of the group under the guise of "Chayf" was held on September 29, 1985 in the Palace of Culture of Youth Theater. This day the musicians consider the birthday of the group "Chayf". In the same year, the debut double-album “Life in Pink Smoke” was recorded, and at the beginning of next year, the album “Saturday Night in Sverdlovsk”.

In June 1986, “Chayf” performed at the first festival of the Sverdlovsk Rock Club, after which the group was invited to Leningrad. In 1987, two new albums were released - “Dermontin” and “Dule with Poppy”, which later became the group's first official albums.

In 1990, in Leningrad, at the Melody studio, the first vinyl disc “Chayfa” was released “It Doesn’t matter”.

In the mid-1990s, the group toured extensively, recorded new albums - “Children of the Mountains” (1993), “Let Everything Be As You Want” (1995), “Orange Mood” (1994-1996), and shot several video clips. Chayf is a participant in many festivals and national concerts (Maksidrom, Aurora, Rock Against Terror).

In August 1997, “Chayf” performed several concerts in London: in the Astoria concert hall, acoustic - in a live broadcast of Seva Novgorodtsev's “Crop Rotation” program on the BBC and in the Russian embassy.

The Chayf began celebrating its fifteenth anniversary long before the date, and on February 19, 2000, the band performed at the Olimpiysky with a full house.

In 2006, Vladimir Shakhrin’s book “Open Files” was published

At the end of 2009, he recorded the role of Shkryaba's forest sack in a radio performance based on the tale by Alexander Korotich “Zhuzh. Journey of the clunker. "


  • 1984 - Verkh-Isetsky Pond (did not spread)
  • 1985 - Life in Pink Smoke (2 parts)
  • 1986 - Saturday night in Sverdlovsk
  • 1987 - Dermontin
  • 1987 - Dulea with poppy seeds
  • 1988 - The best city in Europe
  • 1989 - It doesn’t matter
  • 1990 - Let's get back
  • 1991 - Fourth Chair
  • 1993 - Children of the Mountains
  • 1994 - Orange mood
  • 1995 - Let everything be the way you want
  • 1996 - Orange Mood - II (2 parts)
  • 1996 - The Real World
  • 1997 - Acoustic versions
  • 1999 - Shekogali
  • 2000 - Chayf - 15 years. It's only the beginning! (2 parts)
  • 2000 - Sympathy
  • 2001 - Time does not wait
  • 2002 - Orange Mood - IV
  • 2003 — 48
  • 2004 - Emerald Hits
  • 2006 - From myself
  • 2008 - Orange Mood - V
  • 2009 - Own / Alien
  • 2009 - 25 years of aging
  • 2013 - Cinema, wine and dominoes
  • 2017 - String Theory

Personal life

  • Wife - Elena Nikolaevna Shakhrina - a housewife, an architect by training, met in 1976, while studying at a technical school, studied in parallel groups, played a wedding after Vladimir came from the army.
    • The eldest daughter is Yulia Vladimirovna (born 1982), a chemical engineer, works as an art director at the KGB club, married, son-in-law Yegor Maybrodsky
      • Granddaughter - Alisa Egorovna Maybrodskaya (born September 2009)
      • Grandson - Maxim Egorovich Maybrodsky (born July 2014)
    • The youngest daughter is Daria Vladimirovna (born 1984) - tourism manager, married, son-in-law Stanislav Romanov
      • granddaughter - Victoria Stanislavovna Romanova (born March 2009)

Talented in everything

Vladimir grew up a creative, purposeful child. One of his hobbies was music. Shakhrin Sr. supported his son, and gave him a tape recorder, as well as cassettes of foreign performers. When the future singer was in the tenth grade, talented and equally obsessed with music Vladimir Begunov passed to them. The guys quickly found a common language, joined forces and created their own group. Classmates immediately came up with the name “Ensemble of 10-B”.

On the eve of the graduation party, young musicians staged an unusual performance in the style of rock. According to the idea of ​​the two Vladimirovs, the main character of the opera, the beggar king, wants to profitably marry his only daughter in order to pay off his debts. The production was liked not only by graduates, but also by the teaching staff. Those present in the hall could believe that two ordinary students were able to create such a performance.

Having received a certificate of maturity, Vladimir and his team of musicians successfully passed the entrance exams to the College of Architecture and Civil Engineering. The guys did not worry that they would not do it, because Shakhrina's mother and grandfather worked at the university. In 1978, few well-known singer was drafted into the army. After a year and a half, he was assigned to the song and dance ensemble of the Far Eastern District.

In 1980, Shakhrin was discharged and returned home to Sverdlovsk. Here he got a job in a house-building plant as an installer. In parallel with his main earnings, Vladimir continued to actively engage in music, wrote texts, and searched for the most suitable image. The future rock star believed that soon their team would rattle to the whole great power.

The official start of a creative career

According to the famous artist, the foundation date of the legendary group "Chayf" is considered to be 1976when he met and began working with Vladimir Begunov. But the official composition gathered only in the mid-80s. The name was coined by Vadim Kukushkin, who called the tea brewed in a Soviet coffee pot nothing more than “tea-f”.

In 1985, the release of Shakhrin's debut album and a company called Life in a Pink Smoke took place. The year before the premiere, the musicians recorded an amateur album "Verkh-Isetsky Pond." At the beginning of 1986, the Chayf group presented the following work, Saturday Night in Sverdlovsk. Then the guys performed at the festival of the Sverdlovsk Rock Club. After which they were invited to Leningrad, where they recorded two records at once: “Dermontin” and “Dalia with poppy”.

Over the next ten years, the musicians toured extensively, recorded new albums and hits. In 1997, Shakhrin and the musicians went to London, where they performed at the Astoria Concert Hall. The acoustic performance was broadcast live on the Air Force channel and the Russian embassy.

Interesting notes:

In February 2000, Shakhrin's team played a big concert at the Olimpiyskiy, dedicated to the fifteenth anniversary of the Chayf group. At the same time, the release of the album “Sympathy” took place, which consisted of covers of popular tracks of Russian rock artists. Then the fans enjoyed the sound of such albums as: “Time does not wait”, “Orange mood-IV”, “Friend / foe”.

In 2006, Vladimir introduced the author’s book, Open Files. In 2012, the singer took part in the project of Alexey Pivovarov “Bread for Stalin. History of the dispossessed. " In this program, Shakhrin shared the story of his family with the audience, talked about how his grandfathers fought.

In 2015, the “Chayf” group participated in the music show “The Housemaster at Margulis”, where you could see Sergey Galanin, Andrey Makarevich, Nikolay Fomenko, Alexei Kortnev.

At the end of 2018, Shakhrin and his team went on a large tour dedicated to the anniversary of the Shekogali album. In the same year, it became known that the surname of Shakhrin was on the list of those whose name they want to rename Koltsovo Airport in Yekaterinburg. Among the famous candidates were: hockey player Pavel Datsyuk, Soviet actor Alexander Demyanenko, director Alexey Balabanov, poet Boris Ryzhiy.

In 2019, the premiere of the video “All Bond Girls” took place, which fans of the creative “Chayf” took with great interest. Vladimir spends his free time with his family and close friends. The musician does not like pathos events, but enjoys communicating with fans.

Monogamous in creativity and not only ...

Vladimir met his wife Elena Nikolaevna Shlenchak while studying at a technical school. The relations of young people developed rapidly, with loud quarrels and scandals. After another misunderstanding of each other, Shakhrin decided to take his own life, but stopped in time.

In a marriage, a creative couple had two children. The eldest daughter is married, brings up daughter Alice and son Maxim. The younger Daria gave her parents a granddaughter, Victoria. At one time, Vladimir devoted not much time to his daughters, so now he gives all his unspent love and care to his grandchildren.

Childhood and youth

Vladimir Vladimirovich Shakhrin was born on June 22, 1959 in Sverdlovsk, present-day Yekaterinburg, in a family of teachers of the architectural and construction college. My father taught students computer science, his mother - industrial drawing. Vladimir has a sister, Anna.

Vladimir Shakhrin

Both grandfathers of the musician fought. Fyodor Shakhrin was a driver in the Great Patriotic War and was captured in Belarus. From subsequent repressions of a soldier, the ability to repair equipment saved: when a train with liberated soldiers was driving through Poland, repairmen were needed, and the man volunteered to help with the captured equipment. Thanks to this, Fedor returned home with normal documents, without mentioning the captivity shameful for a Soviet person. Maternal grandfather Yevgeny Sulin - artilleryman, awarded the Order of the Red Star.

Vladimir began playing guitar and singing while still at school. His father also contributed to music, he presented the boy with the first tape recorder and cassettes with recordings of foreign rock bands.

Vladimir Shakhrin in childhood

Later, when in the 10th grade the future Chayfa guitarist Vladimir Begunov transferred to the same school where Shakhrin studied, the students organized what later became one of the most popular Russian rock bands. At that time, their company was called the "ensemble of 10" B ".

By the end of school, graduates even staged a rock opera, although Vladimir himself admits that it was rather a musical. The plot was about a poor king who wants to marry his daughter to a rich man and thus get rid of his debts.

Vladimir Shakhrin and Vladimir Begunov

Shakhrin recalled the words from the king’s aria “Whoever puts out 1000 pesos she will love,” while to Soviet schoolchildren this seemed like a huge amount.

Only many years later, Vladimir realized that for the daughter of the king asked for money, which is barely enough for a cup of coffee. However, at the graduation the play was a huge success and the young musicians were even accused of breaking the official entertainment program with a professional team.

Vladimir Shakhrin in his youth

After leaving school, Vladimir and the rest of the ensemble entered the architectural and construction college. It was important for them to stay together, and in this educational institution there was a “blat” - both the musician’s mother and his grandfather taught there.

From 1978 to 1980, Vladimir served in the army, in border troops, where six months later a talented fighter was identified as a song and dance ensemble of the Far Eastern Border District. After returning from the army and graduating from technical school, Shakhrin until 1988, in parallel with playing music, worked as an installer in the Sverdlovsk House-Building Plant.


Vladimir himself considers the year of foundation of "Chayf" 1976, it was then that Vladimir Begunov transferred to the classroom from another school. However, the first official staff of the team gathered in the mid-1980s, and then the group got its name: Vadim Kukushkin, who played the punk pipe, called the word “tea-f” a drink that was obtained by brewing tea in the Soviet Bordrost coffee machine.

Vladimir Shakhrin and the Chayf group at the beginning of their career

Under this name, the team of Shakhrin first performed on September 29, 1985. This date is considered the official birthday of the Chayf group. Over the years of the existence of the team, Vladimir has held the position of frontman, main vocalist and author of most texts and music.

In 1985, Chayf presented the first official album, Life in Pink Smoke, although it was preceded by the Verkh-Isetsky Pond magnetic album, recorded a year earlier. His musicians did not distribute because of the frankly amateur quality of the recording. Since that time, the group has released more than three dozen albums, both electric and acoustic (including collections and concert recordings).

Vladimir Shakhrin and the group “Chayf” - “Argentina - Jamaica 5: 0”

A distinctive feature of the rock-and-roll “Chaifa” is the emphasis, first of all, on the deep substantial load of texts. This style is typical for most of the Russian rock of the 1980s, this is especially noticeable among people from the Sverdlovsk rock club.

In the work of the group there are compositions of different styles and semantic content. Firstly, these are semi-humorous songs like “Argentina - Jamaica 5: 0”, “Orange Mood” and “My Apartment”.

Vladimir Shakhrin and the Chayf group

Secondly, songs with social, and even political overtones, such as “Dogs from the city outskirts”, “For yourself, for him, for me” and “Where are you, where”. Moreover, the latter is a rare case for Chayfa, a heavy composition dedicated to the victims of Stalinist repressions.

Special attention should be paid to the famous “crying songs”, which are popular with the public and for many years remain not only rock and roll, but also a classic of the yard - “Nobody Hears” (Oy-yo), “From the War”, “Not with me".

Vladimir Shakhrin and the group “Chayf” - “No one will hear” (Oy-yo)

And, of course, an important part of the work of “Chayf” is a positive and kind rock and roll, where the classical music for the genre is adjacent to unpretentious lyrics, when humorous, and when romantic. Such examples include "17 years old", "The blues of the night janitor", "Yesterday there was love."

Another feature of Chayfa is its thorough approach to concert programs. Unlike many modern rock bands, the Urals do not engage in “clubbing” and perform, though not as often as their colleagues, but with great programs.

Vladimir Shakhrin and the group “Chayf” - “Not with me”

Chayf continues to release new albums regularly. Musicians record discs and songs both solo and in collaboration with other artists. Over the years, the group has not been unfaithful to its style, not allowing the black rock characteristic of Russian rock to enter into its work, not exchanging for popular political trends and continuing to delight fans with kind and smart compositions.

Vladimir himself considers rock to be a lifestyle rather than just music, which is honestly recognized in the song: “Rock and roll is me.”

Vladimir Shakhrin now

Today Chayf is one of the most sought-after Russian rock bands. Musicians regularly give concerts in cities of Russia and abroad. In addition, the group delights fans not only with new songs, but also with clips on them. In 2019, “Chayf” presents a video for the song “All Bond Girls”.

Vladimir Shakhrin and the Chayf group in 2019

Vladimir himself prefers to spend free time with his family. In Yekaterinburg, the musician has his own house, in the construction of which he, thanks to a building education, was directly involved.


Watch the video: Дрябодушки (March 2020).