Three wives of Vladimir Zeldin


Name: Vladimir Zeldin

Middle name: Mikhailovich

Birthday: February 10, 1915

Place of Birth: Kozlov, Tambov region

Date of death: October 31, 2016 (101 years old)

Cause of death: find out multiple organ failure

Place of burial: find out Moscow, Novodevichy cemetery

Height: 170 cm

Eastern horoscope: Rabbit

Career: Russian actors 113 place

Photo: Vladimir Zeldin

Vladimir Zeldin and Lyudmila Martynova

With Lyusya, Zeldin so affectionately called Martynov, he met in the late 1930s at the Moscow Transport Theater. Then the actor was 24 years old, his chosen one - a little more.

Together they lived for about a year, a couple was born to a couple in 1939. According to the actor, the reason for his separation from Lyudmila was her passion for another man.

According to media reports, with the outbreak of World War II, Lyudmila Martynova and her son were evacuated to Frunze (Kyrgyzstan).

There, the boy died of an infectious disease. Zeldin always called Lyudmila his first wife, despite their civil relations. The death of an only child, he was hard going through his whole life.

Biography of Vladimir Zeldin

Vladimir Zeldin is an actor, which is simply not possible not to respect. At the age of 101, he still appeared on the stage of the theater. His career was truly unique.

In his life there was everything - ups and downs, success and hardships of the war years. But in each of these periods, he always remained true to himself and acting. That is why his life and destiny can be a great role model.

Personal life of Zeldin and Henrietta Ostrovskaya

Relations with a colleague in the workshop, Henrietta Ostrovskaya, Zeldin began in 1952, when they co-starred in the film “Dance Teacher”.

The woman came to Moscow from Odessa with her mother and son from a previous relationship. At first, neither the actor Zeldin, nor his chosen one even had housing.

But over time, they acquired their own apartment and cottage. Together Volodya and Gitya lived for about 10 years, although they were not scheduled. When parting, Zeldin left all the property to Ostrovskaya, so that she would not need anything.

Vladimir Mikhailovich met his third love at the age of 47. She was the journalist Ivetta Kapralova, who was 20 years younger than the actor.

At first, Ivetta's parents were against her chosen one, calling him "old." But after two years of his courtship, their attitude towards Zeldin changed, and the couple signed in 1964.

Having become the wife of Zeldin, Ivetta Kapralova took full care of the actor, whose character was not easy. She not only engaged in everyday life, but also in the selection of costumes for her husband so that he always looked elegant.

And in the last years of her life, Ivetta Evgenievna became the eyes of an actor who saw almost nothing. Vladimir Mikhailovich called his wife his "steering wheel."

The Zeldin-Kapralov Union lasted more than 50 years until the actor’s death in 2016.

Ivetta Evgenievna passed away 3 months after Vladimir Mikhailovich. They lived for each other and even after death were buried in the same grave.

Vladimir Zeldin did not have any heirs, his profession became the main brainchild of the actor. For more than 75 years, he gave up acting, playing about 80 roles in the cinema and embodying many characters on the stage of the theater.

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The early years, childhood and the family of Vladimir Zeldin

Despite the fact that the actor happened to be born in Kozlov, Zeldin’s entire childhood passed in Tver. However, in this city the family of Vladimir did not stay forever. Already in 1924, the Zeldins family left Tver and moved to Moscow. But a happy life in a new place did not last long.

The future actor was only fourteen years old, his father died suddenly. Three years later, his mother was also gone. Left without parental care, Vladimir, however, did not become a homeless child. A militarized school helped to escape from the harmful influence of the street. Here, the actor was engaged in football, tennis, volleyball, skiing and many other sports. Military-patriotic education has become the foundation of everything for our hero today. After several years of study at a specialized school, he even seriously considered entering the Navy, but a military career was not possible due to insufficient vision. That is why our today's hero at some point had to look for another way in life.

For some time he worked as a locksmith in a factory, and in the evenings he gave speeches for colleagues in the local amateur circle. So Vladimir Zeldin for the first time began to seriously think about a theatrical career. Leaving one day, work at the factory, he came to audition at the MGSPS Theater (today - the Moscow City Council Theater) and unexpectedly found himself among the enrolled students.

Star Trek actor Vladimir Zeldin, filmography

In 1945, Vladimir Zeldin moved to the Central Academic Theater of the Russian Army. In this place, he subsequently worked throughout his career.

Playing in the theater, the talented Russian actor also did not forget about the cinema. During his outstanding career, Vladimir Zeldin played roles in more than fifty-seven different films. Among his cinematic works, the paintings “Dance Teacher”, “Carnival Night”, “Woman in White”, “Uncle Vanya”, “Ten Little Indians”, “The Secret of Blackbirds”, “Soviet-era Park” and many others are especially notable.

Personal life of Vladimir Zeldin

In the life of an actor, there were three marriages. The actor’s first wife was a woman named Lyudmila Martynova, with whom our today's hero lived, however, only a year. The marital union with his second wife - actress Henrietta Ostrovskaya - turned out to be longer, but, in the end, also broke up.

Since 1964, Vladimir Mikhailovich lived with a woman named Ivetta Kapralova.

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Vladimir Zeldin - biography

He heard the live performance of Vladimir Vysotsky, was familiar with Anna Akhmatova, who sometimes visited him in the dressing room, he personally knew Vasily Stalin and Yuri Gagarin. Vladimir Zeldin lived a long and difficult life, he was older than the October Revolution, survived the collapse of the Empire and the collapse of the USSR, several times he was on the verge of death, but fate would have liked it to live to 101, and at the same time went on stage almost to death itself. He was the oldest playing actor, such as he is no longer, and probably never will be.

The painting "Pig and Shepherd" instantly made a little star from a little-known artist Vladimir Zeldin.

Childhood and youth

Vladimir Zeldin was born on January 28, 1915 in the small town of Kozlov near Tambov, in a family of musicians. Now it has been renamed Michurinsk. Five children grew up in the Zeldin family, and all of them were surrounded by the care and attention of their parents, and grew up in a creative setting. Papa Mikhail Zeldin was professionally engaged in music, worked as a conductor. He owned several musical instruments, especially loved the trombone. Mom Nina Zeldina taught music all her short life. Parents tried to instill a love of music for all children, they also gradually mastered musical instruments.

Vladimir Zeldin in childhood

In 1920, at the height of the Civil War, the Zeldins moved to Tver, to their father’s sister. It was in this city that Volodya went to first grade. He studied for only four years, and in 1924 he already became a pupil of one of the Moscow schools - the family moved to the capital.

The Zeldins lived together happily, but soon this idyll came to an end. In 1929, his father died, who was only 52 years old, three years later her mother was gone, and after all she was only forty-seven. Volodya at that time was only fourteen years old, and he could easily join the ranks of street children, which at that time were very many. But the boy himself changed his fate, and did not allow himself to be at the bottom of his life. He became a cadet of a militarized school on Taganka, which was famous for its strict discipline and increased sports loads. Here Volodya succeeded in skiing, perfectly played tennis, volleyball and football.

Pictured Vladimir Zeldin in his youth

After leaving school, Vladimir was going to make a military career, he was attracted by the sea, and the guy seriously thought about going to military sailors. Unfortunately, these dreams were not destined to come true, he had myopia, and he had to forget about the sea. Zeldin got a job at the factory, and he was taken by a mechanic. It turned out that a group of amateur performances was working here, and Vladimir had nothing to do to sign up for it. Soon he was already on stage, and realized that he really liked this activity. Zeldin decided to try his luck, and went for a trial audition at the Moscow City Council Theater, where at that time they announced recruitment for an acting course. Vladimir easily coped with the task, and was among the students.


Yevgeny Lepkovsky became the mentor of Zeldin, future actors comprehended the choreography under the guidance of the famous ballerina Vera Mosolova, the former prima of the Bolshoi Theater. In 1935, training courses ended. It is noteworthy that of the twenty-five people who were recruited for this course, only two were successful - Vladimir Zeldin and Nikolai Parfyonov. Zeldin was offered to stay in the troupe of the Mossovet Theater, and it was here that the theatrical biography of the artist started. This scene saw his first steps in the profession.

Vladimir Zeldin in the theater

The artist served this theater for three years, and then moved to the Transport Theater, which was subsequently renamed the Gogol Theater. Here Zeldin was involved mainly in the classical repertoire.

The first sharp turn in the fate of the artist occurred in 1940, when Zeldin caught the eye of assistant director Ivan Pyryev. At that time, Zeldin was involved in the production of "General Competition", and with his game made a great impression on the assistant. Therefore, when Pyryev began to look for artists to shoot the film “Pig and Shepherd,” Zeldin was the first among the contenders for the role of Musaib. He became a partner of Marina Ladynina, and their duet looked just fine in the frame.

Vladimir Zeldin in the film "Pig and Shepherd"

When the war began, all the artists received summons, but at that moment the shooting of “Pig and Shepherd” was not finished, and an order came to continue work. So Zeldin did not get to the front, but his creativity raised the morale of the Soviet people. The Mosfilm film studio was urgently evacuated to Kazakhstan, therefore, after the filming was completed, the artist served there for another year. He returned to Moscow only in 1943, and again appeared on the stage of his native theater. He spoke to the wounded and ordinary spectators, instilling in them hope for an early victory. For his contribution to the development of art, he was awarded a special award.

In 1945, Vladimir Zeldin joined the Central Academic Theater of the Russian Army. The artist devoted almost all his time to creativity, he was involved in many performances, and at the same time went to the set. Every year, the filmography of Vladimir was replenished with several successful works. Among the paintings most beloved by the viewer, it is worth stopping at Carnival Night, Dance Teacher, Ten Negroes, Soviet-era Park and others.

In the new century, Vladimir Zeldin is no longer acting so actively, because his age is close to a very respectable mark. But if he is offered an interesting project, then the artist is not able to refuse, and gladly accepts the invitation. The audience remembered him in the comedy project "Matchmakers", where he played the role of Olga's father. The role of his wife went to Olga Aroseva. In 2014, Zeldin appeared in the melodrama "The Best Girl of the Caucasus", and played one of the central characters.

Vladimir Zeldin in the series "Matchmakers"

In total, the filmography of the artist has fifty-seven paintings. His work has received well-deserved awards and prizes of various prestigious film festivals. In his piggy bank there is “Crystal Turandot”, “Golden Mask”, several “Nick”. Three times Vladimir Zeldin introduced himself to the Order of Merit to the Fatherland. He became the oldest of all playing artists on the planet, and his name was recorded in the famous Guinness Book of Records. In 2013, Vladimir Zeldin was honored to carry the Olympic flame at the opening of the games.


Vladimir Zeldin died on October 31, 2016. At that time, he had already been treated for three weeks in the Sklifosovsky clinic. Vladimir began to complain of too low pressure, and the doctors insisted on hospitalization.

The media was full of messages about the state of the beloved artist, and they were very disappointing. Doctors called his condition very serious, and at 9 a.m. on October 31 he was gone. Vladimir Zeldin was the 102nd year.

The funeral of Vladimir Zeldin

The Novodevichy cemetery of the capital became the resting place of the great artist, where he was buried with military honors on November 3, 2016.

Selected Filmography

  • 1938 The Oppenheim Family
  • 1941 Pig and shepherd
  • 1956 carnival night
  • 1970 Uncle Vanya
  • 1975 retired colonel
  • 1979 Kind
  • 1981 Woman in White
  • 1990 time gone by
  • 1992 Mystery
  • 1998 Classic
  • 2006 Andersen. Life without love
  • 2006 Soviet period park
  • 2006 Ferris Wheel
  • 2010—2011 Matchmakers
  • 2015 Run away, catch up, fall in love


In 1935, after graduation, Vladimir Zeldin was admitted to the Theater. MGPSS. Three years later, he moved to the Central Transport Theater, where he participated in productions based on the works of Shakespeare, Schiller, Ostrovsky and other classics.

During the evacuation to Kazakhstan (during the Great Patriotic War), Vladimir Zeldin worked at the Russian Drama Theater in Alma-Ata.

In 1943, he returned to Moscow to his native stage, where he performed for wounded soldiers and ordinary Muscovites in order to raise their morale.

In 1945, Vladimir Zeldin moved to the Central Academic Theater of the Russian Army, where for many years he performed with a huge variety of roles. For example, he played in the plays “Dance Teacher” based on the play by Lope de Vega, “Jacob Bogomolov” according to M. Gorky, “Profession of Mrs. Warren” according to B. Shaw, “Idiot” according to F. Dostoevsky and others. By the way, the first role of the actor in this theater was Aldemaro directed by Vladimir Kantsel "Dance Teacher". In an interview, Vladimir Zeldin said that working on this role was interesting, because he had to sing, and dance, and fencing. The performance has become incredibly popular. And thanks to the participation in it, Vladimir Zeldin met many other actors and ballet dancers, for example, Olga Lepeshinskaya, Maya Plisetskaya, Marina Semenova.

Having already crossed the centenary, Vladimir Zeldin continued to work on the stage of the Central Academic Theater of the Russian Army.

Vladimir Zeldin played border guard Gaglidze in the play "Consul General" at the Central Transport Theater. There he was seen by assistant director Ivan Pyryev. Having successfully passed the tests, Vladimir Zeldin received his first bright role as the Georgian shepherd Musaib Gatuev in the film "Pig and Shepherd." The actor knew how to wear a Circassian, danced kartuli and could ride a horse, which was useful to him on the set of the film.

In 1947, Vladimir Zeldin again starred in Ivan Pyryev’s film “Tales of the Siberian Land,” where he played the talented pianist Boris Oleinich.

For a while, Vladimir Zeldin starred a bit, mainly taking part in film performances.

In 1970, the film "Uncle Vanya" by Andrei Konchalovsky was released, where he played Professor Serebryakov.

This was followed by many other works in the cinema, for example, Meliot, King Peradora in the musical “June 31”, Don Jeromeau in the comedy “Duenna”.In the 80s, the most striking roles of Zeldin were Frederick Fairley in the melodrama "Woman in White", the commissioner in the mystery of The Secret of the Blackbirds, and the judge in the detective of Ten Little Indians.

In 1997, Nikolai Dostal’s film "Policemen and Thieves" was released, in which Vladimir Zeldin appeared in the image of a charming grandfather.

In recent years, he also starred in several TV series - "Dasha Vasilyeva. A lover of private investigation-2", as well as the fourth and fifth parts of "Matchmakers".

Prizes and awards

2015 - Order "For Merit to the Fatherland", I degree, for great merits in the development of national culture and art, broadcasting and many years of fruitful activity.

2015 - Honorary Citizen of the Tambov Region.

2015 - Anniversary medal "70 years of Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945."

2014 - Nika Film Award in the nomination Honor and Dignity.

2014 - Order of Merit in the Veteran Movement.

2014 - Union State Prize.

2010 - Order "For Merit to the Fatherland", II degree, for outstanding merit in the development of theatrical art and many years of creative activity.

2010 - Prize "For Honor and Dignity" of the Golden Mask National Theater Award.

2008 - Prize of the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of culture for the play "The Man from La Mancha".

2008 - Laureate of the "Theater Star" award in the category "Stage Legends".

2007 - the national award "Russian of the Year".

2006 - gratitude "For outstanding creative achievements in the field of musical theater" of the National Festival "Musical Heart of the Theater".

2005 - Order of Merit to the Fatherland, III degree, for outstanding merit in the development of theatrical art and many years of creative activity.

2000 - Order "For Merit to the Fatherland", IV degree, for his great contribution to the development of domestic theater art.

2000 - "Idol" award in the nomination "For high service to art".

1995 - Order of Friendship for services to the state, successes achieved in work, a great contribution to strengthening friendship and cooperation between peoples.

1995 - Kinotavr festival prize in the nomination "Presidential Council Award for a creative career."

1995 - prize of the Stanislavsky Foundation.

1975 - People's Artist of the USSR.

1959 - People's Artist of the RSFSR.

1954 - Honored Artist of the RSFSR.

1951 - Stalin Prize of the second degree for playing the role of D. N. Senyavin in the play “Flag of the Admiral” by A. P. Stein.

Three Orders of the Red Banner of Labor (1947, 1968, 1980).

Theater Award “Crystal Turandot”: 2001 - “For long and valiant service to the theater”, 2005 - “Best Actor”, Don Quixote in the play “The Man from La Mancha”, TSATRA.

Order of the Red Star.

Medal "In memory of the 850th anniversary of Moscow"

Medal "For Valiant Labor in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945."

Medal "In memory of the 800th anniversary of Moscow."

Medal "Veteran of Labor".

Medal "200 years of the Ministry of Defense."

Medal of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation "150th Anniversary of the Western Military District".

Prize of the Mayor of Moscow in the field of literature and art.

Academician of the Russian Academy of Motion Picture Arts "Nika".

Interesting Facts

October 7, 2013 Vladimir Zeldin took part in the Olympic torch relay, which took place in Moscow. The artist at that time became the oldest torchbearer in the history of the Olympic Games.

Vladimir Zeldin met his 100th birthday on the stage in the theater of the Russian Army.

Direct speech

ABOUT ROLES: “I believe that it’s not the number of roles played by the actor. The main thing is that they leave a mark not only in his soul, but also in the memory of the audience for many, many decades. There are spectators who remember my“ Dance Teacher ” , and my films “Pig and Shepherd”, “The Legend of the Siberian Land.” These paintings played a big role in my life and in the life of the country. Yes, and the play “The Man from La Mancha” is very important for me. I play and I see that the audience empathizes with everything that happens on stage. Despite his very respectable age, as they say, "my years are my god Attorney. "I am a very rich person."

ABOUT THE WIFE: “We have been married for more than 50 years. Yvette is younger than me, and it so happened that she is my wife, best friend, and main assistant for me. It rarely happens when people share almost a lifetime, and they are the closest friends! But Yvette is much more educated and smarter than me, she is a journalist. "

ABOUT THE WORK OF THE ARTIST: "This requires a vocation. You must admit that a person cannot become a good doctor if he does not have a vocation for this profession. This is how an artist is unthinkable without the desire to save humanity. And someone who intends to save others must be very patient, very patient. Therefore, I believe that the main quality for an artist is patience and patience again. An actor is a profession dependent on the director, on his vision, on the repertoire, time. Yes, Madam luck is of great importance. Of course, to be an artist, you need to have temperament, charm, external data, voice , musicality, plasticity. Times change, and the theater becomes different, and the requirements for artists are unchanged. In our country there has never been and there is no shortage of good actors. We are artistically gifted, emotional, sensual and patient people. But we can’t just play technically, our school is a school of experience. In the West, artists play Hamlet three times a day, and we only in the evening, because there will not be enough experience for three performances - we will die of grief. "



  • Run away, catch up, fall in love (2015)
  • Matchmakers-5 (2011), TV series
  • Matchmakers-4 (2010), TV series
  • Happy Together (2007), TV series
  • Ferris Wheel (2007)
  • Soviet period park (2006)
  • Carnival night-2, or 50 years later (2006)
  • The Demon in the Rib, or the Magnificent Four (2006)
  • Andersen. Life without love (2006)
  • Dasha Vasilyeva. A lover of private investigation-2 (2004), the series
  • Formula of happiness (2000)
  • It is not recommended to offend women (1999)
  • Classic (1998)
  • Police officers and thieves (1997)
  • Dandelion Wine (1997)
  • Mad Doll Mandilip's Devil Dolls (1991)
  • Last fall (1990)
  • The Past Time (1990)
  • Temptation B (1990)
  • Arbat motive (1990)
  • Restricted Area (1988)
  • Ten Little Indians (1987)
  • Valencian Widow (1986)
  • Hypnotist Session (1985)
  • Maritsa (1985)
  • Victory / Sieg, Der / (1984)
  • The Secret of the Blackbirds (1983)
  • Woman in White (1981)
  • Rafferty (1980), TV series
  • Inspector Gull (1979)
  • Kindness (1979)
  • Duenha (1978)
  • June 31 (1978)
  • The Princess and the Pea (1976)
  • Always with me. (1976)
  • Center of the Heavens (1975)
  • Fear of heights (1975)
  • Retired Colonel (1975)
  • To the edge of the world. (1975)
  • This we did not pass (1975)
  • Benefit of Larisa Golubkina (1975)
  • Blockade (1974-1977)
  • Benefit of Vera Vasilieva (1974)
  • With and without you. (1973)
  • Twenty Years Later (1971)
  • Mission in Kabul (1970)
  • Uncle Vanya (1970)
  • Strokes to the portrait of V.I. Lenin (1968-1969), TV series
  • Unfinished Symphony (1968)
  • Shore of Hope (1967)
  • Aurora volley (1965)
  • Tsar’s bride (1964)
  • The Taming of the Shrew (1961)
  • A Tale of Flaming Years (1960)
  • Carnival Night (1956)
  • Squared 45 (1955)
  • Dance Teacher (1952)
  • The Legend of the Siberian Land (1947)
  • Ivan the Terrible (1944-1945)
  • Pig and Shepherd (1941)
  • Oppenheim Family (1938)

Film career of Vladimir Zeldin

But the first role in Zeldin’s film career dates back to 1938, when he played an episodic role (the name of the actor does not even appear on the credits) of the film by Grigory Roshal “The Oppenheim Family” based on the novel by Lyon Feuchtwanger “The Opperman Family”. In the image of one of the guests at the birthday of Bertold Oppenheim, he did not particularly remember the viewer. But for himself, the actor realized: cinema is a promising thing.

In 1941, the 26-year-old Zeldin played in the musical comedy "Pig and Shepherd." The film crew was on an expedition in Kabardino-Balkaria, in Dombay, and was planning to leave for the capital, but the flight was delayed. And it soon became clear that the Great Patriotic War had begun.

Somehow, by train, the crew reached Moscow. Young actors from the group were immediately mobilized, they were sent subpoenas and passports were selected. Vladimir Mikhailovich had to go to the tank school. But less than a week later, they were informed that, according to Stalin’s personal instruction, the shooting of the picture would continue. Half of the film was shot already during the war in Moscow, in the Mosfilm pavilion and at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements, while the Germans at that time had already approached the capital.

Theater Life

After the war, from 1941 to 1951, he was an actor in the Central Theater of the Red Army. From 1951 to 1993 - an actor of the Central Theater of the Soviet Army, and from 1993 to 2016 - an actor of the Central Academic Theater of the Russian Army. In fact, Zeldin worked on the same stage for 75 years!

Over the long years of Vladimir Zeldin’s work, the name of his native theater changed three times, during which time several generations of actors and directors began and ended their careers. But the only thing that remained unchanged for all these years was that they went to this theater to Vladimir Zeldin.

The invitation of Vladimir Zeldin to the theater turned out to be crucial for the theater, and for the actor himself. The comedy from the life of medieval Spain with songs and dances "Dance Teacher" was an unexpected success in post-war Moscow. A total of more than 1000 times the actor came out in this role. The last time Aldemaro Zeldin left at the age of 60 in his most famous theatrical role. This was his main theatrical triumph.

When Zeldin appeared on the stage of the theater in the costume of Don Quixote from the musical “The Man from La Mancha” directed by Julius Guzman, there was always a storm of applause in the hall. The actor himself considered this role significant for himself:

Especially for the oldest actor, a play was written by Julius Guzman together with Isaac Friedberg - "Dancing with a teacher." And the choreography was invented by the outstanding dancer and choreographer Vladimir Vasiliev.

And a few days after his 95th birthday - February 14, 2010 - Vladimir Mikhailovich Zeldin appeared on the stage in this performance and played, in fact, himself. It was his next triumph. Another stage in the life of the artist Vladimir Mikhailovich Zeldin began. In this production, the artist performed almost until the end of his days.

Awards and titles

1951 - Stalin Prize of the second degree
1954 - Honored Artist of the RSFSR
1959 - People's Artist of the RSFSR
1975 - People's Artist of the USSR
1995 - Order of Friendship
2000, 2005, 2010, 2015 - Full Knight of the Order "For Merit to the Fatherland"
2008 - Prize of the Government of the Russian Federation
2014 - Prize of the Union State in the field of art and literature
1947, 1968, 1980 - Three Orders of the Red Banner of Labor
Order of the Red Star
Veteran of Labor Medal


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